Diary Room: Derrick Levasseur’s “Weekly Warriors” – Big Brother 17 Week 10

In this case, James would most likely survive, seeing that the two alliances would go after each other to try and take back control. If James were to win HOH following the double eviction, he could decide at that point who he wanted to go after and who he wanted to align with (Which would most likely be based on which group was weaker after the double eviction.)

Although there are only two possible outcomes for the first eviction, the second HOH of the night is completely up in the air. Depending on who wins HOH and who you are personally rooting for, it could be a really interesting night. Regardless of whether Julia or Meg goes home, if James is able to win the HOH following the first eviction, he can really shake some things up. Will he target Vanessa for sending Meg home? Will he target Liz or Austin because they’re a power alliance? Or will he go after Steven or John because they haven’t really chose a side (as far as James knows) and he can’t trust them.

Knowing James, he’s going after big targets, especially after seeing his closest ally and crush sent home. He’s going to be fired up and ready to enact some revenge. My guess would be that he would target Austin and Liz in an attempt to break up the power couple but if he is mad enough at Vanessa for putting him on the block next to Meg, she could find herself sitting in the chair.

Regardless of what happens today, it should be a great show. As a fan, there’s nothing better than a double live eviction. It’s raw, it’s un-edited, and you get to see players make split-second decisions that could change their lives forever. As a houseguest, it’s stressful and not always enjoyable but as a spectator, there’s nothing better. Enjoy the show folks! I know I will.

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  1. If there is a time to target and evict Vanessa, it would be tonight … As it would restrict the amount of time to allow Vanessa to use her crocodile tears and emotional manipulation on the HG’s, as they usually only have about a commercial break or two between the HOH, NOMS, POV, and Voting …

    • Of course it is. Too bad James is the only one with the cojones to nominate her. And even if he did, I’m still not sure they’d send her out. Clearly, following the lead of someone who lies every time their lips move(and everyone in there knows it) is a brilliant strategy

      • Ya, honestly I don’t know Vanessa would go home no matter who she is up against. If it is one of the Austwins they might view them as a bigger threat than Vanessa, and if it’s James or Meg they might go over Vanessa. Tonight is there best shot because she wont have time to feed people BS about why she is best for there game, but they will probably miss it.

        John and Steve need to realize iof they flip the vote, then get HoH along with James they could get out Vanessa quickly and they’d be in a pretty good spot going forward.

      • Somebody(James) has to get Van on the block next to Liz after the veto. In that scenario, Van is gone.

        You’re right–what you suggest is exactly what they should do. The question is will they. Unless James does what I suggested above, I’m pretty sure the answer is a big flat no. Too afraid to do anything, even though the situation screams for it to happen. Why all these people continue to put any value in anything Vanessa says is mind boggling to me.

      • I agree it makes no sense why they listen to her. They are just hoping and praying when all of Vanessa’s BS is said and done they are the one person she brings along. They aren’t playing for themselves, they are playing for Vanessa and hope she is playing for them, which she isn’t.

        As for James, at one point James said he’d put up 2 of the Austwins, and another point he said he’d put up Vanessa and Steve, why Steve, who knows, the best option is to get her next to Liz, and even is JMac/Steve vote to keep her James could break the tie.

        But I don’t see any of this happening unless James win HoH and even then idk… They are all scared sheep playing for Vanessa to win.

      • If Steve/Jmac save Meg tonight – James won’t nominate them. He’ll target Vanessa and Austin probably, though I’d prefer it was Liz. :)

      • If she’s up against Liz, she goes. Regardless of how Steve/Jmac vote, Austin/Julia VTE Vanessa to save Liz and James has the deciding vote. :)

  2. Gosh, could someone find wtpvideo and tell him to read Derrick’s synopsis of current situation in the House, seems Derrick would have more insight & experience then any of us and probably knows a little about what he’s saying.

    I see Vanessa’s view of putting Julia up instead of Liz, that would have just pissed off the Austwins more plus her plan was to remove James or Meg (bust them up). James argument when him & Meg spoke to Van only strengthened her resolve b/c James basically said he’d go after her and why would she leave Meg in there with him to vote her out were she OTB.

