How To Watch Big Brother 19 & All Access On Your TV: Roku, Apple TV, Mobile, & More

Big Brother Live Feeds & All Access are running at full speed and thanks to CBS there will be a lot more ways to watch and platforms to support your round the clock Feedster living. Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge.

Big Brother Live Feeds for Big Brother 18

We’ll be firing up our All Access Live Feed starting on Wednesday, June 28th to get our first glimpse of the BB19 Houseguest goodness as they move in and get the new season rolling. When things do finally kick off you’ll have plenty of options to get your fill of the Feeds.

CBS announced this preseason that you’ll be to watch your Live Feeds subscription (get the Free Trial now) on your computer, tablet, smartphone, Roku players, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One/360, and even the coconut radio from Gilligan’s Island. (Editor’s note: Don’t try that last one at home.) Here’s how to get started on several of those options.

First step for all of these methods is to get signed up for All Access with Live Feeds ($5.99/month). Doing so through links and banners at fan sites, including this one, helps that site (again, like this one) by generating a referral credit for us from CBS. That referral helps pay the bills, puts food on the table, kids through college, and all sorts of things. Best part is that it costs you nothing extra at all to do. So THANK YOU in advance for your support!

Try 1 Week Free of All Access

Try Live Feeds 1 Week Free! Only $5.99 per month thereafter. Sign-up now.

Reminder that along with your Feeds you’ll get access to 600+ past episodes of Big Brother with every past season in their archives and ready for viewing. Of course there are plenty of other CBS shows both current and legacy, but who has time for that with Big Brother on, right?!

How to Watch Big Brother Live Feeds on your Computer:

Once you’ve signed up for All Access, which now includes your Big Brother Feeds, you can sign-in at and navigate to the Big Brother section then click on the Live Feeds menu option to launch the viewer. From there you can pick the four different cameras, quad-cam view, archive footage to rewind and watch what you missed, and extra content as well.

How to Watch Big Brother Live Feeds on your Smartphone or Tablet:

Similar to viewing on your computer, either navigate to for a link to launch the CBS mobile app or simply start that app to get your Feeds rolling. If you’ve got our Big Brother App then click the Live Feeds menu option to get that going as well.

The press release mentions you’ll be able to watch the Feeds using your mobile browser which awesomely let our own Big Brother App connect to your All Access account and view your Feeds directly inside the app. Unfortunately that method was recently disrupted as CBS is currently forcing your mobile browser to open their own app. Hopefully that’ll change.

If you’re having trouble with your tablet or phone and it doesn’t meet the requirements for the CBS App then you can download the free Puffin browser (iOS and Android) then login normally to your CBS account and it will behave like a desktop/laptop browser viewing the Feeds.

How to Watch Big Brother Live Feeds on your Roku player:

Along with your Feeds subscription you’ll need a Roku device or enabled TV. I’m using the Roku streaming stick (Amazon), the cheapest of the Roku device options, and it works very well.

Visit the Roku website and add the CBS All Access channel to your device. Then turn on your Roku device, navigate to the All Access channel, select Shows, find Big Brother and then start your Feeds. Voila!

How to Watch Big Brother Live Feeds on your Apple TV:

Scroll through the Apple TV home view to find the CBS app rather than a specific All Access one as they’re combined and goes by a different name for Apple’s use. At the top you’ll find the Shows menu option then scroll down a few rows for Big Brother.

How to Watch Big Brother Live Feeds on your Chromecast:

Sign in to All Access on your computer or Android device then navigate to, get things running for your Feeds, then activate the cast feature to send your browser’s content to your Chromecast device.

How to Watch Big Brother Live Feeds on your Xbox 360 & Xbox One:

This method now works on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. To use this platform go to your dashboard view, find Movies & TV, then “Get your TV app” to add the CBS All Access app to the “My Video Apps” section. Click that All Access app and get started.

As for the Android TV & Amazon Fire TV, I do not have access to provide steps, but if anyone out there does then please feel free to share details and I can update this post here

You have a LOT of options this season for watching Big Brother Live Feeds and things are silly cheap at just $5.99 month when it used to cost up to $15/month. If you’re not sure about using the Feeds I can tell you that there’s no comparison to having them and not when it comes to the full Big Brother experience. There’s always the Free Trial to check out if you want to kick the tires before buying.

