Hayden Voss – Big Brother 16 Eviction Interview

Hayden Voss on Big Brother 16
Hayden Voss on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Hayden Voss became the second HG casualty of the Double Eviction last night on Big Brother 16 and it left his showmance partner Nicole Franzel in tears.

While Hayden doesn’t know that part of the season we did get a chance to ask him about his time in the house and what he might do if he got back in there.

Matthew Boyer – Big Brother Network (BBN): Were you blindsided by the Jocasta eviction or were you tipped off?

Hayden Voss: As soon as Zach said his speech and pointed at me, I was tipped off.

BBN: Do you think your showmance with Nicole hurt or helped your game?

Hayden: Well, definitely hurt. I thought I had it in the bag just because I thought I had Cody and Derrick, but it turned out I couldn’t trust them. With them, it would have been fine if we had the two other numbers with us.

BBN: How did being excluded from the original Bomb Squad & learning about it later effect your strategy?

Hayden: It actually helped my strategy because it put me in an innocent/sympathy spot. I had an excuse of not being a part of it but eventually became a part of it.

BBN: If you get the chance to re-enter the house, who would be your top target?

Hayden: Probably Cody and Derrick.

BBN: What do you feel was your best move & what might have been your worst move?

Hayden: My worst move was getting too involved and trusting Cody and Derrick when I shouldn’t have. My best move was laying low for the first half of the season. No one really saw me as a threat.

BBN: What’s going to be your favorite memory of your time on Big Brother?

Hayden: There were a lot of good times! I had a blast, it’s hard to pick one good time. I was always laughing.

BBN: Should you not re-enter, who do you think will go far in the game?

Hayden: Probably Caleb because no one wants to get rid of him. He’s so easily manipulated and people can use him. Eventually, it’ll come down to the final two and people will realize they forgot to get rid of him.

BBN: If you’re not in the F2, who do you most hope you get a chance to vote for in the Final Two?

Hayden: I’d love Donny and Nicole to be sitting there. That’d be sweet.

BBN: What’s next for Hayden Voss when you get back home?

Hayden: Expect the unexpected!

BBN: Best of luck and thank you for keeping us entertained!

We still don’t know what’s involved in the returning player twist, but if Hayden has a shot at it, do you hope he gets back in the game?


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  1. Now I know who’s going to be his target, Yes ! I want him back in the house asap….he’s such a nice guy.

    • I’m thinking the same thing after reading this interview. He’s the only smart one that’s caught on to Cody and Derrick. I hope he gets back in.

  2. Yep. He gave a good balance to the extremely different game the different sects of the house are playing.

  3. I think he is right on about Caleb. Nobody wants to vote him out because they can use him.

  4. What does that mean. . If you get the chance to re-enter? Is he coming back? I hope! Hayden is a good guy.

    • Julie hinted at the possibility of a jury member coming back into the game last night during the live show. If they do it like last year they will evict 2 more houseguests and then the 4 jury members will participate in a hoh competion with the last one standing coming back into the game. So in my book the ideal scenario would be Jocasta, Hayden, Frankie, and Christine are the 4 with Hayden coming back into the game.

  5. I would love if he came back and Nicole/Donny were still in the house so that those three could start to run things.

  6. He lay so low, he was a boring player. Nice guy, but a huge bore to watch. I won’t miss him a bit.

    • I agree with you. Everybody seems to be down on Derrick but I don’t know why? He’s just playing the game.

      • Derrick is a dirty player. Like I said before there’s strategic game play and dirty game play. I hope Hayden come back and goes after Derrick.

      • Well..I disagree..what did he do that was dirty. This is Big Brother. .not church.

      • He talks crap to everyone and someone that’s supposed to be your best buddy you throw under the bus. I disagree with you. JMO. And duh I think I know it’s BB. You go ahead and think he’s a saint and I’ll go ahead and think he’s dirty.

      • They all have talked crap..except for Donny and Victoria.What do you think this game is about?

      • Isn’t it about sunshine and lollipops? Making life long best friends. And having a nice summer vacation?

      • I haven’t seen Derrick being a dirty player. IMO he’s figured out the way to play EVERYONE in the manner in which they respond to. (Praying daily with Jocasta, calming Victoria down etc.) If that includes saying something negative to one person to get them to think he agrees with them, then that is just his strategy. I think he’s a very balanced player who was wise enough to keep Victoria AND Jocasta on his radar without anyone thinking he this was part of his game play.

      • Dan and Will are the perfect example of playing a strategic game. They were loyal to their best buddies in the house while still playing the game. And they didn’t have five hundred alliances. Derrick is loyal to nobody and plays dirty.

      • I don’t see the dirty play. Give me an example please, because it appears to me that Derrick is playing the game the best he knows how. He doesn’t have Will or Dan’s personality, and people have different strategies. I don’t watch the live feeds, so I am at somewhat of a loss here.

