Derrick Levasseur Informed Of Grandfather’s Passing

This evening on the Feeds, viewers learned that Derrick Levasseur’s grandfather had passed away earlier that day. Similar to Wednesday’s news, Derrick received a letter in the Diary Room from his family and shared it with his fellow housemates.

Derrick Levasseur consoled by Frankie Grande
Derrick Levasseur consoled by Frankie Grande – Source: CBS

Feeds cut at 7:36PM BBT and returned approximately nine minutes later as the HGs gathered in the living room and discussing the very sad news. Derrick spent some time alone in the Have-Not room before returning to the DR and the living room to be with the other HGs.

Derrick’s wife made an announcement on Twitter confirming the passing of his grandfather and thanked everyone for their support.

twitter-tweet" lang="en">

Derricks grandfather passed away early this morning and Derrick was just informed. We appreciate everyone's loving thoughts for our family.

— JanaBlytheLevasseur (@JanaBlythe) July 26, 2014

The other Houseguests sat with Derrick in support as he quietly coped with his family’s loss.

Keep Derrick and his family in your thoughts & prayers.

Update: Derrick confirmed that he has no plans to go anywhere. He told Hayden that he came there for his wife and daughter and that hasn’t changed.


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  1. Sorry bro…
    Hope Derrick stays he has got a legit chance to stay.
    First nicole’s uncle now 2 gramps… Hopefully Donny avoids team america death trend.

    Last hour feeds been really akward. Everyone is just sitting in living room in silence.

  2. Sad news for Derrick. Again, he could leave and go to HIS grandfathers funeral. He too decides to stay. 500k means more. Okay, his choice…I can predict Derrick will be thrown HOH. Again, I know I do not have the popular thought, Pandora’s box is open. I think BB needs to rewrite the rules. The (death card) is an unfair advantage, an over share. This game is a experiment that you are cut off from world and family, yes you should be told, ( I am not callus or heartless) but make your choice in DR. period. Grief on your own or go to the funeral…don’t use it as an advantage. Or I see it as you are greedy not choosing family.( I would be unpopular in the house) You can always be invited back on BB.

    • To leave the game would be silly. If a family member has passed, they are not coming back. Rushing out to attend the funeral serves no purpose.

      • Some people feel differently. I would leave. My family is more important then a game and I would want to say my goodbyes and be with my family.

      • Derrick family is why he is still in the game. U think the 500,000$ is gonna be for him alone. Come on. Its can assure a good future to all members of his family instead of having doing undercover cop job (which is pretty dangerous in case u dont know) U have the right to think differently then him, but not to judge him for his decision. I pretty sure Derrick love his family more then Big Brother too.

      • Where in my comment did I say I was judging him? Learn to read before you make make ignorant comments.

      • Sorry if i misinterpreted but by saying that you would leave because for you, your family is more important than a game, its seem to me that your are implying that is not the case for Derrick. That all. I think the ignorant comment are the one saying Frank and Derrick are greedy because they stay in the game. All the houseguest are there for the money in the end, in hope of assuring a better future for them and their relatives.

      • HI Don, I can understand anyone having a reaction when they feel they are disagreed with, but I’ve learned that wisdom is often found in listening to the intended message of others (not the message we hear or want to hear). I can safely assure you Lavendar is both well spoken and not a hate-filled individual.

      • Dont worry. I’m far from thinking she a hate-filled individual. ;) Just giving my opinion. I think that each people grieve in their own way and perfectly understand why somebody would choose to leave after that. But i can also see why somebody would choose to stay.

      • Fair enough – so calling Lavendar’s opinion judgemental might have been a slight overstatement and you can understand why she reacted? Her opinion is honest and valid and so is yours.

      • I’m with you Lavendar. I think there are some things I can’t sacrifice even for a boat load of money…

      • I have the opposite opinion. It is silly to stay in a game…A game that you could be invited back on to. All I see is greed and a calculated over share death card unfair advantage. Proof Frankie given HoH.

