Devin Calls House Meeting On Big Brother 16 Live Feeds

With the Big Brother 16 week winding down and the first eviction target confirmed, things looked set for a calm night… House Meeting! Oh yes, our first big pile-on of the season and no, it wasn’t Joey Van Pelt leading the drama this time. The honor goes to Devin Shepherd who wanted to get something off his chest.

Devin confesses while Zach sleeps
Devin confesses while Zach sleeps – Source: CBS

To set the scene Flashback on your Feeds to Tuesday (July 2) at 11:00PM BBT Cams 3/4 and you’ll find Devin confessing to Donny that he is the sole reason Caleb nominated him this week. He admits to not trusting him and wanting to get him on the block.

Devin has come to Donny with this information now because what’s really important now for him is “being a good role model” for his daughter. What? Devin has a daughter?? Why did he wait so long to tell anyone about this? Anyway, Devin says it’s important that she know the difference between game and reality, a separation Devin may still be working on himself. Devin continues to apologize profusely and beg for forgiveness which Donny extends immediately and calls it water under the bridge. Donny says he’s glad to know it wasn’t Caleb’s idea after all.

Now you’re ready for the House Meeting. Flashback on your Live Feeds to Tuesday (July 2) at 11:19PM BBT Cams 3/4 to start the action.

Devin kicks things off by assuring HGs this isn’t game play, it’s all real talk. He immediately starts tearing up while suggesting they don’t have to respect him after this talk is done. Check.

Devin explains that coming in to the house he wanted to “revolutionize the way we play big brother.” This is his “honesty & integrity” game talk again and the idea is ridiculous. Big Brother is a game that you play and try to be sneaky at times to survive. It doesn’t make you a bad person to do it. It makes you a normal Big Brother HG whether you win or not. It’s like saying “I came here to play chess, but I want to do it without any pieces!”

Afterwards, Devin heads to the HoH bathroom where he hides out and cries in the WC stall. Downstairs the houseguests slowly disperse while not really sure what was just going on there.

Personally, I think this was another fake emotional “breakdown” for Devin. He’s been faking a lot of these tears and this was another one of those. Earlier he pulled Derrick and Christine in to the Storage room and talked about trusting him and keeping calm (6:49PM BBT). That might have been a slight heads up that he was going to pull something.

Why would Devin call that meeting and “meltdown” yet again? He must have thought it would help, but Devin was on the edge already and as Frankie stated shortly after, “[Devin] just united the entire house against him.” Yep.

Look for Devin to be the main target next week, but with the new Battle of the Block comp giving HGs one more out from eviction they may need to aim for a backdoor scenario. Then again, maybe we should focus on tonight’s eviction first and then worry about next week next week.



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  1. He’s always talking about his daughter, she turned three last week I think. Anyways Devin is getting on all of my nerves and I’m tired of him. I hope he’s on the block next week or something, the houseguest needs to give him a reason to cry.

  2. I am pretty sure that Devin pulled a “Dan’s funeral” scenario. Those tears are not real. He is a snake, a bully and he needs to go.

  3. I like Donny most of all. Never understood why he was a target in the first place. Anyway he must really like Devin to be so forgiving or he is playing him too. I think in the end we will find out Donny is a Mensa member in real life and beard is a fake. LOL I like him he is really funny and seems down to earth. I like uncomplicated people.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I like Donny but I think there is something, he may be working for BB and was planted there. At first, he reminded of Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, and a little Cajun Justice but then after he made the comment that he wears camo because as a kid he always wanted to be in the military, didn’t seem right. I thought he would have said something like he wears it because he is a hunter (gators, frogs, roadkill, etc…) or because that’s what they wear in his neck of the woods, something other than that. AND then he said Devin can see pictures of his one arm brother… eh? Donny is a funny guy. (He may be BB secret player)

      • I think Donny is what you see is what you get! I believe everything he says, he’s a sweetheart & I love how naive he is. I hope he learns how to play the game better so he can win! He’s the one I’d love to see win the half million $ #GoDonny!

      • I like Donny as well but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is more than what he is portraying. .. (probably would like him even more). I hope he wins for his mom and dad, girlfriend and his one arm brother. #teamDonnie!

    • Donny is so awesome..I loved it when Devin was having his come to Jesus moment and Donny said something like, well, I hope you “learnt” something! How in the world Devin could ever think this guy isn’t who he said he is…I don’t know. Devin came in the house playing way too fast and way too hard..#1 sin when you first come in the house.

      • You must of missed that bit where Donny said “he was going to play dumb,” to fool the other hgs.

        I’m not saying Donny is really in the military…I honestly think he’s who he says he is, I mean we did see him at his job before the game started. If he were really in the military, it would of been mentioned in the introduction videos we all got to see.

        However Donny is not the dumb, unassuming, naive country bumpkin everyone tries and thinks he is. Donny is playing a super smart game and I am starting to hope he’ll win.

      • I never said he was dumb and unassuming. He sits and watches and listens which is the smartest thing a HG can do when they enter the house.

      • Sorry if I confused you, I didn’t mean you see Donny as dumb and unassuming, I meant the hgs see him as a non threat because he’s the nice country guy. That’s why the members in the bombsquad thought Devin was crazy when he said Donny is a threat because he’s so funny and likeable that first week.

