Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 10: Wednesday Night Highlights

Big Brother 17 eviction eve vote flip talk has been very rare this season, but the Live Feeds last night finally delivered.

Meg makes her pitch to Steve – Source: CBS All Access

There was a lot of discussion among those voting on whether or not they should keep Meg over Julia and so there was also a lot of worry on Julia’s behalf. But what did everyone decide to do ahead of tonight’s eviction? Read on to find out.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, September 2, 2015:

4:00 PM BBT – Vanessa and Austin talking game as Van says she can’t figure out JMac and doesn’t know where his head is in the game. This is a cover as she wants to hide that partnership.

4:10 PM BBT – James and Meg discussing James’s strategy moving forward. He says he tested the waters with Austin about going after Steve and JMac, but senses maybe they’re working together.

4:50 PM BBT – Steve grabbed John and quickly asked if they should be flipping the vote with the crapshoot HoH comp that they just practiced. It’s not safe to talk so the subject changes.

5:25 PM BBT – Steve talking to himself says that he and John will flip the vote and join James to be the 3. He says “Scamper Squad is over.” Steve is worried about making sure he can keep John as long as possible.

5:40 PM BBT – Vanessa and Steve have a long, long talk about flipping the vote and why that’d be bad for her his game. Will this void Steve’s previous declaration?

6:15 PM BBT – Steve asks who Van wants to go to F3 with. She says Julia because she’d be easy to beat in those final comps.

6:20 PM BBT – Vanessa promises Steve she has never ever made a F2 deal or working arrangement with any other HGs besides Steve.

6:25 PM BBT – Austin arrives and ends that lengthy conversation. Now for a new one. Austin opens the door for a sanctioned hit on the twins, but says he can’t be the one to do it. He knows a F3 with the twins is not a good situation for him. Austin worries the twins will go up, Liz wins Veto, then he’ll be renom’d and go home against Julia.

6:43 PM BBT – Vanessa making sure Austin knows that Liz would castrate him if he voted to evict Julia this week. Austin says he thinks John would nominate James and Julia if he wins the next HOH. He also tells Vanessa and Steve that he won’t break up the twins before final 3. (Hmmm, think about that one, Vanessa and Steve).

7:38 PM BBT – John and Vanessa are now having the vote flip conversation. Vanessa keeps trying to make logical points for keeping Julia.

8:00 PM BBT – Vanessa tells John she thinks they’d be in trouble if they voted out Julia unless they could convince Liz that Austin was a part of the flip. Vanessa tells John she’ll deal if the vote flips on Julia but she just wants to be in the loop. She also says they’ll need to get Austin’s blessing (OK, Vanessa).

8:26 PM BBT – Steve goes up to the HOH room, where it’s just John and they again discuss flipping the vote. John tells Steve that if they evict Julia then Meg and James won’t come for them. Steve says he doesn’t know what they should do. Steve says they’ll talk about it tonight (even though they’re alone now). Steve says it’s really risky and John says he doesn’t want to end up in the same position they were in last week (both of them on the block). Steve asks if he wants to do it. John says he’s on the fence because it’s risky.

8:42 PM BBT – Meg tells James she feels like she’s not fighting hard enough, but she doesn’t feel like there’s any use. She talks about talking to Austin again.

8:55 PM BBT – Austin tells Liz that the Live Feeds watchers are “fat nerds.”

9:23 PM BBT – Liz and Julia head up to the HOH to practice Julia’s speech and Vanessa stars sketching them out about Austin. She tells them that the only way Julia gets evicted is if Austin is OK with it or behind it.

9:30 PM BBT – Vanessa has the twins equally freaked out, so Liz is going to talk to him to make sure he’s still on board with everything.

10:14 PM BBT – Meg makes her pitch to Steve. She tells him this is the chance to change the game and get out the threesome. She tells him that she and James have never gone for him and they’ve never voted to evict him. She asks for his vote and tells him that this is the chance they can take over the game.

10:15 PM BBT – Julia and Liz talk about Austin. Julia is really sketched out by him and saw Steve and Austin talking and she got suspicious. Julia admits that she does not like Austin for Liz.

