Big Brother 17: Steve Reveals Eviction Vote Plans In Finale Speech

Last night on the Feeds we listened in as Steve paced the Big Brother 17 backyard and rehearsed the speech he hopes to give on finale night later this week. In it he confirmed a big decision he’s ready to make.

Steve Moses rehearses his finale night speech
Steve Moses rehearses his finale night speech – Source: CBS All Access

Now with the first two rounds of the final HoH complete the two players have been determined for the third and final part. That round’s winner will cast the last eviction vote of the season making this a $500,000 competition. The stress should be enough to eat through steel.

Flashback to 2:05 AM BBT 9/20 to listen as Steve heads outside and begins to rehearse what he thinks could be the final eviction speech of the season and it sounds as though he’s still preparing to cut his biggest threat, Vanessa.

There are many variations to this speech as Steve repeated lines over and over, but here is a mix of the lines. “Five or six weeks ago Johnny Mac told me a very simple line that at first seemed absurd to me but the more I thought about it the more it seemed true to me. Vanessa is Derrick.”

“Vanessa, you have played the most brilliant game. I mean this as a student and superfan of this game. As a student of this game, you are the most brilliant female player this game has ever seen. Based on what I have seen, you just might be the single most brilliant female player that this game has ever seen.”

Shifting around Steve starts to talk about last season’s pair, Derrick and Cody. “We’re kinda the Hitmen. That makes me Cody… Derrick won the Jury vote and Cody is the one who made the $450,000 mistake by taking Derrick to the end. I can’t make the same mistake Cody made last year.”

“I have no idea how you got Austin to put me and Johnny up. I have no idea, but I was amazed. I have no idea how you talked Liz in to dropping out of the first part of this HoH, but I was amazed. When James was HoH and wanted to go after revenge for Jason’s eviction, I have no idea how you got him to go after Shelli and Clay instead of you. You have repeatedly amazed me with your game play. I have been trying to get you…”

Steve jumps back to his part about Vanessa being brilliant. “So if you’re Derrick, and we’ve been in a final two all season that makes me Cody… You drove our alliance and strategy way more than I did. If I were to take you to the F2 much like when Cody took Derrick to the F2 last year, he lost because of it. I can’t make the same mistake that Cody made last year. Vanessa, I’m so sorry, but I do have to vote to evict you.”

Steve wanders a bit more before discussing how since BB12 the two HGs competing in round three moved on together to be the final two. He also notes that for BB10 through BB15, the winner of the final HoH competition was also the winner of the season. Last year we saw Cody win the final HoH, take Derrick, and he lost. It’s good to see there is no confusion for Steve over what could happen if he won and took Vanessa on to the end. While I’m sure it’ll be a very intimidating situation, I have little doubt that Steve will make his best move and evict Vanessa should he win round three.

Vanessa won’t be easy to beat at the final round of questions though. She knows these Houseguests well and is a very smart player. Last year’s third round had eight questions and a tie-breaker where Cody barely beat Derrick in their guess of how many seconds the first competition lasted. As for that question, Steve was quick to calculate the number on Wednesday night when they returned from the comp. Smart move as it just could be the deciding factor.

What do you think of Steve’s speech? It’s a long one for an eviction decision speech. Would he be better off keeping it short and sweet or is a long winded explanation better for his hopes of retaining Vanessa’s vote in Jury? Now we’ll just have to wait and see if he gets to share these words with her.



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    • I would to see the look on Vanessa’s face if Steve wins and does this! If he wins, she is going to give him hundreds of reasons why he BETTER take her to f2

      • But don’t they get to make a quick statement before he decides, like at a usual eviction? I guess they could skip it to cut down the time.

      • Before Steve gives her his eviction speech it would cool to have “cry me a river” playing in the background. or maybe the theme from “Godfather”

      • As the others have said, she won’t have time, just like Austin didn’t have time when he got blindsided! That’s the only way Steve will accomplish letting Van go, as I’ve said most of the season…just the way Jason went via a backdoor blindside!

      • Let’s hope Vanessa will be able to muster a bit of self control if and when this happens but I would like to see her spoiled brat antics for entertainment value only.
        Yes! I want to see her blindsided by Steve.

      • Me too. Can’t wait for this all to be over so I never have to see her face or hear her whiny voice ever again. I hope Steve finally grows balls and does what I’ve been wanting all season. The look on her face will be priceless. God, please don’t let the rich bitch win, please!

      • It’s taken awhile but I can no literally longer tolerate Vanessa’s voice or fake expressions either. I will have to mute her voice all during the Wed. finale so I’m hoping she goes out third.

    • You are so right… anything could happen between now & Wed, who knows what Mrs Moses will say to her son.

    • Not going to happen. Even Steve recognizes the genius of my Superhero Lesbian Warrior Vanessa. Not only is she a genius, but she is absolutely beautiful. For all you Vanessa haters you will recognize as Steve has her absolute genius. Vanessa the Lesbian community is routing for you and know the 1/ 2 million will be yours. Good game Steve. The $50,000 will come in handy for your family. Congrats John for the $25,000, have a nice party with it, you deserve it. Peace out.

      • I was not aware the Lesbian community were such avid woodworkers. What router does the Lesbian community prefer? I’m partial to Porter-Cable myself, but I know DeWalt and Festool to be quite good.

      • Genius is a stretch. Master-manipulator…Absolutely. Working one’s way through a houseful of morons doesn’t take genius to achieve.

      • She’s no genius nor a warrior and certainly isn’t beautiful. She is a vile pathetic psycho with a strategy of boo hoo

      • I don’t see how her being a lesbian has anything to do with it. She is the ugliest person on the show, by the way. She can kicks rocks and die in a fire for all i care.

      • like i said once before i hope the bully bitch gets hit by a NEW YORK subway train i hate the bitch she deserves nothing.

