Big Brother 12: Week 9 Veto and Eviction Results

Tonight on Big Brother 12 the results of the latest Veto competition, Veto ceremony, eviction, and even the first round of the final HoH competition will be revealed. Phew, that’s a lot of Big Brother action! While we wait for the results be sure to Fan us on Facebook and join in the fun we’re having there!

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Big Brother 12 Week 9 Veto Competition results:

  • Hayden wins the Power of Veto

The Brigade breaks the news to Britney. Lane doesn’t want to since she’s his friend and Jury vote, but Enzo does it anyway. Britney is in tears.

Big Brother 12 Week 9 Veto Ceremony results:

  • Hayden does not use the Veto

Big Brother 12 Week 9 Live Eviction voting:

  • Enzo votes to evict Britney

Big Brother announces the America’s Favorite voting is back so go to and place your vote for who should receive a $25,000 bonus at the finale.

Big Brother 12 Final HoH – Round 1:

As expected, it’s an endurance competition, but don’t get too excited because it all happened on Tuesday. We’ll have to see who won Round 1 when the live feeds return tonight. Round 2 won’t be held until Thursday’s live show and Round 3 next Wednesday, which means there was no reason for Big Brother to turn off the live feeds for the past 2 days. Wow, thanks for wasting our time, CBS.

Once the live show is over I’m hoping we’ll finally have our live feeds back. You won’t want to miss what happens next and the only way to watch it uncut and unedited is with the Big Brother 24/7 uncensored feeds.

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  1. well wether u “like” them or not, WHO is everyone taking to win?

    i dont like enzo, but i think he will win the game. i think this year, as we saw last season with natalie, gameplay wont matter to jury. especially with kathy, rachel, brendon.

    feeds should now be a lil bit more boring without brit. now its gunna filled with “haha oh shet!” “yo” “bro” and “brigade did this and that” oh and dont forget “where gonna get 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd i just know it, i know america”

    seems like this season flew by.

    speaking of lane, EVERY DR session that guy does is a fail attempt at trying to be funny. their horrible. just thought i say that.

    i cant wait for these feeds to come back on.

    • Lane’s DRs were funny at first, but they obviously got forced in the last couple of episodes. Ah well… another failed attempt by someone from the Brigade to be entertaining.

  2. Hey Marcus, how about that one from Lane:

    “I don’t even remember who I put up last week and I was HoH!”

    C’mon, that was funny! :)

    • My favorite line from the whole season was this Laneism:

      Someone says: “Because I’m a realist.”

      Lane quips: “Oh, yeah? How many houses have you sold?”

  3. Wow… Britney really didn’t see her outing coming. She had ZERO idea about the Brigade – I guess Ragan kept his suspicion to himself.

  4. Omg. Lol, no wonder Britney cried she’s like Even though I lost the veto i feel I still have a good chance at staying. Made me laugh she told everyone she can easily read people and that she took classes for it, yet she couldn’t firgure out the alliance from all 3 of them and thye made it obvious. Just send her packing please.

  5. I guess if I had to choose someone to win, it would be Hayden. He did win a lot, he had good gameplay (so far) and I think he done the most work.

    Enzo just has a good social game, he’s not good at anything. Lane is the same. He’s dumb and oblivious and kinda reminds me of Adam who won a few seasons ago. So with that said, I’m rootin for Hayden now.

    • 1. I CAN’T TAKE IT! why why why did the brigade have to make it this far! If they were on any other season they wouldn’t of made it.

      2. Hayden, people did know about the brigade (Ragan). Everyone was too dumb to actually do something about it and believe it.

      • There is still a chance for me if Enzo don’t win. Out of the three of them I dislike Enzo the Most

      • BB 12 HGs targeted Brenchel for most of the season…..The BG just coasted by with votes.

        Maybe next BB, the HGs will align with people that are opposite sides, on the down low.

        Hey I have an idea, let’s target Brenchel cause they are the only threat in the house……LOL!

      • Those people were so obsessed with Brendon and Rachel that they didn’t see anything else going on! That was their biggest mistake. I’m not sure why most of them could not get over B&R. It’s like they were all they could think about!

    • I think Hayden wanted to out of respect so she would know why he didn’t use the POV, Lane I don’t think really wanted to but Enzo was itching to rub it in her face

      • I agree. The only won that was callous about it was Enzo. That’s why I can’t stand it. I hope he just gets close enough to imagine himself with the money and walk away with a big fat NOTHING.

  6. “DUN DUN DUN” “All I am is an idiot apart of his bigger scheme!”

    Lane totally said that too in a previous episodes. Lane and Enzo are such a-holes for doin that. Enzo shoulda kept his mouth such and let her go with dignity. They had to rub it in the poor girls face.

    • Ok, how would it have felt when she went home this week? They would have not said anything, she thought Enzo was going. She would of been evicted in shock and startec crying when talking to Julie. Atleast she got to know and enjoy her time.

    • They didn’t rub it in even though she deserved it. There is nothing nice about her character. I laughed at her crocodile tears.

      • Your right they didn’t rub it in but Enzo did, any and every chance he could say Bra Gade he did. I call that rubbing it in

      • Crocodile tears are the term for fake tears or display of emotion. Britney was definitely emotional and had the right to be. She played to win and won comps when she didn’t even have to. HEL was the opposite and made it strictly because they had each other’s votes.

  7. “Seeing Brit hurt that bad was like seeing one of my dogs die”…WOW,YOUR A CLASS ACT LAME LANE.

      • Hey didn’t you see how Bratteney played Brendon.

        Brendon, if you don’t put me on the block, I swear on my engagement to Nick that I won’t put you on the block.

        Bratteney got played by the BG just like she played everyone else.

        Payback is a B#@#@

      • Britney finally got a taste of her own medicine! Does she think she was the only one playing the game and so when she had to leave, it felt like she wasted the whole summer! Hello, everyone of them felt that way, I’m sure. It’s lkie she thinks she is the only one with feelings. Glad to see her go but I’m not happy with who are left!

  8. You know what? The way the Brigade told her is definitely not as bad as some people around here made it sound like…
    There were straight with her, didn’t at all make fun of your gullibleness, they just told her what’s what, that’s it.

    And she cried about it… as expected.

    • True… Just lane’s DR commets are a little thoughtless. But I truely believe he liked Brit & wanted 2 do to her what he did 2himself in the shower.

    • 110% agree with you. Even if it was sad for a moment to see her cry, there was no really other way to tell her. Geez the guys are proud to have successfully made it to final 3, you should have made a move when you had to, Britney!

    • Apparently none of you watched BBAD the night that they told her about The Brigade. It was about an hour long and it was brutal and Enzo did continue to rub it in and would not shut his mouth. I wasn’t a big fan of Britney’s but it was very tough to watch. What CBS showed tonight was very much edited.

      • I watched that. It was very hard to watch. Britney was so hurt and that damn big-mouth Bozo Enzo could not keep that big trap of his shut. Lane wouldn’t even look her in the face when they told her, she just kept looking at him for some reaction. I don’t know how she got over it so quickly.

      • You guys are absolutely ridiculous for feeling bad for Britney at all. I saw them reveal to Britney on BBAD and it was not bad at all. Enzo was actually really respectable, and it was hilarious when he was going on about the Brigade in the bathroom, he had no clue that she was crying. When they told her, they actually were showing respect. I’d rather them sit me down and tell me than be blindsided on national television. She would have cared less if Enzo was evicted, so it just goes to show how selfish and self-absorbed this girl is. I was hoping for her reaction to be much more entertaining, instead she acted like it wasn’t a big deal, and then cried like the Monet days when they over-dramatized being on the block. Britney should be thankful to the Brigade, because they are the ones that kept her in the game for so long. No one wanted her in the house since day 1. The fact that she was snuggling up to Hayden and Lane in their HOH bed, was just disgusting. She deserves everything that came to her. And for those that feel sorry for her, I am assuming you saw only the edited version. THIS IS A GAME! She had no problem swearing to Brendon on Nick that she would not put him on the block. She acted like she wouldn’t backdoor Matt–one of the only people in the house that actually seemed to like her. She threw Ragan under the bus, just a week before she told Ragan that Matt threw him under the bus. She obsessed over Brendon and Rachel to the point that I think she has a mental disorder. And she made her fiance look like a dumb fool in front of millions. Britney only started paying attention to Lane when she realized his family had money. Even despite him being pretty loyal to her, she would not have voted for him in final 2. WHY DO YOU FEEL SORRY FOR THIS CONNIVING, MANIPULATIVE, ARROGANT, SELFISH, AND CONCEITED MORON??? And for the Nice haters out there who for some reason like this twit, I am not jealous of her. She is a pretty and funny girl at times, and if she actually had somewhat of a decent personality, I think that it would be awesome for a girl to take down the Brigade. However, I would never want that mess of a woman to represent any female power. She is everything wrong with the male and female dynamic of this country.

    • I thought it was kind of creep in the least. It’s like in a movie where you discover your loved one is a killer/zombie. Lane and Hayden didn’t seem too proud.

      Yet Enzo, who has the least to be proud of was a little too overboard hen she was vulnerable.

    • Actually I thought it was sincere of them to tell her first (but Lane looked like he was gonna puke of cry) lol It shows they had some emotion. As Lane or Brit said (can’t remember who) I think Hayden IS one of the nicest guys around. I know ppl don’t like Enzo, but his sense of humor at times was priceless. Did you hear the 3 of them yelling during the comp ?? That was funny :-)

    • I caught that too…said it outloud to my hubby…what an insensitive ass..BUT…more insensitive still was that Britney did NOT MENTION NICK at all in her goodbye speech………..hmmmmmmmmmm what do they say….expect the unexpected…well I sure expected her to mention NICK’s name…maybe she realizes it is OVER between the two of them…or will be. Hope it was well worth the 10K.

  9. I feel so baaaaaaaaaad for Britney!!! I wanna cry too! :( lol well not really. I can’t believe that Enzo and Lane never really did anything in the house and one of them still get to go the final 2… If Britney leaves. I hope Hayden wins Big Brother… Enzo should not be in the final 2!!!

    • I don’t care if Rachel comes back from the jury house and wins. I JUST DON’T WANT ENZO TO WIN!!

