Fight Night: ‘Big Brother 15’ Feeds Go From Bad To Worse As More Racist Attacks Continue

Big Brother 15 - GM & Candice fight

Last night the Live Feeds gave us the most Big Brother 15 action we’ve seen all season and it’s only week 3. When the eviction show ended the Feeds burst in to fire with fights, threats, and more fights. What started as a sobbing mess of near pity transformed in to some of the worst hate we’ve seen yet. It was too much and went too far.

The first fight broke out at 9:21PM BBT when GinaMarie, who had yet to stop crying over Nick’s eviction, lashed out at Jessie and blamed her for Nick’s eviction. Jessie was trying to hide in her bed which was unfortunately in the room the Mean Girls alliance had now adopted. Jessie told her she was sorry she was feeling so bad, but GinaMarie responded saying it was “all your fault.” Kaitlin jumps on Jessie and blames her as well. GM suggests Jessie was just jealous of her and Nick which prompts Jessie to leave while telling them if they want to be mature then they can talk to her.

Big Brother Live Feeds

GinaMarie follows her out to the other room where the rest of the house is sitting and starts a lengthy, rambling rant. Her nonsensical blabbering is full of gems like these that must be watched to fully enjoy:

GinaMarie loses it

“I say stuff from my heart.”
“I’ve been single for 2 years. I haven’t been this upset since I broke up with my fiance and I wasn’t even that upset.”
“I just have a heart of gold.”
“I bust balls, but I don’t hurt people’s feelings.”
“I had such a connection with this kid [Nick], it’s retarded.”
“You didn’t see what me and him were like by ourselves. We didn’t need to show people how we felt. We just did it towards each other.”
“Good luck and I’ll see ya around. Thank you.”

Next up we’ve got a fight over broken alliances as the Mean Girls gang up on Jessie. Again. Flashback to 10:09PM BBT. Jessie tries to explain to the girls that she didn’t like the way they were treating her when she was on their side. Kaitlin is yelling at Jessie for having the audacity to lie to her in the Big Brother house. How dare she!

Judd comes in to check on Jessie and Kaitlin yells, “Judd, get the f&*k out of here right now!” He ignores her and talks to Jessie. When Kaitlin starts yelling at him for lying to her he tells Jessie they should leave. Keep in mind Kaitlin had never heard of Big Brother before she was recruited. No wonder she’s shocked by lying.

As they get ready to leave Kaitlin says, “it’s okay, Judd can be like your 5th chance of a showmance.” It seems if you aren’t having sex in the HoH room on camera, then you just aren’t committing to your brand new relationship, huh Kaitlin? They ask Jessie how she thinks she’s being portrayed on camera and Judd reminds the girls to ask that of themselves. He stays calm and escorts Jessie out of the room.

Now for where things really take a turn for the worst. While before we had seen some disgusting bigotry from Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Kaitlin they went from chickenshit, behind your back racists to up in your face ones. Flashback to 10:53PM BBT to find Candice entering the back bedroom to find her belongings on the ground from Aaryn flipping Candice & Howard’s bed.

Candice tells them “I know someone’s got one more time to flip my bed then there’s going to be all hell in this house.” Kaitlin shouts back “Wooo! Gonna see the black girl come out of you!” Aaryn says “Whatcha gonna do, girl? Whatcha gonna do?” along with a “I wouldn’t get in your bed anyway with all them crabs” and antagonizes her with “Where’s your class, girl? Where’s your class?”

Howard comes in to break things up. The Mean Girls continue to shout at Candice while he tells her to come with him and leave the room. She doesn’t. They keep yelling and she gets louder in return. Howard is shouting for her to leave. GinaMarie jumps out of bed and gets in her face yelling “whatcha gonna say?” over and over. “You want the black to come out?!” GinaMarie yells at her as Howard moves in between them. “You want the whites this way and the blacks this way?” GinaMarie yells as she gestures around the room.

Howard literally picks her up and carries a defiant Candice out of the room. As soon as she leaves Kaitlin says “ohh I just wanted to smack her right there.” Candice and Howard go to the Have-Not room to talk it through. This is where things get really sad.

Candice crying

Howard asks Candice if she wants him to go home because he’ll go home if he has to defend her. “I can’t let them talk to you like that,” he tells her. Candice says they flipped their bed and she’s just supposed to let them? She asks him what she’s supposed to do. He tells her to ignore them and let them have it. She says she won’t sleep in the HN room. Her family wouldn’t be proud of that.

He encourages Candice to sleep upstairs on the HoH couch instead of down there in their bedroom. She says she won’t do that. Howard pleads with her to stay away from them because “if they call your name one more time, I’ll go home.” Candice covers her face, starts to cry, and tells him “I can’t do this.” Candice is adamant that they sleep in their bed, but Howard says “I’m not sleeping there.” “So that means we’re supposed to let them have our bed, Howie?” she replies. “We ain’t letting them have it, we’re being bigger right here. That’s it,” he asserts.

Ten minutes later Candice is still with Howard and crying, rightfully so. “We ain’t running from nothing. This ain’t the sixties. We’re just being smarter,” says Howard.

No one coming in to this game should be facing these situations. There is no excuse and no justification for this.

Perhaps in some weak willed attempt to put an end to this, as if this would work, we see Amanda head in to the back room to try and put an end to the hate. Amanda seems to have been a force driven by production on this issue before with Aaryn, but I don’t know if this was the case again last night.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Flashback to 11:09PM BBT. Amanda comes in shouting “we’re going to clear the air right now.” She starts in on all the Mean Girls “saying shit about everyone.” It’s more about talking smack but quickly shifts to the main issue. Amanda tells Aaryn straight to her face “they are picturing you on the show as very racist! Everybody knows. I’ve been questioned. Everyone’s been ques-” Fish come on. Ten seconds later they’re back.

Amanda: “I’ve been trying to help you!” Aaryn denies it saying that isn’t helping her and “it was f&*ked up what you just said.” “It’s the truth. I can’t make you say anything you didn’t say,” Amanda replies. “I didn’t say anything racist,” claims Aaryn. Amanda tells Aaryn that production has questioned almost every person in the house about her racism. Aaryn again denies it and says she doesn’t believe production would portray her as a racist “when I haven’t said anything.” Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlin, and the other offenders are never going to stop something they don’t even believe they’re doing.

I simply can not believe how bad it’s gotten in that house. Racially driven hate is now forcing HGs to feel like they can’t be in parts of the house or sleep in their own bed. It’s too much. Production has to put an end to this.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where Candice and Howard ending up sleeping last night? On the floor of the Have-Not room.

