Big Brother 11: Finale Episode Tonight

It all comes down to the big finale. Tonight on Big Brother 11 Round 3 of the Final HoH competition will play out live starting at 9PM EST for the 2-hour Finale as Kevin, the winner of Round 1, takes on Jordan, the winner of Round 2. Since Natalie wasn’t able to raise her “win” count to 2 this season she’ll be taking in tonight’s events from the sidelines.

Regardless of who wins the last round tonight the really big question is who gets evicted and who moves on to the Final 2! I know Kevin has been telling us via the Diary Room that he really wants to kick Natalie to the curb but I honestly don’t believe him.

If Jordan wants a shot at the money I believe she’ll need to lock down this last battle and despite her track record I think she could do it. A Kevin Vs. Jordan finale face-off could be close, but I think Natalie would lose to either of the other two. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Update: Janet has a great post in the Diary Room this morning discussing Kevin’s reveal last night to Natalie that he has no intention of taking her to the Final 2. Natalie definitely didn’t take that well at all. Will Kevin stick to this plan?!

Update 2: Don’t miss KillerK’s analysis of what to expect tonight on the Finale!

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  1. i really think jordon really has the want to get this. go jordon. as long as nat don’t win, i think america will be happy



  3. the problem is perception. K/J think the jury house is all on Gnatalies side, whereas we know they are not. Its all about perception and who can perceive the truth. It’s known that simple minds have a way of seeing the truth, so my vote is that our Gordo will go home with the big bucks tonight…

  4. Kevin needs to win the final challenge and take Nat to the F2. If not I beleive that Jordon will win.

    Jeff will vote Jordon
    Michele will vote Jordon
    America will vote Jordon
    Nat will vote Jordon

    Go Kevin stick with the plan of F2 with Nat.

  5. Natalie should get nothing but a plane ride home to DADDY after the log roll & the hair band. That girl is a peace of work & should get NOTHING for trying to cheat. PERIOD !!!!

  6. If Kevin is up against Jordan, he has a GREAT speech prepared and
    had better use each and every point. If he does, he could
    beat Jordan.

    Jordan has America’s Vote.
    She, also, has Jeff’s.
    If Kevin makes his Great speech to the Jury Members
    she could be in trouble with them, including Michele.

    Jordan should not go into her family’s need for the money
    because ALL OF THE HGS FAMILIES, need the money.
    Plus, if she is wearing a low-cut dress, how many of the Jury
    Members will be thinking the following?

    Jordan’s POOR Family + Jordan’s Recent $10,000 Boob Job = PHONY.

    Natalie is DONE, HER “GOOSE IS COOKED” before she even
    begins her speech. I’m not sure she has a single friend on the
    Jury, including Jessie.

  7. @Midwest Fan, I totally agree with your post #7 except that I think Michele will vote for Jordon no matter what because he hates Nat & Kevin.

  8. as much as i hate to say it but if jordan is smart she will take nat for sure, i really dont want nat to get a penny but that will secure jordan 500,000. if kevin wins the 3rd hoh i hope he takes jordan but im not too sure he will either, it seems like everything kevin says in the dr is always the opposite of what he does. and would he rather take the nicest girl everyone likes or the nastiest and have a better chance.

  9. First of all, I don’t like Natalie and I don’t like Jordan. I have been rooting for Kevin, BUT
    NO MORE. It’s one thing to lie, but it’s another to swear something on the lives of your loved ones and all you hold precious in life. That is what Kevin did on the log. He swore on his boyfriend that he would take her to the final 2, and she was naive to believe him, but she let him win. Now, after she has dragged his dead weight into the final three, he is going to betray her? When you make a promise like that, you dang better go through with it.
    A game is a game is a game, but that is serious stuff to mess with. I have lost ALL respect for him at this point, and if he doesn’t honor his word, he is a douchbag, and doesn’t deserve anything. He will win 2nd, no matter who he takes, but it would be better to win something with a little dignity and respect, rather than none at all. What a JERK and a backstabber.

  10. Maybe Kanye will rush the stage tonight and declare Chima was the best BB Houseguest of all-time.

    And with any luck Russell will spaz out and beat his punk ass.

    Now that would be a finale worth watching.

  11. Natalie should get nothing. Let it be Kevin & Jordan , that ( girl ) tried to cheat both of them, & they know nothing about that yet. Do you think either one of them will be happy a month from now knowing they choose her over someone who did,t cheat. It,s like HERE,S YOUR SIGN !!!

  12. I am a bit confused..watching bbad, Kevin was trying everyway to ‘call out’ Nastilie in front of Jordan and Jordon didn’t seem to have no concern about what Nastilie was doing in the house w/Jessie…Not once last night did K/J get a chance to speak b/c Nastilie was always in the way..However, if K/J were not in her presence, she will ask what they were going to do about the F2…Jordon dosen’t seem like she wants to take kevin with her..(please, I need to know from someone that she will take him) he even said yesterday that he will even take the 50,000…it sounds like he really doesn’t want to take nastilie w/him at all…I mean she really doesn’t deserve to take a ride to a liars support group if you ask me…

    all jokes aside,I need to know what will Jordon do…

  13. #8 blackgirl

    I really like Michele and agree with you except I think
    her vote could be a toss up.

    If Kevin gives the fantastic speech he prepared yesterday,
    Michele may give him her vote for his Game Play.
    He needs to prove himself with his speech.

    Michele was/is (?) upset with Kevin but the only one
    she truly dislikes is Natalie and this is where Kevin’s
    speech may help him disassociate himself from Natalie.

    I’m hoping Kevin wins the $500K, Jordan the $50K and
    Michele the $25K.

    I think BB screwed up things for Michele to have a chance of
    winning the $25K since BB Production turned BB11 into the
    Jeff/Jordan Show. Ugh!

    I’m dreading hearing Julie say,
    “Now for the Fan Favorite Vote for $25K.
    Michele, you came in second.
    Jeff, you are the Fan Favorite.”

  14. @ Summer #10:

    Don’t hate on Kevin, he was just doing what he needs to do to stop that bitch from winning. It’s not only the jury votes guys, kevin was put on the block immediately when Natalie got HOH, with the “plan” to throw everyone off. Then Natalie takes the pandora’s box to screw her chances of saving Kevin in the POV. Yeah, Kevin was pissed, and he’ll get even with her.

  15. Summer, Summer, Summer, he was fooling her & under his breath saying God I did not mean that, that girl done a lot worse by cheating & that is really really low. Can,t get any worse then cheating, she act,s as though she,s real good at it to. She should be ask to leave, is this what you want your children to learn, if ya, can,t win,,,,CHEAT.

  16. LOL to Abracadabra! I was drinking morning coffee when I burst out laughing, so now I have a mess to clean up. Well worth it though! Also, LOL for calling Jordan “Gordo” (Spanish for FAT), that made me laugh too. I hope anyone but Gnat wins. Oh and my real name aint Ernie, but who cares!

  17. @ judy

    I agree. I’d like to see Kevin win the half million, and Jordan win second place. I don’t want to see Gnastie win a thing.

  18. #18 Ernie
    Thanks for setting a good example and helping
    me to do the same.

    “My real name isn’t Midwest Fan.”

    After telling the truth, I feel so much better.
    : )

  19. I just hope Kevin wins the comp tonight and secures his place in the final 2. He definately deserves to win over Jordan and Nat.

  20. I agree 100%, Natalie would lose to either. Jordan’s odds of winning against Nat would be in her favor. Jordan would need to win tonight in order to get the 500k if she was to go up against Kevin. Overall, I don’t care who wins–so long as it’s not Gnatalie!

    Does anyone else agree that Natalie is manly looking? She is far from sexy! I would swear she was on testosterone, based on her mannerisms and overall physique. How about her reaction to her engagement, man, not heartfelt at all! No excitement, a total lack of emotion, she is subhuman!

    Go Jordo!

  21. Assuming Jordan makes it to the F2 by being selected
    and not by winning the final comp, will she make
    the mistake of telling the Jury Members, she doesn’t
    deserve to be there?

    If she makes this comment, imagine how many will
    be thinking ………. “True and You’re Not Getting My VOTE!”

  22. @ Ashley, why does Kevin deserve to win over Jordan? Let’s be honest here, Kevin hasn’t done much more than Jordan, as far as demonstrated results go. He is ahead of Jordan by less than a hair, if that. Yes, Kevin was more independent than Jordan. But as far as perserverance goes, especially after Jordan’s win the other night, they’re essentially tied right now.

  23. All I know is that I would never pledge anything on the people that I love, and then backstab them. That makes you less than a human being, and although I really liked Kevin, if he does that, then he is SCUM. Also, I was reading over the site last night, and what happened people? The nastiness between some of you was appalling. Now that we are on the final day, can’t we all try and be civil and nice? Just because Leo doesn’t agree with some of you, that is no reason to throw him under the bus, attack him continuously, and say that you are going to avoid his site. Get real people. Pack your bags, Kevin, aka scumbag, and I hope that Natalie and Jordan get in the final 2. And Judy, he wasn’t “under his breath” saying anything to a higher power, because he has clearly stated that he doesn’t believe in one.

  24. hahaha i’m hoping for the abracadabra finale ..after jordon’s announced the winner of course! ;)

  25. @Opener – Kevin has actually played the game unlike Jordan. Because Kevin had the guts to tell Jeff the LML, he had the game changing moment of the show. Jeff would not have evicted Russ if it wasn’t for Kevin. As far as winning comps, Kevin has won all of his on his own unlike Jordan. Yes she beat Natalie in the last comp but that doesn’t make her equal with Kevin.

  26. @Ashley, good point. I guess sometimes I am blinded by (Jordan’s) beauty ;) thus, biased observations prevail.

  27. Now you guys are going to be mad at me but I don’t think that Jordan is fat. It’s so annoying when people say she is hope Jordan wins instead of the 2 big cheater. How come last year when they made cheat calendars they got taking away and warned that a vote will go against them what did rules change because Kevin keep saying that the challanges were not in is favor so they let him win one because without cheating he can’t win. That is my 2 cents anyway thanks for reading.

  28. but like Jordon said she could have won that from Jeff, jeff just gave it to her but either way on that one we would of had the same outcome, there is not any houseguest that really dominated the game as far as the comps go. I hope either Jordon or Kevin win, Gnat will get her prize when all the houseguest get together and her lies will all be told.

  29. @os-unique #14

    Don’t underestimate Jordan. I think she is quite aware that Nat. has been lying and according to Jokers, last night both her and Kevin called Nat. out on some of her lies and Nat. tried to blame it all on Jessie.

    Somehow I think Jordan just lets it go, not to cause conflict because when Kevin started to call Nat. out, she kept denying everything and started yelling at him, but Kevin stood up to her.

    Even though Jordan comes across as naive (which I think for the most part she is), I also believe that she is well aware of what is going on. Remember this girl has been through the mill when her family broke up and she had to grow up quickly. Strangely enough she is not bitter, so it tells you something about her character. She is a forgiving and loving young woman.

    I want both K/J in the F2 and hopefully that is how it will play out.

    As post #4 said, it is all about their perception and right now both Jordan and Kevin believe that Nat. has the JH votes and if they really want to win the $500k, Nat. can’t go to the F2!

  30. I hopr Nat gets nothing but her butt out the door thats it and her head down when she meets her fellow house mates.

  31. Ashley #29


    Jordan spoke the truth when she said she didn’t deserve
    to be kept in the BBH because she was only there due
    to Jeff’s efforts.



  34. @Summer #27

    In relation to last night’s comments, I was one of those people who felt compelled to point out to Leo that he was threatening and he was being offensive.

    If you go back and read from the beginning (and I did that because I came onto that site late last night), I was somewhat appalled that Leo threatened to BAN someone from his Survivor site because he didn’t have the same opinion as his. He also alluded that he would backdoor (using BB terminology) if they didn’t agree with him.

    What sort of moderator threatens to ban and backdoor people for having an opinion different to his. That is what debating is all about and if you feel that you are going to be bullied by someone, then you have the right to boycott or tell the moderator of the site know that you don’t care to visit a site that is tainted with biased views.

    Now you have your opinion of what was said last night and I as I have always maintained I have mine, and I have always tried to be objective and that is what Leo should have been.

    I will give him credit where it is due because Leo and I are friends, he did come back and apologize to all the people that he offended, which I think is very manly of him, because it takes a big person to swallow your pride and admit that you over-stepped your boundaries!

  35. Jordan going to blow it if she keeps telling Nat everything that Kevin says. Especially if Nat goes to Kevin. She’s smart in some ways but stupid in others.

  36. Does anyone know how the HGs would know about America’s Vote?

    I saw the following quote on another website from Kevin: “dude Jordan smoked us in America’s vote she’s kind of like Jerry”

    How would they know about that? Also, the other day the HGs were talking about how they didn’t realize Jeff was SOOOO popular? What did they see? Or were they told something? Doesn’t seem fair to me.