  10. Britney crying is priceless LOL!!!!!!!! U selfish dumb bitch. I love it when bitches are so vile towards others and have the nerve to try to play the victim card. I hope there is a lot more crying like that in her future.

  11. YES the Britt is crying hurray good riddens get out go home cant wait bye bye see you get lost cry baby cry baby hahahahaaha

  12. Britney was so HATEFUL about people in the DR – so her crying does not effect me one bit. KARMA.

  13. Britney’s proud to be a casualty of the Brigade?!


    Hey, Brit-supporters: are you still behind that dumb girl?

    • yes. would have rather her say “i hate u guys and fugg u guys”? because if she had, i think u’d be calling her the worst sore loser

      and i think she meant like the last casualty. she lasted the other 9 hoursguest.

      • Acknowledging being outsmart by some people, that’s one thing; being proud of it, especially considering the people who outsmarted her, that’s A WHOLE OTHER THING – that’s not even on the same level of logic!

        She’s dumb – just accept it.

      • well if it was one of her enemies u might have a point. and she has been cool with it ever since the day after the reveal.

        nothing wrong with admitting defeat, and since u love the ppl u beat, being happy it was them and not brendon or rachel

      • @Marcus: whoa there, young fellow! Sorry for giving you such a WRONG impression, but I actually hate EVERY SINGLE HG this season.

        It just so happen that I hate Britney the most… that’s all.

      • Why do you think CBS tape delayed the show on Tuesday night?

        CBS wanted to edit it so she said something positive.

        Nice live eviction CBS.

        When Rachel, then Brendon got blindsided and evicted, it was live but no Bratteney and her eviction had to be taped!!!!!!111

    • Jeez, all ppl do is hate on the guy then he tries to be nice about something and you still complain. Brit’s speech was way longer by the way…

      • He is an ass….wouldn’t matter what he said or she said…he is an ass plain and simply…goodness I can not stand to watch that guy…I hope the fish win at this point….lol…anyone BUT Enzo…really want to see him crumble into a pile of kitty litter!

      • I’d take listening to Enzo over Britney any day. Enzo encourages people to laugh at him, Britney encourages people to laugh at other people. Enzo is harmless at the end of the day. Britney is vile and wants to hurt people. I wish people could see that.

    • JH should be fun this week………more interesting that BB house FOR SURE!!! Give us the results BB in about 3 minutes flat and then the rest of Thursday’s show should be JH exclusive….

  14. In her eviction speech, she said hi to everyone but Nick LOL!!!!!!!! She completely forgot about him.


    u know what after this eviction, i respect brit alot more now. i woulda trashed all of them, and would have pissed on enzo clothes. like i would be pissed especially how they laughed in her face. she left with the most class of the season. maybe kathy or brendon came close.

    hopefully she win the $25K

    • Most class of the season?? Lol!! She definitely had the least. There is nothing classy about talking shit about someone who left the house weeks ago. She was bored unless she was degrading someone behind their back. She doesn’t deserve any more money.

    • Marcus… We all know you’re been a Britney-fan from the get-go, so your whole line of “i respect brit alot more now”, WE ALL KNOW IT’S BS!

      Of course you want her to win the 25k – it’s like me saying “Hey everybody! It’s nightime in the East coast right now!” Can you be more obvious? Geez…

      As for me, I very disappointed that CBS didn’t give us a ‘None of the Above’ option – it should have been there for this sad excuse of a season.

      • ur a madman! im just leaving a comment wether u realized it.

        im glad my comments have captivate du, were u know who ive been a fan of all season. thanks for paying attention.

        its a comment page, and im leaving comments.

        thats like commenting on a post from like “iloverachel” and then saying “duh u like rachel” like whats ur point?

      • @Marcus: Maybe you should change your name to ‘horny4Brit’ – that would make it obvious!

      • if its “so” obvious why do u need to state the obvious mr obvious? u should let the “so” obviousness of my comments speak for itself. OBVI!

      • im not horny for brit. dont find her all that attractive. she is one of my favs because she played a great game, had class, was funny, and left with class. big brother class that is.

        just cause one of my fav hg is a female doesnt mean im horny for her. that has nothing to do with gameplay.

      • yes before i post i do. to make sure they make sense. clearly u dont do the same.

        ur not even talking about the topic at hand anymore. ur caca bro, get outta here haha.

        c’mon yo, seriously? ur response is “marcus u like to read ur own comments?” like wtf are u talking about? haha.

        dont even answer. i dont care.

      • @Marcus: LOL… You think you’re making sense… man, that’s priceless.

        Seriously, kid: grow up.

      • I think Ragan is more of Marcus’s type. Marcus, in the real world, you know that a girl like Britney would totally use and abuse you or not even give you the time of day. As for class, the girl chews on her fingers and eats with her mouth open. She also is a sore loser, because she threatened to leave the show when she got played by the Brigade. She only stayed to keep the money like the gold digger that she is. She’s just mad that she wasn’t smart enough to pull off an alliance like that. The way she slandered Rachel and Brendon after they left the show was disgusting.

      • hmmm no brendon doesnt deserve any money.

        he only played 1/3 aspects of the game. cant give or vote to give him 25k.

        rachel was out, and he still played for rachel. when i mean for rachel i mean like he never put himself in the shoes or thought of “hmm maybe ME, BRENDON should play the game the best way so i make it to the end”

        he never did. matt deserves the money over anyone really. he didnt get a prize. he played a great game.

    • Gee how much money do you want this girl to win.

      She already has 10Gs, why not vote for someone who is going to need it to study and find a cure for cancer (ie,,Brendon).

  16. Well this HOH looks like they’re gunna be danglin on a rope for a while. Lane is muscle so he ain’t going to last long, and Enzo is a dumb rock he’ll probably forget he’s on the rope and fall off.

    Go Hayden! It’ll be interesting to see who he takes to the final two…I think he would take Enzo but he might have second thoughts when he starts thinkin about the jury.

  17. As you could see from the face she made about going to jury house, she is still a bitch. Ready to talk more shit about Rachel and Brendon I’m sure.

  18. I know who I’m voting for its for sure Brendon, $25,00.00 enjoy it you earned it all the way

      • I thought Brendon played the most respectable game. Matt is a midget and Britney is a 3 foot nothing, and Ragan did act like Rachel’s bff and then wanted to fit in with the Brigade and Britney. Brendon actually seemed like the most decent person of the bunch. If my house was ever on fire, I’d pick Brendon to save me. Britney would add more gasoline, Matt would act like he’s dying so he wouldn’t have to save me, Ragan would be crying like a little girl, Enzo wouldn’t know how to use the fire extinguisher, Hayden wouldn’t be able to see with the hair in his eyes, and Lane is so lame that I have nothing for him.

  19. Out of the three I really don’t care who wins.
    But out of these wankers, I guess hayen.
    Lane seems privileged & out of touch (meathead).
    And EndZone, well hey you fill in the blank_______

    • If you like albinos with 40 year old chests. She needs to lay off trying to tan, her chest is wrinkles and freckles and she’s like 22.

  20. BRITNEY, YOU WERE THE BEST. I hope everyone votes to give you America’s Favourite! Good luck!

    • Best grip?

      I’m sure that goes to Lane!

      Buh dup cshhhhh…..thank you thank you I’ll
      be here all week.

  21. no show on Sunday whats that about? well I guess tomorrows night is gonna be the high light of the season Ragan battles Matt

    • Yeah can’t wait 4 Ragen to find out Matt’s secret…I hope its classic… Although Ragen was on Mensa Matt’s tip throughout the whole season, he’ll probably forgive him. Hoping they’ll keep in touch & Matt gives him some. Wishful thinking Ragen. lol

      • Just seeing the hatefest on Matt while Rachel and Ragan fight simultaneously will make this season a little less crappy.

  22. Enzo – Moe (a very dumb Moe).
    Hayden – Larry (sandbagger/smart/athletic).
    Lane – Curly (dumbest).

    damn, i swear during the PoV Comp i didn’t realize Lane was that dumb and Enzo hits the buzzer and he’s got only 3 out of 8 right and he THINKS, HE’S DOING GOOD, need i say more about his smarts?

    Enzo slides the 1st card in and it’s wrong i know it’s wrong. tell me WHY IS HE SLIDING THEM IN? If Hayden hadn’t taken them all out of their misery, Enzo would have had to slide them all out – the freaking 1st one on the left was WRONG.

    why not just lean the cards up against the board, in line with the clues? WoW!!!

    double check before sliding them all in… this isn’t rocket science!!!

    congrats to Hayden, he did an awesome job… Enzo & Lane, sorry you guys are playing for 2nd place if Hayden doesn’t choke… even with the Hawaii vacation & $5000. just add those to $500,000.

    hell, give him the $25,000 for America’s Fav too.

  23. Can anyone tell me,please how many votes can u cast online for the 25 k for favarate player
    Thank u

  24. Do you find it weird that when Brit won HOH her mom sent a letter but never mentioned Nick ? Also, whenever she has a chance to do a speech she mentions everybody in her family but never Nick ? Weird? Tonight her goodbye speech she never mentioned him at all…

    • From what I remember, she mentioned Nick going back to somewhere with their dog. There was also the pic with Brit and Nick. That isn’t too hard to make up though…

  25. Brittney never gave a shout out to nick..I think the pics were photoshopped that guy was not anything special…What about NICK?? Is there a Nick?

  26. THe best alliance this season would have been Brendon, Rachel, Matt and Brittany. The last three of the brigade only started winning once they had voted out the others. Hanger on’s should not win. They did not compete–Enzo actually quit competitions and depended on the others in the Brigade to win and save him. Really?? They didn’t see that and get rid of him early on??? THey depended on everyone else to do the dirty work and never took a chance. Had Matt not been winning at the beginning, they may have all gone home in the first few weeks. Brendon, Rachel or Matt for fan favorite–at least they played with targets on their backs!

  27. alright production god damnitt lol. we waited after the live show.

    how many times did rachel say “u know the thing is (insert name) i really do u like you”

    she said that like 4-5 times every week. it was like her catch phrase. and funny how she would tell it to the ppl she …. didnt rele like at all.

      • u cant pickup that i got ur sarcasm, and turned it back in ur face. now that was obvious captain obvious.

        i dont remember addressing u in that comment. why are u still commenting on my post. u dont like brit. i love brit. get over it (that rhymed)

        were not gunna agree so move on.

