Double Trouble On Big Brother 16: Two Heads of Household Twist Examined – Update

One of the many “Twisted” twists set to hit the Big Brother 16 house this summer will include a double dose of the HoH and its nominations. Instead of just one pair of nominated HGs this season there’s set to be up to four players on the chopping block.

Big Brother 16 Nomination Chairs
Big Brother 16 Nomination Chairs – Source: CBS

In her surprise reveal of a slew of twists last week Julie Chen revealed details on how the title of HoH would be shared along with all its spoils and pitfalls. “Each HOH will have the responsibility of nominating two fellow Houseguests for eviction every week; however, for the first time on the series, earning HOH will not guarantee one’s safety in the game for the week,” CBS explained in a follow-up release.

So how could this all play out on BB16? There’s been plenty of speculation which is all we can really do at this point, but during Ian Terry’s “Winners Tell All” chat session he offered a reasonable theory.

Ian suggested that while the week may begin with two HoHs and four nominations, by the time we get to the live eviction there will likely be just two nominees. An idea supported by the house design which offers up just two orange nomination chairs as compared to last year’s couch intended to give more space for more nominees. If there’d be four noms at the end of the week then they’d have worked in space to accommodate four seats instead of two chairs.

That leaves of the question of how we get from four nominations down to two. Enter the new competition, “Battle of the Block.” Look for this to be the decider on who maintains power and who stays up on the block, but it’s not as simple as a VS event here.

Let’s put together “Team A” with HoH #1 with his/her Noms #1 & #2 while over on “Team B” there’s HoH #2 and his/her Noms #3 & #4. The nominations on Team A will want to win the comp and escape the chopping block, but if their respective HoH is also winning then wouldn’t he/she retain HoH power and his/her nominations?

Seems there’d need to be some sort of crossover with HoH #1 joining forces with Noms #3 & #4 against the other “side.” Only then would their interests be shared. Why? Because the losing HoH will fall back in to the mix of potential Veto renoms unless he/she wins that Veto comp (or even competes in it). That would explain Julie’s details that for the first time winning HoH wouldn’t guarantee your safety through the week.

Unless there’s a separate pair of competitions for this “Battle of the Block” with HoH vs HoH and Noms vs Noms then it’s going to be a big group effort of six players, much like we see with the Veto each week. It also means it’ll be a team effort because what if, say, it’s an individal comp and Nom #3 wins. How would the remaining HoH be decided? Of course BB14 offered up a small set of players in a comp with the Coach Challenges, but I don’t see Big Brother doing a one on one comp.

Good grief. Is this all complicated enough for you? I hope so! Of course this is all speculation for how things will play out, but I think the ideas are pretty solid and wouldn’t surprise anyone to see it work out this way.

What do you think of the “double trouble” twist for Big Brother 16? Good fun or just too messy? Do you think it’ll all work out differently from what I’ve proposed? Share your thoughts below in the Comments section!

Update: According to an interview with exec producer Allison Grodner by THR, the two Heads of Household will be “ultimately going head to head in this competition with Battle of the Block.” So it does seem they’ll be actively competing in that comp rather than indirectly via their nominees. Interesting. How does this new information impact your expectations on the twist?



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  1. I like the theory and it could work, but I think the 2 orange chairs are to throw off the HG’s. If they all walk in and see a couch, they will know something is up. But if they walk in and just see the 2 chairs, they will just think it’s normal and won’t be able to figure out a twist.

  2. I agree the theory sounds solid but maybe the two chairs are for the 2 HOH’s

  3. But if you look at the pics of the living room, you will notice 2 orange footstool like chairs on the opposite end from the nom chairs (not visible in the pic above). I’m thinking they may be for the 2 HOHs. Always before the HOH stands as they make their noms. This time around one would sit while the other stands. Then vice versa. Or the 2 footstools could mean nothing…lol. Either way, i think some furniture rearrangement will be done within the first 2 nights.

  4. maybe the nominee’s compete together, to both get off the block, then the twist goes again and the winner’s hoh would be be out and that’s what they get for nominating them, so they would go under the loser’s hoh. and i still want the jury house to have 24/7 live feeds of the house.

    • Another good idea. You could be right. Maybe the HoH’s won’t compete at all. I mean it is called the “Battle of the Block” after all and the HoHs aren’t on the block! Good suggestion.

  5. I like your theory Matt. Don’t know how the comp will work but I do think one of the HOH’s will go back into the mix and if someone comes off after the veto the other HOH could go up. I know one thing I can’t wait until Wednesday! And can’t wait for the live feeds.