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing the wannabe dike win if she actually played a good game… But the fact is she hasn’t. Her big crying act on Day 1was so fake and obvious. And I’m sorry the hgs weren’t that stupid or AFRAID of the big bad dike! BB just tried to make it seem that way- they did a poor job with their promotional player this year. They were just as bad with Frankie last year. Just take it back to the original BB and stop using these “wannabe celebrities” as contestants. Vanessa isn’t even a good lesbian- men can’t stand her kinda drama- so she has no choice but to see if a woman can put up with her. I don’t think Mel will stick around for long

      • Actually if Vanessa played with any other season she would have been called out. She just got lucky that she had a whole house of floaters. Worst players in BB history !!!!!!

  1. Oh he will. Here’s how it goes down. Julie Chen “Steve, who do you select to take before jury as your #2”?
    Steve “Hi Julie, (smile, wave). I choose, Liz. Security!!!!!!”
    (Steve dives off set).

    • If Steve wins the final HoH comp, production will need the Jaws-of_Life to separate him from Vanessa. She will wrap him up and not let anyone near him until she talks him into keeping her over Liz.

      • That’s when he pulls out the m99 tranquilizer and injects it smoothly into her neck, Dexter style. Bam crichendo.

      • There won’t be time for that. Round three plays out live. A commercial break from s all Van will have.

      • Vanessa will win and take Liz. CBS will have it no other way. The game is setup for Vanessa to win it anf have an all female f2 for the first time

      • There are two ways that could happen: if CBS gears all the questions to things they know Vanessa would know (and Steve might not), or if they haul her butt into the DR and coach her in some way. But CBS is under such fire for everything else that has gone on this season, they might not risk it. Feeders have cancelled their feeds in droves, advertisers have dropped out … if they do anything to favor Vanessa in F3, I’m afraid it could be painfully obvious, and CBS might regret it. Dunno. But long term for CBS, not a good idea.

      • LOL only a very few % of people actually think there is conspiracies between producers and contestants. Go back to school.

      • do you have any real evidence of this or is it just your stupid way for coming up with why your fav could not have gone out normally

      • You haven’t seen the R2 yet (you’ll see that Wednesday). At one point while Liz was playing she complained out loud that the particular question giving her trouble had to have happened while Julia was in the house, not Liz. Production immediately piped up and told her no, Liz, it was you in the house. Production went on further to tell her the answer came from the HOH competition which she had won.

      • From Matt’s highlights Sept. 20:

        2:40 PM BBT – Steve and Liz discussing round 2 comp. She couldn’t figure out the “Bustin’ Moves” competition question. She claimed she wasn’t there until Big Brother voiced in and told her she was there for it and it was the competition she won for HoH. Steve is surprised they talked to her during the competition and gave her a clue.

      • Production always interferes. It has been heard by many people, numerous times on the feeds. For several seasons, not just this one.

      • Vanessa has been “on her game” I don’t think she needs to be coached or anything fixed for her.

      • Season 3-4-6-11-13 were all, all female final 2. In fact season 6 was an all female final 5. Not a novel thing to be in a female f2. However, if she wins over Steve, she will be the 1st female to win sitting next to a guy in the f2.

      • Very good point. Here I was only thinking she would be the first Lesbian to win BB USA, but she will be also the first female to beat a male. Thank you for bringing up this absolutely great fact. Now my girlfriend and I are even more excited about our beautiful Lesbian Warrior winning the final. Beating a male. Go Vanessa can’t wait to see you and your beautiful girlfriend celebrate winning the 1/2 million. Wish my girlfriend and I could be there to celebrate with you. Peace out.

      • That scenario will never happen. If Van wins, she takes Liz. If Steve wins, he takes Liz. Van and Steve will never be setting next to each other in the F2. Peace in.

      • When Vanessa wins the Final HOH she is taking Steve. Then with a 9 -0 vote for my beautiful Lesbian Warrior, she will be crown winner of BB 17 and take home a nice 1/2 million. Can’t wait to see her on Ellen. I also see her in the movies in the lead role of GI Jane II. Peace out.

      • Vanessa will not sweep vote! If she wins final round to get to finals we shall see what happens! I think Steve takes Liz and V takes Liz whoever wins final round of HOH! Vanessa is BISEXUAL but honestly who cares? She has played a good game and has pluses and minuses like all HG’s! The risk is great if you don’t take Liz because you could be down 3-0 in jury needing 5 to win! Of course if you do take her you are down 2-0 automaticaly with her sisters vote and Austin! However both said in private FEEDS that they both want girl to win so either one will probably just vote for the other if they get cut from final 2! It really will depend on if jury is bitter in their votes or not? Some will vote honestly who played best game and some will vote for friend sister boyfriend or all 3 in LIZ’s case! Honestly these players are wrong in SOME of their thinking who is best to go to F2 with! There are pro’s and cons to each scenario!

      • Read my other comment below! I am rooting for Steve to win! I would rather have V win then fake mean lying self entitled stuck up Princess bitch LIZ! Vanessa will not be liked in jury house but will receive votes to win if she makes final 2! However she bullied lied and backed out on deals with James and Meg betrayed Shelli and Clay and back doored Jason! All moves I did not like at all! She has won when she had 2 but I am tired of her saying she was alone when she had 6 people at one part protecting her! The twins Austin CLELLI and Steve! Sick of her fake deals CRYING BRIBING players and more! However if their was a vote for AMERICAS LEAST FAVORITE player it would be LIZ! Or it could be a tie between the TWINS as they were the worst human beings ever with Austin right there with them! I regret not trying out for BB this year! BB 18 here I come! I would love to give them a piece of my mind! I would have gone after Austin and twins the second week after Jace was evicted! I would have gone after them till both were gone and before Julia could have entered house on her own! The house guests were dumb to not get them out and those that did lost power when she was going to aka Jackie when it was still co hoh’s and BOTB! Austin would have been gone in week 4 or 5?