        Now I do think Devin is nuts about Donny being in the military but he is right about Donny being socially a huge threat, but people in big brother under estimate the older, quiet contestants a lot.

    • I think Donny is just who he says he is. He’s one of those people with a dry sense of humor that everybody doesn’t get. If you pay attention they are funny as anything you will ever hear. He won’t last because he is playing with honesty right now. I hope he last a long time as he is my favorite.

    • Because Donny isn’t as stupid as everyone thinks. Everyone in the house thinks he’s some country bumpkin and just this sweet funny guy, but no one sees him as a threat. This was the ONE and only time I agreed with Devin, Donny is a HUGE threat because he’s likeable and unsuspecting. He could easily fly under the radar for the rest of the game–like him winning POV–I wasn’t surprised.

      I still however think Devin was wrong in turning on Donny, he should of kept him in his alliance because Donny’s playing a smart game–Donny himself said he’ll play like the “dumb” country guy to keep people off his back. Donny is super loyal too and Devin, if he had a loyal bone in his body would of saw Donny’s loyalty as respectable and valuable.

      I’m starting to really root for Donny.

  4. Thank you for writing about my biggest reality pet peeve going back to the first Survivor. IT IS ABOUT LYING AND MANIPULATING — WHEN YOU HAVE TO — TO WIN. Period. Yes, there are times you honor a commitment to someone, but, overall, to win you need to pull moves that will piss someone off. That’s the game, just like in Monopoly the game is to make everyone else bankrupt. Every game has its aspects, and the vital aspect of reality game shows is that you will have to do dirty stuff to win. I hate, above all, the SELF-RIGHTEOUS act people put on when they get outsmarted. Sure it pisses you off, but you have to look past that when it comes time to vote for a winner.

    • Prime example of this is when Ian outsmarted Boogie and Boogie’s reaction to that. That’s how it should be! And then on the other side of the coin when Shelly backstabbed Jeff/Jordan and got death threats. It’s a game, people!

    • There’s time for all of it, Devin could of still played a game like this but he shouldn’t have went to Donny searching for an alliance and then backstabbed him.

      If Devin were smart he would of kept his final 2 Alliance with Donny–until it got close to the end because who are we kidding, anyone going up against Donny in the final 2 will probably lose cuz he’s so likeable–and had another alliance going with the Bombsquad.

      I mean for Devin to think an 8 person alliance is going to stay strong, without any splinter groups is stupid. That’s why Frankie and Zach have their own thing, and Cody, Derick, and Zach have their’s…but they are all still sticking to the bombsquad for now.

  5. devin proves that not only is he the worst player in big brother history but he’s pretty much never watched the show… an ‘honest’ game (if there is such a thing in big brother) relies on your social game which he somehow repeatedly sabatoged before week 1 is finished

  6. It’s an act. All part of Devins game play. His strategy is “pretend honesty and tears”. It just makes him look crazy to the other house guests. Frankly, i don’t even buy his Diary room sessions.

    • I very much agree. His tears in DR last night had to have been fake. He’s lying & faking it to everyone, including viewers. Makes it all that much funnier how he can’t stop talking about doing it with integrity and honesty. He forgot that he’s supposed to keep the audience in on the joke, or we’ll forget to laugh. *insert Donny’s cricket sound here*

  7. It’s all part of his game plan (which is a bad plan) to make people think he’s sensitive and can’t lie. Remember the other day he was in the storage room and splashed water on his eyes to make it look like he had been crying. I think he can bring on tear when he wants. Bad game play.

  8. Coming into this season I thought Devin would be my favorite but he is just an idiot lol I don’t want to see him leave next week thought, right now he’s the only one really stirring things up in the house. I really need to get the feeds soon! BBAD ended right before his meltdown,I wish it still lasted until 3 am like it did on shotime.

    • I agree Jake…wish it was on showtime…can’t stand the commercials either. Devin is definitely an idiot, I had him all wrong, he starts drama like a girl, why have all the muscles, he should hide them with a dress…he is all drama!!!

  9. Wow to call yourself a BB blogger you sure missed the most common topic of conversation for Devin and that is his daughter. He’s ALWAYS mentioned her, he even had the HGs all wish her a happy birthday. Get it together or quit blogging.

    Why did Devin pull this move? Because he instantly thought “Oh sh*t” when he heard Amber was crying, he knew his cover was about to be blown and so he’s trying to get ahead of the mess rather than have it blow up in his face.

    • Whatever his motivation is, he was successful. Successful on uniting all the HG’s into going against him. From the feeds, most of the reactions was negative.

    • He was being sarcastic about Devin and his daughter. Don’t you understand humor. All Devin talks about is his daughter so it was just a joke. Matt has it together and does a fantastic job on this site. Obviously you’re new to this site because you really don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Lol the comment about him never mentioning his daughter was dripping with sarcasm! I think you do a great job on this blog. It helps those of us who cant afford live feeds informed. Stpid tvgn ends too often just when things are getting good. Thanks for writing this blog!

  10. Devin is kinda creepy. He does make things interesting because he seems like he can go off at any time for any reason

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