Big Brother 16 Schedule Changes: Episodes Shift Nights In September

When CBS announced their Thursday night NFL schedule the conflicts with Big Brother 16 were a glaring issue to fans concerned with missing their favorite reality series. We now have details on the remaining Big Brother schedule for September 2014.

Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises
Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises – Source: CBS

According to, next week will be the last time we have the regular Wednesday-Thursday schedule for the Veto & Live Eviction shows. Starting the week of September 7th, Big Brother 16 will shift its nights to Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday to free things up for Thursday Night Football.

The first live eviction show on the new schedule will be Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 8PM ET/PT. The Power of Veto episodes will slide to one day earlier on Tuesdays, also at 8PM ET/PT. This cycle should repeat until the September 24th Big Brother 16 season finale.

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Big Brother 16 – September 2014 Schedule:

  • Sun, Aug 31, 8PM ET/PT – Nominations episode
  • Wed, Sept 3, 8PM ET/PT – Power of Veto episode
  • Thu, Sept 4, 9PM ET/PT – Live Double Eviction show – F5 revealed
  • Sun, Sept 7, 8PM ET/PT – Nominations episode
  • Tue, Sept 9, 8PM ET/PT – Power of Veto episode
  • Wed, Sept 10, 8PM ET/PT – Live Eviction show – F4 revealed
  • Sun, Sept 14, 8PM ET/PT – Nominations episode
  • Tue, Sept 16, 8PM ET/PT – Special Eviction & Power of Veto episode – F4 revealed
  • Wed, Sept 17, 8PM ET/PT – Live Eviction show – F3 revealed
  • Fri, Sept 19, 8PM ET/PT – Special episode
  • Wed, Sept 24, 9:30PM ET/PT – Season finale – 90 minutes

Using the schedule provided through the 10th and knowing the finale is on the 24th, I was able to back fill the days in between. There may be another episode there on the 23rd if they stick w/ the Tues/Wed pattern all the way to the end, but I’m not sure they need it to finish out the season.

Of course Big Brother could do something wacky & bring back another player and do a Fast Forward, but it’s not necessary with this schedule so I wouldn’t bet on it.

What do you think of the schedule change for Big Brother 16? I’m curious to see if this has an impact on the normal routine of nominations and PoV events. We will know more soon and I will update this schedule with any other changes.


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    • That’s true. I thought they might combo that with the Sunday episode and use the final HoH rounds 1/2 to sandwich it, but they could probably fill an entire hour with just the memory lane content.

    • I just hope they don’t do like year and continue to bash all the HG’s that got voted out. Then again they (Frankie at the least) is still bashing Donny. What is it about Donny that has both Frankie and Cody hating him so much.

      • Frankie and Cody didn’t/don’t have the slightest idea of how to interact with Donny. Donny is probably closer to the age of Cody’s parents than Cody and Donny was raised to respect everyone, to treat each person as an individual. This group in general is selfish, childish, disrespectful and immature. They could all learn a lot from Donny.

      • Perfect reason to round out the ages next season. If there are 16 HGs, then 4 should be in their 20s, 4 in their 30s, etc.

  1. It’s not the Big Brother Show, it is the Big Boring show right now. Production did nothing to make this interesting for us this season. No interesting twists at all. I hope they don’t bring back TA again next season. It was the worst twist. Maybe, they should get some creative ideas from some other countries where BB is a hit! I am amazed that nobody is pizzed off at Derick for taking the money last night instead of winning HOH. These hgs are so oblivious to Derrick’s game that it is becoming sickening to watch the feeds. A lot of people have tuned out since Donny has left. He was the only civil and intelligent person in that house. Nicole didn’t use her head either during the comp last night. She was dragging herself and did no justice to winning her the game. She may as well go home now as she has zero chances in being kept.

    • Derrick knows that the HG seeing his daughter last night will give him sympathy that he could really use the money. That is why I think no one is making a big deal. They will be reminded of his choice once the “hollas” begin and this may effect him later.

