Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations

Nominations spoilers are in for Big Brother 17 giving us this week’s initial noms facing eviction and a trip to the Jury house and there have been some promising events that could keep this interesting.

Nominations on Big Brother
Nominations on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Once the HoH competition was over last night there was no doubt over who would go up now, but it was the preemptive attack by one of the probably noms that has given us hope for some uncertainty.

Big Brother 17 Week 8 Nominations:

  • Liz nominated: Becky & John

When the Feeds returned Liz was upset in the Lounge. She messed up her speech and drew a blank, possibly why this one took longer than usual. Austin says John has lost it and has to go. Liz agrees. It appears that Vanessa came up before the Ceremony and said John had threatened to go after the Austwins.

These nominations are no surprise for anyone in the house, not even the noms. But after all of Vanessa’s rantings about Becky being the biggest threat there may actually be a different plan.

Becky revealed to the Austwins how Vanessa was involved in the BD-Austin plan from the start and allowed Liz to go up on the Block. Oops. They weren’t thrilled and want to keep Becky to go after Vanessa next week. Now the pressure is on for the Austwins to convince Vanessa that they should send John home and that task may have just been simplified.

Just before the Noms meeting John and Vanessa got in to it as John said he heard her tell Chelli about the 8-HG deal in a way to cover her butt and frame others. Vanessa was not having that and went on a march before laying in to John over his claims. That could be all it takes to make him her new target.

Veto players will be picked on Saturday morning and these noms are going to have to save themselves according to what the Austwins told Becky. She hoped someone there would save her, but they indicated probably not.

Good times ahead on the Feeds! Grab your Free Trial to watch the next week for free then keep it for $5.99/month. That’s 20 cents a day for 24/7 access to Feeds content. Silly cheap.


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  1. The Austwins are such idiots. Why is everyone so afraid to get out Vanessa? I really hope Jmac can pull himself off and maybe something will happen to make Liz put Vanessa up as a renom. One can hope…

    • Those Austwins talk a big talk but are a bunch of chickens. Whatever happened to making a big move and using that as a reason to get votes to win? So you get Vanessa out and you don’t get her vote, my guess is you would have more votes for making that move (getting her out) than the one against you.

    • Why would the Austwins get rid of someone they are working with? Also Vanessa is the bigger target! With Vanessa around the Austwins basically got a week of safety. Taking Vanessa out loses a number for them and their meat shield. With Vanessa gone they are next.

      • They are pulling away from her. They want to work with James and Meg. Austin even said they should of kept Shelli.

      • thank you! Someone finally sees it my way! They would be totally stupid to get rid of her! nice to see I’m not the only one who see that!

      • Vanessa needs to go. She has no ones back but her own. She will turn on everyone. She is playing the game correctly. That is why she needs to go if they want to win.

      • I agree with people on here saying the houseguests need to evict Vanessa because she is such a strong competitor, my comments are directed towards people who are putting down Vanessa gameplay, as I said at least she is playing the game. :-) :-)

      • I completely agree with you, Vanessa does need to go because she is playing the game correctly! however I don’t think it would be a good game move for Austin to be the one to get rid of her. there’s enough time/other HOHs to make the move of getting rid of her and I just don’t think it would be smart of Austin to do so himself. she has a huge target on her back and if Austin and the twins were smart they would wait until someone from the other side of the house such as James or Johnny Mac get HOH B/C it will keep them safe that Week. Austwins are a Solid 3 and should be huge targets! & will be huge targets but keeping Vanessa will keep them safer for now!

    • who says they are afraid? Putting Vanessa on the block and voting her out would be totally stupid of them! She is loyal to them! Becky is just grasping at straws and bringing up past events that Austin actually owes Vanessa for saving him!

      • BY not getting her out now, she will come back and before they know it, the twins are on the block and she would have successfully rattled their cage to where they are in shock and she will walk away with getting two or all three of them out. Vanessa is building up a vast number of votes in jury and if any of the Austwins wants a shot at the money, they will need to remove Vanessa from the house.