      • @Marcus: once again, your immaturity is blinding…
        Please kid, you have school tomorrow, go to bed already.

      • im immature but i can see we dont agree so why keep arguing? yes that makes me mature.

        im surprised u know anything about school? from ur comments its obvious u lack mental depth to establish and hold a debate, so u go off topic to things that dont matter and ur oblivious to the fact that u lost ur credibility a long time ago.

      • @Marcus: yeah, I can DEFINITELY see you moving on which your put down about my mental depth… Classy!

        And, if I lost my credibility, kid, at least I had some to begin with, unlike you… which is further proven by your sad name-calling here.

      • the start of this reminded me of that scene in Zoolander when the two dude/models are arguing that they didnt get each others sarcastic comments…

        funny scene, thanks for the reminder

      • GET A ROOM YOU TWO!! that sexual attraction between you too has obviously hit a breaking point… lol

        Lmfao@bbeman… that scene was a CLASSIC

      • I think CT is a Cougar in Training. Last Word! Eat it like you eat your chocolates. Anyone who wants to find a love story between Lane and Britney is obviously needing some love in their life.

    • @Marcus what’s ur point lol she’s annoying :p sry Rachel fans but I’m not anti Rachel

      • what are u talking about? if u find brit annoying cool. i love brit and she was one of my favorite houseguest. then u say ur not a rachel fan. like wtf are u talking about?

        “sorry rachel fans but im not anti rachel” umm por que?

      • I think CT is a Cougar in Training. Last Word! Eat it like you eat your chocolates. Anyone who wants to find a love story between Lane and Britney is obviously needing some love in their life.

  28. @Matt(BBN)…. did you ever get a response from RealNetworks about what they meant when they said that CBS has “divided the finale into four weeks: Finale Week, Reality Week, Julie Week, and Winners Week”?
    (the name of the guy that told me was “Raj”)

  29. Britney’s emotional not a baby there’s a difference…however here’s hoping America sends a message to the Brigade and give the 25k to a non-Brigade player…

      • I also voted for Britney, I felt so sorry for her tonight, you could tell she was genuinely hurt when they told her she had been used the whole season, I would be so pissed. I don’t know how she got over it so quick. Production probably told her to. Bring on Survivor!

      • I bet u Summer she has a back up plan for HAYDEN & ENZO>>> Lane really was gonna take her to final 2 but it didn’t work out..SHE WENT OUT WITH CLASS NO MATTER WHAT ANYBODY SAYS..But the hit she took in that house will never leave her no matter what she said..She is female and she was scorned…sooo HAYDEN & ENZO KEEP UR BACK TO WALL WHEN U MEET HER AGAIN..

      • i cried with britney when i first saw the reveal on bbad, and i cried with her again tonite.

        game or not, the feeling of betrayal was REAL – especially from lane. and i think anybody who is capable of feeling empathy for others had to AT LEAST fell bad for her tonite.
        if ur reading this and didn’t?… i pity you.

      • I also voted for Britney to win the $25,000. I hope none of the “Bragade” members win it! They can’t even spell Brigade correctly!

      • CT alot of people did not see the entire event and what really happened…it was sad and cruel and Enzo is the lowest of the low…He took great pleasure in hurting her…A man like that could in certain instances be a threat to his wife and child..sooo sad …but we moving on..

      • Lol Graves. Especially towards Enzo, I think when she see’s how Enzo laughed after they told her about the Bra-gade after she left the room in tears. If I ever go to Jersey I might just stop over and slap him up the side of his head myself, lol.

      • You guys are absolutely ridiculous for feeling bad for Britney at all. I saw them reveal to Britney on BBAD and it was not bad at all. Enzo was actually really respectable, and it was hilarious when he was going on about the Brigade in the bathroom, he had no clue that she was crying. When they told her, they actually were showing respect. I’d rather them sit me down and tell me than be blindsided on national television. She would have cared less if Enzo was evicted, so it just goes to show how selfish and self-absorbed this girl is. I was hoping for her reaction to be much more entertaining, instead she acted like it wasn’t a big deal, and then cried like the Monet days when they over-dramatized being on the block. Britney should be thankful to the Brigade, because they are the ones that kept her in the game for so long. No one wanted her in the house since day 1. The fact that she was snuggling up to Hayden and Lane in their HOH bed, was just disgusting. She deserves everything that came to her. And for those that feel sorry for her, I am assuming you saw only the edited version. THIS IS A GAME! She had no problem swearing to Brendon on Nick that she would not put him on the block. She acted like she wouldn’t backdoor Matt–one of the only people in the house that actually seemed to like her. She threw Ragan under the bus, just a week before she told Ragan that Matt threw him under the bus. She obsessed over Brendon and Rachel to the point that I think she has a mental disorder. And she made her fiance look like a dumb fool in front of millions. Britney only started paying attention to Lane when she realized his family had money. Even despite him being pretty loyal to her, she would not have voted for him in final 2. WHY DO YOU FEEL SORRY FOR THIS CONNIVING, MANIPULATIVE, ARROGANT, SELFISH, AND CONCEITED MORON??? And for the Nice haters out there who for some reason like this twit, I am not jealous of her. She is a pretty and funny girl at times, and if she actually had somewhat of a decent personality, I think that it would be awesome for a girl to take down the Brigade. However, I would never want that mess of a woman to represent any female power. She is everything wrong with the male and female dynamic of this country.

      • Nice; I watch BBAD too and Enzo WAS a total jerk after she left the room. I really wonder if Enzo really cares about anyone other than himself, well he does care about his WeeWee……

      • Nice you are not nice at all, Brit was very hurt, Enzo was laughing during the whole explanation. Enzo seems to care about nothing but himself. The next week will be boring with just the guys, no personality, all we will hear is how they are going to be famous. yadda, yadda, yadda

      • Nice, you said it all and well, thank you. For those of you that don’t know what happened maybe you can see now that Britney is not the golden child as you perceive her to be. Unfortuantely, she knows she is not a nice person.

      • @SummerToo and Carmella:

        Karma’s a Britch. As if Britney never talked smack about someone after they left the room? Enzo, Lane, and Hayden thought it would be most respectful to tell her to her face about the Brigade. Hayden ran off leaving only Enzo and Lane. Lane has no balls when it comes to Britney, so it was left to Enzo by default. He was being really cool and they all were expecting a reaction. She didn’t give one!!! That’s why he kept repeating himself! He went to the bathroom and Hayden told her that he wouldn’t take her off the block and that’s when she cried. Enzo was in the bathroom, still talking, not realizing she was crying, so he wasn’t trying to be a jerk. Does anyone not care that Britney only cried because it would be her going home and not Enzo. Britney thought she could snuggle with Hayden to get him to put Enzo on the Block. What makes her so special, isn’t Lane supposed to be her boy? Oh yeah, her real boy is supposed to be Nick. If she knew Enzo was going home, we would never hear the end of Bratney’s crap talk. Anyone who sticks up for this girl, I’m just going to come back at you with FACTS of the events to prove my point.

      • LOL @ all the delusional people on this site. Britney deserved TEN TIMES WORSE than what she got. Feel sorry for her???? Lmao she’s a selfish, rude, mean spirited bitch. And don’t tell me the ” it was gameplay ” bs. She’s a sorry and pathetic person who has to bad mouth people to feel good about herself. I laughed as she cried and looked for sympathy. LMAO!!! Cry bitch CRY!!

      • Nice, I absolutely agree with you. I feel nothing but contempt and disgust for her. The manner that she was evicted is perfect example of a PAYBACK in her case. It is only just that she should be made to feel and look like fool in front of millions. I think Enzo was very decent toward her; if the positions were reversed she most probably would have said, BETTER YOU THAN ME, and started on her hateful tirade about Rachel and Brendon. The best BB episode this

      • @Skyboy, you described very well the way I feel.
        It was sooo good to see this trash of a female be made to look such an idiot. No, I DID NOT CRY WITH, OR FOR, THIS sordid woman. On the contrary, I laughed at her and felt very good about her getting her just deserts. It’s Karma that all this was done in front of millions. Yes, all those who cried for her, “go on cry me a river” if you need it to feel good about yourselves… to each his own…

    • The hate is to strong toward the Brigade right now for anyone one of them to win the 25k.

      It would be someone in the JH… who? WHO CARES?! They all sucks!

      • i havnt been on in a while Madman…but oh how ive missed your comments! you tell it like it is =)

      • yes i did…i have to admit that i had a little enjoyment in seeing brit crying and walking out the door! can’t wait till the LF is up so we can see who won the 1st part of the HOH!

      • @Nice I agree with you about Britney. The way it was edit on the show it did look like Enzo was laughing but when they told her on AD she just looked at them and had a delayed reaction said how she had lost everything she had played for for the last 3 months . she went on about leaving her boyfriend, her family etc. In other words she just wasted three months and got nothing. I guess she forgot she got paid more than she made at home and also 10,000

      • Is it not amazing how people who post on sites like this one degrade and demean and take so much pleasure in saying hatefull things about people in the BB House?? Is that not sad??…hmmm

      • VERY sad, graves.

        but it’s easy for people to hide behind a keyboard and feel their identity is safe as they type, ya know? i guarantee you most would NEVER say such things in a face to face conversation.

    • I hope she doesn’t win it. She was at the heart of almost every ugly thing spoken about Rachal , Brendon, Kathy, and even Kristen. Don’t forget how she was up until she was in F4. She relished seeing others hurt by her words and actions, even though most was said behind their backs to make other HGs join in with her bashing. She took so much pleasure saying hateful things about others and now she is to be pitied? Please! She was nice to the guys because she needed to be and because she new her “charms” would make them feel guilty getting rid of her. She is the type that plays on others’ emotions. In that since she is nothing but a bully.

      • Let’s not forget something here….we have not heard anything from Rachel’s mouth since she left for the Jury House. Too bad we cannot see what is happening there. I have zero doubt the same bashing is going on….
        By the way, does this sound familiar? “I’m back, bitches!!!”

      • @Rose, I totally agree with you. That is the point that this woman took so much pleasure in hurting people always behind their backs, though. When Enzo told her, the expression on her face was PRICELESS! I actually said YES! FINALLY! She got nothing more than she deserves. Yes, Karma is a bitch. Pity her? I would sooner pity a cobra. It gives me great satisfaction that she was used and then discarded by Enzo et all. That’s justice.

