Double Eviction Returns Next Week On Big Brother 16

This week on Big Brother 16 another Double Eviction live show is heading our way and I can’t wait to see who falls victim to the most intense episodes of the season.

Double Eviction on Big Brother 16
Double Eviction on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Julie Chen revealed last night that we’ll be enjoying another double dose of Big Brother coming next Thursday when two more Houseguests will be eliminated as the House races through an entire week of BB16 fun in one fast paced hour.

Last time around during Week 6 we saw Jocasta out the door followed by Hayden after he took “a seat next to your girlfriend.” It was a hectic night where Donny pulled off a surprise Veto win and beat out the guys to stay safe while Hayden got caught in the crossfire.

Now that Donny is gone the target is shifting in a new direction which could mean we’ll see two ladies leaving the house this week. Of course it wouldn’t be a Double Eviction if someone didn’t get a blindside before the night was over and we could end up with a shocking result.

Next Thursday’s live Double Eviction will air at 9PM ET/PT and is the last Thursday night live show of the season. After that the Big Brother 16 schedule changes over to include Tuesday nights with eliminations on Wednesday due to the Thursday Night Football events.

Who do you hope to see evicted in the upcoming Double Eviction episode? Share your thoughts!


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  1. Assuming Nicole is out the door next, or even Christine, hopefully the wheels will start turning in the other HG’s heads to evict someone like Frankie or Derrick. While I hate rewarding the likes of ultimate-floater Victoria to make it further in the game, I’m in it for good TV! It has been so lackluster the last several weeks (minus Zach’s eviction).

  2. Unless Nicole wins POV and next head of household, it will be her and Christine….If she wins both, it will be Christine and that other girl….no hope in hell Frankie is going anywhere til it is all boys…..

    • You don’t think that if Nicole wins the in-between HOH that she’d target the boys? 2 for noms and 2 to spare for a renom. This is assuming, Christine goes home first.

      • Yes, if Nicole wins, she will target the boys…if she doesn’t, the girls will get picked off one by one….

    • there is no way in hell that Caleb is going to put a guy up. He has that bros before hos mentality

      • Cody was planting seeds yesterday with Caleb that Frankie may need to be renom’d. If Nicole wins the veto, I think we will see Derrick and Cody pushing for Frankie to go on the block.

    • Hysterical. Lesson to all future contestants: be stupid, naïve, terrible at games and advance to F2.

    • she will be. Everyone would win against her in the finale.
      I hope Nicole stays with her so it could be a sure win. I can’t stand anyone else. They will also win against Caleb.

  3. I just don’t understand why everyone just brushes off Skankie still in the house. I can’t stand Christine, but last night on BB A.D. when she called him out over his paranoia of Nicole not having her mic on, That was great. All his paranoia got him last time he pulled the pop star sister card. I don’t understand why people are not seeing this. He is glued to Caleb’s hip from now till Thursday you can guarantee it.

    • lol, everyone knows by now, if the get HOH they will have Frankie in their bed for a week! Figure it out guys, kick him downstairs!!

    • Frankie is sickening. All that jumping around and hand-clapping each time someone wins, then clinging to them and offering to be their bitch. “Can I get you anything, Caleb?” Barf. He is gross. Nothing to do with being gay, he’d still be sickening if he was super macho straight. Frankie gives gay men a bad name.

      • im insulted that he blames mission failure on e fact that we Americans can’t accept a man (boy) in drag.

  4. Christine and Frankie need to go and also VIctoria she’s not even playing the game she’s very much a floater…..Cody needs to get some balls and tell Christine to stay away from him she know she is married and being married shouldn’t act like that where all America can see ….she is one of the most unrespectful women that ever played the game Christine have some respect for your marriage why don’t you…and as for Frankie he should have been taken off the show when he told the houseguests who he is related to and thinking that he has America’s favorite houseguest wrapped up CBS should not allowed anyone like that in the game this is for people that are not famous I think as for Victoria she should have been gone right after Poa Poa and remember Victoria “Derrick” is “married” too…..Hope if Nicole stays true to herself and play “her” game I hope it would be her or Derrick or her and Cody in the F2……

  5. FYI: That pair of cosmetic glasses that the HG’s, specifically Derrick, Caleb and Cody, like to occasionally wear, are going to be a major part of next year’s BB. It is the show’s way of introducing Google glasses into the show’s format! They will be used to enhance the “Feeder’s” experience!

    • yeah, right… it only took cbs about tens years to finally install HD cameras… i would imagine you’ll only have to wait another five or six years for google glasses…lol

  6. Hopefully Nic wins POV then Christine goes home 1st. The Nic wins HOH and puts up Frankie and Derrick and Frankie goes home. I don’t think she will put up Victoria for 2 reasons, 1 she has made friends with her, 2 she got a lot out of Vic and knows her game to float to the end. She sees Victoria as a way to make F4. She will get put up again but she’s tough and hopefully the POV is the wall. She can win that, but will have to beat Frankie. He’s small too.

    • They can’t do an endurance comp during a DE. It has to be something short. They may do the wall for HOH at the end of the show, though.

  7. Also forgot to say Frankie’s an idiot. I hope somebody sues CBS for sexual harassment after the show. The guys know if they say anything Frankie will throw them under the bus. Watching him all over the other men is worse than watching Amanda all over McRae last season.

  8. Should be interesting at the Finale Show, if Cody doesn’t give Tim a hugging and groping, like the way he has been with Nicole, otherwise, it could be an impromptu main event … Ha !!!

    Did anyone else notice that Nicole was a wee bit skittish after she saw Tim’s message??

    • Nope … but, as a BB Fan, they have been speculating that another DD and/or Fast Forward twist this season, as well as a Pandora’s Box and/or a Diamond Veto ….

  9. I miss the luxery and have not comps. I really need a 24 hour isolation for Frankie. He would have a stroke worrying what the houseguests were talking about while he was on lockdown.

  10. I can’t wait to see Christine’s face when she realizes she’s been duped :P. I know it’s just a game. but she’s just… NOT NICE!!

  11. Frankie and Christine or Frankie and Derrick. If it was Frankie and Derrick then the rest of the H.G. would have to learn to think for themselves.

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