Big Brother 12: Week 5 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

After watching the nomination episode last night for Big Brother 12 , we learned what Matt really received when he opened Pandora’s Box, the Diamond Power of Veto.  He is in the best position for the next two weeks.  He is the HoH for this week and now has the power to take someone off the block and choose their replacement during one of the next two eviction episodes.  I’d be shocked if he used it this go around so more than likely he’ll save someone next week, possibly himself, and try to get Brendon out.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 8, 2010:

10:51 AM BBT – Rachel and Brendon are talking about winning HoH next week and they are talking like Brendon is staying in the house.  Rachel seems to have accepted her fate.

 11:04 AM BBT – Rachel thinks Matt, Brit, Lane and Ragan have control of everything.  Bashes Ragan and says he isn’t a cool gay guy. 

12:06 PM BBT – Rach now telling Matt she’s been fighting since day one and is the only who’s had to do that.  Geez, how many times a day does she say that?? She’s now in bed crying.  Doesn’t she remember how she treated Kristen last week?

12:48 PM BBT – The Brigade is talking in the backyard.  Enzo doesn’t understand why they’re so upset because they waited a week to get them out and now they have a long time together in the jury house.

1:29 PM BBT – New message from the Sab but not shown on the feeds.  Britney says it said, Rachel watch out, Brendon is throwing comps but it’s ok because the two of you can discuss it in the jury house.  This leads everyone to believe even more that Rach is the saboteur. 

6:13 PM BBT – Brendon and Rachel both think Matt is the Saboteur.  no one suspects Ragan at all.  Maybe he can pull it off this time. 

7:20 PM BBT – Rach eating goldfish.  She takes one out, licks her finger and puts the same hand back in the bag.  She does this over and over.  Gross!!

7:32 PM BBT – Brendon is worried about going to bars with Rachel and her leaving him.  She says some of her customers wouldn’t mind him coming along but others wouldn’t like it. 

7:49 PM BBT – Enzo and Lane talking in HoH.  Enzo wants Ragan out next for some reason.  Maybe he thinks Ragan and Matt are too close?  They’re not worried about playing in the comp Thursday.  They say they’re both safe and to let someone else do the dirty work.  I’m so sick of these hg’s throwing competitions.  I’ve never seen it this bad before on other seasons.

9:26 PM BBT – The hg’s get more alcohol.

10:25 PM BBT – Rachel is asking Brit to use the veto and again offers her the 5 grand.  Maybe Rach was thinking since Brit had a couple to drink she could get her to change her mind.

1:03 AM BBT – Rach is now drunk and starting to act a little crazy.  She keeps singing which causes the live feeds to go off. 

1:39 AM BBT – Enzo talking about Rachel’s outragous behavior.  She was dancing around and shaking her @$$ in her bikini.  He says her nipples kept popping out and can’t believe Brendon is ok with her behavior.  Must have missed all that on the feeds.

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I think we’re in for a long week of Rachel and Brendon both campaigning for her to stay in the house.  I don’t think anyone is going to give them a straight answer on who is going to the jury so I’m thinking there’s going to be a lot of game talk and a lot of deals trying to be made.  Do you think Rachel should stay in the house over Brendon?

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  1. forum friends i have good news. i will be sending an email shortly. please keep the posts respectful. this is good news!

  2. Too bad Rachel and Brendon haven’t learned how you treat people will come back to haunt you. They have treated too many people like crap, and saying you are sorry ain’t gonna take that away. I think it will be a landslide in voting the trickster out and next week Brendon, who is a whoose will go home. Then I hope that Ragan will be leaving. Although he can be amusing at times, I still find him SO annoying. The brigade needs to step up and stop waiting for Matt to save them every week.

  3. The little respect I had for Brendan is gone with him campaigning against himself to leave the game. Did he sign up to play a game or to be the bachelor. My Gaud who would give up the chance to win a good chunk of change for some girl he met a few weeks ago. He is a grown 31yr old man acting like a luv sick puppy. If the relationship is real a few weeks apart will not change a thing.

  4. Obviously Brendon has a better chance at sticking around longer if Rachel is gone…

    Drama isn’t over yet…we’ll get one more dose after the POV ceremony, and then most likely, Rachel will gradually calm down and realize there is no hope…

    She HAS to realize that Brendon is more liked (not much more) then she is…

    Bitchney needs to go SOON…yes a power player, but an AWFUL person to listen to. Once Rachel leaves, she’ll make fun of Brendon, then Kathy, then Enzo…and so on.

  5. Rach is shallow and fake but at least she is playing. Enzo and Lane are just leaches…they haven’t won crap and are as useless as Kathy. The Brigade is nothing but a voting block hoping Matt wins a competition for them.

  6. Question about the diamond pov. Could Matt put the hoh next week as a replacement? If Brendon won hoh long shot I know, could Matt remove a nom and put Brendon up?

  7. I think Matt and Regan are the life long friends. They are always together and the brigade is catching on. Notice in endurance comps it is always Matt and Regan and Regan always gives it to Matt. I think Regan will go next week or if he is on the block and Matt uses the diamond veto on him then the brigade will know somethings up. It’s not the time to keep laying back and doing nothing. Jordan won because the jury couldn’t see giving the money to Natalie when she had not done anything. The same the year before with Dan and Memphis. Memphis didn’t do anything and they couldn’t see giving him the money. Even if one brigade member was in the final two, Matt would get it because noone else has done anything to earn it.

