Diary Room: Derrick Levasseur’s “Weekly Warriors” – Big Brother 17 Week 5

Another week down and the Sixth Sense is still running the Big Brother 17 show! Whether you love them or hate them, they’re doing what they went there to do…win. Even though they appear to be working as a team, there are a couple standouts that seem to be leading the pack.

Derrick Levasseur, winner of Big Brother 16
Derrick Levasseur, winner of Big Brother 16

New to the list of “Weekly Warriors” is Shelli Poole. I know Shelli is not at the top of the “favorite list” for most people right now but lets be honest. That’s because she’s running the house. You know what they say; “It’s lonely at the top.”

But seriously, I have heard a lot of praise about Vanessa Rousso’s game but I would make the argument that she would not be sitting as pretty as she is if it wasn’t for Shelli. She is manipulating Vanessa as much as Vanessa is deceiving the other houseguests. My belief was really solidified this week when Shelli single-handedly refused to buy Vanessa’s tactics and convinced her to put Jason on the block over Austin.

However, Shelli’s control over the house has not gone unnoticed. She’s probably the number one target for everyone who is not in her alliance. She has won a few comps, has a showmance, and has a great buffer around her in Clay, Austin, and the twins. If she wants to have a shot at winning this game, she needs to find a way to place the target on someone else.

Speaking of placing the target on someone else, Vanessa Rousso was extremely successful at doing that this week. Based on another horrendous reign as HOH, I did not expect to name her a weekly warrior. But Vanessa rekindled her relationship with Austin after acknowledging she contemplated backdooring him, built a connection with Becky (Yes, the same Becky she put on the block), and has everyone convinced that Shelli was the reason Jason was put on the block.

Don’t get me wrong; Vanessa didn’t really do much to make this happen. It just did. The combination of Vanessa’s technique of talking in circles until their ears bleed, coupled with Shelli’s strong personality and her obvious connection with Clay, has allowed Vanessa to escape back into the shadows. Yes, she took some damage to her reputation but overall, it could have been a lot worse.

Vanessa still has a very good chance at winning this game but if she continues to second-guess herself, justify her actions to everyone, and make deals with the entire house, she might run out of “reasons” for them to keep her.

As far as who I was disappointed by this week, and last week, and the week before, I cant pick just one.


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  1. 100% agree! I’ve given up hope for “the other side” even though I was hoping they’d get into the game before now. Good luck to them!

  2. If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Can we see a little misery on Shelli’s fake happy face for a change???

    • Yeah. More than “it sucks to be hoh” and the “I miss clay I’m bored” crap

  3. Derrick is a condescending conceited idiot and always so off base in these recaps. Shelli did NOT convince Vanessa to put up Jason. Shelli and clay were campaigning HARD for her to put up Jackie over Jason.

  4. How did you not give any credit to Vanessa for putting the blame on Shelli and Clay? Yes they got caught lying, but that was ONLY because Vanessa told the whole house that Shelli and Clay were in fact part of the decision. Vanessa did not allow Shay to play in the middle anymore. Plus she told Jason that someone told her about Jason calling James untrustworthy. Jason knew Clay and Shelli told her that, because Jason only said it to them. Yes Clay lied about it, but the only reason people knew he lied about it was because Vanessa made sure to tell the house they were lying.

    As for Shelli “manipulating” Vanessa into nominating Jason, did you not watch the feeds this week? Shelli and Clay did NOT want Jason to be nominated. Shelli and Clay wanted Jason in a side alliance, and they were trying to convince Vanessa to nominate Jackie.

  5. Always enjoy these Derrick. One thing I disagree with though is that America likes Jason, James, and Meg because they are the underdogs. I think it is more of a mixture of they are three of the few likeable people in the house mixed with America’s hate of Sixth Sense. Also, couldn’t there be an argument for one of the floaters as the warrior this week. Although Shelli is running the game (many people think it is Vanessa, but you and I understand who it really is) I would say that she didn’t have a great week. She has now become a huge target for the house with Clay. Vanessa is starting to be a target as well, so I wouldn’t say she had a great week either, although she was able to escape a lot of it by pushing the blame to Clay and Shelli. The problem I see with Shelli and Vanessa’s game is that they seem to be trying to play similar to you, but are doing it poorly by looking at the mess this week created. Now that the house is finally starting to split I think there is a good chance someone or many people not firmly on a side can ride the hate by both sides to a late part in the game.

    • I disagree with you disagreeing. The reason people hate the 6th sense is because they’re dominant. They aren’t mean people or anything. Here’s a little tip for anyone who ends up on BB, if you are in a dominant position for an extended period of time, you must be EXTREMELY careful about anything you say because the viewers are desperately searching for any and every reason to justify calling you a bad guy. Just look at Christine from last season or even Derrick or Cody. Masses of fans calling them all scumbags because they were in control of the game.