      • Loyalty isn’t in Vanessa’s vocabulary.. she thinks she is smarter.. But she isn’t..

      • she isn’t smarter then most people in the game? that’s so wrong! She is extremely intelligent, & I think that is part of the problem. She is overthinking things, and she is also seeing things for what they are! She’s not wrong to be paranoid right?! So, I don’t get it???! I honestly don’t see how you can say she is not intelligent. agree to disagree :-)

      • SHE isn’t smarter.. she is like obama.. and orator.. and only the weak minded followed him and or her.

  2. I got rid of the feeds because this bunch…well….let’s just say it was hard to watch. I regret it now because I can’t see what flavor of Kool Aid Vanessa is using on these people. Looks like it only water for me until the shows over.

  3. After listening to the convos last night it became clear the gremlins realized they made a mistake not getting Van out of the house. She is pulling strings left and right and these people are falling for it. Pretty soon they’ll all be sitting in the jury house saying how they should have gotten Vanessa out when they had the chance. rofl

    • Austin also said today we should of kept Shelli. Then he said I hope Shelli comes back. WTF? You had your chance idiots.

    • You keep forgetting that when the jury members are at the point they have a chance to come back (seems Austwins and Vanessa, along with Steve) have forgotten that it will be an endurance comp. Look at who the top three players that are the best at those comps. As long as James stays in the house, then JMAC or Shelli will return followed by Jackie who was good at the first comp of the season.

  4. As much as I like Jmac, some of this lays on his shoulders. Why isn’t he doing any preemptive strikes of his own. He know how Vanessa works so as she stormed off from their fight he should have done some storming of his own…. Straight to the hoh room. He needs to get aggressive and start making deals. I know typically you don’t want to make waves while going up on the block, but at this point he doesn’t have anything to lose

    • I think he has it in him. I want him to go with Vanessa the bully to the final two. It would be so good to see the hag have a breakdown on tv when he gets his money.

  5. I said John should have put Vanessa up instead of Becky he listen to Steve they are afraid to get her out .

  6. Vanessa makes me sick. Her always saying she’s honest, straight shooter and blah, blah, blah yet JMac wouldn’t back down to her friggin lies. So then she goes and lies about him to the twins. I sure hope he wins POV and Vanessa gets back doôred. I feel so bad for him. Don’t give up JMac.

    • feel your pain but it won’t happen.If it does, we will see more of her crying and lying to get her way to stay AGAIN.

    • I actually like JM AS well. He at least has some character but needs to make some quick moves.

    • I think it’s a little harsh to say Vanessa “makes you sick.” this is a game, and she is playing it hard! yes, she’s not being completely honest but who is? She is just as guilty as the next person! her alliance is turning against her, but I think it’s stupid that they do that! Ultimately I believe she will stay loyal to them! and getting Vanessa now will just make the target on Austin and the twins that much bigger because they will no longer have the shield of Vanessa. I’m not saying it’s stupid to get rid of Vanessa, I just believe right now is not a good time. they need to wait until someone from the other side of the house is HOH to back door Vanessa. once she is gone, they all become public enemy number one! a solid 3! so Austin putting her up in my opinion would be a stupid game move.

      • Nows not a good time? Okay whatever you say. Let’s keep saying nows not a good time until Vanessa wins. When you get the chance to take out a strong player you do it you don’t wait. How many weeks has everyone been saying nows not the time to take Vanessa out?