  8. Tammy, Matt cannot put up HOH. He can change the ones put on the block. I so hope that Brendon wins HOH. Maybe a miracle will happen and he will win. I still say that he was just using Rachel to get through. I couldn’t believe it when he let this HOH competition go! I cannot stand Matt! Anyone who would use someone dying to get ahead doesn’t deserve to win anything! How sickening! Brigade = morons and nothing but votes. What a bunch of idiots! Britney = sickening, whining, two face! She’s the type that makes fun of everyone. She is such a disgusting person! She must think she is something, look again Britney, you’re NOT! Rachel tells it like it is, she’s not the fake one. Also, she’s not the only one there with fake boobs. Besides Kathy, I’d bet anything that Britney had the procedure even though she says she didn’t. No one that small normally has breast that size. Liar in more than one incidence. She should also remember she is engaged and lay off Lane! It must be wonderful for the guy she’s engaged to, having to watch her fall all over Lane. And lane is another one, does anyone have any intelligence in that house! He didn’t know what a brigade was, lmao! Come on! Kathy and Ragan = huge floaters! OMG, I’ve never seen such lazy people! That illness, if true, couldn’t worry Kathy too much. She says she’s worried about leaving her son and she keeps sucking on those cigarettes! Dumb broad!

  9. @ Marry I think your right but its just weird that big brother would keep that secret from us so well in past seasons they always told us upfront if people knew eachother

  10. I think because they have the sabo this season and that is one of the things they want the hg’s to guess.

  11. Could Brit accept the 5k from Rachel before the Veto ceremony, but then not follow through on using the veto? (And still keep the 5k?)

  12. @ # 11 They have to do the deal or they dont get the money @ Mary that makes since to me

  13. OMG I caught just enough BBAD to see Brenchal’s “we need to think beyond the house, I love you” discussion.

    GAG ME!!!!! (and I don’t use that phrase very often)

    This guy is a tool with a capital ‘T’. I have no problem with guys being chivalrous and taking bullets for the ones they love. But he’s known her 30-40 days for crissakes and he’s completely wrapped around her little finger. He’s like the beaten puppy dog who keeps coming back looking for ways to make his owner happy. My god his parents much be going bonkers.

    Major Kudos to Ragan, I don’t think Meryl Streep could have acted more surpised/concerned about the re-emergence of the sab.

    I am definitely leaning towards to Matt and/or Ragan to win this. Matt, because he’s finally the one to defeat the dragon and Ragan, cuz really he’s the only one with a good strategy and actually doing something with it.

    Go Team ABR!!!!

  14. This season the house guest dn t last long on endurance comps. I remember seeing the comp play out during showtime after dark. They re up there two hours. Kathy acts like she is an elderly person. She is an embarrassment for us forty plus ladies. Kathy looks like she in shape. I hope bb cast someone next year who will compete instead of lounge around smoking. She is on vacation. The brigade on doing a great job. They are still undercover and loyal with each other. I think Matt is going to be second place or winner. He has this new power and he ll be the first to back stab a brigade member. Plus he is good in endurance comps.

  15. The dragon has not been defeated yet…she is only wounded..she will be defeated when she walks out that front “hopefully” never to return..don’t trust BB.. may to try “bring back the bitch” scenerio

  16. Oh, sorry, can’t stand either Matt (rat) or Ragan (yet, another rat). Ragan accepting the Sab job because America wants him too. OH PLUEZZZ! Why doesn’t he just uncurl his legs (does he EVER sit up straight?) and admit that maybe, just maybe the money was an incentive? His taking sabo job was about like Kathy jumping off the paint can and “taking one for the team.” Huh? Uhhh. Can you just say “I am a big fat loser and I might as well just jump off early because I’ll be the first to go anyway, I ALWAYS am!” And Matt; you know the one with “little man syndrome.” What ever is he tryng to find when he sticks his hands down his pants? Must be something very very teeny tiny because he hasn’t found it yet. I hope what he does find is a jack hammer which is what it would take to fix he and wiffey’s teeth. Yuck! Me? Hanging my star on Britney. Funny, sarcastic and good competitor. Comments aobut Rachel and Brendon would only be repetative, but they are also good competitors. Lane = slug. Enzo = thinks he’s going to be a movie star after BB, has done nothing except complain about his “bad luck.” Same with Hay Hair errrr I mean Haydon. Ok, off my soap box now.

  17. Well I think Kathy has a good shot at staying for a while and if i were mat i would use the veto to get out brit

  18. @Tommy Good idea. Britney thinks she’s smart, but she’s winning too many POV’s and that’s putting a big target on her back.
    I think now is the time for Kathy to start making her move. I think she’s throwing alot of these comps and she really can win some.
    As far as the brigade, I don’t see them staying together for final 4. Matt is getting mad because noone is doing anything and leaving it all up to him. Lane is with Britney. Matt is with Regan. I think the trust of these four are going to crumble before final four and they will be after each other sooner and Kathy will float under the radar.

  19. WOW I have so much to catch up with. Good Morning all by the way.

    Well Im not sure Im thrilled that Matt has the Diamond Veto, we shall see what he does with it. I think we have seen a crack in the wall of the brigade, seems Matt’s a little tired of getting the blood on his hands while the others ride along ( cant blame him) MAYBE he should throw a comp and see to one of the others make em stay up there with him OR Throw one back to Ragan. He is safe either way I think.

    Kathy Kathy, I just dont know what she is thinking but I guess its working she gets talked about all the time but no one seems to feel the need to actually put her up and voter her out. Maybe her Im not a threat strategy is working. WHO KNEW.

    Im already needing Wednesday to get here just to get a look at Jeff, LOL JK I want to see the rest of the break downs happening in there with the love birds.

  20. I am starting to hope that Rachel stays and that effing fool Brenda leaves. What a tool, willing to give up his chance to win for some chick. Where does BB find these loooooosers. Go Matt you Brenchel Slayer you.

  21. I’m not a fan of Matt.Over him with those feet pj’s. Please someone new win HoH this week.After Rachel leaves the house is going to be quiet..The brigade needs to split up!Too many guys in the house!

