Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 39 — A Trip Down Memory Lane

Sunday gave us the penultimate episode of Big Brother 17 which means the next time we see Liz, Steve and Vanessa, one of them will be winning $500,000.

Steve, Liz and Vanessa go down memory lane – Source: CBS

The episode picks up right after Johnny Mac’s second eviction. We find Vanessa, Liz and Steve popping some champagne while Vanessa lets us know that she feels like she’s in a very good spot. And Liz is also feeling good because of “girl power” and all. But so does Steve. So everyone thinks they’re getting to the end. This is all because Vanessa is still playing the same way she’s played all season.

It’s time for the really annoying and scripted trip down memory lane. Up first is the twin twist. We get to again see Mama Day and Jason bust the twist (and in turn spread gossip instead of using it as an advantage in the game).

Up next is a look back at the fights this season. And who is the common bond in all of these fights? VANESSA. It’s actually even more eye-opening to see this all in the same place. Like, we knew Vanessa was behind all the fights, but this memory lane episode is a great reminder. And it also reminds us that a person who started all of those fights shouldn’t be sitting in the final three. So the fact that she is is proof that she should probably win this game (if she makes it to the final two).

Showmance segment alert. As if we didn’t see enough of “Liztin” all summer we’ve got to suffer through an entire segment. Luckily they didn’t remind us of those cringe-worthy beneath-the-sheets moments. Good ole Beauty and the Beast. Next.

And now for some people we all like: James and Meg and their hilarious “nomance.” Meg and James were definitely the most entertaining pair in the game. There was never a dull moment with those two and James trying to mack on Meg, so thanks BB for letting following up Liztin with Meg and James.

We also get a look at Steve and Johnny Mac’s nerdmance and then the look at our Ken and Barbie showmance Clelli. But sorry, my favorite is still Meg and James’ nomance.

Oh wait, there’s one more fight from the season they’ve got to talk about and that’s James vs. Clay. BUT WAIT. Who started that fight? Vanessa of course. Yep, she’s definitely responsible for all of the fights this season.

The rest of the flashbacks include Becky’s train accident, Clay’s mumbling, Audrey’s story and Audrey’s game downfall (which also included Vanessa), James’ practical jokes and the Whackstreet Boys.

It’s finally time to start Part 1 of the final Head of Household competition. Vanessa, Liz and Steve will find themselves swinging on giant apples that will dip them into liquid candy and smash them into walls in a battle of endurance. And we get to see about 15 seconds of that and the episode ends. So we’ll see you Wednesday at 9:30 PM EST.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Find out who won Round One and who won Round Two of the Final HoH.



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  1. Seriously? Ddi we need all that time going down memory lane? Couldn’t they have shown that in a half hour in order to leave time for the comp? They’re going to run out of time with all they have to do in the finale now!

      • Rushed? It’s incredibly boringly slow. I feel like we’re going backwards…actually, after tonight, we definitely are.

      • So true I would much rather them of showed the comps today and left him more time with speaking with the other houseguest next week.

    • Also it fell hella rehearsed.

      Like Liz and Steve sounded like they were reading off cue cards.

    • Hopefully they show Liz throwing R1 to Vanessa and Van telling Liz not to mention to Steve & her saying she won’t talk to him.
      And Vanessa telling Steve he can throw R3.

      That’s a lot to cram into 90 mins along with other 2 rounds, jury house, votes & winners.

    • That’s what I’ve been saying! How on earth are they gonna fit the end of that comp, all of round 2, doing round 3 live, the jury round table, the jurors questions, the jurors votes and then Julie Chen taking 1 minute each key (taking the key out and then placing it in its slot) ALL IN 90 MINUTES???? I don’t see it happening. They’re obviously gonna cut something out because we of course absolutely need Julie to take her sweet time pulling the keys…. too much sarcasm? Lol!

  2. I couldn’t get over Vanessa saying she was the only one to keep it real in the DR. Audrey was funny though

      • Koko, it looks like the elementary school kids were let loose in production and this was their best effort

      • There you go, insulting elementary school kids again. ;-) (j/k) What the heck happened to this show? Still SMH over tonight’s offering.

      • Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

        Oh shucks, Random Guy might be offended by me repeatedly displaying “hahaha”. It seems that this is disturbing to him.

      • Well, from what I understand, hahahahahahaha is the new lolololol. LOL is now out, having been replaced by hahahahaha. So nothing wrong with a good laugh to lighten what we all experienced tonight. You east coast guys should have warned me. I probably would have watched the Emmys instead. (Ouch!)

      • So sorry.

        He didn’t like my Blah, blah blah. He actually told me that I could not have used the repeat key because the first blah had a capital B. I’m like, well, if you say so. Not sure what antiquated machinery he’s using.

        Maybe I’ll switch to “hehehe” whadda think?

      • Right! Ugh she’s just awful. What’s funny is I bet after the show people will see her and avoid her like the plague lol

      • You are so correct, unless of course, people do the same as the hgs and overlook her tactics. I declare she dies some hypnosis. She’s a card shark, and a vulcher. (spelling, where’s spell check when you need it?)

  3. Will NEVEr watch this show again. CBS and Julie Chen should be ashamed to be associated with this garbage.

    • I am totally shocked at what they did this year by just letting Vanessa break the House Rules over 10+ times (Trying to bribe other guests with money, etc.). I look forward all year and this Season had no twists and we are probably going to see the most evil, heartless b!tch in the history of television get half a million dollars. And they wonder why the ratings have dropped and the live feed subscriptions were cancelled at an all time high 6 weeks ago. They better clean up their act b/c fans were concerned about all the things that went wrong before the Season even started and their worst fears were MORE than confirmed. I never thought I’d see a worse finale than Spencer, Gina Marie & Andy, but here we have it. These 3 may be better players, but NO ONE wanted the 3 of them to be in the F3.

      • I know they are advertising for Season 18 players, but maybe they really don’t want a Season 18. Is this the way a once-popular TV show commits suicide?

      • I would prefer no twists…straight game play with houseguests more representative of what you see in the real world…fans/gamers of all ages, motives, etc. and NO recruiting.

      • I think twists would be ok as long as they were a surprise. Don’t sit there and advertise there will be twists every week and then nothing. And also why tell the HGs? They don’t need to prepare for something to happen. Surprise them.

      • Surprise twists are convoluted. Did you see BB Canada? Every “surprise” twist was designed to help certain houseguests…designed to give the edge to who they wanted to win. Surprise twists are only ok if they are planned well in advanced and shared with the viewers as soon as the houseguests enter the house. Better not to have them, period. NO TWIST is a GOOD TWIST.

  4. This is probably why things have been delayed because I declare we would have been through the first two phases tonight. It’s the Vanessa show

      • Still so many saying BB isn’t scripted all, bunch of liars. that was a terrible episode, filler and useless. much like a majority of this season. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of it was scripted too. since its shows how easy and unnatural it feels, much like some DR sessions. ;)

      • It’s just like an expanded DR session that won’t be able to see because it’s blocked from the feeds. Only the feeds can show what really happens in there, unlike BBAU and BBUK.

      • Yes and I wish the US version would adopt elements from those productions. you know? at least allow the people to get more involved, instead of just food polls or way later til the game is over for AFP, our BB is lame in comparison. its just lovely to have options for any show.

  5. That was the biggest waste of an hour. I should have recorded it and fast forwarded to the end and even that would have been a waste of time. I seriously can’t believe how absolutely nothing it was. Looking forward to Thursday.

      • Ok just making sure you knew Finale night! What happened tonight on BB? Did not watch as I did not think anything interesting would happen! Would like to be watching jury house once there was 2 jurors! It would have been way better than last 4-5 weeks of BB players i cant stand except Steve Jmac James and MEG! Hope James wins AFP! John deserves it too!

      • You saved yourself an hour…it was all very dull snippits of former houseguests doing and saying boring things, and a bit of the F3 pretending like they were being real about previous happenings in the house. There was also a few seconds of the candy apple comp at the end. Worse than lame tv.

        JMac is AFP regardless of the vote…no question. James was annoying and predictable…glad to see him go.