10:17 PM BBT – Julia and Liz talk turns to Meg and James. She’s upset with them and says they’re bullies. She says she hates everyone but Vanessa and Steve and she doesn’t even want to sleep in the same room with Meg and James. She says she’s so ready for Big Brother to be over so she can go home.

10:45 PM BBT – James tells Meg he caught Austin and Steve whispering and they stopped talking when they saw him. They think he’s working closer with Austin than he is Johnny Mac. (Steve was just telling Austin about his conversation with Meg and that there wasn’t much to tell).

10:50 PM BBT – Now that James has seen Steve is working with them, he is on James’ radar. He says he’d nominate Austin and Vanessa with Steve as a replacement nominee.

11:00 PM BBT – Meg and James continue talking about what’s going to happen this week and beyond. Meg is “95 percent” sure she’s going home and wants to call Austin out, but says she better not.

11:08 PM BBT – Meg cam talks, explaining how she feels about her campaign and that she tried her best to stay.

11:10 PM BBT – James and Johnny Mac talking in the bathroom about the vote. John says he can’t flip it himself even though he wants to. James understands. So they talk about winning the HOH and making a move then. John says the win or they die.

12:15 AM BBT – Austin worrying to Steve about James winning HoH on Thursday and going after the twins or Vanessa.

12:30 AM BBT – Liz tells Austin she’d be heartbroken if he voted out Julia. This was planned earlier by Vanessa as a way to guilt trip Austin and avoid him flipping.

1:30 AM BBT – Steve and John talking about flipping the vote. John points out they’d have the numbers advantage if this HoH comp is random like what they practiced. Steve is hesitant because of Vanessa. John says to keep this between them and they’ll talk again in the morning.

1:40 AM BBT – Steve is alone and pacing while camtalking and trying to figure out his best move. Says he doesn’t want to lose the game by keeping a threesome together but worries about being a terrible person for evicting her.

1:55 AM BBT – Steve continues the debate trying to figure out if he’d go up against John as retribution.

3:00 AM BBT – Steve is still trying to figure this out. He’s pacing and talking. Steve heads upstairs and hangs around the HoH door for awhile before going back downstairs.

4:15 AM BBT – Still awake, Steve continues to pace and mumble to himself that he might want to do the flip. John was up and in the bathroom, but they didn’t intersect to have another talk. Steve has the lights on in the back bedroom and doesn’t look ready to sleep yet.

So much debating going on for Steve over the idea of keeping Meg and flipping on Julia. With this much hesitation on Steve’s part I’m expecting him to fold and go back to keeping Julia, but maybe he’ll have a breakthrough on Thursday to lead him in the other direction.

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  1. For entertainment value I want Steve to flip… But for his own game he should probably stick to the original plan

      • Well, Steve said it himself last night…. We don’t know if the Goblins and Rockstars would become another “Exterminators” type of alliance and totally kill the season…

      • Austwins + Vanessa = “Exterminators” type of alliance. They have been killing the season since day 1!! Now would be the time to get rid of such alliance.

      • I wish they would flip but don’t think it will happen. Steve is too far up Vanessa’s a$$. John would do it in a second. He knows the Austwins are afraid of him. So since that’s not going to happen the next best thing is James wins the first HOH for the DE and JMac wins the next one.

      • I wonder…James is cool, for sure but why does everyone hate austwins except for bad taste in romantic exploits and sh! $ talking while Steve is a lying gerbil in a tunnel who will switch loyalties and John is willing to not befriend anyone then befriend the devil (what) put in some work! Vanessa is the worst type of person and meg is hollow man er woman. Really all they’ve done is maneuver without lying and stay g loyal To eachther

      • To be fair, ALL HG’s have switched loyalties at one time or another. In addition to the reasons you mentioned above, I can’t stand the Austwits because they are mean, petty, arrogant, conceited hypocrites, with neither table manners nor any semblance of class. Besides that, the twins voices are obnoxious, and Sasquatch is just plain disgusting.

      • Didn’t realize how really big Austin or how really small James is until Austin gave James a hug for his POV win on last night show.

        Can’t believe Van didn’t find some way to CHEAT on that POV comp then to have her find Austin’s piece to give James the win was awesome or should I say aus-some.

      • And the comp was much harder to throw since the names were sealed! If the comp wasn’t timed or the cards sealed, I’m sure Van would have found a way to cheat! hahaha

      • Her girlfriend better run fast, she probably saying this Vanessa have been cheating all this time on me but lies to cover her lies.

