Big Brother 11: Week 8 Thursday Post-Endurance Highlights

Last night on Big Brother 11 it was an intense battle for HoH in another exciting endurance competition. Find out the Big Brother 11 HoH winner from last night and what happened after the endurance competition below.

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 27, 2009:

7:15 PM BBT – The ‘Smores’ endurance competition is over and when the live feeds return we see Kevin wearing the HoH key around his neck. Kevin is the man in charge this week.

7:45 PM BBT – Natalie is trying to convince Kevin that Michele should be their target this week. She believes the next HoH comp will be mental and Michele would dominate that. Kevin believes Jeff is the “triple threat” and should go first. Interesting situation… Kevin wonders if he could strike up a deal with Michele, but Natalie warns it’d be meaningless.

8:00 PM BBT – Michele is in the Green Room and sobbing. It’s sad. She knows she’s going up.

8:15 PM BBT – Kevin and Natalie talking about nominating Michele and Jeff, but he’ll tell Jeff he’s just a pawn like he used Kevin as a pawn. You’ll just make him angry, Kevin…

10:00 PM BBT – Kevin announces his HoH room is ready and everyone gathers to see it. Kevin gets lots of goodies and a nice letter from Alfonso.

11:30 PM BBT – Jordan warns Jeff that she believes Kevin and Natalie’s plan is to nominate Jordan and Michele with Jeff as the backdoor option. Jordan says if she wins the PoV she won’t use it so they can vote out Michele instead. Risky, dangerous move, Jordan. Two words: Mar cellas

11:45 PM BBT – Kevin and Michele talking game. He explains he only has 3 options this week and that it’ll all come down to the Veto competition. Kevin says he isn’t making personal decisions and this has to be a smart move, whatever he does. That comp will take place Saturday on the live feeds so be ready!

Kevin has continued his ascent to power and is proving to be as big a player to win as anyone else this season. If he still wants to evict Jeff then his options are limited. He’ll need to nominate Jordan and Michele to insure his backdoor plan can work undercover. The new nominations will be revealed tonight on the live feeds so keep watching and check back here for the results later tonight.

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  1. Omg it figures Kevin would get it. Ughh Jeff better not go home. He’s gonna be so ticked cause Kevin promised him he’d be safe. But, as always stated, it IS just a game. Kevin can do what he wants. Jeff was an idiot to get rid of Russell. He would have gotten to final 4 for sure.

  2. What should Kevin do? Nominate Michelle (the weirdo) along with Jordan. Win the Power of Veto and backdoor Jeff. BB is finally getting interesting again.

  3. Nominate Michelle and jordan, Jeff wins pov and uses it on Jordan kevin has to put up nat nat goes home….SWEET!

  4. IF Jeff makes it to the F2 and wants to win, is he better off
    having Michele by his side or Jordan?

    Would Jessie and Russell respect Jeff’s Game and vote for him
    OR get back at him and vote for Jordan?

    If Kevin is by his side, Kevin will win.

    I can’t even stomach the thought of Gnat being in the F2…Ugh!

  5. Jeff screwed himself by getting rid of Russell. Nat will win because she is playing the game

  6. Stopped watching big brother when the stupid three girlies acted like loonies and I saw that the wheels for Natalie were turning. Jeff and Jordan are stupid because they will be out in the next two weeks and Kevin will take Natalie to the final 2…Last nights move was stupid on the J and J front, their gone next. Thank goodness for these feeds because I just read these now…can’t stand to watch the show.

  7. Belina :)
    I like your thinking lets hope so but if he don’t i hope Kevin puts up Jorden and Jeff and Jeff wins the POV. and puts Michelle and its a tie vote and Kevin evicet Jorden and then Michelle wins and put up Jeff and Nat Than Jeff kisses Michelles A$$ and Nat goes home ether way as long as Nat goes i don’t care and if Jeff and Michelle gets to the end i hope Jeff gets raosted by every one YAH!

  8. Jeff is the smartest one in the house. I believe that Jeff and Jordan will be nominated for eviction. Who would want to stand next to either one of them in the final two? In a perfect world, Natalie would be evicted. For someone who is athletic as she, she hasn’t won anthing.

  9. I feel really bad for Michelle. Not because of the game – you have to expect lies and deceit coming in. I feel bad because of all the stuff that J/J/N are saying about her. Really hurtful things. These are adults for crying out loud. It’s sad to think about Michelle watching the footage after she is out and hearing what was being said about her.

  10. I think some of you that make comments are more paranoid then the houseguesst. Not once have I read where any of you hit J/J problem on the head. She is still a VIRGIN people. Michelle only lacks social skills. After all when you grow up mostly with your nose in a book you never really learn to interact with others. She will leave BB having learned the most. Also haven’t read where any of you though that maybe C was a BB plant in the house, got paid to act up, and taken out, with a nice fat paycheck and the promise of future gigs?? And the Nat – She has played the best game so far. Never-wrong

  11. How can you gusy say Nat is playing a good game? I think she is a moron. I don’t think it is at all calculated by her. She hid behind Jessie and his band of fools and she cannot win a damn thing. Hopefully jordan wins POV, Nat goes up and goes to the jury house so she can finally screw jessie.

  12. @Never-Wrong: Jordan is definitely not a virgin. She’s detailed her ‘first’ experience several times.

    I highly doubt Chima was a plant considering she’s been banned from all outlets owned by Viacom as a result of her expulsion.

    Nat? I forgot she was even playing. She’s certainly gone far by achieving nothing at all. It won’t get her more than $50K if she makes it to the F2, but that’s not too shabby either.

  13. Jchich Ya she is a DUMB A$$ BUT if she goes in the jury house Lydia is all ready in bed with Jessie and i don’t think she will take seconds on him HA HA HA!!!

  14. June
    You’re right. After I posted that, I remembered that Lydia was already in bed with Jessie. I’m sure they have been having lots of fun! LOL

  15. YAAH! But i do hope Nat gets in there and Kicks Lydias Butt!!!! But Nat has to wait in line cause Russ is on his A$$ NOW HA HA HA!!!

  16. Oh yeaaa, Im waking up and im so happy. The power my friends have shifted.

    Wacthing after dark its so clear to me that Jeff doesnt suspect a thing. He has thought about it sure. But he doesnt consider it a good poosibly that he will put up.

    Natalie does suck in these comps, but its working to her advatage not to win anything. Since she goes in really wanting and trying hard to do good, and then sometimes flops, she is seen as a real weak competitor.

    She will however need to come out and make things pop-off polly for finally 3. she cant finish last.

    Also watching after dark, it seems Michelle has problems. She sat by herself for like over an housr with a sad, and a smile off and on.

    Then ofcourse she pulled her usually sheenas going up and living in Kevin’s hoh.

    Kevin, as anyone else in the house arent dumb and wont fall for it.

    Jeff wont win veto, and neither will Jordan. This will be great because we all know Michelle wont use it if she wins it.

    So . . . . . if u do the math kid, that equals the very clear answer of Eviction!

    And then he can go get knocked out by Russ! what a next week or so he will have!

    If i was Kevin i’d say;

    “U knoe Jeff u have been running the house the last couple of weeks, and u knoe the power has shifted and u gotta feel the pain a lil bit”


    Jessie was hilarious

    “Im getting ridicolously jacked and tanned”


  17. If Kevin doesn’t put Jeff up and he does end up winning POV – he will save Jordan and will also be safe himself. Kevin HAS to put him on the block, that way when he wins POV he will save himself. And then one of the two J/J will end up going home.
    I don’t think they will get another chance of seperating J/J.

