Diamond Power of Veto Returns to Big Brother 12

The coveted Diamond Power of Veto has returned to the Big Brother 12 house! Last night on the nominations episode we watched as Matt entered Pandora’s Box and unleashed the Saboteur II on the house. We were waiting to see just what it was that Matt had won out of the situation since no one was believing the “just one dollar” story we heard on the live feeds. Turns out that he won something better than a skyful of cash like last season. Matt won the Diamond Power of Veto from Pandora’s Box.

Big Brother informed Matt that the Diamond Power of Veto could be used to remove one HG from the block, like a normal Veto, but its special power is the option for the holder to name the replacement. This renom power is usually reserved for that week’s HoH, but Matt will be the one calling that shot instead.

The only catch appears to be that Matt must use the Diamond Power of Veto within the next two weeks. If he doesn’t use it at today’s Veto Ceremony, and I don’t possibly think that will happen, then expect him to do it next week.

What does this new Veto mean for the game? Brendon and Rachel will be heading out the door back to back unless the remaining half of Brenchel wins HoH this Thursday. The Diamond Power of Veto is basically last season’s Coup D’Etat rebadged with a shiny new name. The nominations will change and the holder of the power calls all the shots. The game will change and no one can stop it.

Do you like this new twist? Should Matt use it to evict the remaining half of Brenchel next week or take his first swing at breaking up The Brigade? So many possibilities will make this a lot of fun to watch play out on the live feeds.


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  1. Matt should use it to get rid of Enzo. He’s been doing nothing but floating. He should show him his way out!

  2. No, Enzo’s great. So great that he makes you think he’s floating when he’s really driving the Brigade Bus. He is the master at manipulating his alliance. Watch closer, you’ll see.


    No ALL-CAP messages. Your next one will be deleted. – Matt

  4. unlike last year, Matt doesn’t even need it unless he is on the block himself. If any of the brigade is on the block next week he doesn’t even need to use it b/c they already have the majority votes. He might as well just stick to his $1 lie and not out himself. But I wish he would go home next week somehow

  5. actuallt I wish him and Brittany could both go home next week, in a double eviction. yep, that sounds good to me

  6. They didn’t want to call it Coup D’Etat again because last time most the house guests couldn’t pronounce Coup D’Etat, can you imagnine Enzo trying to say Coup D’Etat?

  7. The brigade is full of floaters except for Matt. They can’t win squat. Rach/little Brit beats them out of comps.

  8. I don’t think Matt should use it at all this week – for his game, he is safe. The brigade has his back. It depends on who wins the next HOH as whether or not he uses it. I’d stick with his current plan. I think Rachel is going to the jury house this week. Brendan needs to get his head back in BB or he’ll be next.


  10. No one will be evicted this week! CBS LOVES BRENCHEL. They taught Brendon to SAY Brenchel. Rachel brings the ratings in, they won’t let her go home!

    I hope Brendon either wins HOH and when he opens his Pandora’s Box, Rachel pops out, I hope they trick Matt into revealing the Diamond Veto and then Rachel gets it and saves herself, or when she is evicted they let her back in. This season expected 14 house guests, the finale will not work unless they bring 1 houseguest back or just cancel the double eviction!


  12. Comment deleted. No ALL-CAPS messages allowed. It’s considering yelling and is rude.

  13. I don’t care for Matt since he lied about his wife’s medical condition. He is lucky in the game right now because of HOH and the diamond veto power. Eventually his power will be gone and so will he.

  14. I think the brigade is great, I love Enzo he is hilarious and I think he is really the mastermind of the alliance, he just acts like he is weak. I also really like Lane,I think the brigade has done a really good job keeping their alliance secret.Any other season someone would have told or back stabbed their alliance. I would like to see one of them win. I can’t stand Rachael, even though she pulls ratings, her voice is about to kill me.

  15. I think that Enzo and Brit should go home. I agree that Brit is fake, talking behind Rachel’s back at least Rachel is real; and Enzo is a true floater – ship him back to Jersey. America should keep Rachel and Brendon. It won’t be fun to watch BB without them there.

  16. I agree with Trish: Rachel is the fakest person EVER. I am sick of her (and brendon) thinking that they do nothing wrong, they are completely innocent, and that they don’t talk smack about the other houseguests…they completely do! She is way to childish and immature to be around adults. Her attitude and wannabe manipulative ways need to be called out – big time! She is the MOST hypocritcal person ever…hands down! The way she treats others – she deserves what she gets. (not saying others aren’t friendly to her all the time – but she is most def. not innocent!) Have fun in the Jury House SKANK!

  17. I find it truly hard to believe that the brogade alliance has NOT been found out…no one has been able to figure it out (who are still in the house of course)…seems weird to me…soooo…is it because so much time and effort has been focused on B and R or are the others just plain blind!!!