      • I don’t think Derrick is playing a dirty game either. if you want dirty–look at Frankie and Christine. They are loyal to no one–including each other. Derrick is loyal to Cody as Dan was to Memphis.

      • So it’s okay that Derrick tells Cody with hate in his eyes that he wants to put his hands around Zachs neck and choke him? It’s okay that he says with hate in his eyes he wants to punch Zach in the jaw and break every bone in his face? When things don’t go Derlicks way he gets a mean and hatred look on his face like Telling Zach and Caleb that Victoria works for me. Yep he’s an upstanding guy.

      • Who said he was an upstanding guy? I don’t have the feeds so I don’t know everything that’s been said. But, part of the game is dealing with frustration and anger. On the TV edit he comes across as a normal person, not prone to outbursts of any kind. The editing of the show is one of drawbacks of it. My husband doesn’t want to know any spoilers and wants to watch the show “unfold” as the producers/editors want it to appear. I don’t. I enjoy finding out the “behind the scenes” stuff. He realizes that he’s getting a product that’s been heavily edited, but honestly he doesn’t care about the players at all. He likes seeing the competitions. I am much more interested in seeing how the personalities of the players interact. And seeing how some players have a ton of strategy and some just float along. It’s not my decision to say whether they are playing correctly or incorrectly, or whether they should stay or go. I think Derrick has been playing a good game, but I have no problem with someone wising up to him and backdooring him out of the house!

      • Totally agree with you. Derrick should be the first to go. If he was an undercover cop, that gives him an advantage. He treats every like dirt behind their backs. Andy did that too. I guess Derrick is no longer a spy for cops anymore since fame. I can’t imagine the jury giving him the win. HE PLAYS WAY TOO DIRTY!

      • Derrick is nothing like that rat Andy. Andy in my opinion played one of the dirtiest games ever. Could not stand him.

      • I agree with you..Derrick is not NOT Dirty.
        I don’t care what anybody says, Derrick isn’t Dirty!

      • I’m sorry, but how can you say Derrick is playing dirty, then compare his game to Dan’s without mentioning Dan’s dirty game? I don’t have the feeds or bbad, but I did have bbad when Dan lied on the Bible, and that is the dirtiest gameplay I’ve ever seen. The fact that Dan’s a minister and brought something so sacred to him to be used in such a wrong way as part of a game is what I found to be so despicable. I agree with “that’s me”, from what I’ve seen Derrick has a good social game, not dirty tricks.

      • Well you need to get the feeds then. Dan is not a minister and what he swore on the bible he kept his word to. He broke is word about nominations and there was no bible involved.

      • I couldn’t remember exactly what it was, but I knew it was something with kids because he talked about them watching. I just think it was a bad example to swear on the Bible as a form of manipulation in the game. I don’t have a problem with lies and manipulation in BB, but I lost all respect for him when he did that or anybody else who would do something like that. From what I’ve read here Derrick just knows how to tell people what they want to hear as a way to manipulate them. He could have easily used his grandpa’s death for sympathy in the game, but he was able to separate that from the game. I think for that alone he deserves respect, unlike Dan who also swore on his grandpa’s grave when he swore on the Bible or Frankie who uses anything he can for attention.

      • I agree with “that’s me” I don’t see Derrick being dirty..you just have it in your head for some reason and nobody is going to change your mind. I can’t stand Frankie..use to like him but he seems so much like Andy from last year and it seems like he has unfair advantages. It is a interesting assessment on how people deal with each other and how the viewer interprets what they see. We all see things differently with our own life experiences ..

      • Exactly. It’s just an opinion. I don’t like Frankie either but I’m sure people do. I don’t care if they like him or not. I don’t care if people like Derrick. That’s their choice and I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinions. I wanted to see Derrick in the final two the first two weeks. But the more I watched the feeds the more I didn’t like him. Maybe I should quit watching the feeds. Lol. In the end it’s just a game. I would love to sit down and talk to Derrick over a drink outside the house because I think he’s probably a great guy.

      • You need to watch the feeds. He humiliates Victoria every chance he gets. He’s acting like a dictator. Threatening to break every bone in Zachs face. Threatening to choke him. Then he has the nerve to say to Zach you’re taking food out of my daughters mouth. Give me a break. I don’t know who’s worse him or Skankie. But hey if you like those kind of people then go for it. They’re not my cup of tea.

      • Derrick is a great player. He’s done nothing dirty. In fact, I think he’s one of the best strategic players BB has ever had. The people who are down on him don’t understand how the game works and are whiny because the players they like aren’t as good as Derrick is.

    • Oh trust me Hayden was playing the game. And what has Cody done? Oh that’s right he lays all over the girls, slept and what else? Oh I forgot he follows Derrick around. Yep Cody is playing the best game in BB history.

