Derrick Levasseur’s Big Brother 17 Finale Week Breakdown & Predictions

Wow! What a week we had on Big Brother 17! We went from six people to 3 people in a blink of an eye. I must admit…. I loved it! It was fast-paced and before you could process one game move, someone else was winning a comp or sending someone home. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope CBS decides to do something similar in the future.

Derrick Levasseur, winner of Big Brother 16
Derrick Levasseur, winner of Big Brother 16

That said, we have to talk about where we are in the game right now. With only three people left, it’s impossible to name two warriors for the week so instead, I’ll break down what has happened (Beware of the spoilers!) and the possible outcomes we may potentially see.

First off, lets review what has taken place since my last article. Julia was sent home over Johnny Mac, Vanessa cut Austin and sent him to the jury house, and Johnny Mac was sent home over Liz. So that leaves us with Vanessa, Steven, and Liz to compete in the final three-part HOH.

So part one is an endurance comp. The comp lasted about three hours and when it was all said and done, Vanessa was your winner. Part two was a combination of knowledge and speed and Steven came out on top, beating Liz by three minutes. So there you have it. Vanessa and Steven will face off in part three of the HOH competition and the winner will decide who will join them in the final two.

So what do we know? We know that Vanessa wanted Liz to beat Steven in part two. It appears Vanessa is set on taking Liz to the final two with her if she wins. Steven has also said numerous times to the cameras that he will take Liz if he wins the final HOH.

The funny thing is, both Vanessa and Steven are playing it up as if they already made it to the end and no matter what happens, they will take each other. Vanessa even went to the extent of telling Steven that he didn’t need to win the final HOH. Steve quickly shut her down and told her there was no way he was throwing it. It’s actually quite fascinating to watch. Both are pretending to be happy with the results while still showing subtle indications through their actions and words that they’re fully aware of the significance of this final competition. There is no doubt that they both know that the winner of this season will most likely be determined by the outcome of this final HOH.

So how do I see this thing turning out? Well, the final HOH is a coin toss. If it’s similar to previous years, it’s basically a guessing game. If Vanessa wins, she takes Liz and wins 7-2. If Steve wins, it’s not as clear-cut. Best case for him is a 7-2 win but I could see Vanessa and Shelli possibly throwing Liz a vote, making it 5-4. Vanessa could say she was loyal to Liz the entire game and Shelli could throw her vote to Liz just because of the sorority connection (although she obviously wouldn’t say that).

This has been a good season but to be truly successful, Vanessa needs to win. Although some may not agree with her tactics or crying, she has been in control the majority of the game. As long as she can pull out one more win, Vanessa Rousso will be the winner of Big Brother 17.

This will be my last article for the season and I just wanted to say “Thank you” to everyone who has taken the time to read and comment week after week. As you guys know, I love this show and it was a privilege to cover the entire season. I want to thank Matt for allowing me to write for the site. I have always been a fan of Big Brother Network and I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts.

I hope you guys have enjoyed the articles as much as I enjoyed writing them. Enjoy the finale and good luck to everyone applying for BB18!

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  1. I hate to say it, but I have to agree. If Vanessa wins the final HOH, she will win Big Brother and will have earned it. However I wouldn’t mind seeing Steve vs Liz in the finals just for the entertainment of it, meaning what will the jury say and do with those two on finale night.

    • if vanessa goes to jury she will probably tell everyone how to vote and they will be stupid one last time.

      • I agree. If Steve ends up in final 2 against Liz, he might actually win just because he finally got rid of the beast.

      • So it’s basically saying “For getting rid of the best player this season, we are gonna give you our votes!”

      • Basically yes, because it would be the only good move he would play all summer. She is not the best player, she’s the biggest bully since Evil Dick or Howie but way worse.

  2. I absolutely can’t stand Vanessa but she deserves to win as she has orchestrated this whole game. Doesn’t change my opinion of her but if the jury is fair they will give her the win.

    • I can’t stand Vanessa either. The main reason she made it this far is because she bullies people into doing what she wants! I think a lot of the house guests were wimps. I can’t believe Liz accepted to hand over round 1 of the HOH contest! What’s wrong with these people?!