      • I am going to disagree with you disagreeing with me. People don’t always hate dominant players, Dan dominated and was loved, Will dominated and was loved, etc. These may be the most well known, but it happens all the time. These people aren’t mean and you are correct about that, but maybe that’s their problem. America loves the mean players just look at Dick and Zach. Every season from season 1 until now there are three main ways for america to hate you. The first is always claiming america loves you (Austin, Liz, Shelli, Clay). The second is being all about trust and loyalty and talking about it constantly (all of the sixth sense). The third is being massive flip flopping pussies (Vanessa, Shelli, Clay). The friendship had the first two, but no alliance has ever had the trifecta until now. That is why they are hated.

      • @John

        Great response but I think you’re both right.

        Everyone loves to knock someone off the top of the mountain. And with the completely weak, do little play of The Lazies (Jason, Meg, Blehcky, Steve, Jackie, James) it makes it very easy to view them as victims being punished by those with strength. – Boom! Those in power become the “Bad Guys”.

        But your point is also valid because of the approach the TSS players take. Shelli’s reliance on Clay and all her emotional worries, Clay’s being kind of a mentally stunted Pretty Boy and the Moldy Q-Tip’s non-stop talking and justifying her actions (which have been pretty effective up until this past week) make all of them unlikable for one reason or another.

        But the core point he made was that it’s easy to hate the ones running things.

        And without their making things happen this Season would have been far worse than it is now. (And I’m not a huge fan this Season. But gd it, I’m still here typing into a chat board, right?)

        I think you’re both right in bits and pieces.

        Now get off my lawn! You damn kids and your “Prig Brother” or whatever the hell it is you call it. – Pshaw!

      • I agree. If it came down to just dominate players and underdogs america generally will root for the underdog so I understand people who say that is the reason and it is definetly a factor. However, like you said it is the approach as well. In every big brother season there are those three things that someone always does and america always hates them. This year is just the first time an alliance has done all three.

      • In reality, shelli and vanessa came to play a game. They play hard and are constantly thinking game. Part of the game is sending people home and unfortunately some of those people going home are very likeable people with big personalities. Jason has not played the game, he has socialized but didn’t strategize. His love for big brother is what makes him leaving before jury really sad. But Audrey warned them and they didn’t pay attention. I am not a fan of vanessa or ChellI but I can’t say they are mean, they are manipulating which is what is expected. Now Austin and liz are mean and hateful. Austin talking about wanting to intimidate jason by getting in his face and glaring at him is pathetic. Liz cheering this plan on as she continues to call the other side evil and how she hates them, yeah, these 2 are very unpleasant and I would categorize them as mean. Last year it was hard to watch how donny was treated. there were so many theories that he wasn’t who he said he was and him constantly being put on the block, he was a rare player who had integrity and didn’t need to manipulate or lie to play. It was hard to watch the guys form their fraternity and patronize donnie as some old guy not cool enough to work with. But, had he gone to final 2 he would have been hard to beat. I wouldn’t say they were mean, they were arrogant in regards to Donnie and I couldn’t be happier he won America’s favorite.
        Right now I am rooting for jackie, her refusal to take things laying down and showing that she is there to play is a 180 from her a few weeks ago. Go jackie!

    • It is the worst so far, but now that the good side seems to be willing to play hopefully it will improve. I just hope it is not too late.

  6. Audrey tried to tell them and they wouldn’t listen. I understand they don’t see the whole picture like we do but when your group is always on the block, get a clue. When you are not included in the decision making, get a clue. And when you see a group of people always talking and running the house, get a clue.

  7. Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones.

  8. Well it looks like the only way Jason is staying is with some huge twist, so here’s to hoping it happens. Hopefully Meg, Jackie, or James can win HOH and stab Vanessa and Shelli right in the front.

  9. I think Vanessa has been anything but under the radar (like you, Derrick, were) so I think it will come back to haunt her. Shelli and Clay are natural targets because they are a pair, and in contol of the house, so that hurts them. I think that Judas and the Twins (why anyone lets a NATURAL alliance come into the house, when they all knew, is beyond me) could sneak up the rankings. Nobody seems too concerned that he calls himself Judas, which is telling everyone to their face that you can’t trust him (ask that Jesus dude).

    • I agree with you. She is playing a similar game to Derrick’s (not surprising as most house guests try to be like past players), but Derrick did it in such a clean way. Vanessa is out of control paranoid and extremely sloppy. So, I agree that it will come back to haunt her and maybe even this week. The reason that these house guests are letting both twins play is because all of their brain cells added up are still less than Howie.

      • Blame the Battle of the Block. WIthout that twist, the Twins would have been top targets as soon as they were discovered. But BoB rewards massive alliances and keeps them together when they would have collapsed quickly in previous seasons, so the Twins quickly became seen as tools to gain strength in numbers by Shelli and Vanessa.

      • So what your saying is it is not a coincidence that the two most boring seasons have the battle of the block?

      • I think this season is far from boring, but could be one of the best ever without BoB.

      • I’m enjoying this too. I don’t understand all the bellyaching. This is way better than last season.

      • No, I don’t. I watch feeds, because these freaks get their gameplay in while normal humans are sleeping.