Try 1 Week Free of All Access

Try 1 Week Free! Only $5.99 per month thereafter. Sign-up now.


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  1. My only problem with watching feeds via Roku (I also use the streaming stick) is that if you want to change what camera you’re watching, you have to go all the way back out to the main menu. In other words, it’s a royal pain to switch between cameras. Unless I’ve been watching the wrong way on the Roku, I’ve found that watching online is the easiest because switching between cameras is MUCH simpler.

    • I’d agree that w/ a computer or smartphone is probably the easiest, but it’s been nice to have some other options including a way to watch on a big screen or not stuck at my desk.

      But yeah, my go-to method remains the website-direct way.

      • Does Roku allow Flashback now? Especially with BBOTT, where the live events happen at bad hours if you don’t live on the west coast.

    • That’s sad to hear. I just set up All Access on my FireTV. I was hoping to be able to watch the feeds on the big screen. I’m assuming I’ll end up having the same problems you have with your ROKU.Having to traipse back and forth to the main menu does not sound like something I want to do. Plus using the ridiculous little remote they give you is always such fun. I guess I’ll just stick to the ol’ computer.

  2. But you can’t watch the live feeds without paying for a CBS All-Access SUBSCRIPTION but I do NOT pay to watch videos online as I consider that a scam so I am banned from watching them as I refuse to pay for it!

    • That’s okay. You don’t have to. Not everybody is interested in watching a bunch of random people live in a house scheming against each other. But you certainly aren’t banned. And depending on how much you watch it, the $5.99 practically pays for itself.

      • You don’t understand….I never said that I don’t want to watch- what I said is I don’t believe in paying to watch videos online (I already pay for Internet access, I should not have to pay CBS, HBO & every single individual company to watch their own content- that is just ridiculous)! Hell, I don’t even have the WWE Network (which is $9.99/month) & I’ve watched wrestling ever since I was 8 & I’m 39 now – that is over 30 years! If I won’t pay $10/month to WWE what makes you think I’d pay &6/month to CBS? I say I’m banned because I refuse to pay for it & you have to pay to watch it – that is my point, you are banned if you don’t pay!

      • Err, you don’t believe you should have to pay for people’s content/work? It doesn’t just fall from the sky or drop off of trees.

        You certainly don’t have to watch, but expecting someone to hand over their efforts for your free consumption is a peculiar viewpoint.

      • Well, let me ask you this: who exactly am I paying? I am not paying the houseguests to watch them because the network (CBS) &/or producers pay the winner (& I think there might be 2nd, 3rd place prizes but I’m not sure or how far they go) & I’m not paying the camera/film crew because the network does that & the sponsors/ads pay the networks & the cable providers pay the networks to air the content so who exactly am I paying? I am not saying people shouldn’t get paid for their work but it is a video stream so all of the workers are already being paid by their employers! So please tell me who EXACTLY is it that I am employing that needs to be paid? The short answer is nobody!

      • You are paying for the work done & resources used to provide something that doesn’t exist outside the need for streaming the Feeds.

        If there weren’t Live Feeds do you really think CBS would still have a team curating the camera Feeds to put the right content out there, someone to monitor the censoring, and all the rest of the team involved. Then you’ve got the costs for sending that data out which requires lots of hardware and consumes bandwidth. The list goes on and on. These things would not exist if not for consumers on the other end receiving it.

        On top of that you’re paying for licensing of content. Now since all that other CBS content is included you’re paying for access to any of it whether you use all of it or not (ie. ESPN on your cable bill).

        It’s not a room full of monkeys with magical cameras that run on rainbows and unicorn tears. You seem to have a very closed mind on this and it’s hard to believe you don’t understand there are people working and expenses incurred to make the world go round.

      • Well, not that it has anything to do with you but for some odd reason a response I had made to “The” yesterday is not even posted so someone clearly already has something against me venting! As far as this goes through (if it even gets posted) is that I am actually really more open-minded then you think….I just don’t believe people should have to pay to watch videos online! If they did it as an optional sponsorship thing for people that wanted to donate to the project that would be a totally different situation but having people pay just to even get access to it I have a problem with.

      • If any message of yours was not posted then it is due to an automatic filter. You included something in there that sent it to the moderation queue and with hundreds of comments a day I do not often review that queue. No one manually blocked or removed any of your comments.

