Big Brother 11: Final Week Best-Of Episode Tonight

Now that Big Brother 12 is down to its final week it is time for the inevitable clip show featuring the season’s “best of” moments. While I’m never a huge fan of these shows it’s still something to watch on a Sunday evening and likely something ideal for those who missed events through the summer.

Considering we still have three HGs in the house leading up to the finale, a first since Big Brother 1, I would have hoped for them to take advantage of this and give us some new material. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we get a mix of new and old, but won’t hold my breath.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to vote in our poll for who you want to win America’s Vote as the 7th Juror. Then check back Tuesday night for the results of the 2-hour Big Brother season finale. I’ll be right here revealing it all live!

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  1. I want Jorden and Kevin to go all the way and to Kick Nats butt out of the house and into the Jury House. Hopfully Jorden will win tonight and make Nat and Kevin sqworm like a worm

  2. @June #1

    Actually June there will be no competition tonight. The last comp. will be live Tuesday on the 2 hr. finale and the loser will walk straight over to the rest of the jurors and will have the option to ask questions with the rest of the JH members.

  3. CBS had to take all 3 to finale night otherwise no one would watch the show. They had to do something to keep ratings up. Maybe they can put up some cameras in the jury house next year since this whole week was so darn boring in the house CBS should be handing out refunds to people who had to pay to watch these 3 do nothing all day long. Blah!

  4. I just can’t understand WHY the HGs have NOT caught on about Nat being over 18. Doesn’t anyone question why she has so many bills at 18? Didn’t anyone ask her how long she has been dating her bf Jason and counsel her on how she is too young to get married at 18? And why would they give an 18 year old 500K anyway. There are so many holes in her story and no one has driven a truck through them. If I were there I would have busted her the first day when she said she was 18.
    I just hope that Jordan wins or is taken bc I know she can’t win against either one of them but at least she can get second place $$$. I hope Nat gets ZERO.

  5. @Seu

    I think Kevin is onto her and he even said that he doesn’t believe that she is 18 and that they will talk after the show.

    Kevin knows, he just chooses to let her continually lie about it!

  6. @Matt-Just want to give credit where credit is due here. I have found your site to be the best of all the BB sites. The quality of the comments and bloggers are very good in general. I think I would not have enjoyed this season of BB as much with all of the stunts that and AG and CBS pulled if it were not for this site. Therefore, I must say thank you very much.

    Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback and I’m glad to hear the site added to the fun. And big thanks back to you and all the readers. Without readers and commentators like you this wouldn’t have been possible!

    – Matt

  7. No matter what anyone says on the other blogs- it doesn’t matter why Jordan chose to do breast implants or how long ago she had them done. It doesn’t matter if Jeff and Jordan live happy ever after together or not- it’s fun to wish a happy ending for them. I would like to see Natalie cry again only because of how arrogent she can be. Kevin is fluff. And funny to watch but does not deserve $500,000. Jordan talks too much, says silly things, can’t tell time…..but don’t you just love her? From listening to her talk last night on BBAD she seems like she is smart just innocent. The way everyone acts on BBAD makes for great showtime. It’s “after hours” and uncensured……….everyone cusses- even in the real world. If BB is boring, slow, stupid…..whatever……….don’t watch it. Must be some success to it if BB12 is coming.

  8. I like the suggestion of cameras in the JH. They should do that next season, but only turn them on when there only 4 HGs left in the BB house. Good idea.

  9. Anyone watch after dark for today? Parts are just showing items in the house. Is there a reason for that or are the camera guys bored?
    They did a close up of a button that says push. Was that always there? its was in the store room

  10. @DaFerret – I agree with you on both counts. BB would definately not have been near as good without this site which is by far the best one on the web and I would still be watching the feeds if we had cameras in the jh. It is just so boring in the BBH right now.

    So sick of these three finalists. I don’t care for any of them really but the best two players left are Kevin and Nat. I know neither Nat or Jordan won many comps and Nat didn’t even try to win at times but at least with her strategy of lying and deceift, she got where she wanted and gave us all something to talk about. Jordan has just been plain boring.

  11. gnat If i were Kevin I would not take G-nat to the final two. I would’nt take her to a dog show if she were garenteed first place.
    I can’t stand her.

  12. Everyone….. I don’t like Natalie either but it was her idea to lie about Russ, not Kevin’s. It was her idea to have Kevin go to Jeff and not her. Everone says that Kevin has been playing the game. Not really. I don’t want to see Natalie win but everything that Kevin has done since the LML was Nat’s idea, not Kevin.

  13. @Seu #5 — I’ve often also wondered why these so-called “smart” people couldn’t (or wouldn’t) see through the whole 18 story. There are too many things she knows and has done for being only 18. Also, as I’ve said before this blog, CBS would not allow underage drinking on their show. I would think that at a very minimum, Michele would have caught on … very strange indeed! It makes you wonder if they give these folks an IQ test and only those with low scores get in …. LOL!

  14. I am ready to see who wins the show. I am so sick on Nat I fast forward when she talks. She drives me crazy.

  15. Jordon will lose the BB game because of her trustinh g Kevin and Nat.They will keep their promise and look out for each others.And not keep their promise to Jordan.I really wished that she could see through all their evil tricks.

  16. Lynn E

    I think Michele and a few others have questioned Natalie’s
    age. Natalie answered by saying the age requirement for BB is
    different in some states.
    A clever answer since no one can check it while they
    are in confinement.

  17. #10 Ashley

    After reading your comment, I tried to imagine Jordan in
    the BBH without Jeff and couldn’t.

    Her BB image is totally tied to her Showmance with Jeff.
    Granted she won the last comp but to prove her worth
    in this game, she must win the next/last one.

  18. If Jordan wins this next comp w/ Kevin…..I think she deserves to win BB11……that would mean that she won…..when she absolutely HAD TO and when it absolutely counted thee most…I think the jury would think so too! but then again…..Kev played well the last several weeks….soooo….who knows…… i just know i am rooting for JORDO!!

  19. If Natalie’s lie about her age was to get sympathy from other HG’s …..if it were me, I would think just the opposite…..I would think why does this 18 year old, with no kids, no spouse……need 500G!!! And I would be wanting to ditch her in the first few weeks!!

  20. Yes, Midwest fan- I agree with you even if I like her. And why, if Michelle was a phd and a scientist, was she always saying “I don’t remember saying that.” I think people saying they want Jordan to win is because Natalie was so snakey. She has a boyfriend but was glued to Jessie, in bed with Jessie all of the time he was in the house. Kevin is very funny but because he has the mannerisms of a queen that are cute. Is he were a straight boy it might not be so cute. Maybe Jordan is so endearing becaue of the way she interacted with Jeff. I still want her to win something.

  21. @Midwest Fan #16 – I agree that if Jordan wins the next comp she will prove much more worthy then I am giving her credit for at the moment. I did give her kudos for winning the last one and beating Nat. I also agree with the former hgs that Nat and Kev’s LML was the game changing moment and the best play at this point but if Jordan does somehow manage to beat Kevin in the comp Tuesday; it will be defined as the biggest upset in the game and she will deserve to go to final 2.

  22. yes! Kevin said on the Thursday episode that as soon as he has the first opportunity, he will evict Natalie. I honestly think he will therefore I’m voting for him. I want him to win because he took Jeff, and Mitchel out of the house. and he also planned and did the whole thing to make Jeff take Russel he deserves to win the other two I like them. Jordan because she has been able to pull last one, and she was nice all the time, but I feel like Jeff carried her all the time, and Honestly I think Jeff will not date her in the real world. natalie is a little bit too much. she lies too much and she does not try to win things (HOH OR POV)

  23. #14 Mat

    Jordan is truly on her own now.

    Jeff told her to stick with Michele but he didn’t
    say to not trust Natalie. I think not trusting Kevin
    is a given since he is the one responsible for Jeff being gone.

    Natalie and Jordan have the little sister/girlie thing going
    on which could sway Jordan to take Natalie to F2.

    Michele told Jordan to not trust Kevin and Natalie.

    Does Jordan trust Kevin?
    I don’t think so. Every second she misses Jeff being
    in the BBH, Kevin loses in gaining Jordan’s confidence.

    Personally, I would like to see Kevin tell Jordan about
    his BIG LIE with Natalie.
    I think it could be his last chance to prove himself to her
    by being so honest.
    Granted it could hurt him but at this point, I think
    he needs to take that risk BEFORE Natalie thinks of it
    and puts all of the BIG LIE blame on Kevin.

  24. Ashley @ 10. Another Natalie supporter. Watch out you bloggers, we are growing in size. Hope that ya’ll watched BBAD last night, and saw how Jordan the Wonderful, again made an absolute fool of herself, and she is even taking all of the credit for all of Jeff’s moves. Yeah, right Blondie!!! She has trouble finding the light switch to turn on her brain in the morning. Go Kevin and Natalie!!!

  25. I would love to see Jordon win, although if she doesn’t win this next comp, I don’t think she will. Wouldn’t it be nice to see someone who has not lied or bullyied their way to the finals win? Even though she’s 1 sandwich short of a picnic, she is a funny, caring and a nice person. Gnat is just an awful person in my eyes and deserves nothing, not even 2nd place. I just wish Kevin would speak up about all her lies and what she has done and coaxed him to do. Go Jordon!!!

  26. I honestly don’t understand what good quality that y’all are finding in Natalie…..seriously? She lies “just to lie” – she is nasty and doesn’t take showers, according to many many posts on here, she is just ugly inside…..she is an instigator, she had no problem hopping into bed with Jessie the entire time he was in the house… that being respectful to her bf? No one saw Michelle glued to Jeff’s side or Russ’s side, sleeping in the same bed with them…. Truly what are Natalies good qualities….I need to hear this…..

  27. I think the reason no one has called Nat out on her age (or most of the things she lies about) is because the lies are soooo silly. Why would you lie about such things????? So no one thinks they could be lies.

  28. oh, wait – don’t anyone say that the LML thing was a good “quality” of Nats……b/c – making up lies isn’t a good quality…..MAY be a strategic move in the game yeah, I will give ya that…….but I am looking for good “qualities”….. Anyone got anything????

  29. Jordan is not stupid – she IS very naive – big difference. The other night on BBAD (I don’t remember what they were talking about) but she was rattling off the states in the U.S. and where they were located, and she was right on.

  30. I’m not sticking up for Natalie, I’m just saying Kevin got all his ideas from her. Everyone is saying how good Kevin played the game. He maybe doing it now but it all came from Nat. I guess I’m trying to show Kevin fans that he got it from Nat.

  31. To the Moderator of this group. I’m not getting any email updates for this dicussion. The check mnark is not working.

  32. Robin/Midwest: I agree with what Russ said in the game about the whole memory loss thing….how does someone have short term memory loss and have a phD??? i mean what, you can remember sh** when its convenient to remember it…..but when its something that is going to get you in trouble you don’t remember saying it? how do you remember what you studied to get a PHD????? selective memory, thats what its called…..or just use the real word EXCUSE!!!

  33. at this point, (put yourself in their shoes) you will take to the final 2 the person you have the best chance of beating. 500K vs 50K is a large difference and if I thought I could win first, I wouldn’t care who won second. Either Kevin or Jordan would be smart to take Nat because they would win against her. For Kevin and Jordan to go to the final 2, it could be a toss up. I do not think these 3 are the best players, but then again, they are still in the game and the best players are gone. So what does that say??

  34. @Kelli #28 — I got nothin’ — Nat is the most vile houseguest I have ever watched. No redeeming value whatsoever. Lies when she doesn’t have to over something nobody cares about. Doesn’t shower, walks like a guy … she’s just disgusting.

  35. @Judy…the problem is that the HG’s think that Natalie has friends in the JH, and would win if they take her…assuming what we hear is correct. They don’t know of the possible change of heart toward Natalie that we have been shown in the brief JH clips…

  36. Lynn E…..thanks I’m still waiting on these Nat supporters to come up with something…..Nobody has anything yet…….

  37. I think we all have to keep sending good vibes out into the universe for Jordan to win. I think that’s why she won the 2nd comp. Did you see how calm she was – she breezed right through that comp., where normally she would get all flustered.

  38. Kelli..thx and good point about the BF. She has shown nothing but disrespect to him this entire game with all the Jessie situations. Don’t know how he could be proud of her or want to become engaged. I find absolutely no good qualities in Gnat. Beauty is on the inside and she for sure has none. And the lack of showering and combing her hair…OMG!!!

  39. It is difficult for me to defend any of the F3.
    I see them all as being sidekicks benefitting from others but
    Kevin gets the extra bonus points.
    Out of the three, Kevin has done more on his own
    and since I have no choice but to choose one of them
    as the $500K winner, he gets my vote.

    However, I still believe BB has stacked the deck against
    all HGs except for Jeff and Jordan.

    I think Tuesday night is going to be all about the
    Double Winners/ The Showmance Team.


  40. @Lynn E…I think that’s the reason Natalie gets so little love here. Her lying, just to lie, annoys most people. I think we identify with the HG’s that are most like us. I wonder what we would be like in that kind of environment…how long would it take us to become less moral?