Candice and Howard on floor

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  1. The means girls got to go. There is game play, but then there is this stuff which is just plain uncalled for.

  2. I’m pissed, this mess has gone far enough! Do they need to have EEO representive to come and tell them what racism is? Come on now pretty soon they will need riot police in there.

  3. How can everyone go on about how bad bullying and racism is and yet still leave these people in the house? your guilty by association in this world, and keeping these people that are suffering and dealing with this type of pain continually in the same situation because of the people doing it being allowed to stay is just disgusting,

    • Hopefully, we will see the house evicy each and every one of these bad players in succession.

  4. Well I don’t approve of any of their actions but the other side had to know they were going to flip out. And even though it’s wrong with Aaryn flipping the bed, Candice never would of lasted in Evil Dick’s season. He was a lot worse with the way he talked to everyone (especially Jen). And pouring a drink over her head is 10 times worse then flipping a bed. And he won the game and everyone calls him the best player. And Amanda has no room to talk with all of her racist and disgusting comments.

      • Amanda hasn’t made racist comments, although she has tried, (in vain), to point out to Aaryn that SHE has been making racist and bigoted comments about houseguests.

    • ED was very mean to Jen but the difference was he was just a plain bully. It wasn’t right by any means but at least he didn’t bring in race. Aaryn and the others are so racist it takes it to a whole new level. Also ED knew he was mean, the sad thing is Aaryn doesn’t realize how much of a racist, hateful person she is.

  5. I am calling for a boycott of the show until the hate is dealt with . Me and my friends will not support a network that shows this kind of racism and supports it by letting her stay . The racial hate and the hate crime innuendos is appalling. We are done ! I can not believe the show has continued to allow such primitive disgusting behavior. Not to mention someone is going to hurt that girl. Kick her off if for no other reason then to protect her from herself.

    • I disagree…I believe that these racist and bigoted comments will lead the other houseguests to give them the boot…and America will CHEER !

      • Actually, at the rate they’re going, I won’t be surprised if the audience doesn’t throw rotten fruit at Aaryn on the night of her eviction.

      • well maybe if you all know when she is leaving for sure, I say have 0 people in the audience, lmao, that should tell her something right there, and I look forward to when she does get voted out, so we can all see how her interview goes with Julie, as we all know she has made asian remarks.

    • It is a very sad slap of reality. Unfortunately these people show that racism is still very much alive. I do believe the comments are allowed to increase ratings.

      Boycotting the show won’t grab attention. You must boycott the advertisers … Affect the bottom line to get results.

    • i agree that’s what I said boycott show and live feeds till they remove her hit them where it hurts the almighty dollar

  6. I think Amanda’s rant was the first time it started to occur to Aaryn that she might be looking racist outside the house.

    Don’t think it will change her behaviour in the long run, but she did apologize to Candace later in the evening.

    Be interesting to see how production handles it now. It was messed up before but everyone was sort of handling it calm and complaining behind Aaryn’s back. Now that its in the middle of fights and pushed Howard to the point of shaking with rage it will be interesting to see whether the DR finally gives Aaryn a talking to, or do a double eviction week to get her out quicker.

    I generally think that the show should not interfere in how people interact, but when its getting to the point where the racism could erupt in an actual fight, you wonder how far they can let it go. It would be a crime if Howard ended up getting kicked out with Aaryn still in the house.

    On a side note, that girl needs a video intervention when this show is over.

    • We’ve seen things come to somewhat violent behavior in previous seasons and CBS DID deal with and remove those houseguests.
      A double eviction would be great, in a week when Helen is HOH and Elissa is likely to get MVP. Get rid of Aaryn and Jeremy, and leave Kaitlin and GinaMarie to be the pariahs of the house.
      GinaMarie has threatened to quit and walk out before, and only Nick was able to keep her there. I expect her to quit and walk out of her own volition, particularly if Aaryn and Jeremy end up being evicted.

    • I’m with you Mark…They NEED to step in and NIP things in the bed. Like the “double eviction” idea…

    • I don’t think CBS would get too involved unless a physical altercation would occur. Though I would like to see a double eviction very soon. They always do one anyway, might as well be now.

  7. I had to write CBS and email ( they probably won’t even see it) because it is getting out of hand. I watch every season, and yeah I feel bad for people when they fight and yell but I just feel like this is really different. I have never seen them attack race before. Maybe I just blocked out things from other seasons, but the flipping of the mattress and Candace and Howard sleeping on the floor of the have not room is not okay.

  8. I cannot believe CBS would allow this to continue,they need to be thrown out and show them just what asses they look like.I am just appauled

  9. BB was always so much fun to watch. I’ve got to say, this isn’t fun anymore… this just hurts to see.

  10. The part of this picture that breaks my heart is that prior to this, Elyssa had been trying to make a bed in there by moving the cushions off the chairs and was told by production to ‘stop that.’ So technically, they can’t make a make-shift bed in their but clearly production allowed it in this case. I’m speechless that no one gave up their bed. This is all too much for me today.

    • They are not currently HaveNots so they can sleep on the floor with the cushions. Hopefully, Helen wil make Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie the HaveNots for this week. They REALLY deserve to be HaveNots and to be forced to live on ‘slop’ and sleep in upright airline seats !

      • Saw some ‘spoilers’. Helen didn’t get to choose HaveNots, like Aaryn did last week. The HaveNots for this week from a competition are McCrae, Amanda, Judd, and Jessie. :-( And the nominations for eviction are Aaryn and Kaitlin. MVP has not yet been announced, but should be soon, as Veto competition will be taped sometime tomorrow (Saturday)

  11. I’m appalled by these girls comments and behavior! CBS should remove them and replace them with new people. There must be thousands of people who want to be on the show better deserving than these girls. BB always has drama – it’s why we watch the show – but this has gone too far!

    • We don’t need any new people, just get rid of Aaryn, then GinaMarie, and I’ll be satisfied. Even Jeremy has shown that he can change, but not those two.

      • I hope that when they are evicted Julie will tell them on live TV “you’ve been fired by your employer for our behavior in the house.” I would LOVE to see their reaction!

    • yes those girls should be kicked off so we can enjoy the rest of this season! I hope CBS listens!

  12. I don’t agree with the way the Mean Girls are acting and think that they have waaaaay overstepped boundries and should be dealt with accordingly. But am I the only one that thinks calling Aaryn Barbie and Blondie was wrong? I say CBS should just clear the house and tey again with new houseguests. There have got to be socailly correct that would actually play the game and cherish the chance to win the $$$. I know I would.