  18. I still think Jeff did the right thing by getting Russell out. Now he can get to the end on his own merit. Kevin will put Jeff up and Jeff will win POV. I love the Mar Cellas reference. That brings back really great memories off BB past!

  19. Oh and another thing, that hoody Kevin got wasnt a “Kanye West” hoody gosh darnitt, it was a “M.I.A.” hoody. could it have been more obvious? that rele grinded my gears last night.

    Oh and something else i didnt say, It will be very tricky this week for noms. I think the safe root is to put up Michlle and Jordan.

    That way if Jeff wins POV u wont be screwed. U still keep the plan in takced.

    And its rele a 2 on 1 assualt. Joran hasnt played the game basically at all. She has been carried. Only now how she started barely to play.

    Can we say Handicap Match?

  20. I loved the boob punch… Jordan looked pathetic lmao. Omigod, she’s gone nuts, I love it. Now it’s time for her to go. She’s dumb to think Nat would keep her in house. I hope Kevin takes this opportunity to backdoor Jeff because he IS the strongest player of the season now. If I were Kevin I would split up Jeff and Jordan. BOO JEFF AND JORDAN! lol

  21. Does anyone have an idea of what the BB11 twist is next week? It seems as if whenever Jeff is at a vulnerable spot, there’s always a twist coming along…

  22. No body is in bed with Jessie! He’s to into himself (he may be gay). Natalie hasn’t done anything to advance but start lies and rumors. Kevin is who you need to watch out for. He won’t keep natalie there if it doesn’t suit him. He has voted against everyone at eviction time. what a way to get votes from the jury!! He’s not dumb!!

  23. I’ll say it again. If Kevin does not put J/J together on the block and he ends up winning POV. He will take Jordan off and BOTH will be safe this week.

    Kevin needs to do the right thing and screw Jeff over and put him on the blaock … Anyway he should understand.
    What goes around, comes around.

  24. The game is just getting so exciting. You never know what is going to happen from day to day. I really want Kevin to get Natalie out this weeek. She will turn on Kevin soon to further her own game. She figures she can win against Jordan or Michelle in the final 2. It will be interesting to see what happens next. GO HOME NATALIE.

  25. I dont think kevin has enough onions to nominate Jeff. He will put up Jordan and Michelle.

  26. Can’t wait to see if Jeff is back stabbed this week or next.I still think Russell has subdued his softer side. Jordon talking trash at and about him just makes her look silly/sillier. Wonder what she’d do if someone back-handed her if she pulled her breast bump on the outside world. I can’t believe someone saying she’s fat set her off. Talk about thin skinned! Funny

  27. I hope what belinda said comes true put jordon and michelle up. Jeff wins pov takes jordon off and put natalie up I can’t stand nat why can’t people see threw her lies I’m hoping nat goes home this week seriously she doesn’t deserve to win someone that hasn’t won anything should already be gone. Getting money for doing nothing will really irrate me

  28. Kevin will put Jeff and Michelle up for eviction. Kevin will have the deciding vote in this eviction. Jeff will go this week unless he wins POV. Kevin also knows that Jeff will vote for him in the Jury House if Michelle or Natalie is the other final 2. Jordan will not survive until final 2. I think Kevin could win Big Brother only if he gets Jeff and Jordan out.If he is the in the finals with Jordan he will LOSE.

  29. Hoping Jeff hets put up so he can see what kind of weasle K&N are. Would not be sad to see him go. Michelle and Jordo team up for next week. They;ll have it in the bag. We KNOW Nat can’t win the lottery with a time machine, So Mich/Jordo win, take out Kevin, then take out Nat the brat.

  30. I’m routing for Jeff. If a good player can’t win BB why watch it? Natalie can’t do anything and I would be very mad if she wins it. I can’t stand her silly smirks and her whispering so low all the time. Everybody backstabs everybody. J/J is no different. I do think Kevin will put up J/J. That will ensure one goes home.
    What’s the deal with this secret door? It’s driving me crazy.

  31. I have not been watching the live shows or the live feeds even though I have access to both since the Coup d’etat on Jessie. i completely disagreed with that twist and the game wasn’t interesting agian for me. i think Jessie is a jackass but I agree with him on this that it was handed to Jeff and not due to any game play on his part.
    Additionally, I thought the 3 girls response to Jessie’s eviction was childish and annoying so that also didn’t encourage me to come back to the show. I sincerely thought that I would never watch the show again at least for this season and just keep up with the highlights on this site. I find the highlights intelligent and informative. Now with kevin winning I am definitely back in the game. This is going to make things so interesting. I hope for his sake that he is smart and nominates Jeff and Jordan otherwise which everone he keeps off will ltake the other one off and he would have to vote his alliance member out. I guess it all depends on if kevin has the cahoonas to get the job done.

  32. The twist is that there is a mystery door in the HOH room. Julie says it could affect everyone left in the house. She said :the answer lies behind that door”.

  33. Imho it should play out like this: Jeff and Jordan go on the block..Kev telling Jeff that they’re both pawns to bd Michelle. Everyone plays for pov, Natalie wins POV and says: sorry Jeff time to feel the pain. In addition they take Michelle secretly under they’re wing to make sure if she wins POV she doesn’t use it. That to me is the smartest move and when they’re both sitting in the green chair N & M vote out Jeff..

  34. @JJ2
    She was pissed off for being called fat because she takes diet pills and doesn’t eat much …(that’s what I read anotehr day)
    If this is the most insulting thing for her … WOW

  35. Hope he nominates Michelle and Jordan and then Jeff wins POV, pulls off Jordan and then Gnat goes up. And, then they backdoor Gnat. I can’t understand why Gnat is still there. That girl annoys me.



    Say Kevin does put up Jordan and Michelle and Jeff wins the veto, he could use it and still couldn’t be put up right?

  37. How can any of you actually think that Kevin deserves to win this game? Natalie is a troublemaker for EVERYBODY with no end in sight. Kevin has floated through this whole game with his mmouth shut and no plan in mind until now…..Michelle is an average player with no mind at all…..Jordan is being carried completely by Jeff except for the fact she she seems to know Natalie and Kevins scheming more than Jeff does. I dont think anybody deserves to win but if I had toi pick someone I would have to pick Jeff cause hes the ony one that has played this game from the beginning! Every year BB gets more and more discouraging… can float the whole game, not win anything and by keeping your mouth shut win 500,000! What a great country!

  38. Time for Nat to go… she has just been riding on everyone’s backs through the whole game. Everyone in that house has won something except for her. In her own words : “I can’t win anything”

  39. Can anyone answer this question…

    If Kevin puts up Michelle and Jordan, then Jeff wins POV and takes Jordan off. Is Kevin’s only option for a replacement Natalie or can Jeff also go up?


  40. @Gwen & Ashley

    Natalie would actually have to be a good competitor and win something. She sucks a competitions, she just gives up… she by far is the weakest in the house.

  41. If Kevin has a brain, he will put up Jeff and Jordon. That way, even if 1 of them wins the POV, one will still go. I like them both but they need to be split up.

  42. Natalie doesnt give up do u watch the comps? I cant remeber the last time Jordan won something? on her own by the way.

    Anyway the twist will prolly be like a pass to the final 3 or free eviction pass.

    idk just guessing.

  43. @Brittany W – I don’t like Nat. I just want Jeff gone this week. You are right, she is not good at comps.

  44. @ brittany W

    Yes, if M & Jordon are up and Jeff wins, takes one down, then Nat has to go up.

    If M & Jeff are up and Jordon wins, takes one down, then Nat has to go up.

    If J & J are up and Michelle wins, takes one down, then Nat has to go up.

    I’m sure Nat knows this. As does everyone else.