      • yes, that’s a fair statement you made, when is a good time to get rid of her. I just don’t see it regardless of how I feel about Vanessa as being a good game move for Austin. if he keeps her around, it keeps a target on her and off of him and his twins lol

      • it’s not “okay whatever you say.” we are allowed our own opinions and can play fairley :-) I do not disagree with you that Vanessa needs to be taken out ASAP if anyone else wants a chance to win the game. and yes, logically they should be taking her out however I just believe Austin taking her out is not a good game move for him personally because after she is gone, the twins and Austin will be the next target. So that’s my only reason really on why Austin should not backdoor her. she is essentially is there shield for now!
        but I do completely agree with you that when is a good time!? Take out a strong player now. if it was anyone but the Austwins who won HOH then obviously it would be a smart game move to get rid of her, but I think it’s a smart move for Austin to keep her, again because she is a shield!
        however, if he does not back door her then of course everyone aside from the twins will not be happy so it really is a catch 22.
        I honestly do not disagree with you! I just think this week it’s better for Austin to keep her.

      • Well I changed my mind again. Lol I’m just like those idiots I keep changing my mind. Now I want Vanessa to stay and go after the Austwins. They are more of a threat.

      • LOL….. I have been pretty consistent in regards to being team Vanessa! But I definitely flip flop with everyone else and the house lol I really used to like Liz and Julia but not anymore! For now anyway lol and Johnny Mac was my favorite player but aside from being funny, he doesn’t bring much to the table!

    • why feel sorry for Johnny Mac??? Don’t get me wrong, I totally like him as a person and he is super funny but he doesn’t deserve to win the game. up until recently weeks he hasn’t even been playing the game! so, why I feel sorry for him? again, I do like him! But Austin getting rid of Vanessa this week would be a stupid game move on his part because when she is gone, Austin and the twins are going to be a huge target! They need to keep their shield called Vanessa!
      and I just don’t understand why there is so much hate towards Vanessa. She’s just playing the game! who cares how she does it? I don’t know about a lot of you watching BB in the past but A- Vanessa is playing like a lot of past winners!! & B- yes she is acting paranoid but think about it, she has every right to be paranoid. first of all she’s very good at reading people so she knows something is up and her being paranoid is totally justifiable. I’m not saying I agree with all her actions however this is big brother and you have to play hard, lie and deceit to win! Yes she’s emotional! She is human after all! and a lot of people do not know her outside of Big Brother however I do and she is a very kind and generous person. The Vanessa on Big Brother is not true to her character, and what a lot of people do not know is that she has gone through a lot over the past few years. she was married but then divorced however remained good friends with her ex husband and shortly after their divorce he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away quickly! I think being in the house and have been all that time to think is just really getting to her! I know everyone in the house has a past but people deal with it differently! she is coming across as very insecure and paranoid and I don’t like seeing this side of her, & I don’t like reading people totally insulting her character but I understand where everyone is coming from. I am just simply trying to be a voice for her and her character! :-) :-)

      • Maybe she shouldn’t of went on BB then. I don’t like her game play and hope she goes. You keep right on cheering for her to win and I’ll keep right on cheering for her to get evicted.

      • & that’s totally fair :-) there’s no problem with agreeing to disagree without insulting one another’s character like a few have done to me tonight. ♡♡

      • I agree on that. Lol. Don’t worry I’ve been attacked too because of certain people I like. I’m with you people can agree to disagree but just leave the personal stuff out of it.

      • exactly! Thank you very much for having a mature debate with me :-) Lavendargirl ♡♡
        just wondering if you knew lavender is spelt with an ER not in AR lol :-) intentional or a typo?
        I am not at all being a hypocrite and insulting you lol……. ALL in good fun! Thanks again for being real and friendly! I have had so many personal attacks on my character especially over the past few days. honestly I could obviously care less what some stranger thinks of me but I did consider not posting anything anymore. This is the first year I have been involved with conversations on here and it’s been fun! It’s nice to have people to talk to about the game and have friendly debates or just talking about the game in general. I do enjoy it! But I am NOT seeking out people who do not agree with me and personally attacking them! I know Vanessa has a huge target on her back therefore I know defending Vanessa put a huge target on my back! & I am okay with that! Nothing wrong with that :-)

      • No that’s the way I spell it. I don’t spell it like the color. Lol It’s a user name I use on another site and the “er” spelling was taken. But you haven’t been the first one to ask that.