      • liz dyed her hair to much she became stupid those twins must been brats as kids cause their wine got me drunk every episode

      • Thank you for saying what I’ve been saying since Week 5 when she put Jason on the block! She’s nothing more than a bully & sanctimonious ass! She doesn’t deserve to win in the slightest! GO STEVE!!!

    • I have watched this show for 17 seasons and this most dumbest people this season the first I seen vanessa in action I would of figured her out becky had but vanessa got everybody else and the twins just hearing them whine got me drunk. if I could do the physical comps I would be good at bb.

      • How were Liz and Julia whining any more than Vanessa? They were kittens compared to that beast.

  3. so hoping Steve wins and takes liz, Van needs the same feeling she gave others! and Derrick could you please tell big bother we do not want to see frankie nor anybody else in his season, that was the season of MEAN and not just game play! thanks!

  4. Thanks Derrick! I was rooting for you all last season and was so glad to see you win! I can’t say I was rooting for any of the final three this year, but I’m still anxious to see who wins. I do think Vanessa has played the best game even though I’m not a fan of hers. I think she or Steve will win over Liz. I hope James or JMAC is named AFP.

    • I really hope Steve wins round 3 & does to Vanessa what she has done to so any others! I disagree with all the people that say Vanessa deserves to win. She made it as far as she did because too many of the house guests were afraid of her cause she is a bully. Like John & Becky said, she starts a fight with you, then cries & plays the victim, next thing you r going out the door! at least Becky had the guts to try & get rid of her, but the others were cowards & backed done. I will b so disappointed if she wins cause I HATE when bullies get their way!

      • Yes, finally! I totally see it how you do. Being a bully does not earn some one a win. I wish they could find out how rich she already is because she definitely doesn’t need more money.

  5. Derrick, I remember sweating it out for you this time last year! I don’t have the passion for these players that I had for you and others before you. I think Liz and Austin did me in this season. There’s nothing to say about that except GROSS! All we can do is hope Steve can pull this off! Thanks for your input.

  6. Great article !! I enjoyed seeing your analysis this year.

    I do think Vanessa did really well, and was the strongest player. I think though that she didn’t let Steve know enough about what was going on for him to completely trust her, that’s why he would even consider not taking her to final 2.

  7. If it is Vanessa and Liz, it’s a lot closer vote. I see Jackie lobbing hard against Vanessa and convincing Meg and James to vote for Liz, then you got, Julia, Austin. That’s 5. LIz wins, and that is fine with me

    • Liz doesn’t even know she’s going F2 with whoever wins R3 & a great chance of winning the 1/2M or is it 1/4M for her & 1/4M for Julia… see ya Austin, though maybe they hire him to wash their new cars & be a chauffeur/butler/bodyguard. He might need kissing lessons though. LOL.

      • Or the hat? Or the dirty feet? Or the lack of bathing? Or the tats that were never part of acceptance as “cool” in her social group.

      • Surely, there must be one quality that Liz saw, or has she been in a faux showmance to purely benefit?

        Maybe it was his body odor, we don’t have smell-a-vision so it good be that :

      • Or the beard pony? Or the eating like a slob? Or the flat-ironing of his hair? Or the eyeglasses that somehow don’t look right on his face? How many more reasons does one need?

      • She said she likes his muscles and personality! The way she looked at Caleb was priceless! Also the twins gawking at Jerky Jessie for the Veto comp Austin won to save himself!

      • Nice! Hate his face tats beard dirtiness etc!!! Wonder if LIZ’s dad saw disgusting sex clips of those 2? I don’t know if they did anything but kissing fingering grinding cuddling as I would be scared to see something that gross! The twins were the worst then Austin then probably V!

      • I think it’s more likely Liz will totally DUMP Austin when she gets back into her Miami life. The Nolans will have a short spurt of celebrity there and they will PAR-TAY and hang with all “the beautiful” people, and go boating and hang out on beaches and PAR-Tay some more and …. So on. Ummm, how do I know? I live in Florida and man-o-man, Miami is the place to party when your young, carefree, and living La Vida Loco – oh yeah! (That WAS my life many, many years ago!) Sayonara, Austin.

      • I agree. What does Austin have to give her she can’t get back in Miami sooner, quicker, younger and much better looking.