  18. That would be great if Brendon won HOH, put Matt and Ragan up, then Matt would have to elect Kathy as his replacement nominee…

    once the DPOV is out in the open, the brigade will question Matt’s loyalty even more…

    but I doubt Brendon will win HOH, so…

  19. I do hope Rachel leaves. She is a bigger threat to everyone then Brendon is. She’s a better at this game!! But I’m so thankful she’s leaving!

  20. Hey Indy I found your thing on the BB forum on General Discussions. That is what we should have done the first time but we didn’t know. How do we let the others know?

    I think Brendan might surprise us all. I hope so. Rachel has been going over things with him and he is remembering. Now if he could just win HOH, YOU know he would put up Matt and Ragan and Matt will get himself down and everyone will know. But Matt had to choice, he had to lie about what he received or he would lose it. Still don’t like him and Ragan is turning to a real bitch now.

  21. I hope they let Bren/Rach think they’re voting Brendon out, then when Julie reads back the vote it is unanimous vote for Rachel to leave.

    The look on her face…..hahaha

  22. Matt cannot use the diamond power of veto or else he is going to be screwed the next week. If he uses it, he will have a bigger target on his back and if the brigade does not win HOH after Matt uses it, then Matt will be a main target. Eventually, he will be nominated and voted out because of that huge target. Remember the same thing happened last season with Jeff and the coup d’etat. He had that HUGE target on his back after he used it. Hopefully Matt will be smart like Mike Boogie in season 7 who did not use his power and emerged triumph in BB all stars.

  23. Hey Trish! I have been banned all together from even getting on that site. I’m not sure why I was banned. I even tried to fix the problem buy going to a different topic thread. What I don’t like is not telling us what the issue was. I would never be disrespectful.

    Yah I can’t wait until further today when the veto cer. Takes place!!!

  24. Maybe I am still on it because I never logged out? I could be banned too. It was said someone cursed on there and that was why the topic was locked. Not true. Oh well. I love Matt’s place so we are all good.

    I am really waiting for Thursday. I want things to change for Brendan and NOW!

  25. Rachel knows shes out and has accepted it. She auditioning for her next gig when this is all over from her behavior last night.

    Now will there still be a regular POV for next week? Will the regular POV and Diamond POV clash?

  26. Watching BBAD from last night, Rachel just made her move, she is talking about The Amazing Race, what do you want to bet Brendon and Rachel will be a team on that show. Said she loves The Amazing race. That bathing suit she has on, looks exactly like her bra and underwear, Disgusting, she is just flat out gross,

  27. Who cursed? Surely if that’s the case the whole group wouldn’t of gotten banned.
    Yah Thursday will be interesting to see who gets evicted and who wins hoh!!

  28. Matt comes off as a smarmy bastard. He’s playing with fire by lying about his wife’s condition. It’s just not right trying to exploit something like that. For that reason, I dislike him and am disappointed he has the veto. Why did he even mention anything to the houseguests anyways? He could have gone on as if nothing had happened and nobody would be any wiser.

  29. I don’t know Indy, they aren’t even answering Kristi emails now. It happened right after that SRS guy came in the room and asked a question, next thing I know the topic was locked and then gone.

    I am over all the talking now. I think Brendan will have lots of offers to form an alliance. The problem is they probably won’t be for real unless they get Matt or Ragan out.

  30. They (camera’s) sure are all over Matt today. NO Big Red? Atleast she is funny but that bathing suit! OMG, so freaky nasty! I love when I saw Rachel’s “fight” with Ragan. He always thinks he is right, he always wants to talk “logic” and wants everyone else to shut up. I love how Rachel stood up for herself when Ragan mimic “Ok Rachel” and she mimic right back “Ok Ragan”. That pissed him off! Good he is no better than her. He use to be but now he is a bully too, like Brit and Rachel and the rest. Uggghhhhhhhhhhhh!

  31. @FORUM peeps. I think if you are on there talking about stuff other than Big Brother you will get kicked out. I was on there earlier this season and didnt like it cuz they are really strict about going of topic.

  32. miss Trish she is #29, and I’m trying to figure out a scenerio to get a brigade member out.

  33. Matt question if the golden pov is used and then matt went to use the diamond pov would the HOH and the golden pov winner be exempt from being put up.

  34. ok guys, i got the email. i will forward it. please be respectful and let’s give this a chance.

  35. Rachel would not want to do Amazing Race with Brendon. He’ll just complain that the show is rigged for shorter people.

  36. ******QUESTION***********

    Does the Diamond Veto have to used at a veto ceremony or can it be put to use before the live voting starts??

  37. Hey “Mich boy”, it is ok love. Ok that doesn’t sound right. LOL You’re ok Torch! :)

  38. Someone earlier said that if Matt used it next week the Brigade would question his loyalty… but BB told Matt he couldn’t tell anyone or he would lose the power!