      • lol that’s funny about your name :-) and I figured as much! As for the personal attacks on my character, I don’t care! They are just people hiding behind a computer! And they’re being super hypocritical when they judge me and my character! They don’t make much sense, plus I’m used to trollers! Unfortunately they are everywhere lol

  7. I don’t understand why they’re afraid to vote Vanessa out. What’s she going to do? Seriously? Come back into the game? Vote her out again. She’s coming after them all anyway, take her out.

    I know there are fans of Vanessa, but I really have zero respect for her or her game play. The way she gets so emotional and crazy, lying about anyone and everyone, sometimes with no good reason to, making up crap as she goes… They KNOW she does it, that she’s aggressive to the absolute extreme, yet they just sit around and whine about it. It’s ridiculous. I get the strong impression she believes the BS she spews. I can’t get behind someone who believes she’s the only one who can scam the house guests but loses her damn mind of they do it. I almost can’t stand to watch how the rest of the season plays out. She gets so much screen time and none of it shows her antics.

    • I think she’s lost most of her fans. I used to like her but she makes me sick to watch now.

    • She’s a bully!! She puts real fear in them. I’m not sure but most are younger than her. She plays on there weakness. Good for Johnny Mac at least he maned up.

    • I think Austin is afraid Vanessa will blackmail the Austwins and spill all the SS secrets. That’s another reason they should have voted her out last night instead of Shelli.

      • That’s when they’re supposed to step up to the plate and actually start Playing. Start being in it to win it. Shes been proven a liar, so start throwing it back in her face. Deny, deny, deny and get her up on the block and out.

        The only reason Vanessa has the “power” she has is because they give it to her.

      • They are afraid, just like Shelli to have their secrets revealed to the house. NEWS FLASH MORONS, Audrey already done that before she left.

      • I don’t think Shelli had a chance surviving against Vanessa on the block but I do wish she had thrown Van UTB to the Austwins at least.

      • One thing fr certain, Shelli is not a rat and although I agree she should have thrown Vanessa UTB, she is thinking of the player that returns and hopes it can be her. That way then the Austwin’s and Vanessa (if she is still there) will be the biggest target she will have. Right now, no one has even considered the votes from the jury house.

      • Shelli only had 2 options: Throw Vanessa UTB or the wait until she returns to the game option. Since there’s no guarantee she’ll be coming back I think she should have gone with the first option and exposed Vanessa. If that didn’t work THEN she would have to go with the 2nd option of returning from the jury house. But I’m not Shelli and Idk what I might’ve done in the heat of the moment on live tv. I just hope Shelli returns!

    • She has no sole!! In real life she probably is the same…. I doubt anyone can play this whole game with a different persona. So that tells me she’s just a conniving biatch in ‘REAL LIFE!’
      Agggghhhh!!! HOUSE GUESTS….. WAKE THE F UP!!!!!!

  8. After Liz’s HOH is done someone needs to target the twins and Austin. Nobody even mentions them. Austin has never been on the block. Are people to stupid to see this strong 3 person alliance that will never turn on each other.

    • I agree. They should have ever let the twins enter the house. But they have survived this long so they are doing something right.

      Though if you were on Big Brother, Lavendergirl, you’d probably wouldnt do half as good as The austwins or even get as far as Da’vonne did.

      • WTF? What does my comment even have to do with me being on BB? Oh and by the way I’d win!

      • Yeah, sure but that’s only if they cast people like Victoria and Marcellus. But then again maybe not.

      • Lee you need to be removed from this comment board as you are targeting a complete stranger & that my friend is called ‘bullying!’

      • Play nice children! Vanessa is using everybody and for some reason, there they all are cozying up to her. She has to go! They all had the chance then they sent out Shellie I wanted to scream. And now they are wasting another vote on Becky and JMac? I hope he wins POV and somebody with a brain BD’s Van!