  41. Tahoe – to see Natalie – I think she is adorable……then to actually see who she is inside…..yep nasty ugly gross!!!

  42. Pat – ok, there’s (maybe) a good quality, depending on if you LIKE chicken!!! LMAO HAHAAH

  43. #30 Pat

    Jordan’s knowledge about the 50 states is or should be
    information known by all 3rd graders.

    Please do not use that as an example of Jordan’s intelligence.
    Well, if that is all you’ve got ………………….

  44. midwest fan…..i am a Jordan fan……but you are correct – the states and telling time is something we all learn in about 2nd/3rd/4th grade…….BUT JORDAN IS SWEET, maybe not innocent, but she has morals and her relationship with Jeff and not wanting to kiss him on TV…..was very respectful!!

  45. Midwest fan: i think its pretty intelligent to NOT act like LYDIA and be a whore on national tv and give blowjobs to random guys you just met! that would be a sign of intelligence on jordans part!!!

  46. Hey Mid…ok, so Jordon isn’t a straight A student, doesn’t have a PhD. But she’s a sweet southern girl who would probably do anything for anyone, has a good heart, is very naive and inside is a beautiful person. That in my book says a lot about a person. And can leave BB proud knowing she did nothing to embarass her family on TV..unlike others on the show. That to me shows intellegence.

  47. @Kelli #28

    I’m not poking holes in your question, but here is a list of characteristics that I think apply to Nat. and some are not negative:

    Doing one’s best in objective or difficult tasks and achieving recognition

    Organizing one’s work and habits and planning ahead systematically

    Behaving so as to attract attention to one’s self by appearance, speech, and manner

    Doing as one chooses independently of others’ opinions and avoiding conformity

    Seeking encouragement and support from others and appreciating being aided when in need

    Being a leader who supervises or wields influence over others

    Remaining with a task until it is completed and being able to work without being distracted

    Attacking contrary points of view and expressing disagreement or criticism of others openly

    These qualities can be used in a GOOD and BAD way and Nat. has all these qualities, HOWEVER she does not use them in a loving or compassionate way, BUT she does use them to her advantage in a BAD!

  48. where did all the nat fans go? stilllll waiting on someone to give me a good quality? hmmmmm…….ok, i get it there are none!!!! Just as I suspected all along!!!!!

  49. diana:
    thanks for the response! finally!!
    Achievement, orderliness, exhibition…..are not related to Nat and are not GOOD qualities, you are right all you “qualities” don’t add up to nat….and don’t mirror her actions in the game!! but they are qualities that maybe some of the others had…..agree to disagree!! tee hee!!

  50. @Midwest Fan #42

    You know that I am usually in agreeance with you, however I did read somewhere on another blog site that when Kevin was in the DR, they told him that Jeff was not going to win this comp. so perhaps BB bias is leaning more toward Jordan and Jeff was just a means to get her to where she is sitting right now!

    Remember, that Jordan had never watched BB before and a casting director spotted her and asked her whether she would like to participate in BB. Jordan then went and watched all the BB episodes on utube to find out how the game was played.

    Being so green in the BB house, I have little doubt that she was coached along!

  51. @Midwest Fan #42

    I forgot to mention that I don’t believe any of the F3 is deserving of the big prize. For me it was all about Michele, but having said that with her gone, I would still like to see K/J in the F2 because it grates me to think that the ‘freeloader’ Nat. will get a dime!

  52. @Kelli #56

    I did say that although she has those qualities, she does not use them in a good way!

    Although one might say and don’t shoot me for saying this, but she does have one good redeeming quality. She does love her father as much as herself!! ;)

  53. ACHIEVEMENT: this applies to Kevin, Michele
    Doing one’s best in objective or difficult tasks and achieving recognition

    ORDERLINESS: this applies to Jordan, Jeff, Kevin
    Organizing one’s work and habits and planning ahead systematically

    EXHIBITION: this applies to Chima, Ronnie, Jessie, Russ
    Behaving so as to attract attention to one’s self by appearance, speech, and manner

    AUTONOMY: this would be a nat negative quality
    Doing as one chooses independently of others’ opinions and avoiding conformity

    NEEDINESS: this applies to michele
    Seeking encouragement and support from others and appreciating being aided when in need

    DOMINANCE: Kevin, Jeff, Russ, Michele
    Being a leader who supervises or wields influence over others

    ENDURANCE: Jeff, Jordan, Kevin, Russ
    Remaining with a task until it is completed and being able to work without being distracted

    AGGRESSION: this is a negative quality for anyone!! agression is not a good quality
    Attacking contrary points of view and expressing disagreement or criticism of others openly

  54. Kelli

    I agree Jordan has a sweetness about her and she uses
    it to her best advantage like not wanting to kiss on
    national television. America swooned over her. Ha!

    She should get credit for this as game playing
    since she was attempting to get votes from fans.
    Nix Jordan being respectful and give her Kudos for game playing
    while on national television. Image.

    She had no problem being mean-spirited, lying, cursing,
    and uncover kissing + with Jeff while on BBAD.
    I’m not questioning her morals but I hate the BB Sainthood
    too many are willing to give to her.

    If Jordan and Natalie are the F2, then I hope Jordan wins.

  55. Diana – i was going to mention the Father…that really is the only one I see – she does seem to love her Father!

  56. @Diana…Natalie does exhibit portions of each of the qualities you mention. It is her manner that is in question. Also, her effort is very low to the point it seems that she is spending more time in explaining why she failed, and why it shouldn’t count, then finding a way to do better the next time. If she just took responsibility for her actions, without the false bravado of “I’ll win the POV…I’m a great competitor”, she would have been better received by the bloggers…

  57. midwest: just curious – what part of the midwest are you in? i too, am in the midwest!
    Indiana! GO COLTS, in another 30 min!!

  58. midwest – i have read several several posts that says Lydia gave Jessie hand/blowjobs on several occasions……are you saying she just pretended to on BBAD? And Jordan did too?

    i’m confused?

  59. midwest – my husband is a huge cubs fan!!!
    we went to chicago last august to see a game – never been to wrigley and we had a blast – took our 4 kids….you a cubs fan? bears fan?

  60. @Kelli #60

    It depends on how you view things:

    One could say for argument sake, let’s just take the first 3 that you cited in #56

    Doing one’s best in objective or difficult tasks and achieving recognition.

    Nat. has cleverly manipulated other HG’s to do her dirty work and then she wants recognition from America for her ingenious gameplay. America doesn’t see that, but she is not aware that we dislike her for her gameplay and thinks it is related to Jessie.

    Organizing one’s work and habits and planning ahead systematically

    Nat. has done this consistently throughout this game, again using the calendar as an example and she has lived and breathed this game from the onset, almost to the point of trying to brainwash the other HG’s into her way of thinking.

    Behaving so as to attract attention to one’s self by appearance, speech, and manner

    This I don’t even have to comment on, because her appearance, speech and mannerisms are disgusting but she is unaware of that because she is dilusional.

    Like I said, she doesn’t use these qualities in a good or positive way. She has successfully used them in a way that has caused disdain to most of the American viewers.

    I am acutally in agreeance with you about Nat. I just like to see things from different perspectives.

  61. This should be a nice break from game. get to see funny moments of the cast.

    So my nails can get a break from me bitting them hoping Natalie can stay in this game.

    WEW! jordan, “wench” u better win round 3.

    I think the funniest moements are gonna be from Jessie, Casey. In the beginging Kevin didnt say hardly anything.

  62. Kelli

    I really don’t care for any of the F3.

    I hope Jordan wins if she is against Natalie.
    I hope Kevin wins if he is against Jordan or Natalie.

    I am hoping the F2 will be Kevin and Jordan
    with Kevin getting the $500k and Jordan winning the $50K.

  63. @Dan #63

    Totally agree it has all been about her attitude and our perception of her as a human being.

    She has done herself no favors by trying to show America how ‘smart’ she is with her lies and what a wonderful poker face player she is. What she has successfully done, is to show America how infantile and incredibly selfish she is.

  64. @Diana…it is kinda pathetic to watch. I guess you have to be a little leery about somebody who demands to have “the floor” so often. She overpowers others, especially the weak ones, and piles on the downtrodden (Michelle mostly). I guess that’s her bullying coming out. It’s hard to think of her differently, as she lies so easily…

  65. Oh and one quick thing about Jessie.

    For those of u who havent notcied and dont get it, Jessie is acting like a jacked up tool.

    He isnt rele like that. Its pretty obvious. On BBAD he was a normal person pretty much, and when the cameras come on, he is all an act.

    has something to do with his wrestling career.

    He is making it so when when he gets on tv, ppl are ready know about him, and dont like him.

    Sort of like “the miz”, that guy from the real world.

  66. @Dan #78

    Again, totally agree with you, however I think Nat. has some deep rooted issues that needs to be addressed.

    If you look back at many infamous characters, you will see they all display a narcissitic side to them, they are all dilusional and all have deep rooted problems.

    Now, I’m not saying that Nat. is an infamous character, but she does display narcissistic and dilisonal behavior.

    I do actually pity her because she will not take kindly to the things that have been said about her on the internet or any other form of media broadcast. I think in general America is disgusted with her and unfortunately she will not understand why and she will target the blame on anyone but herself!

  67. Kelli

    I was born and raised on Chicago’s south side so
    just like President Obama, I am a big time White Sox Fan.

    However, I am married to a lifelong, big time Cubs Fan.

    We, both, love the Bears.

  68. Midwest – we are 50 min NE of Indy. We are Cubs/Colts fans! Colts are on in 15 min!!
    Have you been to a Cubs game at Wrigley?

  69. @Kelli #80

    Jessie did say to Julie (I think on his exit interview) that he wanted to be on WWF.

    Whether Vince McMahon would be stupid enough to hire him is yet to be seen.

    Jessie’s attitude again only p*ssed Amercia off and IMO he would be more accepted if he had shown a more natural side to him, rather than the arrogant self-loving jerk he is!

  70. @Diana #81…agreed…if it reflects badly on her, she will not take responsibility. Am I correct that she didn’t have a Mother while growing up? She is somewhat socially inept…her “Hell yeah!” proposal acceptance is what you would expect from, “Hey, you wanna go get a beer?”

  71. Diana – yeah, i don’t understand the concept of acting like an ass and WANTING people to hate you??? thats just stupid to me!!

  72. @Dan #85

    Yes, my understanding is that her father raised her and I recall her talking about her mother at one time, but she was full of resentment and bitterness, that is why I think she needs to address her deep rooted issues.

    She needs to come to terms with relationships falling apart and people should not stay together when they are unhappy because ultimately it does have a detrimental affect on any children in the marriage.

    Nat. although is 24 years of age, is immature and does not understand how relationships work.

    She has been brought up in an all male environment and she thinks like a man.

    Only after she gets married, has a home and children to look after, will she start to understand how a relationship works. Heavens forbid if Jason does not live up to her expectations and she becomes miserable living with him. Maybe, then she can have a slight appreciation that perhaps her mother and father were not cohesive in their relationship together!

    Who knows, we can only speculate, but I still stand firm that she needs counselling!

  73. Kelli – Off Topic

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  74. @Diana…thanks! Although she irritates the heck out of me, it is sad to see somebody that needy. I appreciate your comments…

  75. @Kelli #86

    If you have ever watch WWF, you will see that there are crowd favs. (good guys) and then there are the villians which the crowd loves to boo and hate.

    I think that Jessie believes that if Vince McMahon was to watch BB (which he would never have the time to do so, given his business responsibilies), and saw that he could be a ‘mean a**’, then perhaps he will get one of his scouts to recruit him.

    If it works for Jessie, then it was a good move, but if not, all he has managed to do is to show America that he is a ‘jack a**’ :)

  76. midwest – my husband has a baseball hat that says iowa cubs…he knows about them! i will tell him to check it out! thanks a bunch!

    our kids are pretty much grown 2 are 21 and one is 19 and one only 11….but we still had a great time and they all talk about how much fun we had…Thanks for the suggestion!

  77. @Dan #89

    Oh and Dan, I wasn’t trying to imply that because Nat. behaves like a man, that men don’t have a clue about relationships.

    I meant that for most men, they actually try not to show their emotions as easily as women do.

    Women tend to have a softer side and our culture is such that for a man to show his more vulnerable side makes him a sissy!

    I just wanted to clarify that with you in case you were thinking that men aren’t in touch with the way relationships work or should work, because for the most part they do. They just hide their emotions better than we do! ~ lol ;)

  78. diana…..yeah, i can’t do the wrestling thing…never have never will…i know who some of the wresters are…..just tooo tooo much for me to handle. from knowing previous wrestlers tho…..hulk hogan,
    the rock, (love dwayne johnson!!) and macho man randy savage…..jessie doesn’t fit into those categories!!! HA!

  79. @Kelli #93

    Yes, I have to tell you that Randy Savage was one of my favs. too!

    Gross, but funny!

    Yes, the whole WWF thing is so staged and so ridiculous that if my hubby is watching, I have to walk away and do other things, not that he watches that much these days, because he forgets what time it is on and I have programmed the TV to watch CBS and he just forgets about it ~ lol :)

  80. diana – everyone has their “guilty pleasures” hunh!! mine is KID ROCK!!! HA! my husband gets so mad (not really) when I say I like him!! He will just say mean things about him – which may be true……but i just think he is “dirty hot”!!!!!