      • Sounds like I missed nothing! BB has been frustrating most of the season with a lot of dislikeable HG’s! We as viewers should have live feeds to jury house or atleast more feeds of what is going there as it would be better than what we watched in BB the past 5-6 weeks! James was one of the few that kept things interesting in BB! He went wrong when not sending out V when he had the chance! Once Clay went things changed for Shelli and lost everyone except JMAC and maybe Steve! James needed stronger players to align himself with as Jason Meg Jackie and Jeff struggled with comps! Jackie was the only one decent and James listened to Meg too much as they were clueless about knowing alliances and reading people etc! They tried to strategize but they always were wrong week after week! Wonder how things are in jury house! Hope people in the jury house were mean to Austin and Julia as they are scum! I would have taken out Austin then twins in weeks 2 and 3 after Jace went! Most conceited fake mean lying bitches and creeper hypocrites ever and worse!

      • Nothing happened on BB tonight. An hour-long trip down memory lane – a trip we would all rather have forgotten. A scripted off-the-cue-cards waste of an hour we’ll never see again. Vanessa telling us every five minutes she’s sure both Liz and Steve will take her to F2. You didn’t miss a thing.

      • Ok thanks! All my favorites James Meg Clay Shelli Jason and JMAC are gone so I root for Steve! I hate LIZ and V is so annoying!

  6. Only enjoyable part of the longest hour of my life was the “nerdmance”. Gotta love Johnny Mac and Steve!!

  7. i did not even watch tonite i dont give a fat rats butt who wins i hate all of the final 3 but A G will make damn sure it goes to her favorite bully and lesbian friend im done with big brother and i hope the FCC shuts them down and fines CBS $200,000,000.00 for staging a rigged show when they claim it,s not.

  8. Branden, best sentence of the summer: “It’s time for the really annoying and scripted trip down memory lane.” Yes, yes and yes. A real vomitfest, especially when Vanessa said she was always honest and came clean in the DR. I’m insulted, and everybody else should be, as well. How stupid do they think we are?

  9. Tonight’s show was so lame that it was almost like they did that on purpose just to pi$$ us off.

    • Ive never seen an episode that had as much garbage and so little game. From what I understand R1 was hours long and we saw all of 90 seconds
      Says a lot of the lack luster guests.

      • We should be thankful it wasn’t on for longer than an hour I suppose. I kept thinking that they would cut the crap and get to some game play…not.

      • Too much time spent on people not in the house.
        The “couples” were played out at Asstin and Lipz. Didn’t need to see the others.. Nerdsters or what ever..
        Didn’t find the remote until after it was over lol

    • It worked, too. I hope they’re having fun losing advertising revenues and people cancelling their live feed subscriptions left and right. Seems like even production has thrown this season in the trash already.

  10. I would have enjoyed watching an hour of the people in the jury house more than this wasted hour tonight.

  11. I wonder if Vanessa checked out the deck of cards they are using. Would be a good twist to leave a card or two out of the deck…and/or substitute a couple duplicates…lol. Steve and Liz wouldn’t even have thought to do that or even noticed. That’s the first thing I would have done.

    What would have been interesting for these long final days for the trio would be to use face cards of the houseguests instead of the regular cards…better than giving the smores.

  12. Really boring episode tonight, but it did bring back some things I had forgotten. Loved James and Meg together – it was like watching puppies play. Really enjoyed them. I’d also lost track of how quickly Audrey was on to Vanessa’s escapades, which is why, of course, she became such a target. Very intelligent lady. Forgot Clay was such a doofus – remarkably little personality, no big loss to see him go. Seeing the gradual evolution of Steve from total nerd to a thinking man was wonderful. The main thing the episode confirmed was what a sick, bitchy woman Vanessa is. She was such a bully to so many people, and if I have to hear her say that something made her cry or feel bad one more time, it will be one time too many. I can’t believe how she talked to the HG’s and don’t know how they didn’t turn on her. I mean, it’s not like she’s going to kill them in their sleep or something. Right?

    • You summed up my thoughts exactly. I just can’t understand how Vanessa was not put on the block by other players. Then they were picked off one by one.

      I didn’t really need a replay, it was a waste of time except it put Audrey in a better light. Clay was a dufuss!