  37. @Midwest Fan #44

    You know I did let it go, until it reared it’s head again this morning and yes, I just don’t want to discuss it anymore. Leo is mending his fences and for that I am proud of him!

    Tonight should be a ‘black tie’ event for the crew, I’m sure as soon as the show ends tonight, there will be bubbly for all of us, no matter who wins.

    You know that I have always been a Michele fan (just love her strength of character), but since she has been evicted, I want F2 K/J. I really don’t mind who gets what, as long as Nat. gets NIL.

    Having said that, even if Nat. does go to the F2 and receives her $$$$, then it won’t affect my lifestyle and more power to her. It will prove that she actually was the better player by conning either J/K with her convincing lies, and we all know that is how this game is now played!

    So, I expect to see you here tonight!

  38. @Kari #45

    I think they were either told by BB crew after Chima left, or Julie may have told them. I can’t really recall.

    Either way, they were told after Chima left because there has to be an odd number in the voting system to avoid a tie!

  39. @Kari #45

    Forgot to mention, you could also ask why was Nat. told that America hates her!

    I think that you will find that they are told things that we are not aware of by BB crew during their DR sessions, that is why whenever the HG’s try to discuss their DR sessions, BB goes to fish and tells them that they are not allowed to discuss their DR sessions!

  40. Diana

    Natalie said her boyfriend/fiance told her she wasn’t
    very popular.

    BB must have been freaked out from the massive dislike
    of Natalie and intervened to give her a head’s up in case
    she won the $500K.

    She hasn’t done much with the information, has she?
    Michele bashing
    Michele bashing
    Wedding Planning
    Michele bashing
    Saying she will have a baby, 9 months after getting
    married and stay home to raise her child.
    Michele bashing
    And of course, non-stop lying.

  41. I think the HGs may have seen something. I caught them saying something about the memory wall. It was as if they saw clips of everyone or something. I just don’t think it’s fair that they know what America thinks because that may sway them on who they take with them to final 2.

  42. There have been several conversations where Natlie and Kevin have been talking about the DR room and they indicate that they are trying to persuade them and giving information. My husband is starting to believe that it is rigged, my only comment to that is, “if it is rigged then how come it doesn’t go the way America wants and Natalie is still there?” I kind of hope Kevin wins the competition and takes Jordan to F2 stabbing Nat in the back and then she votes for Jordan.

  43. Also I have one argument to put out there everyone talks about how Jordan skated through on Jeff’s curtails, which is a fairly accurate statement, Jeff did all the dirty work and she sat back with a few comments. However, in a way it is the same game Natalie played with the execption that Jordan did not tell a 1/3 of the lies or manipulate people as Natalie and even Kevin did. Although you do have to give them their props for creating a lie to Jeff, that was a good move, and if memory serves me it was natalie that thought of it, but Kevin who first played it out.

  44. @sparkle #53

    Right on girl!

    In fact, when Kevin told the lie, he was so convincing he even had me thinking what a great liar he was. I doubt whether Nat. could have been so convincing, she just would have been a bully about it!

  45. Last night on Big bro after dark i just wanted to slap the Biotch Nat when she told him to take the choice cloths he Kevin wanted to wear off! How dare that Biotch tell him he looked bad. He can where what ever he wants who the Hell is she his mama! I think Kevin is cute what ever he wears so Stick it up your Butt Nat! LOL!

  46. i hope jorden win it all? kevin is a twoface and what every nat say he dose he cant think for himself.all my votes go to jorden. good luck jurden.

  47. @June #56

    Yes, and also what about Nat. telling Kevin that she is going to keep his HOH hoodie. It cracked me up when he said that he will shave her head if she does and if she wants a bald spot, then go ahead and take it.

    Let her have it I say, being bald or having a bald spot would be her just rewards – go Kevin!

  48. Gee, where do I start? 24 – Natalie is NOT man looking. She has a great little body, even Jordan who is as smart as lint has commented on it several times; 39 and 41 – right on!!Diane 42.There was a LOT of ugly stuff on the site last night, and it wasn’t all from LEO. I just hope that people will grow up and start acting like humans instead of nasty, backbitting nitwits. Unfortunately, this site is sometimes so bad, that many people are turned off and go somewhere else.

  49. I saw on the Survivor site that X-rev is not going to comment on that site anymore. Who drove him away? I thought that he was kind of funny. Diana – I will let it rest, but, – I am entitled to my opinion, just as you are.

  50. Summer, this is Judy,,I,am sorry to hear that Kevin dose not believe in the HIGHER POWER, that news took my breath away, & I,m speechless.You know maybe I should,t be saying this & also giving away my age but money dose funny things to people,,,I promise you I know, In 1976, my father won one-million dollars in the Michigan Lottery & people were coming from all over with such lies & how they needed to bower money & would promise to God they would pay back every dime. Dad had family coming out of the wood-work he never new or ever heard of. My parents had to stay at a un-known place until it calmed down, because it was front page story in the paper. My parents were both in there late 50,s when he won,they are both now together in HEAVEN, MAY GOD BLESS THEM. BUTT,,,TTTT that money he won was ginen to him 50 thou,a year for 20-years & when they got up-in-age the care homes ate it up so fast it was not even funny. So what I.m saying is people, these kids are still going to have to work no matter what they think. Yes,,my age I,m 66 years old married 46 years , two children,& 4 wonderful grandchildren, & my husband can retire,but won,t even with a very bad heart. So that money will bring them more heart-ache then joy.Friends will hang on to you until they find out your not passing it around. My parents left us 4-kids money , but we had to use it for there great care, & we have more love & family & wonderful years to look back on,,GOd Bless Ya,all So they have a rude of waking,

  51. 63. Ya. Natalie and him were talking about it during a BBAD conversation. I was surprised too, but everyone has their own beliefs. Appreciated your comments. I grew up in Michigan. Where are you from in that beautiful, but VERY COLD state?

  52. @Summer #62

    Agreed, we are both entitled to our opinions.

    In relation to x-rev not wanting to comment, it is because Leo offended him with the whole b.s. that went on last night.

    Both x-rev and I were commenting on the attacks and Leo attacked x-rev, or x-rev took his comments to be directed at him and he didn’t want to be on a site where personal attacks on bloggers were allowed.

    I like x-rev also and I will miss his humor, but hopefully he will come back and everyone can get along.

    This has been one of the most exciting and fun blogs to be on and it will be a shame if it ends because of differences of opinions!

  53. Diana – that’s too bad that he was driven away. We need to find out where he is going to. He’s too funny to lose track of.

  54. about jordon if, jeff didn’t help her w/ the game she wouldn’t b were she at now. it was all jeff’s GAME! so if jordon win she should give half to jeff. what do u think?

  55. 67. Jordan will not give a penny to Jeff. I don’t think that I would share it with anyone either. I would hope that I would put the money to good use, but who knows?

  56. @ kari the reason kevin know about american love for jeff and Jordan is because he knows that the way CBS is editing the program is totally in favor of jordan and jeff. cbs make jordan and jeff look like the perfect couple when in realty jeff is not into jordan because he is already in love with another girl (upsss, i was not suppose to say that. sorry my friend)

  57. Leo Post # 462 last night: “For the record….. I hVe been the same the entire seaon…. If you don@t like it, I wish you luck and hope you find another Survivor site…. I am a alpha male who is outspoken and doesn’t play gamrs…. I come with meat and potatoes… Save yopur dsalad (bs answers) for another aite…. Love me or hate me, I am Leo….. Get at me or ignore me, but you will respect & remember me because I am genuine!!! Good night!!!”

    Then in Post #602 a one-liner saying apologies for not having patience.

    Where was Leo’s apologizes that Diana and Midwest Fan are talking about? I didn’t read any apologies from Leo directly to all the people he offended. Just a one-liner, which was posted a few minuts AFTER his long rants.

    Leo needs to man up and apologize and stop posting comments that are all about HIS site for survivor.

    I’m still offended by him.

    Go Jordan, she is the better player and deserves to win $500K.

  58. I am not a big Natalie fan by no means, but what is it that she’s done that no other houseguest have done. Everyone of them have lied, why is it that her lie about her age is so appauling to everyone.

  59. @Judy #63

    How right you are! Money and greed does do strange things to people, suffice to say, that if it weren’t for the $500k possible win, all F3 would probably behave differently (well perhaps not Nat. so much, because her lying just comes too easily for her, and I’m not the one saying that, her school friends who have been on this site have stated that).

    Nevertheless, I do agree that even if they win $500k and $50k respectively, it will be gone in no time and yes, they will still have to work, but the bottom line is, their characters will be questioned because they put their lives on national TV for everyone to judge.

    I do not like to judge people, although I have been guilty of judging certain HG’s on BB, perhaps because I got caught up in various opinions but I like to think that I made my judgements based on what I actually saw.

    I am happy that you have been blessed with a wonderful life, everyone should be that fortunate!

  60. 71. Good question. This is almost 100% a totally “I hate Natalie site.” and although I don’t care for her, she isn’t any worse than the other two.

  61. @Summer #66

    Perhaps Cat can make contact with him, or Leo can get his email address somehow, because I think he is/was a valuable asset to these forums!

  62. @1is1me

    Kevin doesn’t know how America is seeing Jeff or any other HG. The HGs do not see the show. Kevin is assuming that BB was making Jeff out to be a “all-american white boy”, as Kevin put it. Kevin has stated several times that he thinks BB is slanted toward “white people”.

    I hope next year BB doesn’t selection racial people to enter the house. I had enough of Chima and Kevin’s crap to last me a lifetime.

  63. @judy hey girl no anybody needs to believed in a higher power in order to be a great human. you can love and treat the rest of the world with respect and tolerance and that makes you a great human. religious does not warranty a good human. and we can not force our own believes in other human beings. if that is the reason you are going to vote in a game like this, hey what kind of human you are

  64. Thanks, Diana. HEY CAT, ARE YOU LISTENING? FIND X-REV, FIND X-REV, FIND X-REV. We need him back on this site. Tell him that we love him.

  65. I just want to say that I was not on the site last night and didn’t join in on the convos going on but I did go back and read everything today to see what everyone was referring to about Leo and in my opinion, I didn’t think Leo was any different then he always is and when he made the ban from the site comment, I really think he was joking and he did apologize so I hope everyone who likes survivor will join us on the website and voice their opinions. I have enjoyed debating with all of you and I never took anything personally that anyone has posted and you all know that most of you don’t agree with me. You are all great and I can’t wait until tonight to see Kevin win the 500k!!!

  66. @1is1me #69

    Jordan is well aware that her and Jeff will only be friends and even though they may have liked each other on the show, both are smart enough to know that it was NEVER going to go to the next level. That is why Jordan would NOT entertain a showmance for National TV.

    Jordan even said last night, that her and Jeff will probably talk on the phone every month and then after a while they will lose contact and never see or speak to each other again, so your claims about the romance and Jeff already moving on to other woman holds no validity.

    I think the real showmance this year was between Nat. Jessie and Lydia!

  67. @ amos hey where do you live? have you notice how beautiful America is thanks to the minorities. sorry but that thing of you wanting only white people in the show is something else. and yes CBS edits the show really bad, makes people look bad or good just to please their audience. shame on them. although this is just a game.

  68. My friend and I were invited last week, but there is no way I’m going on that site. Leo has showed his colors on this site.

    How do you expect me (people) to join in a debate, when Leo won’t allow there to be any other side but HIS. You can’t debate a one-sided person.

    Plus, BBDish is thinking of doing a Survivor site, so I’ll stick with them.

    Survivor sites are a dime a dozen. No need to stick with a site that is nasty and full of bullying. NO THANKS.

    I think my opinions just the way they are … REAL. Not forced on by a bully.

  69. Diana – Between Jessie, Natalie and Lydia? What a revolting thought. LOL. And I gotta say it, the night Lydia got in bed with Jessie and just stared at him – while he was sleeping, REALLY FREAKED ME OUT.

  70. @ diana hey I know Jeff and the girl that he is in love with. she is one of my best friends, but she is already married that’s why is all i can said

  71. What does it mean when a comment goes into moderation? I just repeated what Diana said about 3 houseguests, and it is going into moderation? What the heck is that all about?

  72. @1is1me

    What are you smoking? Where did I say I only wanted white people on BB?

    My quote from above is as follows:

    “I hope next year BB doesn’t selection racial people to enter the house. I had enough of Chima and Kevin’s crap to last me a lifetime.”

    Let me translate for you: Chima and Kevin have said racially charged things. I’m up to hear with hearing racial crap. BB needs to stop letting people who are racist/racial in the BB house. I can’t make it any clearer than that.

  73. @Ashley #78

    In fact, for the most part, I have been in agreeance with your comments, the only thing that we have disagreed about is Nat. ~ lol :P

    More can be said about last night, but really, I am over it and I know that Leo did feel badly because he clearly did offend some bloggers, but we know that basically he is a decent and good guy, so I put it down to him having a bad day and taking it out on people he admires on this site!