      • You seem pretty heartless to me toward Derrick because he do not act as you would do. Its more silly to say the the death card is an advantage. Nobody gonna give the 500,000k to him juste because his grand-father passed away. And a game you can be invited back to, come on. Nobody dream to be sequester in a house for 3 month away from your family even if they like the game. It’s not Monopoly…

      • Heartless. No. The point of this experiment is to be isolated for 3 months. You win Hoh ypu get a letter…period. That is the game and the BB house guest know that things will happen while in the house. Again that is the game. This giving them a letter and DR then the over share is incredulous

      • Family visit day is a far cry from being informed of the death of a family member. Don’t you think they should get the choice to go to the funeral if they want to? You are reacting as though they let them go to the funeral and then returned them to the game.

      • I bet your a fan of Dan Ghessling who use his grandfather cross to try to win the game a second time, but for Derrick, i imagine your not a fan of him, it’s not ok to stay because it’s an unfair advantage that his grandfather passed away. That just ridiculous. You just have to hope for a finale 2 of Frankie and Derrick now, so your ”death card” wont come into play…I think Donny have the more empathy in this house and he put Caleb and Frankie against each other in the HOH competition, while Derrick let him win just cause he a close ally. Live and let live.

      • Oh…and you obviously forgot how your pal Derrick and Frankie made sure Donny was competed against the twice for HOH. While others Derrick/Frankie had not been chosen yet. Oh and Evil Dick had enough sense and morals to leave the game. Dan is way above and in a league of his own to these brainless wonders.

      • Wow Emma, I’ve not seen you so worked up before… what’s going on? In a pragmatic way I do see what you’re saying – there is an advantage to what is happening, we cannot deny that. I think where I might disagree with you is it’s calculated and a cunning form of deceit. I truly do think Frankie & Derrick are hurt and need comfort from others. If anything, I think this show is revealing how little the people care for each other and how little the impact of even death has (we can see in the diary room people saying things like ”I feel bad for you but…”)

      • Well said Matt. The point I am trying to make is Frankie knew his 90 year grandfather was in the hospital dying of cancer. Derrick knew his grandfather was in a nursing home. Both of these player choose BB over them way before the passed. Both signed a contract of no contact until HOH. No the rules are blurred…I am trying to say they both were not naive to the game and life events to come.

      • oh and I agree…. but… advantages come in all forms or rule bending if you think about it. A media trained person (like Frankie) is more likely on average to gain ”fan votes” from these voting polls on things like Have Nots and whatnot. Last year Elissa had legions of people giving her advantages in the game – why? Because of her semi-famous celeb sister. I wouldn’t say that’s fair either. Heck you & I for example could get on the show, but let’s be realistic, if Tom Cruise and Megan Fox were also contestants that same season (because they were cast on it for the ratings), would you & I have a legit chance of receiving the perks they do? The game has really strayed from being ”straight up” fair for a while wouldn’t you agree?

      • I agree Matt. Fairness is no longer a part of BB. I just want non industry people. But, I am not casting.

      • Not saying it was fair for Donny. In fact, i hate those face to face HOH because it’s always advantage the biggest alliance in the house like we saw sunday. But i think the fact that even Donny wasn’t willing to let Frankie win HOH prove that the others will not let him slide throught just because of the terrible news he’s got. I believe that Derrick did’nt feel like he need this HOH so he let it to Frank. Would have been a different story if he was facing let say Victoria in the same circonstances. And your right, Dan is in an another league!

    • Next week Derrick will be the HOH.

      Zack/Frankie/Cody will be safe.

      On the block – (Amber/Jocasta/Victoria) vs Nicole/Christiane.

      Here we go again,

      • I see your point. Just the rules of the experience and experiment are blurry.

    • If Frankie or Derrick were to win the $500K or some sort of prize money, the money can go toward the funeral services.

      • That’s odd, how do you know this? What’s even more odd is that the funeral services would be finished and already paid for by the time they get out of the house. I’m not saying they wouldn’t want to share their money, I’m just curious how you know they would make their top priority giving it to their family who incurred funeral costs?

