Big Brother 17: Who Went Home Last Night? Eviction Show Recap

Big Brother was back last night for the next eviction where either Becky Burgess or Jason Roy was sent packing and the remaining Houseguests saw that spot replaced with the completion of the completely exposed and spoiled Twin Twist.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 live eviction
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 live eviction – Source: CBS

Yes, everyone in the house was expecting Julia to soon set foot in the game and she got to do that last night as the Sixth Sense alliance strengthened their hold on the game. Could a power shift be in our future? Let’s hope so for some added excitement.

YES! Julie confirms it’s an endurance competition tonight with only ONE Head of Household. Battle of the Block is at least done for the week. Grab your Live Feed Free Trial right now & be ready to watch!

Four straight weeks of Vanessa Rousso and Shelli Poole trading off control has left the house lopsided and the underdogs know they have to ramp things up if they want to stick around much longer.

Tonight is the chance and the pressure is on for a big Head of Household competition including high stakes for Austin who has been promised a kiss from Liz if he wins HoH. Pfft. I know, I know.

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Big Brother 17 Week 6 Votes:

  • Austin votes to evict: Jason
  • Meg votes to evict: Becky
  • Liz votes to evict: Jason
  • James votes to evict: Becky
  • Steve votes to evict: Jason
  • Jackie votes to evict: Jason
  • Shelli votes to evict: Jason
  • That’s enough. It’s official.
  • Clay votes to evict: Jason
  • John votes to evict: Jason

By a vote of 7-2, Jason Roy has been evicted from Big Brother.

Jason goes out smiling and waving while telling the HGs to stop sleeping and keep us entertained out there. Always the super fan.

Julie Chen sends Julia in to the house after revealing Liz survived the week. Next up is the bigger announcement that yes, Battle of the Block is over for good. It’s time for an endurance competition!

Big Brother 17 Week 6 Head of Household Comp – “On The Edge”:

Watch tonight’s competition play out on the Live Feeds, your only way to see inside the Big Brother house and watch the game as it happens. Tonight that means watching this week’s Endurance battle.

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch the live fallout from the HoH comp. Join us on there with the Feeds’ Free Trial & see what the fuss is all about.


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      • I’m ready to see Jackie win HOH again. She’s about the only one , at this point, that might actually get some “blood on her hands” and own it.

      • I don’t know…”at the end of the day” she might not be happy with that…especially if “the house doesn’t want it.”

      • Jackie has actually been the only houseguest in he minority that is surviving this week to claim she’ll go after big targets. James and Meg are wildcards and Becky wants to target Steve. We must have faith in Jackie!

      • Hey KSJB, I was down for Jackie winning it too, but now I don’t know…why did she vote to evict Jason? What was up with that

      • Hey Captain555, how u doin..and screw the majority, because the majority is scared of her because they can’t get a read on her. If one of them wins, Jackie is the next target. Austin is espeically afraid of Jackie and he said as much on BBAD. But I get what your’re saying.

      • JMO, Cheryl, but I think she knew he didn’t have the votes anyway, so a vote for Jason would put more of a target on her, as she would have been pinned for it. She and Becky have been friendly, also.

      • Yeah but Shitty..I mean Shelli and Shitty’s puppy.. I mean Clay Vaginia.. I mean Vanessa, and Austin’s CRY BABY ASS…”pleeease Vanessa don’t put me up on the block”, I’m in love with the little Rat faced girl who I don’t know yet does not love me back DUUUUHHHH..LOL..LOL..well anyway they already knew that Jackie wanted a backdoor Austin plan to be put into affect and for Austin to be sitting on the block, but when they blindsided her, Meg and Jason they knew Jackie was mad about that. Sure Jason didn’t have the votes but all of them thinks that Jackie is after them anyway, so what would it have mattered anyway. You know what I mean.

      • LOL, Cheryl, I do know what you mean. I assume she knows if the people who are currently in power win this next HOH, they would use her vote for Jason to stay, as a vote against them. Since they need excuses for EVERYTHING they do, they would have one to put her up for nomination.

      • Well as slimy as they are I think they will put her up for eviction or backdoor her anyway.

      • There are 7 people left on the wall so 4 are down. One of them is Meg, the other is Julia, I don’t know who the other 2 are that’s already down.