    • Aaryn started it and she and Germy call Elissa “Fem Bot” whatever the heck that is. There is a big difference in Barbie/Blondie and what she has had spew from her pie hole. Barbie/Blondie speaks to intelligence .. not race!

      • the worst part is she has no idea what shes saying. its like thats natural speaking for her..

      • Fem Bot is a reference to Austin Powers. Austin (Mike Myers) marries a woman, “Vanessa,” who promptly tries to murder her face off.

    • This always kills me. Calling Aaryn “Barbie” or “Blondie” is not even remotely close to flipping a mattress so her precious white skin doesn’t have to touch the same side as black skin. It’s in no way the same as using the “n-word”, it’s in no way the same as getting in Candice’s face and asking if “the black is going to come out”. Aaryn has lived in a world where blonde haired, blue eyed, petite women are considered ideal versions of beauty and clearly the enormous sense of entitlement that she has grown from that is ugly, vitriolic and gross. Aaryn isn’t alone, this is a common argument from lost of white people when they get called on their racist crap “oh, I’m not a racist! You are just saying that because I am white! Let’s not focus on my behavior or comments but let me try to make this about all the times in my life something has been unfair!”. Everyone has moments in their life that are unfair, everyone has had people say mean and hurtful things to them. If people can’t see that Candice, Howard, Helen and Andy have had to endure disproportionately MORE hatred, vile comments, degrading remarks and viciousness than their white, straight counterparts then they are flat out are not paying attention. If they can’t see how those comments and attitudes are rooted in a history of inequality and oppression then they aren’t paying attention.

      Kudos to Howard for continuing to rise above. Stop to consider what that has to take! He knows Aaryn is a vile, nasty bigot. He knows that she considers him less than a person, she can’t say the things she says and not! And knowing all this, what does he do? Buckles down, focuses. He even talked about “Sambo-ing” his way through. It should make people angry, it should make them sad and it should make them ashamed that people like Aaryn still exist in the midst of all of this Obama, post-racial BS. I hope it inspires people to speak up the next time their friend tells them “they don’t see color” right after they make a comment about how all the black people they know are on welfare.

      Smart game play says Aaryn and the rest aren’t called out on their BS until leaving the house. When that happens I sincerely hope they reap a whirlwind of negative repercussions stemming directly from their vile statements, racism and bigotry. After what Julie Chen had to say about it all on The Talk I am really interested in her interview with Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlin and Spencer. Poor David was still defending her when he left, what a sad state of affairs.

      • Very well said! It broke my heart last night listening to Howard and Candice after he picked her up and took her out of that room, away from the haters. There’s no way CBS or BB should allow these things to happen. It’s gone too far, beyond hate SPEECH to hate ACTS. That cannot be tolerated IMO.

    • There is a difference between being called a Barbie and the racial things Aaryn had been saying!

  13. It’s interesting now to see Jeremy acting as a calming influence.
    How ironic!

  14. As much as I don’t like when BB bring previous seasons players into the game they may need to rethink it for this season. All the hate spreaders need to be remove from the house without question. They evicted Willie when he became threatening. Hateful raciist words are just as bad especially when you have a group doing. Big Brother what are you going to do?

  15. This just shows why the bullies and racists are so hated by the majority of viewing public. They are clutching at straws because they just sealed their fates by their actions. Now, is a good time as any to get rid of either Aaryn or Gina Marie. Use this 2 weeks to take those 2 women out. Kaitlyn would be by herself then, and Jeremy had the good sense to keep his mouth shut and just not create trouble. This is the time for Production to make it a double eviction week. That way, both Aaryn and Gina Marie can be both evicted out of the game! The sooner the better!

  16. I imagine that they had a few “spare” potential HouseGuests in sequestor somewhere. It’s good sense, isn’t it? If someone gets badly injured on day one or something. I dunno — just think it’s good sense. So maybe they give Aaryn and GM and Kaitlin the boot and bring a spare in. Then just say ‘no eviction this week’ and they’d be right in line with 3 weeks 3 people gone.

  17. Big Brother needs to completely rethink their casting next year. I don’t mind if it is All-Stars 2 or something else. They need to get a better cast than those 3 girls and the other racists bigots. They should do a mental evaluation of each cast member before they enter the house and make sure every contestant watched Big Brother before. Like Kaitlyn.

    • I believe they do that (mental evaluations). Maybe they don’t know how to interpret the results or they don’t ask the right questions because some members of this cast are out of control in a very bad way.

    • I hate All Stars shows of any reality show. I just HATE Boogie. Geez, everytime I see that episode of ‘Friends’ where Joey dresses up in the boxers, heans, basketball tank and wool cap, saying “wassup, that is WACK!” and asking Chandler if he could pass for 19 years of age, I crack up because that’s exactly how Boogie is. He acts and dresses like he thinks he’s 19 but he’s nothing more than a geriatric starlet.
      The funny thing is, I could not STAND Rachel but I just love Elissa.



  19. is there an email address for the producers of the sow that we all can write & start filling their mailbox and twitter feed???

  20. They seriously need to get a counselor and/or shrink in there for the mean girls .. they have no idea what they’re in for and they need to be reminded of the venom that has spewed from their ugly mouths. I loved how Candace commented to Aaryn’s family about how they brought her up and they should be ashamed! Although I detest Germy – at least he did tell the 3 bitches they were being catty. I’m also proud of Jessie and Amanda for standing up to them! I dearly hope those 3 get Have Not this week and America votes for the most disgusting thing possible for them to eat.

  21. I would really like to see Howard tell them all off. Cbs wouldn’t dare penalize Howard or Candice for losing it on these girls after all they’ve allowed this group to get away with. Do something cbs! This is beyond ridiculous.

    • I’m afraid if Howard would lose it & go off on someone he would be the one to get in trouble & that would be wrong on sooo many levels. Of course, this is all about ratings, but, if CBS allows this to continue, they are only fueling the fire & passively condoning the racism.


    General information:

    Telephone: (818) 325-6900

    Here is Allison Grodner & Rich Meehan production company that produces BB email & phone # from their website, they also have a FB page which I think we should start flooding too!

  23. BB is letting it go on because the ratings shot up after they showed some of the racism going on in there. Even Julie said they wouldn’t have shown any of it unless it was driving the show. To me the saddest and becoming my biggest reason to give up on BB is the fact they will let this go on just for ratings, not caring at all about the emotional trauma some are going thru in there. Lets not forget that Spencer is also shown a biggot face and is extremely homophobic. of which they haven’t shown yet, thinking they are holding that back for more ratings later.

    • The sad part is this is a part of the game. the only thing you cannot do it HIT SOMEONE.