      • On BBAD Derrick said that once Cody told him he had no chance of winning that’s when he started filling the 5k bucket. He explained this to all the guy’s and they all agreed it was the right thing to do.

    • Well when you’re as far behind in the comp as he was, does it really matter if he went for the money? He literally had zero chance of winning. Unless everyone slipped and broke their leg, he wasn’t gonna win.

      It did seem uncharacteristic for Derrick to put a little target on his back for taking the money, but he’s now racked up 20k this season, and he still has a very good chance of reaching the final 2. He probably thinks his number is going to get called soon and won’t make it much further, so he collected as much money as possible.

      • I guess you could look at it that way, but it is the principle that matters at this point in the game. When this happened in previous seasons, other hgs caught on to it quickly and targeted those who went after themoney, but this season, the other members of the detonators/bomb squad appear to be so cognizant to the fact that Derrick is clearly heading for the win. Derrick doesn’t have to make any effort to sell himself. This makes this season extremely unchallenging and uninteresting.

    • Nicole was running 90% of the time. I say she did pretty good for being on slop for the week.

  2. Derrick does not want to be sole HOH until he has no other option. As it stands it is not his fault that anybody evicted was his doing. Which we know better.. its part of his “no blame “game. And yes it is boring…

    • Well, it’s certainly been effective for him. I like how he even told Donny during his goodbye message that they didn’t have the votes to keep him LOL!!! What a guy.

      • yea what a guy, and Donny didn’t buy it for a second!! [Frankie might not be good at math but Donny sure is, 3 votes was what he needed]……… derrick knew he didn’t have Donny fooled so he had to go!! in his final speech I think he will harp on how he just went with the ‘house’; and that he didn’t ‘have blood on his hands’ ; he has admitted to these things in the DR, NOW —what would I do, what would you do–for $500K????

    • Doing good is good, but coming in fourth isn’t! Nicole was in the jury house for two weeks, so she could have done better! She didn’t win and that’s what counts.

  3. Somebody needs to wake Caleb up and tell him that the Bomb Squad “bombed” when Devin left….Such a dolt and a blow mouth…

    • Zach already did that. He is choosing to ignore it and believe that he has been part of a big alliance this whole time.

  4. Donny said it best when Julie questioned why he always went to bed at midnight and didn’t stay up and try to bond with the other houseguests. He’s smart enought to know that he had nothing in common with them and it would have been more discomfort for him to remain. He chose to try to rest up for comps. He knew that being older and because he didn’t “look like” the others because of his beard, he would be left out of any converstion. He’s a smart man with a good heart and left the house with dignity even though he was visibly hurt. Those remaining houseguests are so smug right now but wait till the AFP is revealed. All the finger pointing will focus on none other than Frankie for his hateful treatment of a gentle man who fought hard for 7 turns on the block and was able to remain in the house 6 times despite the entire house being against him. He stayed pleasant, he stated his case to each houseguest without slamming anyone else and was unceremoniously shut down every time. He’s awesome. The rest of those people, especially Frankie, will fade into obscurity while Donny might be looking at a TV series if his appearance on TBATB is successful. I wish him good luck.

  5. The only reason Frankie doesn’t like Donny is because Donny was smarter than he is. I honestly don’t see why he wanted him out so badly. Derrick is running the show and in my opinion deserves to win with Donny gone.

  6. So when do the twists start? Not only a predictable season but nothing really exciting to shake up the game. HOH picking have nots instead of a comp. No Pandora’s Box. No DPOV. No luxury comp. Boring.

  7. Does anyone think the new schedule leaves room for a Pandora’s Box episode??

  8. Christine laugh…ugh and Victoria’s constant looking in the mirror.I could jump through the screen. And Victoria eating drives me crazy…they both need to go… Christine is just a two faced sneaky backstabber…nicole put it on her back deeper….Victoria is just worthless.. rooting for derrick…seeing Donny my fave is gone

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