  74. 76,,,you are also right. I did not want anyone to take me that way, it is your life & I would never judge anyone faith or no faith. We are free in this world do think & do what-ever makes one HAPPY. Sorry if I hurt you I sure did,t do it with hate in my heart,, Summer I grew up in Jackson , Michigan,,,GO-BLUE,,

  75. @Summer #84

    I believe that you go into moderation if some words you use can be construed as ‘spam’ by the software that Matt uses!

    Matt will read them and release them if your comment is not viewed as spam or offensive!

  76. 89. KNow Jackson well. I was from Fenton. No one took offense by what you said, so don’t let it get to you.

  77. nop, kevin havent said any thing racial. he just is pint pointing what CBS is doing. or what the fact that CBS told him that if he kept Jeff and Jordan all the way to the end, they can help him in the game is does not tell you anything. come on Jeff is super handsome, but poor guy he had half of a neuron and there is not hope for development

  78. Thanks. All I said was the three “showmance” was a scary thought, but I guess appropriate around Halloween, and that Lydia staring at Jessie when he was asleep was also kind of “ghoulish.”

  79. @1is1me #83

    I am not disputing your comments, however what I am saying is that both Jordan and Jeff will have a platonic friendship for some months before it dwindles and they no longer keep in contact.

    If what you say is true, then I feel for both your friend and Jeff, because it must be hard to love someone you cannot have or does not return the love you feel for them. Also for your friend, how difficult must it be for her knowing that Jeff has these feelings when she is in love with her husband. It must be terrible!

  80. Leo is not a nice person. The FACTS are laid out on last night’s blog.

    The FACT is Leo is a bully.

    Go JORDAN! She deserves $500,000.

  81. @Summer #92

    Yes, I agree Lydia staring at Jessie when he was asleep was really frightening and almost to the point of an ‘indecent obssession’.

    If I were Jessie and I reviewed that footage, I would be spooked and run as fast as I could to get away from her!

  82. Do you think BB paid for Jordon to get implants? Other reality shows have done that, so it is possible.

  83. Diana, thanks for your comment. I just don’t want people to not come over to the survivor website, like amos here, because they think their comments won’t be appreciated. I want everyone to know that whatever you say, will be welcome!

    Amos, your choice not to chat with us about survivor but we will be there if you change your mind.

  84. @ diana it is difficult for my friend because they keep in touch, but hey it is what it is. and you know what diana, first she liked him because come on he is handsome, but he is passive aggressive and he wants to look and be the nice guy all the time which there is nothing wrong with it, but hey you never get to know the real person only the one he wants us to know that is sad. I hope Jeff understand that and become himself. and the poor guy he is not that brilliant, you do know that he moved to Hollywood to act in movies and tv right. he is from Chicago. but he has been living in los angeles more than 10 years.

  85. That’s what everyone does… just let’s it go. Seems like no one has to have any reprocussions of their nastiness. Well, there are reprocussions. And I don’t have to let anything go. Unless of course you are also just trying to bully people around.

    Amos: Agreed! I am watching last night’s flashback and Natalie was giving Kevin advice (because he was asking her for it) about what to wear on finale night. Kevin turns and says, “you’re just trying to make me look like a white boy.” Kevin has used the “white boy” phrase so much during this season. But I’m not sure if he’s racist. Chima definitely is.

  86. To blackgirl #5 post….I think you can add Russell as a vote for Jordan, too. By now he knows that Kev and Nat’s “lie” is what made Jeff go after him.

  87. @1is1me #92

    You know that neither one of us can change the outcome of this game regardless of our thoughts about CBS.

    You have valid points about the way CBS favored certain HG’s, but there are holes in your debate.

    The reason I say this is because CBS showed Chima in a positive light before she was evicted and showed Russell as the villian when in fact he was a really good and honorable guy regardless of his antics.

    They also showed Nat. in a positive light by allowing her to have an outsider (her boyfriend) come into the house to propose. Never in the history of BB has an outsider ever been able to be in contact with a HG and yes, he did tell Nat. that there are a lot of haters out there and what did she do, put it all on Jessie, when in fact, Jessie was not the cause of America in general disliking Nat. she was her own enemy and her own downfall.

    So did CBS favor some HG’s you bet, but not only toward J/J, they favored the most colorful and the most dynamic HG’s for America’s entertainment!

  88. @Ashley

    I give that site one week of Leo’s one-sided views, and people will just go to other sites where their opinions are appreciated. So why start out knowing it. I’d rather start out with a friendly site. Which I will choose to do.

  89. i did not see kevin tread any of the house guest different, and he kept using phrases like doom bitch. but hey maybe he is. I honestly dough it

  90. BB showed Jeff’s mood swings. Jeff was not portrayed as this picture perfect man. Jeff’s body was smoking hot, which is why the camera’s loved him. But in no way was Jeff portrayed anything like an angel.

    Every show they showed Jeff’s moody behavior.

  91. I am just tired of the extreme love that we have for Jeff only because the guy is handsome, and not because he is a good player.

  92. Diana #106 – I agree. CBS tried to do everything they could to keep us, the viewers, entertained and coming back. I believe they let Nat’s boyfriend come and propose so we would see her in a different light and while most didn’t, the proposal did give us something to chat about and we all did keep watching the show to see what would happen next.

    Amos, I’m sorry you feel that way but I do respect your opinion and your choice to go to a different site.

    I hope everyone has a great afternoon and I will catch up with you later.

  93. @1is1me #102

    I hope your friend can turn to her husband for support and she feels comfort in knowing that she chose the right person for herself.

    I am sure that Jeff will do just fine. You may see him as not too smart and that is also fine, but Jeff needs to be himself and find his own way in life, just as Nat. does.

    We can all have opinions on what believe would be best for them but the bottom line is they have to find out for themselves and only through life’s experiences will they learn!

  94. yes, but they show it like something nice about him and they did not add music or anything else like they did with the rest of the house

  95. So the live feeds went out. It says:

    “Who will win the $500,000 Natalie, Jordan or Kevin? The finale tonight on CBS. And don’t miss Big Brother next summer.”

    Does that mean the Live Feeds are done for the day? It’s only 9:00a.m. BBT.

  96. @Amos #115

    Good question. I don’t have live feeds, but it doesn’t make sense to cut them off until they are ready to walk out the door. Some of the most crucial and exciting strategy moves may just take place sometime today!

    Also in relation to Survivor, please just think about it before you make your decision.

    For me, I like to view all differences of opinions. I find them challenging and rewarding to debate and I believe every blogger regardless of their opinions has some insight and validity to their comments.

    If you really get to know Leo, you will understand that he is in fact a good guy and he did make an apology to all that he offended and that included you!

    So think about it, because it will be another extension of this site which has been one of the best this year!

  97. Summer, thanks for your understanding, my first time on here as this stuff is all new to me, & I have fallen in love getting to talk to people. Got to give my Yorki ( Nutmeg ) her bath & get my house around & dinner started for my husband.Going to eat dinner early tonight so we can be set & ready for THE SHOW !! He,ll be driving in around 4.30 Mich. time. Good-Luck to ALL & I hope your pick of the three wins. Mine,,,Jordan of course, then Kevin or the other-way around would be fine too,Ya,all have a fun night, I know the old man & I will hang onto every minute. CHEERS !!

  98. I also think BB production turned the BB 11 into the Jeff/Jordan show. Jeff may be americas favorite player, but I don’t think Jordan should get americas vote. I hope america will vote for gameplay rather than personal. You can all say natatlie and kelvin were wrong for telling the lie, It’s not their fault Jeff believed it. I was very disappointed when Jeff and Russell was evicted. Should have been Jordan and natatlie. You may say you would never play the game that dirty, I do believe if anyone of us was told you have a chance to win $500,000 But you have to make up a lie and make the other hgs believe it, you would have no problem with it. The game is not fair, but Kelvin and natatlie do deserve f2 out of the 3 of them left in the house. americas favorite for the $25,000 should go to michele because she had to win comps on her on in order to make it to f4. She done no coatail riding. I don’t really like her but she did have to play the game.

  99. go Chima!go Chima!go Chima!go Chima!go Chima!..oops, i mean go Nast-i-lie! go Nast-i-lie! go Nast-i-lie! go Nast-i-lie!…no no no..I MEAN go JOR-KEV!!!!JOR-KEV!!!!JOR-KEV!!!!JOR-KEV!!!!
    50,000.00 & 50.000 all the way!! nothing but new boy shorts and a new twisty ring tie & a good shower for Nast-i-lie!!!!

  100. @m #121

    Agree mostly, but I want a K/J F2, but what I want doesn’t count, it is going to work in the best interest of the final HOH winner.

    I think that if Kevin wins, he will take Jordan, however not so sure if Jordan wins whether she will take Kevin, that is what is leaving us all in suspense and kudos to CBS because for all of us who were disillusioned with this year’s outcome and threatened to boycott the show, they have once again managed to hook us in with top ratings, which has given them the ‘go ahead’ for BB12!

    Clever people at CBS!

  101. Diana 118, please show me where Leo apologized for this rants? Are you referring to his one-lined post #602 last night?

    Ok, so its ok to RANT all day long. ALL DAY LONG. Then come back with a one-liner?

    That will not change my mind.

    It’s 9:15 BBT. The feeds are still out. I guess we won’t get to hear any last minute lies from Natalie. Natalie was on both Kevin and Jordan last night. It would have been great to overhear what her deal was today.

    Well, I’m leaving now. No sense on sticking around since live feeds are down.

    Have a good day one and all.

    (Uzza, I’ll talk to you later.)

  102. @Amos #125

    I think that Leo did get a beating last night from a few of us bloggers, and that is why he apologized.

    I am still hoping that you will change your mind, but if not, I wish you the very best in life and hope that you can take something with you from this whole experience.

    If nothing more, you have experienced another personality that has crossed your path, that you can either accept or discard from your life.

    Peace be with you!

  103. I agree with m. What makes Jordan’s game worthy of the win or even second place for that matter. It does not take any effort to eat and twirl hair all day. Everyone is falling for the my family is so poor story. If this is the case, why did she not play a better game. She used Big Brother as a vacation get away- lay around and eat all day.

  104. Uzza #103 no i dont think Kevin is rasict cause saying he dont want to look like or dress like a white boy doesnt afind me he just wants to dress his way not what Nat wants like astreat boy or white cause he is black and i forgot mix with but it dont matter none.
    Gooooo Kevin kicke butt tonight even if you only get the 50 and Joren gets the 500, dont matter none as long as Nats Butt is out the door!

  105. @chrisangel11

    This was Mikey #110 from yesterday’s blog, food for thought and the game of BB!

    Floatting is a Legit strategy because it HAS produced winners. Jun,Dan,Lisa,and Adam were “floaters” and they are now 500k richer. If Jordan wins while being a floater than oh well, it’s not like it’s never occured before.

  106. This is the funniest comment I have seen….LMAO. I almost spit out my lunch as I sit here at work….

    Maybe Kanye will rush the stage tonight and declare Chima was the best BB Houseguest of all-time.

    And with any luck Russell will spaz out and beat his punk ass.

    Now that would be a finale worth watching

  107. @June #133

    No, I just copied Mikey’s comments about Jun on BB.

    I happen to think that if you fly under the radar and let all the power players take each other out and you win $500k or $50k, more power to you!

    We all say in the work force, work smarter, not harder and if that is what Jordan did to help her get to the F3, then congrats. to her!

    I think in reality, if any one of us were in the BB house, and saw the in-house fighting that was going on with the power players, we would be fools not to lay low and just let them take each other out, giving us the so called weaker players a better chance of winning.

  108. Lets all hope together Natalie wins!

    lol well i knoe i do. Its looking very unlikely, but man i want it to appen, she deserves it.

    Kevin, he really lost some respect from me atleast. Natalie is ur best friend in the house now, and she has upholded her word to u and EVRYTHING.

    How can u not just be a friend and tell her “yea im not taking u” i mean dang!! just tell her. she cant do nothing about it!

    GO NATALIE . . .last time ima be saying that :(

  109. Did Jordan say she spent 10K on her new boobies??? If so, I don’t think they were worth it. She is always pulling and pushing on them. Why does she do that?

  110. Oh he told her?!?!?!

    Good. he should of.

    I think he was messing with Natalie when he was arguing with her lasst night. Cause he completly made up 2 things that never happened. I guess its smart because he wants her to say something bad, so he can be like “yea now im not taking u”

  111. @chrisangel11 #140

    Personally, I think loitering is a little harsh, however you are entitled to your opinion. I think if you were to review all the HG’s throughout this game, every single one of them has loitered (as you aptly put it) sometime throughout the game.