  30. the hoh comp mad me laugh so hard. nice seeing enzo getting thrown around.

    I don’t think lane will last long, enzo actually good beat out hayden if he takes it seriously.

    enzo speech at the pov saying how loyal they are lol total bs. i wonder if britt will see the footage of them laughing about her crying.

    and it seems from what julie said regan won’t be happy with matt. it seems like matt’s going to be totally ostracized from the group.

  31. On live feed they said that live feeds will be back up after west coast finishes airing so 12 AM est feeds should be up.

    • If it ends up being Enzo/Hayden, Penguin is winning, you know that, right?

      Careful what you wish for…

    • OMG! Can you imagine how Enzo will act if it is Lane and Hayden? I hope those two go to the end. I don’t care which one wins – just NOT Enzo.

  32. OMG! I never liked Bozo errrr Enzo much but now after seeing his so cavalier about telling Brit about the brigidiots I like him even more. He was so callous. Why he gives the impression the HE actually did SOMETHING, which we all know he DID NOT! He’s a looser and so common! I pity his wife and family having to put up with him. YUCK! Nasty mouthed and nasty acting. YO!!! Oh and the only other word he knows F^CK! OMG pathetic. Please Gawd, make him fall or at the very least get a brain hemmorage – oh, there I go assuming he has a brain. YO!

  33. Please go away Enzo, kick his ass out. Please let there be a God & let him fall. Useless crap of a man !

  34. man i just realized how much i hated rachel. she was crazy from the 2nd week. she has no common sense. good game player, but she lacks complete common sense, and she has extreme tunnel vision.

    matt and ragan have to gangbang that betch….. verbally of-course. MUHAHAHAHA!

    • … You do realize that you’re the only one speaking about Rachel right now, right? Nobody wants to talk about that sad bitch, yet here you are, bringing her up for no reason…

      You know, you’re like those politicians who’s supposedly against gay marriage, and bitch against it none-stop, but, meanwhile, they’re having homosexual relationship left and right! I’m starting to think that you secretly LIKE Rachel – hell, it wouldn’t even surprise me that you’re IN LOVE with her!

      Unless, of course, you finally decideb to move on and stop talking about Vegas… can’t you do it?

      • again. this is a comment page. its meant to leave comments. im watching or was watching rachel on the feeds, waiting for them to come back on. and i made a comment.

        and again ur response was “ur like a politcian u talks…” like meow meow meow yo.

        so ur insinuating im a hypocrite because im talking about rachel. “nobody wants to talk about her” thats not the case because im sure if u go back on just today’s comments u will find her name atleast 5 times.

        whats becoming more obvious is u dont know what ur talking about, an dont have a leg to stand on.

        yes i talk about rachel twice today out of the blue? cause she wasnt just on feeds haha. clearly im in love with her. her and her pimple

        if u dont like my comments, stop reading them.

      • @Marcus: stop reading your comments?
        But it’s such a hoot making fun of you!

        Maybe if you start making intelligent, coherent comments with a point, you wouldn’t see me replying to you… did you thought about that?

        Let me answer that: of course not…

      • @Dylan (Canada): YOU KNOW WHAT DYLAN????…

        You’re f-ing right.

        Dude can go die in a ditch for all I care, I’m moving on.

    • I can’t believe u guys are still dwelling on Rachel who cares she’s just another reality person to hate

      • ur not making fun of me. ur making fun of yourself.

        and agin, thats obvious. everything u have said about me, i have either turned back around or explain why it is false.

        u havent made a valid point for like 5 comments. u keep posting, and i’ll count for u.

    • Marcus, you are despicable. I hope that you will be gangbanged in the same way that you wish that Rachel is….verbally of couse. You make me puke!

  35. Does anyone know if the story about police called to jury house is true?

    There was a rumor that Matt had to be placed in a hotel after he and Ragan got into a fight after Matt told him about the wife lie.

    • oh shet. i could see that happening. ragan getting drunk to deal with rachel, matt telling him and all hell breaking loose.

      we will find out.

      where did u read this rumor?

      • Marcus: Give up on rachel, Ragan didn’t get drunk to deal with rachel, The fact that matt lied to him would be enough, Ragan loves Matt and for matt to lie to him would be all that was needed to start a fight,

        And all those comments about rachel in the lst few days, Were poster saying please stop talking about rachel, We know you don’t like her but please get over it and move on.

    • Just rumors right now. An LE friend checked some of the daily logs and didn’t see anything. If true TMZ would have picked up on it.

    • Lol that would be so amazing I hate that ratt he played the game like no ones feelings were on the line

      • That’s why paying for the LF doesn’t make any sense to me. Hell, if CBS had at least some cameras at the JH when they don’t show the house, that would be OK, but the way it set up right now, you’re literally paying for nothing…

      • Here’s a thought, Next year we all tell CBS we won’t get thier LF unless we can switch over to the JH, When we want too.

  36. I want to see everyone’s face when Brendon wins the $25,000. That poor kid had a target on his back the minute he hooked up with Rachel. It’s not his fault he’s an idiot for falling for her. But just the fact that he made it so far. And he looks like a really nice guy in real life.

    • he shouldn’t win he wanted to quit. then when rachel left he didn’t even want the 500,000, he rather get revenge against briit,regan and matt. if brendon does win he will probably give the money to rachel.

      • He really didn’t want to quit, but he felt so sorry for Rachel knowing how everyone was against her and that she loved the game so much. He was trying to sacrifice himself. He showed how much he wanted to play by the way he competed. He deserves to win it.

      • u don’t quit on 500,000 dollars for a girl u only knew a couple of weeks. and when she left he admitted he didn’t want the money. if he didn’t want 500,000 he don’t deserve 25gs.

  37. Brit pov speech sounded like it was some kind of miss america pagent speech. proud she came in fourth, proud to have been nomanated to be nothing but a dumb blonde.
    Wonder if Nick likes to go on dates with Brit and Lane.
    But the big question will be if she keep the ring Nick gave her or except a dog callar from Lane? After all, all fair in love and dogs or is that love and war? lol

    • Lane may not be romantic but what he says about Brittney came from his heart…A man that loves his dogs gotta have some good in him..lmao..

      • That is why i said Nick may get his ring back,
        no I love you Nick on her farewell speech,
        besides she will look better with a dog collar. I know me bad

      • i dont think she did for her sisters either…i heard her say on BBAD one nite that she wondered if her sister/sisters were pissed that she didnt say hi to them…kinda weird

      • I believe it is her half sister from her fathers side after her parents got divorced. She also said she is not close to her sister just her brothers.

      • ok…i heard the not close part but didnt remember hearing about being half sisters! i bet the half sister’s are prob wishing they were close now lol

    • mmmmm….I bet her brother who she loves very much is probably hiding and not wishing he had such a mean sister.

  38. but for some reason alot of people are voting for bitchney-who had the pefect oppurtunity to allign with non brigade, and was a bitch to everyone day 1 for no reason. VOTE FOR ANYONE EXCEPT BRITNEY. i might even forget about matts lie………. nah His real problem was trying to get bendon out and not realizing the brigade sucked. Oh yeah i almost forgot, britney got rid of matt becaue she listein to brigade. once more VOTE FOR ANYONE EXCEPT BRITNEY

    • Everyone’s problem was kicking out people who really didn’t need to go. The only people who actually got a strong person out were Matt and Brit. I’ll count Brendon who could’ve if the DPOV didn’t come into play.

    • Britney takes everything personal and I agree that going after Brendon and Rachel was the the first of the brigades many mistakes if Matt had a brain he couldve used them and then threw them away at 6th and 7th

    • beast has a point – Britney was stupid enough to do the Brigade’s dirty work, and, when she got ousted by them, she was proud of it! Ridiculous… only idiots can like Britney.

    • Let’s face it….it does not matter WHAT Brit said in her speech, you would be picking her to pieces! She was told Saturday night about the Brigade and so has had all this time to come to terms with it. She held herself together well for someone who carried out the dirty work of others only to find out she really had no chance…

  39. I’m praying karma comes around & Enzo does not win & they don’t take him to final two nor does he win the 25k!! How bad would it suck to come that far with a huge ego & walk away with nothing but a flat screen!! I’d love it!!!

    • Now don’t forget, Enzo actually thinks he is going to be a star after this. He was talking on LF the other day about going on regis and kelly, oprah, he is pathetic.

      • And that mindset shows you how absolutely delusional he is! Britney told him on BBAD tht he needs to realize 6 mnths from now nobody will know who he is and he refused to believe it! That’s how we know we aren’t dealing with a person who has any grasp on reality or rational thinking

      • That’s a GUARANTEE!

        Nick better realize his fiancee’s gone before he ends up like Kristen’s boyfriend!

      • Kristen’s boyfriend, knew you for two months, He didn’t have a hold on her, She didn’t have his ring, What would do if it was someone else, from there home town, she has the right to see, who she wants.

    • well Lane is a scumbag!If you read this about him you will see what kind of person he

  40. I think Britney and Lane had developed true feelings for one another. However, being that she is engaged Britney hid her true emotions from Lane.

  41. would it surprise anyone if the feeds didnt come back on till like after thursday? wouldnt surprise me. i mean why wouldnt they want to keep this entire week a secret.

    hopefully tomorrow we get much needed footage of the jury house cause i know fights have happened.

    brendon vs ragan, brendon vs rachel, ragan for rachel, matt vs everyone.

    and kathy keeping the house clean! haha

  42. This is GREAT! I really want Hayden to win, cuz Enzo didnt win anything except for a lousy veto competition .. and Lane thinks hes a BIG BOY!

  43. if the brigade would not have existed, either brit or matt would have won the game. they both are very intelligent game players. watching almost all the season will do that to u. ragan to.

    that would have been a powerhouse of an alliance.
    brit with monet would have been a good alliance too, but too small. hell brit with anyone. and matt with anyone.

    matt carried 3 guys to the end. thats incredible.
    brit carried herself to the end against like 6 ppl. thats deep yo. i would say 7 by adding kathy, but she wasnt even in the house really lol

    • Marcus I agree, But they all got caught up in trying to get B/R out of the house, they all forgot to play the game, until it was to late.

      • Bratteney did not have to fight 6 people…She thought she was friends with all of them and would ride their coattails to Final 2.