        So you’d pay $12 to go see a movie in the theater, but if they did a same day release to PPV for home viewing via online streaming you think that should be free? Nah. You want someone’s content that exists only because of their efforts and intellectual property to be given to you for free based on the medium in which it is delivered. Nah, won’t happen.

      • Include something like a website address?

        As I said before, buying a book or going to a movie is much different than watching videos online. Also, as I had already said before, I already pay for cable (with PPV being considered a part of cable) & internet so I should not have to also pay to watch content on websites. Putting it in a different context though, if I subscribe to HBO or Showtime (well, actually Showtime is included in the cable package I have but I know it isn’t always) would I also have to pay even more to go to those network’s website(s) too? Because if someone had to pay a monthly subscription rate of those networks would they also have to pay even more for the website content which is actually paying twice for the same exact thing? Or are you going to tell me that’s completely different?

        Like I said in my last posting, if it was an optional donation/sponsorship thing that would be different but changing just to access content on a website isn’t right. Heck, let me take your logic a second….based on what you’re saying about intellectual property, are we paying this website (Big Brother Network) to come to their website, read their articles & post on these decision boards? Let me guess….you are gonna claim that is completely different.

      • In this case you are paying CBS to watch their programs, just like you pay for cable or anything else. What part don’t you get? Sure is sucks that it’s not free, but what is free, someone is paying to offer these services, they aren’t going to be free. If you have a job, and do something that I can do for free, does that mean you shouldn’t get paid for doing your job? Are these companies making more money from making you pay, sure they are, again you don’t work for free do you, could they run these services without making you pay, sure, but there would be so many ads to pay for that, that no one would be able to watch anything. The answer is, stop whining, don’t subscribe, walk away.

      • Yeah I get what you’re saying. But if it was free, it would be riddled with ads. Which I hate. But someone has to pay for it. And I don’t watch WWE, or any sports, but I agree, $10 a month is a lot. But that’s what I pay for Netflix. But on the bright side, no ads on Netflix.

    • Yes, All Access is a paid subscription service since you are getting above & beyond content from the normal programming.

      It’s hardly anymore a “scam” than paying for a book, movie ticket, dinner, etc. An exchange of cash for goods is a basic concept in most corners of the world.

      $6/mo is silly cheap for 30 days of entertainment, but if 20 cents a day is above your threshold then you’re welcome to get the digested version from our write ups.

      • Watching videos ONLINE is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than buying a book or going to a movie – that is not a scam! Having to pay CBS & the like (who is already being paid) & having to pay any individual online video stream is the scam!

  3. I just got my first smartphone in 5 years. My other smartphone couldn’t even handle the feeds without crashing. However the only problem I have with smartphones, amazon fire, etc, is that they play ADS! I don’t know if the actual live feeds will have ads But the Jeff interviews do.

  4. Joyce- Not being able to watch in Canada is totally fair! In the US we can not watch international versions of Big Brother or Survivor….trust me I’ve tried watching international versions of both shows (Canada, Australia, UK, etc.) & all I ever get are error messages saying the content is not available in my area/country! So if I can not watch international versions then people in those countries should not be able/allowed to watch our US content either! It goes both ways so THAT is ONLY FAIR! If you want the US version then give me the Canadaen version!

    • Anyone who can use a VPN is able to watch feeds for Canada…they are free and if you do t have the channel that airs the show.. The show is posted online at same site feeds are usually next morning. Lots of Americans watch! Not sure why the snarkiness was necessary. I do watch the show on TV … My complaint was about not being allowed to watch something I am more than willing to pay for and in fact did until I was forbidden to last year.. That being live feeds. Thanks for being such a good nabor lol

      • Then why is it that I have not been able to & have only gotten those error messages saying they are not available? I have even emailed the networks the shows air on in those countries & they have all told me the content is not available outside of their own country? Yet you are telling me differently. How does that make any sense? I have always seen on those same network websites that they air the US programming on their own networks so why they get our US programming but I can’t get their international programing does not seem right or fair to me so I feel like if they get our programming the US should get their programming. I’m not trying to be snarkish I’m I just saying I don’t think international networks should be able to get/air US programming but tell me I can’t get their international programming. I don’t see that as snarkiness, I see that as fairness….

