Big Brother 12: Week 5 PoV Ceremony Results – Spoilers

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 12 house and arguments are sure to follow with the eviction just days away. Crank up your live feeds (Free Trial still available if you’re new to the feeds) and watch the HGs scramble to save themselves and secure votes. Keep reading to reveal Big Brother Spoilers for what happened today at the Veto Ceremony.

Britney, the winner of this week’s PoV, decided not to use the Veto.

Brendon blew up at Britney during the ceremony and now Rachel is crying in the aftermath. Britney is furious over what was said by him to her. My guess? Brendon is trying to draw fire to keep Rachel safe this week. Get on the live feeds right now to see what’s happening and catch any fights that are about to come up as Brendon continues down his path to self-destruction. Oh boy!

Update: Sure enough, that was Brendon’s plan to save Rachel. Brenchel got alone and Brendon asked, “did it work?” Rachel replied, “uh, yeah!” She says she loves him for doing that but sorry that he had to. It’s going to be incredibly entertaining to watch Brendon pick fights all week to get evicted just to have Rachel eliminated on Thursday night! Keep watching the live feeds to see what happens next.

What do you think? Which of these two will be evicted on Thursday’s live show: Rachel or Brendon? Now a different question: Which would you prefer to go?

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  1. i hope the door doesn’t open when rachel goes to leave! that means another week of fireworks! keep brenchel there. that is the only thing going on in this boring house! if they go, no show left to watch!

  2. If we’re lucky, Rachel will be voted out and Brendon will be a moron and walk out. I’ll settle for Rachel’s eviction though.

  3. Good for you Britt, dont let those two A-holes bully you girl. Razer #4 that would be perfect if the stooge walks out after his woman.

  4. Brendan’s just trying to secure Rachel a spot for next week. I don’t think it’s gonna work though. Go Brit!

  5. Normally, a blow up like that could get someone evicted. But the houseguests see through it. I think Rachel still goes.

  6. Since Kristin is not on the Jury she should be allowed to watch the shows, shouldn’t she? Wouldn’t you love to watch it with her Wednesday and Thursday

  7. I hope Rachel goes as she is such a bitch and Brandon is a wimp, or should I say a lamp dog

  8. Dumbazz Brenda, no one with game sense is buying what you are selling Tool. Step with your skank. Oh and what have he done in the game that is so special, he won 2 POV guess what fool mean girl Britt won 3. STEP.

  9. I think Rachel should go. I did like both Brendon and Rachel from the start but lately Rachel made her enemys. Brendon turned out to be more whimpy then I thought he was and he deserves to go to. Neither one will last long anyway once the other is out. Also I believe Rachel will dump him once Big Brother is over.


  10. I’m so tired of brendon acting like a lap dog !! Doesn’t that boy have a spine??? Why would you give up a chance for money when there is no chance you will be together after the show

  11. is her snatch, and is ur head that good? i mean dang brendon have some respect for urself.

    i mean really. ur pathetic. that shows he didnt come here to win. so once again rachel looks like a hypocrite because she preechs the exact opposite of what she tolerates.

    britney will stand her ground and go heads up with brendon in needs arguments. she is smart enough to deflect anything he says cuz he isnt that smart of a guy. OBVI!!

    i loved enzo, but he is losing point now in my book. he keeps saying we need to get rid of ragan, britney, kathy and he is constantly talking shet and swimming around in the safety net that is the brigade.

    but when it comes down to do something he doesnt come through. he is alays clowning ppl for doing nothing, but its like dude “what the eff have you done?

    he is funny and all but he should really hush it up. lane, matt, or hayden dont talk as much, but enzo, who doesnt finish podium (top 3)always got something to say.

    NOBODY will find out ragan is the sab. he is doing a perfect job.

    i hope everyone hates rachel more than natalie. well, thats last season news. i dont even wanna go there. i dont have gas to get back.

  12. The Brigade is getting too cockie! The old saying “Expect the unexpected” is going to bite them in the A_ _! Britney and Ragen are a force to be recken with!!!!

  13. I vote to evict Rachael. Then I vote to evict Kathy, then I vote to evict Bratney, then I vote to evict Brendon – he’s not a threat to anyone; he’s just whipped!

  14. Rachel needs to go. She just drives me nuts..ahhhhhh. Then Brendon the next week. Let Brendon Make an idiot of himself this week and make him hang around for another week feeling alienated and ignored by everyone before he goes. Brendon may have had a chance at winning if it werent for Rachel. I’m sure she was using him all along..he appeared to be one of the strongest guys, was smart and she knew she could wrap him around her little finger, Now she has him taking a dive for her. The way she’s treated him the last week shows her true intentions. Girls like that irritate me.Sometimes I even feel a little sorry for him…the dumb,gullible boy.

  15. @22 asdf – Rachael is a lot of things, but, in my humble opinion, she’d have to go a long way to be as dispicable a human being as Ratalie.

  16. I really hope Rachel goes home. She really gets on my nerves especialy her laugh omg I would leave the house if I had to listen to it all the time.

  17. As much as I would love to see Brendan go to the jury house next week, I would love it more to keep them separated for a least a few more weeks.

  18. I’d like to see Brendon win the next HOH, just so Matt could use the diamond POV to backdoor Brendon. Would this be the first time the HOH got evicted?

  19. It will be awesome to see the look on Rachel’s face when she leaves & he gets to stay! I so hope Kathy wins HOH this week. Just to put a wrench in the Brigade’s plans.

  20. @30 I don’t think it can acto Matt’s according to Matt BB updates “What does this new Veto mean for the game? Brendon and Rachel will be heading out the door back to back unless the remaining half of Brenchel wins HoH this Thursday. “

  21. Not sure if the DVeto can be used on the HOH but I think it can be used on the regular veto holder.

    Off topic: A-Rae & Roxie check out Bachelor Pad tonite. Kiptyn wil be on.

  22. Oooppps messed up on my words…. Matt BB updates stated No “What does this new Veto mean for the game? Brendon and Rachel will be heading out the door back to back unless the remaining half of Brenchel wins HoH this Thursday. “

  23. at least Rachel is open about it and doesn’t mess with other peoples stuff like nat the rat and her girlfreinds chiapet,lydat and kevalina.

  24. Ugh. I cant stand brendon hes givn up half a mill 4 a pale vegas celeb wannabe. Matt is the man. Observe his actions and u will relize how smart he is. Brit is so sexy!

  25. Brenchel is the only thing this season has going for it so far. I am really hoping there is a twist that keeps them in the house! I am hating the other players this season. So whiney.. Brendon & Rachel clean house! Especially Rach – super biotch! Brendon tries to protect her & watches out for her. I love them! The brigade sucks..

  26. I want Rachel gone this week. All the people that tried to get a spot on BB and were turned down because they chose Brendon, well it makes me sick how he wants to get evicted. He needs to wake up and realize why he even applied for the show.

  27. I think lane and brit want eachother bad lol. Kathy has to know shes not gona win.. Unles rage brit n kat form n aliance brigade will make finale 4 then hopefully matt wins…he needs it …for his wife. Lol

  28. here is the biggest question right now.

    HOW do these houseguest not know about BO JACKSON?!?!?!

    i love when the guys except brendon talk about sports. and they just said chris johnson’s 4.24 was the fastest combine ever.

    these guys, especially enzo who were around when bo jackson ran his 4.13 40 yard dash AT the combine. c’mon!

    haha its not that big of a deal but man. i wish i was in their talking sports with them. good times

  29. Do you really think is is that weak and lame or do you really think this is all a plan to stay longer

  30. Yeah, Rachels fate is sealed…

    Brendon is making his stay there more enjoyable for US :)

    Least they both outlasted that FAKE B**** Monet, and 2 timing HO Kristen…

  31. i love britney right now hahaha.

    i was hoping, and still am that brendon says something to her or about her. if he does make that mistake.