        By that time she would win.

        PS…she could have kept her word with Brendon and allied with Ragan to get the BG out…but noooo, she hated Brenchel…..and her hatred cost her the game!!!!!!!!

  44. Here is hoping that Enzo wins. I think he is the most deserving player. His game was similar to Dr. Will. Great social game. And also even though I can’t stand her, Britney is FINE! Damn, that girl is hot.

    • I really don’t think Enzo should win and no his game was no way similar to Dr Will. But then again you see Britney as FINE.

  45. if i wanted to watch like season 6 or 7 or any season from the past, how would i do that? i think i heard matt say something about itunes.

    caz i know the season is too long for DVD’s (that would be like a 9 disc set)

    any suggestions?

      • enzo says ,”ya motha” haha.

        and again. thanks for showing how mature u are. u cant handle somebody with different opinions.

        i used to be like that…. then i hit puberty. i guess it hits ppl at different times.

      • @Marcus: I don’t mind your opinions – it’s the pompous and douchey ways you present them that bother me to no end.

        You think you’re truly mature? Fine – I ain’t your dad, so therefore it ain’t my job to make you face your delusion.

        That being said, I truly hope for your sake that you act like a screw-up d-bag solely on comment boards and not in any real-life setting, because your condescending manners would get you the same type of responses from others that you’re currently having from you.

        As I said, I could have help you, son – EASILY. Hell, if you read any of my previous posts, you may have notice that I helped out a few other posters tonight. But helping you… what would be the point?

        You’re literally pointless.

      • hmm thats a personal attack.

        oh wait. i guess as of now mature ppl make personal attacks to ppl who dont agree with them

        how many times did u say u wold move on?

        even better question.

        how many legit points have u actually made?


        0. zero.

        for ur sake i hope when u grow up to be hopefully successful, u will learn in the real world adults dont deal with differing opinions in thus matter that u are.

        i dont expect u to know that. ur not old enough to understand.

        just curious. who was ur favorite houseguest?

        i mean if u can TRY to rip me for like britney, then surely…. u have ur favorite.

        im guessing ur a andrew man. or maybe a E.D. man. (hahaha get it?) u tell me.

        who was ur favorite houseguest? and then allow me to pull a move from ur book and tell u why u liking that person is dumb, and ur dumb for liking them. go ahead.

        or are u one of those “i hate all of them, but i still watch the show because i actually like them, i just want to be different, i want o be a …. madman”

      • 1. As long as you’re going to attack me, I’m going to counter. I don’t know what made you think I wouldn’t post back to you if you keep replying to me, but then again you are delusional, so probably one of your voices told you that…

        2. It also not my problem if you don’t understand the concept behind ‘having a point to an argument’ or that you don’t know how to count pass zero. Let me repeat myself: your lack of knowledge and/or overall mental problems are not my problems.

        3. As I stated NUMEROUS TIME BEFORE (which is funny, since you claimed to have read most of my posts… whyn did you lie about this?), this entire season of BB was a total bust for me – aka they all sucks. The only HGs I could see myself rooting for were Matt and Brendon, but one of them was unrepentant narcissistic douchebag who seriously lack any charisma, and the other’s a major cry-baby… so really they all suck.

        4. Why do I watch the show then? Well I’ve been watching BB every summer it was on and even during that winter during the writers’ strike – not liking anybody on the show doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun entertainment. BB is a fun sociological experience, albeit a very biased one. Basically, if though I hate all the HGs, I still laugh at them troughout the season, which is what I ultimately look for.

        5. Finally, you trying to pass yourself as older or more mature than me… God, it is so sad… IF YOU’RE OUT OF COLLEGE, I WOULD BE STUNNED! There’s no way you’re not in high school right now… which makes me a grown ass man having a dispute with a kid who just got his driver license…

        OK, you’ve won. Don’t want to talk you anymore.

      • I’m Canadian too, Heather – sadly, CBS does not want our kind in any of their reality shows. :(

  46. i want lane to win. i kno he won’t beat hayden and enzo won’t beat hayden. but if it can be enzo and lane. I would hope lane would win. just to piss off enzo and make sure bit*ch boy hayden doens’t win.

    • Lane cannot beat either Enzo or Hayden – he will have Britney’s vote, and maybe Matt if he’s against Enzo, but everbody else will go for Bozo or Hayden. That’s done deal.

  47. Wow I guess i missed a great show tonight….. I do hope Lane wins and then goes out and begs Brittany for forgiveness……oh more week

    • If you’re looking for the show, go to to watch it – I don’t think it’s online yet, but it will definitely be there by tomorrow morning.

    • awww not me! c’mon little debbie!

      i love ur creampies!!!

      wait creampies?… umm what? u know what i mean. the cream cake cookies.

      hmm bad choice of words.

    • Wow…now usually i disagree with everything Marcus…but this time its ridiculous how everyone is personally attacking him. He has been a frequent poster since the beginning and know he is gonna write something i don’t like so I usually skip him post but i would never start personally calling him out. That’s ridiculous. It says debate intelligently. Move on people.Especially the newbies who just hopping on the site at the end. Some of us have been here since the beginning and have a understanding to agree to disagree. He loves Brit, i can’t stand her. Hhe hates Rachel and Brendon and they were my favs but you don’t see me telling him to leave a fan site that he has the right to be on just as much as i do.

      • @Rose, if there was a “like” button on this site like facebook then I would surely be hitting it!

        I think the Marcus/Madman thing is getting out of hand, I come on here all the time to read the spoilers not listen to people argue about who is more mature and then read personal attacks!

        Thanks to everyone who gave me the inside spoilers this summer and great site Matt, maybe a like/dislike feature next year?!

  48. I voted for ‘Brendon’ as a protest against this dull season. The HG’s will be shocked to see him win.

    • … And, since the majority will probably do the same, this is why Brendon will ultimately win AFH – whether he really deserves it or not.

      • I vote for anybody but Enzo. Maybe The Donald will call him for Celebrity Apprentice. I’d watch it just to hear ” Enzo, You’re Fired”.

  49. I look at it this way, Monet got 10K at the 1st episode, Ragan got 20k for being the saboteur and lasting 2 weeks. Then Rachel got 5k from a POV competition. Britney got 10k in the hide and go seek competition last week and Hayden got some money and a trip in a POV competition. All of them I am not voting for the 25k because they already have money. I don’t want anyone in the brigade to get any more money. I may just vote for Annie because she was there the shortest time and we hardly got to know her.

    • good point. i would have loved to see what she would have done. she for sure would have sent some ppl home

  50. I haven’t seen Britney get evicted yet, but if it’s true, then this will be the best BB12 episode ever!!! For all of those Britney sympathizers: I saw them reveal to Britney on BBAD and it was not bad at all. Enzo was actually really respectable, and it was hilarious when he was going on about the Brigade in the bathroom, he had no clue that she was crying, so stop acting like he was purposely trying to make her feel bad. When they told her, they actually were showing respect. I’d rather them sit me down and tell me than be blindsided on national television. She would have cared less if Enzo was evicted, so it just goes to show how selfish and self-absorbed this girl is. I was hoping for her reaction to be much more entertaining, instead she acted like it wasn’t a big deal, and then cried like the Monet days when they over-dramatized being on the block. Britney should be thankful to the Brigade, because they are the ones that kept her in the game for so long. No one wanted her in the house since day 1. The fact that she was snuggling up to Hayden and Lane in their HOH bed, was just disgusting. She deserves everything that came to her. And for those that feel sorry for her, I am assuming you saw only the edited version. THIS IS A GAME! She had no problem swearing to Brendon on Nick that she would not put him on the block. She acted like she wouldn’t backdoor Matt–one of the only people in the house that actually seemed to like her. She threw Ragan under the bus, just a week before she told Ragan that Matt threw him under the bus. She obsessed over Brendon and Rachel to the point that I think she has a mental disorder. And she made her fiance look like a dumb fool in front of millions. Britney only started paying attention to Lane when she realized his family had money. Even despite him being pretty loyal to her, she would not have voted for him in final 2. WHY DO YOU FEEL SORRY FOR THIS CONNIVING, MANIPULATIVE, ARROGANT, SELFISH, AND CONCEITED MORON??? And for the Nice haters out there who for some reason like this twit, I am not jealous of her. She is a pretty and funny girl at times, and if she actually had somewhat of a decent personality, I think that it would be awesome for a girl to take down the Brigade. However, I would never want that mess of a woman to represent any female power. She is everything wrong with the male and female dynamic of this country and the fact that we have to watch it portrayed on live TV is sickening. For all the young women out there, if you want to make it in life, do everything opposite of the fake snake Britney.

    • WOW…Brittney ain’t done bad for somebody that awfull..Can’t wait to see where she is in life a year from now..

      • Yes, she was using sexuality to get further in the game by using Lame, even though she’s engaged. Many women do advance by doing this, but they never fully succeed. She should have formed an alliance with Ragan, Matt, or even Brendon and Rachel, but she let her petty hate and need to be liked by the men get in the way.

    • @Nice..

      being that i am one of those “Britney sympathizers” you are referring to, i will give you a short & sweet response to your comments:

      change your name… you are NOT nice.

      • what does CT stand for?

        are you REALLY asking me that? LMAO

        um… that would be Connecticut.

        anything else i can teach you? some MANNERS maybe??

      • Hey CT, Nice is well aware that fact!!
        She is just trying to get a reaction from the brit fans!!
        There are many women out there, that would put britches to shame!! She is like a little girl learning how to be a snake.. She’ll learn from this whole mess and hopefully become a better person??!!

      • Hi Tishe! Yes, actually, I agree. Since she lost, she might actually look back at her experience and realize what evil she harnessed and quite possibly could learn from it. I think for her to truly learn, Nick needs to dump her butt–and those cheeks will get dirty because her shorts barely cover them. Had she won, she would have definitely become an even bigger monster. Let’s see in a year. She better not clutter up the gossip rags! Instead of Have Not, she’ll be on the Don’t Fashion pages.