  39. Yeah but Steven they would know once he pulls it out next week. But I got you. They will still get mad even after he tells them why he had to lie.

  40. Torch yes the HOH and Veto winner are save. and andy matt has to use it at one of the veto ceremonies

  41. thanks chris I’m just thiking of scenario’s to start getting the brigade out, and for Matt the smart move unless he is on the block next week is to not use it.

  42. the only reason that matt would use the “D” veto would be if Bren wins HOH, I don’t see any reason for him to have to use it in the next two weeks, maybe next week, but Bren if he didn’t win HOH but wins the veto comp and takes himself off, then it would depend on who was put up to replace him

  43. torch, I think if BB wanted to get things really going they should have given the “D” veto the “sab” what do u think, then the “sab” could use it and say it was all matts doing because he open the box

  44. The “brigade” has yet to be pivotal about anything. I believe each houseguest would likely have voted as he has for each of the previous evicitions simply because of the of the existent situations at those times. Matt has never acceded to brigade dicta; everything he has inflicted upon the house has been self promoting (Indeed! Which houseguest has not done similarly?). There is no brigade for Matt; there are only minions for the dictator’s self-aggrandizement. Reveloution is soon to follow.

  45. Oh please Brit. You are everything Brendan said. How much crap have you talked about Brendan and Rachel? AND you are mad at him for showing you off? Please bitotch. Rachel Brit is NOT your friend. Brendan knows now what is real.

  46. Mat is a player who needs to go he is a hot shot and big blow hard.The diamond power of veto,lousy idea was given because that’s who producers want to win. Mat will win,you can bank on it.

  47. I am done with the feeds for now. Brit is lying through her teeth. She is saying that Brendan talks crap about everyone, NO, it is HER who does that! OMG I dislike her more than Rachel. Wait till Rachel sees this season, she will be so “shocked”!

  48. It would be fun if the saboteur could override the diamond veto somehow…take it from Matt’s hiding place? Somehow nulify it? Although I am not crazy about Rachael I do think she and Brendon keep things alive and pretty real. Otherwise, all you have it a “leader (Matt)- and everyone else on his lease.

  49. Matt has to make it his business to be sure Rachel is gone as of Thursday. With her gone, Brendon will go nuts and self-distruct where he’ll be gone the following week. Should there be a double eviction that week like mentioned…they have to stop blowing out all the women and start breaking down some of the members of the “Brigade”, or the show will become boring with just a house full of “guys” … changing the name from the “Brigade” to simply the “Barracks”.

  50. Torch I am not surprised or mad she didn’t use the veto. What I am mad about is after Brendan called her out for being a spoiled girl and a liar she goes to Rachel and told Rachel it is Brendan that is talking crap about people when it is mean girl Brit. Hypocrite that one is.

  51. trish!! just wate Britney will get hers, she will say something real catty for her goodby speach, she won’t be able to be smart about it. What she’s doesn’t understand is when she gets votted out she has to go to the jury house where Rach will be waitting for her

  52. What I think Trish is that everyone is talking smack about each other, I agree Brit does it but Brenden is just as guilty as she is.

  53. your emails young lady, and I am so tired of enzo and his mouth and not doing anything.

  54. The only email I got was from you torch, and wiz. Yes Enzo needs to stop yackity yacking and start playing. He is all mouth and no game. lol

  55. I have a lot of work today but have managed to check email here n there.. BIG Props Kristi!

    WEll I can not wait till Wednesday now to see the reactions. Im glad Brit didnt change anything, some one needs to go but Im some how wondering if the fight didnt do damage? As much as they cant stand Rach Im not saying she is gone till that door is open.

    Ragan I hope is doing a good job sounds like he is but that boy had me cursing the tv for not being able to decide if he should do it or not. Come one now.

    Some one needs to come do all my work so I can junk on here for a while LOL.. Any takers?

  56. Torch I understand that Brendan does it too but all the feeds show is Brit doing it constantly and without merit. She has dogged Brendan so much and Rachel it is not funny. Atleast he said it to her face. The point I am making is she talked with Rachel after and she told Rachel that she doesn’t do that crap that it is Brendan who does. BS! It is Brit, the Queen of bitching. Sorry Torch I know you like the girl but I can’t stand a hypocrite.

  57. sorry Kristi281, I am full at the moment with my own work. I need to get off here now, and get back to it. I will have to catch up again on BBAD.

  58. I like Brit. and I just wish Brenden would grow a pair dump the fake redhead and get his mind on the game. And I don’t care who you are a real man does not assult a women verbally or otherwise, that’s why I have never liked evil dick either.thats why I get mad at some of the posters who attack the women, that type of guy has no class.