  22. what I wonder,is whay Big brother avoids having an over 50 years of age BB?It would be very interesting to see and you know what?myself and my friend are over 60 and we love BB and we watch it faithfully.Just a thought as to why we do not get a break at someing this great! we are surely as healthy as Kathy and we can do some Comps,Just a thought! Bill

  23. @boring cast12 if you’re that bored and annoyed with the cast then don’t watch. Think about it, when Annie was the sab is was fun watching what was going to happen. you need Drama going on to make the show exciting (Not Rachel Drama thats way too much. and she needs to go) Who cares If Reagan to the Sab job for money or for america. its 20 grand at least he was trying to be nice about it.

  24. I can almost see Matt attempting to use another one of his “genius strategy moves” with his diamond veto, and keeping Brendon or Rachel in the house.

    If this happens and its Rachel, watch her announce that she was never in love with Brendon, but just using him, like she apparently uses men in Vegas.

    If Rachel goes and Brendon stays, he’ll back peddle with the house and say, he was also using Rachel and their supposed romance as game strategy.

  25. Bill, They have had a few HG’s that were older, Jerry was in his 50’s I beleive Renny was in her later 40’s as was Chicken George, and EVIL Dick, just seems they do something like that every few years, but then again you and your friend are in a smaller viewing group, which its awesome that you watch, but maybe the larger demographics are these 20 somethings and they are the ones applying to the show. (shrugs) I say you should apply:P at least you can say you tried. Never hurts to do so, I have 2 years in a row now and will till they cancel it :( or Im chosen LOL… Good luck if you chose to do so..

  26. I think that Rachel should be the one to leave the Big Brother house. It would have been cool on the other hand that Rachel would have made Big Brother history, to win HOH 3 times in one season. It would be much better for Brendon to stay in the house over Rachel, but if you like drama in the house then she should be the one to stay.

  27. There will be enough drama in the house cause we have wait to see which one of the Brigade gets booted first my guess is ENZO then Hayden then Lane..But if those 3 get their act together they will get Matt outta there..It has already been discussed between them but Matt is still of use to them for the time being..

  28. Good Morning FB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    @blackg- i know eh? sad sight for eyes the bleed for a better brendon! (trish, tear tear, you never know it could all change when Rach goes out that door – if she does that is!)

    @xtina – right on da $ – drama isn’t over yet! tho i keep hearing about rach being druink and doin’ some table dance last night on the BBAD? no way jose, how is THAT gonna help her case?

    @tammy- no he can’t reverse an HOH’s status only their nominations, CBS would never be able to get away with that, go against all the power HOH is supposed to hold and has held in previous 11 seasons, coup d’etat however i’m not sure….

    @golden mist – seriously great comments girl, as if britt is engaged to lane, she is with him ALOT why hasn’t anyone picked up on that? poor enzo, all his peeps are hangin’ w/everyone BUT him!

    i was mad hearing enzo & ragan chat about throwing next HOH, you’re right @ Matt (BBN0 they are sooo slothful this yr, what on earth brought about this laziness?

    @will z – no matt tried to do that last week w/rach and the BB DR told Matt he could not do that

  29. If they don’t vote Rachel out then they deserve the crap that will come flying their way. A week in the jury house may calm her lust, then again the next person in the house after her will have a tiring time. Oh God please don’t make us endure any of that, she’s like a cheap porn flick.

  30. @barbie – that is precisely what Kathy is ON – vacation! you said it best girl! :)

    @connie – you back at that again? any reasons to cast aspersions on Rach you are on it! (sigh)

    @mary – i think we will see britt throw comps or at least lay low now b/c she has the most won comps @ 3 (pov’s) so once rach goes the target may switch to her! does matt like her? not really…i mean i think he just puts up with her…

    Ola Kristi w/#’s! :) – I think u r right, he IS tired of all the work he does and the blood on his hands, will affect his jury votes..remem this jury will NOT vote like previous ones, they’re on a LOAFER agenda mindset, which means the hard worker may very well LOSE the $. oh and NO!

    @tilly – ah yes, i am hoping he does one of his brilliant moves and uses it! did ANYone hear him talk to bren in the HOH room and say to keep rach calmed down and not lose her cool? it was on another board sun on this site about how strange it seemed and suspicous! could he DO it?

    i mean it would make enzo furious and the brigade but really why does matt need their votes?he is doing ALL the work! if he gets THEM out, he can campaign for the other votes no?

  31. Enzo and Lane are both are lucky they have not been put on the block yet. I think that maybe Kathy and Britney will go up against each other and that Ragan and Matt will go up against each other. As far as i see it, Brendon will go up against Ragan next week.

  32. hey guys, yea i’m still up and you got mail. if i missed anyone email me and i will forward you the email.

    ok back to bb, what have i missed since oh 11:42 last night. someone please catch me up. the only thing i saw was this morning around 4 something and it was rach shaking her boob at the cams and dancing on the table.

  33. @ bill #23, I’m with you I’m 60 and can fall off thing just as good as kathy and the rest of the lamo HG’s, I guess BB just wants young people that can’t see what’s going no right in front of thier eyes, yes I’m still trying to get on BB too

  34. I was just thinking … sometime someone mentioned something about Lane and Britney being engaged…

    I don’t think that’s possible. We would now by now. They’ve been alone in the HOH room. Besides that, Lane was complaining about her talking about Nick too much. Quite frankly, bitching at her about it. Britney was saying she was just doing it to piss Brendan off. But Lane was getting upset. I think Lane likes her, but I don’t think they’re in any relationship.

  35. @Goldenmisty, I have seen and know many girls who are tiny with large, natural breast so it is possible.

    I can’t stand how wimpy Brendan is!! OMG stop it now. it was so annoying when Rachel rolled her eyes and told him he was being “sensitive and emotional” blah blah blah she is such a biotch. Why does he take it from that drag queen looking piece of crap?? He can’t be that desperate can he?