    There is no denying, even though Jordan didn’t win many competitions, she at least tried, you cannot in all seriousness say that about Nat. who just skated by expecting her alliances to pull her through to the next week, even the JH members commented on her lack of even trying in comps.

  112. @Diana
    Was just skimming posts when yours caught my eye…right on the money (as uaual).

  113. @Lisa #143

    No, she spent something like $3.5k and she is actually making payments on them. The $10k came from someone on this blog site and I think it depends on where you live in relation to the cost of them.

    There has been so much debating about Jordan’s boob job that really is superfluous to this game and has little or no relevance.

    Every HG has a story to tell as to why they need to win and what they will do with the $$$ if they do!

    I pay no attention to all that guff, because I believe that if you are willing to expose yourself to such scrutiny with all America watching, there is bound to be positive and negative comments made towards you and all these HG’s are concerned about is winning the prize and trying to enrich their lives by having some financial security ~ can’t blame any of them for that, not even Nat.

    I just know that I personally would not subject myself to such scrutiny, because although I like to think that I am a decent person, who knows how I would behave if in the same situation as these people!

  114. @Cat #146

    How are you this morning! Nice to have some support here! It has been somewhat hostile in here this morning, but that is what makes it all so very interesting!

  115. Jealousy is a powerful thing. I have seen many blatant, unjust attacks towards Jordan, for what I see as being no more than jealousy. Jealousy, presumably fueled by fat, undesirable wo/men who finally feel good about themselves as they fit in amongst social masses, hiding behind their real lives, shielded by internet connectivity.

    Jordan deserves to be where she is because she’s there; as do Kevin and Natalie, no matter how much the masses dislike Nat. They are final 3 for a reason. If someone deserved to be F3, they would be there. This is a game, winners come out winners for a reason.

  116. @Cat

    See both Janet and Killer K thanked you on their blogs this morning. Congrats. you have made a noticeable impression on them and I think that everyone is so happy that you are going to be a Moderator on the Survivor Samoa site. I know I am!!

  117. @chrisangel11, your comment is one that conveys jealousy. Jordan, Kevin, Nat, they are all Final 3, so get over it. Maybe if you did something with yourself, other than sit your fat @$$ in your computer chair all day, then maybe most of America would view you in the same way they view Jordan. She is a kind person. Ditzy, yeah maybe a little bit. So what! I wish you (jealous) women would get a life!

  118. @Diana #150
    Thanks girlie! Im going to email you soon about the situation that was going on last night. Im really in limbo on a few things.

  119. I cannot wait for finale 2nite!! I wonder if Jordan is going to win and I would be OK with that. Even Kevin. But not GNAT. I just can’t stand her. It’s not even the game play because I can understand that. It’s just how annoying she was early on when she was up Jessie A$$. How she started with everyone and thought she was untouchable. Oh, and of course, the way she waddles and chews…Ugh. I just don’t like her at all.

    I really hate how when she was in power with Jessie, Chima, and the rest – how they lorded it all over Jeff, Jordan, Michelle, Casey and when Jeff got the Power and made a move, they all said he should not have used it. Why? So they could pick him off next.

  120. Clue U In,,,that is what I tried to say, but it just did,t come out that way. I have no idea why anyone would care about Jordan,s breast, but,,she had them done because one was deformed & she felt really bad about it through school, & that is why she GOT THEM.

  121. @Cat #152

    I did want to let it go this morning and I tried, but it kept coming up, so I had the need to respond to try and clarify some of the comments that were being misdirected and misconstrued (as can easily happen when you are reading content rather than listening to it).

    We all know that different people can read the same material and have a different perspective than what the author intended.

    I did however, give Leo the credit he deserved!

  122. Did any of you notest last night on Big Brother After Dark that Nat kept looking at Jordens boobs and then looking at her own to see if hers were better or was she just jealouse?

  123. Really pulling for Jordan 1st, Kevi 2nd and Natalie 3rd. Hope Jeff wins the Americas Choice extra prize money.

  124. Clue u in,

    Where did you pull jealousy from. Obviously, from your posterior. How can anyone be jealous of a character on television? REALLY. This blog is all about opinion and that was mine. I am not out of touch with reality and dont have deep emotions about any of the players—why? because I dont know them.

  125. lol @ all comments! I too am a little tired about hearing about Jordan eating, so fkn what!! Shes a cute girl and she can eat if she wants to ! look where she sits now, finale three, must be doing something right. Not to mention, jeffs kinda cute/sexy he seems to think alot of her. So lay off the girl! Whats wrong with eating, its crule comments like sum on here that make women/girls/people (sick)

  126. @June #159

    I have no idea where Leo is and yes he is funny along with x-rev who I think is hilarious!

    I am just hanging out for tonight to be over and for Thursday night’s premier of Survivor Samoa, so we can all reconnect on Leo’s site and start the debating all over again.

    I already know that Russell H. is on my doo doo list for his lying about coming from New Orleans and being a victim of hurricane Katrina, trying to get sympathy votes from the ladies – yuck!

  127. @June #164

    At least we will all see the same thing and will base our opinions only on what CBS shows us. We all know now, by watch BB and BBAD that what we see and what actually happens behind the scenes are totally different.

    Like last year when I listened to Coach, I thought he was so full of b.s. only to find out that he was telling the truth, but he was so obnoxious that even when I knew he was telling the truth, I didn’t like his superior attitude towards the other tribe members.

    This Survivor is supposed to be bigger and better, so can’t wait!

  128. Matt–just wanted to thank you also for all your wonderful bogs–i hardly ever posted on them–but i read them alot—you did a great job–thanks again- and i’ll look for you also on Survivor fandom!!

  129. @All: The comments here are a great venue for wonderful discussions, but recently have become an issue with disrespectful attitudes and off-topic rhetoric.

    As a reminder, for those who continue to ignore and disobey the Commenting Rules face a potential ban from the site. Please take a moment to refresh yourself with these rules:

    Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban. Any comments with links or flagged words will go into moderation before approval. Anything we deem as spam will not be approved.

  130. Can’t wait for finale night!! Hoping that Jordan and Kevin are in final two and Natalie gets kicked to the galley with the JH members. She is a lazy bully.

  131. Matt-I wanted to thank you for the experience
    I really enjoyed it.
    I got a lot of other insight and I had a lot of my own insight.
    Hope to see you next year.
    Take care Randi

  132. Im so glad to see Kevin has finally wised up! Hopefully,Nat’s night of shock and awe has just begun. Karma is about to come around for her and we all get to see it live!
    (i am a meanie) :)

  133. @Cat #176

    I saw that too! I couldn’t believe Nat. telling Kevin that she was going to keep his HOH hoodie and I loved his comeback about if she wants a bald spot on her head then she can have it.

    I did read the other night that Kevin was in fact waiting until Monday night to let Nat. know that he planned on taking Jordan to the F2, hoping that will give Nat. enough time to cool down before the finale. Let’s hope that his strategy works!

  134. Hate Natalie
    Why does she seem like she is “yelling” every time interviewed in the diary room? She comes across stupid, her grammer is poor, and she’s playing the annoying “tough girl” that makes me ill.

  135. Kevin will win the final competition and take Jordon with him to the final 2. Kevin will win the 500,000 and Jordon 2nd. Go Kevin!! That’s exactly what is going to happen!

  136. I also noticed how GNAT always talks to the cameras. No one ever does that, but she always seems to. oh she is annoying.

  137. @Diana #177
    I believe Kevin has followed through from what i read on Janets blog. Now if he just sticks to it…we all will get to see what we’ve waited for all season. Cant wait!!

  138. Are y’all sure Jordan had a boob job, or is that just rumor. They seem pretty “real” when she lays down and stuff. Musta had a good surgeon. Also, she is not “fat”…come on.

  139. i think that jordan honestly could win against gnat but if she was to win f2 against kevin i think the only way she could is if kevin wins hoh and backstabs gnat by taking jordan cause gnat would vote jordan to spite kevin but i had my doubt with jordan but things are starting to look good for her.

  140. @ marie jordan did have a boob job she talked about it during her “you ask they tell” interview you can see it on the cbs site or youtube

  141. @ Pamela I agree with your scenario except Jordan will win with Kevin second. She will have Jeff, Michelle and America’s vote. She will also get Natalie’s vote when Kevin doesn’t take her to the final two. At least that is what Natalie said on BBAD last night and Natalie would never lie. I also think that she will get Jessie’s vote because Kevin and Jessie hate each other. Also Kevin was the deciding vote evicting Jessie over Natalie. Russell might also vote for her since it was The famous LML that played a part in his eviction. I personally think the LML was more of a lucky guess on K-N’s part because it was not a lie.

  142. @Cat #183

    You and I both will be back here tonight happy as flies on poo poo if Kevin takes Jordan to the F2.

    I can’t wait to see Nats. face ~ KARMA is a BIZNATCH!!! :P ;)

  143. @Budman #187 (aka Jeff)

    You’re on here early today! Can’t wait for the fireworks tonight.

    It doesn’t matter who wins, everyone will have an opinion which makes for great entertainment for tonight’s blog session!

  144. Thanks everyone for being so interesting that i cant tear myself away to do any work… :)
    Its been fun but dread the BB withdrawal!
    Hope everyone will join me, Janet, Ashley, fedup and others on the Survivor website: (especially Susan and Diana)
    Love y’all !!!

  145. With BB almost over I want to thank Matt for this wonderful site. I love reading peoples comments and their great ideas. Some of these people should be hired by CBS for writing next years’ BB. It would prove to be a very exciting show.
    I wish everyone well and I’ll see you all again next summer.

  146. @Cat #190

    Thanks will see you back here tonight and a follow up on Thursday after Survivor!

    Love you back!

  147. @Mary #191

    Yes, a BIG thank you is owed to Matt for creating a very enjoyable summer past time. Who would have thought that we would become so addicted to a show.

    Without this site, I don’t think that I would have or could have enjoyed BB as much as I have.

    Matt you have successfully created a site for people to interact from all walks and forums of life ~ so I’m with Mary, you deserve accolades for all your efforts along with your moderators Janet, Killer, Joey Lee and anyone else that I may have missed!

  148. Clue U In. Just because people don’t like Jordan, that doesn’t mean that they are fat and undesirable. Heck, maybe you are, but we love you anyway. Hey, Marcus, 141, you are right on as usual. Was worried about you cause I hadn’t seen you on the site. 121 – M. YOu are so right on! Hey Judy 119. So it’s your first time blogging. Well, we are glad to have you and your little one “Nutmeg.” I am also a dog lover, and don’t know what I would do without his companionship. He does keep me in line!
    and Finally Uzza 103. Hey, if you can’t “Let go of things”, sometimes it can really bum up your life. Anyway, different strokes for different folks is what makes the world go round. Go Natalie and Jordan. Sorry Kevin, but no respect for you anymore. However, as I stated previously, I am voting for and hoping that the fish in the HOH room win. They outwitted them all. LOL.

  149. @ Lawdog-We think alike. As to Jordan’s boob job that everybody uses to say she doesn’t need the money. She works two jobs, one of which is at Hooters.By getting implants her tips will go way up and those puppies will pay for themselves. Some reality show producer may like them enough to invite her to join the cast of his show. Oh wait that already happened!

  150. @Summer
    Ive done that…hopeflly we will here from him tonight! I love his wit (dont tell him i said that)! Love your posts summer :)

  151. Cat, thanks, I enjoy your comments also. Don’t agree with you all of the time, but you probably don’t agree with me all of the time either.

  152. Predictions for each scenario:


    This will end up in Kevin’s favor. Kevin will use his time with the jury to draw attention to flaws in Jordan’s “case” for winning- she’s “poor” yet she has a boob job.
    K: Natalie, Jessie, Russell, Lydia
    J: America, Jeff, Michelle

    Jordan by a landslide. Jordan, if she’s smart will use her time with the jury to point out Natalie’s conscience or lack thereof.
    N: Kevin
    J: America, Jeff, Jessie, Russell, Lydia, Michelle

    Oh boy, “lesser of two evils” again! This one is a complete tossup.
    For sure votes:
    K: America
    N: Michelle (she told Kevin if he evicted her, she wouldn’t vote for him)
    The remaining five could go either way. Jordo would PROBABLY vote for Natalie, but the rest are complete coin flips.

  153. @Summer
    Ha! Im used to people not agreeing with me all the time…it happens so often :)
    Doesnt matter…thats what this board is for.
    We can agree to disagree and still come out smiling :)

  154. I just want to say that as long as NataLIE is not in the final 2 I will be happy. Kevin came on strong near the end and Jordan probably blew NataLIE’s mind when she destroyed NataLIE in the “Heads will roll competition.” The only problem I have with Jordan is her wanting to take NataLIE ti the final 2.