  59. Britney is just flat out cruel. She will have a lot of the girls in tears when they watch this season. I realize that she is pretty and funny, but she has a nasty personality. Brendan has not talked HALF the crap that Brit has.

  60. @Torch… The Brigade are a bunch of talker’s except for Matt who is a doer. Enzo will let the other guys do the dirty deeds until he must step up or exit the house. Matt is for Matt and has been upfront about it. Even the “B” wonder about him. Lane I believe will side with Britiny during the final weeks and maybe add Ragen. Sadly Hayden will stay loyal to the Brigade now that Kristen is gone.

  61. I think Lane will swing either way if Brit.is doing great he will tag alone with her otherwise he will stay brigade.

  62. Torch you are a gentleman and I respect that but remember this is just a game. Brendan had every right to do that, sorry. No woman should hide behind the fact that she is a woman and thinks she can talk smack and then not take it? Sorry if you can dish it out you can take it. Or another one, If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen!

  63. ED, sitting on the block told them more than once, in no uncertain terms, to vote him out.

    Even when he and Danielle were on the block together, and he won and used the Veto to take Danielle off, they didn’t vote him out. The replacement went.

    Say what you want, but Dick played a great game. After all, he won.

  64. Brit keeps making smart remarks about Brendan but not using his name, she better watch out.

  65. I think whoever wins PTO period show be the one to pick who goes in their/or the person they are taking off’s place. I think that would make people fight harder for the PTO, maybe you could use that idea next yr and see how it goes. Also you should go back to PB and J instead of slope

  66. Sorry on my last statement it should’ve read Whoever wins PTO period should (not show)

  67. I noticed something really odd last night on BBAD. They were all talking about who they would want to be at the after party in Vegas, and Britney said my family….no mention of her “fiance”….kinda strange to me, but then I dont care for her and her playing to the camera constantly….She seems way way too overly smug. I’m no Rachel fan but BBAD would be pretty boring with her gone.

  68. Rachel has to go this week –and I’m hoping the saboteur will steal and hide her hair extensions before she leaves! IF Brandon isn’t on the block next week –Matt should use it to put him out the door.

  69. It’s true Rachel is a B* but you have to admit she really know how to play the game and is great at wining the competitions. I wish she would stay, because its actually fun to watch someone ‘really compete” and try to win rather than be like Kathy and Brit just “hanging ’round” that’s boring. I don’t really care for Rachel’s personal life and the way she behaves, but I like her game face. I hope BB would give her a “hidden power” and really twist things around and screw with everyone. :)

  70. Enzo needs to stop running his mouth and actually do something all he does is talk about what he can sell on Ebay and how there are going to be so many agents waiting for him outside the BB house when he leaves to give him roles in movies and make him a star—-Also all these people do is eat and I wish someone would tell them to shut there mouth when they eat we don’t need to hear it.

  71. RE: All the idiots on last nights BBAD talking about all the endorsements they are going to get and selling products with their name on them + Brigade products, (especially Enzo) PLEEEEESE SOMEONE….rush to the patent office (or where ever you go) to register and trademark those names so they cant profit from any of this publicity…That would knock these wanna be famous dopes down a peg a peg or two!

  72. He won’t use it next week unless he’s a danger of being evicted. He doesn’t want to piss off the jury house by using a cheap power, and he should be worried about keeping all of his alliance members right now. There’s only eight people left, and his in an alliance of four. I say let one of your alliance members go and let the blood be on someone else’s hands.

  73. I just do not like Britney! Yes, Rachels mouth moving gets on my nerves, however shes seems to have a heart where Britney does not. Britney makes fun of everyone and shes down right mean with it.

  74. I agree Sheila. Her time is coming. I just can’t wait till she won’t have the boys to hang around and protect her.

  75. I agree Dimo Raunchel sucks but BB will be boring with her gone same with Brit she ads good drama…..I’d really like to see how Raunchel would act with brendon gone ….he needs to go just for being so nieve and ignorant …he’s nice guy but that don’t last on BB.

  76. Oh and yes BB I like the twist because it’s been pretty boring up to this point

  77. @trish and sheila exactly. I can never understand how all these people can sit around and talk about how much they hate rachel because she’s a bitch, yet are completely blind to brittney. She is one of my least favorit players period. Even Russell and Evil Dick had a purpose related to game play when they were mean, but what is britt and ragans excuse. They have literally bashed and made fun of Brendon and Rachel nonstop since Matt won hoh. They both obviously get some sick pleasure form berating others and its disgusting to watch. I can wait until the tables turn and they both get whats coming to them.