    ITS ON. c’mon brendon u stupid idiota. say something.

  32. @x-tina

    mean! monet was tight. she got did dirty but rachel, krsitin, and kathy.

    and kristin was just laying low. yea she cheated on her bf which completely wrong but is hayden would not have had the brigade, she would have went far.

  33. so excited for the second edition of

    “JUST THE TIP” hosted by BB12 houseguest britney, lane, and special correspondent hayden.

    hopefully tonight during BBAD. check ur local listings. haha

  34. It stinks that Rachel is going to get the boot this week. While she is a biotch, her and Brendon are the only ones really playing the game at this point. The Brigade is a joke. Matt will eventually hose them. Enzo is a cling on. He hasn’t done jack. He’s just riding the Brigade’s coat tails. It will be fun to watch them implode and devour each other. If the rest of the house guests have two brain cells in their heads, they will band together after the next HOH competition and start picking off the Brigade.

  35. it’s gotta be “boobzilla” rachel i just can’t stand her maybe if she came into the house on different terms i would like her but she came in too full of herself and that was her downfall. i can’t get too excited yet until she walks out the door because if the possibility of letting an evicted hg back in but i don’t think so because in whatever season it was it was an america’s vote or something like that.
    one last thing see ya toots hit the bricks with your $5000.

  36. Brendon is soooo dumb, he will give up the game for Rachel? it shows that he doesnt want to do game play, i want Rachel out of the house

  37. does anyone outside of the brigade know about them. I know they kinda are quessing but does anyone know for sure

    • I wanna know… Why the hell noone has figured out the dumb-brigade yet. Ragan almost had it figured out…do u think anyone will tell racho about it in their bye biatch message? I love this show, but it has been by far the dullest ever.

  38. asdf – I think almost the entire house, with a few exceptions, have ducked out of responsibility and challenges just so they don’t get a target on their back and can stay longer in the house. This is the biggest pack of wusses I can ever remember playing this game!

  39. asdf: a lot of the other HG think they are just friends right now, im sure the brigade secret is going to come out soon

  40. hi all, now that isn’t a really big surprise. are rachel and brendon fighting yet?

  41. i said i wouldnt go down this road, but i see it has been brought up. plus is this not big brother network? if we cant talk about BB in BBN, what are we doing? lol

    can someoen explain to me how natalie is worse, or even in the same stadium as rachel?

    natalie got ALL this hate last season for playing her cards right. she made jessie leach off of her, she played lydia like BB12 hg played andrew, she found allies in kevin, which got her to final 2.

    i mean did she shower everyday? no. was she the most attractive woman on her season? of-couse not haha. but she played a good game that got her to the end.

    she won a HOH comp, she won the very first one. she lasted longer than russell in that diaper challenge, which the prize was to bring jessie into the house.

    and she won another HOH i think. the one where she dedicated her victory to chima. so thats 2 HOH’S just like rachel but natalie didnt treat anyone nowhere near as awful as rachel has treated anyone within the past 3 days.

    it seems to me alot of u guys take the popular route, and attack more on the physical aspects like looks rather than gameplay.

    clearly natalie played a better game. look where she finished.

    so go ahead. explain.

    • To me she was just annoying as all he’ll. Rachel, although a superior player to Gnat, is annoying, narcisisstic(?),and just plain mean.

  42. 39. @brenchelfan it’s gonna happen whether you like it or not but it’ll be ok really it will it’s just that rachel came in too confident is all

  43. @ #4 OMFG….That would be so great to see Rachel evited and Brendon walk out right behind her!!! HAHAHA, oh how i wish that happens!!

  44. yea she finished #2 even two of her own alliance didn’t give her their vote to win just because of her actions.

  45. that’s some funny stuff. i really don’t want the double eviction to happen this week. just think how crazy rachel is going to go with brendon in the house and her not. i truely believe she thinks she is better than him.

  46. Send Brendon home! He cant hold his ownj in this game and its sad. grow a pair and leave the house! the brigade is a disgrace too. Rachel is the only contestant worth watching! Love ya Rach!

  47. rachel is a vip cocktail waitress… in las vegas… vip- las vegas, big boobs; doesn’t this mean shes kind of like a hooker?

  48. so the hg’s gave the day a bplus just because they played good music this morning. i would think after brit didnt use the p o v rach would go nut but she’s just trying to stuff her boobs in a bakinni

  49. although I truly dislike Rachel. I still dislike Natalie even more!!! I can’t wait to see her go this week!!!

  50. kristi with matt having the dpov and rachel and brenden on the block I doubt they would do the double evic. this week.and I still think it’s in two weeks.

  51. Dear CBS,
    I love the show, but without Rachel on it, the show will become very boring and barely anything interesting will happen for the next few weeks. KEEP RACHEL! send brendon “NO BALLS” out the door!

  52. I understand that Britney again did not use the POV, leaving Matt’s nominations alone today. According to my predictions, Rachel Reilly will be the next houseguest to leave the compound Thursday nite.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  53. Rachel will not be evicted, the diamond power of veto is a trick itself which cancels the holders evictions! This will cancel the eviction Matt wants (rachel) so Rachel will stay!!!

    • You are mental. On all these forums you spout the same nonsense. No one believed you.

  54. I hope theres a twist that redoes the nominations on thursdays episode so before voting a new pair goes up and rachel will stay!

  55. I think it would be a waaaay awesome twist if Rachel was brought back!!! Brigade is way to comfortable something needs to happen and quickly!!

  56. it’s to early in the game for a double eviction. we have rachel going to jh. the sab is back and matt has the diamond p o v. no need for it right now. i think they will wait til last 3

  57. I hope that sabator locks the door after the vote and no one gets evicted this week. Would be quite funny to see Rachel win head of house and Brandon win power of Vito so then Matt can’t take them out!!! Be another week both safe… they playing the game honest and its sick the way people talk about them!!! Go Go Go Rachel & Brendan fine two make all the borring house guest and floaters face to vote one to win. 1/2 million: -)

  58. Julie let’s not hold an evication tonite I will walk out the door PLEASSSSE let Rachel stay I’m sure she will remember me after I’m gone Brendon

  59. Just think. With Rachel gone what will you Haters have to talk about? I’ve never seen such a bunch of bigots. She never had a chance with you ppl. I don’t like most of the HGs but don’t resort to derogatory name calling.

  60. oh mary i never thought of that one. that’s realy good. I hope c b s lets reagon do something big like that. it is live tv, think of the mayhem that would cause. that might be the best one i have heard. so far. let’s face if that would even get americ a

  61. I don’t thonk everyone hate Rachel but just the way she thinks the game should go her way and that she deserves the win

  62. #91, that wasn’t your kittys fart, it was the “Stink” from Rachels nasty behind.

  63. I have to say, Rachel annoys the helll outta me…but I do agree that this season is much more entertaining with her in it.
    Once it gets down o the brigade (a sorry do-nothing alliance) this season’s going to be a complete snoozefest!

  64. If you can hold your own in this game and cant play the game of big brother without feeding off of others then out the door you deserve to go! Goodbye Brendon and good riddence. you WONT be missed.

  65. The only people keeping this season worth watching is Britney and Rachel. Everyone else can go suck it and walk out the door.