  81. @Kelli #95

    I’m a little older than you, so for me, it is George Clooney. My husband isn’t the jealous type, doesn’t need to be because he was single for 30 years after his 1st marriage and he dated a lot of women. I still think that he is smokin hot and can’t believe that I was the one that caught him ~ lol!!

  82. oMG… I cannot wait for wednesday at 10pm when the ultimate fighter starts on spike tv bcuz BBAD is getting so boring. why cant they switch it over to the jury house. i would like to see alot more of what is going on there. they should do a 2 hour special event tonight. the 1st hour do the best of and the 2nd hour show what has gone on in the jury house.

  83. Kelli I am in Chicago too!!
    White Sox fan though, football season is what I am looking forward to, since Jeff’s elimination.
    Jeff was the only normal one worth rooting for as a person, he seemed the most normal and in touch with himself.
    As opposed to gameplay I think all 3 deserve to be where they are.
    They all must have played well to wind up in the final 3.

  84. Diana – awww thats sweet!! i feel the same way about my husband….i think (and all my moms friends think) that my husband looks like brad pitt…..he is very smokin hot too!! and i always think people must think how did SHE get HIM!!! HAHAHAHA anyway nice that we are both happily married!!!

  85. @lama #98

    Tonight is only an hour I believe and Tuesday night is the 2 hour finale, so you still have to wait.

    My husband loves the Ultimate Fighter too, but again I have to walk away because I think it is too violent!

  86. Damian – too funny – there are three of us on here that are within a few hours drive from one another!! watching my colts right now!!!

  87. @Kelli #100

    You got it!

    Must be nice to have a Brad Pitt look-a-like!

    My husband doesn’t look like anyone famous, he just has a great look, great bod. (constantly working out without looking like a meathead) and he really is a sincere and honest person.

    His dad was LAPD narc. so intergity was ingrained in him as a boy, not like someone else we know, female starting with an N!!!

  88. Damian – i think that was why i was “drawn” to jeff too….it seems like us “midwesterners” are just made to stick together! HA!

  89. Diana- same thing with mine about the morals and integrity, he is just a great husband and great companion! Probably the first male figure in my life that I have ever 99.9% trusted!! Took me 38 years to find a good one – but HE was well worth the wait!!!

  90. @lama #98

    Sorry I misread your post, you are aware of tonight’s scheduling. Yes, I agree that the jury house footage would be way more interesting than what is going on in the BB house!

  91. Tahoe # 52. I agree with you – I think that Jordan would do anything for anybody. Especially guys. She is just a lame contestant. Read her bio. She is just as nasty as the other two, you are just wearing blinders. Also, whoever said that Jordan did not sleep in Russell or Jeff’s bed? What planet are you from? She was in Jeff’s bed almost every night, and there was a lot going on under the covers. Get real!!! Start watching BBAD you guys, and see the real Jordan.
    As far as the person who said she was one sandwich short of a picnic – that’s a riot, but I think you are giving her too much credit. She is short the whole loaf. Go Natalie and Kevin. Like them or not, they have played a better game than Jordan. Because Jordan is better looking than Natalie, you have made her the good gal, and Natalie the evil one. Natalie has played the game as BB is to be played. Lie, cheat, lie, cheat and tell people how it is. Jordan just sits there and looks into space. If this is America’s sweetheart, then America is as dumb as Bill Maher says we are. I wouldn’t want the “girl next door” living next to me because I would be afraid that her lack of intelligence would rub off on my dog. AND — I really get disgusted with her
    “body” discussions.

  92. I made a comment last night, and see that someone else is thinking the same thing as I was…the reason its going to be 3 going to the final night is so ratings stay high.. If it were to come down to just Kev and the nat, then they would probably lose half their audience. And maybe this is an indication that CBS/BB think that the final 2 will be Kev and the nat. Hope not, but think kev will be counting the votes, and can’t chance losing nat’s vote, because we all know she would vote against him, because she is just freakin evil.

    As for Jordan, she reminds me alot of my own daughter, who will call me up and ask about the differnce between a 1/4 cup of milk and 1/3 cup. But she has her masters and accepted into med school. Don’t be fooled by the sweetnes and blonde hair, the girl probably is smarter then any of you think. Remember when Kev was doing the “dating game” and jeff was listing what he liked and didn’t like. If Jordan was so dumb, and in love with him, she probably would have been crushed, but she seemed to have that all figured out. Maybe she didn’t give into the sex because she knows she was being played.

    As I always say… May the best floaters win!!! Go Jordan

  93. Redhead – it was me that said something about MICHELE not hopping into bed w/Jeff or Russell b/c i was making the point of how nasty natalie is and how disrespectful that was to her BF – who ended up proposing to the skank so he must be as nasty as NAt!!

  94. @107 Redhead
    As always you are soooo wrong, and I once again am the only sane person between the two of us :P Pick Jordan or nat as your neighbor, and think about your dog again. I will take a dumb cute dog over a junk yard dog any day!!! If nat was your neighbor then you would probably have to treat it for rabbies after keeps biting it in the @$$.

  95. x-rev and if nat was your neighbor you would have to worry about your spouse…..your belongings…..she’s a cheater, and from I have heard on here – she goes around taking other peoples things in the house too…….yeah i choose jordan for my next door neighbor.

  96. To all u all reading this thread,you should know what I truly think of Natalie.
    She is beautiful inside and out. Her smile is knock out gorgeous. Her hair looks so silky and smooth. I wish she was my BfF, I know we would be the best of friends. I’ve never seen anyone a sweet and kind as Natalie. I think we should ALL strive to be more like her. I pray every night for her to win the while game.


    SEE LYING IS SO DAMN EASY. IT TAKES NO THOUGHT PROCESS AND ANYONE CAN DO IT! Does this make me smart enough to win $500K or even $50. NO NO NO!!!

  97. @#111 Kelli — Yes, our nasty Nat is a liar, cheat, thief, and an overall disgusting person. As for stealing things from people in the house, did you see her go through Michele’s brand new clothes to see what she could use by going through Michele’s drawer after the Luxury Competition?

  98. Lynn E – nope i don’t have the live feeds nor do i have bbad…..but i have read several things on here that she is a thief!!

  99. i have said it before – i think Natalie is beautiful to look at…..she has beautiful hair and gorgeous skin! HER INSIDES HOWEVER ARE AS UGLY AS UGLY GETS!!!

  100. @Kelli — when Nat first entered the house, I thought she was cute — then she opened her mouth. Cute people can become ugly fast when you get to know them. You’re right, she’s truly ugly on the inside and that radiates out!

  101. @117 Kelli,
    There is no doubt that if she wanted to, she could make herself up to be a knockout, and maybe she had been downplaying her looks so as not to be accused of using her looks to win. But she blew it when she revealed whats inside that body… nothing but ugly.

  102. Lynn – I was the same way – I liked Nat at the very beginning b/c she kinda reminded me of my daughter (my kids are 1/2 purerto rican – their Dad is puerto rican) so, i was kinda drawn to Gnat just b/c she reminded me of my daughter…..but then like you said she opened her mouth and the similarities were over!!!

  103. 109 KElli – What are you talking about? Michelle not jumping into people’s beds? I didn’t say anything about Michelle. I am glad I have hit a raw nerve for all of you Jordan supporters. I have listened to all of you bash Natalie for months – calling her vile and viscious names, but you get riled when I say anything about Miss America. Since you all have a name for Natalie – Nasty Gnat – I have come up with a slogan for Jordan. It is
    JORDON the MORON. See it even rhymes. On Jordan’s bio, she says that sex is buggering. That’s the all american girl for you. As far as my dog is concerned, he is way too smart for Jordan and would never go near her if she was a neighbor. I wouldn’t want any of these final three living anywhere near me, though. Anyway, as long as you guys continue to bash Kevin and Natalie, you can be sure that I will do the same for Jordan. She just gives me too much
    material to work with LOL.

  104. I’m curious about something. Jordan isn’t old enough to legally drink alcoholic beverages in the State of California.

    Will she be cited for illegal consumption of alcohol?

    Will the Producers of the show be cited by the authorities for allowing her to drink and providing alcohol to a minor or contributing to the delinquency of a minor?

  105. #123. Naw, she wouldn’t be cited for anything. Don’t you know that she is America’s Sweetheart?

  106. WTF? Jordan is 22 years old and her birthday is November 21, 1986 — is the drinking age in California older than 22?

  107. 110. You are probably right, but I would also have to worry that JOrdan as a neighbor would be trying to get in bed with my husband for some old time “buggering”. (Her term, not mine)

  108. @ Diana @ Kelli. There is no way Vine McMahon would ever consider hiring Jessie. He is way too short for starters. Also he could never get through the tryouts. Might get a job setting up stage, etc.

  109. I meant cbs and bb arent going too take a chance and serve liquor to minors, because everyone knows that you have to be 21, to go bb! So ignorance of the facts are no need to repeat lies.
    Redhead, I dont think that jor would try to pick up someones husband. However, if men go to the strip bars to see her then its fair game, because thats why men go to those joints!

  110. Redhead – i was referring to your post 107!! you said something about someone saying something about jordan jumping into peoples beds ……..i was merely stating that I was the one that said that Michele was NOT doing that b/c i was comparing Natalie having a bf to michele having a husband and although nat had no problem hopping into bed w/jessie everyday……michele was married and chose not to act in the same manner that GNAT did!

  111. Abracadabra i thought Jordo was 21 if so she can drink cause in californa we can drink when we turn 21 I am in Sacramento Californa so we drink at 21. But do you know how old she is? :)

  112. x-rev

    You could be right about Natalie. She may have decided
    to downplay her looks for the show. I refuse to believe she
    doesn’t know about makeup ………….. She is 24!
    Natalie’s BBH Packing List:
    Basketball shorts
    Pair of Levis
    Tanks and tees
    1 Bikini
    1 Dress

    Jordan plays up her “assets.” Didn’t she get her
    breasts implants only a few weeks prior to the show?
    Jordan’s Packing List for the BBH:
    New Headlights/Floaters
    12 pair of jeans
    Hair Spray
    Tight T-tops
    3 low cut dresses
    4 Hoodies

    Jordan is not “dumb as a doornail” but close to it.
    She isn’t acting.
    She may pass BB’s final comp but I’ll bet she would
    fail giving a book report.

    Yes, she has a certain “sweetness” to her but I’m
    not all that taken with it/her. However,
    Jordan’s “sweetness” is more becoming than Natalie’s harshness.

    Hope she does win if she against Natalie but otherwise
    I’m hoping Kevin wins the $500K and Jordan the $50K.

  113. @dingo #127

    I did say whether Vince McMahon would be stupid enough, that in itself implies that he wouldn’t!

  114. redhead: as far as jordan the moron…..that’s a good one! gotta give credit where credit is due!! thats fine you have your opinion just like those of us who like Jordan! i would much rather have a friend like Jordan than someone that is a backstabber, liar, thief, cheat and manipulator like NAT!! everyone has an opinion!!! you love nat – i love jordan!

  115. Hello all my fellow BB fans, the sane and insane one’s. How is everyone doing on this beautiful Sunday? Just want everyone to know I prayed for some of you in church and for

  116. Redhead, I also do not like Jordo. I think she used Jeff to get where she is today. She didn’t even look sad when Jeff was elimanted. I think Kevin/Natalie played a better game and hope Kevin wins!!

  117. Kelli

    I don’t want to consider having Jordan or
    Natalie as friends. Watching them on BB11 is enough.

    He wants Jordan to become his friend AND next door
    neighbor but probably not his Mayor. Ha!

  118. @ALL…. TO EVERYONE. please vote for my daughter to win the $500,000 this is natali’s father and i just want to tell you that everything you are saying is true and i agree with. i have been trying to get her out of the house for years so when BB came calling my prayers had been answered cuz i knew she would be gone for atleast 3 months. it took 2 months just to get the smell of her nasty body out of my house. she is so disgusting that those ants in the BB house followed her from our house. if u think she is bad on the show you should see her at home. her boyfriend lied on tv. he never asked me for her hand in marriage i had to beg him to take it and run. so please do me a favor and vote for her. free me from this misery that is natali. i cant afford to have my walls stripped of her smell again and have the rugs and furniture reaplaced. please dont punish me anymore. me and my wife didnt concieve her we adopted her from the DEVIL.

  119. lama – i don’t like nat and all……but that was just mean….#141..
    you must be her father!! tee hee!!

  120. lol. I prayed wellness for everyone. When I say some I mean to the people that are really in need of prayers

  121. @Kelli

    Are you a survivor fan?

    Have you been to Leo’s new site created by Matt?

    If not, and you would like to continue after BB, then go to!

  122. Diana – yep just got back into survivor last year after about a 2 year break! i will check it out for sure after the show starts! I went there once and everyone is already talking about who they want to win…….I have to wait and see what kind of people they are before i make those decisions!!

  123. Bridget Martinez-New Orleands
    Put in a prayer for my daughtor to have another child cause she just lost the one she was carying last monday to a blood negative thing but we found out why so she wont have that problem again and we are fine now and we know we will see the little one again when we go to SEE JESUS TOO!

  124. So kelli i have been watching BB 8 and duuude…..ED is awesome. He is just so up front and honest, its great.

  125. Kelli #151 your right cause how do we pick the one we want to win on the survivor before we even know who they are????