      • I will go so far as to defend Liz when she accepted his offer to be his girlfriend. He meant in real life; I think (at that point, at least) she meant in the game. Heck, if she had said ‘no’ and he wound up in jury (exactly what happened), he might have voted against her in retaliation for her spurning him on national TV. After all, he told her he “ruined his life” for her, which is quite a burden to put on a young woman he just met six weeks ago.

      • I’ve got to go with my girl Vanessa… reverse, reverse, reverse. Though I would like to hear that speech Steve is working on. I’m so conflicted… NOT really.

    • The irony about Jackie is she knows Van was behind her eviction – not Steve! Heard it in her exit interviews.

      • Right, Jackie turned out to be probably the most aware in the house, when it came to Vanessa’s shenanigans.

        Vanessa spotted that and had her taken out asap

      • I think she blames V? Hopefully she does not blame Steve as i think she asked him just before the eviction took place why he put her on the block? He told her that V said she was going after him in general or the week she was HOH which was a lie! Austin was the target that week Jackie was co HOH! She lost power and Jason got renomed I believe that same week? Go Steve!!!!!!

    • She doesn’t need to convince Meg and James. Meg has said she will never vote for Vanessa, if she sticks to it I don’t know. But, based on jury segments so far, which don’t always tell the whole story, the only person impressed with Vanessa’s game is Shelli, everyone else hates her and are not very impressed.

      • Right, even more reason why Derrick’s prediction is incorrect, he has Vanessa winning 7-2 against Liz

  8. Loved reading what you had to say Derrick! However I need to say this…. I’ve considered saying if Vanessa wins I will never watch big brother again! And believe me when I tell you I have never missed it! Not really fond of big bro Canada! BUT I dislike her manipulative ways! Steve may have started playing later but he should win! Yes I know it’s a game… But who says it’s okay to play a game by bullying!?

    • “Deserving to win” implies some kind of honor being attached to that win. There was absolutely no honor in the way Vanessa played her game. She may very well bully her way to a win, but there’s no “deserving” in that.

      • I agree Koko! Vanessa went from puppeteer to BULLY very quickly. I don’t care for bullies. James and Becky both wanted her out but Production and Alison Grodner have kept her there. BB can NOT be so desperate for HG that they pick them up at sporting events (Clay) and other such ways. Frankie and Vanessa had no business being in the game. Vanessa is a millionaire and the other idiot did not need the money. If you want to have a show with such ppl , have a Celebrity BB. IMO

      • Well said!!! I can quite honestly say If they had a celebrity one I wouldn’t be watching unless they were playing the game to give to a charity!!!

      • Can we cut and paste that first sentence to each time that statement is made in a BB forum?!

    • Derrick played his season through deception and very subtle manipulation, so it stands to reason he would want Vanessa to win. Didn’t like the way Derrick, a sworn police office, played the game. I found his strategy to be based on very cleverly distorting the truth – something that came very easily to him, and not something I enjoyed seeing in an officer who’s supposed to report facts. I wouldn’t have wanted him in court testifying against me, if I were an innocent defendant who was only being charged based on Derrick’s word. That said, it worked for him, but I hate to see bullying (no matter how brilliantly low key it’s done) and being cruel to people (making gullible Victoria believe he was interested in her) cause people to win. That’s why I don’t want Vanessa to win. Her game play may have been brilliant, but I don’t like people like her one tiny bit. I know my likes and dislikes have no meaning for anyone else, but it’s how I feel.

      • Whoosh! Dear Ms ER: Holy Mackeral … Your assessment of Derrick and his personal integrity as a police officer makes me think that if someone were under your “domain” and they didn’t do something right, you’d rake a ruler over their knuckles and break their bones! First and foremost, Derrick owned who he was and it would not be revealed during the game … He said that thru-out the season. Good for him … V said she wasn’t going to reveal she was a professional poker player (well, she has indicted to some HGs she “use” to play, but has omitted saying anything about her HUGE winnings and oh yeah, that Lambrogini she drives … But hey, that’s not dishonest (by omitting the truth),
        Derrick was kind and compassionate with Victoria; it hurt him to do what he had to do “for his family” … Again, he said he was doing what he had to do for his family ALL season long! He owned his game and V has not; Julie Chen even said that in her Live Chat with Jeff this past week that Van has not owned her game.
        And then to attack his personal character as a police officer outside of this game; Jesus, the only thing I can recommend is for you to stop watching this show.