  66. You ppl are hopeless. Glad I don’t have to associate with you. Can’t you talk about the game without all the insults. Wish you were on the show so ppl could insult you.

  67. I really much prefer Rachel to leave…Brendon will have to “man” up then and play by himself. He really is a weak man for falling for Rachel so quickly….He didn’t take the time to figure out how mean she was.

  68. Matt: get your wife’s teeth fixed and get lost
    Lane: i barely rememebr that your a contestant
    Britney: you have a good chance in the game
    Ragan: your ok for now
    Kathy: try not to turn to dust
    Brendon: grow a pair!!!! and leave this week
    Hayden: getting screwed over by your bri”gay”de
    Rachel: you’re the only one worth watching

  69. All four of the Bri”Gay”de guys should get into a bloody fist fight with brendon adn then all 5 of them will be kicked out of the house leaving the three girls and ragan to battle it out for the hald million dollars! and they can have girls night out slumber parties in the HOH for the next few weeks. Yay!

  70. I liked Rachel at first but when Andrew got evicted acused yet a third person of “getting between her and her man” she just gets on my nerves. She is a drama queen cry-baby. Everything that is happening to her she brought upon herself. Anytime anyone tries talk to her about the way she is acting she has a hissy fit, and says they are being mean to her

  71. If I was matt, I wouldove held a house meeting minus brendan and rachel. I would let everyone know exactly what the two week plan was and ensure everyone was on board.rachel out first then brendan and if someone doesn’t vote that way,they would be targeted next. Show everyone the diamond veto and have everyone eat off the palm of your hands. Why not? He’s got the brigade behind him and the best part, he doesn’t need to say shit about his alliance. Keep it simple stupid. Your lies will catch up to you…maybe via airplane banner etc…but if your upfront, you now have a story to tell when your in the final 2 fighting for the cash prize..simple plans work the best…anyone agree or disagree?

  72. @MATT [the site Admin]

    Could we have some moderation please. It seems we are getting Trolled today and it’s getting pretty bad/raunchy.

    I may not post a lot, but I visit and read everyday. I come to read about BB, not to read the crap/troll stuff that has been posted today.

    Thanks for this great site, but please try to remove/block some of this stuff.

  73. @Tim: I’m trying to clean it up now, but I can’t be in all places at all times. It takes just one person using multiple names (like what’s going on now). I can ban them, but only reactively.

  74. @130 MATT,

    Thanks Matt, I accept and appreciate that you are trying, that’s all I needed to hear.

  75. Man I am so happy brendon did not win this weeks HOH with that we have to see this sh@t go on for two more weeks. Oh the bitch will go home thursday. She can get back to the VIP Room at the strip club.

  76. What? Rachael uses BOTOX on her whole face, quicker, get the producers to have some botox handy on eviction day because Rach’s face will face when she is evicted …

  77. All Brendon does is go around the house and mope and whine all the time cuz he knows he f**ked up at every HOH and cant hold his own to support his alliance of two. time to go brendon!

  78. if the hg’s are smart they will get rid of Rachel this week. I hope that they do. I also hope Matt gets the other hg’s to let Brendon win H.O.H and then uses his diamond veto to change his noms. Then the next week Brendon can’t play anyway and he would have been SEPARATED (gasp) from Rachel for 2 more weeks unnecesasarily1 How GREAT would that be????!!!!!

  79. @x-Tina. Your comments are the bomb! I agree with everything u say. They also make me laugh so hard I get a great ab workout

  80. I’d just like to say that I think it’s pretty low to make fun of Matt’s wife’s teeth. Matt is a contestant in the game, not his wife. If you don’t like Matt’s game, that’s one thing, but making fun of his wife? that’s completely irrelevant.

  81. @kathleen
    o that smart i just wanted him out next week but who would bren put up and who will matt replace them with

  82. These houseguests must be certifiably stupid if they cant realize that the brigade is an alliancwe between the four guys. its taken them 5 weeks to figure out and they still cant get it. whoever tries to put the pieces together for the past weeks gets evicted before they can spread the news. give me a break!!! open your eyes people! how can you be smart enough to win a game if you cant figure THAT out!

  83. i have saw this a few times in these comments saying that brenchel are the only ones playing the game. that is the craziest thing i have ever heard. All they have did in the house kiss and screw. yes they have won a few competitions, but that is a tiny fraction of the game big brother. The brigade is playin the game. No one suspects the alliance, they are sneaking their way to the end, that is the purpose of the game isnt it? To make it to the end and win

  84. Brendon will be evicted, everyone is leaning towards evicting him because they know he will win endurance comps easyily!!!!!!

  85. i want brendon out too but the majority of the remaining HOH’s will be mostly mental comps. they know he wont study for them so they may want to keep him. i still want him out. rachel deserves to stay and win the game!

  86. Whoever did casting this year should be shown the door. Brendan is throwing away a chance at a half a mil for some selfish Cee yoU Next Tuesday. That poor bastard will regret anything he did in this game. What a freaking waste of a HGs. I swear people use the word love as a punchline. Rachel proves my point. I would like to feel sorry for Brendan, but I can’t for someone that stupid. I would pay money see Rachel’s reaction when she finally gets to see what is written about her. Shock and Awe!!!!!!! These two are pathetic.

  87. I definitely think Raunchel will go simply because Braindead is putting on such a big show to save her. The other HGs know what he’s attempting to do and won’t fall for it. Imagine the drama after Raunchel is evicted. Will Braindead then try to make up with everyone and tell them he was ‘just kidding’. Without Raunchel around to lead him by the nose (or some other body part) Braindead wouldn’t have a clue what to do next in the game. He’s SUCH a wuss, and she’s SUCH a manipulative skank!

  88. As much as I have enjoyed this board over the years. I dare say this is the first time I have been compelled to post. I read this for incite into Big Brother, as a mild form of social commentary. However, the inane diatribes I have been forced to read, of singles exchanging e-mails and pattering on endlessly in reference to their social situations. Please, enough…there are many many sites that cater to the lonely and socially awkward. Please leave it off the big brother forums.

  89. Fill in the sentences:

    Rachel has brendon wrapped around her ___________.

    Britney and Lane _________when everyone else is sleeping.

    Kathy is really _______years old.

    Hayden only liked Kristin for her ________.

  90. To those who think Boobzilla has a chance of staying in the house or that the show will suck without her: you might as well stop watching now.

    Boobzilla is HISTORY!

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!


  91. @33 blackgirl – Thanks for the info about tonight!

    Off topic: Check out Fandom – Skotie and ChiBrad to the rescue!

  92. brenden is retarded, doesnt he realise hes playing a game!?!?! does he relise rachel didnt say, “no dont do that” they wouldnt last 2 days outside of the house!! ugh! i hate them both!

  93. this show will suck Balls if the other one leaves next week i mean whos left?? brittney my absolute favorite, ragan hilarious, matt the weird annoying person, katy useless, lane ugly and useless, hayden is to smily, enzo useless. basiclly everyone is useless and it wont be fun without Brechal

  94. I can’t wait for Brendon to watch this years BB and realize how he looked on t.v. I hope Rachel watches and will finally get some help for her Narcissitic Personality Disorder. His parents are probably so embarrassed and her parents are thrilled that their insane daughter found someone to love.

  95. The houseguest are letting Brendum think he’s leaving …therefore he won’t be studying for the next HOH comp which they assume is a quiz…brillinant plan…. SeeYa Big Red

  96. I am a big fan of bb – my 4th season of watching. my age is 85 and i watch bbad every night.I want to like r and b but they carry it much too far. brit is a spoiled brat and needs to go. I still like lane – but then I am in OK.