  126. here’s what i don’t get… the Eligibility requirements for applying to be on Big Brother state that you must be a MINIMUM age of 21… that lets the cat out of the bag right there! if i was there, when natalie said her age on the first day i would have called her out on the spot in front of everyone and she would definately NOT be in the final 3.

  127. @ 141.

    I think thats a little much. I have met some truly evil people, and Natalie may be an idiot, and a pathelogical (sorry if I spelled that wrong you guys) liar, but she isn’t evil. Just stupid and immature.

  128. @June-So Sorry I will include her in my prayers. I know from experience how hard that is, had the sane thing happen 7 years ago. There is always hope. My cousin had a baby in April and he weighed 1 pound, 3 ounces. He just went home last week and is a true miracle. He now weighs almost 8 pounds and is doing great. Prayer is a powerful thing

  129. if you have to betwenty-one then how did danielle get on in season 8? cuz she was 20? Maybe thats why everyone fell for nats lies…of course you think they would have figured out that you cant be eighteen and have gone to vegas and gambled, cuz the age changed in 2003. I remember cuz its the year I turned 18.

  130. Megan – i told you – that you would love season 8 and ED!!! isn’t it so impressive the way he is with his daughter? and even tho i think she was a little brat, i still liked her and felt sorry for her too…..he obviously did things to make her feel the way she did….but he tried soooo hard and she just wouldn’t let him in!! yeah, that was the best season everrr!!

  131. Bridget Martinez thanks her name is Alicia Nelson and I KNOW PRAYER IS A POWERFULL THING cause my friends two of them had cancer and we prayed for both and both we cured and the doctors said i see none its gone?? But lets all pray to get out Nat my bad!! LOL!

  132. June, she thought it would help her game play… which i guess worked with this crowd of houseguests, but she took a gamble at saying she was 18… let’s say there’d been different houseguests… it’s possible one of them would have called her out & she would have ruined her trust on day 1. i don’t get how at least ONE of these houseguests didn’t know the minimum age was 21

  133. June 154 thanks for getting it!! i have to see how they treat people and talk to people and how quickly they will turn on people, ya know?

  134. @ Megan… i don’t know about past seasons. i’m only referring to the Eligibility requirements for this season… they state that all applicants must be a minimum age of 21… so you’d think one of the HGs from this season would have read that upon application

  135. She openned up to him a little, but I am in her position, the only difference is that at least her father still cares about her and tries, which is morethan I can say for mine. I love how outspoken he is. Its great to watch, and I love the way he is with her, because you can tell that he really does miss her and want a relationship with her.

  136. #162 – especially Ronnie…..wasn’t he like the biggest bb fan on this season???? he didn’t even figure it out……

  137. Kelli #163 yes thats me too i have to watch i just cant pick randomly cause looks dont count am i right? :)

  138. Megan – yeah, that was what i really really respected about him the most – was how he was about Danielle….I was soooo happy they made it to the end together…..and what about that comp where he was in the rain and freezing cold and his knees were bothering him really bad……Danielle, i think noticed at that point how much he was fighting to win for the both of them!!

  139. and the fact that CBS GAVE HER the mike’s hard lemonade in her HOH basket… don’t the other HG’s realize that CBS would never furnish alcohol to a minor YET ALONE promote underage drinking on air…

  140. Zonazoo thanks #162
    ps.. I didnt like Dick but he sure loved his baby girl though he realy tryed his danest to get her back into his life she was hard headed.

  141. Megan – and did you not just LOVE THE WAY he treated JEN??????? omg JEN was one of the all time worst players evverrr…..did you see where she kept grabbing ED’s hands and saying stop burning me…..and she was the one that was burning herself by grabbing his hands……she was a JOKE!!!!

  142. Natalie’s Age Lie

    She has been called out – questioned by other HGs.
    She always answers that the age requirement is different
    in some states.
    The HGs have no way of checking out what she told them
    and Danielle coming on the show a few weeks before
    her 21st birthday probably helped Natalie’s lie seem plausible.

  143. @Zonazoo-The other HG’s did say that you had to be 21 to be on BB and Nasty said that her father signed saying it was okay and they believed her

  144. i’m just saying… you’d think she would have been called out at the beginning… it boggles my mind that not one person was able to figure itout off the bat

  145. I was shocked to find out redhead is a woman. I always pictured her as a man. Now I understand that redhead must be a dog ugly heiffer that hates good-looking women. All of her nasty comments towards Jordan make sense now.

  146. Natalie must have thought her age lie would help her
    but it could, also, hurt her.

    How many of the other “older” HGs would want to give
    an 18 yr. old $500K?

  147. kELLI #179 RIGHT ON ME TOO BUT DIDNT WANT TO SAY IT IN FRONT OF MY HUBBY WOOPS I DID CAPITALS. Well my huubby is honking the horn so buy you great big wonderfull fans of BBrother. :)

  148. midwest – thats what i said a little bit ago!!!
    if i were a hg….i would be thinking – you are 18 (well i woulda figured out she was lying) why do you need the money…..go out and work for a few years……then come back and try to win the 500G’s

  149. The other night on after dark Gnat slipped and said she tried out last year for BB which if she were really 18 would have made her only 17 then.

  150. @June @Kelli

    I think everyone who has had an opinion on the new Survivor cast has based them on their BIOS.

    I am also waiting to see how they interact before I select a fav. However, there is some nice ‘eye candy’ both for the men and women who follow this game.

    I just think when they are too smooth, they get booted early, so I want to see how the dynamics works before I select!

  151. When Jeff heard about Natalie’s when he entered the jury house he basically didn’t care. It seemed to bother Lydia and Russell the most.

  152. Diana – yep there are some cuties – guys and gals…..hope they don’t disappoint with ugly attitudes!!

  153. slim

    Redhead’s opinion of Jordan may not be yours but
    who the heck are you to become so personally
    hateful of her?

    Your rude comment reminds me of one of
    Jordan’s hateful backstabbing comments she made
    about Michele.

  154. @Megan #166

    That is why I believe that America embraced him, because his feelings toward his estranged daughter were genuine and he was willing to do anything not only to help her win, but to be close to her!

  155. @Kelly #188

    I’m just a bit concerned about the new Natalie, hope her name doesn’t portray the LIE factor again and then we will start all over again!

  156. The way the HGs in the jury house were speaking of Natalie, she would be lucky to get one vote if she made it all the way to the final 2. Hopefully, whoever wins the final HOH will throw her out and tell her not to let the door hit her in the A** on the way out.

  157. # 185… you’re right, she said something like “i couldn’t believe how APRIL got on over me”… i just can’t wait till it comes out on finale night!

  158. jcat

    You are so right.
    The F3 have no idea what is being said about them
    by the HGs in the Jury House.
    Natalie will be surprised to learn what they think about her
    especially if Jessie considers her to be a “floater.”

  159. The Natalie on survivor looks like one of THOSE girls who can easily manipulate any of the straight guys. Our BB Natalie could easily be a guy.

  160. @jcat @Midwest Fan

    Are we really seeing what the JH thinks of the remaining HG’s.

    As one blogger pointed out yesterday, we are only seeing what CBS has edited of their footage, there may have been a lot of positive things said about Nat. by the JH that we just did not see.

    I’m hoping that is not the case and also I am hoping that Michele goes into that jury house and tells them how manipulative and nasty Nat. really is.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when Michele tells the JH that Nat. is engaged. I would love to see Jessie’s face – priceless!

  161. @Budman #196

    I would like to see how she plays the game before I make any assumptions. She maybe a very nice woman, but for now just her name is a little off putting for me!

  162. Diana – yeah Natalie is worse than JEN – but in completely different ways!!! JEN had the narcisist (sp?) ways about her that irritated the crap outta me!! like jessie!!

  163. @Midwest Fan #199

    Yes, after this season, I am not as gullible as I once was.

    Remember that in the beginning CBS showed Chima in a positive light and Russell as the villian, when in fact it was the exact opposite!

    CBS takes the prize for being masters at editing their footage and conning us the viewers!

  164. #142 – you are not intelligent enough to be Natalie’s father; Slim #178, no, I am not a man. It would probably surprise you to know that I am young, not bad looking, and extremely successful. Not an ugly heifer looking dog. Perhaps you are confusing me with someone else –
    like yourself, for example. I don’t bash Jordan because she is attractive, I bash her for the things which come out of her mouth. I just can’t stand stupidity. If she does win the money, it will not buy her a better IQ.

  165. @Kelli #200

    True, but I didn’t have the same dislike toward Jen (other than her narcissim) as I have toward Nat.

    Normally, I try to be objective and I have said that often on this site, but Nat. has single handlely broken down my objectivity just by her behavior. She is one of those people that you meet in the real world and for no apparent reason your gut tells you to steer clear.

    It is called a sixth sense and mine kicked in as soon as she opened her cocky little mouth!

  166. #189, Midwest Fan. Thanx for the comments. Slim is just an idiot trying to impress everyone. As you can see by my comment #203, I can defend myself very well, but it’s nice to know that you are on my side.

  167. i understand discussing game tactics, but what’s the point of talking **** about people you will never meet… i’m not a fan, but i’m not going to sit there and berate and belittle her.

    same goes for the other HGs… why talk crap about Jordan? do you know the girl! NOOOOOO. talk crap about the way they’ve played the game, but not about her “fake boobs” and low iq. karma’s a beeyotch, just sayin…

  168. @Redhead #203

    Nice comeback. It is one thing when we express our opinions on HG’s, but it is a totally different thing when bloggers start to verbally attack other bloggers on this site.

    That is uncalled for, because we are all entitled to our own opinions.

    The one thing that I have respected about you, even though we do not agree for the most part in our debating, we have never verbally attacked each other, so kudos to you!

  169. Thanks Diana. Slim is just one of many who try to make themselves more important by putting other people.


  171. @ 5. Seu, i think you if ‘ran through her like a truck’ you would be the first houseguest to be evicted on the show, going down as one of the villains for sure. no one can prove/disprove the story to begin with, so there is no point in arguing with her over it

  172. My comment #215 – I meant to say by putting other people down. #216. I sure would feel a whole lot better about Jordan if it was an act. That would make her a REAL GOOD PLAYER. Maybe she will surprise me.

  173. I hate this Sunday’s BB. It makes it seem like they needed time to change the results but I think they might have already done that this season. I’ll skip tonight

  174. @Redhead #215

    You are probably right. He/she thought they were being witty and funny, when in fact, he/she were being offensive.

    Difference being and intelligent mature person wouldn’t verbally attack someone because of their comments on this blog. An immature infantile baby would!


    I don’t like to personally attack anyone (unless I feel it is necessary to protect myself), however for the most part people on this site are expressing their opinions about the HG’s and remember, they put themselves up for scrutiny when they agreed to be televised on National TV and BBAD 24/7.

    I would expect that they know they will have a fan base of people who are supporting them and people who are against them.

  175. I love this program and will keep on watching it, but I hope there isn’t another one like this because it seemed so “set up”.


  177. 222 Diana. Right on girlfriend!!! Are you still rooting for Kevin? If either Kevin or Natalie win it all, I will be very happy. If Jordan wins, I will be disappointed only because I personally don’t think she was the player they are. Oh well, time to go to work and make some money so that I can do what Slim thinks I should do – have some plastic surgery.
    LOL. This site is a RIOT!! One of the BEST!!

  178. While I don’t follow the minutia of the show nearly as closely as many of you, I thought Jordan said at one point in the show she was 19 years old. That was the basis for my earlier question about underage drinking.

    And, if you have to be 21 to be on the show (as someone stated earlier), why didn’t everyone question Natalie when she claimed she was only 18?

    And why didn’t anyone in the house question her drinking of alcoholic beverages if they thought she was underage?


  180. @Redhead #227

    Since Michele has gone, I want Kevin to win, however I still don’t want Nat. in F2 because she just grates me.

    I would rather see Jordan up there with Kevin (as she is the lesser of the 2 evils).

    K/J F2, and I won’t be disappointed how the voting goes, as Nat. will get nothing and neither K/J will affect the outcome of my life. I’ll still be trying to make a living and living my life the same way as I do now.

    I’m looking forward to Survivor because for BB is already over!

  181. # 222

    i totally get that. there will be haters and fans. all i was saying was that there’s a difference between expressing your opinion & having hatred towards people. it’s pathetic to hate someone you never have/nor more likely will ever meet… like how can anyone have THAT MUCH HATRED towards a reality show star?

    i bet the HG’s could care less about what anyone thinks about them… you have to have that attitude to put yourself into such close monitoring for such a long time. justttt sayin.

  182. @ Redhead- Sorry about my comments assuming things about you. I was out of line. It just seems like sometimes you are watching a different show than the rest of us. Jordan is not the sharpest tool in the shed. She is however honest and caring even in the tough confines of the BB house. K&N have a hard time with her because she doesn’t lie to them. They even lie to each other and call her bit(h for no rewason. I would never associate with people like K&N but would be proud to have Jordan as a friend. Your repeated baseless attacks against her do not really matter but it does reflect on your personal values as a human. The majority of the fans I believe would agree with me.

  183. # 228. go to & check the eligibility requirements & you will see the age requirement is 21. no idea why people didn’t initially call her out… question of the century!