      • I don’t think she will take Steve! If she wins 3rd part of HOH I hope she does! Shelli will vote V ahead of Steve even though she was rooting for Jmac or Steve to win! She is being diplomatic about V so there is one vote! Unless Shelli convinces BECKY JACKIE and JOHN they are voting for STEVE! Austin will not vote for V! That is 4-1 right there! It will be Liz or Steve whoever makes it to F2! Julia votes for her sister 1st then V! However it would be awesome if LIZ gets cut and Julia votes for Steve! Julia will vote they way LIZ wants her too! If Liz gets cut I give V the twins votes and it is 4-3 Steve with 1 more vote to win! There is a 90% chance James and MEG will vote the same! They both do not like V as she backed out of her promise to James after he won his 2nd HOH when he put up Clelli instead of V! She said he would be safe and 1 other person meaning MEG till final 7! She ended up putting both up at final 8! I did get why she did that at that point of the game and how it was best move for her but still did not like it! Fortunately for V even though JAMEG dislike V he said he would vote for best player so V wins 5-4 most likely? We discuss after it is over as LIZ automatically gets 2 votes if in finals no matter what! So definitely no sweep! But it will be close no matter what combo of the 3 makes final 2! Lets be realistic! I will say I hope V is better in person and would like to see if she is cool person aka human being unlike AUSTWINS! I respected some of her game play and some of it I hated and she should not have done certain things even if it is BB! Unless you spend time with someone then you can really know how they are as person in real life! However if you watched the after dark feeds you know for a fact how truly despised the twins and Austin are and I hope they get booed on finale night and get no fame opportunities after as they are scum! V is 4th disliked by America perhaps although I did not like Jace Jeff Day Audrey either! Steve never bullied anyone was nice to all and although I do not care for his over acting pretending to cry at times or make people think he was awkward was still better than V’s personality! Steve had a better social game and strategy was even in my book as he pretended alot! Winning comps is close as it all comes down to the final comp now! Stay tuned!

      • Doesn’t the poker player ever look in the mirror? Those hats and glasses make her nose look like it’s eating her face. And who the heck dresses her? She is a mess. I can’t wait for this to be over. And to never watch Liz eat again. She can’t get the food in her mouth fast enough. Steve is just creepy. He’s the next door neighbor that people say he was always so quiet, after he killed his entire family.

      • Ivette, S6, was the 1st lesbian in a F2. If Vanessa wins, she will be the first lesbian winner, if she beats Steve she gets two crowns….1st Lesbian and 1st Female to beat a male at F2.

      • It’s not if, it’s when. But Cheryl I just love your knowledge of previous seasons. Thanks. Peace out.

      • Doing fantastic. Life is good. Have a wonderful girlfriend. We both have great paying jobs. Have a fantastic home. Great family and friends. Looking forward to seeing the first Lesbian winner of BB USA. Thanks for asking. Are you Okay? Vanessa we love you!

      • Hope you and your girlfriend don’t decide to do something drastic to yourselves if Vanessa doesn’t win. You sure are invested in her winning. Poor souls. And your sexuality has nothing to do with my comments except that it’s how you define yourself.

      • lol. I read people just like your “superhero” does and most of your comments actually imply otherwise. You sound like you lead a pretty miserable life…while wanting desperately for people to believe the opposite…you are so easy to read! No wander you look at Vanessa as a superhero. You sound just as miserable as Vanessa is. Seems like her medication gets her through life, I’d recommend you try it…just concerned for you and trying to help. ;-)…oh and peace out✌

      • Just for the record. She was married to a guy for I believe 3 years. Now she has a girlfriend. But folks… it has nothing to do with males and females. For CBS it is all about the Pub. of Vanessa winning so that they can build up her up coming development show called “Poker Face” on CBS. She is a gifted poker player who has won over 3.1 million dollars in the past 10 years. There is a conflict of interest but CBS could care less. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

    • But before diving off set he makes one final statement: “I did it, mommy! I hope you’re proud of me!”

  2. Vanessa is not Derrick and Steve is a better player than Cody, but I get the analogy. I just hope Steve wins and follows through with his plan.

    But I have to differ on one thing – Vanessa does not know these HGs as well as she thinks. Throughout the season we have heard Vanessa’s various theories – remember Jason the mastermind? – and she was mostly wrong in her assessments. For most of the season Vanessa did not socialize with the HGs, except for Shelli. When she won HoH she held court in her HoH room rather than spend her free time downstairs with the others.

    Vanessa says a lot of things and she repeats them so often even the fans are believing what she is saying.

    • There have also been a few instances of her completely misreading or misremembering things. There was one particular instance with Johnny Mac that stands out, where she asked him to go do something strategy with Austin and then berated him for doing that very thing she told him to do.

      I can see her not really pegging houseguests personalities all that well.

    • “Jason the mastermind” was simply a reason to vote to evict one of the leaders of an opposing alliance. I wouldn’t read too much into that. So many of her assessments have been beyond spot on.

      • Yeah like James and Meg being a power couple. Or how Jackie was threatening to evict Steve if she got HOH. Who could foget that Clay and Johnny Mac were secret gay lover’s etc.

      • all that tells me and i already know is that she is a psyco bitch from hell,try dealing poker to her and you would know already.

      • Notice how all the people you named as her targets are all sitting in the jury now.
        Should we list all the times she’s been right now?
        Watch her card trick from last night on BBAD where she correct guessed the one card Liz picked from a deck of 52 simply by reading Liz’s reactions and tell me the woman doesn’t have skills. I triple dog dare you.

      • You’re assuming that her stated reasoning is why she was targeting them. My whole point is that her stated reasons and her real reasons are different. She doesn’t care how someone goes home as long as they go home.

      • It’s interesting that she never went into the DR and admitted that to us, though. We could all understand if she had gone in and said, “I told [name] that such-and-such was about to happen and [name] was really targeting [name], but I know that’s not true. I had to do something about the situation, though, or I would have gone home …” or anything like that. But she never did. All she left us with was the impression that her stated reasons were actually her real ones.
        But you’re right. In her case, the end justifies the means, fair or unfair.