  78. If we don’t have beoyotch’s and lyers and everyone was getting along the show would just be plain ol’e boring and I’ll have to go back to watching good ol’e reruns of seinfeld which I still do anyway…;-)

  79. Enzo and Britt keep me laughing can’t loose them yet!…….and as Fit as Hayden,Lane,Enzo and Brendon are it’s pretty sad they can’t win or come close to an Endurance game.

  80. how can you not like Brit, she is very masterful, and her and Kathy keeping their secret, this whole time, she is playing everyone in the house, and having fun doing it. she does not jump people for winning or rub it in when she does. Rachel is just to dumb to keep her mouth closed, in fact Brit needs to play Brendon as soon as Rachel is gone.

  81. BB please have Matt use Diamond Veto on Brenchel and then put Ragan and Kathy on the block. That would be a huge move and we get to keep the drama in the house.

    Or have the door locked so no eviction this week…Double eviction next week. Expect the Unexpected………….or keep it boring!

  82. what he should do and what he does probably is not the same. He should make an alliance with Brendon and Britney. Then he should start picking off everyone else as they are contributing nothing to the game. These 3 have what it takes to win. But then again, why not eliminate all competition and win it all!

  83. To all big brother fans,why do they have to bring someone like Rachel in the game,They had to know we would all hate her.She a very selfish person,if Brendon went home she then would cry a few days and then find a new love intrest!!!Brendon is looking like a fool.


  84. To all fans. Figure it out that if Rachel n Brendon both left, the show would be boring. Brit needs to go and take Kathy with her. They dont do anything but bad rap everyone else and totally lie, the wimpy bitches.

  85. Diane and Carol
    yes i will stop watching too
    rach and bren leave to me thats the show it will be so boring
    i hate the brit all she does is talk about everyone she looks like d duck with the big lips
    for a big mouth
    and for the Brigade they haven’t did nothing
    big deal get them out of the house
    matt your wife and she played along with you
    for sure

  86. It really doesn’t matter who leaves. The 50/50 split on who will make it boring or exciting. This game still has potential! Yes? Brittles is a back stabbing wanna be. Rake is, well, she needs Prozac, not botox.{sorry I don’t even know how to spell that word.] Matt, well his Karma is pretty much shot. Whip boy, rake’s worse half is and will always be the whip boy! Kathy sits at a desk for a living. Her role in this game is the same as it is in real life. Enzo will probably skate to the last three. Hayden is eye CANDY! Playing a “rely on my looks” game. Ragan, who knows? Who in the heck did I forget? GEEz!

  87. @connie – thanks we’re golden! :) (had to go to work so wasn’t on after 2pm until now!)
    @krazy – so i am not the only one thank goodness, course it seems insane that her hubby to be would be lane, but ya just never know with this show? course NICK could be lane’s middle name right?
    @dimo – say it ain’t so gag me with any utensil at this point! ugh!
    nooooooo! put it on the qvc channel! hee*

    didn’t know afterparty was to be in vegas for the bb hg’s..that should be interesting!
    @anna b – so true, fail to understand the constant bashing of the 2 players, those 2 are gonig to be so surprised when they watch it! also poor bren’s parents and rach’..they must feel so ?

  88. I love BB, but I can’t stand the brigade. Many questionable alliances have been formed in the BB house, but the brigade is the most pathetic. They’re too scared to even let anyone know about their alliance because……… I have NO IDEA! The only other alliance in the house is 2 people. What are they so scared of?? That they may actually have to put a little effort into winning something? Sad.

  89. @ Jadelle Great joke here! It has everthing to do with the game! “What do call a blond between two redheads? Outnumbered by one!” Ah Huh, think bout it!

  90. matt thinks he’s soooo smart when he messes everything up! come one no one bought the dollar story. but whatever, the brigade never holds anything against each other. they won’t do anything until it gets down to less people. i can’t see what brenden sees in rachel? she is not very attractive and he’s very! she does not seem to be his type. does anyone know who the two people who know each other are??? i think it’s brit and the texas guy-a couple of times the camera cuts from one of them to another. or it’s the mom and somebody.

  91. Can we please see the SAB do something! SAB please stop throwing Brenchel under the bus. SAB needs to get Matt out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Getting real tired of hearing Britney, and Ragan with this stupid talk show thing.The sooner Britney goes the better. Matt needs to keep his hand out of his pants!!! Don’t think it’s necessary to keep on and on with the horrible bashing of Brendon and Rachel.If Britney and Matt don’t go soon I’m going to stop watching.

  93. The Diamond POV allows you to replace BOTH nominees to be replaced with 2 new ones. You can also replace just one.

  94. If Rachel and Brendon leave the show, BB will lose a lot of viewers and ratings. There’s a lot of us that won’t watch the show. They basically know what how to play the game while the others suck their thumbs. They need to break up the 4 horsemen NOW. The only reason Ragan took SABAT. was cause of $20K. Money talks. If there wasn’t any money Ragan would not have done it. I hope he has a slippery tongue and blows it.