      • Oh, and what is JMO, I am still getting use to the just letters thing..still trying to catch up with the 21st century…LOL

      • I learned that acronym on this site myself, lol. I don’t expect to ever catch up. Just My Opinion

  1. Supposedly its a physical comp for HOH. That’s doesn’t bode well for the underdogs. It depends on which side of the house Becky is with but Meg’s master plan to save Jason may have pushed Becky away and to the alliance. Nice move, Meg.

  2. “All aboooooard!”

    Blehcky really should be the one going home.

    Hopefully Zingbot makes an appearance and causes some problems.

  3. I won’t be able to watch tonight’s episode. Just got back from my night shift at work (doing something for those who have TFC on their cable/satellite). Hopefully, I’ll get to watch it later in the day.

    Praying for happy days for the next HOH. And yes for next week’s sure DE. :D

  4. I just REALLY REALLY REALLY hope this is a non eviction week. Hopefully the other side of the house would for an alliance and start making moves to knock the others out. Then we would have a real game to watch and hard core fight for HOH, POV, & VETO compititions. Now it’s just one sided slowly picking them off. Or if they flip the house and vote Becky out (sorry becky.. rather see Jason stay).

    On the other hand atleast Becky has been trying and fighting while the others laid on their ass.

    So best would be non elimination. And vanessa and shelli sitting side by side next week. BOOM

      • But with fan/viewer distaste this season I could imagine CBS maybe throwing a bone to keep people hooked, no? Maybe not probable but certainly possible.

      • On Neilsen, they’re doing good. Like any show that’s been running for a long time, there’s been a decline every year, but it’s still good. As far as distaste for this season, I don’t pick that up from social media. Whatever happened to the “Takeover twist” seemed to be the subject of interest.

      • I think it’s been a good season although I would like to see those who think they are mighty fall.

      • Networks keep charts about everything. With the amount of complaints I see posted here on a daily basis (that all seem to be about the same things) I’m assuming this can’t be the only BB site logging similar complaints. But you might be exactly right. Maybe I just assume the problem’s a lot bigger than it really is. Thanks for the thoughts.

      • I don’t think they care anymore, especially not what a bunch of people on the internet think…They know as well as most people the ones crying on the internet are the ones with no life that would cry no matter what…They have their people who watch the show and thats all they care about..

        Supposedly the losers are upset about something every year that is just pointless from Aaryn being “racist”, to Amanda or her family working for CBS or production was trying to cheat so Frankie would win, its ALWAYS something

      • Your points about Frankie and Amanda are correct. (Amanda was an actress who appeared in a CBS comedy series awhile back.) But the Aaryn one’s a bit harder to accept. They had a girl making some racist comments and viewers reacted to that. I’m not opening that old door again but associating a young white woman’s racist remarks with internet lunacies and conspiracy theorists is grouping things that are polar opposite of each other I think.

        But let’s not argue about that.

        While I agree with you completely on the insanity of some internet comment complaints, I think they (CBS) care more about things like viewers being bored. Or disliking a specific small number of people who are controlling things in the house.

        I think complaints like THAT might get noticed. Sound complaints. Complaints that aren’t generated out of insanity but are reflective of the audience’s feelings as a whole.

        I hear you though…It IS always something!

        Great comment. Thanks!

      • Yeap, the famous reset button. but that was in play the whole week. That would not happen as a last minute thing.

  5. It would be great to see John and Steve win HoH, then both sides are gonna have to try and pull them in!

  6. Liz and Julia have not swapped out yet. Maybe Julia will enter the game after she makes her own vote to evict. The twins did manage to survive 5 evictions.

      • Oh, I was hoping that maybe she would have tied the vote, and would force Vanessa to evict Jason herself.

      • Unfortunately even so I think there are six votes locked against Jason, as he only has the support of James, Meg, and Jackie. (And they might not keep him if they realize he’s a lock to leave tonight.)

    • Some satellite companies offer East Coast feeds but I’m not sure you can make that happen quickly if you’re not already a subscriber.

    • FaceTime with a friend on the east coast ;)
      My daughter is in Germany, we are FaceTiming so she can watch it

  7. Will Becky be derailed? Woah Big Brother, that’s quite the fast one there. (Becky getting hit by a train.) Not sure if that’s morally inappropriate..most likely a light hearted joke though!

    • Soooo over the ‘air guitar’. Unless it’s done really well. And Austin and JMac? Not so much. Blech.

      • Jeez, you make me laugh! I can’t stand to watch JMac’s face while he’s at it…of course, Austin/Judas/ Hunk-a-hunk-a-burnin’-love looks goofier.