      • Watch what she did. That was not a card trick. That was the reason she should win this game. Her ability to read people is off the charts.

      • Explain how that was a card trick. She correctly read Liz’s reactions to viewing the cards. Yes, it was a trick in the sense that her superhuman ability to read people allowed her to get the correct answer. And that is why she’s in the final 3 of this game.

      • Yep he did and if he would of had 5 people protecting him he would of been in the final 2 and won the game. And he would of done it without bullying people.

      • Not only is Vanessa super human, she is super beautiful, super intelligent, super manipulative and more than likely a super lover to her beautiful girlfriend. She is just so yummy. Peace out.

      • Super ugly, super bitchy, a super bully, super delusional, super entitled, super emotional, super liar. Yep she sounds like a “Super” person.

      • People should be a non bully like you. You never call people names. Maybe the reason you think Vanessa is a bully is because you are one. Shame on you for using such vile words and on a Sunday. Peace out.

      • I’m just describing her. Am I in the house yelling those thing at her? NO. And you’re telling me what words I’m using when you were the one saying FU to someone on another thread. At least my comments don’t get deleted like yours do.

      • I never said FU on another thread. That is a pretty good lie. That’s why you don’t like Vanessa lying because it reminds you how you lie. Peace out.

      • Oh geeez. It’s an incredible simple TRICK, she’s not reading reactions. Look at the footage and you’ll see the 4 of hearts is on the bottom of the deck V is holding when Liz chooses the 5. V tilts the deck up to see the 4 and puts it right on top of Liz’s card. A few CUTS (notice she didn’t let them shuffle the cards) of the deck and the 4 and 5 are still together. All the rest is show, V knows that the card next to the 4 is Liz’s card.

      • She scolded Steve for saying anything when he caught on to what she was doing, did you notice that. She even said it was a magic trick.

      • No, I think TBR78 is right. Vanessa’s been playing poker since she was five. Remember these lines from The Gambler …

        He said, “Son, I’ve made a life
        Out of readin’ people’s faces
        Knowin’ what the cards were
        By the way they held their eyes …

        So I don’t doubt Liz showed her cards. Literally.

      • I didn’t see the actual event that we’re talking about so I guess I should just shut up :P

        And I’ve never seen that movie.

      • Actually the words are from the song, The Gambler. And it’s certainly possible Vanessa may have positioned herself to see a reflection of Liz’s cards, but it’s also possible she just plays poker well.

      • Hey Lavey, please stay calm and don’t throw things when my Beautiful Lesbian Warrior Vanessa wins against Steve. Please keep it together when she’s gives her girlfriend a nice big kiss when holding the 1/2 million check. I know it’s not what you want but Vanessa deserves it. I know you are jealous of her looks but you really need to stop eating all that junk food and start working out. I know you like food but I’m worried as about your health. Peace out.

      • You’re as delusional as she is. Is she your mamma? You wish you could have the life that I have. But I expect nothing less from a crazy troll that has to be on here as a guest. I’m done wasting my time with a crazy person. Have a nice life troll.

      • Great I don’t need to deal with an evil lying person like you. Talk about being a troll and telling everyone I said FU on another site. Isn’t it funny I haven’t swore once on this site. You just have serious anger issues. No partner that loves you like the love Vanessa’s girlfriend has for her. You sit and watch Big Brother while eating junk food because you are depress with life. You probably don’t have a lot of money because you constantly bring up how Vanessa shouldn’t win because she has money. My lovely girlfriend and I will pray for you and hope you can find real love like Vanessa has found and that I have found. Get out more, go back to school and try to improve your lot in life. It will take time but my girlfriend and I believe you can do it if you work hard. In ending I like to say Go my Beautiful Lesbian Warrior Vanessa and bring home the 1/2 Million. Peace out.

      • First of all you don’t know anything about me or my life. I don’t need to go back to school because I already have my masters degree in nursing. I had a fantastic career before I retired with a very nice income. I’m enjoying my retirement and live a very comfortable life. I have a wonderful family and friends. I spent a lot of time traveling and having a great time with my friends. You sound very sad an uneducated. Maybe you need to take your own advice. Wait that wasn’t advice that was a bunch of BS. As for not wanting Vanessa to win because of the money I never once said that was why. I don’t want her to win because she’s a mean, hateful, bully. You know like you. You don’t have to bother replying because I’m just going to hit delete. Poof you’re gone.

      • Great response and you’re another great personality / contributing member on this site! (See Comment to Eclectic, above.)

      • Too funny … It took me a second to get it! I’m telling you, there are some great personalities on this site that I would love to get together with! It would be a riot!

      • i know hundreds i was a dealer in LAS VEGAS for over 20 years but i,m not psyco like that bitch.I also dealt to her many times and she is absolutely psyco

      • pretty much the same thing she did on the show she threw a tantrum every time she lost and tried to get my or any other dealers sympathy,threw chairs,stomped her feet ,accused me and several other dealers of purposely dealing her a bad hand,as if we knew what card was going to come up, believe me we used a brand new deck every day and the cards are checked every time,by security to make sure they are not marked or have any defects

      • Umm, I just wanted to let you know that the card trick Vanessa did last night had nothing at all to do with reading Liz’s reactions. When she split the deck and had Liz look at her card,all Vanessa did was look at the card beside it (4 or hearts). My Dad taught me that trick hen I was like 8! Vanessa is no mastermind and her ability to read people is not that good. I’m just floored that people actually think she can guess a card just by “reading” people. I think Steve even saw how she did it and that’s why Vanessa got so angry when Steve wanted to say the trick. Vanessa gets so angry cuz she can only outsmart stupid people like Liz

      • She also suggested to a lot of people they were brothers. And when someone asked why they have different accents she was like “because they’re from different states, obviously”.

      • Like Liz didn’t cast a hinky vote? And she’s always thought there was an America’s Player …

      • How about when she correctly assumed JMac had no intention of taking her to the final 2? And she was right.

