Big Brother 16: Popularity Poll – Week 10

Big Brother 16 Cast
Big Brother 16 Cast – Source: CBS

Which Houseguest is your favorite this week on Big Brother? Cast your vote now & tell us why you think he or she is the best of the season. This is purely a popularity poll so feel free based on who you think is playing the best game, looks the cutest by the pool, or even just annoys you the least. I’ll keep running this each week for the rest of the season for fun.

The “least favorite” poll is still open at Big Big Brother’s so feel free to cast your opposing vote there as well though I’m not sure Frankie will ever come down from the lead he has there.

Check out our past popularity polls to see the latest trends for this season’s Houseguests on BB16.


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      • Shhhhh…it’s a secret and one he’ll believe America just can’t admit to loving out loud is all! :-)

      • Down to 1% when I just voted, in all honesty I’m shocked it’s at 1%, I thought it would be lower

      • Well, I am sure that Frankie will state that America hates him becuase he is gay. Deep down though, he has to know how truly despicable he is. Surely, he has been told this over and over again in his past.

      • He said on the Live Feeds that the reason Julie denied the “apple pie”/TA Challenge was probably becuase America didn’t like seeing a gay guy in drag. He won’t admit how truly unlikable and vile he truly is, although I believe he knows it deep down.

    • I know this is not “cool” to say, but I really did not like Donny at all. But I have been watching for 16 years, too. He just didn’t play the game, and his awful massacring of the English language really “throwed” me for a loop! ARRRGGGGG! Give me Zach-Attach Back anytime.

      • That’s all right, Matt. That’s what makes BB such a great game. We don’t have to agree on anything! Have a great night!

    • If Derrick wins, which will not be good, he will be one of the best players in BB history. I think many people like to watch Bb and see who plays the best game, not whose the nicest. I go for the nicer people myself.

      • Best player this season. I am not sure about BB history; he didn’t have much of a challenge to be called the best in history.

      • That’s why I think one of the best. He hasn’t done anything but manipulate people without their knowledge and has never been on the block and his alliance members have. He is playing the game without much effort, everyone else is doing as he commands.

      • He’s starting to crack, though. You can see him sweating when he isn’t able to apply the mist. Not being able to convince Caleb to do another 180 and renom Frankie made him really break out in a sweat.

      • Sorry Jello. Not even close. He would be smacked in the first three weeks playing against Dr Will, Boogie, Gessling, or Dannielle. Evil Dick would spot his “cop attitude” a mile away!. lol

      • Dr will and Boogie played with a bunch of idiots just like Derrick is doing. They lied and manipulated just like Derrick, but in a different way. I think derrick would have played a little different if those guys were around. Each of those guys have their own unique strategy that would have changed if they were all together in the house. Dannielle was great after her dad left.

    • Live Feeders tend to know the “unedited” version of the real Derrick. The television episodes are highly edited in his favor in recent weeks. Just as they have glossed over so much of Frankie’s really alarming behaviors in the house, as well.

  1. Due to the boring week, cannot help but to still think about Donny. I don’t like anyone else in the house right now except Derrick, but he hasn’t made me a happy camper either.

  2. Donny is my all-time favorite next to Hayden but this week I voted Nicole as my favorite HG! So wish the house flips and keeps her this week.

  3. They should have someone like Amanda come back into the house for a few days, like Rachel did a few years back, just to bug Frankie. I could just picture Amanda walk in, grinning, and right away saying “So, Frankie, you think you’re gonna win this game?!” That would be AMAZING. She would be relentless, and it would be a total surprise. She could even stay to play in the veto competition. If she won she could decide not to use the veto on him right before her visit ends. Now THAT would be a great Pandora’s box. I wasn’t much of an Amanda fan before she got evicted, but she was great TV and so long as she didn’t drop hints about the outside, it would be a twist to beat all twists. Had it happened a bit sooner she could have even given poor Nicole some pointers. If that sounds like a good idea can I get a “holla!” up in here???? I would have suggested Evel Dick instead but I think Amanda could do a better job of breaking the mogul down without having to resort to banging pots throughout the house.

    • Big Brother needs to be the overseer, like it is in other countries where IT is in control, not really the houseguests. They let Donny leave without putting in a Pandora’s Box even though he had half the popularity of all the houseguests. Now they are letting Nicole go too without a twist to at least attempt to keep her? So we have Christine and Frankie left who have more than two-thirds of least favorite houseguest in the polls. No one to root for with the bunch left, on top of the fact so many of the other interesting players left long ago as well (Devin & Brittany, for example). The gloating in this bombsquad alliance is nauseating.