  155. @ Summmer: “All I know is that I would never pledge anything on the people that I love, and then backstab them.” Nor would I, but then I live in the real world. Sadly, the contestants that enter the Big Brother house have no qualms about leaving reality, morality and conscience on the doorstep. Some of the contestants on Big Brother (both past and present) would offer up their first born as a sacrifice if they thought it would advance them to the final 2. Just once I want to see a finalist on Big Brother who has played the game skillfully but with integrity.

  156. @Razer #199 I think Jessie, Lydia and Russell would vote for Kevin if it is between him and NataLIE. They were upset about NataLIE’s lying about her age. I think Jeff would go for Kevin because he did admit it was a good move by Kevin to evict him. Also, I think that Jeff would see that Kevin more competitions than NataLIE. I still want to see a Kevin/Jordan F2.

  157. @Razer-Whoever wins part 3 of HOH and doesn’t take Natalie will lose her vote, especially Kevin after she threw part 1-the log roll for him. She will be the deciding vote.

  158. I wonder why so many people use the word “hate” whether they are referring to Kevin, Jordan or Natalie. How can you “Hate” somebody from TV and who BB edits to look the way that they want them to look. Ya, they are WEIRD, but I don’t hate them. I will never meet them in the “real world” so whatever their idiosyncrises (sic, maybe), who the heck cares. They all make me

  159. 203. I agree with you, but whether it’s a TV show, or real life, that is a serious thing to do, and I would NEVER do it. It just makes the one who does it, look like they have no “Moral
    Turpitude.” AND right now, that is what I think of Kevin. It’s a shame because I liked him throughout the whole game, but now, I just feel bad for “his sorry little ass.”

  160. I don’t think the negative talk against Jordan has anything to do with jealousy. Why would any women want a big butt and theighs like that, not many that I know of. no, she’s not huge & ugly , but she is too big to be wearing those shorts up in her butt that makes her look twice as big. I know some men like big butts, but the normal size round butts. There’s nothing wrong with being a little chubby. I think most women would vote by gameplay. Yes, floating is alegit stategy if that’s how you had planned to play the game. Jordan had no stategy it just happened that way if this would have been her strategy I Think she would have talked about it in her DR. The girl is to dumb to have a strategy. Stupid is not cute. She only made it to f3 because of Jeff.

  161. @Summer #206 I had the live feeds and they sure didn’t show everything. NataLIE was even worse then what they showed on CBS. The thing that really bothered me about her was when she was trying to STEAL Jeff’s Hawaii trip and Michele’s TV by saying if they gave her those, she would vote to keep Jeff even thought she wasn’t going to do it. She wanted them to sign everything over to her before the vote. And to make matters worse she was laughing about it. At least BB had sense enough not to let her.

  162. @All: Thank you for all the wonderful compliments about the site. You’re very, very welcome and I really do appreciate your readership.

    @MattD: Tonight’s episode will air at 9PM EST and is 2-hours long. I’ve updated the post to include this information as well.

  163. m 208, I couldn’t have said it better. Hey Jcat, I was talking about BBAD after dark which is NOT edited. I am smart enough to know that BB is edited to the point of being ridiculous. AND, although I am not a Natalie lover or hater, I think that she is very funny, and scheming is the name of the game, and she has done that VERY, VERY well. None of the final three, however, are smart enough to fight their way out of a paper bag.

  164. @Summer #206

    I don’t like the term ‘hate’ being used either. It is such a strong word and I try to use words that aren’t so strong.

    You cannot really ‘hate’ someone you don’t really know and that has never physically or mentally harmed you.

    CBS has a lot to do with they have portrayed these characters. They have shown the worst and the best of them and we have made our choices based on what we see, not what we really know!

    I dislike Nat. immensely and for what I have seen, I do have a somewhat negative opinion about her, but mainly because hey lying some so easily to her and I wouldn’t have a level of trust in her as I would the others.

    Basically, I think Kevin regardless of his misgivings (by stating he would swear on his loved ones), is a decent human being and if I recall correctly, J/J/M/R all swore on their families, only Michele would swear on her dog, not her family.

    Those promises were also broken, so no one should take these promises literally, they are focussed purely on the money, and as I said earlier, greed and power is intoxicating and does make people behave in a manner they noramally wouldn’t do.

    For the most part we have come across people in the workforce that we thought were our friends and we have watched and seen the change in these people when they are put into a position of power. I’m not saying it is not wrong, however, it is an aspect of human nature that we have to face when presented to us!

  165. 203. ONe more thing. There were times when I would have offered my firstborn to the first one who wanted him, so what’s wrong with that?
    Hee, hee. Any mother has those moments. I do agree with no BB has ever shown any integrity, but I must say that Dr. Will was my favorite of all time, cause he did it “so nicely.”

  166. @Donna re #42: “What sort of moderator threatens to ban and backdoor people for having an opinion different to his.”

    Interesting question, Donna; but I went through precisely that on another blog (who shall remain nameless). All I did was ask the moderator if he/she had actually seen the actual incident he/she wrote about in his/her most recent blog or was he/she relying on information obtained from another blog. A simple question with nothing negative intended towards the moderator. I received an irate email from the moderator saying that I had accused him/her of lying!!!!! And needless to say, when I attempted to post on that site again, I found that my posts would not go through. Being of the opinion that there are far better Big Brother blog sites to post on, I continued posting, as you can see, occasionally under this name and occasionally under my real name.

  167. Natalie shouldn’t even be in the final two becaus she hasn’t won anyhing besides that HOH and she was riding a carriage pulled by Jessie, Ronnie, Chima, and Kevin

  168. #195 Budman

    It is going to take Jordan quite awhile to get enough tips at Hooters
    to pay for her $10,000 boob job.
    it was her choice to work at there and to get the boob job when
    she could have made the same money or more at another
    place, especially if she skipped the boob job.

    I think Jordan’s choices are fine as long as I
    don’t have to hear, again, how badly her family needs the

  169. Diana – sorry to disagree, but I DO. It’s just a DUMB thing to do, and it shouldn’t be done ANYWHERE, game or no game. Kevin should have known better. How is he going to explain that to his significant other? Also, shame on Michelle for swearing on her dog. Sometimes, as a matter of fact, most of the time, they are even better than our human friends. LOL

  170. Midwest Fan 217. I am with you!!! I don’t want to hear the whiny voices of these three ever again. I want them all GONE, and the sooner, the better. Hurry up 11:00, and then they will be HISTORY>

  171. I think everybody’s taking that swaring thing too seriously. i’ve never heard of, cause of death being “sweared on”

  172. 221, what are you saying, cause I didn’t get it at all. Would you swear anything on any of your loved ones? I don’t think so, you appear to be too bright for that. Anyway, he did it, and I am sorry that he did, but now I am ready to move on to something else. Let’s see – did anybody else vote for the fish in the HOH room to win it all?

  173. Summer

    I’m willing to give Kevin slack on his “swearing on …………”
    All of the HGs do it and I think it is often said without thinking.
    Kevin was dealing with Natalie the best he could and Kevin’s
    bf knows it.

  174. Budman

    No wonder Jordan is having trouble with them including
    scarring problems.
    The cost varies state to state but around
    here $3,500 wouldn’t pay for a boob job by a
    top notch plastic surgeon. I’m not sure you can get a nose job
    for that price.
    Or so my friends tell me …………………….

  175. 225 – I had a friend who had it done, and has had nothing but problems. In this area, they are $3,500 apiece.

  176. This has been a long day of waiting. It is like the seasons are changing before my very eyes!
    @ -m I apologize for #211 You are entitled to your opinion. I am like the Jordan basher police sometimes. I’ll be glad when tonight is over with and no more BBAD to keep me up. I’m really looking forward to the sleep.

  177. DDay is here. Who will back stab who? I can’t wait to see if Kevin / Jordan will be the one to evict Natalie.

  178. Is there any one of that are sure what we would say or do if there was $500K already lying, stealing and cheating from you?? I say I would not swear on my Hubby’s life but I don’t have $500k between me and 2 other people. I do think though it will come down to Kevin and Jordon… I hope

  179. I truly hope Kevin wins final HOH and wins the $500K. Don’t trust Jordan to take Kevin, can someone tell me what she was “mouthing” to Gnat last nite? Unless she’s a good actress, I can’t believe she still trust Gnat. Hoping Kevin wins $500K, and Jordan comes in 2nd, just as long as Gnat wins NOTHING. P.S. can’t stand Jordan saying how poor her family is. She got a boob job, and her mom had VENEERS to fix her teeth. Some of us, can’t even afford to go to the dentist, let along get VENEERS.

  180. @Summer #218

    I actually happen to agree with you in that, I wouldn’t swear on my family either, not even my dog, however I think that in this game, these people will say anything because they see only the prize being $500k.

    I’m not saying that it is right, what I am saying is that power and greed makes people do and say things that is beyond their moral compass.

    You only have to look at all the power monguls in this world and what they have done to achieve such wealth and power.

    Our morals are just that, what you and I believe in. Their actions and conscious is what they have to live with and I am sure when they re-watch some of the footage that we have been shown and they reflect about some of the things they have done and said, they will feel remorse.

    I am just not willing to judge them on being in a position where they will use every means to win the prize. Again, not something that I would do, but I try to understand why they have stooped to that level!

  181. this has been quite a series this year i think one of the finest full of ups and downs, controversy and showmances. i can’t wait for next summer for BB12 if i can make a suggestion i was wondering if BB could be taped in HD next summer i think it would enhance everything and make everything look more clean and sharp. just a suggestion thanks

  182. @ Jackie M – You are correct. Most people can’t even afford to pay for basic medical expenses, but Jordan and her family can afford so much for vanity reasons

  183. 233 Diana (Now this is a joke, so don’t get mad)
    Girl, you are too twisted for color TV. (remember that movie?) I am not a perfect person, but I do know that there are some things which I would NOT do for money, and I know that you feel the same because of things which you say.

  184. #266 Summer

    Two of my girlfriends have had breast implants.
    One several years ago and the cost was $7,500.
    (She had one rupture and had to have the operation
    a second time. Yuck. The cost- another$7,000 or $8,000.

    The other one, just last year, and the cost was
    pennies away from $10,000.
    All in all, they are both very happy they did it.

    Not for me ……………..

  185. My work day’s are going to be really boring after tonight, this sight keeps me busy reading all day, pretty bad when I cannot wait to get to work to catch up. Now I will actually have to work. Thanks for all the good reading people I have enjoyed it.

  186. @Jackie M

    Hope our girl Michele gets the $25k, but I think the votes are leaning towards Jeff.

    I wasn’t aware the Jordan’s mother had veneers. But if she got them before her separation or divorce then that does not come into play with me, because we are aware that before Jordan’s parents split up, she came from a comfortable lifestyle. Perhaps that is why Jordan had her boob job done, she still has not come to grips with having to go without.

    That is a very difficult transition and although she is accepting that it has been 2 years that she has had to live in her so called poverty, it does not negate the fact that it is a difficult tranisition for anyone to have to come to terms with.

    I don’t judge Jordan for her boob job. I don’t think it is her responsibility to have to support her family and we don’t know even if her mother or family expects her to.

    If she is using her situation to create a sympathy vote, then one might say that she is using it as a strategic step to progress her further in this game.

    You know Jackie, that I am in agreeance with you most of the time, I just wanted to spin a different perspective on your views ~ LOL :P

  187. @m — wow! You are really being harsh about Jordan’s body — just because she’s not a stick?? and I don’t think she’s stupid — I think she’s under-educated and inexperienced in the world — Nat, on the other hand, is SUPPOSED to have a college education, but we haven’t seen any indication of that — except maybe a tshirt…

  188. 235 Dante’ I’m with you, there are lots of people in the world suffering, and it makes cosmetic surgery seem a “total waste.” I feel that way about the space program too, but I digress. If she does win the money, either 1st or 2nd, who knows what she will do with the money. I HOPE that she is smart enough to have somebody professional to handle it for her, because the poor girl has no sense when it comes to money or anything else for that matter.I am not “bashing” her, I am only stating what should be clear to anybody who has “eyes.”

  189. @Summer #236

    No, not mad, just viewing things from a different angle than you!

    Smile and don’t become aggressive now, especially when we have been agreeing on some issues!

  190. 237 Midwest. Don’t get mad at me for bringing religion into this conversation, but I will be happy with what God gave me, or didn’t give me, cause I would never go through that kind of pain and anguish. Agree with you 100%.

  191. @ Summer thanks. I am late joining this site because I am not into blogging. I was told about it by my cousin. I guess blogging is time consuming when there is nothing to do.

  192. @ Midwest-Summer that is what I heard that Jordan told the HGs that they were $3500. It was mentioned earlier in this post but I couldn’t find it scanning back through. I did notice looking back that Midwest, you have been whining all day long about her implants. Get over it! For whatever reason she got them it was her choice and besides I like them.

  193. Diana 242 – WHY, I COULD NEVER GET MAD AT YOU, (lol). It takes too much energy to be negative, know what I mean, jellybean?