  36. sarah, i was thinking the same thing about them yesterday. i don’t know if it’s our imaginations running wild with annie being the sab and planting that seed.

  37. I think we want something interesting so our imaginations are running wild. I would think that BB would be running wild with the thought of life long friends and amping it up as much as possible if there really were. I think since the seed was planted, and it’s not true… they’r just letting it go to our imaginations. Look how much it gets spoke about in the blogs and such. They’re not spending any time on it, and we’re obsessed! lol

  38. Yippee!!!!

    Bye bye Boobzilla!!!!

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  39. I don’t blame Regan for taking the sab option, hey it’s $20,000 and it was America’s choice. Hope it’s not lame but funny this time. I hope he can pull it off.

    Brendan has shown he is not into the game at all, his whinning to Rachel all the time is sickening. Maybe if Rachel leaves we’ll see his head more into the game.

  40. Has anyone else noticed that BB is not following Kathy, last night on BBAD you saw you in the hot tube then she was gone, then she walked up and satdown and was talking the next time you saw her she was dressed and opened the door on B/R

  41. @pretty – ohh if britt goes up she will spill on EVERYone & EVERYthing, so i hope she does!

    I know that Rachel & Enzo were talking late last night and she told him that Ragan, Matt & Britt were in some power alliance, and that wants to take out the Brigade members b/c he’s sick of doing all da work! *zing!* …

    apparently there was also some mock tv show with britt being kathy lee? and all they talked about was rach and what NOT to do as a BB HG and new rules including hair extensions that match, do not work out in your bikini, b/c those are IMP things apparently! (sarcastic emotion)these HG’s have NO clue.

    lane was in da shower talking to rach and apparently lane was busy the blogger made it sound as if lane was up to no good…:S, first matt, then enzo, now lane….geez louise crackers & cheese, not again!

  42. did anyone give suggestions for the sab yet and what. i haven’t yet. I was thinking, why can’t reagon ask bb/production for help and target the entire house and make them take cold showers until after the next comp. or takes the beer and wine away for 2 days.

  43. The talk show thing was hilarious though… “What Would Julie Do?” was a huge part of the theme. Most of it was about Rachel, but damn… I laughed the whole time.

  44. or he could atleast pick the have and have nots for next week. with him a have not. good cover he always complains about that. well they all do if you dont count kathy jumping off first. give me a break on that one

  45. JADELL ..WOULD U PLEASE EXPLAIN ur comment concerning “me” in post # 32..I sure would appreciate it..

  46. Rach tell Enzo his social game is good. Rach tells Enzo she will vote for him if he is in the final 2.

    Rach tells them BB does the same quizes season after season. Bre complaining that the endurance’s are rigged for Matt.

    Enzo tells Lane that Brit is a sneak, they need to get Ragan out. Brit can go after Bren

    Brit says she hates Bren and loathes everything he does.

    Ragan running over the scenarios about getting Bren out.

  47. with all the lf’s i watch i never heard anything about the trapt game they have going on. brit said that whoever is left with bren/rachel thay are stuck there. how did i miss this or was this something they just came up with?

  48. @connie – nothing personal intended, i’m just not fond of some of the language used on here, spoke to admin about it, one can only use the same derogatory term so many times, i noticed it has stopped so will no longer bring it up. i wasn’t just meaning you. :)

  49. I was on that board last night as well, and saw some of those comments what went down anyways…i don’t understand why ppls need to talk like that on post any rate, thank god for a new thread! What will Matt do? Ues the Diamond Veto power and shake up the house and infuriate the brogade..i sure hope so, do it matt do it!

  50. Suggests for Sab: putting X’s on the brigade faces

    One I heard from our crew: dying the water in the shower so it sprays out pink, blue or green!

    Hiding all the snacks in the ‘have not’ room.

    Telling the room that 2 ppls in the house were married at one time!

    Telling the room that all of you are lying b/c all of you are in an alliance! Those who say they are not, are playin’ u! The BB house is allied up to its ear!

    Leave a comment on the screen “floaters never win!” *hee*

  51. BB really messed up with this cast. I understand that there is some loserdom involved with BB (15 min. of fame.. etc.), but these people take loserdom to a new level. There is but one alliance in the house, and they can’t even figure that out. The comps… what a disaster. This is the first season I don’t have anyone to root for.
    One more thing about the cast… If Brendon is supposed to be the “token” mexican, I want to cap myself. I am Mexican, and I’m disgusted that this tool represents Hispanics. I think the show would benifit from true diversity. You put a bunch of like-minded people, and you get a bunch of floaters, and terrible TV.

  52. Lots of negativity on this board. If you hate all of the houseguests so much, why bother posting?

    I like Matt because, despite his overthinking, he is actually smart. He clearly understand the game and knows how to play people and to keep the target off his back. He’s safe for the next two evictions, and he could have considerable sway in who goes home next week. He has basically 4 guaranteed votes in his favour (Brigade plus Ragan) going forward. When the Brigade inevitably begins to crumble, it will likely be Matt on the plus-side of things because the other 3 have shown no ability to win HOH competitions.

  53. suggest for *sab* -> put laxatives in the coffee..

    -> lock the door when rachel tries to leave, thus cancelling her eviction!!

    -> lock all the bathrooms so that everyone has to use the HOH one! hee* ;)

    -> hot sauce in the pool or hot tub!

  54. @matt b – totally! he is playing smart (regardless of the big LIE and while i really am not fond of him doing it) he really hasn’t played it up lately) if & when bren & rach leave it’ll be the same ppl’s winning which is *yawn* :OOOOOO

    hoping he uses the D-POV to rumble up the floaters! i know every BB show needs some but i guess we can only hope right?