  95. You hit it right on the nail Jordon. I agree. But if BB wants to keep ratings and viewers then they can bring Rachel- n- Brandon back. That would blow minds.

  96. Ragan needs to stop with the corny stand-up comic routine. Who would ever watch him w/o throwing up.

    If he truly is a college professor, his students should drop his course, he is so annoying!

  97. I also agree losing bret or rachel is the end for most viewers..It will be so boring I won’t watch anymore.Still say Matt is the choice of producers to win.

  98. I am totally disgusted with BB12. That power they gave to Matt proves its rigged. And to allow the sabateur (Ragan). T use that power to attack Brendon/Racheal only, is disgusting. I did not vote for the sabateur to target two specific house guess. He also told the brigade the message was not true. He should be outted imediately and lose his $20,000.

  99. I agree, BB12 is sick this year. Once Rachel and Brendon are gone I won’t be watching anymore. A game is a not a game, when the real players are taken out

  100. Enzo, Lane, and Hayden are sorry asses of men, they re just built bodies with no brains, they have not won a single competition and they are still in the game..floaters! Is that how it is in real life for them. Britney is a loser and mean girl, go back to your one light home town, you don’t belong in the big city with the big girls!

  101. To Patti…..Good for you girl, u r reading my mind. Brit needs to clean off her own backyard first, I doubt if she has one. She’s trying to play a game she don’t know how. Just bad rapping everyone and o so mean.

  102. I have no idea, Josh! I really hope that’s the case, but who knows, it’s Big Brother we’re talking about.

  103. I think that if Matt uses the Diamond Power of Veto that whoever gets evicted that week will replace Rachel in the jury house and she will come back. Did anyone else catch that JC told Rachel that this may not be the last she sees of the BB house?

  104. What if the DPOV let Rachel back in the house if it was used? Julie did tell Rachel that this may not be the last she seen of the BB house. I also think that Brit and Lane know each other. Did you see how she hugged him from behind on the show last night. Also, she didn’t use the POV when Rachel threatened to put up Lane. Lastly, I do think that Matt has a separate alliance with Regan. Brigade beware…Matt will turn soon. Maybe when he uses the DPOV.

  105. Last year?? BB gave America the choice to send in one of three already evicted houseguests, and Jessie went back in (but only for a couple of weeks). We may get the chance to vote Rachel or the next two evicted back in later. They have to do something like this because the jury has to be seven.

  106. Ok, my girl Brit… Kissing brendons ass, she’s on the block….so is Reagan. I think ragan is gone, how sad he will be when he finds out Matt (the rat)…. Could have saved him. Enzo is a worthless piece of New Jersey crap…and if he wins I ….I….will, do nothing except scream at the tv. Reality show my ass!

  107. TO ALL: Who wants to see Rachel come back, which Big Brother can do. That means Rachel will become HOH immediately and will have to use it ASAP. I want to see her come back and blow some minds. RAGAN is to wimpy…he has to go. Brit and Kathy along with Lane and MATT(macho man) ha ha..Enzo and college boy also. This BRIGADE is bull shit.Brake them up. They think they run the house..WRONGGG!!!! Someone needs to send RAGAN another note putting him in a trick bag so he blows his status without knowing it and the house finds out he is the SAB. ANY IDEAS???

  108. page 2…Ragan is very emotional.a cry baby..he can break easy. All of a sudden he’s telling Brendon COGRATS although they’ve had indifferences. Before that he’s cutting his throat. Nothing like being 2 faced is there? Brendon has them all thinking right now, and they really don’t know which way to go now. Now they are talking to him and being nice to his face. Everyone should send a comment to BB and vote Red back in(if u want to_)Any suggestions from anyone.

  109. Sorry BB if I have said something out of line. I love the show and every day is another turning point, just more exciting than the one before. I even ordered showtime so I can watch it.

  110. Come on people..wake up. What do u think is happening. Will Rachel come back? Never can tell. Is Ragan on his way out? Maybe!!! What is really on Brendon’s mind??

  111. I hope Rachel stay’s in the house and get’s Matt..Brit..Rag..and maybe Lane out.. I’m not sure why I don’t trust Lane there is just something there..

  112. This “diamond” power is not good under these circumstanes. it should have been voted by america or won in a competition.

    • thats what i wanna know to van the HOH be put on the block … if you find that out let me know

      been looking and checking but cannot find that 1 out yet

      • I would so love to know this answer as well. Since Matt got put up on last nights episode, we know he is using it, however I wanna know can HOH be nominated with this?? I hope not. Would not be fair at all Going to be a intersting eviction tonight

  113. I watch and ordered Showtime just for BB After Dark and was glad to see Rachel for 24 hours… GREAT JOB BB! what would have been cool is to bring Rachel back like you did and then during the competition she participate and if she won then she can have “dibbs” on putting someone on the block like… Britney who is a “mean mean person” and what the heck .. isn’t she engaged and is all over LANE… LANE is just a shell, no brain, … he’s a floater along with RAGAN and KATHY… get them out. We want real players. ….