  24. This is just SAD. I’m not that big of a fan of Howards gameplay but i’d say he’s 10 times the human being than these 3 mean girls ever thought about being. He’s strong in spirit with determination to prevail despite the racism in the house. A true and honorable man in my book.

  25. Howard is good people. It must take a lot for him to be the bigger person. Kudos to him.

  26. Aaryn needs to go! that is no way to play a game, and its disgusting, and shows how ignorant some people still are! She may be pretty on the outside but so full of ugliness on the inside… its sad! This kind of behavior SHOULD NOT be tolerated! And the houseguest’s should not have to endure this on top of being in the game! NO ONE should have to endure this anymore!
    I think the show should address this, remove them and allow the game to continue!
    And I am proud of the dignity that offended houseguest’s have had! I will pray for you, through the trials!

  27. As someone white I am seriously shocked that in this day and age there are such racists in the United Stated of America.
    Absolutely sickening, my stomach is hurting! This is really border criminal …

    • Well, then, maybe the show did a good thing to open your eyes to reality. Maybe it should be required viewing for the Supreme Court justices, who also think racism is a thing of the past. Required viewing: especially for Clarence Thomas.

    • The saddest part and surprising as well is that it is coming out of the mouth of someone so young. 50 years ago it may have been different, when whites everything was segregated in parts of the country and you “stayed with your own kind.” But I grew up in the 70s and 80s. My first doll was a black doll and I never thought of him as different. He was in fact my favorite. I went to school with kids of different ethnic groups and so they were always just my friends. We were not taught to see differences. So I’m not sure why someone two decades younger than me would act so stupid.

  28. funny part is that this is supposed to be a window into reality, so if someone put a hidden camera in over half of america they would hear tons of stuff that is offensive to other people, yet no one tells you you should be in trouble for it. Would you be fine if i told you not to be racist inside your own home at night… no you wouldn’t. So why is it ok to yell at these people who are supposedly just being “real”. Yes they are actors and all these reality shows are scripted or coached to a point, but they actually are just using the 1st amendment. and yes it’s all about ratings. If people still watch this garbage it’s your own fault. ratings drop show drops plain and simple. shows like this do nothing for society at all, yet we live and die by what happens, try to imitate, etc. Sad sad era of TV right now, 90% of it is garbage, the other 10% is amazing shows like Game Thrones, Dexter, Walking Dead, Mad Men(not to say those don’t effect our daily lives as well). Those shows at least make you think, where reality tv just makes you dumber every second…case and point The Kardashians…

    • Your point is flawed. It is one thing to be racist behind closed doors. These girls are racist in these peoples face. Try that in the real world, and those mean girls would be in the hospital. Candace,Howard,and Helen can not escape these attacks. They live in the same house.

      • The in your face stuff is fairly new. When it started it was more overheard comments getting back to people.

        Now that its gotten confrontational BB has to be really careful how they play it. Howard and Candace are basically hostages to the treatment with nowhere to go to avoid it. So if it keeps up directed right at Candace they may have to act.

    • Oh yes, because the shows you think are “amazing” showcase murder, rape, cheating on spouses and screwing friends over teaches great family values. I never thought I would say this, but I’d rather my kids watch those dumb Kardashians because being greedy and superficial really only hurt the people that are instead of other others.

  29. as I stated before they should have been pulled the paula dean, Mel Gibson, Alec Baldwin look what happen to them but what really unnerves me more that Julie chen would not have them dismissed she is a beautiful Asian woman an the insults that went towards Helen did she not think this was some kind of reflection on her an even bought it up on the View this is not a game nomore an something should be done bring back a couple of former BB cast or something just get rid of this garbage

  30. At this point the only way the network can show good faith to the viewers and turn it around is to toss “Aryan Barbie” to the curb.

  31. When Aaryn gets out of the house, she’s gonna pissed and crying about her losing her two jobs and the mean, but hilarious book I wrote about her.
    I can’t tell if Jeremy and Kaitlin are still gonna stay with Aaron and GM or turn on them. Kaitlin and Aaryn are so retarded. They’ve said things behind each others backs and still they’re together. Kaitlin should leave her because she’s trying to steal Jeremy so she could probably forget about David.

    And GinaMarie is a pedophile, obsessed with Nick, and she’s 4 years older than him. She should learn to leave him alone. She’s crying all night about him which is annoying. She could try online dating like a normal person would or wouldn’t do, LOL, IDK. I hate her a lot. And I’m African of Ghanian descent and she thinks she’s all that. She and Aaryan are probably gonna end up on the streets, because people are probably going to break their houses down. It may happen. And it has happened before. I’m only 14 years old and I’m writing a mean and hilarious book toward those guys. And I hate those four, especially Aaryn. She’s a Nazi now, and I consider her Hitlera, instead of Hitler Jr. Her name should be Darren. I don’t know why. Paula Deen II, you’re no longer America’s Sweet Heart. You’re now The Whore of Big Brother, or TWOBB for short

    • Okay so just a small point here: if you’re going to attack Aaryn & co. for what they say, don’t use the word ‘retarded’ to refer to them, because they’ve been doing the same sort of stuff.

      • That’s true, but they’re not really smart if they tell each other they talk behind their backs, and I’m not going to hurt them. If I were a women, I would LOL because she would deserve it and she’s probably the most hated contestant in all of big brother.

      • people slept on the floor because of them. ‘retarded’ is nothing. if it was me it would end differently and I would finish it knowing that the court system will not be on my side as a black person anyway so I would make sure I finish them before going to court so that when the court convicts me I will be happy in death row knowing that they are also dead.

    • Did you know that you can edit your post. Relax…take a deep breath, and read it again….then edit.

  32. They are allowing bullying in the house. Julie chen even talked about this on her talk show. … I don’t understand how the producers allow this to continue. Instead of supposedly asking all the other house guests about comments from certain individuals in the house… pull them one by one into the diary room and tell them this is don’t acceptable.. if it continues they will be removed. This season of bb really sickens me. Bad choice in players.

    • BB never does that. They only tell someone to change their behaviour if it is violating the house rules, and they never tell people how things are playing outside the house.

      This is by far the most racist season on big brother, but bullying this bad is nothing new at all, and neither are offensive comments in general.

      Cbs was on relatively safe ground with their approach until last night. Last night the racism was in your face and if that keeps up all week they will need to do something before the next eviction. Howard was close to the breaking point last night, and if these comments cause him to lose it CBS will have a PR nightmare that will be tough to live down.

  33. At this point the only way the network can show good faith to the viewers and turn it around is to toss “Aryan Barbie” to the curb.