  97. Oh please- we all know Rachel can be a witch but lets go with you is really playing and the two have only.
    Lets have Brendon go and Rachel stay just to get the boys going. They are so lazy for all that steriod juice inside them.
    Now the house will be even more boring then before.
    Britany needs to keep her mouth closed-she talks to much smack.
    Let the games began maybe better.

  98. are rachel and brendon crazy? their mad because the house is up stairs and their not invited.


  99. I would love to see Enzo evicted after Rachelle and him tell Rach (at the jury house) that Bren and Brit are hookin-up back at the BB house. Talk about Rach flippin out! LMAO!!

  100. Rachel is making my ears bleed it was her and Brenden that approached brit. about an alliance not the other way.

  101. Am I the only person in the world that really likes Brendon? I feel bad that he got involved with Rachel because she is a bad influence on him. He just seems like a truly nice guy and I hope he gets to play the game without her.

    • No, you aren’t the only one. I hope he can survive and then really play once she is gone. It would be a hoot if he made it to the end, won, and the told her to go continue being “Vegas” bcuz he is done with her. But that isn’t likely. Lol

  102. lets see if i have this straight… Britney is Lane’s fiance and Kathy’s daughter or niece and Ragan’s brother and Monet’s half-sister or cousin? Is that about it? And the reason Matt’s got his hand down his pants is he has crotch-rot from wearing a pj onsie? just asking…

  103. @Kelsey
    Although I have not made fun of Matts wife’s teeth she is a part of the game. As soon as she agreed to go along with the lie that she had this horrible disease ( and went along with it in the letter she sent him ) she became a target herself.

  104. GregH @178 I like Brendon. People do strange things when they are in love. Speaking from experience from someone who married after 2 months and it’s only lasted 52 years.

  105. So…. has anyone thought about the two people that already knew each other before coming into the BB house? I think Kathy may be someone’s mom, maybe Brittany’s. I remember the Saboteur said that it was “obvious” who they were.
    Or… it could be Rachel and Brendon. Who falls in love that quickly or gets whipped that quickly? I’d say that Brendon appears to have, at the very least, 1 year of serious Rachel training under his belt. Her pupet strings are quite THICK! I just don’t know!

  106. Sorry there is no way in heck Rachel is worse than Nat the Rat from last season. That girl lied just to lie. Nat never bathed and Rachel does. She might dress skanky but atleast she washes herself. Nat was just nasty! Wow all this B & R hate. Let it go people let it go. I sure hope Brendan is different once Rachel is gone. If not he can go next week. I still love the guy.

  107. Thanks for the support Pat. Poor Brendon. And Big Brother diva, I thing that the sabo is just messing with the house guests to make them suspicious of each other. I don’t believe there is anyone related. My reasoning is that I don’t think CBS would tell someone something true about others in the house since they are competing as well.

  108. Please explain how ones hygiene is reflective, upon their ability to play big brother effectively.

  109. @deth2ppl, why does it matter? It is about who you like or dislike. It could reflect on your game if your stink so bad noone wants to play with you. LOL

  110. Nat was nasty in her game as she was personally. That is how it refects on your game.

  111. @146 Sunny,
    Ah, but the original SAB was not playing against them, she was on her own mission to only stay 5 weeks, she was not able to win the whole thing

  112. Trish I tried telling someone that earlier, and we got another Brenden lover Trish you will have to fight sunny for him.

  113. @SummerToo I deff agree with you with her about going along with the disease. It’s not right in the least to fake something like that. It just sort of bugged me that someone would hate on her just because they dislike Matt.

  114. Time 192, I didn’t know that she was only going to be there for 5 weeks. I thought that she got the money for being the sabo and then still got to play for the 500K. That does make a difference.

  115. It is going to be so boring without the “lovers” in the house. I just finished watching BBAD from last night and the only thing everyone in the house talks about are Rachel. What will they talk about next?????

  116. I think Rachel is going bye=bye on Thursday.
    I am ready for Matt to leave – I am sorry, but he should really fess up to his “lie” about his wife.
    Kathy needs to go soon, so does Brendon, and so does Hayden.
    That leaves Britney, Ragen, Enzo, and Lane in final 4. Then let the true games begin because it’s been DULL this season!

  117. On a positive note once Rachel leaves she can get her BOTOX done and maybe she can get that skinny upper lip topped up too

  118. Not sure if this has been asked yet but if Brendon wants to leave so badly, why doesn’t he just quit and walk out? Then Rachel would stay, right?

  119. if Brenden was to walk out he wouldn’t go to the jury house he would go home then his vote would be cast by America like last year with Chima

  120. He would also forfeit his return ticket home and his Finale appearance.

    I believe he would also forfeit his stipend.

  121. I want Rachel evicted. I think she will be the one who gets evicted because she’s getting on everyone’s nerves and they’re going to evict her.

  122. well it looks like SOMEONE is getting between Rachel and “HER MAN” love it…. bye bye Rachel……

  123. I would rather see Brendon leave this week because he is the most irritating of the two. However, it is a better move to send Rachel packing first.
    Rachel and Matt seem to be the only ones actually playing the game. I don’t understand why everyone hates on him so much? The lie about his wife is not the most respectible move, but it is a game. Rachel’s noms have all been personal. Matt is actually attempting to do something bold. I think he should leave the brigade and start something with Britney and Regan.

  124. i don’t know about that. no, nevermind. i think he will be nice until he is voted out and continue doing as much as he can for the hg’s that talk so badly about him.

  125. looks like their letting Brenden think he is going home but in reality it will be Rachel

  126. I feel for the poor soul who will be stuck in the jury house w/BrenRach. Wow, wouldn’t luck would have it that Kathy, hayden, enzo and lane all float yet another, or maybe two!

  127. On a lighter note–Did anyone see BBAD last night re. the “Talk Show” session w/Brittney, Ragen & Haden? It was sooo funny! They were entertaining giving tips and suggestions to the viewers as to what to do as BB houseguests. It was such a refreashing break. Keep up the entertainment BB!!! Brittney & Regan should consider acting after BB.

  128. Rachel has to go however it would be more interesting to see someone else follow her next week besides Brendon. Let her stew a while, wonder what he is up to and who with.
    He must be a Mama’s Boy, no backbone. yes dear kind of guy. Who can respect that?

  129. The Talk Show was HILARIOUS! One of the few moments on BBAD that actually got me laughing out loud. Since I don’t have live feeds, I learned quite a bit about Ms. Rachel’s habits in the house …

  130. actually i can respect that. don’t get me wrong, everyone loves a bad boy but there is nothing wrong with being polite.

  131. I think brendon should go. Actually what I would like is if he does go that if matt does use the diamond pov that brendon comes back into the house.

  132. I was a pretty solid supporter of Brendan prior to this latest bunch of garbage, but couldn’t stand Britney because of her bad-mouthing everybody. Now I see Brendan as a weasel and Britney cracks me up. Rachel is kind of a disease that needs to be cured…she is a freak…

  133. What you won’t do… for love….you’ve tried everything but you won’t give up….BRENDON’S A SUCKER FOR LOVE!!!

  134. Rachel, in here infinite wisdom will conquer all and destroy in the veto competition, and she’ll remove herself. She’ll probably ponder over that decision for a day or so while crying and laughing like a downs syndrome child(no offense!), and then Matt will put up Kathy or the best person on the show, Britney! I find Brendon to be more annoying then Rachel at times. He acts like a little girl. I hope julie goes into the house with rope and drags those 2 out…

  135. I don’t like Britteny!! So sad to see Brenden or Rachael go! They were the only two that made this show interesting…the rest of the players are a bore..

