INSIDE DISH: All-Stars Review Big Brother 11

Update: This is your final night to watch the Final 3 HGs live and uncensored so jump on your Live Feeds and enjoy it while you can!

Ross Mathews and “Inside Dish” are back! This week Ross has Janelle, Danielle, Keesha, and Mike Boogie for a round-table review of Big Brother 11.

Check out the first part of Ross’ interview below and see what you think of their analysis of the season. I definitely disagree with Keesha that Jeff is the only one who had a game strategy. What about you?

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  1. I think Jordan deserves the money more than the other 2 because she needs it for her family. She has played the game her way and yes many has won by riding shirt tails. How can you not love her! I hope her and Jeff gets together after the show because they look she damn good together and babies oh man won’t they be beautiful babies.

  2. I agree with Keesha.. I mean Jeff was actually the only one who turned up the game and made it more interesting.. thanks to america..

  3. I LOVE Ross!.. would vote for him as America’s SWEETHEART :)

    Mike Boogie’s impression of Kevin was SPOT ON!! I agree that he and Jeff would do serious damage on bb together.

    Danielle is ABSOLUTELY right about women choose personal revenge over game on bb.
    sad… but TRUE!

    No surprised that Keesha loved Jeff – it’s easy to see the two as an alliance.

    But I would have thought Janelle would lean more towards Russell for some reason… not sure why!??

    Interesting interview. Thanks Ross :)

  4. NataLIE will not last if Kevin tells her that he going to take Jordan for the final 2. Jeff played a good game and most of the time if you play to good you are put on the block people are afraid they will loose if they do not get rid of the strong player and they forget that the houseguest who are floaters stay in longer because you are thinking they are weak. Well little Miss Coat Tail did a good job (NataLIE) have to give her a little credit over the lies. A good player knows when to stay low; lies don’t get caught at the beginning of the game. Jordan is a good player because she did not say nothing at the beginning of the game there a saying watch the “quiet ones “

  5. After a great deal of thought and deliberation, I vote to evict Kevin, Jordan and Natalie. The winners ARE the fish in the HOH room. They have (like they say on Survivor) outplayed, outwitted and should therefore outlast these three losers.

  6. I think Kevin played a good game, really. I’d choose him over Natalie any day. I want him to take Jordan to the final two, because really, she needs it. Plus, she seems to have won more than Natalie ever has.

  7. I want to ask 1is1me (comment #9), why not? you don’t think it would look nice on you?. Or, are you afraid of needles?. And, about Jordan’s enhancements(I honestly don’t know if she did or not), maybe when she had them done she was better economically. Hasn’t it ever happened to you that you spend money on stuff that you really don’t need right at that time, only to realize the following day that you could have used that money to pay utilities?.
    Maybe at the time, she could spare some change. Give her a break, you don’t know the circumstances. Or, do you?.

  8. I agree with the CAP LOCKS person above. I relize she’s not the sharpest pencil in the bow, but if you’re so poor why are you buying fake boobs. And the excuse she got them when money was better doens’t fly with me. She said she hasn’t had them but maybe six months. All her stories have been about the hard times her family has been going through over the last few years atleast. As for Nat a lie, just because you lie in this game and throw your allies uunder the bus every chance you get doesn’t make you a good competitor. Kevin is the only one left in the House that has played the game and from the begining and tried to win from the begining. You can’t tell me Jordan thought out the plan to ride Jeff’s coat tails because she was just trying to get to the Jury House so she could get paid for the summer. Nat a Lie has just jumped on whatever bandwagon that would take her(and would precede to throw them under the bus the first chance she got), and only lasted this long because the real competitors forgot to get rid of her before they moved on. The only time she has any real say in the house was when she was rubbing up against Jessie in bed. And no offense but what man (or woman) can think straight when they’re not getting any and being teased and cock blocked consantly.

  9. Comment #14, Sounds like you need to get in touch with Gnataliar, and/or Lydiot. The only thing you are right about is when Gnataliar crawls up the butt of whom ever is in power, (i.e. Jessie, and then J/J.) she rides it for all it’s worth.

  10. I agree with lordcandyman jordans family needs money soooo bad but yet she went and got aboob job how smart is that?

  11. Woohoo! YES, It’s BB11 finale night. I’ll be put out of my misery in 13hrs…well more like 15hrs once the 3rd HOH comp and the winner is revealed. To whoever wins HOH (hoping Kevin)…PLEASE send Nasty home with her twisty tie and no money. It was hard to survive her this summer.

    Speaking of which, ALL SURVIVOR fans and those interested in becoming one, please join “old” and “new” friends on…Leo and Matt have it up and running!! See everyone after the show. :)

  12. @LBH: Maybe very smart if it helped her land this spot on BB and she goes on to win even at least 2nd place. We all know BB is a bit superficial on its casting with some of its ladies and I imagine her “job” helped her get on the show.

  13. Michele should win the 25K but stupid Jeff will.
    Jeff is the 2nd worst player in BB history, 2nd to stupider Marcelous yet he is so popular.
    Go Michele for the 25K

  14. Matt you are so right. haha Jordan haters. Loves Jeff and Jordan. Cant wait to see Jordo’s face when she wins 500,000.
    j/j 4 ever !

  15. I hope Jordan wins because I once had money to spend frivolosly and maybe like Jordan got boobies but my husband was in an unexpected accident and died now my family is struggling so go Jordo the underdog.

  16. to lbh & lordcandyman
    what a name to go – don’t know who made you a lord-would like to know where you got the information on jordan’s boob job. if it was done well she might have gotten it done a long time ago-lots of people are in distress now losing homes jobs etc. the best of the best are losing – so how can you say she is whinning about having no money now- lots of people are falling on hard time – so shut your mouth stop talking about the boob job – and let the game go on. if you want to talk , talk about the lying nat the rat.

  17. Its very annoying to see them pass around the mic’s to eachother can’t you mic their shirts or afford 4 microphones… I’ll chip in!

  18. cbs set it up so jordan could win..kevin was shamed of his winnings..i will never watch another big brother show again…this was a total fluke i saw right throught friends told me this was a phonry show now i know its true…no more big brother for me…
    they felt pity for jordan set it up so she could win…
    smh shame on cbs

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