      • hi tishe.. nice was suggesting that CT stands for cun*.

        like i said earlier… she’s NOT nice.

        good to see YOU though :)

        cams should be back on now.. i’m going to watch bbad – gotta find out who won endurance comp!

        have a good night…

      • Actually, I was referring CT to Cxxx Tease as Britney is doing to Lane. I’m not a fan of the other word, it’s not even in my vocab. I bet you love watching soap operas and eating chocolate, CT :)

      • soap operas & chocolate is all you can come up with? lol
        that’s lame, NOT nice – i’m out.
        but i’m sure you’ll HAVE to have the last word – people like you always do!!
        so go ahead :)
        see ya.

  51. so.. what will the reaction be in the jury house when britney tells them (in front of matt, of course) – about the brigade?

    1. matt will run and hide under his bed.
    2. ragan will not be at all surprised.
    3. rachel will think it’s brilliant.
    4. brendon will agree with rachel.
    5. kathy will agree with rachel & brendon.

    OR will rachel, brendon & kathy HATE enzo when they find out it was all his idea?

    • They are all gonna be totally pissed…And Matt will get the worst end of the deal cause he is already there..All the jury members were used by the Brigade at some point sooo they ain’t gonna take too kindly to learning about it..

    • I think Enzo needs to play smart and convince Hayden to take him to the final 2, because once Britney leaks the Brigade to the Jury House, they might be upset with Enzo since he started it.

      1. Matt is already in big trouble about lying about his wife, so this will take the cake. I loved this guy. He was all about the game and was fun to watch him on BBAD.

      2. Ragan will go on a self-righteous tirade and tie in his abandonment issues with the Brigade–as if it’s reality. Ragan will teach everyone a lesson on life-bow tie included.

      3. Rachel came in the BB House to play a game, so I think she will have fun with it. Although, she might actually get upset because they betrayed Brendon. It’s a toss up.

      4. Brendon will agree with Rachel.

      5. Kathy will say something that doesn’t make sense and then will include morals and dignity as she smokes a pack of cigarettes. She definitely wants some cougar action with Hayden, so I think she’ll vote Hayden.

      Ever since Rachel, Brendon, Ragan, and Matt left, I was hoping that BB was smart enough to show the Jury House instead of the BB House. They are far more entertaining..

      • At this point, Matt probably already told the whole JH about the Brigade. I mean, after telling them the truth about his wife’s bogus illness, what would be the point of keeping that secret?

        So it’s probably already out.

    • How is Britney going to tell anyone anything. She said she was going to go to her room and not talk to anyone. If they see what she has done from day 1, the police would need to be there to protect her.

  52. Al the bashing of everone in the house really shows how mature all of you truely are There were some great moments in the house .I ask you why don’t some of you apply for Big Brother so people can make fun at you.Kathy has Cancer and it appears to me you people think that was funny.Matt used his wife as a pawn for Sympathy and that was really Wrong.Others in the House had issues and all you all did was make fun of them. Can you do any better? You should apply so million can redicule you laugh at you point fingers at you Are you so perfect Yes it is a game I ask you can you do any better I seriously doubt it.At least Kathy did not sell her sole to the Devil she held on to her integrity.More than I can say for some of you.Bottom feeders Britney yet attractive did not need the money nor does Lane.Hadden could use it so could enzo However the person who really needed it and not for selfish reasons has long since departed!!!!

    • i think i could do better. again this is Big Brother. that completely justifies what matt did.

      kathy’s cancer isnt funny and she HAD cancer not anymore. but she acts like it impacted her so much yet her mom i think died from smoking, she first got cancer from smoking… and she still smokes.

      again this is BB. this isnt some cream puff real world, or some BBUK where u have black guys dressing like trees.

      and they arent gunna cast ppl who are 100% classy 100% of the time. if they did, they would not have made it to 12 seasons

      • What matt did was not justified Just what because of his action his wife DID come down with some serious illness?Would it be justified then? If she was truly ill then it would have been justified.I love big brother as it is truly one the best reality shows.

    • What kind of irrational thinking causes a person to ask, “What if Matt’s wife came down with a disease because he said she had it?”? (I changed the poor grammar so it actually makes sense now… no charge). I guess it is the same type of irrationality that leads so many people on these boards to talk about karma (doesn’t exist), and praying for someone to win (doesn’t work).

    • @Joker, the best one was the expression on the face of the hideous Brit when she comprehended that she “did all this for nothing”?! Finally, after she was used and played royally by Enzo at all, she was shown the door! Yes!!!

  53. O.K. Haters! I love all these folks! They have been my friends all summer. Why blast them continuously? Enzo is my favorite because he is very funny and true to the classic Italian heritage. People watch the Sho-time three hours because we want to know these people. Once again–love them all as I do every summer.

      • Glockmeister…. you’ve probably been asked alread, but I can’t find the thread:
        Did you ever hear anything about the alleged/rumored Jury House police incident?

      • Glockmeister…. you’ve probably been asked already, but I can’t find the thread:
        Did you ever hear anything about the alleged/rumored Jury House police incident?

      • @Rico: if the cops were anywhere near the JH and Matt was forces out of there, that would have made the wired by now, regardless of CBS’s pull. But there’s absolutely no news about any incident, but I guess we’ll have to classified that one as wishful thinking from some other posters, probably the same ones who truly believe there really were ‘lifelong friends’ in the house…

      • In the short amount of time to check he found nothing in the daily logs. If it were true TMZ or Radar on Line would have picked it up.

      • BB12 is soooooo not famous, that even TMZ wouldn’t report on them. Can you imagine a fight between Rachel and Ragan? You know Rachel bodyslammed him and Ragan went postal with her ewwey gooey cookies all up in his grill, and then Ragan and Matt had a slapping war contest, and Kathy burned her cigarettes on Brendon’s cankles, and just as Britney went to the jury house, all the HG’s turned on her like rabid wolves because they saw all the crap she said about them. In the end, these people played this game way too emotionally.

  54. I’ve been reading up on all the comments and wondered as there are so many die-hard BB fans out there, what the consensus was on the best BB season. Any thoughts?

    • Season 2, All-Stars… Season 5 was pretty solid, with the Horsemen. Season 8 – the Evil season – was pretty great!

    • no idea. my favorite hg of all time was danielle season 3. i also liked james from season 6 but they didn’t win

    • i liked last year:

      russell was always entertaining to watch
      natalie was ‘the girl you loved to hate’
      michelle was the adorable nerd
      lydia was ‘off the hook’ emotional
      kevin’s fashion quirks made me smile
      casey was a mess
      jesse was a figment of HIS OWN imagination
      chima was the queen without a throne
      ronnie was a trainwreck waiting to happen

      and of course there was jeff & jordan who i absolutely loved to watch on bbad!

      it was a season of hgs from all walks of life. i find it hard to believe that this year’s ratings are higher than last year’s.

      my second choice would have to be season 8 – evel dick… loved that guy!

  55. anyone know who won first round? I have to get up in 4 hrs for work and I can’t stay awake any longer

    • traza sorry I don’t either..Come one someone Its time. Are the live feels still down? Tell us who won..I will see in 30 minutes..I can usually depend on you guys..WHO WON….

  56. I can not understand everyone who likes Brittney wants her to get with Lane! I don’t like her for her meanness but I wouldn’t wish Lane on my worst enemy. Why 1) He finds sexually assaulting women & playing the 8 second game fun & games!!! 2) He shoots defenseless animals for fun -spotlight & mistreats Kittens. 3) He & his brother assaulted a fellow student after breaking into his home. I think this is the background of a sociopath.

  57. @Joker: Kathy lost you integrity when she sat up stairs in the HOH room with the other house guess tarshing B?R, She lied about brendon and the corkscrew, She told them that she had to Make brendon give it up, BS, She asked brendon were it was and he pulled it out of his pocket and gave it to her, , All the B/R bashing with britney and then again in the back yard, No kathy gave her integrity away.

    • I didn’t get why Kathy bashed Brendon to everyone. He didn’t do anything to her. I think Kathy just wanted to snuggle up to the Brigade Bunch. That’s when I thought that Kathy must have been related to Britney. She then bashed Brintey to Brendon. Love those dignity and morals!

  58. seems feeds wont be back till LATE tonight or after live show thursday.

    and to think they used to let u see DR sessions.

    if they are gunna bill me to see live feeds, then damnitt i should get to see almost everything. hell camera 5 should be the bathroom cam. hahaha

      • the jury got to see danielle dr confessions in season 3, thats pretty much why she didn’t win.

      • Well, if they can see the DRs, Lane could definitely win then. Hayden’s were forgettable, and Enzo’s pompous as all hell, but Lane’s were fun.

        I don’t know, but it sure sounds like it’s a point for Lane.

  59. On a lighter note what was everyone’s favorite line from this season?
    Mine was when Ragan said he was down to his birth weight.

    • Got to go with Lane on that one:

      “I am so mad, all I want to do is go to a bar, find the hottest woman there and start a fight with her boyfriend!”

      That’s a BB classic right there. :)

    • kathy’s miranda:

      “you have the right to remain silent. if you choose to give up that right, anything you say can and will be misquoted and used against you”

      i loved it :)

    • I go with Lane tonight, when he said “I like christmas ornament…that’s one long word!”

  60. This maybe a stupid question but does the jurors have to vote for somebody? Can they say that no one left deserves the $ & not vote for whoever is left? I think that would be hilarious if the brigade walks out empty handed ~ they did nothing & don’t deserve the $

    • I doubt it’s possible… it would be SO AWESOME if something like that actually happen, but I’m not holding my breath on this one…

      • lori I am sure that is covered in the contract they sigh to get in..I would love to see the rule book. I am sure ther have been times that JH people did not want to vote for anyone, but have to vote,just like survivor

      • I think that’s all ridiculous anyway. Of COURSE people in the jury house would be bitter and want revenge and not vote for anyone left in the house. It’s because the people left in the house either won competitions, were a big part of getting the others evicted, or just played a good game. It would be stupid to allow the jury to do that in ANY case. That’s all just sour grapes. Anyone left deserves to win, although I think Enzo deserves it the least.

  61. one of the funniest things ive ever watched was britt mocking rachel. she was imitating how rachel would be when u enter the jury house.


    lmaooo :)

    and then the extension thing 2, it was even more funny when rachel didn’t even care she was being made fun of.

    • I really don’t think that was that funny. But was funny was Britney leaving tonight to join Rachel.

      • Rachel wanted to be friends with Bratteney, but of course, the spoiled little girl from Arkansas (who by the way thinks North Carolina is not in the south because it has the word north in it) just made fun of her and her proposed friendship.