    • Again stop being an idiot and look at the facts. Derrick came here for HIS FAMILY. The money is FOR HIS FAMILY.

    • The “death card” or so you say is never an advantage. Out of all those who were given the opportunity to leave the house to attend to personal matters, three have stayed on (Monica, Frankie and Derrick), with two voluntarily exited (Neil and Evel Dick).

      Monica gained sympathy from Will and Nicole but it wasn’t enough for the latter to keep her over Will in the end. In Frankie’s case, Derrick threw the towel because he knows their alliance is still in control this week and just gave Frankie the opportunity to see his granddad’s picture. We’re only nearly halfway through the game, so to say that having a dead relative gives them an unfair advantage is uncalled for.

      It’s not Frankie’s fault his grandpa died when he signed up for BB16, nor is it Derrick’s fault on the same account. They’d likely want to leave at a moment’s notice if they want to but their respective families have encouraged them to stay on. And stayed in they did.

      As with returning to the game after leaving the house, it would be difficult for them to return for this season. According to the rules, they will only be allowed outside for a limited period spanning at least a day. I assume both Frankie and Derrick’s families are on the East coast, so I don’t think there will be enough time left for them to even come back.

      They’ll likely be invited back, sure. But that will be for another season featuring returnee’s or a completely all-stars season.

  3. Good Lord, Victoria can’t even give Derrick time to grieve for his grandfather. She is talking to him about her game right now. At least give him a few hours, Victoria..she really is a very selfish individual.

    • Why? She is not selfish for talking game. Derrick also said in a conversation with Zachary he new what he signed up for. It is a game. Victoria has a right to talk game all day. Derrick needs to grieve fine. ..There is a lot of down time in the house. I am not amused that Derrick has time to smack talk Donny tonight…but Victoria talk game is selifish. No it is not. The girl is on the block.

    • I wonder if this could also fall under the category of not knowing what to say at the right time? My friend’s father just passed away yesterday. Today I was chatting with him online and though I used to be a counselor years ago I still had no idea what the ‘right’ thing to say was (and at what time). Some people really just do feel that going about their regular business is the best way of coping. So is she selfish? Maybe – there seems to be a pattern like that in her life, but can I say that was the specific motivation with that conversation? Nope, I’m not God and can’t make that accurate of a guess on somebody else’s motives and heart.

      • Very thoughtful, Matt. Thank you for keeping things reasonable.
        I am no Queen Vic fan, and tend to see her as self-centered, but one cannot ascribe motivations to anothers actions. When we do, we usually get it wrong.

    • i disagree. he made the decision to go on the show in hopes of winning half a million dollars for his FAMILY. not like he’s doing it for himself.

    • Guys, I’m not understanding the need to jump to such extremes in perception. To accuse one of choosing a tv show over family is a very hurtful and strong statement – it’s equally abnormal for somebody to be as saintly as mother Theresa by not taking any money for themselves and only giving it to others. I know it makes for fun conversation, but could we agree Derrick is neither the devil nor is he god and doesn’t deserve to be described as such?

  4. At this point Nicole or Donny’s only chance to get HOH is when someone in their family keels over :) Just watching After dark,everyone is saying “they would have wanted me to stay”Amazing what people say to themselves so they can sleep at night,or in their case during the day.

    • Oh my. I do see them at a disadvantage but moreso for reasons you haven’t listed as opposed to the one you have.

    • And what do you know about their grand-father s wishes? Some people keep working while grieving to keep their mind busy, others don’t because they prefer to concentrate their thought on their loss one. I see the same case here.