  45. @Marcus

    Do you recall Jordan won the POV competition ALL BY HERSELF… when she was HOH

    Natalie basically gave up, she dropped her cup then b***hed about it, and I’m guess Big Brother gave her a new cup. She saw Kevin was winning and thought she would just take a free ride to the final 4.


  47. I forgot about Jordan winning the pov when she was hoh. What was that comp? Does anyone remember?

  48. I want Nat out. Can’t stand her. Her smirky smile drives me nuts. Still want Jeff he has played the best game. Just a thought.

  49. @Ashley

    It was the “Before & After” comp.

    She won against Michelle with a tie breaker.

  50. She does suck at comps no doubt, she is the worst, but she doesnt give up.

    she accidentally dropped her cup in the thing. and couldnt get it. and ur alrede in last place. and ur homie is in first place.

    what would u do?

  51. When will the new twist be revealed? Is it after the eviction or some time during the HOH week?
    I say Kevin put up Natalie and Michele! I know that won’t happen right? Wishful thinking.


  53. Was so glad Kevin won last night. BBAD was so boring with Jeff and Jordan . Get then out Please.

  54. Matt: Jordan may have detailed her lst experience several times but I don’t buy it. I believe it’s just part of her game play. On Chima, it would make sense to ban her, at least on paper. That would add to the make believe and increase in viewer interest in the show. Do you get paid in any way by CBS? I saw the CBS BB Network logo by your name and was just wondering.

  55. If Kevin doesn’t get Nat out he might not win against her in the final 2. If she makes it I will be pissed. Can’t stand her.

  56. i think jeff should go home cause he is a doo doo head. russell should have won. jordan is as dum as a post. nat sucks at everything she does.

  57. I would have to agree about Nat she needs to go. I hope that Jeff does not get backdoor this week. Maybe if Michelle and Jordan or put up and Jeff’s wins POV takes Jordan off then Nat would have to go up and Nat would be gone hopefully.

    And about Jesse last night he really needs a life. He thinks everyone likes looking at him please and thoes pants. At least they matched Lydia’s hair and outfit she had on.

  58. That would be interesting if they got to her someone’s diary sessions. Julie said it could benefit all hg’s. At first I thought it was just the HOH, but I watched the show again this morning and she said all hg’s.

  59. Marcus, stop making excuses for Nat. She sucks at competitions. That’s it. She also sucks at being a human being. 24, living at home with her Dad still, doesn’t shower, lies come as 2nd nature to her, pig nose, all around rotten person.

  60. hey matt or anyone, is there a definitive time when the veto competition will be held on saturday >?

  61. who would they bring back? Chima, no way, she can’t have anything to do with Viacom anymore. Ronnie the rat, Laura boobarella, Casey, Braden all are tainted by being on the outside. Jessie already was brought back; and was booted yet again. Russel or Lydia? Maybe, but that would be lame. I’m almost certain they are not bring anyone back.

  62. Kevin’s not stupid enough to put Jordan on the block and risk Michelle or Jeff winning the POV and saving her. He’ll put Jeff and Michelle up so they’ll have to play for themselves. Why bother backdooring anyone this late in the game?

  63. Best case scenario:
    Kevin nominates Jordan and Michelle, Jeff wins POV and pulls Jordan off so Natalie goes up. Natalie goes home.

    Worst case scenario:
    Kevin nominates Jeff and Jordan, Natalie wins POV and pulls no one off. Jeff goes home.

    Most likely scenario:
    Kevin nominates Jeff and Michelle, Jeff wins POV and pulls himself off so Jordan goes up. Michelle goes home.

  64. @fred derf I’m sure you are right. Surely they want bring anyone back. Oh you never know maybe it will be Evil Dick,Doctor Will or Boogie.

  65. @rockymtnbrenda

    your worst case scenario will NEVER happen because Natalie will NEVER win anything, she sucks.

    Now, Kevin could win the POV and Jeff would go home… but Natalie winning anything makes me laugh!

  66. Glad Kevin won, hope he uses his smarts, and gets rid of Jeff as much as I dislike Scumbag Nat, Can’t stand him more. Since I no longer hv any desire to watch BB/BBAD I really apprec ur updates. Will continue to ck as to when Jeff gets to FEEL THE PAIN. BB producers wud u pls give America a chance to vote for the dumbest player in bb History…Jeff/Jordan will win hands down. They had it made to the final 4, but dumb/dumber chose to trust Kev/Nat and break the sworn alliance. I hope they spend many sleepness nites thinking of all the monies they just kissed goodby.

  67. Natalie is only surviving in this game because she sucks at competitions, which makes her no threat, and is being carried by Kevin.
    Jordan, obviously, is only in that house because of Jeff.
    Michele… she could win the veto and win the whole game in the process.
    Or, worst- case senario final two is Jordan and Natalie. :(

  68. Forgot to thank the bb producers for great TV UP TILL THIS POINT. Too bad tho, I will miss watching, but can’t stomach watching scumbag Nat, and DUMB/DUMBER. Once their gone, I will enjoy watching Kevin/Michelle go to final 2. I am still rooting for Michelle, hope she wins the big one, so that when she has to watch how horrible her HG’s were, she can laugh her way to the bank. GO MICHELLE

  69. Maybe will be 1 of the 3 that were at the beginning when Jessie was picked. Nat not going this week. Kevin wants jeff out.(do you blame him) Jeff Michelle on block if pov used Jordan put up. Smartest move.

  70. Just wondering why they don’t run a sink full of water to wash the dishes….must not have a high water bill there….wash water and rinse water….get with it…

  71. Pam Ants have taken over the BB kitchen! uggh – look like they had a ate night fest and left the food out, now there are ants everwhere, in the food and Michelle is attempting to clean a pan that still seems to attract the ants. Ive wondered about the housekeeping…looks like the HG make their own beds and wash sheets, do dishes, emoty garbage and sweet floor – do you guys think a crew comes in there and cleans and disinfects the place? has to be. give me your ideas..the ants are really gross!

  72. If I was Kevin, i would put up Jeff and Michelle.

    Michelle wins – Takes herself off, and he puts up Jordon – Good for K

    Jordon wins – Takes Jeff off, and he puts up Nat – Good for K

    Jeff wins – Takes himself off, and he puts up Jordon – Good for K

    Kevin wins – keeps it the way it is – Good for K

    Natalie wins – who are we kidding, she’ll never win.

  73. This is the order I hope everyone places.
    5th… Natalie
    4th… Jordan
    3rd… Jeff
    2nd… Kevin
    1st… Michele

  74. I laugh at EVERYONE who says Jeff getting rid of Russell was his best move. Jeff will go home this week unless he wins POV. Simple as that. Smartest way to do it is put up michelle and jeff, telling jeff he had to put either him or jordan up, and still not cracking on the lie. you want jeff feeling as comfortable as he can going into the POV. if jeff wins and he’s not a nom, jordan comes off and michelle must go, the next best competitor next to Jeff. Man I can’t wait to see Jeff’s face and reactions at the next eviction too bad I have to wait 6 days ha ha

  75. If Kevin is smart he will put up J&J this week. It saves Gnat from any chance of being Nominated. Then If Kevin, Gnat or Michelle win the POV they won’t use it. Michelle is then in FF and she stands a better chance getting to the F2 and winning against those losers Kevin & Gnat. If either J&J win the POV then they use it to save themselves and Kevin has no option but to nominate Michelle. In a vote J or J vote for Michelle, Gnat votes for J or J, we have a tie and Kevin takes out J or J. Kevin can win against Gnat in a F2 & no one else I think. Both Kevin & Gnat have been floaters all season, Jordan riding on Jeff’s coattails but she is so sweet she would beat Kevin or Gnat, probably Michelle too. Kevin better hope that Gnat can win a HOH.