      • Sadly bwsause the Austwins protected, honored and stayed true to thier aliance until they got to the gold treasure chest. Then Vanessa, pulled the gun from behind and put a musket ball into the back of Austins head but not before pushing Julia off the deck of the ship during the veto. Filthy.

  13. The memory lane episode of BB is the worst every year. This year was only worse because the entire BB season was the worst.

    I haven;t been able to watch Vanessa for more than 2 seconds since the beginning when she fake cried about being home sick. They should have evicted her then and told her since she wants to go home they obliged her.

    • I remember that – her sitting there fake sobbing that she felt so sad … so sad … and now she’s happy (well, her version of it, anyway) and the rest of us are sad.

    • I liked the quick moments of group drama (calling out Audrey in the hn room/discussing the twin realization in the back yard) because it made me remember that early on there was hope (the personalities were lively) before they all settled into laziness. It’s okay though. It’ll be better next year!

    • The funniest moment was when they put Clay’s mumbles and the subtitles were hilarious. I am also curious about Steve being so interested in Audrey and asking John if he ever made out with a man. I don’t think his feelings for John was a friendly one.

      • I made a noise like Scooby Doo when i saw that segment. Steve was a little to frisky with John. Hey to each it’s own.

      • I kept changing the channel the whole hour then i saw that and i was like wait did i miss something? #nerdmance.

      • Really? It was awkwardly funny for me haha. It was meant to be a cheeky response to those who called them being in a showmance haha. Bet #nerdmance will be referred to in future BB

      • It was exactly that, awkward…

        I just thought they (CBS) made more of the “nerdmance” than there really was. Maybe I didn’t notice the bond they had because of all the over nonsense that was so in our face.
        I found most the hour very underwhelming. I know its the recap show, but far too much time spent on the evictees, current guests and not enough on the game.
        Most the segments seemed awkward, slow and verging on looking desperate for quality.
        Just goes to show the lack of character and entertainment factor that all of the guests suffered from.

      • Funny but this is the type of entertainment that I came to expect after watching 38 episodes of it this season. Granted this is my first year watching it you probably have been watching it for years.
        There are only three persons left so there won’t be a lot of game talks unless we want to hear them talk in circles. And the first HoH … do we really want to see them being dipped then hit the wall over and over again?
        I missed the jury segment tho. Really wanted to see the Rockstar Dentist entering the Jury House.
        Anyway it’s up against Emmy so they might want to keep the juiciest parts for the finale to boost the ratings.

      • Think Steve did far too much “pretending” the entire season. Claims of throwing comps,the mommy issues, saying one thing to cameras then doing opposite.. Just didn’t have enough charisma to keep me following his story.

      • The Clay stuff was disturbing. His mumbles weren’t the issue, it was that the words had nothing to do with anything he had been talking about.
        In all seriousness, would anyone know if this is a mental thing, closed head injury or something else?

  14. I don’t have the feeds, but I watch the show, and BB after dark, anyway I saw footage of Vanessa, that i have not seen before, and let me tell you I like her even less if that’s possible!

    • And JULIA. I know people don’t like the twins but they created a new languageuuaaHHH, and Julia had a mental blunder daily. It was piss funny. They entertained me and I and afraid to say it, peeps.

    • And the twins. Julias banana brains and nightly amazing remarks were so f un. Also her reactions to James scares. And the new language they createduuuAaH.

      • Ya I loved her. Notice when the twins are judged, they are blasted, called mean nasty, terrible etc, all the comments they said are way less agressive or vindictive that what’s written. It’s the deffination of hypocrisy. Love it

  15. I hope the jury puts Vanessa on the spot, makes Steve and Liz explain their game play(like Austin…why?). I hope Wed is not another crappy 1 1/2hr of crap!!

  16. I will be so pissed off if she wins the game but yes you r most likely right that she will.I can’t stand her anymore..

  17. BBAD is even worse. To add insult to injury, they even gave them a deck of cards now. Of course they did.

  18. These recap shows are scritped and boring, Then they go into the comp which we have to wait for wed, and they cram everything in , in one night,
    Liz has to be one of the biggest fools ever to play, It is like she was not even around all season, Steve at least has figured it out and lets hope he has the balls to evict V if he has a chance, If not V wins
    V is the only one who deserves the win ,but she can be stopped if steve wins final HOH, and in big brother that is how it is played, and steve should come to the conclusion that V is not going to take him at all,
    IF V wins final HOH she is not going to take steve, She knows it is a cake walk with dizzy lizzy, but she does not understand she wins against who ever she goes up against, she should think of who deserves 2nd place, steve does not liz.