    • I haven’t heard Derrick’s letter, so I can only speak on behalf of Frankie’s families wishes. But his family did ask him to stay, his grandfather specifically said three days before he passed away that he wanted Frankie to stay. Frankie also said he felt confident that his family, while grieving, would be able to cope without him until he gets home. It was not a selfish act, and he isn’t saying he would have wanted him to stay because he is selfish and is trying to excuse his behavior. He genuinely believes (for good reason) that those truly are his grandfathers wishes. I assume similar circumstances for Derrick. It is probably a lot more difficult for these guys to stay than you all are giving them credit for, I’m sure it’s not an easy decision to make. But at the end of the day, their dead relative isn’t going anywhere. But their dream of playing BB (and using that money to help their living family) is, and ya’ll keep saying they could just be invited back, because historically that has proven to be accurate.


    • Oh, so you’re an expert now in human behaviour? Oh, please do share your thoughts Richard.

  5. I can’t believe what these houseguest are going through. However I am glad that both decided to stay with a new reason to fight for the half million dollars.

  6. I’m tired of these insensitive idiots coming on here talking about “He should have gone home”. You guys only want Frankie & Derrick to go home because YOU DON’T LIKE THEM. And for what? Because they are running the game? I don’t like Zach but god forbid a family member dies if he decides to stay I would respect his choice. Going home for the death of a family member wouldn’t bring them back also it would it would end the experience of BB that they signed up for. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t go home but I’m saying they have a choice on what to do and everyone should respect it no matter your personal feelings towards them (and mind you, You don’t even know them in real life.)

    My prayers go out to Frankie’s and Derrick’s family.

    • 2nd time you use the word “idiot”. STOP THAT Show some respect for people who have a different opinion then yours.

      • Very masculine!!! and I absolutely agree. I take back my previous post about letting Caleb curl your eyelashes.

      • People commenting here often call houseguset idiots and far worst insult because they disagree with what they re doing or do not like them. Just saying…

      • One is just as bad as the other, whether it is people commenting about the HGs or commenting about other comments. The issue I have is the disrespect in calling people derogatory names only because you do not agree with them.

      • Totally agreeing with you. It’s juste aggravate the discussions for no reason instead of debatting opinions.

  7. This is very sad news .
    I do not think it’s an easy choice to make stay or go . It does have me thinking If my family member were playing the game would it be selfish for me to say YES I want you to come to my funeral come home and be with the family ?

  8. There seems to be some strong opinions on Frankie and Derrik’s decisions to stay in the house. Why?? Everyone reacts differently in dealing with the death of a loved one.. it doesn’t make one person right and another wrong. I can’t say that I know for sure what I would do if I were in the house and faced this choice. On one hand, I would want to be with my family during this time. But, on the other, what could I really do outside? Most people only get 3-4 days off work (if that much) for something like this and then its back to your normal routine. I can’t fault Derrik or Frankie in their decision.. it’s their’s to deal with either way. And honestly, no matter which choice was made, there will always be doubts in their own mind.
    I also don’t see what’s wrong with BB telling them and them sharing it with others. Yes, they are playing a game and this will gain them a bit of sympathy, but, the others in the house are also playing the same game and is ultimately looking out for themselves and wont just let them win because a family member passed while they are in the house.

  9. The sympathy generated from such an event is definitely an advantage in the game. However, I think that making a judgement call (or even implying anything, I’m looking at you Emma) on Derrick or Frankie’s decision to continue playing is disgusting and ignorant, among other things.

    • Hear hear. People saying Frankie and Derrick milking this to their advantage should be ashamed.

  10. I am bothered by the lack of compassion that some people have displayed for these two guys. Do you really think that they should never have been told of the death because BB is an absolute barrier to reality? It never has been. The final three on BB 2 were told about 9/11 and Monica was notified that her cousin was among the missing. Now, as then, it was the right and humane decision. And by the way, in BB 4 Jun Song left the house for the day to attend the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. So much for isolation from the real world.

  11. I sympathize for the loss of their grandfathers, however, I still wanna see them on the block next week. Both of them.

    • Same here. I wanna Frankie out but still i dont think he is creedy because he decided to stay.

  12. As always you are almost all wrong and I’m right.Amazing how that happens. :) Love to spark debate.

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