  34. I wouldn’t mind if they did a surprise double eviction (early) and get GM and Aaryan out. Now, that’s double eviction with just this week’s HOH and veto competition, no extra. Helen puts up two, the MVP puts up one and the two with most votes are out! Granted those up for elimination would be Aaryan, GM, and Kaitlin/or Jeremy.

    • Lol, that wouldnt be a little bit fixed or anything.

      I can see them speeding it up but it would have to be one of those accelerated weeks so you could still have MVP for the double.

      Using the same noms is just dumb. If you are going to be that obvious, just kick them out of the house without a vote.

      • LOL! I know. I Know. That’s going off of feelings and not logic at the moment.

        Watching and reading was very upsetting. I have mixed feelings about them being kicked out. No, no one should be treated how the mean girls, and Jeremy (and Spencer’s nasty comments) should be treated but this is showcasing the world we live in.

  35. Dear GM and Aryan,

    Maybe you do not realise, saying a racist, bigoted thing to someones face, still makes it racist and bigoted. Neither of you are clever enough to understand there are other ways to fight. Why did Candace have to “get black” why couldnt she have ” gotten tough”? You are small and petty. GM, Nick would have sold you to Spencer, in a heartbeat, if he thought it would buy one more day in that house. If you dont know that, you are less intelligent than you appear. (You dont appear very intelligent.). Aryan, telling Howard, you are so hurt that your racist comments are being taken as racist. Priceless. Perhaps Candace is right, neither one of you were raised properly. Your parents should be ashamed, because you are two of the stupidest b-s ever on reality tv. And I am including the Bad Girls Club.

    Dear Kaitlyn,

    Please, dont let anyone step on your foot. Your legs might pop open. Leave poor Jessie alone, she’s not nearly as pathetic as you.

    Dear Jerkamy and Spencer,

    It is 2013, we moved out of the cave a long time ago. You may be able to get a women without hitting her over the head and dragging her off. Maybe.

    Dear Howard and Candace,

    Remember, its the ones you cant see that are the dangerous ones. Spencer.

    ‘nough said.

  36. Candice and Howie have more class then all three of those girls. They are all racist and no one should have to experience that. If I were in the house I would not stand for it!!

  37. Can someone explain to me how the racial hate is not at LEAST equal to, and likely far exceeds, a situation where a player strikes another player? How does CBS not act on this and at least tell them to stop this talk or they will be removed from the house? Sure, young people can be ignorant, and say hurtful things, but come on this is absolutely vile. It just makes me feel dirty after watching episode after episode of these people.

  38. nobody should have to put up with that and big brother should be ashamed that they let this go on for so damn long i will stop watching the show if they dont put a stop to the raciest crap enough is enough

  39. I think the fact that CBS (Julie Chen) did not call Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlin out for their racist remarks on Thursday’s eviction show is inexcusable. If you don’t know different, you can’t do different. In real life, we would never give these three bigots a forum to make their hateful remarks. I feel sick to my stomach every time I hear yet another inappropriate remark and feel like crying each and every time. While Helen, Candace and Howard are doing the best under the circumstances, I feel that the words of hatred hurts just as much if not more than a punch in the gut, which would be grounds for immediate eviction. This has become a hostile environment plain and simple.

  40. 1. This is what happens when you put a bunch of 20 somethings in the Big Brother house. I’ve been saying it since day 1: I feel like I’m watching the Real World. Why is it that 90% of the contestants are some what good looking, and young?

    2. I think everyone is being a little too sensitive. Yes, these “mean girls” are being rude, but so what? Let’s not act like people haven’t been this rude before in the past. Evil Dick ring a bell? Rachel has been a punk. The list goes on.

      • So you can be ‘rude’, as long as you’re not being racist? He did attack a girl’s religious beliefs. Is that not as bad?

  41. Them Three girls need a good old butt whooping and maybe they will keep there big racist mouths shut!

  42. I am sooooooo pissed off! I think the best thing is for them to just tell Aaryn and GM they got fired.

  43. Everyone keeps talking about the raciest comments and the ratings are going to drop but yet you all are still watching. This is what makes for good ratings, yes it is shamefull but everyone loves a train wreck, even myself. The right people will or already have been punished

  44. I agree…BB needs to boot them out. This is bullying and they are basically saying that bullying is ok if they don’t put an end to this bs & kick them out NOW!!

  45. These two should be kicked out of the house immediately. For those that care I’m a white conservative male and this crap is making me sick. I’ve watched Big Brother every season and always loved watching drama play out but now that it’s come to racism it’s gone to far. The show is great without it. Kick them out and let’s get on with the show. I enjoy watching the drama not the racism.

  46. This made me cry. I can’t believe how digusting some people can be. Wow, I’m just shocked.

  47. Kaitlin didn’t say that about seeing the black girl come out of Candice. That was GM.

  48. there life outside the house will be so horrible, they may have to leave the coutry to fine work

  49. The brutality, racism, and petty attitudes of some of these poor-sport-players led me to cancel my subscription to the “live feeds” and it was the only effective way I felt that I had to send a “message” to CBS, since my emails and phonecalls of concern to CBS seemed to be going nowhere.
    After reading about the horrific racist baiting and attacks by Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie, it is my very GREAT hope,(and expectation), that Helen will make ALL of these wicked and hateful people HaveNOTS for the week and that Candice and Howard will have their pick of the beds in their room.
    Let JUSTICE be done .

  50. this show is hitting rock bottom aswell as they should ive said it before and I can honestly say that to watch this on live TV is just insane this network s so desperate take the loss and end this season of racist bullys it realy saddens me that @49 years old that I would sit and watch what I was put through most of my life it sickens me I have no repect for this network have we not move on in life this is out of control

  51. It’s one thing to read about it, but I just saw a clip on Youtube. WOW–it almost made me cry. CBS has to do something. NOW.

  52. There are PLENTY of houseguests, this season, time to DISPOSE OF THE RACISTS, and let the game be played correctly!!! NOT ACCEPTABLE!


  54. The moment that spoke volumes to me was when Howard says to Candice something like, “If they (production) didn’t want this to happen, they would stop it.” He summed it up perfectly. That was the hardest thing to watch I have ever seen on Big Brother. I was seriously scared that Howard was about to snap during those intense moments alone in Have Not room when he was praying for strength. At the beginning of this, I didn’t feel like Aaryn or GinaMarie should have been kicked out, but this is turning into verbal abuse.