  55. Rachel is the reason I started watching BB. Was flipping channels and heard her laugh, which is both annoying and infectious. She is a mess, to be sure, but she plays the game. And let’s not forget that others among the HG’s are a soulless group of douches, especially given their criticism of Rachel and her lifestyle and sexuality. I mean, Ragan taped to a wall having liquid shot at him told Julie it was a routine Saturday night in LA for him. Joking? Maybe not. And let’s not forget Kristin, who apparently told BF Steve at home that she did not want to go onto the show a single girl, but latched onto Hayden as soon as she could. And Ragan and Hayden and Brittany think Kristin is the decent person. Brittany is the girl everybody went to high school with, the one who hung around with the jocks and flipped her hair and rolled her eyes because she essentially hates other women and cannot bear to be challenged. She has a giant slap in the face coming when the boys unite and squeeze her out (she was warned about the all-boy alliance and rejected it because she cannot think men would deceive the little blond cheerleader). They will Brittant, they will, especially one who mocks her own mother on uncensored television. Matt is just a troll. Lying about his wife’s condition is like poking the fates in the eye. My mother always told us not to sit in somebody else’s wheelchair if you don’t need the thing because G-d will punish you. Hayden told Kristin he would have deserted the Brigade for her, which is a bold faced lie designed to get into her unitard. If Kathy tells everybody one more time how she survived cancer, I will personally ask the ACA to petition for her removal from the after hours show — as if she ever really appears to do anything but lay around and take up space. And who in their right mind screams out “I’ll take the bullet for you all. We have a deal.” as she is jumping off the paint can? She has no deal that we can discern, she’s just a lazy ass. She did’t get anything for her “selfless” act and she has no right to expect anything.

    Finally, say all you want about Rachel. She is trashy. She is bitchy. She is audacious. She is hormonal. But she plays the game and, in the end, she is a huge threat. That’s why the house is ganging up on her. My favorite moment thus far has been wathcing her sashay across the backyard warning the floaters to grab a life vest. Knowing that her departure is imminent has cause me to watch less of the after hours program, and I will likely drift from the main show if she does, in fact, go home this week.

  56. Ohhhh this sab suggestion is sooo good!.Tell the house that ONE person there is watching ALL the BB episodes! whatdya think? paranoia ensues! love it! :)

  57. for the sab… hide rachel’s make up

    every time matt puts his hand down his pants he looses a dollar

    take rachels clothes & replace with baggy sweats and hide her extensions

    and i still think they should hide some of the pool balls

  58. Stuart, do you lack an opinion on Lane and Enzo?? I disagree with your point of view, but I am curious.

  59. Nope. This is my first experience. I actually became “addicted” because I think Rachel is a hoot. She is annoying, and I am glad I dont have to live with her. But from a TV viewing standpoint, she is a character.

  60. ohhh not again pls let’s be nice, everyone has the right to their opinions, just keep it clean as *tide* and not use what was that word jade said ‘derogatory (sp?) terms’…let’s use our kind words ppls or at least ones that won’t get you banned off the site! not everyone hates rachel, so deal. Matt, where you at?

  61. Question to those who get on here and they “hate BB” and they are so bored sick of BB and don’t like the show, if you are that upset with the show, why are you still watching and going to the websites?

  62. I don’t think the sab should specifically target one person though. Because logically, that sab wouldn’t target his/herself. So whoever Ragan would target, would no longer be suspected as the sab.

  63. @kristi i love that one! hide the pool balls, yes hide the “8” ball! how can they play? hee*

    and lose a $ for hand down pants? priceless!

    @sarah – same here! pool seems to be their thang..

    @stuart – you are entitled to your opinion, its great to hear from new watchers, i think most of us have been watching for yrs…interesting perspective! :) welcome to bbn by da way!

  64. @ 62. It’s hard to form an opinion about those two since they never DO anything except talk about the Brigade and it’s power. Neither one of them seems to win anything. They seem to sit around waiting for the others to do stuff. Matt got it right in his dr snippet last night. Enzo is the most selfish player on the show. Having gone back to Wiki search some of the past seasons, the standouts seem to have been larger than the little screen. Not the case with these folks. They mug and talk about being remembered, but really? Will anybody forget Rachel, and her antics. She managed to get this board invested with strong opinions about her. That seems to be what gets former HG’s remembered — good opinions or bad, it’s the depth of those opinions that has gotten Jennelle and Jordan and Evel Dick remembered.

  65. I laughed so hard last night on BBAD that I woke up everyone in my house. The talk show that Brittany, Ragan, Hayden, and a little bit of Matt did that also turned into WWJD (what would Julie do ) talk was so damn funny. To me it was the best BBAD so far. It really helped with my eyes and ears bleeding from listening and watching Rachel and Brendon.

  66. Though, if before Rachel leaves… if Ragan did something to himself, Kathy, and Matt… that would be amusing! Then I def. then it would reflect badly on Rachel.

  67. Yes it was personal Jadell very personal as u singled me out for remarks about Rachel.. and what do u mean derogatory TERM..??!!!!!!! DUMB/ STUPID /BRAINLESS/ SLUT/ HOMO / WUSS/ LIAR/ IDIOT/ WHINEY /WHIMP/ ASSHOLE/ WHORE/ HO / DRAG QUEEN/LOSER/SLACKER/BITCH/TROLL/MIDGET and so many more derogatory “terms” have been used to describe ALL THE HG’S’s not just Rachel…If u are having a problem with derogatory terms being used on this site I suggest u move to the CHRISTAN NETWORK AND DISCUSS YOUR VIEWS OF THE BIG BROTHER SHOW with them. Compare my posts n’ opinions with some of the others throughtout the site and my words would be those of an angel verses theirs. If u don’t like my comments ignore me but do not single me out when 98% of the posters on this site have used derogatory terms.