      • i knew I would get strong reactions to this post, and the one regret I have is that I forgot it was Derrick’s page, or I would not have commented here. I am the daughter of a police officer, sister of another, related to others, and worked in a County prosecutor’s office for nearly a quarter of a century. I could not in a million years imagine my English police officer family being capable of acting in the way that Derrick acted – they were men of the highest integrity and I don’t believe they would ever have been able to act in such a subtly manipulative way. Still, I understand that a lot of people who are drawn to games such as this do pride themselves on being able to make use of people’s weaknesses. I also think he was extremely cruel to Victoria – she was like a little puppy around him, and he definitely used that to his advantage. I’m not saying he’s a bad person in real life – I’m sure he’s not, but I don’t like to see that kind of personality in a law enforcement officer. Just my opinion, and perhaps my values are old-fashioned, because the majority of commenters last year thought what he did was perfectly fine. My apologies to Derrick if I offended him, but on this website you get opinions of all types.

      • That is an extremely aggressive and unnecessary attack on Derrick personally. There are similarities to how they played the game, but the way they handled it is very different. Derrick used his personal advantages just as vanessa has done and how every other houseguest to ever play has. Everyone has something that gives them an advantage over others Derrick just used his better. He was as nice as possible dealing with Victoria as he was to everyone he played with. He did what needed to be done to win the game, but was never cruel in doing so. To bring up how it looks bad as he is a police officer is so absurd I won’t even address it.

  9. I think there’d be at least one or two bitter jury votes against V if she makes it, but yeah, she wins.
    I also think Shelli votes for Steve not because of the sorority connection with Liz, but because she already told us in the jury house that she’s rooting for JMac and Steve, but V is the one playing the best game.

    • I think Steve has been playing a better game than we think. Just because he has not running around swearing on his families life, spazzing out, and trying to cheat. I think he’s playing a good game… staying under the radar. He said in his interview it would be his stategy. HMMMMM… I would love to see her face.

      • I look at it this way if I was on jury I would vote for if you won or got carried and how u played the game I would go for someone who played themselves and didn’t bring the bible the family or anything you can swear on so steve would get my vote vanessa was just a bully

  10. It’s less about Vanessa playing well and more about the others not playing well. Think back to the first double eviction. Could that have gone any worse? Could the rest of the players that night made any worse decisions? And similar situations since then. It felt like they had 10 chances to nominate or evict her. They just weren’t that sharp at the game.

  11. By saying Vanessa deserves to win implies one thinks Vanessa’s style of game play was superior to everyone else’s. It wasn’t. All it did was overshadow everyone else’s play because she was relentless about game talk and in everybody’s face belittling them all the time. A better – and more deserving – game player would have had a much stronger social rapport with the other HGs (much like Derrick did last year), and would have at least pretended to care about how they were reacting to her actions.

    Big Brother is not a sprint to the finish; it’s a marathon. It’s the tortoise and the hare. Steve is the tortoise. Let’s see how this race turns out.

      • CBS made casting mistakes this season; Les Moonves admitted to that. Maybe it’s time to clean the cobwebs out of the corners and go back to the way BB used to be – before those cast wanted less to play the game than they wanted their 15 minutes of fame.

      • Source? Although I do agree with the sentiment of getting more game players in the cast. The problem is figuring out during the casting process who is looking to play. For example Dan Gheesling exaggerated his views in order to up his odds of getting cast, so any person looking for their 15 minutes of fame could claim that they are looking to play hard.

      • Yeah. Can you imagine Austin’s big blow-hard sell on his alter ego Judas? Bet the casting unit LOVED that! And that turned out to be a deflated balloon!

      • www dot vulture dot com/2015/09/leslie-moonves-on-20-years-at-cbs.html

        There are 2 short questions about it.

      • Source is interview with Les Moonves at CBS’s recent TV Critics Assn. press tour party. Google “the disappointing casting of this year’s edition of Big Brother.”

      • They also need to change-up the ages of the houseguests and only pick players that have applied. CBS should terminate their “scouting-out” of players. How stupid was it to “find” Clay and when approached, Clay thought they were talking about “The Big Brother-Big Sister” Foundation. Yet, back at the studio, sits hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of applications and videos sent in by people who would kill to get a callback for an audition.