      • Lee if you recall week 2 shelli was going to put up liz on the block and austin talker her out of it and also it was shelli idea to bring the twins in the game and they vote her out I knew they should have keep shelli

      • What the hell does that have to do with this comment board?? You’re whack!!
        Lavendargirl….. Ignore such ignorance!

    • I applaud your comment. This unsavoury trio is the definition of garbage. The twins are riding Austin’s coattails which is ironic as he is pathetic! And why is he always shirtless?

    • With Jackie being evicted I couldn’t help but think that at least Clelli were avenged. Hoping to see Shelli return to the game soon.

    • I say that to my husband every episode. I don’t get it, they are such a strong voting block and I was amazed enough that they even wanted to let Julia come in but now, to not even bring up their names or mention how this is going to get even harder as numbers dwindle baffles me.

    • Can’t stand the showmance either… Becky or Jonny-Mac for the win!!! My hopes anyway!!
      Back door the big ‘V’ this week!!

  9. Ugh vanessa the emotional mess is about to come out and ruin what should be an easy week for her “alliance”. Hate her

  10. Been looking at all the feed updates recently, and I have to say… what is with Liz’s grudge against J-Mac? Like, if this were a game move, fine. I like the guy so I’d hate to see him go, but fine.

    But Liz is acting like a child. This isn’t even a game move, it’s like she’s borderline disgusted that John has the nerve to EXIST, down to making him a HN just to spite him. What did he ever do to her or Julia? Did I miss something?

    • I think Vanessa told the twins a lot of lies about JMac and of course they believed her.

      • If the conversation between J-Mac and the Austwins is to be believed at face value, sounds like you’re right. Vanessa has fed them a LOT of bad info on him.

        Not like that should be surprising.

    • Agree completely. Liz is a b*tch. Julia probably is too.

      It’s a game. Fine. Jmac is believed to be after your man. So take him out – no arguments. But the statements. Her personal attacks. The one on Jason started the trend. Now, with the power, the real Liz is out. It isn’t pretty.

      I haven’t really rooted for any player so far. I just enjoy the show. But I am now rooting for Jmac to win veto, take himself off and win HOH next week and put the twins up front and center. One goes home unless veto is used, but there are plenty of juicy scenarios for that too.

    • Liztwins do not like Jmac because he gets called into DR all the time, they think hes sketchy. Which inturn means the attention is on him by BB and not them. Its jealousy.

  11. Austwins > Vanessa, John and Steve, any week, all week. I hope V gets backdoored properly this time.

  12. I thought Steve was the only punk in the house. Austwins got him beat!! Three of them and they are scared of Vanessa!

  13. Damn it I really like John, I was hoping he would go further in this game, Vanessa is such a b…ch, they should of never kept her in the house, his only hope is POV .

    • John has been showing his true colors lately. It all started when his boy Clay was sent packing and he had an emotional break down by crying at & Clay’s memory walk photo.

      Now John has been forced to make decisions for himself since Shelli is now gone as well. Turns out he’s horrible at making alliances, of figuring out what’s happening in the house, and getting along with people.

      His only hope is for CBS to rig the veto comp so that he can win and take himself off. But it will have to be something pretty easy & non mental because frankly John can’t handle it.

      I guess it’s no fun to be up the block when it’s a real possibility you might be evicted.

      Bye, John!

      • John has won 3 or 4 POVs, if I remember correctly. So he doesn’t need something pretty easy, he beat the others before…

    • It’s 2015 OK! None of these women are b…ches. You and your ilk are ruining a goodgreat show

      • Thank you for your sentiments, QJ, but trust me … 2015 or any other year … Vanessa is a b**ch.

      • There are an awful lot of us “ilk” out here if you think you’re right. We’re allowed to dislike Vanessa – she gives plenty of ammunition for us to use against her, although I think she’s more of a manipulative, mentally disturbed bully than a

  14. John has nothing to lose by going to Austwins and letting them know about her lies! He really needs to start campaigning for himself!!!