      • Everyone assumes that nobody is taking them. She knows nothing about these people. She did all the talking and never listened. I was so tired of hearing her go on and on and on and on……..

      • TBR, don’t bother arguing your logical points, some of these people are just haters. They have nothing better to do then call certain people names. Then they say Vanessa is a bully. When in fact they are the true bullies because they are so unhappy with the way they look at their lot in life. More than likely they hate their jobs and their bosses and blame their misfortune in life on other people instead of looking at the hatred they have for others. TBR your comments are great. Peace out.

      • Now now don’t get mad, I am sure TBR78 believes everything he writes and says just like Vanessa believe’s everything she thinks is true. About the only thing Vanessa has been right about this year is her not going home, well at least for now. She believes her own lies as truth. I just stated the obvious one’s when I replied to TBP78 and yet he or you for that matter have failed to recognize what I wrote. Steve has played a fair game by getting out big player’s. James broke up a power couple in his week of HOH and followed it up the following week by getting the other half out. Liz hasn’t done a thing except get James out, something Vanessa couldn’t even do. All of the players that went out under Vanessa’a HOH except Austin wasn’t big players at all. And now you two are telling us that a simple card trick (that is known far and wide by most elementary school kids) makes her a super human player? PLEASE don’t insult the intelligence of people on this site with dreams of Vanessa being that strong of a player LOL.

      • Right. Hopefully she’s convinced herself of all these things so she won’t know what’s true and what’s not true in R3.

    • I agree about her potentially not knowing the HGs well. I heard it said several times that she didn’t often join in on social situations because all she wanted was to talk game.

      She’s also made up some really crazy stuff about people and said it so much I think she started to believe her own exaggerations. She probably doesn’t know these people as well as she may think.

    • In addition to that, she’s told so many lies about the other HGs, who knows what she really believes about them. Like accusing Johnny Mac and Clay of being relatives or lovers outside the house – she said it, but did she really believe it? She never went into the DR and laughed at herself about trying to convince the HGs of that. So who knows which of her lies she actually believes.

      • Also what about the time she said she saw a crazy look in Johnny Mac’s eye and thought he might physically hurt her?

        She’s insane. That reminds me, I was binge rewatching a show and a character said something that I think applies to Vanessa: “she’s 20 pounds of crazy in a 5 pound bag”

      • LOL. I remember that JM was lying in bed (or sitting on it) when he told her she was bullying him. She turns teary-eyed and says, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” The she high-tails it up to the HOH room to tell Austin and Liz JM is wild and she fears for her life. That’s either crazy talking or out-and-out slander. That one did bother me. Way out of line.

    • Derrick played smoothly and nobody noticed his game play except for donny, vanessa’s gameplay has been blown out since week 5, only these set of houseguests are too stupid not to get her out. Derricks game is well planned as to vanessa is terrible since she got caught so many times.

  3. I hope he wins round 3, points his finger at Vanessa as a hand gun and pulls the trigger making a silent “pow” noise, letting her know he just killed her chances of making final 2.

  4. I’m irritated by the “most brilliant FEMALE player” part. Would he say to Derrick, you are the most brilliant MALE player?

      • As soon as he puts the female qualifier on that statement, he is separating her from the guys. I’m not saying that Vanessa is the most brilliant BB player ever. It’s not about Vanessa, it’s about not allowing women to be judged alongside men.

      • Ya’ll think Steve thought that deeply about the sexist fallout? I don’t see it. I think he is young and she’s a female so he emphasized the feat with added specifics.

      • Steve might not think Vanessa is in the same league as Dan or Dr. Will so that’s why he added the qualifier.

      • Oh for sure, and I think he genuinely means it as a compliment … or at least a really good butter up. It is just part of our culture to qualify achievements when someone is not male or not white. It just get a little irritated when I see it.

      • Sometimes they shouldn’t be. It is up to them. If they want to act like the men and not differentiate themselves from the men then I have no problem dropping the distinction. BUT in situations when they actually play the female (or gay, or transgender or whatever) card themselves and set themselves apart as a strategy? Then you’re damn right I am going to judge them separate. just how they wanted me to in the beginning. Fair is fair.

      • I never once saw Vanessa play the female or the gay card. You miss the larger picture though, but that’s okay.

    • I get you.

      But I think he’s just appeasing her to try to get her vote if/when he evicts her. She might not buy most brilliant but she’d probably buy most brilliant female. Keep in mind they’ve had discussions about previous seasons in the house. Maybe V considers Derrick most brilliant?

      • If he is trying to appease her, he should judge her alongside ALL players, not just the women.

      • But how do you want him to say it? When asked to name some of the best BB players, most people will come up with answers like Derrick or Dr Will – two males. He probably just wants to call her brilliant but doesn’t think she’s up to their level. But he would still want to flatter her ego. So he puts a qualifier on it, and in this case that’s using the word female.

        I don’t see what’s so wrong here, but I’ve never really understood conversations like this.

      • I’m a female, and I agree with you; I don’t see anything wrong with the qualifier. “Of all the women who have ever played this game, you are by far the most brilliant.” Ack!, but nothing wrong with it.

      • Yes, I know what you are saying. Read my other comments. It is more of a societal issue than a Steve issue.

      • Yup, it’s a PC issue. And that’s enough for me to want to challenge it. PC has gone way too far, IMO.

      • Personal Computer issue? hahahahah Sorry, couldn’t resist. Just trying to make you giggle is all! :-)

      • Which compliment would you prefer…?
        She is the 5th smartest player in BB history.
        She is the smartest female player in BB history.

        I dont think the “female” part was sexist it was just making it sound more like a compliment. IMHO

      • True, her atrocious social game prevents her from being the best player ever, or even best female player.

    • He’d only say “brilliant” because Derrick avoided being put on the block the whole season and that’s it. Austin almost did the same thing until Steve put him on the block and Vanessa decided to vote to evict him. Van was not the most brilliant female player, but she did collectively have a hand in most of the hgs’ evictions either by luck, winning comps along with the protection by a bigger alliance…Austwins…but keep in mind the majority of those that played and of those that are in jury were recruits as will be Liz if she’s one standing next to him at the end.