  8. Yes ..endurance. ..Jackie might win it this week and have an HoH…….ALONE…

    • Should be a dog fight. If size matters, as in the smaller you are the better, Shelli, Jackie, Becky, and the twins will have a really good chance. They’re all really fit.

      And of course Clay is a physical freak so he’ll have a chance too.

  9. I get a kick out of Meg crying saying she’s sick of her peeps going home.. Ok try winning something!!

  10. I’d like to know how Shelli had a hand in every eviction. 1. James wanted Jace gone. 2. Shelli was after Da and didn’t hide it. She put her straight up. 3. Vanessa and Austin wanted James or Jeff gone, not Shelli. 4. Shelli did what the entire house wanted and got Audrey out. 5. Vanessa wanted Jason up and Shelli tried to get her to put Jackie up. So how did she get everyone evicted? Wow she’s playing better than I thought. She deserves to win.

  11. I cannot imagine JMac working on anyone’s teeth. Only because of his persona on the show.

  12. JMac is going to get a lot of new patients. He’ll make well over $500,000 in the long run.

    • I don’t know if I would trust him with my teeth…he’s seems like it would “rock n roll” with my teeth…

  13. lol. Like the edit where Jason is campaigning quietly, whispering to Cleli then the camera cuts to Beauty and the Beast dancing….in Judas Castle

  14. John is not interesting, he’s not funny, he isn’t charming and he certainly isn’t rock n roll and him being a doctor is both laughable and unbelievable.

  15. YES NO BOB ANYMORE! And with it being endurance, Jackie and James have a good shot at winning…I really hope they do!

  16. Jackie is such a hypocrite. She talks about being betrayed but then she campaigns against her closest friend in the house.

      • She was trying to get votes for Jason. She said if she could get Shelli and Clay to vote for Jason she would vote Becky out. Nice friend and big hypocrite.

      • No that is not what happened. Meg came up with the plan to try to get Clay and Shelli to vote to save Jason and she asked Jackie if she would vote to save Jason if Clay and Shelli did. That’s when Jackie said she would vote to save Becky. But Jackie also told others she promised her vote to Becky so she would not vote against her.

        In the end Jackie voted to evict Jason.

      • Jackie told Meg and Jason she would vote Becky out if they have the votes. Like I said nice friend. She only voted Jason out because she knew he didn’t have the votes.

      • I still think that if Steve won HoH, he’d turn on that ‘Nerd Power’ and switch things up.

      • No…he will go right to Vanessa….Vanessa : put up James and Jackie… Steve: OK… (happily obliges)…useless piece of rock is better…

      • Yes…because he is so outside of the social whatever that he does not even know at all what is going on…he thinks Vanessa is loyal to him when it is all fake…everyone else has sorta caught on because they go around and talk to people. ..he does not have one real ally and doesn’t do anything socially. least has Becky. ..

  17. Never liked Jackie from TAR. She’s fake in every way possible. I can’t wait to see her go home. (Bye Jackie, because Clay and Shelli want you out next!) Hopefully she won’t be cast on anymore CBS shows.

  18. Oh Jason you’re so wrong. Wait until you watch how Vanessa wanted you gone and every time Shelli brought up keeping you she shut her down.

  19. Why does Liz act so cocky every week in the diary room? What does she have in order to be so cocky? She’s ugly! And no one likes her but plenty of people love Jason.

    • “and no one likes her…”
      Have you not been watching? Clearly Austin likes her.

      • I couldn’t care less right now. But Liz is doing that all on her own as she is using her “sexuality” to help her on the game. She’s making women look bad everywhere.

      • No, sh e is making herself look bad. The other women in the house are not behaving that way. Her and Austin are destroying their reputations outside the house.

      • Shelli is doing it too she looks like a fool dating a man 10 years her junior, calling him poopy face and breaking up the girls alliance for a guy. Becky is weak, and Vanessa sold out the LGBT community. And Jackie does nothing all day but wear skimpy clothing. Yea, girl power!

      • Vanessa sold out the LGBT community? Is she supposed to never vote out a fellow gay person lest she be labeled a sellout, even if that gay person has the potential to ruin her game? Your posts are getting more and more preposterous.

      • Actually, Vanessa said that it would look bad for her to nominate or evict someone Like Jason or Audrey (for obvious reasons) yet she’s done both.

        And if say the same about your post but they don’t merit much thought.

      • Actually it was a faux excuse she used because she didn’t want Audrey to go, she wanted Jeff to go.
        Petty much?