    • That is pointless. For some reason, liz personally hates him. He’ll get nowhere talkinig to them. He just needs off the block by veto.

    • Yep, less depression and more campaigning. John has disappointed me after I liked him for a while.

  15. I hope Jmac wins pov and Vanessa is the replacement nominee and her behind is out the door.

    • I totally disagree it’s a GREAT season!
      Just when you think you know what is going to happen, it flip in the opposite direction!

  16. After a near death experience you would think Vanessa would take a week off but I have to admit I love her game: Balls out 24/7

  17. Hey, John might not go home even if he doesn’t win Veto. Haven’t you heard…if you named your targets, they stay? Ergo…..Jason instead of Austin…. Clay (Shelli), Shelli (Vanessa). So there is hope. Then again, If Vanessa starts a fight with you….you are out the door. So. it’s up in the air.

  18. Looks like the create a fight–>evictee strategy is again on Jmac. Van is on fire! The twins eat it up of course.

    • Hey! Who doesn’t like a good spat in the BB house?
      Sadly for John, he doesn’t have V’s killer instincts.

      • I think the twins are too busy chewing their cud all the time they have no time to think straight. The chomp chomp chomp & it a’int purdy!!

  19. I hope Shellie comes back in the game and takes out Vanessa. Talk about great TV, she would deserve to win it all if she can do that. This bunch of HG’s haven’t a clue how to play this game. If you don’t make big moves you don’t get any respect.

  20. It’s up to Becky, James and John ( whoever is left in the house….all 3 in danger of going home this week) to try and take out Vanessa next HOH with one of the Austwins beside her.

    • If James wins then he could remove Becky and Meg could go up. Hopefully she will leave and not John. Liz and Julia are just playing Austin and Vanessa’s game and hopefully it will bite them in the A later.

  21. I really don’t get why everyone is so afraid of Vanessa ! You hgs should have gotten her out when you had the chance but nope.

    • They are all afraid because she has a talent for convincing every single person in the house to do what she wants. Maybe not Becky, but everybody else.

  22. Have no sympathy for Becky,her HOH rule was a joke,played a sure hand so badly,she needs to go,this is not game about who likes who,it’s about how you play the game and from the get go Vanessa has been the most active player in the house,the others including James and John are all reacting to events vs, controlling them. Vanessa for the most part marshals her side of the house better than the others,so they deserve to be rum over,that is what happens in the BB house when you stand still,putting on lipstick and eating 24.7 are not part of any game plan I know of,that might work in your living room but not on t.v..

    • While i agree that V has played the better game over-all, Becky’s plan last week was a good one. And it is not her fault the 3 Gremlins spazed out …. And, speaking of out …they can only blame themselves that they lost a member of their clan.

      • They made a fatal mistake,now like shooting fish in barrel,have no sympathy for people who have no strategy or vision,they just seems lost at sea waiting for miracle rescue,survival is about numbers and apparently they can’t count to five.

  23. JMac wins Veto, removes himself and watch…instead of putting up Van, Liz and Juliatin will put James up, whom saved them, even though they said they wouldn’t target him. Van will see to it that they do! But the best move would be to take one down and bd Van. Let’s see if they get up the gumption to do that. If not, I don’t think I’ll be watching all that much of the show…it will get too fake for me. I just don’t suffer fools lightly!

  24. I have not seen enough of Julia to make a definite decision, but now that Jackie is gone, Liz has made it to the top of my “like-not list.
    That laugh, that voice, that look me me personality … BLUCK!

  25. Yes, please grow —–. Van is no big threat! Totally insecure. Who is going to lead here? John snap out of it!!!!

  26. Time for a House Meeting! Once one secret/back-stab is revealed, who knows what will come out!
    Come On Jmac, call one!