  76. If they DO bring back a person, if anything bring back Chilltown! Boogie and Will rocked All Stars!

  77. I would love for Natalie to go this week. Kevin don’t need to win. Besides all her friends are in the jury house. I won’t give her my vote if America gets a vote. I don’t care who she is sitting beside. Kevin will have a better chance against any of the other 3 houseguests. Natalie can’t help him with any competitions so send her on her way. If not Natalie then Jordan. Jeff needs let her go if he want a chance at winning. She don’t know when to keep her mouth close and who trust. Because of her Jeff trusted Natalie and Kevin. It would a great final three if it was Michelle, Kevin and Jeff. They all are strong competitors. Kevin just decided to start playing when his team starting going to the jury house and getting evicted. Anyway GO HOME NATALIE.

  78. for kevin to ensure he gets one of the J&J couple out of the house he has to put both of them up. this way if J or J wins the POV only one of them will stay. Im wondering why anyone would want nat to win? she was an early fav of mine but it a little annoying player who has won nothing..even her whispering annoys me! If Jeff goes this week I see
    1. Michelle
    2. Jordan
    3. Kevin
    4. natalee = she is a loose cannon who should go after kevin’s HOH is done.

  79. if there going to being anyone back, it wont be anyone from the jury house.. i would assume they would bring back people from earlier in the game.. this would cause there to be an odd number in the jury house and there wouldnt be a tie on the finale.

  80. to “Dude”.
    Well, because of the door that Julie was talking about in the last episode, it’s possible they could bring someone back from season’s past.

  81. To find the twist hints ——
    Go to the top of this page, click on the “home” button, when you get there page down to the “SPOILERS BOX” In the listings there are articles, a few of them say “twist hints” pick the ones to read and click on them!
    Here is one of them

    From: Allison Grodner:

    So what’s this secret HOH door we saw Thursday?
    I’m gonna tease. There is a secret door that will weigh into the HOH. It’s something we’ve had planned for a while. I wouldn’t call it a power. It’s just something that’s been added to the HOH’s (responsibility).

  82. I don’t think they are going to bring anyone back. Everyone who is not in the jh is home and not sequestered so they will know too much to come back and the same with people from past seasons. It would only be fair to bring someone from the jury back since they don’t know what is going on but I don’t think they will do that either. This is just my opinion. I wonder when we will know? Do yall think the door has something to do with the numbers they all drew yesterday?

  83. I’d like to see Michelle continue on in this game. She must win POV. She’s a pretty good competitor so she has just a good a chance at winning the POV as Jeff. Kevin has a good chance (as he’s stepped up his game) as well. Jordan and Nat – slim. If Jeff truly wants a strong chance to win, he’ll want to take Michelle to the final 2. Against any of the other HGs, he’ll loose. But will he be smart enough to realize that in time?

  84. its “stupid” to say that jeff was “handed” the coup da ta power and didnt earn it…america’s vote is apart of this game, and it should be taken into consideration when playing…if jeff played his game to america’s liking then that was a SMART move! everyone is always being watched in the bb house! duh!
    jeff earned the power fair and square by winning america’s heart…jessie could have done the same but he didnt!!!

    i hope kev sticks to the plan,nons michells n jordan,jeff wins pov and nat goes home!!!


  85. @Joyce – You are right. I think the only chance Jeff has now is to make a final 2 deal with Michelle. I don’t know if that will happen though because of Jordan. You never know in this game how people what people are going to do.

  86. J/J are getting annoying, in my opinion. Natalie has a boyfriend? And here I was thinking she was flirting with Jessie. Or was she…?

  87. agree with Julie…Jeff has not been handed anything and has earned his wins. its his choice to protect Jordan and he knows how dire her homelife is that may be his crutch but its his choice. I dont see Kevin saving either J or J..sand bc I wanted Jeff to win. WE america voted Jeff his special power and at least he had the guts to use it!

  88. Jeff or Jordan don’t deserve to win, did you hear how they’re talking about Michelle all this time. Jordan is just like Natalie riding coattails. Bring Russell back and surprise them all.

  89. Do you think Kevin will put up Jeff this week or do you think he will wait a week? Also who do you think Kevin has a chance to win against if he makes it to the final 2? I’m thinking Jordan. Not sure he’d take home the grand prize if he took Nat or Michelle

  90. What/Who is behind the Special Door and helpful to all of the HGs?

    A Minister, A Priest, A Rabbi and A Philosopher.

  91. This seaspon has been rather predictable. So far I haven’t seen anything that has shaken the house up. The jessie thing was obvious and the three stooges looked rediculous crying over that pompus a** I was glad to see him go.
    Behind the door is one of the “wild cards” from episode one. That would be somethin. Hopefully its someone who will shake things up. As much as I have enjoyed watching jj dominate the house its time for some drama. Let’s keep in mind there’s a gay guy who is hoh if he gets jeff out its the “all girl” house that was mentioned in earlier episodes. The women don’t see him as a threat they see him as one of them. :) (yeah I’m gay) so I see how he’s getting through. Time for a shake up. Let’s see what BB has in store for them.

  92. Some how I missed the part about the special door. But if its a what and helpfull to all all of th HG’s I’m thinking POV or the Coup D’etat?


  94. This season has been rather predictable. So far I haven’t seen anything that has shaken the house up. The jessie thing was obvious and the three stooges looked rediculous crying over that pompus a** I was glad to see him go.
    Behind the door is one of the “wild cards” from episode one. That would be somethin. Hopefully its someone who will shake things up. As much as I have enjoyed watching jj dominate the house its time for some drama. Let’s keep in mind there’s a gay guy who is hoh if he gets jeff out its the “all girl” house that was mentioned in earlier episodes. The women don’t see him as a threat they see him as one of them. :) (yeah I’m gay) so I see how he’s getting through. Time for a shake up. Let’s see what BB has in store for them.

  95. @mamabear….. I think you are correct but I think that if Nat goes up againwt Kevin, she might win because it was her idea to make up the lie against Russ.

  96. Kevin gonna put up Jeff and Jordan, Jeffs gonna win HOH and Michelle will get put up and then Michelle will go home, MAYBE b/c It could be a tie. Jeff and Nat have to vote on who to get rid of. Then next week, Jeff will win HOH and send kevin or Nat home, LOL!

  97. Have you ever noticed the more we bitch about how we can’t stand the way their playing, the better the ratings for the tv show is?

  98. The numbers they drew were for the lane assignments for the HOH comp.
    Just a thought, I don’t know if would be allowed by BB, but it would have been smart once they saw Kevin in the lead for Jordan to start dumping chocolate into Michelle’s bowl. I hope Casey is behind the door it would make for more intresting TV. Or maybe two people and Kevin gets to pick which one comes back in the game.

  99. “Braden liked to take off his shirt.
    Jeff loved to flirt.
    Lydia had loads of tattoos,
    Jessie was afraid to lose.
    Chima threw her microphone in the pool.
    Natalie claimed she just got out of school.
    Ronnie was called a rat,
    To wear a banana suit, Casey was afraid of that.
    You could never call Laura fat.
    Kevin worked as a Graphic Designer,
    Jordan worked at a diner.
    Russel studied Martial Arts,
    Michele worked with rat parts.”

    By Poet.

  100. I will be very impressed if Kevin has the guts to put up J and J. He strikes me as one who takes the path of least resistance. Anyone know what time the noms will be announced?

  101. hey everybody
    I have a question to throw out there. This is my first time with the live feeds and all. Just got email from bb saying what happened etc. and said you can watch the compition on “live feeds” so order yous now. I never get to watch anything like that, I get that annoying music and fish. in fact now it seems every other sentence these hguests are talking it goes to music. Is it just me or what? I paid $30.00, I just don’t get it, is this way it is?