    • Although I do think she has played the best game. I agree with you that Steve can win against her and in my opinion would, but we won’t see that. Vanessa played so fast in other seasons she would already be out. She just got lucky with the other house guests they chose.

  12. Just want to ask there has been a lot of speculation on this season being rigged in favor of Vanessa winning does anyone think there is truth to the rumors?

    • There have been rumors, but they have come mostly from unreliable sources like Celebrity Dirty Laundry. It is well-known that production “intervenes” with the show, but whether or not that translates into “rigged in someone’s favor” – it’s hard to say. Maybe we can get a better flavor of whether or not it was rigged in Vanessa’s favor by what we see Wednesday night (as in how R3 questions are worded – that sort of thing).

      • Would you say production “intervened” when they were overheard giving a clue to Liz during the last comp?

      • I have not heard of them giving Liz a clue, but they are allowed to intervene. As long as they don’t have a predetermined winner it probably fine. That would be close to crossing the legal/illegal line in my opinion, but I don’t know how much of an advantage was given to Liz, was she already passed Steve’s time making it not matter, was Steve also given a clue. There is really not enough to go off of.

      • Yes, Production did say this after Steve’s comp time. But was that just a quirk? If so, at least it let’ps Production off the hook.

      • Since it was after Steve’s time I would assume it was done to just have Liz finish since it had no effect on the overall game at that point.

      • Bill, Ok thanks. Guess I am glad they gave her a clue then, otherwise she would probably still be there trying to figure it out!! :)

      • Right. And who knows down the road if that actual time might factor in to be important some day.

      • There have been instances throughout all the seasons when the HGs appeared not to understand how a competition was to work, so production has come in and further explained. I don’t see a problem as long as the assistance is given to everyone participating. But when a clue is given to help just one HG over the others, that’s iffy in my book.

      • It appears it was after Liz passed Steve’s time, so production helping Liz with the comp would have no affect on the overall game making it ok.

      • Right. But in previous years they let this basic competition play out and there was significantly more time elapsed between the winning time and the losing time. This season it seems like the competition was much closer time-wise than it probably actually would have been had Liz been made to play it out. I’d bet this one will go down in rule books because there will be no “official” record of “official” time.

      • Yep. I made a comment earlier that Production should have just confirmed she (Liz) played the game – not Julia. PERIOD! But they went on to say it was the BoB that she won. Really! Holy Christ! That’s cheating!

      • Absolutely. But the clue was given after Liz had already passed Steve’s time, so maybe it was just done so they could end the game. But still, it could raise eyebrows.

    • There is no truth to the rumors. The only people claiming it is rigged each season are people who see their favorite HGs get evicted. If it was rigged production wouldn’t have intervened and stopped Vanessa from trying to use money incentives to sway HG decisions

    • That rumor circulates every season, and has never been true. The legal ramifications of doing so are not worth it from the network’s perspective.

    • Less than a 0% chance it is rigged. The regulations on game shows are so tight and constantly watched. Even if CBS wanted to rig it, which they never would due to all of the legal problems, fines, show cancelled, possible jail time for those involved, they would not be able to without the government finding out right away. Big Brother is a show that will constantly have these rumors due to things like competitions that favor a house guest which is legal.

      • It comes down to the difference between rigging and advantages which convinces a lot of people into thinking it is rigged. I do feel that the season was tailored for Vanessa to do well for many reasons, not necessarily to win, but to make it far. Her coming into the game as the shows most famous contestant would make CBS want to keep her around for a while due to the extra publicity and it is not the first time it has been done. But it has all been done in a legal way though giving her things that work in her favor. House guests that could be good for her game, competitions that she could excel at, likely there were diary room questions that can cause house guests to think a certain way as production always does. This causes people to think it is illegally rigged when it is most likely legally giving advantages to a contestant.

      • Thanks for that. I didn’t think they would but there was so much speculation that I just had to ask.

    • By default, she wins $50K … Oh yeah, hit me in the head … Wouldn’t I love to just stumble upon $50K! I think I’m lucky win I find a quarter on the sidewalk! :)

  13. Thanks for your contributions, Derrick! I wish you and your family the best in life. I will take your playing and your integrity FAR ABOVE the level that Vanessa played the game. FAR, FAR ABOVE!