        Nice, well Bratteney tell us how the jury house is….don’t let the BB door hit you on the way out. LOL

      • It’s so awesome that there are men who can’t stand Bratney either! Rachel is going to be devastated when she finds out all the crap Britney said about her. Britney knowingly said some really evil things about Rachel and Rachel sincerely thought they were friends. I would never take a bath with Britney, that girl is made of pure acid–anyone who touches her gets burned.

      • You really have to wonder what happened to brit in here life to have such anger and spite to other people. I mean, how much trash she has talked about other people in this game. really cool that she does not get the grand prize.

  62. BBN sucks ass. Every comment is stupid.

    Just checking to see how long it takes for my comment to be removed…

  63. I am watching tonight’s BBAD, does anyone know if it is a real live BBAD or a recorded one like last night’s? I am guessing if it is live they have to not let on what happened in today’s HOH. Any thoughts.

    • I’ve heard somewhere that BBAD tonight is taped – what happen last night… which nobody cares about, really.

    • i agree Lane can be a bit of a doorknob, and probably doesnt need the money, but I like him the best out of the 3 left. Enzo I’ve never liked. He hasnt won anything.. the other reason he is there is because he lucked out and made an alliance with the right people.

      • i agree i like lane the best out of them 3 and i would like to see him and britt together i think the look good together


    Well, well, well… dumb country boy is finally stepping up his game! Too bad there’s no chance he can win the last comp’s trivia questions…

  65. They are still focused on Enzo’s haircut still. They haven’t mentioned anything about the challenge yet.

  66. Did Enzo really just say his hair would grow and fill in overnight for tomorrows show?! Then he cut his own ear! What a buffoon! Lol

  67. please stop cutting the conversation by going to a empty room,it truely makes me want to stop watching!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. ‘Sure looks like productions told them to not talk about the comps among themselves… which, if it’s true, is truly sh**ty.

  69. Does anyone know what happened to live feeds? I have them but I don’t see them on the superpass page?????

  70. From another site looks like Hayden might have one Rd 1:
    9:32 PM All HG in bathroom. E: messing with hair saying it looks like a broken bottle saying WTF. Look how effed up this sh*t is yo. NT
    9:25 PM the endurance wasn’t tonight, the show was taped and they did the endurance last night. NT
    9:25 PM the endurance wasn’t tonight, the show was taped and they did the endurance last night. NT
    9:24 PM Enzo just said to Lane “comp will be crazy tomorrow”…sounds like Hayden might have won first part NT
    9:28 PM (Reply) “Live show tomorrow” is what he said, nothing eluding to who won Part 1 NT
    9:24 PM CBS is blocking the live feeds from Tuesday until after the Wednesday show. NT

    • hi mary… i want to give you a friendly piece of advise that i learned the hard way on this site:

      MATT BBN (the site administrator) does NOT allow copying & pasting of COPYRIGHT information like you have posted here from other sites – it can get you banned.

      just thought you should know :)

  71. Did anyone else notice how Britney said Hello to everyone but Nick? Just an observation….thought it was funny

    • yeah, I noticed that too.

      kinda confrms that there is no ‘nick’ and that ‘tard in the photo was prolly her brother.

      tonights episode was well worth this whole crap season just to see the little bitch realize THAT SHE GOT PLAYED like a ho!


      • Britney know’s that she is in hot water. The funny thing is that since she found out that Lane was rich, she clung on to him and thought she played him. She thought either she wins or he wins, she’ll be set and won’t need Nick to take care of her. Then the Brigade drops a grenade, and she realizes that she’ll have to go back to Nick, except, why would Nick want that hot mess? He will look like such a fool if he takes her back, and of course Lane will look even stupider than his vocabulary if he gets with her after the show. PROPS TO ENZO for calling that out. He specificially said to Lane, “Why is an engaged girl attaching herself to you like that, YO?”

      • Lane is NOT RICH!! I lived next door to him & by no means is he rich nor has he or his family ever been rich! So please stop saying that he is..

  72. Question: How many gallons of water does Enzo use for a simple shave?

    Answer: Impossible to tell… the water is still running and he’s on his third round.

  73. was watching bbad – got BORED – so i’m back here to see if your guys know anymore than i do about the comp?

    i’m thinking the guys may have been told NOT to talk about it…

  74. lane is whispering to Hayden HoH and Veto winners. He is studying and Hayden is helping every now and then. I think Hayden won part 1.

  75. this stinks! its killing me not knowing who won round 1! and everyone at work keeps saying check the comp every 5 min and see if its posted now lol

  76. I think tonights BBAD is TAPED becuz the shirt Lane is wearing…didnt he wear that in the Competition with all the WATER from the waterfall?? I doubt they could get outside today & do laundry so his shirt would be dirty & especially SOAKING WET. He never does laundry anyway, he wouldn’t wash it today in order to wear it TONIGHT. AND Enzo would cut his hair BEFORE a live show NOT AFTER. What do u guys think?? Are the Producers STILL “Playing” us?? The people who make their Ratings!!

  77. the look on bitchney’s face when she realized that SHE GOT PLAYED was …

    what’s the word I’m looking for?


  78. Hayden won part 1! Lane just said he hopes the part 2 challenge is tommorow because he has all the info in his head. Then he said “you haven’t seen enzo studying have you?”

    Hayden won part! :)

  79. I noticed hayden has on a siver chain tonight with a cross,anyone see this before?BBAD is boring,they aren’t saying much of anything. lane looks really down, he is reviewing HOH/POV’s with a deck of cards with hayden’s help. I bet Enzo won tonight cause when he loses he talks to the guys to make sure he’s ok,hayden looks concerned too. OMG someone tell us.
    On a good note,so happy they sent Britnasty out,she deserves nothing. Nasty little bi**h.

  80. i think you r right hayden won if the jury votes by players hayden will win….while i want lane to win i think hayden has it sewn up

  81. Out of the three Hayden is the only one with more HOH’S and POV’S
    BUT Enzo has done notheing but lay around and cuss and gripe.

  82. Brittany’s picture on wall is in Black & White so ignore my previous comment…Maybe they were told if they let it slip (who won tonight)then they get a penalty. Like in terms of the other HG’s getting an advantage in the next round of the competition. Other than something like threatening them with that, i don’t understand why they aren’t letting on who won. Each one of them KNOW their family is dying to know who won even more than the fans so if they could communicate the results i think they would have by now. I bet their dying to say who won as much as we want to know.

  83. Go Hayden! Is that gold necklace something he might have recieved from home for the 1st round win?

  84. They keep focusing on hayden’s hands,he has bandaids on both pointer fingers. I have no clue what it means,just sayin…..

    • sometimes catcher’s in baseball put band-aids on their fingers or nail polish on some of their nails so the pitcher can see the signals better…

      maybe it’s so he can signal Enzo where the cd is or signal an answer to him w/o verbalizing it and getting caught.

      oh wait… i forgot they can CHEAT this season… never-mind.

      so anything short of picking up the cd and handing it to him is okay. <>

  85. Actions speak louder than words, Lane was studing & Enzo isn’t Yet! So it’s Bozo vs the Bear, Part 2?

    • Eh… not necessarily. What if Lane thinks the final HoH part 3 will be a knowledge test, he could have won but I doubt Enzo did. That guy is not nearly as strong and Hayden or Lane and his endurance is definitely not at their level either. My best guess would be that Hayden won, but honestly who knows until it’s really confirmed on the show… I just hope that the weight that Lane has didn’t hurt him. He has so much muscle mass it might have hurt him to be heavier than the other two, even though he’s definitely not heavy but just muscular if you know what I mean. I am sure he hit harder because of that.

  86. I wish it would have been Lane and Britney as final two, Enzo is such a cocky jerk. He seems to be so full of himself I can’t stand him! If Lane or Hayden was smart they’d take him to finals because Enzo surely won’t win. I think Britney deserves to be there over Enzo. Gosh I miss seeing her in the house, she really added so much humor to the game and if she was still there, she would have let out, in some way who one the first HoH part! lol

    • Hey get off the Bratteney train. She lied, she promised on her engagement, she lost, she got 10Gs, she is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • don’t know about anyone else but IF Enzo mades F2 (my guess – NO), i think his ego could have cost him a vote or two revealing the brigade to Brit… why do that?

      as if out of compassion for Brit… no way… it was EGO, he’s been wanting to say something for awhile so he could puff out his chest and boast “i was the mastermind”.

      i’m glad he did… it can ONLY hurt him.

      though the other hg’s seem to like his humor, maybe he grows on you b/c he doesn’t do ANYTHING ELSE… talk, pick his butt & eat… in that order.

      sorry, he’s pathetic in my book.

      • Lane is the worst player. He does nothing at all atleast enzo worked hard in comps throughout this season, not like lane who through a comp so he wouldn’t be a have not.

        Ok so haydon looks like an alstar now,it just shows you how bad lane and enzo really are, haydon is useless but against these dummies he’s an alstar.

        Remember haydon couldn’t win when the house had real contestants playing. So all haydon is, is the best of the worst.

      • wrong Sean… Hayden was sandbagging, if you can’t figure that out, look it up!!!

        the idea early is not put a target on your back (witness – Brenchel) and try to keep blood off your hands… that’s been Lame Lane’s TOTAL strategy even thru the last PoV.

        that’s been the Bro-gade way… you have the bloc of votes to keep your alliance safe let others do the work until near the end.

  87. Deb, that’s funny cause my color setting I think is making his necklace look gold! Changed it, yep it’s silver but def. New! Maybe he cut his finger’s when his was wacking enzo’s hair :) no pun intended

  88. Although not the strongest competitor, Hayden has become sort of an underdog in this competition. His ‘nice’ attitude plus last couple victories will land him the prize D

    • wouldn’t consider him the underdog by any means… did not think that much of the dude but i think he deserves to win at this point in the season.

      nice guy, seems caring though that might be tilted campaigning for votes, athletic & smart & loyal. a sandbagger if you know the term.

      it will be interesting to see what he does if he wins this final HoH. i’ve no doubt he’ll pick who he thinks he can beat… loyalty out the door and rightly so.

  89. I do hope it was Hayden he.
    Now do they have another contest or how do they get the player who sits next to Hayden?