      • I didn’t like Devin at all but Brittany was strong and I liked that. However Brittany was a bad social player and should have tried harder to get a girls alliance going to stay. I agree though where has Pandora’s Box been? Its boring without some twists and I like the fun twists like that. When you say no one to root for though, I felt the same way last year. I hated all of like the final 6 (minus Judd)

  4. Did anyone see the tweet about the plane that flew over BB? It says “Derrick and Frankie R Americas Saboteurs.” Too bad HGs were on lock down and didn’t see it.

  5. Frankie is a floater….wannabe his sister…who….who is she by the way????? Anyway…he’s something he’ll never be!!! WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE!

    • I disagree that Skankie is a floater. He has done well in the competitions & he’s been right in the thick of most of the strategy sessions.

  6. I am really looking forward to Skankie finding out he is NOT America’s Sweetheart. As we all know, he will blame it someone/anyone else ….bad edits, or bigots.
    Watch the show & feeds with an open mind Frankie, and it might change your life!

  7. 11952 votes and 9 of the houseguests have 0%, this is BS. As a person that understands fractions and basic math, this is clearly BS. The percentages equal 94%. You expect us to believe that 9 of the houseguests including 2 current HG’s and 2 Jury HG’s share a 6% total. This poll is garbage. 11952/100 = 119.52 for 1%, to get half a percent it takes 60 votes to be rounded up to 1. You are telling me that Hayden and Brittany didnt get 60 votes? BS POLL.

  8. You hard-core fans probably already know this, but the Big Brother Access website says Frankie is worth $1.5 million. Do the houseguests know this and is that why Frankie says if he wins the money is going to kids in Africa?

  9. SOOO…….. A plane flew over the BB house with a banner naming Frankie & Derrick as the saboteurs.
    It was supposedly done during a lockdown. I don’t believe that. If somebody was gonna do that they would have made sure that the HGs were in the yard first. Same as the Megaphone/yeller guy made sure they were outside when
    he did his/her tell all. If u have a Iphone and have access to the feeds u know when the HGs are outside. Why waste a good banner if they can’t see it???

  10. Frankie is definately the puppet master .. they need to open their eyes. The 2 most deserving of the win to me would be Donnie..but now that frankie convinced everyone to evict him..Derrick has a child, so I’m sure his little Girls future can be a little more secure. None of the others have children I don’t think. Funny how as soon as someone wins Veto or HOH he’s right there kissing butt!

    • Derrick is the puppet master. Frankie is there because Derrick needs him to stay a little longer for his game. He will be out as soon as someone else wins HOH.

  11. Donny For America’s Favorite!!! Team Donny, Zach, Nicole&Hayden!!! The Disgraceful Bullying of Six:Christine, Frankie, Caleb, Cody, Derrick&Victoria Must&Need To “Boo’ed” At&During The Finale!!!!!

  12. The ratings for this show will drop with Donny and Nicole gone, since
    they had 70% of the popularity between them out of all 16 houseguests.
    And to top it off we have Christine and Frankie gloating about it, who
    themselves as of now are at 70% between them out of the entire
    16 for LEAST favorite houseguest. Who wants to tune in to see clips of
    the livefeeds where Frankie dances around with glee for evicting Nicole,
    while Christine laughs ad nauseum playing with Cody’s hair?

    • I think most of us will finish watching the show regardless of who is still playing. I want to watch Victoria win this whole thing to rub it on all of their faces and Frankie voted out. Once the guys have to paly against each other it will be interesting who will stay on top. I think Derrick, but unfortunately any of them winning will not be exciting for me.

  13. Derrick is the only one that has really been playing everyone…Donny May have been a nice guy but he started worrying about his game too late because he said it I have nothing in common with those people…So, when his back was against the wall…that is when he started talking game with Derrick and Cody and how often did u see him with other players strategizing…Hayden May have been the only other guy to pull off a Derrick but relationships are not good on this show and they are not good on Survivor as well…my vote for AF is either Hayden or Derrick, but how can you outplay another player when u got a show mance going…Victoria is just a number for Derrick and tells him everything anyway…u gotta ally but not and trust that your allies to the end…Hitmen or not and no crybabies…and a hidden agenda and social game is a must…Derrick is always thinking a head and can profile…no one wins my vote on sympathy…it is a game…Otherwise, why play…when it comes down to it…Derrick deserves this…And he has always kept his options open to this day

    • Well said CJ. I agree about your premise for AFP, though I would have to vote for Zach myself. Donny? I just don’t get it. He didn’t “play”! I guess it’s that southern accent that gets everyone hot-and-bothered.

      • Donny was a nice guy who kept himself in the house longer than the houseguests wanted, so he played a decent game. He is just a nice guy. Zack is an idiot and he played a stupid game.

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