  102. Someone suggested maybe the secret door is for the POV winner. They will have a choice of using the veto or picking the door.
    Another suggestion I heard was something that happened in BB1 where everyone had to hunt for it and it was right under their nose. Never watched BB1 so I don’t know what they were talking about.
    Can’t wait to find out. They always seem to keep you watching to see what the next twist is. Oh well, it’s fun.
    Natalie, please go home. I’m so sick of seeing her silly smirks and whispering so low you can’t hear her and never winning anything but always bragging that she will. Please go home.

  103. Jeff was handed the power because of his looks not because of his game. He didnt have a game until after the CDT. Proir to the CDT all he did was whine and cuddle with Jordon. He made is best move by evicting Jessie but it was a move he did not earn it was given to him. Apart from the 1st season America had never directly affected the game the last CDT was WON by ChillTown not given to them.

    Jeff was an inferior player until the handout was given to him because of his smile.

  104. You don’t think the lanes were in different conditions and Kevin got the non slip lane??

  105. Come on were talking Nat and Jordan lol. Kevin came out and fell twice he did not like that .

  106. I think Kevin was using more of an ice skater style with his feet pointed out. jordan and Michelle were going straight footed and not getting much traction. Kevin busting his a$$ on the first trip down may have helped him to adjust. Natalie no style period!

  107. watch for the twist either during nominations or right after. and then a double eviction!!!!guess who’s going to be a new house guess, would have to be someone pcked before the show started and has been susquersted, and hasn’t won in prior years!!!!!!W O N D E R W H O !!!!!!!!

  108. @KK ….. Did they show if Kevin was maybe in the Bath Room or did he ignore him on purpose?

  109. The absolute BEST move would be too put up Michlle and Jordan since thats wat the both expect, let Michelle win POV, or let Jeff get ahnded POV, and then let one of them use it. Michelle has a better chance obviously of using than Jeff.

    Michelle takes herself off, u put up Jeff and its GURANTEED he will go home. and there is nothing he can do about it.

    Michelle will vote him out. Natalie will vote him out.

    If it goes to a tie Kevin will vote him out.

    He has NO CHANCE of staying in the house which rele wamrs my belly caz he will be out.

    Litstening back to when him a Russ faught, he wasnt making sense on have of what he was saying. I feel bad he is gonna have to go to the Jury and get ko’d.

    As a matter of fact, they Natalie/Kevin should play really hard for veto.

    That way u can put Jeff up ureself.

    This plan is pretty much a lock. Hopefully its not something physical. It shouldnt be. Last veto was.

    Best scenario of elimination;

    Jordan.(assuming Natalie isnt HOH the week she gets evicted. if this is so, Kevin would win.)

  110. Where are you guys getting that they might bring someone new in the game? Isn’t it too late to do something like that?

  111. wait i flubbed
    scratch Casey and Ronnie it should look like this


  112. i just found this cool website today.. its called google, you should try.. i found this:

    So what’s this secret HOH door we saw Thursday?

    I’m gonna tease. There is a secret door that will weigh into the HOH. It’s something we’ve had planned for a while. I wouldn’t call it a power. It’s just something that’s been added to the HOH’s (responsibility).

    so noones coming back and thats awesome, plus cbs doesn’t have time to bring someone back this late.. the final ep is Sept 15 or something like that… i wish people would do a little research b4 posting stupid stuff.. but i love u all and go Michelle!

  113. I think they can’t bring someone back – it’s too late in the game.
    Hope I helped.

  114. @marcus….. do you really think Kev will win over Natalie? I don’t think she will. I think that Natalie has more votes from the jury house. I maybe wrong and now that I found out how stupid Jeff is, I want kevin to win the whole thing. I really want kevin to vote Jeff out this week so Jeff can see how stupid he is.

  115. I’m hoping michelle and jordan get put up and Jeff wins the veto and takes down Jordan and Nat goes home. I think Jeff taking out Russ was smart cause kev and nat did lie to jeff about Russ planning 2 take him out but it did show Russ and Michelle actually having that conversation and now with Russ gone theres no 1 really who can stop Jeff. Oh and I miss Ronnie he always thought his moves were so big when they were just getting him in trouble he was funny and Michelle is friggin sexy I don’t care what any body says even better looking then Jordan.

  116. On After Dark, Jeff and Jordan are telling Kev said that Russ called Kevin names after he won the pov. Is that ture; did anyone see that part?

  117. According to the hiny Allison Grodner gave to The Whip during an interview.

    From: Allison Grodner:

    So what’s this secret HOH door we saw Thursday?
    I’m gonna tease. There is a secret door that will weigh into the HOH. It’s something we’ve had planned for a while. I wouldn’t call it a power. It’s just something that’s been added to the HOH’s (responsibility).

  118. i agree.. never saw russ say anything bad about anyone actually.. well.. after jessie was gone..

  119. I get to go home in 30 minutes, gonna fire up the feeds and get some new news on the HG’s.

  120. Russ said something earlier about how bad it would to get evicted by a homo or something like that.

  121. At this point in the game forget backdooring. There are just not enough scenarios where that is a good strategy. put up JJ if you have the guts to do it this week, and watch ONE of them go home. any other strategy or thought process, and through weirdness, both could stay again. Jordan could theoretically get to the F2 without winning anything. And don’t say she “won” HOH, she was handed it. jeff had a hole in one every time and would have nailed it again

  122. lol, I hope if they bring anyone back, it’s evel dick haha. i know, they can’t bring anyone back that has seen the show. just a thought.

  123. @Snakebit Sal : let us know whats up.. for those of us who dont have a tv or live feed…

    @Budman : True.. but wants a homo to win anyways.. jk…Kevin’s cool.. but not really.. he should go next week after fvcks over jeff!

    @Pam : i am not overweight and neither is she.. did u not know she is on diet pills, and barely eats anything in the BB house and boob job.. it was a joke get over it!

  124. this is what the room is, and prolly next weeks HOH and not Kev.. here’s $50,000 for u to leave right now.. anyone wanna take bets kuz thats what im betting on!

  125. i’m a fan of j/j but it disappoints me with how they’re all treating michelle. the name calling, the making fun of her night tremors, the way she was eating. i seen jordo eating smacking with her tongue hanging out. i guess it’s just a game but why all the name calling and taunting again. i would like to see all their faces when and if someone tells them of the LML!

  126. well, if he nominates jordan and michelle, jeff just needs to win POV in order for natalie to go up, AND BE EVICTED!

  127. or…… Maybe it’s a closet and Kevin can be the first gay man to go back IN the closet?

  128. ya know i actually got choked up last night and had to turn the live feeds off just listening to them talking smack about michelle. no one wanting to talk to her. i just invisioned her being someone like my mother, aunt, etc., if i’m correct, didn’t she say she had something tramatic happen to her when she was younger and thats why she has night terrors? coming from someone that was abused my an ex hubby, i still have nightmares. plz don’t hate on me, these are just my opinions

  129. @iminvisibl2u…. its called what… Google? ROFLMBO Yeah I could do a lot of things like that but then I would have fun communicating with all of you would I?

  130. @ash, i don’t think they’d vote nat off, they were talking this morning and said they needed to get michelle out of there. j/j & n/k. i would only hope they would get nat out though

  131. @Diana C.. michelle has night tremors? and she’s married.. they prolly sleep in seperate beds.. i still hope she wins over J/J!~

  132. @Diana C….. Why are they treating Mich so bad Because she cried when Russ left? She’s annoying but I feel bad for her. i can’t believe Jeff and Jordan are pals with the othr two now. Geeze.