  194. @Summer #236

    Sorry, I mis-read your intent. I only just got the joke! :P

    No, I didn’t take it personally, although when I first read it, I thought you were telling me that I’m mad and I thought HUH!!

    Got it though girl, sometimes, I’m a little slow, it’s the age thing!!

  195. Have a good day everyone. Remember that different opinions should be valued just as much as yours. peace

  196. Budman, you may have heard that somewhere, but it is not the real price. They are extremely expensive,and extremely heartbreaking (even tho you like to look at them) because of all of the problems they cause in the future. Jordan is a very attractive girl, but she would have been just as pretty without them. Personally, I would have liked her to have her vocal chords fixed. JUST KIDDING!!!

  197. Jackie M.

    I missed reading about Jordan’s mom having such
    costly dental work done.
    This kind of dental work and a boob job are not
    on the budget for most families, let alone a poor one.

    If Jordan tells the Jury Members her family’s sob story, she
    will hurt her chances of getting their votes.

    ALL OF THEM and their families need the money.

    Also, if Jordan wears her usual low-cut dress, how many
    of the Jury Members will be thinking the following:

    Poor Family + Boob Job = Phony


  198. So disgusted to read all the judgements that some of you have on Jordan’s life decisions. I wish the entire world could get a glipse of your life and your decisions to see how wonderful you really are. Midwest Fan, you are so negative about Jordan and her breast implants. The majority of families in America are just making ends meet, however they can afford cellphones for the teens, cars for every member of their household and other luxury items which are all put on credit cards.

    So you get to listen in on 13 people’s lives for three months (or less). This does not give you the right to bash Jordan for her decisions.

    And saying that you can’t get breast implants for $3.5K. Yes actually in Arkansas, a very good doctor/implants costs roughly $2K. It depends where you live in America. $10K is the price for a major city like New York City.

    Why is your word good, but no one else’s is? Is this the theme of this site?

    Yes breast implants, like all other surgeries, have different costs all around the world.

    Why do you think people travel to different countries, states and cities?

    The way you go on and on about Jordan… please. My neighbor has two teenagers who run up their cellphone bill to about $500-700 per month. This family is on welfare and food stamps. To each his own.

    These BB HGs are playing a game of manipulation to win $500K – who cares if Jordan has breast implants?

  199. 248 Diana. YOu are funny girl. I just remembered the name of that movie – Steel Magnolias. Guess that I am getting old too.

  200. @Summer #254

    LOL :P ~ loved that movie! Didn’t remember that line though – see there goes the age thing again!

  201. Useless # 253 – have a cup of coffee and calm down. No need to become hostile. AND, if Midwest and I want to bash somebody, we will. If they didn’t want to be bashed, then they shouldn’t have signed up for reality TV. Boob jobs are stupid, especially if you claim you don’t have a pot to pee in.

  202. @useless — THANK YOU! — It gets really tiresome reading the comments of all these ‘perfect’ people sitting in judgement of the HG — I know I heard them talking one night on BBAD about blackberries and other tech stuff and Jordan said something about her cell phone, but she didn’t know about the more sophisticated (expensive) stuff… everyone has their priorities!!

  203. Do you two have a myspace or facebook account? i’d love to see how you look.

    I’d love to post some comments on there.

  204. Diana # 256. A B S O L U T E L Y !!! I will see you on the Survivor Site, and maybe we can both agree on a contestant – they usually have intelligent ones along with the blond bimbos.

  205. If Big Brother comes down to veneers and breast implants: Kevin has veneers, Jordan has breast implants, so that must mean Natalie deserves the money because her breast are small and her teeth are going to rot out from eating candy 24/7.

  206. suzi, exactly. The poorest of poor will and do make bad decisions. It’s why you see alcoholics and drug addicts that are homeless. If you were homeless and had the money for drugs or alcohol, wouldn’t you use the money for something worthwhile?

    Kevin has a car, blackberry, state of the art computer …. which he’s been open about. So why does he deserve the money? Because he didn’t purchase a penile enlarger? Please!

    Natalie has a heavy gambling debt which she has admitted to. This makes her worthy of the prize moeny? No.

  207. @Midwest Fan

    I understand how it irritates you about Jordan ‘crying poor’ all the time, however sometimes when you go through a personal tragedy like the divorce of her family, you tend to dwell on the negatives, rather than the positives that life has to offer.

    It must have been a real shock to go from privilege to almost the poverty line. It is hard to try and dig yourself out of the self pity and perhaps her way of dealing with what happened to her family is to talk about the negatives along with the positives.

    Alot of what she says is just pure naivity. Again, I think when she looks at some of this footage, she will regret that she opened up as much as she did and I think that her family will also be somewhat embarrassed that all the dirty laundry was put on display for America to view!

  208. 262 Useless. And we would love to see HOW YOU LOOK ALSO. But, I am speaking only for myself, can’t speak for Midwest – she can do that herself. I wouldn’t give my facebook/mypage information to you under any circumstances, cause I ain’t interested in your comments based upon what I have heard from you. “Nothing but love for ya.”

  209. @summer my point was: you wouldn’t like it if someone on the outside looking in posts comments about you, would you? And by your response the answer is no, you wouldn’t.

    Jordan’s implants have nothing to do about the game they are on.

  210. @Summer #263

    There could be something in that, however you have to know that Russell H. is already on my doo doo list for telling people that he lived in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina, sounds like a real villian and a pathalogical liar to me!

    Who knows, I might find him endearing, but right now the verdict is out on him!

  211. Jordan is very naive, which is why she rambles on about her personal family business. When BB tells Jordan to stop talking about a DR session or production, she starts whispering as though BB can’t hear her.

  212. @Budman #264

    Kevin has pectoral implants which he has discussed with Jordan that is why he never takes his top off. He said that if there was an endurance competition where he would have to hang, then he would have lost, because he has no muscle there!

  213. Midwest – You got that right!!! But– I will have to admit to Useless – “If Jordan didn’t give me so much material to work with, I wouldn’t have anything to say.” She just keeps asking for it, and I am going to keep giving it. Not only to her, but anyone else on reality TV.


  215. @ Matt just wanted to say thanks for updateing me and keeping me in the loop all season long good job and cant wait for next year

  216. @Summer #278

    Yes, I read the transcript on Jokers, it appears to be true, so yes it is sad. He also made similar comments about not working out because he couldn’t do the chest exercises etc.

  217. BBDish is also having an finale party with links to different things. They are very good.

    And there is no bashing allowed over there.

  218. @Diana, she is going to smell great for her fiance tonight! Do you think that was a fake engagement to gain some votes?

    Just wondering your opinion on that.

  219. Diana #267

    Divorce must be horrible and Jordan and her family have
    my sympathy. Jordan would have more sympathy from me
    if she didn’t use her family as a means to win the $500K.
    As I said earlier, all of the HGs need the money.

    Also, I do volunteer work a VA Hospital and if the
    servicemen and women I know have good outlooks
    on life while working to readjust to life then Jordan can too.

  220. 28l Diana. YOu know, I do feel very sorry for Kevin. I think that he has some very sad personal issues, with his family and all, but I am still going to go with Natalie and Jordan in the final 2. I know that we tear these people apart, and we don’t know everything about them, but that’s what happens when you go on national tv.

  221. OK, off the implants topic – does anyone know what Natalie said when Kevin told her he might not take her?

  222. @Jan #282

    Vanity or self worth, it makes no difference, none of us can change the decisions Jordan has made.

    It is her life and she has to come to terms for her actions and decisions that she has made. No matter what any of us think or do, it has no bearing or impact on the final outcome of tonight’s show.

    Every single HG will have to adjust to a different lifestyle after leaving the house, some will take advice from others and the rest will do what they think is right for them.

    I wish every single one of them (yes including Nat.) all the very best and I would like to thank them all (yes again including Nat.) for an entertaining summer!

    BB11 was most certainly a volatile and most controversial episode thus far!

  223. Everyone. Have been reading on “No More Doubt” by Janet that an insider at BB says K has talk J out of winning part 3 so he will be the one to bounce nat out the door. His plan is to backdoor j so he and nat are final 2. J believes him. Also that the jury members are four for nat based on her game play if she is in final 2 against either one. Can someone wake J up before the game begains?

  224. 288MattD. I would like to know that too. I would also like to know what JOrdan whispered and handsigned to Natalie when Kevin was in the kitchen last night. Does anybody know?

  225. @Katie @285

    You know that I think the engagement is real and no I don’t think she told them to get extra votes, because she tried to deny the whole engagement thing with J/K/M, but caught out in the lie and had to come clean!

    Her asking BB to pay for the wedding is a little too rich for me! She should pay for her own wedding and she should stop being so demanding and expecting others to carry her and donate to her cause!

  226. #280 Summer

    You’re absolutely right. NO ONE goes on BB without
    the full understanding that they are allowing themselves
    to be judged by the other BB HGs and the Viewers.

  227. 291 Nancy P. If Jordan falls for that one, she is really stupid. Look what he told Natalie when she was on the log. He is NOT to be trusted. Jordan needs to think for herself, and not listen to anybody.

  228. @Midwestfan, 286

    Some people just can’t “pull up their bootstraps” just like everyone else. Everyone is different.

    Diana, I think you were wonderful in explaining the divorce is quite tramatic to some people. I agree that Jordan is one of those people.

    My friend lost her family and home to a fire. She is doing great with her life as of today. Obviously sad during different events and special occassions but really put her life back together.

    Another friend lost is dog to cancer, and he is still a mess. He lost his job because he just couldn’t cope with the loss.

    People cope differently. And that doesn’t seem to be sitting well with a couple of these bloggers.

  229. So, did I read this right? Did Kevin really tell GNATaLIE that he has no intention on taking her to Final Two? FINALLY a reason to respect the man! Good for you, Kev! Now, that’s good game play!

    It’ll be grand to see GNATaLIE have to walk out the door and join her other houseguests and vote for a winner – that WILL NOT BE HER! B O N U S ! ! ! Good does reign!

  230. @Midwest Fan #286

    I know that it grates you and it probably would me for the most part and I would probably try to address it by tell her that self pity doesn’t make you heal.

    I think that besides Jordan, Nat and Michele could do with some therapy or counselling and Kevin too for that matter, he also has some family issues that needs to be addressed, but that is just my opinion and it holds no credence or value to the lives of these people.

    Like I said earlier, they all have to find their own way in life, just as you and I have had to do, only we didn’t broadcast our trials and tribulations on national TV.

    They have ALL put themselves up for scrutiny by signing up for the big prize!

  231. #291 Nancy P

    Now THAT is interesting.
    Kevin may have been misleading viewers with his DR
    statements about wanting to get rid of Natalie.
    He did the same thing when he gave us hope
    that he would keep Michele and then didn’t.

  232. I’m also sick of Jordan telling her story of how poor her family is and what a hardtime they are having. This is just a story hoping people will by it. i Honestly don’t think the girl even knows what poor is. If they were so poor you don’t go out and have a boob job, vaneers put on your teeth, and what ever that is in Jordans mouth she wears on her teeth and keeps pushing them in and out her mouth I’m sure was not free. Also when she got her letter in hoh it stated her mom had just moved in a new home. She may think she’s poor because she can’t go out and spend money like she did before her dad divorced her mom, but I don’t think her family is poor. Poor is when families don’t have the money to feed their children or buy shoes, clothes or christmas for them. Poor is people not having money to pay their electric bill. She needs to stop with the pity party. You can’t have a pity party then turn around and tell people you just had a boob job, vaneer work done and just bought a new home. Don’t sound like such a hard time to me.

  233. @Summer #299

    You know that will never happen. Even IF she does win $$$, she will still expect CBS to pay for the wedding. She wants the cash all to herself!!

  234. I’ve been watching the live feeds forever and a day. Natalie mentioned to Kevin two days ago that HE should throw the comp to Jordan. Then Natalie went to Jordan telling her not to fall for Kevin’s “throwing the comp” story. Natalie has been feeding Kevin and Jordan things to say to each other.

    Jordan will not throw the comp.

    Natalie is just doing what she does best… come up with last minute lies.

  235. I’m sorry, but they all knew what they were signing on for. I happen to admire people that can keep their integrity intact under intense circumstances (i.e., Jordan). You DO NOT have to revert to lying.

    GNATaLIE has proven you will get what you deserve. What goes around comes around.

    Food for thought.

  236. 300 Diana. Gosh darn it, I agree 100% with you. (Relish it girl. Probably won’t happen again in a blue moon. LOL) They ALL need some serious therapy. If they didn’t need it before they went into the BB 11 house, they certainly need it now.

  237. Why are you judging if somebody had implants? What does that have to do with her mom losing her house to forecolosure & Jordan wanting to buy her a home? One has nothing to do with the other.

    Some people in the room are very quick to judge others.

  238. @Nancy P #291

    I read Janet’s article as well and we both have a different interpretation on her post.