  184. @belly #230

    You have to remember that CBS has all the footage and I know at one stage they were reviewing all the cheating going on (read it somewhere), however if you look closely at the rope incident that you are referring to, it is clear that although Nat. has her hand on the rope, her palm is still resting on the key, so technically part of her hand is still on the key.

    If everyone were to be disqualified for their cheating, we wouldn’t have any HG’s left, so I believe that CBS deemed the cheating wasn’t strong enough to disqualify the remaining HG’s, besides Nat. so called cheating doesn’t change the status of the game, she still cannot play for the last HOH!


  186. #233. Thanks Slim. I accept your apology, although I do not share your opinions. Sometimes people get “carried away” and I understand that We are all watching the same program, it’s just that we all see different things. I base a lot of my opinions about Jordan on what she does on BBAD, because that is not “Altered” by the BB people. Take care.

  187. @zonazoo #232

    I personally think hatred is a strong word, so I try not to use it, but cannot categorically say that I haven’t during these blogs, but not so much directed toward a person, but rather their behavior.

    She is a bully, demanding and expects a free ride in life and I have little or no tolerance to associate with people like that!

    Personally, I think that Nat. will be very surprise and hurt by some of the comments made about her, but she will brush it off and put the blame on Jessie which she has already alluded to!

    I am not a fan of Nats. and everyone who has ever seen my posts knows that. Her behavior is intolerable to me and I don’t like how she will not take responsibility for her actions and is quick to blame others when she is defeated.

  188. @Redhead @Slim

    I agree with Redhead, we all have different opinions and quite often we have different outlooks and perspectives on what we see, hear and say, that is what makes us as humans so complex, unique and exciting!

    It takes a big person to apologize so for that kudos to you also!

  189. @June #239

    It is their biography, however it really is a quick synopsis or overview of their personalities as they see themselves!

  190. # 238. my opinions were not directed at you. i was just saying in general, i think it’s funny that everyone is getting soooo riled up at these people!

    not to say i agree with their behavior and how certain people such as nat have played the game because i don’t, but i leave it at that. critique their game play, but to say these people act in real life the way they do on the show isn’t necessarily accurate. it’s the way they play the game.

    i wouldn’t ever wish anything bad upon any of these people because they don’t impact my life in any way other than the 3+ hours a week of entertainment they provide me.

    let’s not be so defensive!

  191. Diana #238 well i my have a pudding brain like Jorden but i have a big heart and when i read your stuff on here MAN YOUR SMART I LIKE YA KIDDO! LOL! :)

  192. I have gone back and forth between wanting Kevin to win to wanting Jordan to win. Since none of the F3 have played a game that could be considered outstanding, i have to go on some other factor. I chose Jordan. Just on likability alone. I can be totally irrational in picking a winner because that seems to be the word for the season. Dont care who did what the best, or why they did it. I hope Jordan takes it all!

  193. @Zonazoo #242

    I never took your comments to be directed at me whatsoever!

    All I was trying to do was to point out how I feel about the remarks you made about other bloggers on this site.

    I wasn’t being defensive and it goes to prove my point at post #240 when I said:

    “We all have different opinions and quite often we have different outlooks and perspectives on what we see, hear and say, that is what makes us as humans so complex, unique and exciting!”

  194. Zonazoo and Diana your both great so lets shack hands and get on with this great game ok you too smart people? in my eyes you both make me laugh with joy ok.

  195. Slim- Glad you apologized! Your comments were out of order. I too am sick of the Jordan bashing and agree with you somewhat about Red. She has been on Jordan’s a$$ for weeks with no sound basis. I came to her aid last week when she offended the gay community. I guess it takes all types and opinions to have a truly honest debate whether we like it or not.

  196. @June #243

    Thanks June how sweet of you!! I’m not so smart, just objective, and no you don’t have a pudding brain, sometimes it is hard to understand these acroynms, but when you are around them often enough, you get to understand what they mean! :)

  197. Slim Redhead Budman Diana and Zonazoo you all have great big hearts because it takes a realy stong heart to forgive and say an appolagy so god bless all of you and your big A$$ Hearts!

  198. alright diana,

    i never made remarks about other bloggers i was just expressing that if people have such hatred towards people they will never meet… i can’t imagine the anger and hate these people are walking around with and how they react towards things in the real world. it must be a miserable life to be full of such hate.

    i’m over it though. to each his own.

  199. @Cat #244

    Hey, I’ve missed you for the past few days. I’ve been on periodically throughout the day and spent the evenings with my husband because as I said earlier BB is over for me.

    I just want to see it through to the end and I want to see F2 K/J. I don’t really mind who gets what as far as prize money, because basically, I just don’t want to see Nat. get anything.

    Posted on your Survivor blog ~ awesome post by you. Like John (eye candy) as well as the Doctor (name escapes me ~ getting too old I’m afraid), but anyway I want to wait until the show starts before I target a fav.

    I do know that Russell H is a no no for me. Don’t like mean nasty dudes and I read that Jeff Prost commented about how mean he is!

  200. isn’t there a saying that we should pray for our enemies!! pray for Natalie, she needs some kinda help to make her realize she needs to change her heart!

  201. @zonazoo #252

    See again, your comments were interpreted differently by me, so I can accept that they weren’t targeted to the other bloggers, so like you, I am ready to move on!

    By the way, so you know, that I happen to agree with most of your comments that you have made on this site, I just haven’t responded to them ~ lol :)

  202. # 255

    best thing anyone could have said.

    the people who test us the most are put in our lives to teach us a lesson about ourselves. it’s what we take out of the lesson that matters.

  203. @Diana…Yes you are smart and we all love you!

    @Kelli…Likability is as good a reason as any other to chose Jordan. Yeah im into great gameplay and strategy but none of the F3 had it so GOOOO JORDAN!!!

  204. #256

    thank you & i agree with your opinions of natalie. i would cringe if she won the money, but we’re not playing the game so all we can do is vote to make sure there’s no possible scenario for her to walk out with the money.

    personally, i don’t even think she earned the money that fell from the sky.

  205. Kelli its says that and it also says love thy enemies as thy self and how can you love your enemies if you dont love your self?

  206. I agree – woulda liked to have seen a different group as F3……but I have “liked” Jordan since day one….and she is my fav. However, i think if she is against Kevin – he will beat her…..b/c i think most of the jury is going to think jeff carried her most of the way….which may be true…..but i still like her better than kevin and most certainly more the nat

  207. @Cat

    Been catching up on the evening blogs first thing in the morning and boy x-rev comes up with some comical stuff, but girl, I have to tell you that you hold your own and your wit is as sharp as a razor blade!

    I felt bad for Dan last night and his lousy date, but you cheered him up pretty quickly (heeee)!

  208. #259 – kevin doesn’t think she earned that $$ either…….she showed her true colors then too…..and then lied and said she didnt’ want the other HG to know that she was “looking” for the key…….WTF was that?

  209. @zonazoo #259

    Right on! I think she believes that she should have received more than what fell out of the sky!

  210. @Zonazoo @Kelli

    And the irony of it all, was that Jeff found the key to let Kevin out and he still had the most amount of $$$$. See karma!

  211. @Diana
    When the sun goes down, the claws come out! :)
    Dan just needed his ego stroked a bit…and you know mens egos are easily inflated.

  212. @Cat #267

    I think that both of them got more than they bargained for.

    You’re right about men and their egos! Just stroke them a little and they become marshmellows!

    You did make Dan feel good after he had a lousy date, so that was sweet of you! I don’t know whether I would have been that sweet to indulge him!

  213. @ Diana- I always love your comments! You are the voice of reason!
    @ Cat- I loved your survivor post. At this point the looks are all we have to go on because I don’t trust anyones opinions of themselves in the bios. They say whatever they can to make themselves look good and we will find out that most of what they say is a crock.(especially the cocky ones) For example Coach last year already had his million dollar deposit slip made out before he left the house and we know how that turned out.

  214. @Cat

    I haven’t seen any posts from sservie for a few days. I hope she is OK, I know that she had a tough week, so I hope to see her on the Survivor site if she doesn’t get back here!

  215. @Budman #270

    Couldn’t stand Coach, I thought he was a pathalogical liar only to find out that he wasn’t, but he was such a story teller and an obnoxious one at that! – YUCK!!

  216. Budman – aaaahhh coach – he was a breath of fresh dead rotten fish guts!!! i liked coach as much as i like the gnat!

  217. @Diana
    I miss sservie too…along with you, she is one of my favs on here! I have her email address…i will email her.

    Thanks! :)
    Or is it Jeff…your gonna confuse me yet! :)

  218. @Kelli #274

    We have to stop agreeing like this! Love the comments about the dead fish – love it!!

    He was pretty rotten though!

  219. @Cat #276

    Yes, it will be nice of you to email her and tell her that we are all missing her. She is one of my favs. on here as well!

    Tell her, I said hi!

  220. @Kelli #279

    Well our saving grace was that he didn’t win the prize and I loved it when he was sent to exile island and he became his own martyr.

    Didn’t you love that ~ ‘look at me, how I can go without food and any luxuries in life’, give me a break. Most people thought it was funny that he would self sacrifice like that and no one really cared!! HA!

  221. #280 you are soooo right – yes, loved it when he went to exile….. i also liked the little blond that no one liked ……can’t remember her name……but i didn’t get why everyone was mean to her!! what was her name…coach and that other lady??Tina? were so mean to her….

  222. @Kelli #281

    I know who you mean was her name Michelle (funny how you can see the face, but don’t remember the name), hopefully that will be case when BB is over. We’ll remember Nats. face, but not her name – NO, I don’t even want to remember her face – another YUCK!

  223. Hey Budman @ 247. Just wanted you to know that I have lots of gay friends, and I love them to death. If anyone took offense by what I said, I am sorry. I don’t like some of the things they do, but I am sure they ain’t too pleased by some of the things which I do either. I stand by my comments about Jordan. I just don’t like her because of what is NOT edited on BBAD, and you guys just don’t like Natalie. That’s the way it goes. AND, if Natalie can’t win, I am 100% for Kevin. I think that he is a riot, and I still think that Kevin and Natalie are like an “old married couple.” Just watch them and they will bring a smile to your face.

  224. @Dan #283

    Well at least today you got it right. No horrible dates for you!

    I’m sure you’ll get up to no good again this evening – no wait, you will have to wait until after BB.

    @Cat – Yep the ex survivor casts are a little more interesting than the remaining HG on BB, sorry about that!

  225. @Cat- I just used Budman on here so I wouldn’t get all those “It’s not fair! Jeff has a computer and knows stuff the other HG don’t know and all the girls would want me! (Well that part wouldn’t be too bad!)

  226. too true…..about forgetting the name and face of nat….i don’t think michelle is right tho…..but i don’t know – yeah, i can see her face – really cute girl, i thought……just didnt’ get why they hated her!!

  227. @Diana…I think BB tonight is desperation time…just filling up an hour. If you have the live feeds, or watch BBAD, you probably have seen most of what they are going to show. Maybe they’ll throw in contestants tryout videos. We can see them all before they became catty and jerk-y…

  228. @Kelli…just looking for some sympathy…it wasn’t that bad…I just felt that I needed my BB fix more than some TLC last night…jk…

  229. @Kelli #293

    Because at the very start of the show she was really sick (running a high temp. flu I think), and she didn’t make any eye contact with the others and they thought because she wasn’t interacting with them that she was anti-social.

    Remember, she never told anyone that she was sick because she thought that they would vote her off. She found it very difficult to try and turn things around.

    I still don’t remember her name, but I liked her!

  230. I am the same way. I can see her face but can’t remember her name. I’ll save any other comments for survivor fandom. I can’t wait till Thursday.
    @Redhead- Kev & Nat are like an old married couple. She bosses him around and all he can say is “yes dear”

  231. Budman 309, See what I mean? Just like an old married couple. I do the same thing to my husband – I try to boss him around, but unlike Kevin, he just ignores me. LOL.

  232. @Diana
    Heard from sservie.
    She says to tell you all is ok.
    Shes been busy and has lost interest in BB.
    I still miss her anyway.

  233. @Cat #312

    Thanks for that, I do too, but you can’t really blame her.

    I bet she still watches the finale though!

  234. @Cat…wow! Thanks! How did you find that out about me?

    @Diana…she complimented me without really knowing the truth…I liked it…

  235. @Kelli @Budman

    Well it drove me nuts not remembering the cute little blonde from last seasons Survivor, so yes, like a dummy had to look it up.

    Her name is SIERRA ~ now how could we forget cute little Sierra!

  236. Well ya’ll
    People here say they need to eat!
    Gotta do the dinner thing…talk to ya all later…be good :)

  237. Does anybody think there will be anything new tonight unless, of course, you only watch the primetime shows?
    I’m curious to see how CBS edits everything.

  238. well, I better go reclaim my masculinity and watch a game, or two…hope to chat with you people tonight…thanks for the company.

    @Cat…the key is under the mat…

  239. @Dan #314

    That’s our Cat for you, that’s why we all love her and she is one of our favs. on this site!

  240. @Dan #318

    Naughty boy!

    I’ll catch you all after the show as well, going to get dinner ready, so I don’t have any interruptions.

    @Budman, have no idea what they plan to do, but when it comes to Chima and Nat. I will mute my TV!