    • Oh, my God is that dude a pain or what?!? In his mind, his scenarios & arguments are the ONLY ones that are correct – because HE’S in the BB Habitat, you know! Jeez!!

  3. I would love for Steve to come to his senses and decide to send Julia packing. If he makes this decision, I think that John would follow his lead. I know that both John and Steve are playing Van’s lackey allies this week, but they are both making noises of being wildcards and more with each other. So, once Van is a sitting duck again, I don’t see them being loyal to her, unless it’s convenient for them. If she is somehow targeted, they’d drop her like a lead balloon.

    IF Julia gets evicted, which I agree is still a long-shot, then we’d have 3 sets of duos with Van on the bottom or at least shaky with 2 of the duos. That would make for an interesting DE! James/Meg would go for a big target, which could be Austin, Liz, or Van. Steve/John may go for Austin/Liz or James/Meg. Austin/Liz may go for Van, if they think she was behind getting Julia out, or John/Steve, if they think it was them. Although, Austin may not be that upset at Julia leaving. Anyway you look at it, if Julia gets evicted and Van can’t play in the DE HoH, it’s anyone’s game again! DE HoH, PoV and 2nd HoH would be even more exciting!

  4. After the discussion that vanessa and James had where she freaked out on him for criticizing her game, I think she sealed her fate as his target. James still seems a little skewed as to who are allies and who aren’t but at this point in the game he really doesn’t have any allies. Sides were chosen and he and meg were left out.

    • Steve and JMac need to vote out Julia, align with James and Meg, and get the HoH and get someone out during the DE and have the numbers 4v2 in there favor going forward.

      • Yes, yes they do. Heard Steve whisper to JMac last night as I was falling asleep, “Would Meg & James work with us?,” and I could hear the collective BB Fandom screaming, “YES, THEY WOULD!!!!” Hahahaha

  5. I don’t get ur second scenario. If Julia goes home and Liz or Austin win hoh why would it be van Steve or john that has to go up? I can see Liz being pissed and wanting Steve and John up for flipping but they could just as easily throw meg and James back up. I think they would still rather get James out before John or Steve because as Austin says James is his only physical threat. However Liz would be so pissed at Steve and John for voting out Julia if she wins hoh I think they would both GI up

    • Like you mentioned, maybe they’d just be so pissed, plus they already wanted JMac out his week, so a flip plus they think he’s gunning for them gives them good ‘reason’ to target him, and putting up steve, his alli, just like Meg and James where if they miss there main target, they can at least hit there alli.

  6. The time to break up the Austwins-Vanessa pact from hell was long ago. James and Meg, how can you just be catching on now?

    Still, the way Vanessa blew up on James is so detestable, I pray that the psycho-witch Vanessa goes down tonight.

    • Funny how last night they were like ‘It’s funny to think 3/4 weeks ago we voted to keep her’. You think? You are all idiots and STILL haven’t gotten her out.

      And Ya Vanessa, whenever someone doesn’t like something she has done she cries and yells at them. They do it nice, explain what happened, and she can’t handle it and just breaks down and explodes. It’s so disgusting to watch. i want her out in hopes the audience will boo her lol. But they wont, they are probably too scared of her and will do what she wants lol.

      • You do realize that the audiences is made up of studio employees and invited guests. Nothing unscripted happens on BB. Even the boos occasionally sprinkled into the applause is geared for our entertainment.

  7. The exact points I have been trying make since Meg was left on block and Julia went up even before she did and why Vanessa should put her up. Why Meg was crucial for jher game as anyone else to get out. At this point whether it competitor or just vote against you it it is important. Some viewers let emotions over ride that.

    • I agree, a vote is a vote at this point, and Meg would vote her out 100%. keeping Julia is better for that reason(to a point) and the fact that they have a F2 together and Julia wont ever win anything(not that Meg would) but Julia at least isn’t an automatic vote against her and it keeps the Austwins happy.

  8. If it’s just rolling a ball, it’ll be pretty random, not sure how anyone has a better shot than anyone else… And ya, unless James wins HoH and gets Vanessa next to Liz, I don’t see Vanessa going home.

    • You’re right, it is random. It would be a hoot if Julia does go home and Meg wins HOH!! That would be too funny!! I can’t see Meg knowing what to do at that point!!