  6. I think the twist this way is going to be good. It will make for less ganging up on one person, making it easier for a nom to survive and it will cause less of a division in the house. It will make for more stragic plays and more of a need to not throw comps…

  7. My theory is veto is the same and the winner of the battle of the block gets taken off.

  8. I just don’t understand by BB execs think they need to change a formula that has made the show popular since the start! What would make the best season would be to get rid of all this added new stuff and return to the first season formula which everyone loved….if it’s not broke DON’T FIX IT!!!! The whole reason I loved BB to begin with is that the concept was great, people locked in a house with NO INTERFERENCE from the outside world….they and they alone determined their life or death in there. Ever since they have given power to the public to make decisions in the house I have not liked it as much… spoils the whole concept. They are playing for a lot of money and it’s imperative that they alone have the power, no outside votes should be made. It would be like a Jeopardy contestant getting answers to questions from outside, just not fair or as interesting to watch…….BB GET BACK TO THE ORIGINAL FORMULA!!!!! 16 people, one head of household, 2 on the block, power of veto and elimination……QUIT ADDING CRAP!!!!!! I LIKE THE ORIGINAL ……LEAVE IT ALONE ALREADY!!!!

    • Have you watched the original bb? In the Original the public decided on basically everything. Also only recently have we been using 16 contestants. Please at least get your facts straight if your going to rant

    • As Josh Souza of BB1 said in an interview 6 years after his season aired, production were basically clueless on what they were doing in the first place. BBUK’s first season, which aired about the same time as BBUS’, was geographically closer to the format’s originating country so I’m sure they got plenty ideas floating around to make an impactful first impression for the debut season.

      Boring tasks+a potentially good first season cast+clueless production=A recipe for disaster that was, thankfully, avoided.

    • i wish i could watch the first season again, remember the cuddle bed….they all loved each other, no bullying or ganging up. only season i missed was season 2

  9. My idea is that the “Battle of the Block” competition will work out like this:

    The 2 HOH’s and the 4 nominees will battle for survival. Both HOH’s will compete against each other in order to keep their status as HOH. Whoever loses can become a potential POV’s renom.

    The 4 nominees will compete in their groups, HOH #1’s nominees vs HOH #2’s nominees in order to escape the block. If a set of nominees lose, they remain nominated, and the winning team will stay safe for the rest of the week.

    This will add tension. Lets say HOH #2 wins and HOH #1’s nominees lose. The HOH will probably not want those nominees and their original nominees can’t be POV renoms. That’s my thought.

  10. I could see this twist played out like this: each HOH gets thier own room, and have their own nominations… with veto comp, etc. like normal…. right down to the voting one of the nominees for eviction. Then the two evictees go head to head and the winner of that gets to stay….

  11. Another way they might be able to play it out, is do it like they did last season!! Have each HoH nominate a pair of houseguests (making 4 total) then the winning pair of the “Battle of the Block” competition could come off the block! Then the winning pairs HoH would dethroned and automatically be put up on the block with the two nominees that lost the “BotB” comp!! Making it the same as last year by the 3 nominees at the end if the week!! Just conspiracy

  12. Who will want to be HOH now that everybody knows their TWO nominees may not stay on the block. That twist removes so much power from HOHs that I doubt any clever houseguest would want to be HOH. Add to that every nominee will now probably have two chances to get off the block. Prepare yourself for a summer of many many backdoors…

  13. I feel bad for a HOH winner that wins an endurance comp. can you imagine hanging or swinging for 2 hours only only to have it ripped from you. Maybe the two HOHs will be the first and second place winners.

  14. Hi Matthew and other BIG BROTHER FANS, Matthew I remember your face from last seasons on this site, anyway I am so happy happy happy BB is back as I am every season. Type to you guys later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I’m thinking that on Day One, the 8 hg’s enter the BB house and compete for the HOH and after the HOH is declared the winner, they are sent off to sequestration.

    On Day Two, the other 8 hg’s enter the BB house to compete for HOH while the first group is held in sequester.

    After the second team’s HOH is declared the winner, the first group is allowed back into the BB house and everyone meets for the first time.

  16. Some of this BOB will depend on how the HoHs are chosen in subsequent weeks. Obv’ly this 1st week, one from each group will win. And even this 1st week – must the HoH’s nominate 2 from their own respective teams, effectively cannibalizing their original groups? Can’t wait for more info tonight!

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