  14. I don’t believe that this won’t be a successful season if Vanessa doesn’t win. Far from it. Now if Steve wins part 3 and evicts Vanessa….that’s a successful season.

  15. Hollla!
    Thanks Derrick for all your write ups and following along with the rest of us.

    Not a failure of a season regardless of who wins. Simple fact is we all still sat and watched it and enjoyed it. If we didn’t enjoy we wouldn’t have watched.
    With that said, I picked poker player week one, and I’ll stand behind my pick regardless of how she gets there. It’s a game, and if lie, cheat, steal, has to be the motto to win the game for you, then do what you gotta do.
    If she doesn’t win, its no skin off my a$$. I’ll still watch next year and won’t lose any sleep over it , as I’ve not lost any since season 1.

    • Agreed – except about picking V from week 1. Last sentence says it all for me and I’ve enjoyed all the crazy stuff along the way! :)

  16. I feel like even though Vanessa was a very dirty and conniving player, she deserves to win, but a blindside during final 3 would give Steve the upper hand and help him win the game.

  17. And thank you, Derrick, for taking the time to write these articles. They were truly a highlight of the season, and I enjoyed reading what you had to say as the game progressed this season. All the best to you and your wonderful family.

  18. Vanessa deserve to win. She played one hell of a game there was times she had a plan in motion and I would said to myself there is no way she will pull this off and guess what she did it’s not her fault the people she was playing with could not think for themselves beside the crying oMG all the crying she played a damn good game Derek you were good but Vanessa will give you a run for your money she was good also very good she got people to change their mind there plans lol at the last minute she deserves to

    • I think she was a better player than Derrick as well because he never had anyone gunning for him all season. She had to win, scheme, and outwit most of the entire house at various times in the game. Also she won more comps and single handily accounted for more evictees than him. It could be argued that he was better because he never had anyone coming after him.. Bottom line, put her in the house last year with him and I think she gets him out whereas I don’t think he could have done the same this year, imo. I am certain we will see them together on All Stars and I predict she will outlast him.

      • I think they both played games appropriate for the people they were cast with in their respective seasons. It would be so interesting to see what would have happened with Derrick and Vanessa in the same cast. Friends? Enemies? Frenemies?

    • The best player of this season deserves not only a seat at the finals but also to win BB 17,hands down she controlled the game from day one, yes she’s bit of a train wreck but for me that made this even more interesting to watch,have nothing against Steve or Liz but compared to Vanessa they are mere shadows and pretenders to the BB throne,the real heir this season is Vanessa,has been that way from the beginning..

  19. Last night on the live feeds, Vanessa asked Steve (and Liz) how much they weighed. Liz refused to answer and I think Steve said, “170.” That, in turn, got me to thinking about the scales that everybody thinks are going to be in the final comp on Wednesday’s finale. Does weight of the person have anything to do with how far the scales go higher? How would they make it neutral weight for both people so they are starting at the same point? This is probably a stupid question but when Vanessa asked about the others weights, I was wondering, “Now, what’s she trying to calculate and why?” Anybody?

    • No clue, but I’ll venture an opinion … my bet would be (since they’ve done this competition before) the weight of the two HGs would have no bearing on how high the scales go. This is a game, not the scales of justice. (Remember after Steve won R2 he commented to Vanessa, “now all I have to do is weigh more than you.” There’s obviously no question he weighs more if he really is 170.) My guess would be this is just Vanessa overanalyzing everything, as usual. But interesting question.

    • Well, I’ll take a stab at this. If you had a small handheld ‘justice’ scale and placed 3 stones on one side, the scale plate would go down and the empty plate would go up. Now pour rice onto the empty scale plate until it brings the other up to an equal level. I think this is electro-mechanically done on the Comp Scale with an interface to a control monitor behind the scenes; that is, Van and Steve get on their scale plates, their weight is registered, then some type of control command goes out to equalize the scales. Let’s say V is 130 lbs, then 40 lbs would be added to her scale plate or at least the computer program thinks she weighs 170 lbs. Just postulating, but if Steve gets a right answer and V gets a wrong answer, maybe the program deducts 5 lbs from V,s scale plate and she slightly descends while Steve’s side ascends; if both get a right answer, the scale doesn’t move … I guess they’re on the scale until one plate touches bottom? Like I said, this is just a stab at answering your question. But the scales have to be calibrated in some way. I can’t imagine how V thinks she can outwit a scale unless she plans to load up her Depends will billiard balls! :) and I have no idea how that would help!