      • If that miracle were to happen, then James would be basically making her decision for her. Liz and Vanessa would go up.

    • I think that rolling comp could be the Veto, HoH most likely mental wit 2nd HoH either nd endurance comp or physical one
      Good luck houseguests (Julie C.voice) lol

  9. Watching Steve tonight on feeds I feel its very possible he will flip the vote. He’s actually so nervous that he’s thrown up tonight. He wouldn’t be like that voting out Meg. From what I see I think Julia goes tonight, and as long as James/Meg/Steve/JMac win HOH I think Liz or Vanessa would follow. Tonight’s episode should be interesting!

      • He will change his mind many times in the next few hours. If there’s going to be a flip it will involve Vanessa in the final moments before eviction. She plays her poker cards close to her vest while it’s crazy eights throughout the week. That’s her strategy. Sadly, Steve has adopted her as a mother figure and it’s child abuse! This whole night hinges on whether or not Steve takes off his training wheels and risks a scraped knee. Will be fun to watch either way.

  10. Tonight would be a great time to get Vanessa out because she won’t have time to whine n cry n carry on like an idiot n just show the dumb twit the door,ahhh phooey splat on her,don’t ever come back Vanessa.

    • Vanessa is small potatoes at this point. She can go after Julia is gone tonight and Austin is out. I’ve already set out the plan in my comment below…lol.

  11. It’s time to separate the mice from the men. James, John and Steve can either turn this house upside down (which carries risk) by voting out Julia, or they can wait to be picked off one by one (guaranteed). They can do it outright or they can set a trap to throw some suspicion on Austin (different ways this can be done) which will cause a rift between the gagbirds. They can do this with or without Vanessa on board. This should be told to Vanessa, not ask for her approval (enough already). Vanessa should be put in her place tonight since she can not compete in the next HOH. All this speculating and devising scenarios that may never happen is making Steve physically ill and will affect him emotionally and physically in the comps. An alliance with James, John, Steve and Meg is a good risk against Austin and Liz especially if they are fighting…there is tension there already. No one knows where Vanessa’s head is so Vanessa should be called out to pick a side if (only if) they take out Julia tonight. Which ever way they go there will be casualties, not everyone can get to the final two, but if they don’t do it now they are all guaranteed to be losers.

  12. If the Austwins are on the block I don’t see how under any circumstances that James goes up as a replacement nominee. If the Austwins are on the block it’s because an anti Austwin person put them there and of course the remaining Austwin would go up as replacement.
    It would be cool, if Julia stays (hope not), that she would win and put up Liz and Austin to get Austin out. That would make good tv…and isn’t that what the Austwins are all about. I can dream can’t I?

  13. I want the flip, so Van Van can finally know what it feels like to REALLY be alone. Alone and powerless and praying for Steve (and maybe, maybe JMac) to win HOH and ctying and begging not to go up regardless. Anyone else and her goose will be cooked. It’s really simple for Steve, is there risk involved? Oh yeah, but it’s time for him to decide if final 5 is enough, or is the greater risk to that gutless goal that could give him a legit chance at all the marbles worth it? Faint heart n’er won fair maiden, and it damn sure won’t win 500K.

  14. The object of Big Brother is to win the 1st place prize money at the end, right? How does Steve see voting for Julia and following Vanessa as a way to meet that goal? Why is everyone in this game helping Vanessa work her magic and not see for themselves, that in order for them to win THEIR OWN GAME, they have to make moves. How does James not go talk to Steve and Jmac and say “Look, I know this is a long shot, but if you flip your vote and keep Meg, the four of us can complete together to take out the Austwins and Van.” 4 v 4. Then, if they win HOH they put up and evict whoever they want, they would have the votes. Worst case scenario they lose the HOH and one of them goes home, then they just try again next week.

  15. Still rooting for Johnny Mac and Steve to win tonight’s HOH. They will make their move because they have to. It should be Liz and James on the block with a possible Austin backdoor if one gets off. That insures you break that side of the Big Brother House for good. I would not trust any of those 3 at all. Hopefully, Steve and Johnny Mac win back to back HOHs then, they can finish off the job in two weeks. Then, focus on taking out Vanessa. Then, Julia and Final 2. Go do it guys!

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