  90. With another HOH win here does that tie Hayden with the record for most HOH’s in a single season? How can people say he is not a competitor?

    • What did haydon do when the house was full.

      Haydon has won comps against 2 dummies britny and regan, that doesn’t say much winning against that group.

  91. Hayden just asked lane if they have started talking to him about his f2 options in dr yet? What you think? Did Hayden really win? Idk

    • It’s boring. They should be celebrating or something after all this is what they wanted. The Bragade (as Enzo spells it) in the finale.

    • WHAT??? oh, i get it… no, i never got the LF but did watch some BBAD, used the FF button a lot.

      seemed they were ALWAYS eating, salads are the worse and TRYING to have forced conversation with lots of awkward silent moments. but this was in the 1st few weeks, actually kristen was still in the house.

      boy… hayden talks about her alot… LOL.

    • Sure it would. Whoever wins round three wins HOH.
      But he’s got to win round 2 in order to get there. The loser of round 2 (between Enzo and Lane) is out of round 3.
      Hayden doesn’t have to play round 2, since he won round 1…. he goes straight on to round 3.
      Whew!… now my head is spinning “round”!

      • No, not necessarily… Whoever wins round 3 is the HOH and gets to choose who he wants to be with him in the final 2 (and evict the other one).

  92. Reason why I’m asking is that part 3 is going to be on Wednesday, so I wonder what they will show on Sunday?

    • I’m guessing hilights from the season. If they can find any. No just kidding. Although this is definately not the bb I am use to watching, it has had it’s momments. Loved it or hated it, we still watched it and are still commenting about it.

      • Yep, Kristi… it was different.

        I don’t think it was better OR worse than other seasons… just different.

      • Very true! and at least the guys were nice to look at not like the slim pickings we had last year!

      • I’ve still enjoyed it also and will miss bb till season 13 start’s! At the end of the day it’s still just a tv show that dosen’t affect my life one way or the other, and I think that some people on here are really cool also, so I’ve enjoyed this as well :)

      • there we go… @Lisa, we’re just meat to you gals. what about are brains?

        oh wait… not with the 3 Stooges.

        i’m thinking you’re talking about Hayden & Lane, please don’t make me get sick and include Bozo.

  93. I think Haydon looks sad…like he did not win. Enzo is an idiot. He seems to think he ran the whole show and every night thats all ya heard. i
    I wish I could have put some in his mouth…better idea, I just turned him off. Bummer…heyden lane talking thought lane won but really think Enzo won. was not the best season. Boring…confirmed they are showing us a old feed. end of 1st comp.thurs and 2cd comp live also thurs. and third sunday. they said Brit left Tues which made the eviction tonight taped. Go figure….


    • Hayden is not sad. He just said, right before he went to bed, “I’m feeling really good right now”.

      Hayden won part 1. BBAD is live.

      Hayden and Lane were talking about how important it is for Lane to win round 2 so they can play against eachother in round 3 and it won’t matter who wins because they will take eachother to the final 2.

  94. Earlier when was just about to finish saying the name of a web site they flashed to the flamingo’s! Is this b/c of infringement right’s?
    They also did that when Brit and hay were singing eminem lyric’s!

  95. Enzo said He is going straight to his room tomorrow! He must mean the JH! Enzo is giving up, said he Hates to Think because it hurts! LMAO

  96. Justin (post #18): Winning HOH and Vetos is certainly one sign of a competitor, but not the only one. Dr. Will finished first and fourth and did not win a single one.

    • yeah, Will played smart, fearless and most importantly with HUMOR.

      his first BB, i kept wanting him to be evicted and my son said “if he’s evicted i won’t watch anymore” & i realized he was saying it won’t be INTERESTING/ENTERTAINING anymore w/o him.

      Will kept saying in the DR… i’m just lying my @$$ off and he was but the hg’s kept him figuring to get rid of him later or take him to F2 so they could win…

      who ever took Will to F2 lost to him and he deserved to win and it was a season to remember b/c of his antics. LOL!

  97. OMG! There is someone sleeping in the middle of the floor between the beds…. I think it is Brendon! He’s back in the house!

    • 1980 World SERIES Game I stopped Pete ROSE. I was surprised my partner said he was in the car behind us. Partner a joker all the time! But it was him, Got Autograph & Compliment from Pete. He told me I was to pretty to be a cop, I said I bet you say that to all the girls! LOL

      • Clare, you were lucky… a lot of those players had a girl in every city they played and a wife/family back home.

    • You can judge for yourself by visiting one of the sites listed on the bottom of the homepage of this site… “IHateBigBrother”.

      • There’s a couple of pics on there of him “sporting morning wood”…
        (also, incriminating pics of other hg’s)

      • Yeah, Clare Ann… I guess once you’ve seen Pete Rose swing his “bat”, everything else is secondary…

      • I seem to recall Joanne saying you really knew how to handle a nightstick! (ok… I’m bad… it’s late and I need sleep)

      • Wow, thanks for the site. That took voyeurism to a whole other level. I’ve been spewing my disdain for Britney and then I had to see her lady parts! Yuck! I thought Rachel would be the exhibitionist of the crowd, but it was Kristen! That girl can’t take a shower without seeing it all because her boob job defies gravity! This is definitely not the side of Big Brother I was thinking I’d see on this site–I’m looking for the morning woods so I can expand into the ND nickname.

  98. I think Hayden goofed. If I had been him, I would have used the POV on Lane and forced him to choose between Enzo and Brit. Then there would be a strong vote against him at the end. What do you all think?

    • Hayden does whatever Enzo tells him. I don’t understand all of the Enzo bashing. He isn’t the brightest, but he’s smart enough to use someone else to play his game. I do admire Hayden for staying loyal to the Brigade. Hayden knew it wasn’t a
      %100 chance that Lane would evict Britney, so Hayden had to go the sure way and keep it the same. I would have died if Britney escaped the Brigade–she is in no way of deserving to get as far as she did. Now that she’s gone, I’m not going to have much material for my comments.

      • @nice. i was with you until you said “she is in no way of deserving…”, she was a better competitor than Bozo.

        oh yeah… i’ve got a problem with your thought on Enzo, “but he’s smart…”.

        YES, that was REALLY SMART informing Brit, she was going to be ousted by the Brigade & just for good measure that HE was the mastermind.

        such a misuse of the word, “mastermind”. only in his mind.

        geez… Brit won’t be near any of the other jury members will she, that she could influence?

        what an idiot Enzo is and he has 1 more HoH comp to seal the deal… come on Lane.

        unfortunately my predictions this season have not been good b/c i’m always predicting a power move so i probably have jinxed Lane.

      • She is in no way of deserving, all she did was wine, cry, and complain. The house likes Enzo! Sorry, but you guys need to face the music, that there is a reason he is where he is. Don’t any of you know a character like him in real life? He’s the guy that’s funny, makes you feel comfortable, and is so worried about himself that you don’t really worry about his intentions. He’s like Ari in entourage. On the outside, he’s obnoxious, but he is devoted to his wife unlike that scandalous Brit, so there’s something more to him than just being a moron. I think that when Ragan told Rachel that no one in the house liked her, I gained respect for him when he was the only one that spoke up. I think Enzo has more humanity than Britney, therefore, I’m sticking to he deserves to be there, not that fake despicable bleached blonde animal. And, yes, Enzo is not smart in many ways, but he definitely has persuaded Hayden to do his bidding, so that’s smart in my book. Lane sucks.

  99. BB12 = 3 out of 4 of the BRIGRADE!
    Will Enzo, Lane or Haydan be the WINNER?
    Sadley after watching ALL BB seasons.. this outcome really does not matter since the winner this season will just = OH WELL!!! :(

  100. i should root for Lane to win… do you all realize with all that money what he’ll be spending on BEER, hopefully he likes Anheuser Busch products (i’m from St Louis).

    he & his friends could bring the USA out of a recession single-handedly… the tickle-down effect… more jobs… more money made & spend… and so forth and so on… remove a key and that person is safe… wait, i lost focus here, where was i?

    anyway… get my drift? good old country boy doing good for good old USA.

  101. I don’t get why so many people bash enzo and only enzo from the brigade, if you bash enzo then you need to bash lane aswell, there pretty much the same.

    There both dumb, there both pigs that don’t clean, they both can’t win at comps, there both floaters, they both lie, they both eat with there mouth open, they both lay around all day, and there both funny but enzo is funnier, lane needs new material.

    • Enzo is arrogant and thinks of himself as the new Dr. Will or the male Janelle.

      But you are right; they’re the same type of idiot.

  102. To Greg H….Why is it everyone makes fun of ranchers and farmers and think they are all dumb? think about that when your stuffn’ your face. You try the work Bozo ya probably think ya crank the cows tail to get milk.. also to Nice…where did you get your name? I have enjoyed all the posts except from you. Do you ever say anything nice? Your what I would call a Bully on the computer. these posts are to have fun and give opinions but yours are disgusting…You and Enzo are alot alike. To bad the jury house won’t be able to see how he’s nice to your face and makes fun of them later and calls them dirty filthy names. Sorry guys…Sermon over. Lighten up.

  103. I think Enzo is the most nasty guy I have ever witnessed! He plays in his pants all day, then reaches in the fridge. He eats with his hands and never washes his hands before doing so. He is bald dude, why does he keep playing with his head, the more he tampers with it, the worse it looks, shave that crap off. His chewing is horrible, I hate to hear him eat and he is just deplorable. He should have been gone! Seriously, he has a wife and child, poor souls. He thinks he is so freakin’ cool, he is a wannabe. Good riddance Enzo, he reminds me of Gonzo from the Muppets.

  104. Just because Hayden is weak/passive to Enzo does not proclaim Enzo to be smart, it just makes Hayden weak. That crap would not work on a more aggresive person. Enzo knew who to play mind games with. I think Hayden is not as weak as we may think, I think surfer cutie will oust him before Lane would. I like both Lane and Hayden, both seem to be fine young men and I wish them both much success from this show.

  105. way to go Lacey…Couldn’t agree more. Enzo would go off like a pop bottle rocket if you really made him mad. If we could only go inside Lane or Haydens heads when Enzo goes on and on and on that he ran the whole show. They never say a word. They know when to “Hold em” Guess “wifey” is coming after all. He’s just a Bully. Go Lane and Hayden.

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