  27. Why would the Austwins WANT to put up Vanessa? They are not afraid! They are in an alliance!
    I don’t understand why so many fans of BB first so against Vanessa? She’s playing a game! And she’s talking her way out of a lot of bad situations! And, she is the one being blamed for everything that happens even though others are just as guilty! I think she’s playing a great game! yes, she is a little paranoid and emotional but what people have to remember is she is very used to being in control of her own game! Poker is not a team sport! and big deal, she’s emotional! Why does that make her such a bad person?
    I do want JMAC to stayand Becky go home! I do like Johnny Mac! but I just find it unfair, well maybe not unfair but I don’t personally understand why so many people are hating on Vanessa! she’s playing a good game! she managed to save herself! That’s a great move! & why Austin and the twins are believing Becky is crazy in itself! Vanessa did not put Austin up on the block, she didn’t want to, and as long as she had enough support she wasn’t going to! so why be mad at Vanessa for that Austin ? yes, initially she was going along with the plan, but when Austin begged her not to put him on the block, she didn’t! And he owes her! Austin and the twins would be stupid to get rid of Vanessa right now, she will stay loyal to them!

    • They’re believing Becky bc they already knew there was a plan to BD Austin and everything Becky told them fits right in with what they already suspected. They also talked to the others and confirmed it.

      Vanessa has become an untrustworthy alliance member. Vanessa was about to sell out her alliance member to get support from the other HGs. Basically everybody knew about it back then and Vanessa did that before she was even at any risk. If she thinks she might be targeted, she might throw Austin under the bus again.
      It’s like they say. Why does he owe her for not backstabbing him?
      Vanessa isn’t loyal, Vanessa is a survivor,willing to do whatever neccessary to survive in this game. Austwins are sitting pretty comfy right now and Vanessa could be a risk for that. That’s why they want to keep Becky, those two can go at each other while Austwins keep being safe.

  28. why do most of you and not like Vanessa? I don’t get it! She’s playing a game! She’s not a bad person, she’s just playing a game and she’s doing a good job at it because she isn’t being voted out! yes, she is overly paranoid and emotional but I think it’s just because she is so used to being in control of her own game at poker. she’s playing hard! And she’s playing both sides but ultimately she is loyal to Austin & the twins! I just don’t understand why the most people on here are bashing Vanessa for playing a hard game! Who cares how she does it! I think she’s doing a great job, considering the people she is left to work with! this season has been like summer camp to mostly everyone in the game, but Vanessa is playing the game every second of every day! good for her! You guys do remember this is big brother right? And it’s not summer camp! and they are supposed to be playing hard, regardless if they are emotional or a little paranoid! I see no harm in her game and I personally think she’s is one of the only one who has been playing hard since the very beginning! No offense to anyone of you though :-) everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

    • Sorry, but I have an inherent distaste of liars and Vanessa is the biggest I’ve ever seen. Sure BB is all about winning, but I think “how you play the game” is quite important to us fans!

      • I understand! I totally get where you’re coming from, I am NOT a big fan of contestants completely lying through the game, to win the game! But, it is for the most part necessary and I don’t see her constantly lying, she’s pretty loyal to Austin and the twins. she has had to lie because people have thrown her under the bus and made certain situations look like it was all Vanessa! Do you get what I mean? I just think Vanessa is being unfairly targeted especially because big brother does involve a lot of lying, and also because she has had to lie for her alliance. but, I don’t have a lot of time to read all the action going on in the house, so I’m sure I’ve missed a lot! I mainly just read Big Brother network and peoples comments so, clearly othersno a lot more then I do. But it is just a game! And they all have lied. agree to disagree? :-) I knew Vanessa through Poker & she is a much different person, she is a really great person! I think the house is making her paranoid and she doesn’t like to be not in control….. and like I said, a lot of other people still in the house have done a lot of lying and backstabbing! and a lot of it has been directed towards Vanessa unfairly! Just my humble opinion :-)

    • It’s the hypocrisy. She demands the truth all the time, keeps shouting about how she hates liars yet she lies to everybody and cries like a child everytime she doesn’t get her way. I liked Vanessa up until two weeks ago, but it’s getting too damn exhausting.
      You’re contradicting yourself. If the people in the house think it’s summer camp, it’s that much easier to play a good game.