  68. Summer, I went back today and watched it and was laughing histarically (sp?). The whole toe thing was priceless! A little overdone, but still very amusing! Britney may be a bitch, but she’s hilarious. Someone I could see myself hanging out with. Just because she pokes fun at people doesn’t mean she hates them.

  69. If Rachel was the only one playing the game she would not be on the block and a target from day 1. Britney was a target on wk2 and what did she do, she buddy up to the power and secure her stay in the house. But not Rachel, she carry on with her better than thou attitude not thinking about when the power is gone. So if her objective is to win her game play really suck.

  70. Thanks for the welcome. BTW I don’s hate BB, just find it less compelling when Rachel is absent from the feed. She stirs the pot. That makes for good TV, in my humble opinion. She may not be playing a smart game. She may be playing an emotional game. But she is playing a game, unlike Kathy, Enzo, Ragan, Lane. BB is, after all, a vehicle for entertainment. And the HG’s are falling short of that mark.

  71. The feeds are finally up… being on the east coast, I have to wait so long until they’re awake! lol

  72. @Connie@75, Its OK to bash all the other HGs except Rachel.

    I am sorry but Matt and A-Rae are the only people who should be giving directions to the posters. So if youll want to get along, ignore what you dont like.

  73. I’m not a fan or Rachel or Brendon and it’s time for them both to go but doesn’t Brendon realize that he needs to stay in the game and win the final prize so that he can afford to take care of Rachel? Or pay for his tuition that he’s going to incur while working on this masters of his for the next 5 years? What is wrong with this guy? And last night on BBAD when Rachel was trying to get Brit to take the $5k and mentioned that she didn’t win the $5k it was given to her, isn’t that the same thing that happened to Monet the first night? Monet didn’t win that $10k, she got it by default because Kristin was the first one across and got it but the other team sent her back as a replacement for Britney so it automatically went to the second one across. Or is that not what happened?

  74. I’m not sure i understand the rules anymore on this thread. Everyone is entitled to their opinion I agree, but some get away with more than others.

    so has rachel/brendon desided which one is going to the jury yet or is brendon still being noble?

  75. i agree sara being on the east cost we have to wait until almost 12 or 1 for the guests to get up.

  76. I’m a huge BB fan – been watching from the beginning – but this season is turning out to be lackluster for me. Disappointing for a few reasons:

    1. We’ve only had 3 different people be HOH (really only 2). This hasn’t happened before, and it’s making the 1st weeks go by a little stale.

    2. Less people fighting to become HOH. We’ve had competition throwers before but these HGs are taking that to an extreme. I am not sure I can call Rachel or Matt or Britney good competitors at this point since everyone else seems to be throwing the most important contests.

    3. A big alliance still unknown. Usually someone stumbles and big alliances are “outed” by week 3. This leads to chaos and forces everyone to pick a side. Here we have everyone after a common foe, Rachel. I feel that once she is gone we’ll see more gameplay since no one will be in agreement as to who is the next to go. Brenden seems a logical choice, but without anyone on his side the HGs may ignore him, seeing him less of a threat. I’m interested to see what Brenden does when he plays for himself vs. playing to appease Rachel. I don’t believe the Brigade will hold together in the end since there is already some tension. Matt has Ragan as a back-up, Lane has Britney, Hayden HAD Kristin, Enzo has no one. He hasn’t even tried. BIG mistake on his part.

    4. In the past HGs went after the people they viewed as a threat to their gameplay or sought revenge. Rachel has been only targeting women she thinks are going to “steal” Brenden from her – as if they would want him. If she was going after floaters as she called them, why not go after one of the brigade who are just sitting there? Even if she isn’t aware of their alliance they seem a bigger threat to me than Monet or Kristin. LOL

    5. HGs are able to predict the major twists/competitions of the game. If I can forsee what’s coming ahead, you bet the HGs can too. Watch we’ll have another contest of pictures of 2 houseguests combined. X-Factor, Project DNA, even the Couples seasons were more enjoyable to watch since CBS threw in something different. The Saboteur twist this time was lazy. What they could have done was introduce the Saboteur and then have a “Savior”. Someone who, if they won, would take half of the winnings for themselves, and split the other half with all of the other HGs. This is something we haven’t seen before, and would have been interesting to watch and see if they got rid of the Savior by mistake, accidentally shooting themselves in the foot. Put me on the BB board, I could come up with better twists.

  77. @71 I just watched that on flashback and almost peed my pants….it was hilarious.

    While I am not a big supporter of Rachel she has provided great comic relief to an other wise lacking season.

    Brendon grow some – thats all i can say!!!!!!

    LOVE LOVE the fact that Matt has the diamond power of veto and prays that he uses it wisely. Lets say to break up this brograde??????

  78. sab idea,ge a game going where one of the women hs to kiss Brendon,be attached to him etc.anything that will send Rach ove the edge.replace weights with lightweights,replace booze with non alchoholic beer,just some thoughts,anything but locking the door before Rachel can walk out.

  79. no i haven’t sarah. i’ve been up all night working on what happend. I’ve talked to 2 people from here and hope to have the matter cleared up soon and it should be cleared up soon. bbnetwork puts alot of work into this site and they do things they do for good reasons.

  80. good afternoon all, hey Kristi went back to see Rachels table dance last night and after she got on the chair it went to bubbles, so BB does sensor some of their stunts.

  81. torch did you watch the part in the bathroom with enzo i think it was taking a shower. she was shaking her boobs at the cams and talking about how curvy pretty she was. she almost lost them a few times. it didn’t go to bubbles.

  82. Kristi did they elaborate what was disrespectful? I must of missed it. Thanks Kristi for your hard work trying solve the situation

  83. rachel mentioned a lil while ago about the sab making them eat slop and how bad that would be. just summing up, not quoting

  84. I sick of Britney all she talks about is how she hates Brendan stop I can not wait and the house turns on her.Some time she seems so mean.Hope she gets hers soon

  85. you know Kristi last night was the first time I seen that the white box’s outside where actually lights.