      • Ugh I won’t watch them anymore on feeds. After what he called feeders last night. Go away austwits!; (

      • With exception to Austin being disgusting , I’ve seen way worse, messy unclean, showerless, etc..the usual, I agree with your points l. They are good. Thanks

      • If he don’t flip he gonna lose anyway play his own game he may have a better chance of winning

    • What if the Austwins regain power and put Steve and JMac on the block again? Steve could very well go home instead of JMac if JMac were to win the veto. He really does need to take out one of the twins to seal a better fate now while the opportunity has presented itself than rely on Van or himself to do it later!

      • I think Austin has mentioned that if he wins HOH his plan might be to bd James. And i think the twins are planning on putting up James and a Rockstar instead of two Rockstars.

      • I think if Steve flips the vote and he can survive the next few evictions, the flip may prove to be a good move for him.

        However, by making this move Steve puts a target on his back that wasn’t there if he voted out Meg.

        He loses standing with Vanessa, because she can’t trust him to do what she wants. I know some think that’s a good thing, but it’s not a good thing for Steve because it makes him more expendable to Vanessa.

        As mentioned, Steve now becomes a target for Austin and Liz. It also increases the likely hood of at least a temporary alliance forming between Austin, Liz and the Goblins.

        Steve goes from being on the wrong side of a (three – two) five person alliance to being a target of a possible four person alliance.

        By flipping the vote, Steve has strengthen JMac, Meg (obviously), James and (because of her move to throw some shade on Austin last night) Vanessa!

        Steve has obviously weakened the Austwins and I believe he has also weakened (at least short term) his position in the house.

      • Van has said over and over she didn’t want to be the one to split up the threesome and not get any blood on her hands. Well it’s a bit late for that now. She did get a little bit of blood on her hands when she put Julia up on the block. But it’ll be the others that do her dirty work getting the most blood on their hands. Van wants this, but won’t admit it to them.

    • If they flip…then you’ll have Meg/James/Steve/John vs Austin/Liz in the HoH comp. Better numbers if they flip.

      HOWEVER, John is sitting pretty with Vanessa who’s pretty convincing, so he might be safer not flipping, but still….I don’t think Vanessa could keep Austin or Liz from nominating him, so…yeah…

      I don’t see any down side to flipping! FLIP FOOLS FLIP!

    • I agree with you Brys, for his own game, Steve should evict Meg.

      Steve however, seems fixated on keeping JMac safe.

      The “randomness” of the competition they practiced outside yesterday has him spooked. He seems to have “short circuited” (lol).

      He is right to think that JMac is in danger this coming HOH if the Austwins win. Steve is in no personal danger this week if the Austwins win HOH IF he sticks to the plan to evict Meg.

      If Steve follows through, his move will certainly shake up the house. Many of you may not like this, but Steve’s move may actually strengthen Vanessa’s hand!

      The move of the night wasn’t Steve thinking about flipping, it was Vanessa telling the twins that the only way Julia goes home this week is with Austin’s blessing! And the twins bought her play!

      If Vanessa can somehow convince James that she was behind the flip, no one will be after her tonight. Brilliant! Even if she can’t convince James, she is still in a better position with Liz. And in no worse of a position with any other house guest.

      Many people comment that the house guests are playing Vanessa’s game, they aren’t. Vanessa is adapting HER GAME to the actions of the house guests.

      By the way, my bet is James will still target Vanessa. But really with this vote happening right before a double eviction, anything is possible. Very interesting!

      I’m not sure if Steve realizes all of the new battle lines his flip will cause. If Steve does follow through with the vote flip, him and JMac will need to target Austin TONIGHT.

      James will think that Austin has NOT been aligned with Steve and there is a real danger for Steve and JMac that Austin and Liz will team up with James and Meg (Meg lol). If that happens, Steve is in a much worse position than he was before the vote flip.

      Remember, Vanessa set up her “alliance” with Steve and JMac to help take care of the Austwin problem. Now that the Austwins are just a showmance, it may benefit Vanessa in the near future to drop Steve and JMac.

      JMac may be in a slightly better position in the house if Julia is evicted, but it will come at Steve’s expense.