    • Let’s just hope we never see anyone LIKE HER!!! It was hard to watch in my opinion. I found myself saying “that’s disgusting” more than “that’s brilliant”. Also went hoarse yelling at the HGs that let her get away with it.

  5. Vanessa has blood on her hands involving almost everyone on the jury and since the game began. I’m not sure that she’s automatic if she makes it to F2. With that said, should Steve take round 3 and send Vanessa packing I’m not counting out Liz to win it all. Steve, played a very aloof game until the last several weeks. His interactions with many now in the jury house was negligible at best before they were tossed. Both Steve and Vanessa see Liz as a non-threat, and that could be their fatal error.

    • I agree, Liz has two guaranteed votes already in the jury and since the other jury members knows Liz better than Steve- he may lose out.

    • No way Liz wins. She will get Austin, Julia and possibly Van. If Steve evicts Van, he scores major points with the jury. He gets every other vote, no question.

  6. My concern is VAN ONKY TALKED GAME TO MOST-so Steve should have the edge since he had many conversations with the hgs. Van never left her HaoH room-talked mostly with her alliance. So will we see the jury questions coming from the goblins ? If so will it be something specific VB knows James said ONly to Van not Steve -being that BB was trying to help Liz win part two they wavy those two in the end. To have Steve win BB will loose Van abs a Steve and Liz end is not what they planned. -very easy to rig this to favor Van

  7. I hope Steve gets the opportunity to use that speech. If he does he’s a better player than I thought he was….

      • I think people just didn’t notice because Vanessa was always in our faces. But Steve’s not the only one who played a good game, others were just more low key.

      • People didn’t notice because Steve was playing Vanessa’s game. Same with Liz. That’s the only reason they are both still there.

  8. I have always said Steve is a much better player than we give him credit for. He is very smart and “very sneaky”. I just hope Liz is smart enough to know if she takes vanessa to F2 there is a very small chance she will win. Atleast with Steve she might have a chance.

    • Liz won’t have the opportunity to take either one to F2; she hasn’t won either of the two preceding rounds. But she will, most likely, get to F2 via both Vanessa or Steve.

    • Liz has already lost 2 of 3 hoh comps. She can’t take anyone to the final 2 because it’s not her choice. She’s out of the final hoh comp altogether.

      • Thanks skyline. I’m really new to all this and trying to figure it all out. So really the only way Liz is back in is if one of the others choose to take her to F2???

  9. Steve is a lot smarter than I thought. He is amazed because Vanessa is a great player and Liz is too dumb to take Steve instead. It is unfortunate that the game has to end with three people which I didn’t care for, but at the end keeping Vanessa will get her half a million dollars. I don’t remember one season where my favorite HG had won because I always choose the underdogs who play it too safe.

  10. Vanessa has employed a successful strategy but has yet to prove whether it was based upon executive function or a delusional disorder. Her behavior, statements, and actions both in the DR and in the house lack a certain grasp of reality or acknowledgement of her gameplay. It really leaves you wondering – her post-game interviews should be telling.

  11. I’m appalled at how CBS only called Vanessa in 5/6/7 times a day I don’t remember what day they were all bitching about it its so annoying from DAY 2 U cld tell production had it setup for Vanessa to win that’s why I dropped live feeds not paying CBS for a multimillionaire to win 500k

  12. I just don’t agree with Steve that Vanessa is the best female player to ever play Big Brother. For me, that title probably goes to Danielle from season 3. She would have won if they sequestered the jury then like they do now.

    • I think in his speech, Steve is stroking Vanessa’s go. She truly loves that. Think of all the times she wins a comp her expectation is a congrats and a hug. She gets quite perturbed when she does not get it. IF Steve is a big fan, I think he should know there have been some very good female players at the least equal to Vanessa, if not better.

  13. As I stated days and even weeks ago, I firmly believe that the Fix is in by CBS. The producers have helped Vanessa most of the time .How else could she know everything about everyone . Besides, shame on CBS and Julie Chen, and her President of CBS husband, for allowing Vanessa to even be playing this year. There is a conflict of interest since they have a show,Poker Face,in development on CBS with Vanessa. This isn’t the first time the producers have been involved. The FIX is in …go figure Vanessa wins the last HOH and most important POV. Anyone want to bet me she wins the final HOH. This is my last post. I am done with BB and CBS. I don’t like cheaters.

    • Did you notice that, during that last Veto comp, one of the questions was basically one only Vanessa could have guessed quickly enough? The Frankie Grande question. John never stood a chance at that one. And, if I’m remembering correctly, that was the question that won her the comp.

      • Anyone should have known that answer… It was matter of a few days prior to the day they were on.
        I believe Stankie was there like day 81 and questions were day 86.. Or 86-91.. Regardless, all guests should been able to think back to few days prior and do the basic math.

  14. I hope for the next bb, the producers choose regular people not people who are trying to get a break for a career. Vanessa doesn’t need the money, so what if she played a good game. She was most likely coached! The show is not real anymore.

  15. I hate that part 3 is a luck crapshooters, and who does Vanessa know in jury? Not that it matters.

    • The point of part 3 is to show how much you know your housemates, but like you said it is pretty much all luck. I would prefer that they find another way to test how much you know them.

    • Can someone please please explain to me why most people are in denial about Vanessa already winning BB17? She has been a genius. Even Ste said what I have been saying for weeks.
      Julie: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of BB 17 and the first Lesbian to win BB USA the Great and all Powerful Lesbian Warrior – VANESSA!
      Crowd: The crowd is cheering very loud and Vanessa’s comes out of the crowd to embrace Vanessa and both kiss each other very passionately! !!

      • Blehh, I’m not interested in watching her and her mate kiss.
        Don’t get me wrong… I’m all for a gay union.. as long as both chicks are hot.