  86. it’s being looked into. rachel thinks she could beat any one in this game yet kathy beat her. go figure

  87. wazzup kristi & torch! :) did you hear that kathy revealed she cant’ swim? what on earth, how is she a sheriff? aren’t those like essential skills? not sure if i even care anymore…@torch good to know they sensored it, esp. since i heard she had a clothing malfunction… :P…

    @connie – i singled out ppls on sunday’s board as well, alot of them were completely out of hand and many post-ers were upset, yours was nothing compared to theirs, i’m sorry if you felt towed in, wasn’t my intention. :(

  88. @connie – i’ve apologized twice already about this, so hopefully we can move on from this. thanks.

  89. Is Brenden that stupid to campaign to get himself out for a girl he has knowen for only about a month with 500g’s at stake. Myself I wouldn’t do it.

  90. i was gone for 30-40 mins so i have not clue other than what i sent evryone.

    why is rachel being so mean to brendon? she’s won h o h 2 and he p o v 2. what is he thinking. i wonder what he will think of the show after he sees this

  91. @blackgirl – i hear you and i heard! :P nuff said.

    @kristi – i have yet to see the pov will have to wait til mon, wonder how kathy beat her? that is strange still, kathy makes it sound like she’s holding back and will wow everyone with her stunning prowess? as if! :P..

    enzo was in the DR room a long time wonder what that was about? has matt shown on the screen yet and where does kathy dissapear too all the time? (to smoke maybe?)

  92. oh boy we knew this would happen, can the end be near for bren & rach, they’re arguing so much lately, b/c they know only a miracle can save one of them!

    where’s ragan on the online cams? he seems invisible..doing saboteur stuff maybe?

  93. Well keep me posted on the subject.
    Someone did ask an interesting question. What if someone found the POV necklace do they get to keep it?

  94. dany is right tho, kathy is looking better as time goes by. maybe she was sick at the beginning of the game

  95. I wonder if matt will be able to keep the diamond power of veto necklace or if he has to turn it in.

  96. @vector – i agree with #3 of yours, enzo has NO back-up whatsoever if the brigade falls thru, he hasnt’ done anythign else…that is most definitely a mistake!

    true still, this BB season is unlike any other that’s for sure! lol no diggity no doubt! :)

  97. wonder if we can tip off reagon and it can be his sab and steal it out of his bag. they did say we could give suggestions.

  98. @connie==SHUT UP you OLD hag!! and from the
    words of Rachel, “BRING IT ON”!!!


  99. @indygirl – hey ya! – wow that’s a good pt, i mean hg’s are always up in the hoh room when they know the hoh is not, lol, that would be hilarious i someone else found it! course matt i think would be smart enuf to keep his stuff secure, who would have the nerve to go thru his suitcase? brendon maybe? hee* go bren go do it!

    @torch – i figure once he uses it that would be it, (bb said he only gets ONE shot right? during the next 2 eviction cermonies) guess he could keep the bling to wear outside the bb house! :P..

  100. @ Ashli or Matt (BBN)- Have any more details been revealed about this diamond power of veto? specifically if its’ use will be simply removing noms and replacing them? thanks so much :)

  101. Kristi, why is Boobzilla being so mean to Brendon?

    Because that’s the way she treats everybody. If she doesn’t get what she wants, or if she doesn’t get treated the way she *feels* she should be, she gets pissed and starts in with the bitch-from-hell crap.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

    CYA BOOBZILLA!!!!!!!!!!

  102. @torch – indeedy matt would freak OUT! i’d love it tho’, how about if the saboteur decided to HIDE it? and whoever found it (BB scavenger hunt!!!) got to keep it? heeyyyy lovin’ that!

  103. No other details but what CBS presented on Sunday have been released regarding how the Diamond Power of Veto may be used or its impact.

  104. maybe she is pushing him away because she knows she is going to have to leave him soon…

    i am sure brendon will continue to kiss a$$ and cry and wonder what HE did wrong…

  105. I love what is happening in the house right now, but they need to get Britney or Kathy out of the house, since they are Mother / Daughter.

  106. hey if the saboteur hides matt’s suitcase, and it goes missing, matt would freak out and everyone would wonder WHY? hee*

  107. only problem with that idea jadelle what if Rachel found it everyone would feel the impact of her gloating.

  108. @I Hate Rachel I wish people would just admit that Rachel is a whore…….7:32 PM BBT – Brendon is worried about going to bars with Rachel and her leaving him. She says some of her customers wouldn’t mind him coming along but others wouldn’t like it……ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! SOUNDS PRETTY SLUTTY TO ME!!

  109. @connie – sorry girl, pls forgive! :) thx

    matt can’t find his diamond pov necklace! love it! go sab go!

  110. @torch – yeah true, but a BB scavenger hunt for the diamond pov would set the house on fire! even the floaters would want that! :P they might ACTUALLY play! lol. Thanks for the reply Matt*

  111. are you serious Metro Dee she said that to him if so he is even dumber than I thought.

  112. everyones imagination is so good today. i can’t keep up. oh, well i’ll sleep at some point tonight. for a good cause. love ya’s!!

    matt and reagon are always in bed together. do they have a final 2

  113. yeah Torch….it baffles me that he is love drunk over a slut…..but me and my wife agreed that on the 1st day that she is a “pro” and will find a dude to leech on to and she has….and he is in love with a toatl dream

  114. @Metro Dee – Those who think that “VIP Waitress” actually means “waitress” are either fooling themselves or they truly don’t know that it means a person (usually female) whose job it is to get customers (usually male) to buy them outrageously expensive drinks to make money for the bar. This is done with either implicit or explicit promises of sex.