      • It’s not like she’s 70 and he’s 20. People do date people that are younger than them. But it’s ok for a 60 yr old man dating a 20yr old girl.

      • No one said it was or wasn’t ok for a man that was you. And yes it does look bad for Shelli makes her look desperate and her baby talk makes her look ridiculous.

      • Another preposterous post. You’re on a roll!
        The age difference between Austin and Liz is nothing. You’re being petty.

      • Oh ok desperate because he’s younger. I’ll tell my best friend who’s been married for over 20 yrs to a man that’s 11 yrs younger than her.

      • Liz does not represent me as a woman nor does she represent the entire gender. That claim is simply preposterous.

  20. Any part of me that still liked Liz has completely left. That message was just rude and I hope she is the one walking out the door next week. I don’t even care that we are both ZTA’s.

      • It did if you’re watching on the east coast, but this post about who was evicted was made two hours ago, so thought perhaps it is not a live on the east coast, but on the west.

      • The posting goes up a few hours before the Live Eviction show with only a few things in it. (Sort of a “teaser” to get people talking.) Then the author updates it as things happen. So while I can understand your questioning it if you look at the date/time it’s posted, it’s actually very current.

      • its just how starting here its 8pm here and california wont have the show for at least 1 more hour,im in the west.

      • The posting goes up a few hours before the Live Eviction show with only a few things in it. (Sort of a “teaser” to get people talking.) Then the author updates it as things happen. So while I can understand your questioning it if you look at the date/time it’s posted, it’s actually very current.

  21. I have to say that watching the videos of Liz and Julia to the evicted house guests over the past few weeks has sickened me. They act like high school kids when they bash and taunt he evicted house guests. Their actions are classless and trashy. The way that Liz mocked Jason tonight was disgusting. Saying something like “We’re here and your not. Have fun in your mother’s basement.” was I in such poor taste. Shelly showed class and don’t stoop to immature behavior like Liz. The house guests better watch out and evict them ASAP. Hope when they watch the tapes later, they realize how nasty and childish they presented themselves to be.

  22. Shelli complaining to Vanessa about how this move put the target on her and Clay is priceless. It was Shelli who decided it was better to keep Austin and have Vanessa break her deal with the rest of the house. Vanessa even warned them this could happen but they were determined to break the deal Vanessa made.

  23. I bet jackie wins she was the only one thats back was touching the wall solidly on that last shot

    • She is a dancer. She is very athletic. We saw it on TAR. She is bond to do good.

  24. Okay, now I am rooting for Meg. Not even the ice queen left such a nasty message as Liz. She can have her Judas, I am sure his gf back home doesn’t want him anymore.

      • This comp tends to favor the smaller HGs, though. It’s not intended for the big, muscular guys.

      • He’s got extra weight on him with that long sleeved hoodie ~ that plus lots of water could knock him off balance.

      • He’s well prepared. Warm clothing, a bandana, a hat, and a hood; and he ducked his head out of the way when the water crashed on him. He’s playing smart.

      • Although I keep thinking that the eagle is gonna grab little James and fly away with him!!!

      • Tiny James is being very vocal ~~ me thinks he’s just a bit of a self-centered country boy.

      • @Cuddles,

        I’m telling you…It’s a perfect drinking game idea. Every time he announces himself as a “Country Boy” you have to shotgun a beer. (I realize Production probably feeds those lines to him but with the amount of times he says it I’m assuming CBS must be having ratings problems in the South.)

      • Actually, I’m predicting Austin might be on of the first, alongside Clay. They’re the two biggest guys in the house.

      • I feel the same Georgia. Shelli and Clay will be within the 1st four to accidently on purpose kinda just slip off their perches.

  25. Yay!! watching them now…Guys don’t look good. Jackie is like a statue. I think a girl is gonna take this.

  26. I am going to laugh so hard if Shelli wins HoH. The collective groan on this board would be worth the price of admission.

  27. I am a huge fan of big brother and over the years the show has declined! I have watched it from the beginning! I keep watching because i like to see what the seasons hold but it is getting harder and harder to do it!

  28. I so badly want Liz to go home soon. Her tacky goodbye to Jason shows her true colors and the way she’s leading Austin on is downright cruel, combined with a huge dose of sleaziness. If it was a guy leading a girl on like that, while saying all the time that he can’t stand her and her little kiss was “ewwwww”, we’d be all over him. I wonder when she goes home if she’ll give him her personal cell number?