    My understand is that Kevin wants to win HOH to take Jordan to the F2 with him and boot Nat. out.

    Jordan told Nat. and then a heated discussion broke out between them with Nat. telling Kevin that he would not get her vote.

    So could you please point out where on Janet’s blog where it states that Kevin plans to backdoor Jordan?

  239. @Dante, Diana, @ Midwest fan. Thanks for your comments regarding Jordan boob job, mom’s veneers. Diana, she didn’t say how long ago mom had veneers. My comments are based on how she goes on about being poor. I for one had to change my life style when my company closed. However even when I was working, you spend what YOU CAN AFFORD. I wud hv loved to hv veneers but cud not afford them even when I was working. However I agree, we all hv a rite to our opinions, let’s hv fun with one another and be respectful and civil. I for one thank you all, and will miss you. Aloha Nui Loa from Hawaii.

  240. @ Jeanette – I think everyone has been judged harshly for personal reasons. We should all remember that the HG’s should be treated with respect even if you don’t apporve of them.

  241. Jackie # 316. Hawaii? I think that I hate you!
    Was there a couple of times, on Oahu. Best dang vacation I ever had.

  242. Honestly, if Kevin or Jordan chooses GNATaLIE to go with them, I don’t think I could watch BB again. It would truly prove how rigged this show is.

  243. @Jackie M #316

    Been there done that! Lost my company through my business partner and fraud, lost everything, plus my 20 year marriage, and you can dwell on the negatives and self pity, or you can try and pick up the pieces and move on.

    I did the latter, not without any pain or hostility for my life having to change. What it has done however, it has made me into a more compassionate and understanding person, so perhaps that was the path my life needed to take to enable me to grow as a person.

    Hopefully this experience for all the HG’s will help them grow as people also!

    Alhoa back to you in Hawaii, love the place, wish I could go back.

  244. Jordan just finished helping Natalie get ready for tonight. Fixing her blue dress and putting her microphone on (to where its hidden but still usable). All three look like happy campers.

    Last night, Kevin was getting irritated by Natalie’s constant hounding of “say yes that you are definitely taking me” questions. Over and Over she asked. Kevin kept saying yes… in which Natalie said “if you don’t, I will kill you, seriously.”

    At that, Kevin said, “you know what, because you just threatened me, I’m not taking you.” That was the one and only time I’ve heard Kevin say that to Natalie. But they were playing cards after and laughing it up, so no i don’t think it was a serious statement.

    He was just being bothered.

  245. @ Summer – treat others the same way you want to be treated.

    @ Diana – Thanks

    @ jackie M – What part of Hawaii? I am from there. I was born in Kuhului, but I currently live in Mililani


  247. OH Dante, my post 325 was for you because you ask for a live feeds update. Sorry I didn’t acknowledge your name.

  248. OK, for all you Jordan haters, you need to go to the top of this page and open Joey Lee’s blog.

    You need to really read what he has to say, because his comments are valid and something that we as viewers neglect to acknowledge.

    I for one agree with Joey Lee’s comments and I am switching over to his blog now!

    See you in there if you care to join us!

  249. Natalie and Kevin are jokingly bickering about his sweater. She said she packed it away and is keeping it. Kevin is searching for it everywhere. LOL

    He’s now looking in her suitcase.


  250. Any of you switching your viewership to Survivor when BB is over? Personally, I’m not much of a Survivor fan.

  251. NataLIE just took Kevin’s hoodie out of his bag and packed it in hers. Kevin told her to give it back and she pleaded and pleaded that he let her keep it just like a spoiled brat. I feel sorry for her bf if he doesn’t stand up to her. She also told Kevin if he evicts her she will kick him in the nuts and not vote for him. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE EVICT HER.

  252. Matt

    I have never signed up to get BB email updates and yet
    over the past 30 minutes, I have received at least 20.
    None opened – all trashed.

    Is your system having problems or has someone hacked
    into your system?


  253. @ Diana. I was just on my way out to cook and get ready for tonight when I read your post #314. I had to go back to read it again (25-Janet’s blog) to make sure I did’t mis-read it. The last line in 25 states “k plans to evict j and go f2 with n. Also go to Karla at #32. She ask if kevin is going to stab j and take n to final 2. Post#37 – says “I’am afraid so” Hope this helps. Remember, I am only reading this like you. If there is an inside connection then it looks bad for j. Untill after the show.

  254. @Jeanette #333

    Already been across and added comments.

    Survivor is great and there are many bloggers from this site moving across to continue their debating, should be fun!!

  255. That is funny, I thought I was getting bad commits and did not realized that there are two Jeannette my name with two n and the other with one n. That is why I made commits about changing my post and the editor said I was using bad language it was not me

  256. @Midwest: No one has hacked the system. It sounds more like you checked the little box to receive email notification of comment updates.

    This is separate from daily email updates which would go out only once a day and must also be manually opt’d into.

    Since the comment email updates is not enabled by default you must have checked the box, even if by mistake.

    If you open one of the updates you receive there will be a “manage subscriptions” link at the bottom. You can use that link to stop the updates from being sent to you.

  257. I so happy that Kevin is doing the right thing telling Natalie I hope he does not change his mind If Jordan wins then she will pick Kenvin for the last final 2

  258. Tonight is Kevin’s night. At Last. It’s his to lose. Out Natalie. Take Jordan to the F2 and make a dynamite speech to the jury. Go! Kevin!

  259. #342 Nick

    I agree with you 100%. If Kevin makes the speech he rehearsed
    yesterday, he has a great chance of winning.

    Kevin BB11 Winner of $500K
    Jordan Winner of $50K

  260. @ Jackie # 316. Jordans mom did not pay for the veneers. she said that a friend of her mother was a dental student, and she got them for free. Also, if she works, and saved up the money, why couldnt she get done whatever she wants? I just would say thats bad money management, Im not going to judge anyone for that….However, a breast surgery would not have saved their house from forclosure. Even in NC it costs more to keep up a house than a few thousand. Just my opinions

  261. First and formost I want Kevin and Jordyn in the final two and Jordyn to take home the half a million. With that being said all of you that are worried about Jordyn’s speech, I have watched BBAD the whole season and time and time again the houseguests are getting warned about not talking about their DR sessions, However before they stop speaking they let us know that the DR guides them on what do and say. Jordyn will do o.k. I have FAITH in her!

  262. Remember how distraught Jordyn was after Jeff left? All she wanted to do was to be the next to go to the jury house to be with Jeff. Who do you think talked to her and had her get her eye on the prize! Hint it wasn’t Kevin and Gnat!

  263. Kathy

    It sounds like your faith in Jordan is based upon her
    repeating what she has been told in the DR.
    I hope she can speak up on her own behalf without coaching.

    I agree with you and will be HAPPY if Natalie is evicted.

  264. @ Kathy # 351 & Jeanette #352..ok I thought that I was the only one who picked up on that! I thought that this could have happened

  265. memy

    It should be fun.

    I always liked the one hour finale and wonder if
    most fans will want to return to the previous
    schedule or will like this new one more?

  266. Woohoo! YES, It’s BB11 finale night. Beginning of the end in less than 3 hrs. To whoever wins HOH (hoping Kevin)…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send Nasty home with her twisty tie, no $$$ and a kick in the a@@. For me, evicting her will make watching this season worthwhile.

  267. @Nancy P #336

    You know I went back after you first posted your comments and realized that it wasn’t Janet that posted it, so it must have been someone else and I found Missy’s post and I responded to various different blogger and I am posting it here as well.


    I think that Missy got got and whoever is telling her or her husband that, is playing a prank on them.

    I agree with no one would risk throwing the last HOH in the hope that the person they throw it to, would take them to the final.

    Jordan maybe naive, but not that naive. She remembers when Kevin promised Jeff that he was safe, only to back door him.

    Jordan also made a comment to Nat. on the log about her being a ‘little instigator’. I think Jordan has thought this whole process out and hopefully if she does win, she will take Kevin to the F2, because she has said that she thinks that Nat. has the JH votes and if you read Joey Lees blog about the HG’s being locked up without any contact with the outside world, then you have have to think that Jordan really does believe (as Kevin does), that Nat. has the JH votes, based purely on numbers!


    Anyway Nancy, let’s hope that Missy’s facts are incorrect!

    Only less than 3 hours to go before we find out!

  268. @ midwest fan…I was just thinking that. I am partial to the 1 hour myself. Hopefully the finale will live up to all of this hype! LOL

  269. Jeanette #33 HELL YA I LOVE Surviver and Big Brother i cant live with out them both in my life! LOL! Does that make me addictide yep!

  270. @Nancy P #336

    I responded to your post, but have gone into moderation. Check my post #60 on No More Doubts link that Janet posted today! It says it all!

  271. f team jj every body will win with Nat in the finale2 its just we dont want Nat to win any thing am i right?

  272. Id like to thank quirkydude for the best clips of the summer. my fav is J&J lounging on the outdoor furniture talking about what animal they would like to be…they are so cute..thanks QD!

  273. @Midwest Fan @memy

    Yes, 2 hours is a long time waiting. I think the first hour will go slowly, more flashbacks as well as the last final HOH, which normally is a Q&A type of comp.

    Then there will be jury footage and they will all come into the studio when the Final HOH decision will be made, THAT is when it becomes exciting and the feathers will fly – can’t wait!!

  274. #357 Fedup

    You nailed it.

    I wish Redhead was here to defend Natalie.
    She makes a strong case for someone most of us do not like.
    Too bad she has to be away on business.

  275. @ Diana…2 hours UGH! I dont know if I can take 2 hours! CBS is gonna draaaaaaag it out! But you know what? I will watch every single minute! (especially if Kev really gives Nat the boot) LOL

  276. But you know something, Memy? When you’re struggling, as Jordan always claims they are, you need to spend what money you have wisely.
    That’s all I have to say about that. Maybe the reason they are in such financial straits is because of the divorce, and because of poor financial decisions. I don’t feel any sorrier for her than I do for the other two.

  277. Looks like this will be our final blog, :'(, but I will catch some of you on Leo’s Survivor site. :) It has been a pleasure talking and debating with all of you and I have had a blast during the season of BB. Hopefully, I will see everyone back next season and I will see the Survivor fans during Survivor. GO JORDAN!!!

  278. 366, MIdwest Fan. Hey, I’ll defend Natalie. She’s quirky; so is everybody else. She lies; so does everybody else. She has bad personal habits; so does everybody else. She has a brain;
    ah, ah, ah, gee, I don’t know how to answer that for the other two.

  279. Well it won’t be long. I am glad that Kevin told Natalie he wasn’t taking her. I bet she had a kalipsion (properly mis-spelled) fit. She always has thought that she has all the power and everyone to do her bad things for her, she just needs to remember the one rule what goes around comes around and she will get hers. I hope Jordan does win but it will be a close call and the viewers will have the #7 vote. Yes Yes Yes.

  280. Hey Summer….I agree. bad money management & divorce can cause financial burdens. However,I have alot of friends in the charlotte area, and was told that alot of homes are in foreclosure there.
    Just so I know that I am not losing it….(LOL) Do you remember when Jordan said that a friend of her moms was a dental student and wanted to practice on her, so she got veneers?

  281. 378 Midwest Fan. You had BETTER get over to the Survivor Site, and YES that is a threat. Otherwise, I will come and hunt you down, and I mean it. LOL

  282. @Midwest fan – Yea, of all nights for Redhead to be away…

    @f team jj – Of course we will all know soon enough, but I keep playing all of the voting scenarios in my head, and I think that Kev has a chance against Jordo…I konw that J/M promised each other their vote, but M has had time to reflect on the game and like Jesse/Russel may vote according to game play. Jordo wasn’t her bff until Jeff left, she had her periods of being mean to M, and I’m willing to bet she realizes that Kev evicting her was a good move for his advancement.

  283. memy well lets all sing tonight is going to be a good night were having a ball because Nat the rat is evicted Ding dong the Nat is gone well lets hope so.

  284. June, you’re very welcome :) See everyone later I need to make dinner so I can be front and center for Nasty’s eviction…Go Kevin!!!!

  285. Can anyone help me ???I have been behind in the BBAD, and I went to catch upon it today… nothing on my DVR !!!!! I had it set atomically I have no idea what happened !!!! Please SOMEONE tell me…I need to know what happen the last several nights…please fill me in..THANKS…

  286. Summer and memy

    Are you two x-rev in disguise?
    He would think up taking on two aliases. He’s a devil.

    I sure hope so because 3 of you, being so much
    alike, would be an unreal challenge. Possibly not survivable………..