  133. Lizzy Borden had an axe, gave Jeff and Jordan 40 whacks, when she saw what she had done she gave Kevin and Natalie 41! (Hope Michelle is more stable than Lizzy)

  134. @iminvisible…yes, she thrashes about. a couple days ago all the HG’s were in the HOH room except michele, she was in the DR and jeff was telling them all about it and mocked her by putting the covers over his head and flopping around like a fish and of course they all laughed. brought tears to my eyes. I know this is a show but it breaks my heart to see people making fun at others exspense

  135. again, i have been a fan of j/j just disappointed. michelle has been a have not for about 2 weeks and has been on slop since, while other had steaks and all, she finally was able to eat the night before last, last night she was sitting at the counter eating and j/j were sitting on the couches and they were making fun of her eating by smacking their mouths (to each other to where she couldn’t see them).

  136. I don’t like the way Michelle is being treated either. Everyone has some kind of mental issues. I do like her and I think she would team with J/J if they gave her a chance. They would be better with her than without her. Why do they like K/N so much. They will screw them. They better stay with Michelle.

  137. @budman….. Jeff and Jordan said that after kevin won pov that time, that Russ said he couldn’t believe he lost to a *ag. and other similar comments.

  138. they did have a deal with j/j (michele and russell) and then nat & kevin thought up a lie saying m/r were scheming to get jeff and jordan out and go to the final 2…j/j believed them and thats why russell was back doored and now they’re after michelle

  139. Kevin will not make it past next week no matter who goes home this week. He can’t play for HOH and Natalie, his only shot, is completely worthless. If he had kept Russel he might have had a chance. His only chance is to keep his promise with Jeff and evict Michelle so that Jeff can save him next week.

  140. i also like Michelle a lot. And I am also unable to understand why jeff and jordon like K/N more then her. Everybody have fears and its bad they way they make fun of her night fears and any other habits. That are bad manners

  141. @harmony u said ROFLMBO and i didnt know what that meant i thought B stood for balls…

  142. @harmony, that’s so wrong. kevin is human like they are and should not be made fun of by the hG’s either. shame people have to stoop that low to play. oh wait, it’s just a game

  143. Michelle is getting bashed bad by Jeff and Jordan they act like in jr high. Hateful things. I turned it to couldn’t watch no more. Jorden wants michelle gone.

  144. last night as they all sat/laid in the rr and bashed michele as she was in the DR room, jordan stated everyone is a reflection of their parents. wow, floored me. I thought honey if i was your mother and watched the way you’ve been acting and treating people i would freak. i have 2 daughters 33 & 25 and a 3 yr old granddaughter. i brought my girls up to respect people no matter is they have disabilities or not.

  145. Kevins got a good shot if he make a deal with michelle. Then kevin Michelle would be strongest in the house and she can play.

  146. @pam….. I was being sarcastic. Gosh.

    @iminvisibl2u…. thanks for laughing at my funny

  147. @Diana C…… I think that anything that has to do with your race, sexual preference, religion, disability or anything else that you have no control over, should be off limits. Just be decent to each other.

  148. @iminvisibl2u. OMG, i’m laughing so hard I”m going to pee my pants. LOL You are a crack up

  149. @budman….. I think you might be right because I don’t think that Jeff has a chance winning against Kevin.

  150. Piss on kevin. What’s the rally for him all about? He hasn’t played the game he’s sat on the sideline behind lydia the whole game. I think he’s a little snake in the grass. I don’t think he’s smart enough to do what he needs to do to stay in the game past this week. He’s out after his reign as hoh. Too bad it wasn’t sooner.

  151. Just curious… Does Natalie do anything in the house other than drag her feet around in those stupid slippers?

  152. I have never seen her lift a finger to do anything. She just likes to tell everyone else what to do.

  153. people who do nothing dont get very far in real life.the same should be true in game play.about 99% of pro activists are winners.I still believe in jeff no matter how small the odds are.

  154. “The door that sits in wait,
    Inside, will become your fate.
    What’s inside? Nobody knows,
    If you find out, don’t share it with your foes.”

    By Poet.

  155. Okay…

    1st- Jordan is ANYTHING BUT FAT

    2nd- Natalie is completely and utterly LAME….she doesn’t deserve to get to the end seeing as this whole damn game has been a free ride for her.

    3rd- Though I have been a fan of j/j, I think kevin and michelle should be the final 2. They played it smart…. especially Michelle. I would say Jeff, but I do believe he’ll be going this week, unless he wins POV.


  156. @ Donna. No, Natalie doesnt do much of anything else in the house. Obviously the girl is afraid to shower,(water phobia?) she doesnt cook…(oh wait, she made Jessie sandwiches, does that count? LOL) she doesnt comb her hair….hmmmm…I got it! She lies about everything, picks her nose, smacks on her food (mostly candy) and acts like a little boy when she cant win at chess or pool. (shes not winning anything else) LMAO

  157. “The Power of Coup d’Etat,
    Is NOT against the law.
    Some find it a major flaw,
    Some find it a gift,
    That will change the game in a rift.”

    By Poet.

  158. iT’S TRUE…everytime i come on here to read the comments it’s the same damn ppl obsessed with that same old ass situation.

  159. @ Donna S. LOL I forgot to add that she also hallucinates! Each week she says Im going to win the HOH or the Veto….ummmmm, whats in the water at that House? tee hee

  160. @Mary – we don’t know yet. feeds are back and they had a luxury comp and the mystery door had something to do with that. They found money on the floor or something. Not real sure yet.

  161. @ Sabrina….so true so true. Some people cant get over stuff, they just go on and on… I guess if they got over it they wouldnt have anything to talk about…. I totally agree with you! LOL

  162. well…i hope either jeff or michelle wins pov. I wouldn’t mind seeing michelle win. I like her

  163. For all those people who dislike this season of Big Brother – just stop watching it! Don’t log onto a website and type negative crap, OK?

  164. This one is for you Poet:
    Im sitting here in true agony
    Who will be Kevs’ nominees?
    Methinks her Jaw will fall to the floor
    When Nat finds out shes been backdoored!

    LOL….Hey, Im not Poet, you are! LOL

  165. @ Sabrina….based on prior POV comps, you may get your wish. Michelle is a strong player. Jeff, Michelle, Kevin & Jordan have all win POV) guess which HG didnt…….oh yeah Natalie! LOL

  166. Listen “sweetheart” holding grudges makes an A S S… and it’s funny how you say everyone is caught up on his “smile” when you are the only one in here at the moment that mentions it over and over again

  167. America voted for jeff to get the coup de tat because the house was a one sided victory and ppl were getting tired of it. I doubt that every male that voted for him was gay

  168. That’s not all i talk about. If you haven’t noticed my earlier comments of michelle and kevin…

    And look “Russell” nobody is bullying you. If you don’t like what I have to say head your own advice

  169. @ Sabrina, you are so right!
    @ blackgirl, have you watched every season of BB? Each year there is something different. Did you have any complaints when there was “Americas Player” or “project DNA”, or any other twist? Its just an element added to the game to make it more interesting. They have been doing it since maybe season 3?


    Best case:

    jordan michelle go up
    jeff wins pov
    Nat goes up and gets evicted

    Most likely:

    michelle and jeff go up
    michelle wins pov
    jordan goes up
    jeff is gone

  171. @blackgirl – I was looking for the Ross Matthew’s interview with Russ. They usually post it on here. just ignore everyone. some people can’t handle it when there is a different opinion.

  172. What’s behind the door which adds more responsibility
    to the HOH?

    The HOH must offer what is behind the door to one of the
    two HGs up for eviction. If used this week, Kevin will choose.