  114. Sure can Mamatank, Matt was put up on the block by Brendon, but Matt can bring himself down with the power he has and once he does that he has no more power. Matt has to use his powers before Thursday. I think someone else has to take his place now, not sure. Let’s see how much money he gets and what the alliance thinks of him now. Respond plz.

    • I was thinking that if he did go up, he would try to avoid using it so that it does not have to come out, but since he is now up again lane, his brigade alliance, i think that he will be using it for sure. I am thinking once he does this, they will know that they can not trust him. * I know he could not tell anyone he won this diamond power of veto.. but I do think the brigade will feel betrayed.

      • Before they vote tonight, Matt has to use his last power. Then the HOH puts someone else on the block. Then there will be two to vote against. Brendon has already packed his bags.

  115. Patty I ordered showtime to just 4 BB. I hope they appreciate it. We should get live feed for free.

  116. Carol, I agree they should provide live feed for free for us of us that pay for Showtime..Big Brother After Dark… did you see that Matt is on the block! But he will use the Veto on himself and hopefully Brendon will put Britney up and then the house will vote Britney off and Lame LANE will stay .. and hopefully the following week someone will put LANE up and Kathy.

    • Britney really needs to go home. She’s nothing but a trouble maker for all of them. She hears something then goes and tells it and stretches the truth out. That don’t make a good player. Send her to the zoo with her other itchy family. She can pick on them. She has nothing going for her. She is lazy and deceitful plus more.

  117. Patty— Yes, Brendon put Matt on the block. He should be there until Thursday when eviction takes place. But with his extra power, we have 2 see how that works. I don’t think he can put the HOH up and that’s what Brendon is. Did you know that the Sabateur woke the entire house last night and gave them about 8 warnings. If u want I have a link where u can read mostly what’s going on. Let me know. BTW they still want Brendon put up. Everyone should request from BB that Rachel come back. The show would be a lot more exciting than even now. It blows my mind that none of them can figure out that Ragan is the Sab. That’s weird.What do u think. Brit has to go 2. Carol

  118. Carol: No I didn’t watch BB after dark last night, I went to bed at 10pm, had to be up at 5am for work this morning. I would prefer that Rachel come back because she is such a strong player, but I also want to see how Brendon will make out without her. Matt is a strong competitor as well and even though I hate to admit it Britney is pretty good herself. I wouldn’t mind seeing how Brendon and Matt compete against each other. Enzo, Lane and Hayden aren’t competitors at all, which makes it boring. I wish BB would do something to bring back some EXCITEMENT into the house again. I don’t stay up anymore because it’s not exciting for me anymore without Brenchal. got to back to work…

  119. Watching LF Matt/Lane are talking. Lane tells matt that the brigade is usless. Matt is starting to talk trash about Enzo!!!! Yes Matt is saying to Lane come with me to the other side. :)
    But Lane might be testing Matt’s faith in the Brigade.
    Game is on…… :)

  120. Once matt use’s the DVP everbody will know he is a lier.. I feel like if you lie about one thing you will lie about anything..I really did want him gone this week but I will be ok if they send Brit. this week and him next week..Ragan need’s to go too..I wish they would bring Rachel back he would just kill the HG..LOL

  121. Linda… I agree!! BB PLEASE find a way to get RACHEL back… it will definitely blow the Houseguests mind!!!! LOL!!!!I look forward to summer television just for BIG BROTHER!

  122. I really really do believe Matt and Ragan are brother’s..there is something funny about those two..when they started calling Matt “the brain’s” it went to his head I think he is a big CREEP alone with Ragan and Brit.I don’t like either one of them..when the show first started I though I would just love Ragan boy was I WRONGGGGGGGGGGG or what?…LOL :}

  123. Carol, it’s 9pm – 12 here in California.. and probably not, I have to get up at 5:30 a.m. every morning to get ready for work, and I NEED 8 hours of sleep in order to function at work. I usually watch BBAD during dinner or my husband brings me up to speed.

  124. Patty, thanks for responding to my comments. It is 7pm here now. Iam in Florida near Daytona. If I can stay awake I watch it. Me and a cold pepsi and my 2 dogs. They keep me company and Iam an animal lover. I will keep writing them about getting RED back. BB needs more excitement on the show. later…bye

    • I am going to write BB cause they read all these comments. Alot of us should request her back.

  125. I thought if Matt was going to use the diamond veto he had to use it at the veto cerm. when Brendon put him up not on eviction day, am I wrong about that? Does anyone know?