  287. OK, here is how I see it. Jesse and his crew (Gnat,Chema,Lydia,) had the power for awhile and they thought they were the shit. Well Thank God, Jeff blew them out of the water. Chema got mad and went home crying. Lydia in a drunken outburst was happily evicted. and last Gnat began to ride Kevin’s coat tails. I believe that Kevin was a Jesse follower wannabe hence his hook up with Gnat. He just didn’t know where he fit in. This has definately been a Jeff & Jordan show and it has been so sweet to watch them. Jordan has stuck with her people and she has done a great job….So I hope and pray to God that she wins it all tonight because the good always prevail. And in my eyes she was the best female in the house this year.

    However Gnat is the worst female to ever play BB. And she does not deserve to win anything. If you all can remember she is the little rat who ran to tell Jesse about every conversation that she overheard. Hence becoming Jesses’s lapdog. She does look like a boy and she is the most lying little sneak I have ever seen. So I pray she is sent packing tonight and I hope Jesse gives her the cold shoulder tonight. That would be hilarious.

  288. I want Jordan to win hands down Kevin has won, but has also stabbed people in the back I thought at first he was a sweet guy but NOT, and Nat, she is a liar, and did not deserve to make it as far as she did and as far as I see it she cheated on her man… she should be gone bye bye Nat good luck Jordan and I hope her man Jeff wins the other money at stake… they should have been in the finals….

  289. Hi guys.
    Still think that Engagement is still phoney. No wedding planning or anything wedding durning BB down time from Nat. All fake? Chance yet tonight for evil from pandoras box? lol

    Wish it was Russ/Jeff/Mich for F3…but it didnt happen. Hope BB12 pulls it together and gives its fans what they want.

    Good luck Jordan. Good luck Kevin. No luck Nat.

    Thanks Diana. I liked reading your posts. Its been fun here. See you all at BB12

  290. bb is a set up game …they have a chess board set up in the backyard….guess who they want to win….that is all kevin and natalie has played forever….jordan doesn’t even know how to play chess…so guess who is going to win tonight…..booooooooooooooooo

  291. @ Damte, I live in Kaneohe (the windward side). Did I understand u correctly, you currently live in Mililani. @Diana, you’re correct, no matter what life throws at us, we need to pray to God for strength to carry on. @Jeanette, sorry for my mis-spelling. What teaching degree do u hv? I for one, enjoy all of the comments, mis-spelling and all. Sorry that you don’t.

  292. One more thing to all BB11 Fans/Posters:

    In case this site goes into overdrive after the Finale,
    I want to say, “Thanks for the Fun” and “Congrats”
    if your favorite wins.


  293. Cool, just about an hour for game time…..

    Let’s go Jordan!!!
    Anyone but Nat!

    It’s almost time! Gotta get my popcorn and pepsi ready… Enjoy everyone!!!

  294. Almost forgot, it’s been nice having you all here. I didn’t have much time, but the times I did get on you all cracked me up.

    Hope to meet up with you all on the Survivor site.

    Thanks to all those who made this a great place to get all my extra bits and pieces.

  295. @arctic #397

    Don’t forget to join us at We will all be crossing over after tonight’s show and to everyone who would listen to my theories agree with me or not, I thank you all, because you took time out of your day to express your view with me.

    This has been one of the moste entertaining summers because of this blog.

    @Midwest Fan,

    I do expect this site to be overloaded after the show, so I too would like to thank you for your company over these past few weeks and I hope you reconsider and join us on Survivor.

    Who knows for all you BB fans who are having withdrawal symptoms, just remember you can get another quick fix by joining us Thursday night to express your opinions and views!

  296. 395 Midwest Fan. The gig is up. Yes, I am a combination of X-rev; Leo; Marcus and Redhead? Who is she?

  297. @Summer #407

    Sorry forgot to include you in my good-byes, hey but I really don’t need to because I see you Thursday ~ right??? :P

  298. 408 Diana. Yes, I will be right here between working the computer for work and trying to make a living. I do enjoy our arguing(?) or whatever back and forth.

  299. @Pam #398

    If this is true and the game has been set up for Kevin to win, then hopefully that is because BB knows that Kevin will take Jordan to the F2, whereas perhaps they are not sure which way Jordan will sway.

    Personally, I am hoping that is not the case, because it will be a very disappointing finale and if it really is the case, then I hope Jordan wins it all.

    I really didn’t care who won the $500k or the $50, as long as J/K were in the F2, but if it is slanted toward Kevin winning, then I want Jordan to take the big prize, because I am fed up with all the so called favoritism that has been demonstrated this season!

    The jury is still out until I actually see the comp. though!

  300. @Summer #409

    Let’s hope that we are on the same side as far as the castaways are concerned.

    I enjoy our debating however, so perhaps not!!


  301. Kevin is going to win BB11, and he is practically an atheist (no belief in a higher power, kudos to him!)

    BB8, Evel Dick, outspoken atheist wins.

    We heathens are on a roll!

  302. OK, time to get dinner prepared, so I don’t miss one second. Less than 90 minutes to go ~ YEAH!!!!

    Bye all!

  303. Remember
    when you start having BB withdrawals!!
    Some of the best bloggers will be there;
    Janet, fedup, Ashley and many others!
    Get ready for more fun!!!
    Thanks everyone for a fun few weeks!!
    Keep it real :)

    I hope you win and take Kevin with you just to screw Natalie out of any money at all! Nothing would make me happier than to see Natalie with nothing!She is what give women a bad name unclassy, untastful and very undesirable a true dirty bird!, I hope after seeing the recaps of the show her “fiance” ditches her, darn slutting it up with Jessie claiming there a “couple” that people were jelous and trying to break-up, WTF he was never yours to begin with and by the way women Jessie is so GAY!Notice hes been single for years… ie… woman!And really what gave him the right to compete again? he was never a favorite? Jordan has been so nice and respectful, I would love to see her and Jeff together in real life,as a woman who has found true love I can spot it a mile away those two have got what it takes to be i’ll say it again GGGGGOOOOO Jordan…..and Jeff win Americas vote for the $25,000.U GUYS ROCK!

  305. ejnjoy all, I will be watching the after party, am excited as this is my first year with the live feeds – enjoy everyone!

  306. I just have to say something to everyone who is judging Jordan and her implants … we don’t know when she got them or when her mom got vaneers .. It could have been befor the divorce, when money was not an issue

    My husband was deathly ill and was in the ICU for 2 months .. we had no money coming in and ended up losing everything because he couldn’t go back to work until all his surgerys were done….

    our life changed drasticly, but we still had things like computers and xbox and such, that we had before all of this happened .. nobody judge us ..

  307. @Cat…awwww

    @EVERYONE – I just saw an interesting clip of the JH discussing the F3…Jeff is visibly pissed of at Kev (don’t know why it’s just game unless he is affected), and their choice of seating speaks volumes…J/M on one side and J/R/L on the other). Although short, everyone is calm, but Jeff seems to be really high strung. Depending on your perception, he may make funny remarks, but his looks are over shadowed by his rude behavior towards other. Check it out at

    Lets not say Goodbye…Say Hello again on the the Survivor site,!!!

  308. @fedup – #425 – thanks for sharing the website. I watched the clip and was reminded once again why I did not pull for Jeff. I can’t stand the way he acts when someone does not agree with him.

    Only 45 minutes to go! Go Kevin!!

  309. @Ashley – I know…his attitude sucks! I’m with you GO KEVIN!!!!…OK, I’m 40 mins ’til show time and I still have to eat…See ya later!

  310. OK guys…just had to share…
    Read on the news that Blockbuster is getting ready to close as many as 960 stores!!!
    Natalie better win the 500,000! :)

  311. Cat LOL Natalie has no chance at all to win, Why would you even support such a dirty bird?
    I hope that was joke as Natalie is! Did anyone ever notice how when Natalie talks it sounds so badly re-hearsed like shes reading a q card grade 1 level no wonder she chose a sport she hasn’t got any brains.Ventriloquist dummy that’s Natalie!GGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOO JORDO!

  312. @Beckie
    Ha! Of course that was a joke.
    I was laughing at the fact that she may lose her job at Blockbuster before she leaves the house!….ok so someone losing their job is not funny but in Nats case…its karma :)

  313. for all the Jeff haters don’t knock Jordan with him they were complete strangers, until bb11, just cause the had cemistry????? I think big brother is staged anyways!

  314. Cool Cat ur awesome I hope she loses more than her job maybe her fiance and the use of her ty cuando legs LOL!

  315. Did anyone notice how Natalie also had no love on her face when he proposed to her WTF I would have been in tears and completely naked despite the cameras if I saw my boyfriend and he proposed.

  316. Beckie, some people just aren’t emotional and sappy like that. When my husband proposed, I didn’t cry either. It could be that Nat was incredibly nervous seeing him for the first time in several weeks and didn’t know how he would react to her very close friendship with Jessie.

  317. So, Survivor is about to start up a new season.
    Question for all the BB fans here….

    Which BB HG do you think would make it on Survivor? Which one would be the first one to hear, “The tribe has spoken”…?

  318. Maybe the last thing you should do on television is cuddle another man if your taken, shes a liar I hope her ass is revealed soon and she looses everything!She should have been nervous and dumped on television!

  319. I don’t see how anyone on this site has the right to talk to us non jordan fans about not liking her when MOST people on here say horrible things about Natalie. The regulars on this site know I don’t pull for Nat or Jordan but I do not bash either of them to the extint you all do. It is a game on tv that lasts 12 weeks yet you all act like you have known these people your whole lives and have the right to judge them. Nat was raised by her father and had no feminine influence so if she doesn’t get all romantic and cry when she is proposed to is no reason to bash her constantly. I never called her gnat or nasty and didn’t call jordan, jordumb and whatever else people say about her.

  320. @Diana, Midwest Fan, Cat and Ashley…
    Just a note to thank you for your kind comments before… ok, so maybe not kind, lets see, I think someone called me the devil, and someone suggested I was nuts… but for some reason even those comments made me feel good.:P
    You all might just be right.

  321. Please do not let Jordan or Kevin pick Ratalie to go with them to the final two! Jordan might think she is doing Jeff a favor by taking out Kevin, and picking Ratalie. Kevin is just a shady dude, but seems to have a fear of backstabbing Ratalie like he did Jeff. It is just a shame either of those scumbags Kevin or Ratalie have a chance at all.

  322. I think Jordan made ahuge mistake taking Natalie. She is a big liar and Kevin is no prize either, but Natalie will burn her. I hope Jeff also thinks long and hard about a romance with Jordan. He would be better with Kevin, joking! Jeff is a bright man, but he believed Kevin when he was being set up. I hope next year’s show is not as bad as this one was. The players were terrible. russell is my favorite with jeff being second.

  323. hey for all of you who knows leo i have a song for him

    NA NA NA NA NA NA NA you dont know anything

    na na na na na na jordan won

    na na na na na na u think you know everything but you dont cuz kev lost and so did nat

    na na na na naa na na in ur face

  324. I feel sick. Just got through throwing up. I will never watch BB again. You did nothing to Natalie for the rubber band. I guess everything goes. No rules? Hope next season you don’t let anyone get away with murder.

  325. Q #436 I think Russel and Jeff would do really well on Survivor, but as for who would hear “The Tribe Has Spoken” first.. that would be jesse, he’s too stuck up and not the brightest crayon in the box.

    But I almost fell over when I saw he voted for Jordan. I know that was like a kick in the stomach to Natalie.

    Let’s go Survivor. See you all there. :-)

  326. i was jumping up and down when jordan won!!!
    I was like if you all pick natalie, you are soo crazy….i mean all the things she did in the house…it was crazy..but i loved the finale and i think jessie and lydia look cute together….i do wonder if jordan and jeff will be together after the show. he looked kinda lost last night…yeah jordan!!!!

  327. Congrats to Jordan for winning BB11. You did a great job and it is easy to see you are a nice person and very deserving of the win. Congrats also to Jeff for winning the 25k. Jeff and Jordan were our favorits from day one. Very proud of BB for the handeling of Chima. This was the best season so far. Can’t wait till next year. Good Job

  328. This why I hate these reality shows. The person you think should win by outplaying everyone never does;same thing happens on survivor. Kevin played an awesome game; Jordan made a couple moves but nothing to warrant the $500,000. It would be frustrating to have played like Kevin and not win .

  329. why is everyone going on and on about GNAT and a rubber band or hair band. does anyone really believe it would have stopped her from falling??? if so, where do you get these super duper strength rubber bands.


  331. Does anybody understand the answer to the tiebreaker question???

    Only 51 eviction votes???

    If it was only “successful” eviction votes, was the question phrased correctly by Julie?

    A conspiracy maybe?

  332. Very simply put and I don’t have all of the correct answers but I can make you understand the question. For example Branden 13 HG 12 voted. Say it was 5/7-seven to evict. Next was Laura. Say it was 12 HG left and I am guessing but 5/6, six to evict. so far we have7 plus 6 to evict 13 to evict…get it? and so on all the way through all of the EVICTIONS… mADE THOSE NUMBERS UP BUT YOU SHOULD GET THE JEST….. DO YOU?

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