    What is behind the door?

    An Free Card from Eviction.

    A Final Three “Gold” Card.

    If the HG is evicted and goes to the Jury House,
    he/she will get 2 extra votes, 3 total, for the Winner of BB.

  173. @blackgirl – i think it had something to do with the luxury comp. because I heard on the feeds about money on the floor behind the door. I don’t know if it was referring to the door. I know they said something about pandoras box.

  174. HOH / Kevin will only be told he must give what is behind
    the door to one of the HGs up for eviction but he will not know
    what prize, he is going to be giving to them.


  175. blackgirl – sorry i meant to say that specific door. kev has been in there because he said it was all mirrors.

  176. Churma. You need manners, class, You act like a spoiled little child who does not get her way, and they had every right to throw you off! No Excuse for your behavior! Get a Clue. OMG! Do not even defend yourself.

  177. @midwest fan – that is very interesting. Does he have to give it or can he choose not to?

  178. Did no one see them talking about the HoH competition lat night? Kevin specifically stated that there were hard “things” under his lane that he was using to keep his traction and not fall after his first one. Michelle said there was “one” under hers because she fell on it and hurt her knee pretty badly.

  179. @ Midwestfan……if this is true this should make it more interesting, right? LOL Imagine the person that Kevin handed the “free from eviction card” to the HG that really wants out? LOL Natalie would flip! Also more talk of Wizard Power

  180. Whatever is behind the door sounds very opulent. I wonder who Kevin will give it to…

  181. bigbrothercraze has the HGs talking about the Special Door
    and Box.

    Haven’t read it through but apparently they did this
    in the afternoon.

  182. Behind the Mystery Door is a giant ant. It will whisk Natalie away and she’ll never be seen or heard from again.

  183. Best case scenario is Jeff or Jordan win POV and Kevin is forced to put up Natalie. If Jeff or Jordan goes out the door, I’m done watching. The other people have been a total bore. Natalie is a complete waste of air time and Kevin just started being entertaining recently. Michele is impossible to figure out and is too quiet. At least Jeff and Jordan have normal conversations, offer the whole teasing thing and are good to look at. They are the only reason to watch the show and it is great when Jeff does something that turns the house upside down.

  184. Per Joker’s..Kevin trying to have a private game play conversation with Michele, but Nat walks through several times and then sits down between them. Now she has taken over the conversation and is accusing Michele of being with J/J and telling them information Nat told her. She is being confrontational with Michele. Michele trying to defend herself. Kevin now being quiet. Nat then tells her that “one thing I have in this house is my word?” Really?

  185. see ratalie is running her mouth again. talk about going back and telling like she did with jessie

  186. R u guys watching different live feeds then I am? Are they delayed in California or are they real time. And don’t make fun of me guys, this is the first time I’ve had live feed. :-P I’m watching the four windows, Jeff, Jordan and Kev are upstairs, Mich downstairs watching Nat playing cards downstairs

  187. Kevin is telling Jeff he’s putting him on the block. Jeff is not getting it and is getting a little mad.

  188. for once i hope kevin listens to the rat michele and jordan go up, jeff wins pov takes jordan out puts ratalie up and off she goes picking her nose with jessie as he eats she pics her nose

  189. Natalie puts me in mind of the frozen snake begging the man to put him in his pocket so he won’t die. The man asks “will you bite me?” & the snake says oh no I’ll be so gratedful blah, blah etc. As soon as the snake is warm he bites the man & as he’s dying he asks “why did you bite me” & the snake says “you knew what I was when you picked me up”! So whom ever is bitten by her hasn’t got any pity from me. She has been so obvious from the start with her stupid lie of being 18 to sucking up to whoever is in power.

  190. just read kev told jeff he is going up with mich as a target. jeff realy needs the pov now

  191. Gnat is nothing but a liar and a snake as jeff called her. she is a evil girl.that is how she gets a long in real life i feel sorry for her.she already cheated on her so called boyfriend with jessie.what a little rat . she is so nasty

  192. I can’t believe that Jeff’s mind doesn’t just realize OMG, it was all planned. It should just click right now. What a moron. Wait till he watches the show. LOL I can’t wait for it. I lost my respect for him, he’s just too stupid. Maybe guys like the dumb blonde, but I think dumb men are a turn off. IMHO

  193. Kev and Mich are talking… Hope there is a possible alliance to send Jeff home. Jeff just wasn’t smart last week believing N/K over Russ.

  194. The only hope that jeff would have is to get Michele on his side, and if he, Jord or Mich win the pov take him down and the three would promise to vote for Natalie or soemthing situation like that

  195. lmao… so jeff is going up and he is not happy about it.. ummmm geeee.. who could have saw this coming.. how bout everyone .. lmao.. jeff sure is cute, but dang, not sure what was going on up in that head of his last week.

  196. harmony what are you talking about? J/J said this morning (well this afternoon in BB standards) that they knew that K/N weren’t going to stick to their word.

  197. jeff made a big mistake now he has to win pov. put natalie up vote her out don’t worrry about mich.kevin needs to go out next week. no question abut who vote to evict natalie don’t even think twice about it. jeff thought he had a friend he was made a fool of they are laugh there asses off.

  198. Hope K/M form alliance. I think J/J should go on the block They do everything together so should do that to. Only fitting for them and then only one can come down

  199. @MEG…. He would win against Jordan, I’m not sure he’d win against Nat. she has alot of fans in the jury house

  200. for J/J fans…the only way Natalie goes home is if the third member of the alliance, either Jeff, Jordan, or Michele, who is not nominated, wins POV, and pulls one of the nominees off, and Kevin is forced to put up Natalie. The two voting would then have to vote Natalie out. If a nominee wins POV, and takes themself off the block, then the third member would go on the block…Natalie would be safe. So, if J/J are the nominees, Michele must win POV for this to work…

    Did I lose everybody?

    The POV winner does not put up the replacement like has been mentioned in a prior post…

  201. jeff put jessie up do you think he could have trusted kevin and ratalie.come on jeff so stupid to think kevin and ratalie would mot put you up he has himself to he’ll tell ratalie bad mouth kevin and the rat will rat him out.jeff i thought he smarter then that.

  202. I still say that if I were in the finals I would want MICHELLE sitting next to me bc no one likes her.

  203. the rat is telling him lies again.go ahead jeff listen to ratalie you’ll never learn will you.wake the f@@@ up you dope.ratalie everytime she open her mouth sh@@ flows out.

  204. PEOPLE, they can’t see what we see.
    I’m sure some smarties on this message board would be the first to be tricked in that house. So smart on a message board.

  205. Fact check…. Kevin tol Jeff that he was putting Jeff / Michelle on the block….. Unless Jeff / Joran win the POV, Jeff will be leaving next week….. Hooray…… I can’t wait to see Jordan fall apart!!!

  206. @Jackie….. What show are you watching. They didn’t know all the time, they made a deal with Kev that Jeff would not go up on the block and he trusted him and kicked out Russ.

    @steelyross…. I know that I wouldn’t make a deal with people that haven’t been my friend the entire time except when I was in power and they were going home. Come on that’s a simple one

  207. @KK… Is it a real deal or a BS deal.

    Hey everyone, does michelle have a real deal with Jeff and Jordan or a real deal with kev and Nat or are they all lies?

  208. @harmony…Michele flip-flops so much, she would likely have a deal with the side in power…I think…

  209. @tj…if Jeff wins POV, Kevin has to put somebody else up…Jeff doesn’t choose…yes, i’m sure of that…unless the thing behind the door changes it…

  210. @ dan if jeff pulls himself off nom natalie. jeff and jordan votes her out.mich votes natalie in the vote is 2 to 1 she is gone.