  29. Vanessa is a liar and I cannot understand why Johnny Mac and Becky don’t. share what they know.Why dont they face V in her lies?

  30. The goblins, including Becky were way too full of themselves when Shelli and Vanessa were on the block.
    Becky’s mistake was being mean to Vanessa. The HGs need to kiss A at all times even when they nominate someone just in case they don’t leave.

  31. Well isn’t Vanessa little Miss Sunshine last week she acted like a pouty 5 year old!!! Really don’t want her to win !!! She is worth 4 million she doesn’t need any more money what is this to her ?? Something to cross off her bucket list!!! Hope they get her out of there soon!!!!!!

    • I don’t think she is worth that much. She has played and won that much but she hasn’t sad how much she has lost. I don’t care who you are, you can’t keep winning and NEVER lose anything. Poker player’s are like fishermen, the big one always get’s away.

        Look her up she is worth that don’t think we have to worry about her losing all her money I think she is smart enough to take care of her cash. Her past winnings are probably all making more moola for her lol

      • I will have to check it out then. I also thought she had played that much money but I must have heard her wrong.

    • I noticed during the second eviction she sat stone faced, the first time she was quiet for three seconds. They say silence is bluss.

  32. I cannot take Vanessa anymore. I cannot stand to watch her, it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. This season has jumped the shark for me. 1) Vanessa is unwatchable anymore. 2) There is nobody else to root for– they are all WAY too stupid to get behind. 3) See 1 & 2

    Either production is guiding this into pretzel shapes OR the HGs have literally NO common sense, or both. Either way, this isn’t fun for me right now.

  33. Vanessa for the win. The Austwins get an award for Most Loyal Soldiers. It’s impressive how she’s able to play all these people. The crazy trainwreck will win it all.

    Machiavelli is doing the Picard facepalm right now.

  34. Did anyone see BBAD on POP last night? All I had was a movie…they usually run Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday episodes, then AD on Fridays.

  35. Does Vanessa EVER wash that freaking green beenie she’s always sporting?? Gross!!
    The way the twins chomp on their food…. gross!
    Austin always shirtless & weird beard….. Gross!
    Vanessa always sobbing…… Stupid!!

    The rest have no bad habits that bother me! But their gameplay is lacking, very much lacking! Where is their gameplay?

    Becky has game! Steve should’ve backdoored the big V or the trio of gnomes!

    What a game, eh? What a game….. Sad!!!

  36. The Autwins need to be broken up liz is using Austin which is fine because he’s a big dummy anyways and let’s send home back stabber Vanessa who is so ugly without her make up lol.I hope Jmac can stay and hope James and Becky can bust up the twins,to many people this season who aren’t playing,Boring Brother.

  37. just to clear something up here :-) for everyone on here saying the houseguests are fools for not evicting Vanessa because she is such a strong competitor then I completely agree!
    my comments defending Vanessa are directed at people who thinks she is not playing a good game, and/or people who are putting her down as a person! People say she is paranoid, & I do agree however I believe she has every right to be paranoid, the house is against her! She senses it, she can read people very well! so Vanessa being paranoid is justified!
    I just wanted to clear that up :-) :-) :-) she is playing an amazing game, and she deserves to win! I am a huge fan of hers and have been for many years. For people calling her a washed-up poker player obviously you don’t know poker! And, from the very beginning I have wanted her to go far however I have not wanted her to win because I know she has quite a bit of money! so of course I would like to see the money go to someone who really needs it. of course anyone of us no matter how much money we have would like more lol

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