  241. @ Diana-Thanks! It was driving me crazy too! I thought Sarah for a minute but knew it wasn’t right.

  242. @Kelli…(shhh…I’m supposed to be watching the game…)…yes, I did, and I felt bad for them…tough loss…

  243. Cat hasn’t posted in awhile…..i think she may be looking for the mat/key…….just teasing CAT!!

  244. @Kelli…it was a weird play that beat them…and it shouldn’t have happened…tell the boys it was a heckuva comeback to even take the lead…

  245. @Dan – it was like a fluke thing…..kinda like the game last year that ended in a tie!! only the bengals!! poor boys!!

  246. Off topic- I am a die-hard Alabama fan but just wanted to say how bad I feel for Ohio St. fans. That was an incredible game last night and I was pulling for the Buckeyes. (mainly for Alabama to move up in the polls) Ohio St. is a great team. It is too bad that they lost and maybe they want drop too far since USC was such a good team. Someone is crazy to schedule USC so early in the year.

  247. @Budman…I’m a diehard USC fan…too bad for OSU, they dominated the game. Tressel just can’t seem to win at the end…

  248. @ Dan- I felt sorry for Leo last night. He declared Ohio state the winner a little bit prematurely. I read it after the game and knew he was going to eat crow for dinner. I am glad we have other things besides BB to keep us occupied. BBAD tonight will feature a water condom/balloon fight. Sounds really boring.

  249. @ Kelli- I have bad images when I think of the Jury House. Lydia is a freak and no telling what they are doing. If Michelle has made it there she’s a little freak too. It might be x-rated. I don’t think they get to watch TV except the tapes given by BB. No telling.

  250. @Budman…I saw Leo’s post when I got home…and I knew USC had already won…it happens! Hope they show something tonight that we don’t already know about…

  251. I’m worried …………..
    Jordan “appears” to be buying into Natalie’s lies
    about Kevin.

    (Kevin, tell Jordan about the Big Lie before Natalie does
    and puts all of the blame on you.)

    I really don’t want to see Natalie win $50k.

    BB is driving Kevin crazy by asking him questions.
    “Kevin did you know that Sweden is slightly larger than
    BB should have them all play Jeopardy. Ha!
    Now that could be funny!

  252. IF Jordan buys into Natalie for one second i’m going to be disappointed! I think Jordan was the one telling Jeff not to trust her and Kevin when they first mentioned the lie about russ…..surely she is just pretending to buy into her!!!!!

  253. Kelli

    Michele said she is bisexual or was before getting married.
    It doesn’t matter to me; Michele is
    an intelligent & nice woman. She isn’t a “freak.”

  254. midwest: WOW woulda never guessed that about michele….interesting…..i could care less – i mean to each his/her own…..whatever floats your boat!! would believe it more outta jordan or lydia before michele!

  255. Budman

    I imagine they are all having a good time in the Jury House.
    They may be a little bored but living in such a beautiful
    house with a pool can’t be all that bad.

  256. @Diana
    Always a smart lady and kind

    Yeah, I heard cat snicker as she called u little

    @Cat read the above you be the meanie

    @Midwest Fan Loved your packing list way up above… perfect

  257. x-rev

    Welcome back!
    I can only stay for a short time. Dinner prep.
    Our dinner is on the grill.

    Tonight our protein is a half of a Fresh, Firm, Turkey Floater.

  258. It looks like Big Brother may be late tonight because the U.S. Open tennis match has ran over 20 minutes. They never shorten 60 minutes (it wouldn’t be 60 minutes if they only run it for a half hour, dah) I hate it when they do that because it messes up my recording of BB!
    The finale of “There Goes the Neighborhood” tonight should be pretty good.

  259. @355 Midwest Fan

    I always say… half a firm turkey floater is better then none :p Unless the turkey was named nat!!

  260. I think the camera men are a bunch of preverts…Jordan in shower no one with her and continue to show her …while Kevin and Nat are ut back talking…..give me a break…

  261. that’s weird – on my computer…..yours is the only one that shows in blue ink…..whats up with that?????? does midwest show up in blue ink on anyone elses????

  262. I finally took the time to look up Natalie’s championship bronze metal. I have been curious as to why she wouldn’t bring anything up about why she was on the Athletes clique. She won a bronze medal in Taekwondo in 2002. She competed in the feather weight competition. Now I know she was 16 when she won this championship and she is now 24, why wouldn’t she talk about it. She hasn’t won any other championships since (at least nothing I can find). What is the deal, is she thinking she will spring her 7 year old medal on everyone and think it is like being Shawn Johnson on Dancing with the stars?

    Hey, I won a drill team medal when I was 16, is that what I should be known for the rest of my life. What do you think is going on here? Very strange don’t ya think?

  263. @356 Budman

    Never have watched, There goes the neighborhood.. to exhausted after BB. But I am sure that is what any neighborhood will be saying the same thing when nat and her new hubby move in.

  264. Kelli

    I took a swim in Lake Michigan today but
    didn’t come out looking blue even though the
    water was COLD.

    How strange that my name is blue on your computer.

  265. Yeah, Midwest shows up in blue on mine too… she is probably a marked woman! I would be afraid, very afraid.

  266. Riley: they had to call her something….you know they say Jordan is the waitress from NC – and Michele is the ???scientist from ?? wherever…….they asked Nat….and she obviously told them she wanted to be the “tae kwon do champ from AZ!!!!!

  267. @Midwest Fan…nobody trusts me…Marcus calls me a “liar”, and now this…(sigh)…actually, you do come across as blue…only your name, not your comments…

  268. @ Kelli- One night on BBAD Michelle was explaining about all sorts of sex toys which she owned and how to use them. Maybe that was before she was married but I have read somewhere (I think here) that her and her husband are swingers.

  269. @Kelli

    Names appear in blue when you add a website to your user info…However, Midwest I wouldn’t count out the CIA,FBI,etc. ;)


  270. Kelli

    Has my name always been printing in blue?
    There is something wrong with your computer.
    Nothing too serious. I’m sure the CIA, FBI or IRS will take care of it.
    x-rev and Dan ………….. no way!!!!

  271. @Dan
    Don’t worry about the Marcus dude, he seems to be drunk when he attacks you. Now on the otherhand… I think Cat is perfectly sober and is just a meanie. I know you agree with me, but you are afraid (as you should be) of her meaness, so you can just nod your head in agreement and I will understand. :D

  272. Fedup – thanks for the info……that was weird for a minute!!
    Dan – sorry – guess it was just my dirty mind!!

  273. Dan – in my defense……re-read your 363 post….it could be interpreted as dirty….

    yeah, i know if the person reading it is dirty minded right!!!

  274. Kevin keeps talking like he has already won….and it saying he doesn’t have the votes to win with either girls….he is pissing off natalie…

  275. @x-rev…(I’m nodding…)…I already have the kid figured out. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    @Kelli…no problem…I liked the inference…and I do have a dirty mind, just not that time!

  276. @381 Kelli
    Yeah, it could be if he had used the word balls somewhere in the sentence, but otherwise I will go with the latter part of your statement. You gutter minded poster you!!! ;)

  277. fedup

    Thanks. I told my husband to stop packing up.
    Whew! Dinner is still on.

    From various groups of friends, I am known by 7 different variations
    of my given name. I answer to all of them. Ha!
    Blue is a new one but what the heck!

  278. Cat and Dan – kiss and make up …..we all love the blogmance…….cat did you find dan’s key…..i thought thats where you were all this time……teeheee

  279. Cat

    We didn’t even have to finger point you in the right

    x-rev is the devil.

    If fedup is blue too then I’ll pass on taking on a
    new nickname. 7 is enough.

  280. @Dan
    Dude you need to grow some… The worst Cat can do is scratch them off and eat them for dinner.

    Be nice to me, I have a sore middle finger after last night. All that flipping off at my screen took its toll. :D

  281. Kelli
    Im saving the key…depending on how this convo goes will determine its use! :)

    Midwest Fan
    I could smell him…no wait that was the turkey floaters!

  282. @ Midwest
    Ok, my finger is not THAT sore, so this one is for you. :P

    @Kelli Yes you may become my 5th wife… I could love a shy (and a little dirty) girl. So just one question… hows your floaters?

  283. Cat – keep the blogmance alive……gotta have a blogmance going since we don’t have the j/j showmance no mo!!

  284. xrev – read my previous posts – way up top…i am happily married…….sorry itsa no for the 5th wife!!! TEEHHEEE

  285. @406 Kelli

    LOL, ok, i will back off. But for the record, whenever I go to a bar and a women says that to me.. I know its time to run, because too many times I found out it wasn’t true. And girl, I hate hiding from husbands. :P

  286. @409 Cat
    Hey, no need to back away from the first part of the comment… I might have to agree, but I keep them to go with the rest of the furniture so it looks like a complete package. However small a package it might be ;)

  287. @x-rev
    Good things come in small packages…or is that small packages comes with good jewelry?
    Can never remember!

  288. Cat _ I think you had it with the latter part of your statement small packages come with good jewlery and cars and houses……HA!!

  289. @413 Kelli
    Agreed! I only look for single floaters. Which leads me to ask the question… Has anyone been able to find out Jordans cell phone number? I think she needs some one on one time with someone who loves and appreciates her assets. :P

  290. I leave for a lil while and when i come back people are talking about packages, hiding from husbands…… Anything new going on in the BB 11 house? everything seems to have really come to a halt. Is it always lke this around the end?

  291. @415 Cat
    I believe the saying is “if you have a small package, you better be packing a diamond or be prepared to buy lots of jewelry.” Or something to that effect. I just chose to buy a really big pick up truck to throw the girls off. :P

  292. megan – the new SHOW is happenin right here now!! bb is all bbbbborrringgg….so we are spice’n it up here! HA!

  293. @418 Cat
    I was wondering about that… I said floaters, with an s, so does that mean two or one. And if I got a couple of floaters would it be four… and then I got a little dizzy and started drooling and just had to stop thinking about it….

  294. @ Kelli,
    You’re in moderation for being a bad girl!!! But you already knew that.

    It really sucks too, because it throws all the numbers off.

  295. And I actually kinda like Jen, because she is not nearly as stupid or as self centered as she seems, but she is really good at making people believe thats who she actually is.

  296. megan – you just disappointed me – i usually agree with you on everything…….not the jen thing tho…….just didn’t like her a bit!!

  297. Don’t worry, I am still a couple wives away from 5, but I keep my options open… so none of you ladies are safe from THE lady killer of this blog. waahaahaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  298. @ Cat
    Hey stop flattering me, I am getting a big head… and besides, I think the floaters will be on my mind in a couple of minutes. Any bets on how many Floater shots are in the outtakes?

  299. Off topic but in the BB house natalie is freaking out on Kevin because he was talking about who he had the best chance with in F2 and Natalie realizes that it might not be her after all. Here comes Hiro-Chima part 2!

  300. Has anyone heard from Leo today? He must really be peaved about this show tonight, and boycotting the blog. lol

  301. @kelli
    If all floater lovers took your advice… plastic surgeons would go broke. I feel we need to keep them in business. like they say, its not personal, just business. ;)

  302. @Budman…why are you interrupting us? If Natalie goes crazy, please let us know…also,I don’t get the show in the west for another 3 hours, so will somebody let me know if it’s worth watching? I actually have a job, and I have some work to do tonight!

  303. @x-rev…you can’t just float through life…

    @Cat…what am I wearing? Better yet, what are you wearing?

  304. @Cat
    Alas, you are finally figuring me out. Its all about the ecomomy. I admit to being a little ticked off when Obama didn’t ask my opinion about health care and plastic surgery, but I keep waiting for the call. :P

  305. @Dan Yeah sorry! I feel like when Ronnie walked in the room when Jeff was trying to get his first kiss from Jordan

  306. Yeah, I am back. Hey, Budman #372, I can’t believe that Michele is a swinger. She doesn’t appear to be that type. I never liked her, but I got to defend her on that topic. Midwest @393, x-rev is NOT the devil. I have to feel that way because sometimes x-rev comes over to my side, not often, but sometimes. I don’t have live feeds, but am anxious to see BBAD. Good thing that the season is almost over because it sure has affected my sleep. I am still on Natalie and Kevin’s side, as if you guys care, and am keeping my fingers crossed that the two best players, K & N, are in the final two. And–I have nothing bad to say about Jordan because I haven’t heard her open her mouth today, but I am sure that she will give me some ammunition on BBAD for tomorrow.

  307. WB Redhead
    Thanks for your response to those who would call me the Devil, but hey, I remember it was nat calling michelle the devil. Which makes me wonder if those who call me the devil, are actually the devil in drag…. i.e Midwest Fan!!! :P
    I only say that because as we speak she is enjoying turkey floaters.

  308. Watching the recap show, we can all know now why BBAD seemed scripted the other day … for use in tonight’s broadcast.


    I have found x-rev’s real location.

    Nine young girls were told they were selected to participate
    in a BB-like television show.
    They moved into a house and were told to walk around
    the house naked.
    After almost 2 months, the girls decided this might be a ruse
    and could possibly be harmful so they attempted to leave the
    house and discovered they were locked inside.
    Thankfully their parents missed them (Duh! Huh?) and
    a police search began and resulted in rescuing them from the house.

    As expected the “producers” of the show were selling videos
    of the girls on the internet.

    x-rev, are you still in Turkey?