  136. I for one am pleased with the nominations and the fact that Brittany has not used the POV. I’m not a fan of Brenden and Rachel as a couple, because it’s clear that it’s hurting their game play in the house. The game is part social — so if you are TOO kissy kissy it’s understandable that someone will want you gone. Not to mention, Rachel has two personalities (not including when she’s drunk): One, when she is in power, she has the big balls and is lording over everyone. The second, is the “woe is me” when she isn’t in power and people seek revenge or her reign of terror the previous week.

  137. Britney and Lane need to be the next showmance, cause she’s just hysterical. Rachel is so annoying and hideous… I can’t stand her any longer. And Brendon, ” oh baby, I love you, I’m so sorry, I’d do anything for you, I love you…” then she pushes him away as he goes in for a kiss. Also, Am I the only one who’d never sleep in that HoH bed… since nasty Rachel was all up in it… Lol. She’s so stupid.

  138. Enzo, Lane and Britney, to me, make the show. Rachel, Brendon and Matt are all complete fools.

  139. Kristi I need your addy.

    They would be smart to send Rachel first because Brendon will be lost without Rachel and it will be easier to get him out. OR he’ll step up his game. Humm

  140. Is there anyone on here who believes that Brendon is gone next week as well if he doesn’t win HOH?

  141. Honestly I agree rachel is the most annoying person ever but out of everyone in the house they are the only ones who havent lied to anyone and are actually loyal. They are the only ones in the game actually competing while all the other hgs just sit back and relax in the house.

  142. @DJ60….The talk show on BBAD was hilarious! It was good to see Hayden loosen up a little bit and stop trying to be the nice guy all the time. Britney is too funny. Ragan, I love, although rachel thinks that he is a waste of a person, really, rachel, you are the waste of a person.

  143. I think Brendon is being really stupid, because he already has a target on him hanging out with Rachael, but now he really wont have a chance when she is evicted and he is left alone with the people he has insulted and made enemies with even more so than before. Brendon should wise up because if Rachael loved him as much as he does her she wouldn’t let him bury himself. I think Rachael is just using Brendon because she knows no one else in the house would put up with her like Brendon does.

  144. Send Brendon home first, let them think that “he saved” rachel. then send her packing next week and let all of us sit back and laugh that it would have been obvious that he was able to “save her”! LOL!

  145. @Indy girl. I was just talking to Kristi through email. We were just saying how Brendon was such a pansy 420427. Aol-Rachel should just dump him. You get what I am saying….lol

  146. Rachael is looking worse and worse everyday, watching it on showtime in HD you can really see how much plaster is covering her true face

  147. This Thursday will be one of the all time classic moments in Big Brother history …the look on Rachel’s face when she’s eviicted…hopefully CBS doesn’t screw it up- By the way on BBAD did you guys see Ragan stuff that burrito down his mouth

  148. the show will be boring without Rachel She MUST stay and brendon has to go! lol grow a pair in the jury house btw!

  149. Just think Kristi, Indygirl….what you asked her for.

    Rachel will be going home Thursday. lol

  150. Matt: get your wife’s teeth fixed and get lost
    Lane: i barely rememebr that your a contestant
    Britney: you have a good chance in the game
    Ragan: your ok for now
    Kathy: try not to turn to dust
    Brendon: grow a pair!!!! and leave this week
    Hayden: getting screwed over by your bri”gay”de
    Rachel: you’re the only one worth watching

  151. way to funny. my i comment how good everyone is tonignt and how much better the house will be not matter who leaves, indy……

  152. Well, as much as Rachel irritates the cat pee out of me, we have to admit she IS entertaining! The rest of the cast (especially the BORING BRIGADE) are just snoozeville. What I would love to see ole Ragan, the sabauteur(please forgive spelling) somehow rig an audio of the “Brigade” wimpy whispering sessions and OUT them like gangbusters!!! OR how about this!! Slinkily steal the diamond veto from “Sneaky Matt’s” suitcase and give to Brenden anonymously, making the only condition that Enzo or Monster go up in his place. Now THAT would spice up the show!

  153. take the pool balls like 6 of them but then we would just see enzo try and bounce the cue over

  154. Omg I love you guys but I’m showing my true blondeness. We’ll try it my way. Lol. I know a person auzzycolter _ who triedout in 98. Yahoo!!!

  155. O M G
    are you people crazyy, rachael is keeping this show going! if she leaves do yu know how mny ppl will keep watching ..0 Rachael is AMAZING and i cannot believe that rachael and brenen were put up, its friggin’ ridiculouusss!!!!

  156. As much as I adore Brendon he’s starting to go down the list for me. Stand up and be a manly man! This show is once in a lifetime and I’m afraid he will regret it after his fling is all said and done with

  157. Lol Becca I do agree that Rachel and Brendon make the show. They are obviously doing something right because every single day since the showbstarted thatsvwho the majority people are talking about good or bad. But IMO I would love to see Rachel go!

  158. rachel is for sure leaving, not that im team rachel, but she is the only one that deserves to be here! it was dumb that hayden said that kristen deserved to be here over rachel, eventhough kristen did nothing in this game!!

  159. If you ask Kristen, she made all kinds of moves.

    It will go Rachel, Brendon, then the floaters will go in no particular order because they will side with the Brigade. I don’t even like the Brigade, but Brit, Ragan, and Kathy deserve it because they are stupid.

  160. 4 cameras in the house n’ it only shows R&B..get over it CBS or refund peoples money…totally sucks..

  161. Good Lord, watching Brendon and Rachel eat a meal is like watching a python trying to swallow its prey….they shove gobs of food in their mouths at one time, disgusting! Then all you get to hear is Brendon belching, in between all of his whispering in rachel’s ear, I have been watching BB since season 1, no HG’s have ever irritated me the way these two have. What in the hell is Brendon going to do when he is all alone? I guess whisper to the wall, and kiss himself all over.

  162. yeah but they are not playing them enough…they should keep telling them every second so we can get a good laugh u know….

  163. Branden checked his spine and balls at the door when he came into BB. Come on, get real. Rachel is such a manipulator and Branden is being used BIG TIME! I hope they get rid of Rachel this week, she is such a nasty skank. Loved the “talk show” Britney, Ragan and Hayden did–it was hilarious.

  164. How many more funny DR sessions can we get out of Brittany before she’s inevitably sent home?

  165. just want to say HI yall, got to get up in am to run some test, unless BB steps in Rach is out, also the question has been asked ” what will take about and who will trash when B/R are gone?” but not answered, as for britney she doesn’t fight face to face, she does it behind your back, people can dislike someone or sonmething, but the trick is to say it without being trashly or mean about it. also torch and kristi please take notes for and kept me up to date. thanks and good night

  166. Brenden is so sweet wow what he wont do for love. he came on the game to find love and not money. I love it but, she is so selfish and only cares about herself. I believe one of them will go this week and the other the following week. He is so fine.

  167. @Trisha – I can’t in good faith say he’s in love. He surely could be in lust or have a strong infatuation… I just don’t see love. And if he came to find love he should just leave and stop wasting space in the house. Whoever isn’t there to win that 500K should just leave right now.

  168. BoobzillaVegas will have a week to get the jury house ready for her boytoy Brendumb. Then, they can have a whole week together without anyone trying to get between Rachell and her “man”.