  55. It’s interesting. The UK had a similar show a few seasons back, and it became an international diplomatic nightmare, as one of the guests was an Indian woman, and the butt of the racial bullying. They have an anti-racism policy now, and it was put into action within the first week of the current season, as one of the guests said she would not date black or asian men. She was given a very stern warning for that, enough to make her cry. So, maybe the US franchise needs to come up with a similar policy. It’s too bad, though, that these contestants seem to have no common sense, nor sense of shame, and require this level of “nannying” from the producers.

    The other thing that occurred to me is the level of response people are given when they leave these shows. There’s a woman named Amy, from Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, who has been harassed at home, and subjected to death threats, for her over the top hysterical, control-freak behaviour on her episode.

    I fear for Aaryn’s life when she leaves BB. She’s a sadly undereducated young woman, with underdeveloped self awareness and empathy. Someone helped her to become this way – she actually needs some opportunity to learn about how destructive her actions are but instead will be attacked in a way that further confirms her belief that she is the actual victim.

    What is the future of reality TV, if the public starts to get aggressive and threatening towards unlikable participants?

  56. That makes me unbelievably sad and angry. Candice and Howard sleeping on the HN floor… that just makes me SICK! GM and Aryan losing their jobs is hardly enough justice at this point. You go Candice, baby; you win this thing. Those girls are DISGUSTING! I’m appalled.

  57. I think CBS is simply allowing these morons to dig their own graves. Allowing it to continue is more detrimental to these girls than throwing them off the show.

  58. CBS has to put an end to these unspeakable acts and comments. It has gone way, way too far . How can a major network condone what is happening —–and they are condoning it by letting it happen. Shame on you CBS!!!

  59. The sponsors should be contacted. If people refuse to buy their products due to the racism, they may pull out if CBS does not do anything.

  60. I think they should be dragged out of the house by their blond hair I mean come on it is 2013 not 1913

  61. It’s really stupid for Candice to be playing the sympathy card just for what happened in history. If you want people to respect you, stop making a big deal at a flipped bed. Get over and stop whining.

    It’s a game, you signed up for it, it happens in everyday life. If you can’t stand the heat go back to your hole and hide in it. Hypocritical people are so annoying.

    Also you people getting mad at something that doesn’t affect your life at all. Haha

    • But isn’t the flipped bed TECHNICALLY a violation of the rules? All of Candice’s things were on the bed, the mattress is the property of Big Brother. Whoever did it should have gotten a warning, right?

    • In every day life, if I was dealt all that bullsh*t and someone came into my room and flipped MY bed… I wouldn’t be hiding in any hole! I would straight up beat that b*tch’s ass and if GM waved her hands in my face, that would be the LAST thing she’d ever do with them again.
      But in the game… they can’t or they will be expelled.

      • What they could do, is league themselves together and boycott the diary room until something is done.

    • It’s not about the bed being flipped. Candice has been taking in so many racial and derogatory comments and she’s been holding it all inside so something as small as her bed being flipped can really hurt because it’s literally the last straw.

      And racism effects all of our lives. White, black, brown, asian etc. It hurts to see anyone being hurt by these comments because we’re human. It should hurt us, we should feel disgusted by the people who’ve been saying it.

  62. Karma! When they get out they are in for a big suprise. Their mothers must be very proud.

  63. Maybe they should let us watch it play out….let the other house guest and America get em!

  64. I wrote this to CBS complaint department for Big Brother:

    I am very upset and thoroughly disgusted by the racism and hostilities against the minorities in the Big Brother 15 house! It is a sad day when an accomplished black man feels he has to “shuck and jive” and play “Little Sambo” so the racist bullies will leave him alone. Last night July 11 and early July 12 saw the black house guests’ bed get flipped over and when Candace said something about it, she was mocked by Aaryn about her “black coming out” and had Gina Marie waving her hands in her face. That is aggressive behavior and should never be tolerated.

    Jessie was also intimidated by Jeremy and Kaitlin when they just jumped onto her bed with her in it, and refused to get out despite being asked several times. Jeremy was in the bed alone with Jessie and despite her telling him to get out because he was making her uncomfortable, he refused again. Jeremy thinks rape is a good idea for a prank on a woman! He said so the night before.

    I was moved to tears when I saw Howard and Candace sleeping on the FLOOR of the have not room, while the racist bullies enjoyed the room and beds to themselves.

    Does CBS and Big Brother production think it is acceptable and setting a good precedent when the black people in the house have to sleep on the floor in the worst room of the house? I thought slave quarters were abandoned when slavery was abolished!

    Do the viewers of Big Brother need to start sending letters of protest to CBS’ sponsors? I would have thought the letter from the Anti-Defamation League to Les Moonves would have gotten CBS’ attention.

    Please remove Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlin and Jeremy from this game. I am a woman and I would be terrified in that house! They signed up to played a game, not be tortured, bullied and suffer racist treatment.


    Mrs. Christine Webster

    • The key point is that CBS is profiting from this racist and bullying behavior. They are increasing profit due to higher ratings, more live feed sales and increased charges for voting. CBS is profiting from racism.

      • Ratings are actually down this season (last I read). I don’t pay to vote, I am Canadian :P I have been getting the live feeds for years and signed up for the early bird special so I had no idea what I was signing up for this year.

        This is certainly NOT the game I wait all year to watch! Some arguments from living in close quarters with relative strangers for a period of time are to be expected but this goes FAR beyond that and this is week 3. Sickening!

  65. Aaryn has to go she is definatly showing what a no class girl is like! This has gone far enough! To be afraid to sleep in your own bed because of the attitudes of certain people is down right scary and shameful

  66. I cried when I saw Howie and Candice together after he carried her from the room where the mattress was turned off the bed what people should go through that I have watched BB since day one of the first show so sad BB and CBS do the RIGHT thing send the good into the world u have all the control !

  67. I sent a comment to CBS asking them if they are a racist company. I also suggested they sanction the 4 racists/klansmen with 3 weeks in a row of being have nots. And if Jeremy does not accept that punishment (he would have to give back the never not card), then give Jeremy 3 penalty nominations in a row instead. I think this would show that CBS does not condone racism but also that the Big Brother game can continue.

      • Kicking them out really changes the game too much. Make them eat slop for three weeks. I am tired of CBS profiting from behavior like this. People need to let CBS know that they have to stand up to racism like the two employers did by firing Aaryn and GM. I am sure if Jeremy had a job, he would have been fired too.

    • Problem is… They will just become nastier. Look how nasty they got last night and nothing was done to them personally. If they got actually punished… I can’t even begin to guess what kind of monsters they would become! They have NO clue that they are racists and bulles. They cannot they stop behaviour that they don’t even recognize.

      • Then lock them in the Have Not room for 24 hours like Dan got from Pandora’s box. Include audio of Rachel’s constant laugh for the 24 hours lock down.