      • Andy, I watched BB Canada live feeds from day 1 It was from VideoBrother. Matt posted the link. There’s some tweaking involved but it’s great. The “viewer” stays on your desktop. A lot of blackout on their feeds though, but it’s free. I can’t complain

      • BB Canada is shown on Global Network, a Canadian Company. If your Cable Network doesn’t offer you that station, then take it up with your Cable Company. Most of our TV Stations are American…we are inundated with American programming. I have always been able to watch BB on TV…the show. It’s the feeds that are my complaint. We as Canadians were always able to purchase the rights to the feeds…in the beginning it was through Real, but in the past 2 years, since CBS has taken the feeds and offered them through CBS All Access….they have denied Canadians the right to purchase them. That is my complaint. As I have said…I am more than willing to pay to watch, but I don’t even have that choice any more. The reason I said you were being snarky was because of the use of CAPS to comment, and the use of !!! to get your point across…the point that it was “fair” that we not be allowed to watch the feeds. I’m not asking for freebies lol…let me pay, even a premium, and let me watch the feeds is all I want.

  5. God, I feel old. What’s Roku? All’s I got, is my e-leck-tric tee-vee machine with the antennas on its head. But I do have my laptop, and I’ll finally be getting the feeds. Seriously though, what’s Roku? lol…jk ;)

      • Diet Coke just came out of my nose.

        Food for thought: Doesn’t “Expect the unexpected” make the ‘unexpected’, ‘expected?’

      • She was so under-rated. Did you see her in “A Face in The Crowd” with Andy Griffith and Walter Matthau? She was really good. But she was quite lovely in “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” Very pretty and very talented.

      • Not remembering “A Face in the Crowd”, but of course I’ve seen “The Day the earth stood Still”.
        If you haven’t seen Cookie’s Fortune, watch it. That might have been her last movie, but I’m not certain about that. Glenn Close and Liv Tyler were both in it. I can’t think of the other gals name right now, but you’ll love the movie, I think.

      • Julianne Moore…great movie! The movie came out in ’99 and she died close to 10 years later…so I don’t know either. “A Face in the Crowd” was incredible because Andy Griffith played a real jerk; but he was amazing! The only time I’ve ever seen it on TV is on TCM. Amazing movie.

      • I just did a search on my cable to see if it was coming on anytime soon. It didn’t show up so I saved it in my search list. I’ll keep checking.
        I have BB and After Dark scheduled through next week. I’m either going to be losing a lot of sleep or get behind on the show very quickly. Probably both, considering there is absolutely not enough time in my day to watch it all, much less the feeds. Gotta’ go do some watering. Later.

    • lol I’m with you , have no idea. was hoping it was going to be on at night , after dark

      • LOL! I had to Google it. I usually watch BBAD. I also don’t know how to text. I still have a flip phone–it has the capacity to text; I just don’t use it. I’m just too complacent to learn new things. :)

    • I could look it up online to learn about it, but it wouldn’t matter. I still do not text. I have sent 4 or 5 max in the past 3 years, so I can if I need to, but won’t if I don’t have to. Maybe one day if I ever get a condo. The next place I move will probably be more like a nursing home, though. Hope they let me watch BB.

      • Text? K, even I know what that is. It’s the TextMex food I git down the street by Ethyl’s place. I don’t know why you’d have to look that up on the intranet. You just go down to the Tastee freez, turn right at old man Huntly’s house…he don’t have them nomes in the front yard no more though, so don’t look for ’em..then RIGHT past Ethyl’s is Bob’s TextMex. Ya git a free drink between 4:30 and 6 M-Sat.
        I can’t believe you didn’t know text is just short for TextMex. Your the smart one of the two of us. Look out for the BEAR!

      • No. In fact, don’t even acknowledge it! I’m not stupid—but today is, guess what?–so I’m all over the place. Plus, it’s been in the upper 80’s here and the AC in my apartment building has not been turned on YET this year. For the last 5 years they’ve been rigging it–now they actually have to replace the 60 yr old system…think my brain is being fried?

      • Oh, it may not be replaced this summer. It costs this hell-hole $1,100/day for the repairman…he won’t be here all week. He’s been here 5 times since May. I won’t be paying rent until it’s fixed; they won’t be getting paid until October when they turn the heat on!

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