  169. okay so pandoras box was boring this year, there has to be more to it!!
    i mean bet there is some kind of twist, maybe there will be no eviction on thursday or instead of an eviction they will bring someone back!!

  170. Rachel reminds me of the great Disney animated villainesses (The Queen/Witch [Snow White], Maleficent [Sleeping Beauty], Cruella De Vil [One Hundred and One Dalmatians], Ursula [The Little Mermaid], etc.). Love to hate her. And, her fall from grace will be magnificent! The pit of flames await her Divine Evilness!

  171. Hi all – I’ve been reading the posts trying to catch up… quite a night, very eclectic group.

    Wiz 229 – good observations. I don’t know where the jury house is (Malibu, Laguna, or even Mexico?) but I think after a few weeks they should move a couple of lf camera’s there, because it’ll be a real good show – ya know!

  172. Hey ya all, I think I finally caught up on all the different feeds, or sights or whatever we call them. @ Neicy and Torch and Sterling and Jadelle and Indygirl and Kristi and whomever. Ooops, am I bad? Goodnight ya all, stay on line and keep feedin us “wanna bees” I love this game show and this comment section! I am tired, @ Sterling, I was paid to think today but I B.S. my way thru it! What I want to know. is rake GOING HOME? OOPS CAPS.

  173. Breb ma love/lust rach now, but wait til the show is over, no house/jury house. She’s wild, totally Vegas (as she would say) and he is not. Tw diff lifestyles. Plus he’s no longer a challenge for her. She’ll continue to run over him.

  174. I’m so happy right now =) Now I wont have to gag everytime I see Brenchel kiss on TV! =D I don’t care who goes… just as long as they are split up ;)

    Way to go Britney!

  175. Nite tishe! I want your job. and yes – I’m pretty sure Rach is going to leave, it’ll make the final scene of Gone With The Wind look like utube. Much whaling and crying – shouting and hugging – etc

  176. Agree gperkins – he’ll be confused for awhile, but she needs the vegas stimulation – he couldn’t keep her happy. Unless he’s into abusive women.

  177. @oogiet – i hope so too! that would be HILarious to see everyone getting all happy when rachel goes thru the door but then their jaws DROP open when the studio door doesn’t budget and Rach goes back to da house! Oh yeahhhhhh!
    @trish – i am sure bren will show his true character once rach leaves! here’s to hoping he can re-focus to win HOH! sick of britt ragan & brigade trashing and gettin’ all cocky! like they run da house!
    @wiz – rach has 2 personalities (not including when she’s drunk!) *zing* lol pure jokes!
    ah true still, esp after her performance last night on bbad! yowzah!

  178. hi ya sterling & tishe…am not tired, well more wired than tired, so will chat til i fall asleep! what’s good? online cams still showing them asleep? who won the pool tourney? they still bashing brenchel? my gosh britt has a pot mouth! her parents must be cringing! pitney needs javex & palmolive for her mouth! *zing*

  179. @Sterling Survey says, that BBN{OOPS CAPS} would lose major ratings if rake went bouncing off? I do not buy it! I know I wouldn,t be bored! I will have to see her ,uumm face all over T.V. for the next 2 days! ok I’m done nite!

  180. Hey Jadelle – you pretty much bagged it. The pool tourney (and I use the term loosely) is still going on. In fact, the Olhausen pool people really got a good deal sticking the table in – it gets more air time than Rach in the tub.

  181. gravity pullin’ on my eyelids, lataz! hasta luego! fb post-ers! go diamond pov, do your thang & be ye exciting! that would suck if matt ended up not using d-pov! like no one wants to use pov! what a waste!

  182. tishe – it is going to be very different – not necessarily bad but very different. Where will all the venom go?

  183. Have a good one Jadelle – yea – if he doesn’t use it it’ll be another busted cbs idea (along with sab one and sab two).

  184. @Jadelle I am trying to go to sleep and then you pop in here with FUNNY STUFF, Good to read all of the “Kewl kids haven’t left the sight. Sterling is still here tho! Nite Jadelle, good nite Mary Ellen! Goodnite John Boy Nite Torch JR.

  185. are you kidding me i go away for an hour and this is the best bb does. reagon come on do something or has he and i missed it?

  186. The bri-gay-de guys are pathetics! ( apart from Matt ). Why all those muscles if they can’t use them ? Britanny bit the two cave men ( hayden and Lane ) easily on the HOH endurance competition. Stupid Enzo was the second one to fall down. What a bunch of useless a**holes. Matt or Ragan should win this competition.

  187. @Sterling The venom will go to a remake of tia tequila, or maybe a worse remake of tia tequila. I do not know what that show was, so, that is where they will go!! Nite you wonderful Die Hards!

  188. Rachels gotto go. She is so annoying and fake. Brittany is right behind her. They are like two peas in a pod!! UGH!!

  189. I think I’ll hang it up too – I wish they still had a show on Tuesday night – it broke the week up more.


  190. Rachael deserves to stay she has won hoh twice and is the smartest player in the house as for britney shes dumb and so is ragan cant wait to see them go
    andrew and brendon are brothers and this will be a non elimination week because matt opened pandoras box ha ha ha ha

  191. you could be correct about that. they have all this stuf to work with and doesn’t sound like anyone is coming back. you might be on to something there

  192. How’s this for Thursday’s finale? Immediately after Rachel has been announced for eviction and before the door can hit her in the butt on her way out, one (or more) of the houseguests douses her with a bucket of water; and as she melts the remaining houseguests sing a rousing chorus of “Ding! Dong! The *itch is dead!”

  193. Man o man I know brencerl are the “bad” guys but that britney/ragan team is on my last nerve they are so needlessly mean and disgustingtalk about class as they have …not a clue!

  194. I HATE Britney sooo much.
    I really wish Rachel stays and gets to eliminate Britney because all Brittney was, was a personal saboteur to the Brenchel team. oh dear. ALISON GARNER MAKE A TWIST AND SEND RACHEL BACK IN THE HOUSE IF SHE LEAVES!

  195. Has anyone else come to the conclusion that Brit and Lane are the life long friends? Look at how careful they are around one another as to not give it away. I love how Brit is so in love, however she seems to like wearing another man’s jacket during her DR sessions. If you have BBAD did you notice how they were doing their talkshow and how Brit’s actions changed once Lane arrived? There are other things to bring up between these 2 but I guess we are at the mercy of Julie Chen bringing it up again.

  196. I agree with you JohnMike. I cannot stand Brit. How can she complain about what Brendan did when it was true? That is all she and Ragan do and is talk crap about Brendan and Rachel. Those two need to be put down.

  197. Britney is harsh, Ragan is bringing it back out of her. She had been cool since Monet left. But what she says is true about Rachel.

    The show is getting better. With Matt and the DPOV, Britney’s ablity to play well and no bs Rachel, and Ragan as the sab. No reason to keep Rachel.

  198. Just wanted to express what I think of the HG’s so far..let me know if you guys agree :)

    Britney: one word= HILARIOUS. she makes the show you gotta admit her shit talking is laugh out loud funny, especially her brenchel bashing.
    Ragan: He’s seems like the most genuine of the bunch. I think they couldnt have picked a better sab. That said I think hes been lacking in the comps but you know wat he seems like the type to work well under pressure and I’m sure he’s a better competitor than Enzo/Lane watch out brigade!
    Enzo: Good at manipulating and is very social. Makes himself non-threatening/weak. He could possibly go to final 2 but his laziness could also be his downfall.
    Hayden: Cute, Cool and laid back. Gets along with everyone and very strategic to a certain extent.
    Lane: Who? He does absolutely nothing he’s practically non-existent. Side note: has the biggest crush on Britney.
    Rachel: Shes as good as gone unless any twist comes to save her. Most cockiest player in the house this season next to matt.( also worst laugh)
    Brendon: Weird and very creepy. So clingy and sensitive its on the verge of scary. Needs to come out of rachel’s ass and start playing the game.
    Matt: Best player this season. Even the first time he won HOH and didnt put B/R it worked out in his benefit bcause wen rachel won she didnt put him up. Smart move on his part. Cocky but has reason to be.
    Kathy: Queen Floater, waste of space in the house.