      • Disclaimer: they weren’t my words, was a t-shirt id seen one day and the line fit the subject matter.
        No harm was intended nor were they my words or thoughts, just a play on something I’d seen.
        Sorry for the inappropriate comment.

      • Wait, wasn’t she married to a dude? I’m not saying you can’t be a lesbian and be married to a guy, but she must of had some sexual attraction to him.

    • I don’t think JMac will ever be truly understood by most viewers. When he compared Vanessa to Derrick he meant that taking someone to the F2 with you that you consider a threat is courting disaster. It’s not that he thinks Vanessa and Derrick played similar games but that both had developed these game play “relationships” of sorts, with Steve and Cody respectively, which ultimately does them no good if you want the cash.

    • If Steve means all he said about Vanessa then he was a fool to take her this far and risk even getting to the F2 himself. I suspect he is just looking for her vote. I would be shocked if she votes for him if he does end up winning HOH and booting her out. If that should happen then we have to give her more credit for being a decent human being because she knows darn well Liz has no business winning because of game play (more like genetics and hormones). This would show her true colours.

      Liz in F2 seems inevitable and very unpalatable.

  16. Hoping Steve wins Part 3…and sends Vanessa packing.. We would have the best blindside of the century…. There would be an emmy for CBS…GO Cherokee Steve…we are rooting for you.

  17. Steve won’t win with Liz either Vanessa all the way. She is a brilliant player. Steve hasn’t done much.

  18. Tonight’s episode is the worst EVER!!..Please get on with it…ENOUGH with the flashbacks already…true fans already seen these!..I guess cbs thinks we don’t possess the brain power to retain information or we have an under developed memory… hour wasted that we’ll never get back! #boring

  19. A bully and victim all rolled up into one con game. She’s an expert game theory expert just ask her.

  20. This is the most disappointing season yet. To see so many seemingly intelligent and self-professed ‘super fans’ be blindly influenced by an obvious con-artist like Vanessa, tells me what lemmings they let themselves become. Vanessa is no better than a common street hustler. Unfortunately, that makes
    most of the house guests, perfect marks.

  21. Vanessa really needs to win this last HOH or she’s screwed. I’m annoyed that Liz is 98% leaving with $50g and a 50% chance at $1m. She got there in a showmance (the grossest to date) and had the unfair advantage of a family member’s support. Also, the DUMBEST HG cast ever; still can’t believe they kept Austwins as long as they did.

  22. Vanessa really needs to win this last HOH or she’s screwed. I’m annoyed that Liz is 98% leaving with $50g and a 50% chance at $1m. She got there in a showmance (the grossest to date) and had the unfair advantage of a family member’s support. Also, the DUMBEST HG cast ever; still can’t believe they kept Austwins as long as they did.

  23. If a liar like Vanessa wins this I will truely b dissapointed! She’s obviously a huge manipulator and is cold enough to lye while looking eye to eye to people who consider her a friend.
    I really have a problem with people who go out of their way to hurt others and pin them against each other by lying. I hope Big Brother didn’t have someone like in mind when they thought of the winners.I don’t think people who go through their lives with no consideration to anyone but themselves, should be praised for it. I hope the jury can see the true person she is , the way the viewers do.

    • Boy you are truly naive. Most successful people and companies constantly manipulate. You are probably a regular person who lives a regular dull life and has never really experience true success. I don’t mean to be cruel. You never probably went to an Ivy League school. Traveled the world or had more than 4 figures in a checking account. Wealthy people run this country. Always have and always will. To end, your love gives me such a trill, but it doesn’t pay the bill’s. To put it simply money does buy happiness. Peace out.

      • Yikes, you went too far with her, though your first point we’ll recieved. We know the top 1%, the Mr. Robots and old money, and go lie for a living. This is different.

      • You’ve done none of the above either. Lol. Yes Vanessa “APPEARED” to have played a good game. APPEARED to be a master manipulator and have the ability to “read” people. Lmao. BB is the master manipulator- they fool you Vanessa lovers into believing she’s that good so you watch their new show. duh!, umm, what is the point of putting Vanessa on the show??…..think…come on…. never mind, you probably still don’t get it. Here’s a hint- why was Frankie on the show last year?? Dumbasses. BB is doing a fantastic job fooling a lot of people with their promotional players. They just don’t fool the true Bb fans that miss the way the game used to be played. Its sad that BB is not the game it was originally intended to be

    • Does a linebacker have any consideration for the quarterback when he lays him out on his butt?
      It’s a game and you are reading too much into it if

  24. What about a rigged game and CBS letting Vanessa win comps and feeding Liz against Steve to win final spot against Vanessa

  25. Steve goes into panic mode,and he goes blank. Just like he did in the last Veto competition and Vanessa won, leaving it down to her and JMac. Thus Vanessa won, and JMac was eliminated.
    Steve is already working himself up into a frenzy already.Sounding arrogant, talking about being mobbed by fans after BB17. What fans is my question, four year olds carrying their teddy bears? Steve’s persona of the naive and socially awkward scampering, talking to himself and to cameras Nerdy dweeb has been nothing more than completely irritating.
    Liz has that “mean girl”, overly indulged, “I’m the prettiest,and the best” attitude.Same as her twin.Spoiled girls. With irritating, whiney voices.Liz with her “Beauty and the Beast” showmance, with the most disgusting male in the BB17 house.They were probably drawn to each other out of the shear fact they are each purely full of themselves, yet in reality, there’s really nothing there.
    We may see a lot tears out of Vanessa, but don’t be fooled. She’s no whimp. Yes, plenty of females have been known to use tears to get their way.
    Minus the tears approach,what I find So ironic is, had a guy been playing Vanessa’s game, everyone would be his greatest fan! Vanessa’s the Only one in the entire BB17 house who Truly played Big Brother from beginning to end!
    I think Steve will be the one who will be in for the rude awakening, and Vanessa IS going to finish what she started, she will beat him in Part 3, she sees him as a threat for votes in jury, and sends him packing, and she will take Liz, who truly only has two guaranteed votes in jury(Austin and Julia) even Shelli is advocating and seeing it as pure game play and not personal. Jury is instructed to vote purely on Game play and not on personal feelings. If they would ALL be honest, Vanessa would take it hands down.