  20. Is next summer an All Star cast? Also, Derrick, I liked the way you played the game and I’m glad you won, but Vanessa doesn’t deserve it. Unlike you, she doesn’t need the money, she’s a millionaire already. From what i read, she didn’t even have to try out, she was handpicked and with her IQ, Bachelors in Game Theory and being a poker player, didn’t give anyone a chance at all next to her. All she did was brainwash people into feeling sorry for her, lying, acting like a victim when anyone had the nerve to speak honestly with her about her game and being a hypocrite. She attacked Audrey for swearing her life on something she knew Vanessa did and asking if Audrey valued her life then she wouldn’t swear on it but then days later she swore on her gf’s life. Really? I hated Frankie last season and most of season 15, but Vanessa is worse than all combined. They should put her head in a guillotine and slam it down fast before she talks her way out of it

    • But there are recruits every season. Jeff S. said in one of his videos that they bring in recruits to shake up the game a little bit. If it’s only superfans, they will know too much and take out the element of surprise.

      And even though the game comes with a big prize, it’s not a charity. It does not go to that most financially needy player. And just because she won big poker pots several years ago doesn’t mean she didn’t lose it all at another table or have a huge tax bill. None of us know the details of anyone’s financial situation.

  21. Loved reading your reviews Derrick!

    I would have to disagree with you on Shelli’s vote though. She absolutely positively WILL vote for Steve over Liz. She’s been rooting for Johnny Mac and Steve since she was sent to jury. Never once did she say she was rooting for Liz. Yeah she likes the twins and they have the whole sorority thing but as for the game she knows Steve played better and she likes Steve more.

  22. Funny the little chic in the house who won more comps than anyone which people seem over look cause of everything else is the bully. Manipulator yes. Bully no. That word is way over used in the big brother world. Even Jace’s conversation with steve that night wasn’t him bullying Steve. Why? Cause he was right about what he was saying. Did he take it little overboard yes? Was he expressing his opinion about what was going on at the time. Yes. Has Vanessa manipulated people the entire game. Yes! That isnsign she is there to play. Has she forced anyone to do anything against their will? No. She has done exactly what should be done in few cases to either keep people with her or get rid people who needed go. Austin used fear of eviction to keep him in line used same against James early on to get him to rat on people to clay and Shelli. They could of instead turned on her. But didn’t. Instead people went out one after another. That is gameplay 101. It even fell on others who the blame for some of it early on was targeted towards. They went bye bye. The one case of bullying a Houseguest tried to make was actually laughable. Becky claimed Vanessa was forcing her into the vote scenario the week clay left. Thing is everyone else was pitching same scenario and James and Meg were just as fung ho for that plan. Vanessa did stand up and ask if EVERYONE was agreeing yes. Not just Becky. Who later tried play it off like she wasn’t part of conversation and was just listening too music and that Vanessa had raised her voice at her to ask her about vote. Not true. She asked her just like everyone else in room. What Becky was mad about was plan involved John and Shelli. What Becky didn’t wait too hear was sixth sense had no plan honoring that. And at time Becky was still straddling Fence between goblins and being with Shelli and Vanessa. Had she waited and talked to Vanessa instead going GI Becky her game would lasted longer.

  23. Austin ruined it for me. Love story my eye. He’s a sick, disgusting man. Hope she dumps him, but she may be too dumb to.

  24. Derrick. Hi from New England. Hope all is well. I’m glad you “misted” them with your police training.

  25. Steve vs Liz would be like your pain in the butt little brother against your insufferable big sister.

  26. Most likely the winner of the final HOH will be the winner. I don’t see Liz pulling it off unless Austin, Julia and JMac are successful at turning votes against Vanessa. For me the best moment of the season was Austin being evicted. I do think this was one of the worst seasons. The likable members of the cast left early on.

    Season 16 most of the cast towards the end were fun and likable.

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