  199. Matt is not allowed to tell anyone about the diamond veto. If he does then he can’t use it. He can only show it to people when he is going to use it.
    My vote is for Rachel to go. She is a sore loser and a sore winner.
    Maybe Brendon will self destruct next week and get kicked off the show.

  200. @Mary: Not necessarily. I don’t think BB wants Matt to reveal, but they told him he must keep it a secret or “risk losing the power.” Which just means there’s a chance they’d take it away, but they’ll also want to salvage their plan. So if Matt let it slip to Ragan I don’t think he’d lose the Diamond PoV. They just threatened him enough to keep silent.

  201. I think there’s a pretty dang high chance they’d take the DV away if he told somebody.

    Probably a chance approaching 100%.

  202. #290 should say “who will talk crap about and who will they trash where B/R are gone?” sorry, This question has been asked many times but the trash talkers don’t what to answer it

  203. @Chris – BB is more than one pair of players. From your comments it would seem you’ve never seen the show before.

    The show will go on after evictions… like always.

  204. I have watched every season & this is not the best. However,I think Brendon is pathetic & would hate to know my child had him as a teacher or coach! He is such a whiner…I’m afraid Matt may have messed up this week. He is such a liar he could have done better than they gave me a dollar…hello????? I think Brittany is playing a good game….suck up then cut ’em up. Please send Brenchel home in a douple elemination.

  205. Lets hope the saboteur locks the door before Rachel leaves to keep her in there. Dont know if I can stand to watch these guys for the rest of the season…I know its the ‘game’ just to sail along, but it makes for boring TV. Dont know about anyone else, but I dont think there are many ‘personalities’ in the house this year!!!

  206. There are plenty of personalities and lots of personality in the house, but with production focused on Boobzilla and “HER MAN!!!” we don’t see any of it.

    Thank goodness that Boobzilla is leaving this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!


  207. I see enough of everybody on the feeds and I dont see any great personalities!!!…Just a bunch of followers….

  208. Has anyone noticed Brendon/Rachel (B/R) are on their way out and Britney/Ragan (B/R) are new love to hate couple. Hopefully they will be next to go.

  209. Maybe this will be the year of the floater. I hope that doesn’t catch on because its been real boring this year. It doesn’t matter who wins to me. I know, that 14th person that backed out of the show needs to come in now with a vengeance.

  210. I didnt think I was complaining about EVERYTHING…lol…Just make a comment about the show.
    Just having an opinion, after all, thats what this board is for.
    Anyway, not gonna get into a discussion with you, was just making a comment on this board!!!

  211. Bye bye bizzznitch.. so glad that she will be leaving.. I dont think Brenden deserves to go home. he isnt the annoying one.. once she is gone I think the house will see a whole new Brenden:)

  212. @SamE somewhere you said you mute Brit… too bad you’re missing some funny stuff… have some of you not seen a comedian that makes fun of other people? she’s entertaining the Hg’s so they keep her in the house because she’s fun unlike Boobzilla, a insecure pouty manipulator, vote out the gals, man-nipple-late the guys.

  213. @ I H8 Rachel! what’s Team ABR, thanks? and could not agree more —> CYA bOObzilla, wish i could have put a dot in the O’s.

  214. Racheal and Brenden are te only interesting thing so far this year. The Brigade are boring and with the exception of att never win anything. They all are riding Matt’s coat tails. When Racheal and Brenden are gone, there will be no excitement.

  215. @GregH Yeh, but most comedians I listen to once and they’re gone. I listened to Britney about 20 times and then started hitting the MUTE button. She doesn’t know when to stop and the same thing over, over and over again.

  216. tell you all the truth, I would want to see both rachael and brandon go. because then we don’t have to listen to brit and ragan run them down and grind them up in pieces. have any of them thought that some will end up in the jury house with them? dummies! lol

  217. another thing, (I’m venting today) there is one thing about saying you don’t like them and can’t wait for them to leave but to talk about rachael’s body parts in great detail is really vulgar and degrading.

  218. That would be Awesome JohnMike. Send Britney home and let Rachel come back. AWESOME. Please CBS. Liven this show up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. If Brenden is acting a fool and picking fights to keep Rachel in, he’ll probably go home this week. But I’d reather watch Rachel walk out the door throwing one of her tantrums! That would be entertaining!

  220. YES I would definately love to see the game change for Brendon & Rachel!!! I feel soo bad for them! I know they’re annoying but I’m rooting for them.

  221. Rachel sucks. I hope the door hits her in the *ss on the way out! bye, bi-otch Go Britney

  222. When Rachel and Brenden are gone that will have removed all the tension in the house and therefore leave nothing but boring players. Stupid floaters i.e. Kathy, Britney & Ragan. who are clueless to the Brigade Alliance. and will be picked off one by one, and then leave us with 5 guys who are all in love with themselves and no brains except Matt, who will be the first victim of the Brigade.

  223. BB – Here are 3 questions ANYONE really from Vegas can answer. Bring Rachel in the DR…prove what a phoney she is! Those of us born & raised in Vegas feel smeared!
    1. What Vegas Community is named after Howard Hugh’s Mother? (Summerlin)
    2. Which street’s underpass will no true Las Vegan travel on during a rain storm!(Charleston)
    3. Who built the 1st Fort in Southern Nevada?(Mormans)
    4. Name L.V.’s only Catholic High School. (Gorman)

  224. Rachel is history. She’s burned so may bridges with the other HG’s that they would be incredibly stupid NOT to vote her out. You don’t challenge everyone to “Bring it,” and then cry when they do. See ya, Rachel.

  225. fake hair, breasts, nose, crying and that nails on chalkboard voice and horrible laugh? Guess who? Maybe Brendon will man up after she goes.

  226. @jeanette #360 that strategy worked great for evil dick attempting to be evicted – NOT. anyone who thinks it will be boring with bOObzilla gone is wrong. the energy of the house will change and the whole dynamics, thus the game play will change. brendon may grow balls, it could happen, his play can’t get worse. though don’t count on much change from kathy, unless she quits holding back on the comps or BB lets her use her .45 to get rid of the competition!!! Don’t worry she’ll just wing them so she can win the comp because she “LOVES EVERYONE”.

  227. Without both of them the show will suck. They are the only ones who is bringing the drama in the house!!!!

  228. Brendon is a woose. He is a lousey comptator and everyone including Rach knows it. He plays, looses, makes excuses then apoliges. Unless of course someone scratches in a pool game then he’s all smiles (last nite). He is a pussy and Rach has him wrapped around his little whatever. Does anyone think that she will actually stick with him if she were to win. And does anyone think that she won’t cheat on him the minute she hits the streets of Vegas?

  229. hahaha bye bye Rachel!!! I liked her at first, now she’s kinda annoying… I think Rachel will leave and that is what i want.. HA! and I love Matt (for some reason) even tho I do think it’s sick that his hands are down his pants 50% of the time! Kathy and Britney are FLOATERS! get rid of them!