  310. Maybe some of you thought tonight’s episode was boring but I was pleasantly surprised. Finally, Jordan was protrayed as someone who shows a spark of being able to think for herself rather than the stero-typed blonde bimbo. I actually enjoyed tonight’s broadcast down memory lane if only because Jordan looks like she may actually deserve to win the prize. No matter what, I have this intense dislike for poor Natalie (who is just playing the game) and like many of you, do NOT want to see her win a cent.

    I was on the CBS site last night placing my vote for the final two and I was allowed to vote again and again, I finally lost count of how many times and just went to bed. Does anyone know how many times you can vote. It seems to me I did it several times (more than 10 anyways).

  311. k, I have decided to sign up for BB12, and go in with the same attitude as Kev… “I will cut up those biotches to win 1/2 million dollars.” lol

    Maybe if I go in and act gay, I can get closer to the floaters. :)

  312. @x-rev @Midwest Fan

    Tonight’s episode had no real surprises. I expected CBS to show unseen footage.

    Having said that, I still had tears running down my face when I saw Ronnie crying and he looked like a little baby boy and then Nat. was priceless with the whole bug thing!

    I thought it was a joke when Nat. was in the diary room crying over Jessie proclaiming how the bad J/J/M/R were the bad guys and the good guys N/L/K/C/Jess were unfairly targeted with the CDT. Was she real???

    She really does get things screwed up doesn’t she?

    Again, I did feel for poor Michele especially when they showed her being tormented at times, that was really sad!

  313. @477 Cat
    lol, i think it will be…. but hey, I am open minded. Look at it this way, I took you on as a blog friend, so I can be swayed. ;)

    love ya :P

  314. @Cat

    Saw a promo of Russell H Survivor and nope, already don’t like him. He is another liar, lying about being in New Orleans and then laughing about it. He’s on my doo doo list already!

  315. @Midwest Fan
    He could go in under the disguise of a distinguished know it all gentelman that corrects everyone else :)

  316. @Diane
    Funny, I took it just the opposite as you when it came to Ronnie… I am totally convinced he was playing to the camera, knowing america would see this act. Total crocodile tears on his part. (My opinion, not fact.)

    But then again, I have been wrong before.

  317. Hope that I can stop laughing long enough to type this from BB tonight:
    Jeff to Jordan: If I could be any kind of an animal, I would be an eagle so that I could fly.
    What kind of animal would you be, Jordan?
    Jordan to Jeff: I think, ah, ah, ah, that I would be a squirrel.
    Jeff to Jordan: Don’t you have any aspirations?
    Any kind of animal and you would be a squirrel?
    Jordan to Jeff: Well, you know, ah, ah, they
    can hang around neighborhoods.
    Yes, #473, Charrane, this shows that she is NOT a BIMBO. (ha,) and Midwest Fan # 475, yes, this is the BEST of Jordan. I rest my case for now, but when she speaks again, I will let you know. This girl really cracks me up!!!

  318. @Diana
    Dont think im going to like either Rlussell..nothing to do with the one we just got rid of…their like opposites to the extreme!

  319. @x-rev #484

    I thought it was priceless when he was crying to Chima like a baby and then talking to his wife’s photo. Crocodile tears perhaps, but either way, he didn’t get my sympathy, I just couldn’t stop laughing at him.

    I’m happy he didn’t make it to the F3 because tonight I realized how much I disliked him as well as Nat.

  320. @Midwest
    I think cat is right, I would in fact be better then anyone else on the show, and would have to be evicted immediatly because of the big threat I pose to anyone else.

    *x-rev smiles in middle of his own dream.

  321. @x-rev
    Now if they ever have a dreamers show…your a shoe in, and you would be the best boob…i mean floater!

  322. @x-rev

    Loved it when Kevin threw a hissy fit at Ronnie also, just loved it.

    But, did you notice that there was very little shown about Nat. and her engagement. I thought that was mighty strange and somewhat suspicious.

    Everyone for Laura and Braden were show cased, but there was so little about Nat. and her engagement. Instead they focussed on Nat. crying over Jessie, that I thought was really weird.

  323. @ Redhead
    Come on, fess up, Jordan just reminds you of a girl that beat you out of some competition in school!!! Its alright, we are friends, you can tell me. hehe

  324. @x-rev

    Gone into moderation again post will be #490 talking about Nats. engagement and lack of footage on that, instead CBS focussed on Nats. tears for Jessie, which I thought was strange!

  325. #490. YOu must be joking. JOrdan couldn’t beat me out of anything, not even a sandwich.
    Yeah, we are still friends, and I think that you would be a riot on BB. Why not sign up?
    You seem like a nice intelligent person and that would be such a welcome change of pace for BB. LOL

  326. @Diane
    Yeah, I thought it was a little strange that nothing about the “engagement” was talked about. Has anyone even heard nat say anything about it since that show aired? I still smell something stinky there.

    @ Cat
    One thinq we can always agree on is that nat is a rat… and thats all I need from you, tear me apart otherwise… oh wait, you already do that. :P

  327. @Redhead

    You used operative words ‘SEEM’ like a nice ‘INTELLIGENT’ person!

    x-rev – Just kidding! Love to see you on BB12, if you do apply, then you have to let us all know that you were accepting, so we can have the love train running on this site for you!

  328. Well, i would def be on the train for x-rev…although it might be the one that runs him over (jk)…of course i would be there for you…

  329. @Cat

    Not using #’s because they’re all screwed up.

    Buy you are the right person to put on a rat ~ cat got the rat!!! :)

  330. @ Redhead
    I had to wait and see how many would jump on that “intelligent” statement. And I admit to having tears in my eye from laughing. (I was eligible for riding the short bus to school)

    @ Diana,
    Thanks for backing me up!

  331. Hey, I want to revise my previous statement #494. Jordan is pretty good and fast in the food catagory. I might be able to beat her out of a sandwich, but with cookie dough, I would not have a chance.

  332. My take on Ronnie’s tears ………….. fake.
    Is he really married?
    Someone had mentioned they thought he was
    pretending though I don’t know why
    he would bother to lie about it.

    Tonight I liked him saying he expects Kevin to offer him
    a public apology on Finale night.
    I don’t think so.

  333. I promise, that if on the show , you will know its me, because in the DR I will always give you all a special signal. I will cup my hands to my chest and ask about where all the floaters are. wink wink

  334. @Redhead
    I will let Jordan eat cookie dough in my house anytime, wouldn’t even mind seeing her barefoot and baking them for me in the kitchen.

  335. @Midwest Fan

    OMG, I couldn’t believe it when he said that! Can you imagine Kevin saying sorry to Ronnie?

    For the first time, I thought Kevin had some spunk. I only wish he would use some of that spunk towards Nat.

  336. 508. Now that is something that Jordon would REALLY BE GOOD AT. But, you won’t be home, you will be in the BB12 house.

  337. I am packing my bags now, and humming “leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.” I pick that song so everyone realizes how old I really am…

  338. @Cat
    Dan is buying you a diamond? Wow, one bad date and he falls for anyone. Poor thing, I will go straighten him out…

  339. @Cat

    There will be a lot of fluff! You will have the final HOH, Jury questions, more fluff and then the voting. I personally think 2 hrs. is too long, and BTW it isn’t tomorrow night, it is Tuesday night! lol :)

  340. Cat 514. I think that JOrdan is into all men, or vice versa. (Sorry guys, but she left the door wide open.) LOL

  341. @Diana
    Are you saying they will be showing a lot more of Jordan… you have me confused when you keep talking about seeing fluff and more fluff!!! Oh wait, did you mean floaters??

  342. and, yes, I am working…at my computer, on a project that does not involve playing with all of you people…but, I apparently can’t help myself…x-rev has Floaters Anonymous, and I have Bloggers Anonymous…help…I think I have hit bottom (not yours, Cat…)

  343. @Dan
    How do I say this without scaring you???


  344. x-rev

    Too funny!

    You will have the entire BB audience in love with you.

    What will be your talent in the BB House, besides
    eyeing floaters?

    I’m hoping cooking so we can have a code set up whereby
    you can let us know how you’re doing by what you cook.

    Mac n Cheese- Comfy. Doing okay.

    Hamburger Helper – Yellow Alert Warning

    Alphabet Soup – Confused by all that is going on in the BBH.

    Deviled Eggs – Angry at someone or something.

    Hot n Spicy Chili – Feeling Confident and In Control

    Pigs in the Blanket – Laying low.

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

  345. @Redhead
    Wacko is what those dudes say when they put me to bed each night in my nice padded room. Must be something about me that makes ppl believe that.

    @ Cat
    Sorry hun, but when there is blood loss to the brain, I sometimes dis my friends. :P

  346. dang, moderation again… Redhead, wacko seems to be the word that most ppl use to describe me, Even the dudes in the white jackets that lock me into my room each night.

    The loss of blood to the brain sometimes causes me to dis those I like.

  347. Have to go ———– Chicago Bears playing the
    Green Bay Packers and I can’t concentrate on the game and BB.


    Have fun!

    My 100,000 votes have all been the same.

    Kevin wins over Jordan.
    Kevin wins over Natalie.
    Jordan wins over Natalie.

  348. @Midwest Fan
    DA Bears will win, no need to watch. And my 200,000 votes have made yours null and void. Sorry! The devil made me do it, and yes, I am speaking of cat.

  349. Nat’s not annoying because she’s a liar but because she is so arrogant and thinks her lies are so damn clever – they are not. And she can’t stop lying or whining about how she would have won except blah blah blah…whiner and loser in my book.

    They did dupe Jeff big time but that was his own paranoia which they just fed on.

    But why did everyone and I mean everyone trash Michelle???

  350. 536. Don’t TAKE this wrong way, cause it is meant to be funny. OK? Don’t be embarrassed or hang your head if people call you WACKO. Michael Jackson was called WACKO, and people loved him throughout the WORLD and look HOW RICH he was. So, go on BB 12, and get RICH too.

  351. Natalie is trying to cook again! She thinks fish is poultry. She wants to marinade it w/ milk and vanilla extract and she is going to fry uncooked rice. Dan as you flee run by and grab her fiancee. He will be forever indebted to you.

  352. @Dan
    They have pills for that.
    But im sure you would never need them..unlike those who are ancient and shall not be named.

  353. 545. See what happens when you hang around Jordan too long? Poor Natalie, it’s rubbing off on her. LOL

  354. @Budman…thanks for your advise, but I might be in too deep…

    @Cat…there is not reason to be concerned…I’ve taken care of everything…

  355. ok, I have to make an admission to everyone here tonight… Its a little strange but that should not come as a surprise to anyone.

    Although I love Floaters, I was talking to a friend the other day about my blogging and told her how I was having fun and was kinda known for my Floater comments. And she looks at me and says..

    ” Floaters? Isn’t that what you called turds when they floated to the top when a kid was taking a bath and poo pooed in the tub?”

    So to say the least, I have mixed feelings about my floater comments now. :P

  356. @Redhead
    LMFAO, now that was funny. Wonder how far i could get going into the house as a fanatic Michael Jackson fan? Just another little twist to my game. hehe

  357. 549. Thanks for that very useful information, and I will certainly file it away in my “FYI” folder. I have never heard floaters described quite that way. See, I knew that I was right when I called you “Intelligent.” See, Diana, you were wrong. He knows a lot of stuff.

  358. @Cat…I actually dated a woman named Cat a couple years ago…a real sweetheart…was it you? If it was, you know it will be just fine…

  359. 551. I Think that you would go REALLY FAR. Don’t forget the sequined glove and the white socks. I really shouldn’t be making fun of Michael cause I LOVED his music. (Hey, also, don’t forget the tape and the nose.)

  360. @Cat
    I asked that earlier, and no one replied. Maybe he is on exile island looking for the DV before the final BB show. :P

  361. I’ve always wondered how much hgs are paid to be on BB…

    Found this online — WOW – not bad, huh?

    Anyone know if this is true???:

    While the finalists’ prizes are the most advertised, every houseguest gets money for appearing on the show.

    Everyone gets a stipend of $750 for every week they remain in the house.

    If they make the jury, they get a $10,000 bonus, as they’ll be committed for the whole season.

    Showing up at the finale earns players an additional $5,000 bonus.

  362. @Redhead
    Oh yeah, I will bring my glove. Wear a mask whenever I go outside and grab my crotch anytime I win HOH.

  363. @Sue in CT
    Not bad for laying beside a pool and watching the others tan… and being able to torment ppl. I am one step closer to signing up. I would only need to take a weeks vacation, and then go back to work $750 richer lol

  364. 566. No, the tabloids called him “Jacko, the Wacko. 564. The reason I brought up you being great in the BB house as MJ is because of your previous comments about certain parts of your body that MJ was constantly touching. Hee, hee.
    Seriously, that was the one thing about him that I DIDN’T like, but crotch touching or not, he WAS a Great Artist. I was a music major, and I know genius when I hear it.Hey, 564, I AM not insinuating that you are a GENIUS, but maybe you are a GENIUS in disguise?

  365. @Cat
    Leo, trollin in a new ride? Oh that is just scary. Almost as scary as him at the gym trying to hook up with ladies who have been working out all day!!! They will crush him.

    PS… your still the king Leo!