    • Agena—Matt can use his power on eviction day as long as he uses it before they vote. Once he uses this one that’s it, no more power.

  126. Matt has blabbed so much about the power, Hayden has figured it out he probably has it. BB should take it away for flapping his lip.

  127. Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if BB gave Brendon power
    to x out Matts power
    that would really make for good tv

  128. I think Britney deserves to stay in the house because she has played this game with integrity. When Monet was there she never threw Monet under the bus. She was a real friend. Britney is a really smart player and has not did a whole lot of lying and backstabbing. Rachel has presented us with a slutty look…she may not be a slut but she certainly has come off looking like one. This is national TV show some dignity if possible. Ragan is a great player and one that don’t bring a lot of attention to himself. He certainly gave Rachel to take home with her a conversation that will last a life time. Matt is a very good player and I like him even if he is a liar and low life lying about his wife, but he certainly has played this game and been quite lucky at it. So I think any three of these should win Big Brother.

  129. Jackie
    Are you watching the same TV Iam?
    on showtime thats all she does
    Brit is the biggest Backstabber of all i can’t stand her
    BB should play the backstabber to wake them up in the morning


    • Agreed. Rachel is a menace of nauseating quality. Her laugh, her voice, her crybaby face and ignorant conversations make me want to head bunt her in the mouth. She and Brendon are both bullies, and if I were Britney I would have pushed her down the spiral staircase a long time ago.

  131. Brittany is fake and a backstabber!!! When rachel put her up all she did was cry cry cry! Rachel felt bad for making her cry. Then brittany talked smack about rachel”when ever she wears a skirt all i think about it S.T.D’S flying around” i hated brittany ever since that!!! I would love to see her cry baby ass go home!


  133. Brendon is save he is HoH
    and i love him he and Rachel are the only ones playing the game
    AND Lane is a rich boy he works for his daddy in OIL
    i caught that when he was talking on showtime
    he don’t need to win

  134. matt should have it taken away because he has done everything but say i have the power he has given hints to everyone

  135. Unfortunately, Brendon can’t be put up with DPoV. I don’t understand how anyone can stand Brendon or Rachel. I would contemplate not watching the final episode just to not see (or hear) from Rachel again. She has to be the most annoying HG “like” ever.

    • What does this new Veto mean for the game? Brendon and Rachel will be heading out the door back to back unless the remaining half of Brenchel wins HoH this Thursday. The Diamond Power of Veto is basically last season’s Coup D’Etat rebadged with a shiny new name. The nominations will change and the holder of the power calls all the shots. The game will change and no one can stop it.
      I found thi on line, it makes it sound that he maybe able to use it on Brendon.

  136. Since the bridade is suppose to stick together with everything, they may hold it against Matt when he takes himself off the block cause if he don’t he will go home. Not all the alliance care for him. He is to sneaky n coniving. He is dangerous with the game.

    • I am soooo excited to watch tonight and see what happens. I think that Matt will take himself off and he(Matt) will nominate Kathy to go up in his place. (if he can not nominate HOH) which I have been reading some mixed answers on this. Gonna be really good! Because then on After dark, it will be interesting to see what the brigade says about Matts hidden option (diamond power of veto!!!)

      • Matt has to take himself off or he will go home, and he has to do it before they vote for eviction. Brendon is safe because he is Head of Household. He can’t vote. He will stay HOH, until someone else wins it with one of the games tonight. They want Brittany gone cause her mouth don’t quit and she causes trouble among all of them with her lies. Watch her real good tonight. She usually stays by the one with the power/s. There should be 2 winners HOH and POV. Watch and see. And possibly 2 evictions.

  137. BB has to wrap things up due to little time left, If Anerica gets to vote I have Brendon’s back cause he has fought from day one to stay in and taught the other’s what to do. I just hope he don”t go up on the block. That’s my opinion.

  138. Yeah, he might put up Britt, but he seems to be hanging out with her alot. BUT she is a good actress!!! lol

    • I would to if I wanted information and she has plenty of it. That’s what she does best. She turns everyone against each other. some of the show is taped anyway.

      • ? for you Carol. Do you think there have been two life long friends in the house> if so, who do you think they are/were???

    • ??? I personally do not think there is 2 friends, but that is the rumor going around. My sister-in-law from Ohio said she heard it , but we can’t figure it out. It’s all mind baffling. A lot of things are like a script so to speak. Leave it up to your imagination. That’s what I do. No cast members said anything, so I really don’t know. Sorry. Countdown12345……

  139. Ok i must of missed the show that said there may be 2 lifelong friends who said that or how did people start thinking that

    • It was in the beginning. A message from the sabeatour (sp) when it was annie. But they r thinking it cld have been a set up by the sab..

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