      Rather than spend all night “short circuiting”, Steve would have been better off having a rational conversation with James about why it was vitally important to target Liz in this up coming HOH.

      If they follow through with the vote flip plan tonight, Steve and JMac need to evict Austin tonight. If Austin is not evicted tonight this move will cost Steve any chance of winning the game.

    • Steve needs to play for Steve not Vanessa. Start looking out for himself in this game because JMac is the only one that is ‘loyal’ to him.

    • How is sticking to the plan for his own game exactly? Did you just start watching, those 3 plus Vanessa are in control of the whole house

  2. Oh God. This would be the perfect scenario.

    1. Steve grows a pair and he/John/James knock out Julia tomorrow.
    2. Meg stays and now it’s 4-2 (with Meg eligible to play in the HOH and Vanessa not eligible.)
    3. Any of the 4 (James, Meg, Steve, John) win HOH in the DE and nominate Austin and Liz w/ Vanessa as a backdoor option.
    4. Either Austin, Liz or Vanessa head out in the DE.

    Unfortunately…I’m too optimistic. It’s all up to Steve to make the biggest move of the season and change the whole dynamic of the house.

    Let’s hope for entertainment value… Steve! FLIP THE FREAKING VOTE.

    (Btw, I said to nom Liztin just in case Vanessa wins Veto so that they can tell her the house is united to get either of them out so we won’t be too mad.)

  3. From Jokers: Wed 8:55 PM BBT Austin to Liz that the feed watchers are nothing but fat nerds. NT – Pasty

    Well, that is one way to gain street cred, Austinnnnnnn-uhh

      • Well I can be kinda nerdy, but so what. And I don’t watch the feeds. It just shows the level of Liz’s arroganceuhh and that she doesn’t even care that she’s insulting a part of the very show she is onuhh.

      • Austin said it, but Liz wasn’t defending it since she is one of those nerds! They do belong together! :-)

    • Not a feed watcher, but I’d rather be a “fat nerd” than a disgustingly filthy egotistic neanderthal!

    • Way to tank ANY possibility you had of winning AFP, Sasquatch!!! No, he had NO chance, anyway, but he just pissed off the voters, making it even LESS likely. And he still thinks we love them?!? Delusional much??? UGH.

      • He is worse than Caleb. Caleb thought he was going to get a record deal and BB was going to make him famous. BUT Beast-Mode did not make the dumbarse comments Arsetin made AND Caleb was good to look at.

        I want to see his face on finale night when he finds out he is not liked and his showmance grossed out America. I want to see his face when he goes home and reads the comments about him on the Internet.

        LIZ your next job is the Larry Flynt type.
        I’m so disgusted by them, and to call us fat nerds.
        Slobering sexual predator Pig!!!

    • And Steve told them that Jokers like them. Won’t they be surprised. And why does Vanessa think she is America’s Favorite Player? Poor girl is delusional.

      • But how would Steve know that? I’m pretty sure Van knows how America feels. She’s said already that there will most likely be a bitter jury. She won’t be America’s Favorite, but she will be credited with being one of the dirtiest players!

      • Steve likes to use his super fan knowledge to project what he thinks we feel and then tells Van and Austin what they want to hear.

  4. I hope Steve and JMac find their balls and decide to do whats best for them and not best for Vanessa. Its a shame no one listens to these convos when Austin mentions final 3 and they aren’t included. You would only have to say that once in front of me for me to want you out first. And Steve geez, I wish he’d stop worrying about being mean. It’s a game about getting people out so you win. So just do it.

    • Why would it be best for their game to go against Vanessa. Students of Sound is a really important alliance for Steve if he wants to go far in this game. If they do flip and the Goblins win HOH Steve will lose Vanessa. And if the Liztin win HOH he and Johnny Mac will immediately be targeted

      • That strategy is extremely cowardly and actually not even that forward thinking at this point. The reality is that Vanessa can’t fight for him this week and the twins and Austin will all play for HOH. Despite the fact that they want Jmac and James out first, Steve is still expendable to them when push comes to shove and would no doubt be the renom and possible evictee.

        If Steve keeps riding with Austwins, he’s merely playing for 5th place, if you can’t see that then I don’t know what to tell you.