  29. Seems like Vanessa suspects that Austin threw the comp. Pretty sure he didn’t.

  30. I find it amusing that just two weeks ago everyone was giving Jackie crap saying she’s useless, taking up space, “why is she even there?”, “who is she?”, etc. Now everyone wants her to win. LOL!

  31. This is really terrible. All the good people have been sent home. Now with the exception of Meg and James, only the evils remain. This show is no longer worth watching. It is a guarantee that an undeserving person will win. There are so many horrible people in that house, and I can tell that they are all horrible people outside the house. Look at all the deserving they’ve sent home. A single mother. An insurance saleman. A transgender. A stockboy who lives with his parents?

    And look at all the undeserving people in the house. A millionaire poker player. A woman flirting with a kid half her age. A football player whos a male model, and has never had a bad day in his life. A pro wrestler. An Ivy Leaugue College student. Twins who are horrible despicable people.

    • Yeah, these are always the most exciting parts of the show – sitting on the edge of your seat, eyes glued to the feeds, waiting to see who pulls out the win.

    • I’m honestly surprised he’s lasted this long. He’s gonna feel it in the morning.

      • Football player usually have good endurance. This comp is the hardest on the legs.

  32. It’s 8:13pm PST:

    Three part question:

    1. Still: Liz, Shelli, Clay, Jackie, JMac, James?
    2. How are they looking?
    3. Still too early for any deal makings? Any talk at all?

  33. Clelli have each other for moral support…They talk a lot, and that helps, I think.

  34. Let’s go, Shelly. Let’s go!
    Clap clap clap
    Let’s go, Shelly. Let’s go!
    Clap clap clap

  35. It’s 8:38pm PST:

    1. Still: Shelli, JMac, James?
    2. How are they looking?
    3. Any deals?

  36. HOH rerun coming up???? New blood is needed…not interested in watching last weeks use of the HOH room

  37. HOH rerun coming up???? New blood is needed…not interested in watching last weeks use of the HOH room

    • I know we’re not supposed to use all caps but forgive me for a moment:



      I’m sitting here staring at a computer screen feeling like a 10-year-old as all of your updates come in.

      You’re all fantastic!


  38. John and James prep for the next round as the wall returns to an easier position.

  39. John and James prep for the next round as the wall returns to an easier position.

  40. It’s 8:44pm PST:

    1. Shelli, JMac, James?
    2. How are they looking?
    3. Any deals?

    • Why? In that house no one knows how to keep a secret. As soon as one’s made James will tell Clay about it and make him promise to give him an autograph when the show’s over.

    • Have you noticed..there’s a lot of cheering, or is it the same as other season?

  41. And don’t forget, if Shelli wins and you’re not cheering for her and doing cartwheels then you’re going on the block

  42. James told John and Shelli they’re safe. Promised Shelli Clay is safe too. No backdoors. He “agreed”, but we’ll see.

  43. OMG! Shelli made deal with James..YES!…now you can samurai them in the back…Miyagi!! lol well, maybe not them, because you made a deal..There’s another big

  44. This is freaky. It’s 8:59pm here. The West Coast feed starts 1 minute from now.

    That’s outstanding!

    Thank you ALL for making this so much fun!

  45. James HOH will be the most boring HOH ever. He did nothing during his 1st HOH. I’m sorely disappointed.

  46. He may not be a fan favorite but he is better than the same old click week to week

  47. I just read on the tweets that they got rid of Jace’s pic to make room for the twin. Jace’s pic is off the wall..woooow

  48. Sad, but I knew he was leaving. Now that everyone knows about the alliance between Vanessa, Clay and Shelli. They should be the target. Julie didn’t reveal much to Jason. It is a possibility that he may be secluded somewhere to try and come back in the game.

  49. Watching the West Coast feed. Help me out with something…Does anyone else worry that Steve might secretly dress up as a clown and have a basement full of corpses?

    • LOL..You are crazy…But oddly enough, he does look like that type of person..LOL. I just think he STILL can’t believe that he’s in the BB house, even after all these weeks.

  50. Some Commenters focused on Jason being lazy but I think he made a solid effort to save himself.

    His Exit interview was great. He took the blame when it belonged to him and he’ll be missed by this viewer.

    And the Liz goodbye message? – Ouch. If Liz is worried about looking bad for flirting with Austin that message certainly isn’t going to win her any points.


  51. When talking about battle of the block going away and said the game was being “reset”, am I the only one who thought they were going to say Vanessa would be allowed to compete? Because I was fuming at first at that idea.

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