  230. hahaha may I just point out, my last comment was actually submitted at 4:04 Mountain time… haha it’s just weird the time zone differences!

  231. @tina (363) i concur, as annoying as they be, i hope something comes outta nowhere to save him/her! hee* team abr won’t like to hear dat comment! (shrug- oh well! ;)
    @QB – das right that bro-gade has done NADA (save Matt) and they’re the most stupidest alliance EVA on BB! they’re goin’ down in history for SOMEthing! lol. it’s amazing how cool they think they is! like a h.s jock crowd! :S ahh well ignorance IS bliss! :) *zing*
    @Kathie – well we all know Rachel is truly from South Carolina, she’s only been in LV a few yrs, so there’s a chance she may not know those answers!
    @amanda – he’s been doing that handsy pansy thang for quite some time, i’m pretty sure he knows it’s on live TV and believes he’s so awesome we wont’ care! as IF! it’s disturbing to say the least!

  232. @Lisa #339 very observant and right on… only thing i’d change Brit’s a better player than Matt, she doesn’t have her hand down her pants does she? Also add “insecure” to Rachel’s bio. Brit has never been on the block, i don’t think and if she can win POVs she can win HoH, best strategy is to win HoH later in game and make others laugh. does she ever get in bad arguments with other hg’s?

  233. I too hope the exit door is locked and either Rach or Brendon stays. I felt so bad for them on BBAD last night. I do have some respect for Enzo for at least talking and playing pool with the two and the rest were upstairs just being vulgar.I can not stand Britney and her remarks. Did anyone notice how when Lane and Reagan were playing and she just keep going on and on to Enzo about Brendon sitting so close to him. When she dd not get a response from the guys she would say it again and again. I can not wait for her to go. I just wish it had been 2 weeks ago. So she would go home and not to the jury house.

  234. I think Brittany is an ugly personality. Talk about beating a dead horse… and Kathy is boring, dull follower.

  235. @GregH
    I totally agree. Rachel is extremely insecure wen it comes to the other girls. That’s why this season is left with almost all males cause people like Rachel use their HOH’s a chance to evict ppl for petty/personal reasons. If she had been smart she would gotten rid of ppl like matt/hayden.
    Brit definetly has a great chance of winning. I agree, at most of the HOH’s she usually gives up/throws them. But I think this time around she will dominate. To answer your question, no Brit hasn’t gotten into any fights with anyone. No matter how much ppl call Brit two faced for talking behind ppl’s backs its a 10X better stragedy then going and making enemies. Look at rachel she was “straight up” and look where that got her hated,made fun of and alienated. Brit FTW!

  236. back @Lisa #380 you’re correct bOObzilla played the game just like a BOOB, would have been smart to go for the stronger hg’s instead of the “between me and my man” hg – kristen & andy (still don’t understand that one)… was something happening between any hg and brenda that we were unaware of? So Rachel thinks with her boobs and Brendon thinks with his little head.

  237. Britney is my fave. She is funny & smart yet manages to stay beneath the radar. Rachel should be the one to go because she is so caustic & mean. She plays Brendon like a fiddle and he is so whipped that he will do anything at her bidding, so he needs to go.

  238. This show is going to be lame after this week. And I love big brother, but its not going to be any fun without the rivalry. Although Rachel is annoying she is the reason why this season is even live. From I first seen the cast I knew they were going to be whack.

  239. Also, I don’t think Rachel made a mistake evicting those girls, she went after who she viewed as her biggest threats. She would not have known to put up one of the big dogs. Why would she? They havent directly told her that they are coming after her. Not to mention they are shit in competitions… Point blank, yes she is insecure but she did what she had to do or she would not have made it this far. Look at the the girls that were in the house this season. They are all shit! And they don’t deserve to be there

  240. Why is it that no one in the house have thought about who knew each coming in. Seems to me that that is an alliance that needs addressing

  241. yes goodbye Rachel, then watch as brittney or kathy win HOH , then the Brigade gets put on block only to backdoor Brendon, then its on between the brigade and the Ragan/Brittney/Kathy alliance,
    still like Britt and Kath keeping their secret from the house, and no one suspects the Mother Daughter team.

  242. If Brendon gets another week in the house. Britney and Kathy instead of Arkansas shirts should both wear USC shirts around the house for the next week. Since he is a die hard UCLA fan having to look at his arch rival school would be enough to drive him crazy.

  243. I think Rachel needs to go. I think Brenden is secretly trying to get rid of Rachel because he has a big surprise for us. Remember the sabateur said there were HGs who were lifelong friends (or relatives?).

  244. LindaA — I think Hayden and Brenden are kin. Hayden seems to always try to hide his face with his hair.

  245. If the HGs are smart they will evict Rachel. That will leave that wimp, Brendon, alone in the house and pinning for the Las Vegas Hooker. Then next week, whoever wins HOH should put Brendon back up for eviction, the House should get him out for good. Then those who remain can settle down to the business of playing the game.

    I am enjoying the pain both of the nominees are experiencing this week. Schadenfreude works for me! As much pain as they have caused so many others, it is truly justice to see them being flogged. Too bad they can’t even imagine, “The fault, dear Brutus, is ….. THEM”

  246. what are you people think you are watching there is more to BB then winning HOH and POV , we are talking big picture here, brittany and Kathy have everyone wrapped up so with their hidden mother /daughter team and playing everyone that no one suspects them, Rachel is just a big baby and whines when she is not in control she needs to go , will make the whole show better when she is gone because then the games will really be played and the Brigade will battle each other for kathy and Brittany’s votes, matt has only the HOH and Veto competions to keep him in the game, and ragan and brendons times are short after rachel is gone. i see Brittany and Kathy and Hayden and Lane final 4

  247. I’m so sick of stupid houseguests. Why can’t someone break up the boys club. I can’t stomach Matt, he’s an arrogant ass.

  248. What is Brendon smoking? Did he think that is was going to be a wonderland and fun and games inside the BB house? C’mon seriously. This guy is the biggest douche I have ever seen. He thinks that everyone are backstabbers and that people who act like friends from the beginning should still be friends throughout the game…and that is exactly what it is, A GAME!!! Those two morons (Brachel) make me want to puke. I just don’t get how he thinks. I hope that his friends give him hell when he leaves…why would any idiot give themselves up to leave a game worth so much money for some girl that he has only known for 5 weeks. If I tried out for this game and didn’t get in and realized that this dork wanted to leave to let some girl stay, I would be hecka pissed off.

  249. Why can’t this be a double elimination week? It is so disgusting to see these two idiots talk! And I find it somewhat humorous to see Kathy playing both side. It was great to see Ragan tell Rachel how it is on BB after dark…guess the truth can hurt.

  250. okay everyone…I for one am also tired of Rachels whining but in all honestly Brandon should be the one going cause she has been playing the game and earned her spot in the house unlike some in there.She has won HOH twice and the house hasn’t exactly hid ehte fact that they want her out,Besides who has the real power in the house ,your all forgetting that.

  251. Have nots is of course what I meant. Congrats Brenden. Now get rid of that sneak, lame ass Reagan or backstabbing, talk behind your back, spoiled brat, Brittany.

  252. Well, I am looking forward to Matt shaking up the house tomorrow. Too bad he doesn’t realize that Enzo (the most useless player ever in Big Brother)and Hayden have backstabbed him with the dumbest player ever in the history of Big Brother – Brendumb. Matt, should realize who his real allies are in the game and use the Diamond POV productively. Put either Enzo or Hayden up on the block. Too bad the Diamond POV cannot put up the HOH. Or can he?

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