        Vanessa has been helpful to Steve up to this point. But if I’m him, I cut my losses, evict Julia and stick to the F2 with Jmac. Over the next couple of weeks, try to take out the Austwins and Vanessa and establish an F4 with James and Meg. Both sides have their final 2 deals and may the best pair win.

      • Steve is definitely aware that he will not get far with the Austwins. Regardless of who he evicts in the first part of DE, Steve will probably target the Austwins in the DE if he were to win HOH. In this case, the effect is essentially the same but you don’t piss Vanessa off.
        Plus, Meg and James aren’t really good allies anyways. I can totally see them suddenly wanting to work with Austin cuz Meg decides to “go with her gut feeling” and trust Austin.

      • If JMac and Steve follow through with flipping the vote, they need to win tonight’s first HOH and try to evict Austin.

        James is going to go after Vanessa tonight. (unless Vanessa can pull a rabbit out of her hat and convince James that SHE was behind the flip to save Meg – even with that info I’m not sure James will switch his target).

        That gives Austin time to convince Liz that he was not behind the plot to evict Julia. Next week Austin will be much more effective in building a relationship with the Goblins than will Steve or JMac.

        So even if Steve or JMac win the second HOH tonight and put up Austin and Liz, Austin stays by a vote of two (James and Meg) to one (Steve or JMac)

        Now Steve is right back in the postion that he was trying to avoid. Stuck in a three on two battle. Now instead of Steve and Vanessa against the Austwins, it’s James, Austin and Meg against JMac and Steve.

        How are Steve’s odds of winning the game improved in this scenario? I would argue that they may be worse in this three on two.

        Steve has the other negative that taking out Julia puts a target on him for the rest of the game.

        IF he or JMac can eliminate Austin in tonight’s DE, eliminating Julia will be a good move. If Austin remains in the house, Steve will not win the game.

        He’s worried about his odds in tonight’s “crap shoot” competition? He seems to be making his odds much WORSE by evicting Julia.

      • If Meg goes and the Austwins win HOH, Steve is in no danger of leaving during the Austwins HOH.

        Steve is making this move because for some reason, he is fixated on keeping JMac safe.

        Steve is either unable to or willfully misreading the house. This move may very well isolate him and JMac for the remainder of the game.

      • Brys most people on this forum aren’t interested in logical moves or interesting game play. They simply want the Austwins and/or Vanessa to NOT win the game.

        What’s ironic is that Vanessa has set it up so that if Steve does flip the vote, it will strengthen her position in the house.

      • Well, I definitely see a lot of Austins Angels hate all over the Big Brother Community. I personally wouldn’t mind if Vanessa wins (but the same thing does not go for the Austwins). Everyone is now just calling Steve spineless when Jmac is right… There is no right move, it’s all a gamble. Thx for defending my view tho

    • Steve and Johnny Mac should stick with Vanessa. Vanessa did not put Steve and Johnny Mac this week when she was HOH. Her interests align with Steve and Johnny Mac. The Austwins and James will all target Johnny Mac and Steve. Steve and Johnny Mac should stick together and stick with Vanessa for now. Go after James, Austin, Liz. Julia is new Meg and can be an extra vote. If Steve and Johnny Mac succeed in evicting James, Austin, Liz then, they can evict Vanessa and take Julia to Final 3. Then, evict Julia for a Final 2 Johnny Mac, Steve. Steve wins because he played a better game overall.

  5. Steve isn’t keeping Meg, he’s too weak to do something that big. Even now, knowing it’s the smarter game move, he still won’t do it because he’s too scared. It’s unfortunate, but I don’t see him sticking to his guns on this despite the logic.

    • Agreed. Isn’t he a super fan? But instead he got out a non issue like Jackie and now is going to allow austwins to stay. Wimp.

  6. Here’s the big thing I’m noticing, Steve has gone to the DR twice in the past two hours. You can believe that production is doing their best to “hint” that Steve should evict Julia.

    • They could be discouraging him from evicting Julia for all I know… possibly because they want to protect Vanessa’s game

      • Production isn’t that stupid, when it comes down to it, they want compelling television and they know a vote flip is far more interesting than protecting a tantrum-throwing child.

    • Can’t figure HOW that benefits Production plus are they calling in Steve too or had they already turned him? B/C they need JMac & Steve both to flip, forget Austin.