  68. Well seem’s BB and CBS are not gonna boot the little racial girl out of the house.. But before it get’s anymore out of hand, BB and CBS should at lease have a house meeting with the house guest and say NO MORE racial comments or you will be booted!!!
    I seen how things went last nite on live feeds and my heart sinked when howard and candice were talking and crying.. I was crying here as i watched.. SO WRONG that they have to sit in this house and be attacked …
    And i think they are both big people for not loseing their tempers.. Cause i know i sure would.. But i think all houseguest should let the bullys know they dont agree with the racial remarks and will back Candice and Howard up all the way…
    Also my thoughts are If Helen , Andy, Candice, or Howard breaks and go off on the racial people n the home .. THEY BETTER NOT BE BOOTED… because Noone at CBS or BB stepped in to do anything bout it.. and people can only take so much till they break

  69. I have no idea why people want them taken off the show or expect CBS to do something. BB is a reality show taking 16 different people, key-word: different. People in the real world are racist, sexiest, homophobic. By getting rid of them, it kind of defeats the purpose. I was sick to my stomach for Candice and Howard, too, but booting people for being who they really are (no matter how bad) is too much. These people will get their karma when they leave the show,

    • I don’t think they should be kicked off. I think a punishment is in order. What happened last night was just wrong.

      • Their punishment is coming. They will NEVER win MVP, they are losing their jobs, people across the country think they are garbage, and they have a lot of wrath waiting for them from the public.

  70. I don’t know about anyone else but it literally made me sick to my stomach to see Howard and Candice sleeping on the floor of the have-not room. While Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin and Jeremy got to sleep in beds.

  71. I literally teared up reading this. It wasn’t ok at first but now it’s gotten really bad. Candice should have stood up for herself but I think this way was best because it shows her class. I hope The Rebels come through… and Howard.

  72. Sadly, I don’t think Aaryn is completely to blame for being the way she is. I think you have to grow up with those beliefs to not see the error in them. She was taught this. GinaMarie and Kaitlyn? I think all three are spoiled rotten, therefore feel entitled. Jeremy? He’s just a jerk. I’m sorry for what Candice, Howard and Helen are facing, but glad they are there for each other. Who knows? This could actually open people’s eyes and make other racists rethink the way they feel. EVERYONE has feelings and it is wrong to hurt people like this.

    • Nonsense. She’s an adult, she’s responsible for every damned thing she says and does.

  73. I just flashed back and watched the incident between those neanderthal women and Candace/Howard and CBS absolutely must do something. There is no excuse for letting this continue. I am shocked. People should not be scared to be there and should not have to endure racist comments. Period. And those that are causing that to happen should be expelled. While I thought her previous comments were reprehensible, I was not for expelling Aaryn prior to today. However, this crossed the line. And GM and Kaitlin should be right behind her walking out the door. Sickening.

    • Look at it this way. After this, should they be allowed to win $500,000. ? If you answer no, then what are they still doing in that game ?

  74. Dear everyone and anyone who kind of still watches the show but would prefer to not contribute to the amount of viewers, watch each episode online just a few hours later like I do since I don’t live in America, either that or live stream online, that way their ratings can still drop and if you’re just curious to see how things go down like I am then you can still watch it. Just saying.

  75. I have a feeling it is going to take a lawsuit to get CBS to take proper action. NAACP???? Do we need to make a call?? Pay attention CBS!!! You need to take action or possibly look at a lawsuit!!!

  76. Boycott CBS and their sponsors until they remove the racists from Big Brother 15.

  77. Absolutely ridiculous. Cannot believe this network is allowing this to continue

  78. This brought tears to my eyes. No one should have to endure the racial hatred. As a minority myself, it brings me to a place i have not been since the 80’s.

  79. They have to show this. It happens and we as a nation cannot sweep it under the rug. To see it so in your face really hurts and I give great credit to Howard and Judd for stepping up to stop bullying. I give Amanda even more credit for confronting the racism head on. I have to believe that the other house guests will not tolerate this and these girls will be evicted.

  80. First of all…HUGE surprise about Nick as My fiance and I were at an Art Hop Artist Reception last night and missed BB Live Eviction & BB After Dark,but we did record it. Secondly,wow..Production NEEDS to find a way to diffuse this racism & hate and do something about it NOW!! That’s NOT what Big Brother is all about.

  81. If Aaryn and Ginamarie don’t get kicked off this show I won’t be able to watch this anymore. It honestly hurts so much to see the other houseguests hurt because of them. And the worst part is that they don’t even realize it. I’m so excited to see the audience reaction when they get evicted. At this point, I’m almost certain that they’ll get booed as they walk out the door.

    It’s so sad to see that there are still people like Aaryn in this world. I don’t think that Kaitlyn used to be this mean, but I feel like as she’s spending more time with Aaryn and Ginamarie she’s starting to act more like them.

  82. I find it funny that Big Brother is being expected to eliminate house guests for their racist comments when the casting of the show season after season is racially biased. Every season’s cast is made up of mostly white people with a handful of African-Americans, Latin-Americans and Asian-Americans. Oh wait don’t forget the the one gay person, who is usually white. I think for season 16 maybe they should have 3 white people. 3 African-Americans 3 Asian-Americans, 3 Latin-Americans, and 3 gay people.
    By the way I’m a white male from Toronto Canada, multiculturalism at its finest!
    Fun Facts
    1.America the only nation in North America to ever have slaves!
    2.Canada was the last stop of the underground railroad!
    3.Don’t hate us because we’re beautiful!

  83. I think the reason why CBS isn’t kicking off houseguests is because there are too many houseguests who have made racist remarks. That’s the sad thing.

    Clearly, Aaryn and Ginamarie are the ones that cause the most trouble, but as we can see here, Kaitlyn also made many racist remarks. That’s already three houseguests, and I remember reading somewhere that Spencer also made derogatory statements about Jews. There are so many houseguests this season that are just plain terrible. CBS should really just kick them out. David pisses me off, but I wouldn’t even mind if CBS brought back David and Nick instead of Aaryn and GM.

  84. The difference in calling Aaryn a Barbie/Blondie- #1:she tries to come across like she’s a trailer trash Barbie #2 She is blonde by choice. Her roots are not the kind Alex Haley was talking about. There is a difference in thinking you’re all that and having someone who thinks they’re all that to belittle your racial heritage. She is an idiot by behavior. Does she not realize Julie Chen is of Asian descent???? She is spoiled and rude but worst of all she is so ignorant she doesn’t realize how racist she really is!