  366. @Redhead
    I agree with you when it comes to MJ, he was a genious. I on the other hand have never been accused of such intelligence. I wouldn’t know how to handle it. I perfer to think of myself as a simple genious… if its easy, I will figure it out eventually. :P

  367. @x-rev

    NO!! you gotta GO FOR IT! – at least to the jury house!!

    seems like easy money to me… $15,000 for doin’ nothin’ all summer…

    sign me up :)

  368. off topic… well not that we have been on topic for the last hour.. but

    Has anyone seen the new sears commercial with Brett Favre trying to pick out a television? Its hilarious.

  369. @Redhead
    It would ruin my image here and at work if ppl heard anyone suggest I was intelligent. I just push my mop and broom and humm old songs and ppl wave at me when they need something cleaned up.

  370. I feel like Jesse… I was talking and letting you all know how great I really am, and you all fell asleep. Hmm, guess i will flex my muscles and go to sleep.

  371. @Cat
    Hey girl, the only reason I signed up was because of you. I wouldn’t have anyone to pick on for the next couple of weeks if it were not for that blog. Plus i loved your insight into the hotness factor. And yes, I will be cheering on Nat in Survivor!!!

  372. @Dan
    You have admitted to being a blog junkie, so why not add survivor to your list, and make the kitty happy!?!

  373. @x-rev
    Dont tell anyone i said this but … thanks (gulp). Now maybe Dan will quit working so hard (or is it hardly working?) and haul his handsome (i know this because he told me) arse over to Survivor!

  374. @Cat and @x-rev…I’ve already been there, and I love the show…almost as much as my growing affection for Miss Cat…(awww…)

  375. @Dan
    Will you stop treating me like a yo-yo! First ya love me then ya run from me…i have new running shoes :)

  376. @Cat
    Sorry, I just fell off my chair and hit my head really hard, and I can’t remember anything you just said. ;)

    Play ur cards right and maybe u can spend some time on an island with a purrty girl. hehe

  377. @Cat
    Tell him the cell phone thing doesn’t help. Anytime I get a # from the ladies, I call them later and find its a prayer line. idk, guess they think i need help from above.

  378. Where can BB 8 be viewed online? My 15 yr old reads these posts and watches BB with me and she wants to see season 8

  379. @Bridget
    I have no idea how to find season 8. But I am sure Cat or Leo can help you.

    ummm, I don’t want to insult Dan or suggest anything, but I am committed to floaters… not jewels… :P

  380. I must put this in CAPS

    I’M surprised the HG didn’t think/question it/
    I was 20 minutes into tonights BB, boring, boring. I have turned to another channel. Send me an e-mail on who won Tuesday, won’t be watching, done with BB

  381. @Terry
    I am known for being slow here, but may I ask why the f%&K you want an email telling you who won, if you don’t care? I say, if you don’t care, then you don’t need the info. You must be an adult, so I am sure you can find the results afterwards without us bothering to help you.

    I am baaacccckkkkk to being what you claim. hehe

  382. @x-rev
    I claim that you are a distinguished gentleman who corrects others mistakes while the sassy one flirts with him! :)

  383. @Cat
    lmao, yeah I have said it before, but it needs repeating… you need to stay away from that cat nip, it makes you wild girl!

  384. RESPONSE TO 597 COMMENT. This confirms that only low life loser’s ( LLL ) are the audience for BB, THIS IS ALL THEY Attract..
    Enjoy, own it.

  385. @Terry
    I am sorry, but couldn’t understand that last part, you need to remove your head from the rather large orifice in your lower extremities and speak once your mouth has been cleared of all fecial matter.

  386. **At 4:30pm BBT, Kevo told Nat that he’s not taking her to Final 2! If you have the feeds, spark’em up! (I’m sure Natalie isn’t done being pissed just yet. lol) She’s acting very happy/friendly, almost too friendly, which leads me to believe that she probably has something up her sleeve and she has 1 1/2 days to use her trick. We’ll see what she does! ;-)

  387. @Terry
    BTW, I know u couldn’t understand any of that… so let me explain it to you in language you understand… because you really seem to be even dumber then I.

    Pull your head out of your @$$ because your talking S&*T


    Just when ut hought the producers of BB would just let us see cool, and interesting moments from the season, UR WRONG.

    Agian they are editing the show so J/J seem like god.

    Seem like the best ppl in the house and ur going against morals if u dont vote for them because there so perfect.


    And they said they would show things we havent seen before, ALL the clips are from the show.

    BB, why cant we have balance? Why is it neccessary to make J/J look so perfect when Jeff isnt even in the game anymore, and Jordan already has americas vote locked up?

    Oh thats right, so Jeff can win the 25,000. i forgot.

    How many times did Jordan lead into the clip saying a “good girl” thing?

    plz i lost count.

    Not saying she is a skumbag but they sure as heck didnt do show the real Jordan.

    and they defently didnt show the real Jeff.

    Well atleast Cutler threw 4 INT’s.


    Jeff and Jordans football teams were atrocious today

    their QB’s threw a combined 8 pics.

    makes me feel an ounce better. HAR HAR HARRRR.

    come on jordan.! <:/ yea ummm woot woot.

    win and take Natalie to the end so she can beat u with the votes.

  389. @Terry,
    You promised to leave. Don’t want you to be influenced by the LLL. Might end up dragging you up from where you are.

  390. @sservie
    I will admit that even the show wasn’t great, it made me like Kev more then before, I kind of forgot how funny he was. He really does have a grasp on how crazy all the girls were… but was smart enough to keep it to himself.

  391. During the last weeks of BB, and the volume of participants dwindle, the crew should add something a little better than Natalie meeting her boyfriend and getting engaged…”Fake & oh so Boring”.

    I would have added something that might be fun or interesting getting all HG’s involved. For example…Three fun puppies (different breeds) arrive in the back yard for the day. Each HG’s participation is required as they have just adopted a pooch the day assuming all responsibilities and fun. Each puppy would come with instructions for their HG parent.

    Or, during those quiet moments at the hot tub, drop a net of “harmless” snakes near the dazed HG’s, and watch them squeal. The twist…they need to gather them up for removal.

    HG’s model their clothing, hats, slippers, special blankie, etc for live bid on eBay with winners announced at the end of the show. The trick is the HG keeps the cash, giving them encouragement to play up the value while displaying their items. (I would have bid for Jeff’s cool hat and dinner for two).

  392. Natalie using Jordan for final 2 she been nice to her for a long time. Natalie is playing both of them to make sure one will pick her for final 2 she does not have to worry. I hope Jordan sees what Natalie doing

  393. @all
    After tonight, I decided that Kev is my choice for winning. He was smart, picked the right alliance and was best at all competitions.

  394. @sservie
    We missed you too…soooo much!!!
    Things happen to take us back to reality.
    Hope everything is ok now..i know its rough sometimes but you are a true hero…

  395. @x-rev
    You flip flop more than the BB fish…no committment!
    Jordan will be disappointed that you have abandoned her floaters…

  396. @Cat
    I keep telling you, say it with a wink and the ladies believe anything. ;)

    @ sservie
    Just future ex wives, only one so far lol

  397. @Dan ur so funny. i only mispelled liked 4 words. and u knew what i was talking about so does it matter.

    Im only saying the truth. seems u cant handle it.

    x-rev, u and dan should host a sitcom u guys are so funny.


    i wouldnt be suprised if Dan didnt even watch the show.

    Because thats what he does. he doesnt watch the show, and then right after it airs, comes on here and bashes houesguests, or excuse me Nat/Kevin and doesnt knoe what he is talking about.

  398. @Marcus…what language is that…so many misspelled words, it’s hard to figure what you’re trying to say…seriously, stay in school…

  399. @Dan.


    once again ur missing facts in ur comments.

    u must like doing that, u do it so often.

    Lets take a trip back . . .

    Dan-“Natalie is so . . . . , i mean she can atleast say “congrats jordan” or something.

    hmmmmm. as it turns out, u didnt watch the show, because indeed Natalie had said congrats, and hugged her.

    thats exactly how it happened.

  400. @Midwest Fan
    Kinda saw the last 2 min of the game, pretty sad. And knowing you would be upset and out for revenge, I called CBS and told them your were actually not human, but a computer programmed to cast votes every second, so they have now voided all your votes. ;) :P :D

  401. @Dan

    haha okay dan.

    its obvious to me u have no leg to stand on. . . . again.

    I mean i didnt knoe this was the forum of using correct grammar all the time. its called the internet.


  402. X-rev Did you hear the late night spoof of the you lie thingy on tv? It reminds me of Nat. They show the Pres saying no insurance for the illegals and you hear you lie.They show a guy sitting next to Wilson and he says oh sorry Mr. Pres. I was talking about my Fav month of the yr. It is not Aug or Sept ,but as he is pointing his finger at the Pres. It is JUUULIEEEE.LMAO everyone in jury house will be telling nat that tooo Juuuuliieeeee.

  403. @sservie
    In the first corner we have Dan; handsome, intelligent, and a good speller
    In the other corner we have Marcus; opinionated, bullish and somewhat a bad speller
    round one goes to Dan: he wins all my attention!

  404. x-rev

    Ha! Like anyone at CBS would listen to you.
    My votes are safe.

    My Swedish hubby is curing DA BEARS in Swedish.
    Funniest thing you’ve ever heard.

    Speaking of sports, I can see Natalie playing on a rugby team.
    I wonder if she’s considered it.
    We’re a rugby family. Bloody sport.
    Biting Fingers. Biting cheeks, high or low. Breaking a knuckle
    It is the meanest game on earth and after all of
    these years it still drives me nuts watching it.
    Natalie would fit right in.

  405. @sservie
    I love you back hun. And as we can see from the last couple of minutes, this room could use some more love!!!

  406. @sservie…Hi…I’ve seen and appreciated your posts…I’m sorry if I’m disrupting your evening leisure…I think my little friend from Chula Vista needs a “timeout”…I made the God-awful error of missing something, and so I am apparently a “liar”…Spell Check boy has his thong in a bunch over my grievous error, and considers this the worst thing that has ever happened in his life. I hope it is, for his sake…he will then have the blessed life he deserves. If he would just send me his address, I would send him a dictionary…with directions on how to use it…anyway, sorry for the inconvenience…

  407. @Midwest Fan

    Rugby??? Wow, that is a wicked sport. The nat would prob be good at it. She knows how to bite, kick, scratch, and elbow her way through anything.

  408. Read Natalie Bio and it says that she lies,steal, and she will do anything to win So they know that Natalie will lie in the show all the thing she said in her BIO is written in CBS Big

  409. @Midwest Fan #684

    Love that idea…it could be the summer of the pocket protectors.
    Maybe i should try out, i could be the sassy housewife that drinks too much and loves Dan! :)

  410. @sservie…I thought I was responding to your asking Cat what was up with the little battle I was involved in…I was just filling you in…sorry if I confused you…

  411. @sservie,
    Thanks for the love, and I am soo happy your back and making things interesting again.

    Please be good to Dan, and give him the key.

    Marcus is still not worth the fight.

    @ The dudes in the white coats
    Yeah yeah yeah, I know, its time for the padded room. Just let me tell my friends goodnight.

  412. @Cat…we could both drink too much together…where are you from, if you don’t mind…I’m flying out in the morning…

  413. ok, i went into moderation again

    maybe my last reply will appear tomorrow.. but the dudes in the white coats are coming and I am off to my padded room. TTYL

  414. @Dan
    Lets just agree to meet somewhere on a sandy beach where the wind can blow in our hair and we can play twister :)

  415. x-rev

    The best part of a Rugby Match is when it’s over.
    We, all, get together for beers and sing ditties.
    Hysterically funny!
    Rugby players are usually from many
    different countries. Truly great people.

    A Bonus for me: I now know curse words in 11 languages.

  416. Cat

    You are definitely going to have your work cut
    out for you if some of these “folks” follow you
    to the new Survivor site.

    Should be a riot of fun!

  417. @sservie…I thought #674 and #678 were related…so, I wrote that initial message to you. Again, sorry for the confusion…

    @Cat…save me!

  418. @sservie
    Dan is a really sweet person.
    He thought he was helping me explain what was going on while you were gone.

  419. @Cat #685

    Explain that if you don’t mind…I’ve never had any dealings with Dan before tonight. What the “h” did I do?

  420. @sservie
    You did NOTHING wrong!!!!
    Dan was talking about Marcus calling him a liar. Then Marcus was offended that x-rev told him he didnt know how to spell.
    Dan was trying to say that he likes your posts and he was explaining the situation with Marcus. He wasnt calling YOU a liar , he was calling Marcus a liar and Dan was sorry you had to interrupt your happy posting to here about Marcus.

  421. sservie
    My explanation is awaiting moderation so i will try again. You did nothing wrong. First know that!

  422. sservie
    I keep getting sent to moderation!!!
    Dan likes your posts…he hated that you had to be interrupted by Marcus (who called Dan a liar).

  423. sservie
    Dan meant no harm to you…he likes to read your posts. He just didnt like being called a liar by Marcus and he was trying to explain that to you.

  424. i think all of you are great!!!!!!!!! except for marcus he needs to go to an english class and learn how to spell.

  425. @sservie
    Dan has been around for a while.
    Hes been a sweetheart and likes to kid around with me and x-rev.