Fallout From Devin’s House Meeting Causes More Drama

Seemingly in a bid to snatch the spotlight of bad game moves from Joey, Big Brother 16 Houseguest Devin Shepherd has started his own streak of erratic game moves and strategy that could end up earning him Joey’s same fate.

Devin Shepherd is confused on Big Brother 16
Devin Shepherd acts confused on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

After leading an emotional House Meeting on Wednesday night (details here), packed with what I suspect to be crocodile tears, the rest of the house was left wondering what they had just witnessed. Devin “cried” about his misdeeds in the game and took complete blame for targeting and nominating Donny over his own misconceptions. Only Caleb and Amber missed the Meeting while they worked through their own issues.

Earlier today Caleb finally got a chance to talk with Devin about what was said and it didn’t go over so well for Devin. Especially for someone already very high on most HGs’ eviction lists.

Flashback to 10:40AM BBT Cams 3/4 to find Caleb and Devin sitting down in the HoH room. Caleb is upset because Devin told everyone that Donny’s nomination was his doing, not Caleb’s. The problem here is that Caleb told everyone he picked the first guy and first girl to fall in their comp. Devin’s speech undercuts that messaging and Caleb felt that made him look like a liar.

Frankie soon joins and piles on saying that if it makes Caleb look like a liar on his picks, then Frankie’s “first to fall” rationale would also become suspect. Frankie doesn’t hold back in telling Devin that yes, it made it look like Devin was throwing Caleb under the bus. Devin takes great offense, but Frankie stands firm.

Devin begins threatening that he could expose the Bomb Squad and that he’ll throw the next HoH comp because he wants to go home. A few minutes later Devin says they can all trust him, he’d never expose the Bomb Squad, and he’s going to fight really hard in the comps. He’s all over the place and spends half the time making claims and the other half contradicting them. It’s bizarre.

Turn on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now) and watch Devin’s erratic performance in the HoH room. It’s hard to tell what’s an act and what’s just Devin being Devin. You’ll have to decide for yourself.

As an added bonus, for Frankie Grande fans out there, he shows up again near the end of this event wearing nothing but his blue hat. Flashback to 11:18AM to find this latest bit for wild Frankie.



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  1. After seeing the interviews prior to the first BB, I thought Devin and Joey would be two of my favorites….What else was I wrong about? Guess I’ll have to tune in to find out. Oh and of course I thought Donny was the 2nd coming of Duck Dynasty and I would really dislike him….! WRONG AGAIN!

  2. I honestly dont even know what to think of BB16. The house guests all apppeared to be different, but also pretty fun in a way. I thouht 90% of them would be excellent players, and it would be a great summer of Big Brother… but now, im realizing that almost all of them are completw bafoons. Big-mouthed rats.
    Currrwntly I like Frankie and Caleb.. they seem to be the only HG’s with a head on their shouldera. Donny seems like a good guy, but hes utterly gullable.
    and as far as Devin goes, I dont believe he is mentally or emotionally stable enough to last another 2 weeka, let alone the rest of the summee!! Like WTF big brother, u did a HORRIBLE job picking out players this year.

    • I agree. Way too many recruits this season. I want people to come in and play who actually know how the game of BB is supposed to be played. That would make it much more interesting for the viewers.

      • With millions of fans you have to wonder wtf are production thinking about bringing in people who know so little about the game. Duh…. can we start a campaign to have alison g fired ?

      • I’ve watched from season 1, and everyone always wants Alison fired, she really needs it this time around

    • So what’s new with their picking. I like a lot of the HG this year, very different than last year. But they did not learn anything from the mess of last year. They need to have some kind of mental eval for these people. I liked Joey but she new nothing. Didn’t like Devin from the start. Like Donny but his being too nice will keep him from winning. The only good thing about these people imploding is Donny will remain safe a couple of weeks. Hopefully!

      • The needed an ‘evil’ player and some (sl)eazier women… that would have boosted ratings !

  3. So far, this season’s all about waiting to see who’s gonna be the next HG to implode and royally screw up their chances of making it to the end.

  4. Houston, we have a problem…..
    The countdown has started on Devins eviction. I know it’s early in the game but it seems like the pre-interviews were with totally different people! None of them (with the possible exceptions of Frankie and Donny) are living up to their own hype.

  5. I’m with you Saturn. I’m hard pressed to name two houseguests that really know the game and how to play it. Frankie of course, but I disagree with your assessment of Caleb. All he wants to talk about is Amber and all she has to do is walk by him and he loses all focus of the game. Come on HG’s, step up to the plate!!!!

    • Devin, Cody, zach, Christine all seem to know what they are doing. They all have solid alliances and are just lying low.

      • Are you kidding about Devin lying low?! That is not right at all. He has no clue what he’s doing in this game

      • Do you mean Derrick? Because Devin is lying about as low as the Eiffel Tower.

  6. Mike, Did you really mean the you thought Devin is laying low. I think you must have meant someone else.

  7. think Caleb would be playing an entirely different game if Amber wasn’t in the house. He showed promise on the first show

  8. Please get rid of Devin. He is making my ears bleed. I have never heard anyone talk so much and say so little.

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