  85. I cant believe the slept on the floor of the have not room and let ‘them’ take their beds. this is not the 60’s. the world is not only filled with white people. go to Africa, go to asia and other continents. I am shocked and very hurt and angry. I wouldn’t have let them have my bed. I would sleep in my bed and if anyone smacks me like GM said she wanted to I would have killed her and gone to jail proudly.

  86. I’m tearing up for candice and howard… no one should go through this just to win some money… i’m just glad this will be better for them outside of the house when they get to know there are repercussions for the actions of bigoted house guests.

  87. honestly I think Kaitlin, Aaron and GM should be removed from the show, sequestered for 2 weeks separately from each other and forced to go through high intensity sensitivity training and be taught the difference between being called “barbie” and being called “dark” or to “go make some rice” and the comments that they have made. They truly do not understand how stupid they are, and that what they are saying is not right. You cant use “young” as an excuse for everything or “this house is making me this way”. It’s how you are raised, the choices you make and and the humility to say “oh hey- sorry for that, I did get a bit out of control”. They don’t even acknowledge that what they said is hurtful.

  88. What I don’t understand is that “Is Julie Chen’s husband
    not one of the big shots at CBS, His wife hosts the show and
    also disapproves of the behaviour (she herself is taking it
    personally), yet he sees no problem with that kind of
    Something’s got to be wrong with that.

  89. I don’t know why these girls think they are on the love connection. It’s big brother people!!! You are there to play a game and win big money. That little blonde tramp should have her potty mouth washed out with soap. If I were her mother I would be so ashamed!! Come on CBS, do something about this.

  90. We teach not to bully and call people names c b s is letting this go on when these two girls need to come out of the game for disrespect to people in the house as well as the people that’s is watching it is shameful to let this go on that the house guest can not feel safe in their own beds this will cut into rating if they do not stop it

  91. I get where you are coming from wanting the racists booted but I think it would be better to call them in to the living room and play all the contestants the clips of all the stupid comments. I’d like to see how the other housemates react then. BB isn’t about changing people – it’s about watching them interact. Censorship isn’t the answer. We watch this show to see how people are when they are locked in a small universe and what we are seeing is that there are people like this in the world and it is up to each of us to stop them.

  92. Maybe cbs should take aaryn, Kaitlin and GM off the show and bring David and Nick back.

  93. sticks and stone may break my bones but WORDS will never hurt me—–deal with it– those girls will get theirs

  94. Aryan, Kaitlan and Gina Marie, should be kicked off. Those girls don’t belong on this show and are not entitled to win anything. Better set some standards here because CBS if you don’t people are going to think you don’t mind all this because it gives you good ratings.

  95. I love how Aaryns like I didnt say anything racist. Can she hear herself? Seriously. I dont get why theyre all trying to backdoor jeremy when hes not the one thats causing problems Aaryn, GM, and KAit are. Sometimes I dont get the people in this house. Aaryn’s got to go this week.

  96. If they (CBS) doesn’t put a stop to this hatred, this racism, there may not be a BB next year! This ish doesn’t make sense!! Why are these little girls still on the show? When did antagonizing become sport for ratings? I’ll admit I watch because I’m waiting for them to evict these girls, but perhaps if we STOP watching & the ratings drop, something will be done. Until then, the drama will keep on going…

  97. I’d like to hear how Aaryn is treated and how she survives outside the house after this,…I wouldn’t eat at any ethnic restaurants of any kind if I were her! I’m guessing she will encounter some very negative situations even at the airport when she gets home. So I hope she’s gone soon and not in sequester at all!

  98. we all need to band together and say we are not watching and canceling the live feeds until they remove the one who started all this hate Aaron.When the ratings go down and they lose all that money on the feeds then they might do something about it

  99. I do remember that fight on TVGN After Dark and it was really heated argument between Candace and Aaryn. It was unnecessary for Aaryn to walk into the room with Kaitlin and Jeremy just take over the beds of other people who sleep in there like Jessie bed was totally taken over by Jeremy rude and disrespectful. But what really was really horrible was the comments that Aaryn made about Candace about her bed then when Candace was in the room then the whole bed was turned over it was so ridiculous. Over all it was great that Howard got there just in time to watch what was happening between Gina Marie and Candace even though it was Aaryn who said the most. But it’s the talk that Howard had with Candace in that room was really important and something that needed to be said. Don’t do it don’t act worst then they acted towards you,because that’s what they want you to do and then. Soon as you pay attention and then react in a way that your going to have to defend your actions and that shouldn’t be let them say what ever. That was the best talk even though I can’t remember all of it but the best conversation I’ve heard in that house it was just simply a deep and thoughtful conversation about something then game it was about life. For something you got it give too Howard for stepping in and making Candace calm down. But CBS your really stepping over the line here with allowing this sort of behavior in the house. It seems everywhere I’ve read someone is got a problem with what is going on on BIG BROTHER this season,and not removing the people who starting a lot of bad behavior that could lead to someone in that house being in a confronted argument could get out order soon. Right now it’s sort of quite but it won’t be for long if this crap is going on.

  100. I’ve watched BB from the 1st season til now and I’m not understanding why everyone is pointing the finger at CBS to sensor this or control the Mean Girls behavior. This show is what it is – which is people of all walks of life in a house like trapped hamsters. They are flawed humans and we see them for who they are. It’s not supposed to be edited or scripted. Racism may be ugly but it is a reality and this may be the wake up call these folks need. They’ll get the idea once they leave the house. When people stop being polite and start being “real”…this IS reality ugly or not.

  101. It is too bad that such a pretty girl turns sooooo ugly when she open’s her mouth.

  102. We the viewers need to stop watching the show ,repeatedly comment on their page and maybe then action will be taken.
    I was sick to my stomach watching it last night i’ve never missed a season and people have been expelled for much less.
    I’m glad they have lost their jobs….I wish i could see Aaryn’s face when she finds out

  103. I’m fucking enraged that Howard & Candice slept on the floor.It’s time to give someone an ass kicking!!!

  104. I am so disappointed in CBS, like someone stated earlier it is like they are condoning the racism, by allowing these people to continue bullying people with ugly comments and not intervening at all. The disclaimer they put up before the show starts is ridiculous, they are just trying to protect themselves. I wonder how Julie Chen feels about all this. It seems that it’s all about the ratings and not about peoples feelings at all. I am black and have enjoyed BB for the past 3 years, but this is the worst mess I have ever seen in any season. God bless those on the show who are being disrespected. Stay strong and don’t give into violence no matter what. If CBS will not stand up for you, know that there are a lot of people who do. To the bullys, God Bless you as well, because ya’ll definitely need it more!!! Peace out

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