    • James and Austin are tight. Meg will vote with James and of course Julia with Austin so all they need is 1 more, Jackie. So, what are u saying about V?? And don’t forget Vanessa stabbed her aliacne in the back, so her game play has that installed and Steves doesnt. He will.prob win against Liz, deff. But after Austin got done with jury, she’s going to have a hard tell against Liz. Who did alot btw. Awesome smashed social game, odd since u don’t like her but everyone in house does?? She won 1 less hohs than V and equIL to steve. Give me facts

    • I agree about Liz getting $50,000 for second place…it sucks. No matter who wins HOH, Liz is going to end up in 2nd place. Of course after taxes, Julia’s share and Austin demanding 1/3 of the pot she won’t have much left for herself. Pity….said no one ever!

  19. i don’t have a favorite player this year. that was the first time that ever happened. i didn’t really like anyone especially this season but i think vanessa deserves to win. she played the best game. i did kinda like johnny mac.

  20. At least they got a couple of bottles of Veuve Cliquot out of the deal. Well, Vanessa and Liz did. Poor Steve doesn’t know what he was missing. It is a very nice dry champagne. Of course, it is like $70/bottle here. I’m sure it’s cheaper in the US

  21. Does the Jury House get to see this episode? Matt mentioned the fights, and seeing them all compiled together with Vanessa as the common thread in all of them. Makes me wonder if the jury gets to see this before voting and is reminded of the players’ game play and strategy before making their decision.

  22. Liz always speaks as if she is reading lines of a script. When she does her speech it sounds so fake and rehearsed.

  23. I hope Vanessa explains her strategy for the fake crying it had no effect good or bad but put her in a very negative light with viewers. Even I couldn’t stand it and I think BB should name an award after her.

    If she wins the HOH how could anyone say she doesn’t deserve to win the game and if she doesn’t win HOH she doesn’t win the game. Cut and dried. If there’s no Vanessa imagine how much we would have hated Austin/Judas. With no Vanessa Clelli ,Audrey and Jason would have gone farther and Steve would have gone out early pushed out the door by Jason. Just my take.

  24. Well i kinda like this recap episode, except the part when they showed the Big Troll, he’s the buzzkill. I found Liz bearable without him actually. That scene where he threw food at Liz, if i were Liz i would judy chop him down to chinatown! Call me bitch and throw food at me? Let me beauty and the beast you right up your axe!
    The end!

  25. I am quite annoyed that BB still shows these types of episodes instead of learning from what Survivor did, cut the looking back boredom. The time wasted on this look back could be made up with the final show actually having time to talk to the HGs. Last season’s last episode question section was so short and answered none of what people wanted to know. If I remember right those that got to watch the whole season hardly got to speak, some didn’t say a word. If they would move the competitions to the Sunday episode they could have that full hour to get what many people are wanting, a chance to laugh at crazy conversation of the HGs.

  26. Is it me or when they were showing past shows of Vanessa last night I was sick to my stomach how messy of a waman she is. Just a bully and we teach our kids not to be that way. Should have left momma day on the show for her if so she would not be in the final 3.

  27. I completely agree with Luki3n that Liz is actually likable without Austin around (well, if you get rid of the whiny voice-uh). It still surprises me that she gave him the time of day, but maybe being in the house and feeling lonely makes some people hook up with people they normally wouldn’t look twice at. I would have liked to see how it went for her if Julia or Austin hadn’t been in the game – probably wouldn’t have gone as far, although she is a lot more intelligent than I initially gave her credit for. At this point, I would be quite happy to see her or Steve win – something I wouldn’t have thought possible a few weeks ago.

  28. Totally praying for Steve to win part 3 and see the look on Vanessa’s face when he takes Liz to the finals and sends her out!

  29. I lost an hour of my life by watching the latest episode. Give me an hour of tapes from the jury house, not this crap.

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