      • Hayden wasn’t laying around with Nicole..Get serious..What has Cody done..Strategically they have gotten out ever person.. Period. Done

      • Well.whatever..Derrick is my favorite. .and he’s kickin’ @ss..I don’t think anything Derrick has done has been dirty per Big Brother standards. .

      • That’s why you feel this way because Derrick is your favorite. In your eyes he can do no wrong. And that’s fine but others don’t feel the same. My favorite is Nicole and Donny and I hope Hayden gets back in the game. But I know there are some other people that don’t feel the same way as I do and that’s fine. Like I’ve said so many times everyone has a right to their opinion. Doesn’t make us right or wrong it’s just an opinion.

      • I don’t disagree with that..that is a given that what each of us has said is our opinions. I never said any different..But I asked you a question that you never answered. .What did Derrick do that was dirty and outside of Big Brother playing standards?

      • The answer is, nothing. Of course, people who like the lousy players try to sling mud at the good players because they wish their own favorites were anywhere near that smart. They’re just envious.

      • And the people that like the nasty, dirty players keep making excuses for them!

      • To answer your question yes people can play anyway they want. I know BB is a game of lying, scheming, etc. the game play I don’t like of Derricks is he plays on people’s feelings. Perfect example stringing Victoria along because he knows she likes him. I don’t care for Victoria but I don’t like that. Then he tells Cody I’ve got Victoria in my pocket we will just use her until we can’t anymore then get rid of her. I think that’s heartless. Also did you see Will and Dans season. They played the perfect strategic game. Dan was loyal to Memphis and Will was loyal to Boogie. But Derrick throws his best friend UTB and makes another final two with Caleb. He doesn’t win anything and runs to whoever has HOH and makes a final 2 with them. Maybe you like that kind of gaming but I don’t. Boogie is another perfect example of a dirty player. I didn’t kike l

      • Well, I see it differently..I just started watching since last year..but you can’t really judge Hayden because he hasn’t done much. We could go back and forth..it’s not going to prove anything. We see things differently.. Look who one last year..that to me is dirty..but whatever..I think we both can agree we enjoy the show.Hope you have a good weekend.

      • Well see we do agree I thought last years winner was a dirty player also. Lol. But you’re right everyone has opinions and sometime you agree and sometimes you don’t. But in the end it’s just a game show and I love hearing the different opinions whether I agree or not. You also have a great weekend. ☺️

    • I want him to go back so he could try to get rid of your favorite player….that’s why.

      • Well..Last year Judd went back but it didn’t help him because he didn’t know how to play the game..you know..like Hayden.

      • Ok !..but I still want him to come back so he could try to get rid of your favorite player…that’s why.

  7. I will love Hayden to go back into the house. Wow! Caleb messed things up. I hope any of those guys leave, especially Zack and Frankie. Derrick needs to go or he will win the whole thing.

    • I don’t understand you..Yes Derrick is my favorite.. because he plays the game smart. But I really don’t dislike Hayden..I just don’t understand his type of game play.. There’s only one who gets on my nerves is Christine.

      • I want Hayden and Nicole to stay until the end, so I hope he comes back. I don’t dislike Cody and Derrick, but Derrick is the manipulator and leader of his alliance, so I want him out soon. I don’t want anyone from his alliance to win, maybe Cody. I want Nicole, Hayden or Donny to win.

      • That is the whole game..to trick people. .look who won last year..The people you mentioned are nice people but as far as playing the game I don’t see what they’re doing game wise..I hope Derrick wins. I guess we just have to wait and see. Take Care.

      • you are right, if it is about who played the best game. It is hands down Derrick, because he controls the votes and the nominations in his alliance. I always like the nicer people to win in the show. Jeff and Jordan the first time they were there, I wanted for them to win, but the second time, they weren’t as nice and I didn’t want them to win.

      • I just started watching last year and I had a real hard time understanding what this game is all about. Sad to say but it’s not the virtues of human nature but the ugly part that shows what people will do for money..but that is the game..Who sells more of their soul to the devil.

      • Honestly, I do not believe that some, not all of these people will do things like that in their personal lives outside of the house.

  8. I do not want Hayden to return. I didn’t feel he was playing to win. He relied on Nicole and Donny to tell him what to do.

  9. if the show is smart hayden is the only member who should get back in the game so those 5 morons called the detonators would stop making it so predictable on who will get voted out week to week there is no ratings in predictability.

  10. Yes, but why are people NOT targeting Derrick! Derrick and Cody’s names are never mentioned! They have never been on the block. Yes, Derrick is playing a great game but why can’t people see that his Mr. Nice guy who doesn’t lie, who is a straight shooter and who is playing for a wife and daughter is the puppet master and they need to at least consider using the guy as a pawn? It is beyond me that no one has done it. I believe it would take a Donny to do so and unfortunately he will most likely be leaving next or the week after if the “guys” have or get their way!

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