      Van thinks keeping Julia benefits her then WHY did she put her up with the chance to be evicted? I’m confused. Never mind I figured it out.

      • Don’t be surprised if the vote gets flipped tonight. Vanessa was starting to change her thinking last night. Too many assurances to Liz and Julia yesterday to boost their confidence that Julia would be staying. Vanessa realizes that she has to break up that Trio of Fools (my name for them) to get to the F4.

  7. If Steve is thinking about the long-term, err, Jury Votes, should he somehow make it to F2 … better to keep with the Austwins happy, as they contain 3-4 votes, while the Goblins have 2, at best ….
    So, yeah, Jury Management might be on some of their minds, at this point ???

    • You have to make it to F2 first, and at this trajectory, Steve has no chance. He has to make a move if he wants any chance. Regardless, no one believes Steve is going to flip the votes, everyone thinks that it’d be Austin. The kid wouldn’t even take the blame for it.

      • Yeah, Jake and WHATEVER happened to not thinking smart good play wins you BigBro and putting so much emphasize on not having that Juror’s blood on your hands equates to getting their vote.

        I know the best thing is to have a hand in that HG’s eviction but not being seen as having a hand in it. Then revealing the fact you manipulate another HG into evicting someone for your benefit.

      • For example BigBro 16, Nicole tells Derrick, you’re game is awesome, Derrick thinks she’s got to go. Caleb (beast-mode-cowboy) wins HoH, puts up Nicole & Christine, C wins POV, Victoria is re-nom… Nicole is evicted. Derrick put ALL those moves in Caleb’s head. Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am.

    • At some point the Austwins have to be broken up. Doesn’t matter when it happens or who does it. The twins are sore losers and they are going to be mad no matter what. How long are people going to keep that strong voting block in the game for their jury vote? That would be making an assumption that none of the three of them would win anything in the next few weeks. John and Steve as true fans know that they need to flip now and just be honest that it was good for their game to break up a three person alliance. Liz will spaz out, but Austin in his heart would understand. Voters are getting smaller and smaller in the house, so they are all delaying the inevitable. If you leave that voting block of three in the house,they will basically be running the game. The twins will never turn on each other.

    • True, the Goblins *are* only 2 votes, themselves. BUT….they are friends with EVERYONE ELSE that’s already IN the Jury! I think that Meg & James could easily influence Jackie, Becky, & Shelli to vote FOR Steve if he’s in F2 with anyone. Shelli already loves him & he was allied with JMac so that’s probably good enough for Becky. That’s 5 and if JMac is in Jury, add another. Done deal, Steve wins.

      • Unless he is sitting next to James. Then Steve will get outed for all his hypocrisy and being Vanessa errand boy.

  8. It would appear that Van is keeping Julia for her own purposes & dragging her to the end. She won’t set her dogs loose to keep Meg so it’s up to Steve & JMac to go rogue and between them they MIGHT have 1 ball and Van’s got all the rest.

    Van fans beware this could bite her in the behind before it’s over, we’ll see how things stand after DE tonight. Let us pray together… that Steve does not win the DE HoH again .

  9. Van thinks keeping Julia benefits her then WHY did she put her up with
    the chance to be evicted? I’m confused. Never mind I figured it out.

  10. Omg i can’t wait for tonight can you imagine if Julia does go and then with the comp looking like a crap shoot and not physical at all so meg could win that would be so awesome.. But not holding my breath

  11. These morons need to start thinking about their own game. They don’t need Vanessa ‘ s approval to make a big move. They need to grow a pair and get the weasel out of the hen house.

    • You’re right. No one has any guts to do the right thing or see the bigger picture. It’s going to cost them 500 grand.

      • I hope that statement doesn’t include James. He is the one willing to make the big move. So far the one bad vote was keeping Vanessa over Shelli. But that was a damned if you, damned if don’t vote. I believe they would be in the same position if Shelli was still in the house.

  12. You guys really need to listen to the Van and twins convo last night. Van was promising Julia over and over she was safe this week. But a light bulb in Julia’s head went off, “You can’t promise this, Vanessa since you won’t be voting!” Then Van backs it up and says something like, “Have I ever steered you wrong or lied to you?” Loved it that Julia has woken up and is seeing the writing on the wall about her fate!