  211. Hey all, Natalie is now lying to Kevin about what she told Michelle… anybody really surprised?

  212. @tj…there are five HG’s left. The HOH would only vote in case of a tie, and the two nominees can’t vote…so there are only two votes. If Natalie is not on the block, Kevin’s choice will end up going home, whoever it is…

  213. @tj…If Kevin nominates Jeff and Michele, Jordan would have to win POV, take Jeff off the block, and Kevin would be forced to put up Natalie…Jeff and Jordan would control who goes home…

  214. Kevin asked Natalie why she told Michele she was safe and she lied to Kevin. If Kevin was smart, he would make a deal with Michele because Jeff will go after Kevin for putting him up(if he survives). Kevin and Michele could control the house if Jeff goes out this week. They would then need to go after Natalie and they Jordan.

  215. Hope fully Kev wises up & figures out that the Gnat needs to go next. She has not won anything & never will. Twae Kwon Do champion? I think not! Matt even showed a link so that you could watch weak attempts at the first challenge, that she didn’t win. Also Matt pointed out on the same link, you could watch the second challenge where Gnat failed miserably, yet again. Gnat was the first to fall off the swing, followed by Kev, @ least Kev was smart enough to win money. If Kev takes the Gnat to the jury house he will lose, b/c team Jessie will vote for Gnat. Gnat needs to go next!

  216. @ Steely Ross….. THERE was $10,000 in that room like a pandoras box and the HG’s had a set amount of time to get as much $$$ as they could….

    @ everyone…… If Jordan doesn’t win the POV, then worst case scenario would meaneither Jeff/ Michellesave themself and Kevin puts up Jordan as a pawn to evict Jeff / Michelle unless Kevin makes a deal with she-rat aka Michelle and then evicts Jordan….

    Kevin will not Nominate Natalie unless he is forced to (only if Jordan wins the POV)

  217. ok, mystery door had a pandora’s box. when they opened it, supposedly $10,000 in bills fell into the backyard and HG’s went outside in the backyard and collected it. Afterwards they were sitting around the kitchen table talking about it. Now they are worried that they opened it and chose greed that something bad is going to happen.

  218. Nat keeps repeating herself. Damn, she keeps saying the same thing over and over grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  219. if jeff and jordan are left in pov jeff should let jordan win to get the rat nom.that would be great.

  220. Kev should nominate Gnat, if he gets her out He will win BB11. Yes, That’s right, I said it first. Be smart Kev, get Gnat out & you win BB11. Gnat is the last member of team Jessie. No one from team Jessie likes J/J or Michelle. He boots Gnat, b/c Gnat is useless He wins $500,000 against who ever he goes w/ to final 2. Yes, I said it first. Gnat needs to go next!

  221. If Jeff or Michelle save themselve with POV, Jordan will be the replacement and Jeff or Michelle, which ever one wasn’t saved is going home.(per gnataliar).Both will be told that they are just a pawn to try to get them to not try as hard.Jordan needs to win the POV for Natalie to go up.Please win Jordan!!

  222. @Ohosazuzlas- I agree that would be a smart move. Unfortunately this is Kevin’s last week unless he wins the next POV or pulls a rabbit out of his butt (which wouldn’t be the first time somethings been pulled out of his butt)

  223. Natalie talking to Kevin that if she wins HOH next week, she will put up J/J. I wonder what kind of medication she is on since she hasn’t come close in any competition. Kevin needs to make a deal with Michele and dump Natalie.

  224. Oh don’t stop. Its so entertaining. :-)

    Hey am I the only one here from California? I noticed last night no one was online around 8:00 or 9:00 pac time

  225. @ Budman, that’ s what I think to. If Kev takes Gnat out next, he will win,BB11. Kev made it this long, so I think he can go farther. I doubt they would bring anybody back. The show is to end on Sept 15, so there is not enough time for that to happen. Open a Bud, take a sip,he doesn’t pull anything out of his butt. The Gnat needs to go next!

  226. @Budman…you’re right…if Kevin really wanted to get rid of Jeff, he probably should have planned on backdooring him…he did give Jeff a fighting chance…

  227. so if Jordan or Jeff win pov, Natalie will go up and jeff, jordan and michele get to vote?

    Jeff needs to talk to Michelle and the three of them need to get together to use the pov whoever wins it on either one and then vote for natalie to go. Wlll that work?

  228. I think it’s funny, Jeff told Kevin he could have walked to the final 4 if he hadn’t pulled kevin off the block. DUH, this is what us Russ fans have been screaming at the tv all week. Hopefully Russ will be able dish out a big I TOLD U SO next week. Um and whoever wrote only gay guys voted for Jeff to get the wizard power, my husband voted for him…and I can tell u 100% NOT gay.

  229. Michele and jeff are up
    If Jeff wins pov and uses it Jordan will get put up
    If Michelle wins pov and uses it Jordan will get put up
    If Jordan wins pov and takes Jeff off, Natalie has to go up w/J&J voting
    If Kev or Nat win pov, no change
    There are only 2 votes and Kev has tir breaker

  230. simple as this..jordan cant win anything without it being given to her.. jeff made a huge mistake allying himself with her.. either michlle or jeff is going to jury house.. kevin has made the smartest move in the house, doing the same thing jeff just did, stabbing someone he had a final four deal with in the back… and kevin will beat natalie, jordan and michelle in a final vote. he has played a better and more respectable game than natalie and jordan, and no one likes michelle.. like i said, smartest move of the game.

  231. @349, If Kev takes Gnat w/ him to the final (2), he will lose. B/C team Jessie are in the jury house, not mention if Jeff goes to the jury house, Gnat will get his vote to. If Kev keeps Michelle, He will win, keeps Gnat he gave $500k to Gnat. Gnat needs to go next!

  232. Bye folks – interesting as the game is, this crowd: Jeff – Jordan – Natalie are without a doubt the most boring people on television. I’m out. My obsession is dead. Somehow I will hear about who won in the end.

  233. Jeff went against his alliance and feels it now…Russ told him he would be joining him in the jury house next week…Russ is sooo smart!lol

  234. Technically, Natalie was the one who promised not to put up Jeff. Kevin didn’t say he wouldn’t put up Jeff, he just told him that he would be safe. Getting out Jeff would be the best move for Kevin this week.

  235. mich will take herself off, jordan goes up and jeff goes bye-bye.they won’t keep jeff over jord, she’s gonna break without him anyway. I bet jeff would like to turn back time about a week, LOL.

  236. If some new comes in the game through this power, then I expect a double eviction, both people left on the block will be evicted,but the power of the key says someone might have the power to stay, and evict someone they want to go.could be very interesting. the one who was less greedest when pandora’s was opened I believe will be given the power, who opened the box and didn’t go for the money first, I believe this is why kevin said he is getting f***** and was very said and quiet when he left the dr room!!!!!

  237. Jeff screwed up everything by trusting Kevin and not Russ. He messed Russ’ chances; he messed up Jordan’s chances and his own chances. Wait till he sees the show and he see Kevin and Nat making up the lie to tell him. How much of the show do they get to see in the jury house? Does anyone know?

  238. Nominate Natallie get her out of there put her and Jordon up together and watch natalie go home she has won anything and she just rides on others winning tickets she needs out!

  239. I was reading the joker page and it says there is money in the plant but no one notices. I can’t see any money

  240. This is undoubtably the most boring season EVER of Big Brother…..
    I can only hope that Kevin wins as he is the only one that has entertained us *the audience* other than Russell tyrades…but at least it was action – this season has the feeling of a nursery group, getting out the bully’s!

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