      • Vanessa’s game is also by necessity different from Derek’s because Derek’s season had even more stupid people than this one. This season has a number of people who are/were playing the game. Derek’s season had people playing the game FOR Derek. His only real opposition was Donny, which I will freely admit he dealt with the Donny threat very well. This season had Day, Jeff and Audrey who were all capable of mobilizing the “other side”, and then at least half of TSS is playing hard.

      • I will agree with you that last season had some weak players, but they were playing the game for Derrick because he made them, they didn’t just decide hey I think I am going to help Derrick win.

      • But it takes an insanely weak minded person to agree to play the game for someone else. Try telling Vanessa “hey, can you play the game for me pretty pretty please?” She’d kick you in the groin and call your mother every name in the book after cursing you out in four different languages. I don’t think the response would be much kinder from most of this cast. Last season was a stinker. Derek (Derrick?) could have still won this season, but not with the strategy he used last season. This cast is far more savvy than last year.

  10. it is horrible when you have only 3 people playing the game. That is Vanessa, Clay and Shelli. Blame the other half of the house which would rather pander and do the bidding of the Sixth Sense alliance instead, of forming their own alliance and voting together. That I will never understand.
    You are going to displease someone and when you are on the chopping board by being put on the block over and over again—-you have got nothing to lose so why not, play the game! Biggest disappointment is Jackie because she had an opportunity to turn the game on its head and she just gave up HOH to Vanessa. She should have put up Shelli and Austin on her side of it and taken her chances. After all, she is already a target. Now, she is still a target and her essentially giving up her HOH chance would prove very costly for her. She could be the next one out after Jason and no one can save her!

    • There aren’t only 3 people playing there are only 2. Clay is just being pulled along on Shelli’s leash. One thing I never thought I would see is a horse pulling around a puppy on a leash.

      • To say Clay isn’t playing is ridiculous. Who is the one that smooth talked Meg and Jason into complacency until they were blindsided? It was mostly Clay. Who was the person who convinced Jmac to throw BOBs? Mostly Clay. Who was the one who actually drew Shelli away from Da’Vonne and Audrey to become a power couple with him. Clay. Clay. CLAY.

        Clay’s social skills are on the same level as Shelli’s, and certainly better than anyone else in the house.

      • First off to say Clay has the best social skills in the house is laughable. Second, every moment you mentioned was created by Shelli or Vanessa who had Clay do what they wanted.

      • And why did they have Clay do it? Because he has good social skills. He’s far more persuasive and calm when doing game talk than the other two. When the three have game talks, Clay’s opinions are highly valued. He’s the one that convinced Vanessa not to go through on BD’ing Austin. When Shelli was HOH last week, it wasn’t Audrey who first convinced her to put up Jason. It was Clay who first came up with the idea. Shelli and Vanessa iron out the details. He influences people and has been the one to push the first domino in the past few weeks, and that’s a very subtle and effective tactic. He’s playing a much quieter game than his alliance partners, and that can be an advantage. So yes, he does have social skills. Look closer.

      • Everything I said is being proved on the show right now. Vanessa and Shelli doing everything. Clay babbling confused like an idiot.


        John 1
        Producer’s Box 0

      • And meanwhile, on the feeds, Clay is calming down Shelli about losing HOH, telling her that because they still have numbers, they can still minimize the damage to their game.

        Watch the feeds, not the show.

        PB 4, John 1. I hit a grand slam.

      • And James putting them up showing Clay’s confusion in the game on the feeds which I watch.

        John 5
        PB 0

        My lead just increased.

      • Clay is actually running interference and has the ladies like Meg, Jackie and Becky hoodwinked easily. Why do you think they are all too quick to run to the HOH to volunteer information? Well, ladies get your heads out of your asses and start playing. You could be the next one voted out! Last season it was Christine, feeding Donny, and Nicole especially wrong info and snitching on them. That is Clay’s job.

      • Although I want to see a power shift, Clay is very involved and actively playing the game.

    • Liz has the most power in the house right now. You have a creepy emotional psychopath willing to sacrifice himself for her at all costs. A twin sister who’s about to enter the house who has her unconditional support. I doubt Clay would ever leave the house (true sacrifice) for the good of Shelli at any point in this game. Vanessa is done… she screwed up this week. The 6s would throw her under the bus at any moment for their own good.

  11. Thank you for acknowledging that “the other side” in the form of Meg, Jason, and James sucks. They’re awful. I know people love them becuase they are underdogs as Derek points out, but they bring zilch to the game. So over them and I wish the next episode was a triple eviction to get rid of all three.

  12. Fans quitting the season after tonight unless some twist saves Jason is hilarious. Why waste a twist on a gossipmonger who knows everything about Big Brother except how to play it?

    Bye, Ja. Hope you enjoyed your “dream” of smoking and lazing around in a bedroom being filmed on an internet stream for six weeks while “Tinder bitches” actually fought to keep their heads above water. I hope Jackie and James put up a bigger fight than you.

    • At least he’ll be able to catch up on the last 5 weeks of BBUK on Youtube when he comes out tonight. :D

    • Nobody is going to quit watching the show because a contestant they like is going home. People use this ridiculous threat every single season as they somehow think it will make a difference.

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