    That makes her a whore.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!


  115. I couldn’t tolerate being with someone like that myself,I would rather stay single. brits on her way to the diary room looks like pov ceromony will be soon.

  116. @Bill (#23): Actually, Jerry MacDonald was in his mid-70s, and was the oldest houseguest on any season of the American Big Brother. Dick Donato was in his 40s, as was Chicken George, and Renny. Sorry this comment is so late.

  117. Stuar: Re: Post #58. Right on! You nailed it, but becarefull posting your thoughts here because b-smurf post 24 – apparently has the inheritant right to determine what and what and how much drama is allowed in big brother. b-smurf opinions are like (&(*&)&^$^$, well you know, everyone has one!

  118. Here is my thought..Bren is really hoping that all his whinning about being the one to go is NOT what her really wants…he wants the others to evict Rach but certainly can’t be obvious about it…so use reverse psychology on the others…they evict Rach and Bren stays to finally start playing the BB game. Just a thought.

    • Bren already was like I’d appreciate ur vote to momma kat and then when biig red asked if he did he totally lied to her. Bren wants to stay he’s just placating raycgel

  119. i want them BOTH OUT

    Cant stand either one- THEY DONT WANT TO BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!! How can people not realize that?!

  120. @Kaysar&Janelle

    “Brit brings up that they’ve heard brendon saying he doesn’t want to be int he game and h never really wanted to be in it but was persuaded “

    there ya go!

  121. I agree with the person who said they think Britney and Lane are engaged. When Rachel said she was gonna put up Lane last week Britney had a hissy fit. What up wit dat?! I also agree that Brendon is a wuss and needs to get his head back in the game and off of Rachel.

  122. I’m tired of the house guests throwing competitions, too. I can understand why Kathy does it because she knew from Day 1 that she was the “old” person, and she’s working it. I can’t blame her for that because it got Jerry, Shelia, and others far. Enzo has no excuse though.

  123. NO ‘I hate Rachal it is not done by promises of sex, because cops work the bars and if you do that u go to jell, the girl just lets you think u have a chance. Also metro Dee why so admit something just because thats how u think?

  124. Thank you for your commentary Chris.

    Apparently you did not completely read what I wrote, because your comments imply I said there was sex going on. I never said that. I said “promises of sex”.

    In the future, please read everything before commenting, and if you do not understand what is being said, please refrain from commenting as you’ll only make yourself look unintelligent.

  125. Maybe “Nick” is Brit’s code name for Lane, & he doesn’t want her overdoing it in front of the others..last nite on BBAD after the the Talk Show skit, when Rachel came out & got ignored and moved away, Lane’s legs were blocking Brit, she swatted them & said move, she wanted to go & hear what was going on. Lane gave her a look & said “No, you don’t”. It seemed a fairly intimate moment when no one else was around. She went anyway. I noticed that Lane is the one who everybody confides in but he never gives anything away, except maybe to Brit?! If it’s true, they deserve each other.

  126. @7 – mary thinking Ragan and Matt are lifelong friends… I have been thinking they are related… if you look at their pictures on the cbs website I seriously think they could be related…

  127. @ I Hate Rachel! — Have you read the life feed updates on grapevinetv? Apparently the house hooker was stripping for the cameras and dancing/singing all last night. I cannot believe Brendon is dumb enough to attempt to throw the game for her… I cannot wait to see her face Wednesday when Julie announces what happens in Vegas should have stayed in Vegas – Rachel with a vote of 6-0 you are evicted from the Big Brother House. :)

  128. @Kim – Nope, this is the only BB site I go to, other than the Wikipedia page.

    RE: Brendon – dude’s got boobies on the brain.

  129. Good Even’ ya all! I will not miss rake, sorry, wait, no I’m not. Just finished reading all the comments. Whew, never a dull moment! YOU folks are great! I’m also curious to see what “dork for brains” does with all this power! It will be an INTERESTING week. From the description of rake’s behavior last night, I’d would say Prozac needs to be administered.

  130. BBAD just over. Hope everyone who enjoyed the “Talk Show” saw the 2nd one and saw it for what it really is…just plain mean and cruel. There has to be a line you just don’t cross. The only one showing any class is Enzo. Like always, Kathy has now jumped on The House band wagon. I hope the 1 (BorR) who stays fights like hell and wins HOH, then we’ll see a lot of back-tracking back-stabbing!!

  131. The brigade is annoying and it seems like Enzo and Lane are just coasting through the game. Both of those two should go up on the block. I’m sick of the strong players going and the weak ones just coasting through. Rachel might be annoying, but at least Brenden and her are trying really hard and playing a good game. Enzo hasn’t tried to win anything except for the when he won with Hayden and Brenden as a group to watch a movie.

  132. to: I Hate Rachel, I think is you who needs to lean to read you said ” implicit or explicit promises of sex” all I said was no they didn’t if they did they could go to jell, I say they just let you think that you going to get sex from, And just for the record my IQ is 172 whats yours?? Sorry but I’m just answering back

  133. suggestion for sabateur:
    1)announce there is an alliance of four.

    2)tell HGs now that he’s back they should wonder what good came out of the box

    3)plant something that smells in one of the hgs luggage

    4)clod the toilet

  134. I’m re watching the Veto comp
    I have never seen more immature people than BR in my entire freaken life!!!!!!!!!!! They get me so frustrated!!!!!!
    Rachel is a huge hypocrite! She’s the first to target and laugh and comment at others but when it comes to her time she can’t handle it and starts crying and thinks the world is against her!

    She was mad at kathy for beating her yet she picked her on purpose thinking shed fail. When kathy wasn’t doing too well rachel was smiling and commenting! Then when kathy beat her she was all upset saying where is the sportsmanship?!!
    I’m so confused! These people NEED to go!!!!!!!!!!

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