  13. Austin is aware that the “fat nerds” are watching him now, right? Idiot!

    Twits are such spoiled brat. Wow! How easy it is to throw out the word bully when things are not going your way. Humph!

    “Steve asks who Van wants to go to F3 with. She says Julia because she’d be easy to beat in those final comps.” Humph! I think Meg is easier to beat at any competition.

    Now, are they playing the best friend game or trying to win $500,000? Nice of you not wanting to hurt Julia’s feeling but this is a game and if the tables were turn, she would not hesitate. “Get blood on your hands” and flip the vote! Ugh!

      • Sponsors? Austin maybe medieval smart but current day smart, nope. Well maybe he can give his victim speech because, “victims, aren’t we all”, when he finds out how much the “fat nerds” and others do not like him.

      • He thinks he’ll have made his mark on t.v. to gain those sponsors…I’m laughing my freakin butt off over that!

  14. I wonder if Steve is thinking of telling John he will flip and then doesn’t . Julia will stay and you can bet they will want to get to the bottom of who that second vote was. And they are all. Paranoid and don’t trust each other except for James and meg. So john could just not admit to it and that would make for some interesting scrambling . John has told Steve he is worried about him and Steve going up together so u wonder if both are trying to set each other up with this flip vote figuring one of austwins win hoh.

    • If Steve tells JMac he’s going to do it, he will…if he told anyone else, even Van, he would take the opp to change his mind.

  15. 8:55 PM BBT – Austin tells Liz that the Live Feeds watchers are “fat nerds.”

    Well, too bad there is not an award for least favorite houseguest.

  16. “10:17 PM BBT – Julia and Liz talk turns to Meg and James. She’s upset with them and says they’re bullies. She says she hates everyone but Vanessa and Steve and she doesn’t even want to sleep in the same room with Meg and James. She says she’s so ready for Big Brother to be over so she can go home.”

    Yes Julia, many of us especially myself are so over you and can’t wait for you to go home. You and your sister are the bullies along with Van and Sasquatch. You may be adults but still act like high schoolers. As others mentioned, you lack manners, class and are nothing but spoiled brats.

  17. I think Vanessa could forgive Steve and John for flipping if they tell her right before they go live. They will be saving her as well. Yes, the twins will be bitter, but we see how fast they get over things. They go from hating people to loving them instantly. “Omg, I love James and meg. They’re so fun!” To “Ugh James is disgusting, and Meg is a bitch.” Plus, has Van forgotten that the Austwin were plotting against her for two weeks? And she never blames them.

    • Vanessa is nuts. It’s so weird that she has forgiven those morons for their irrefutable and indispensable antics towards her in the game. However, even James and Meg were acting selfish, they saved Vanessa. I guess we can chalk it up to her mental illness. The twins are straight up mean. They need some Orbit! They have such filthy mouths and inconsiderate motives.

    • Lat night Julia called Meg and James bullies. I haven’t seen Meg and James do anything to her or even say much to her. Julia is a really bad person. Forget the game. I hope she gets voted out tonight because of the kind of person she is.

  18. This is a big night tonight! It’s going to come down to Steve and John to turn the tide in the house.

  19. Steve knows the right move for his game is to keep Meg. If he and JMac make final 4 deal with Meg and James, he is practically guaranteed to make final 3. If he sticks with Scamper Squad, he’s out at 5. If he doesn’t vote out Julia tonight, Austwins will always have at least 50 percent chance of winning HoH. Steveuh! Wake uppuh!

  20. Poooor Steve. He really is having a time of it with the decision to flip. The wrong move would be to pull others aside and discuss it, though. I feel he will chicken out if he does that because of course they’ll want him to save Julia.

  21. Oh no! If Steve votes Julia out, He will be on Liz’s list of those she hates.

    I wish his mom could send him a message to vote Julia out. He needs to make a side, secret deal with James and Meg, pull John in to cover himself. He needs not to be so afraid of Van Corleone.

  22. If Meg goes out JMac, Steve and James are sitting ducks if they don’t win HoH. No matter which Austwin wins, two of those three are going up with the other a backdoor. I’m perplexed that these HGs don’t see the writing on the wall with the Austwins + Van. They have one of the three people that would never vote against the other on the block, and the fourth can’t play HoH, it’s the perfect time to take one of them out. Dr. Will will education Liz and Julia on not being a bitter jury.