  26. If Steve wins part 3 i hope he loses to Liz- she will already have 3 votes 4 if you count shelly against him- since clearly van will vot for Li- he had no strategy- at least ian had a strategy. Hopefully van should win part 3 as she can read people better than steve can- if he cant tell when he annoying them and they have to tell him, he should hopefully lose at what they are going to say

    • Her strategy was
      1. Use her attractions to gain the favor of the males, early on. It worked.
      2. Lay low and go medium speed in support of anyone who came to her, until another bullet was put in her clip. (Julia)
      3.Align herself with the smartest guy in the house. (Ye, I know everyone hated on him but he has the second highest IQ on bb history. (Austin) (this gave her a team.)
      4. Use her sisters talkative energy to enhance her social game by the 2 playing off one another and befriending everyone at the halfway mark.
      5. Cook every night, actual interesting recipes. People love to be served and are always thankful.
      6. Try her hardest in comps.
      7. Always behave like it was a chill summer fun place and never engage in conflict.
      As you can see it all worked. She is smart and aware. However l, no one likes her either. Facts my friend, drop facts.

      • Know why? Next time your in a scary situation, where there are strangers and an uncertain outcome, notice who most people flock to. Who do most people trust and make bonds with? The smartest person in the room. The one who has the answers. Like Dereks wisdom. The twins had it breezy, for everyone all season called and still calls them idiots. Well they would just go to the brain and, poof instant security. That’s straight sociological behavior. However………..I understand this game is so dynamic and cool in all the elements, comps and such that I hear you and will share your opinion with mine equilly.

      • I’ve just never been a firm believer in the IQ testing or results. I know too many well educated people as well as others with extremely high IQs and I don’t think I could get any of them to give me directions out of a paper sack.
        Austin may have claimed or actually does have a high IQ, but he may not be very street smart or have a lot of common sense.
        I think in BB, common sense and street smarts go along way.

      • I do hear you. But he’s watched every season too, so that helps. Street smarts aren’t easily aquired, I agree and critical. Idiots don’t have common sence. I know because it’s a pet peeve of mine, like #1.

      • I’m 10 years with my so called other half.
        She has a chemsitry degree as well as chemical engineering degrees from Purdue. A masters in teaching from another Midwest school. In the ten years of me talking to family and friends of her, I’ve always referred to her as “dingbat” to the point where some people have to be reminded what her real name is.
        I love the woman but I’m constantly wondering how she remembers to breathe without help.
        So I’m right there with you on it being a pet peeve

      • I’ve just never been a firm believer in the IQ testing or results. I know too many well educated people as well as others with extremely high IQs and I don’t think I could get any of them to give me directions out of a paper sack.
        Austin may have claimed or actually does have a high IQ, but he may not be very street smart or have a lot of common sense.
        I think in BB, common sense and street smarts go along way.

  27. i cant wait until this season is over. this rigged crap is so annoying. vanessa is not derrick. derrick is a better player. unlike vanessa, derrick kept his mouth shut and didnt cry and keep playing both sides. vanessa is the WORST PLAYER ever.

      • one example, part 2 of the hoh – steve swears he hears bb production hinting/giving answers to liz. he voices his opinion, and liz confirms that they were. they both are upset. they both realize that bb has fixed/rigged this game in order for vanessa to win. production knew that if steve won, he had a great chance of becoming final hoh and that he will realize that vanessa will win, so he will take liz instead. since bb has fixed this game all season for vanessa, they wouldnt have that. so they tried to give liz the answers, however she didn’t realize that, and lost. which was a good thing, for both their games. now, johnny mac has said in the past that it was rigged. now steve and vanessa confirm this to the live feeds. production even told steve to stop talking about it, and feeds got cut off and went to the fishes. now, that houseguests see that its fixed, its better so steve can win and take him and liz to finals, and have a fair competition.

        another example, last veto that caused johnny mac to be evicted – john said that it was funny how when vanessa needs to win, that she doesn’t make any mistakes. notice, she never got one answer wrong, and everyone else did. production knew that if she didn’t win this one, she was leaving. i read from another person who watches the feeds, that vanessa was in the diary room, for a long period before the competition.

        i could go on and on for examples, however these are the major two from this season. now, since even houseguests are admitting that its rigged….you all can shut your mouths and accept the fact that is rigged.

      • Wasn’t complaining and still waiting on facts.
        From what I read, Steve had already won the comp, so how did production speeding end result up help or hinder anyone?
        Not even sure what your other attempted twist of scenarios were but I’m sure it’s pretty moot at this point.

      • Never complained, but will now. I asked if you had proof of your rantings, and best you came up with was “I read it on the internet”.

        So my complaint is that you didn’t answer the question and that bums me out.

        As to your rantings. I don’t even know what all was said in them, but do recall something.

        You said it was fixed from day 1 for Vanessa to win. You then said since Steve won r2 and will take Liz its better.
        So is it fixed for Vanessa or is it rigged for Steve or Liz to win? You can’t have it both ways, or in your case 9 ways.

        By chance were you near a grassy knoll in 63?

      • no, for the part 2 of the hoh, i was saying how production tried to rig it for vanessa. they failed and steve won. production is mad that Steve won because they know he will not take vanessa….which ruins their plans for her to win.

  28. Steve vs Liz who wins? Liz has 2 votes easy and prolly 3 cuz Vanessa will be “hurt” she was lied to. But what about Becky Jonny James meg Jackie(Steve dumbly got her out) Sheila? He likes Liz(or she did). Does Steve have the votes to win?

  29. I think he’d be an idiot to point out why he doesn’t deserve credit for his game while evicting Vanessa. He should keep it sort and sweet.

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