    • If Meg goes out tonight, then James its going to be a rough season’s end for me. JMac will follow Meg and James, then Steve and we will have a final 4 of the worst people in the house this year except maybe Jace. At that point I am not sure I even want to know who wins. I would almost prefer CBS cancels the show before the finale.

  23. It would b great if they flip but with this bunch of whimps this season I doubt it,they play it safe and all vote the same,going to be pretty funny when they find out its double eviction,if any of them were paying attention and watched more than 1 or 2 seasons they might of seen it coming ,hopefully Vanessa or liz or stinky Austin will be going home I can’t stand all 3 of them,but Vanessa is the most annoying one i can’t stand that skank.

  24. With all the problems going on with the wrestlers now, we have to examine Judas closely. For instance, look at the rise and falls of superstars such as Hulk Hogan, Superfly, Roddy Piper and Doink the Clown. Either they are going down the wrong road or they have knocked on death’s door. It’s the life of wrestling that has. causing this. Over the past 70 days, Austin is slipping terribly and I’m worried. He has neglected and disrespected his girlfriend at home. He doesn’t shower at all. Austin is displaying a frightening possible multiple personality disorder (The Judas persona) and I’m concerned with him with those other houseguests. He might snap and it will be too late. Mark my words.

  25. Watch tonight when they sit on the block. The one on the left will get evicted. It’s been the pattern.

  26. My game move (the best). Assuming James wins HoH, (if Julia survives this vote) nominate Liz and Julia (Austin if Meg survives). If one wins POV and is taken down replace with Vanessa. Now you vote off Vanessa or one of Austwins for sure. In any case you break the sataneouls 4

  27. Austin told Liz he would never vote out Julia or agree to it. He said Liz means more to him than the game. So does Liz tell Austin what Vanessa said? No. Does Liz wonder why Vanessa would say what she said? No. Austin even asks Liz why she would think otherwise. Liz tells him nothing about Vanessa.

    This is another example of how Vanessa gets a pass from everyone in the house no matter what she says or does. This is not good game play by Vanessa because normal people, especially couples like Austin and Liz would trust each other more than they would trust someone like Vanessa who has conspired against Austin at least once before.

    Steve was up and about thinking out loud last night about flipping the vote. He believes the Austwins will put up him and JMac if they win HoH. Steve said to himself he does not want to go out of the game because he was afraid to make a big move. He seems more inclined ot vote out Julia now than before but he agreed with himself to talk to people in the morning. My guess is he does not flip becaue he is that coward.

  28. DAM IT, FLIP STEVE!! I picked you and John to win BB…. with any luck once they all realize it’s a DE tonight… John and Steve will see this as a chance to get rid of all of them.

  29. I cannot stand these hg’s… Evict Julia and isolate liztin. With Van not competing in hoh it’s 4 vs 2 for DE. Those are great odds to send home Liz Austin or van. Imagine a house with only Liz Austin jmac Steve james and meg… How do they not see this! (I know they don’t know about the DE but they’re anticipating it and they’ll know before the vote)

    • All I know is if I did not have to see Vanessa’s fakeness on the feeds every day I would be a lot more willing to watch.

    • I actually thought that Steve and John would see this opportunity and take it and vote out Julia. Too bad Steve is a sheep and follows Vanessa’s every word!! I really thought he was smarter than that! Boy, I was wrong!

  30. If they miss on the opportunity to take out Julia then he won’t have a game to play in cause they will take him out next….FLIP NOW! IT IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE

  31. If Steve and John flip the vote we may get some excitement in the house for a change. The twins will think Austin was involved. Austin will blame Vanessa, JMac and Steve will realize its better for someone else to take them blame than them. To bad it is a DE week because the second evictions will put a damper on the first eviction turmoil.

  32. I’m SO mad right now! This is the dumbest group of houseguests EVER!!!! Meg?? James??! Really??!! What a bunch of pansies!! Hello houseguests, there is a strong threesome threat and u had the chance to take one of them out, and DON’T?!!! STUPID!!! Just hand the money over to Vanessa already…. Don’t know if I’ll continue to watch this pathetic group of morons! It won’t be the same without James anyway…

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