Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 5 Battle Of The Block Results

We have your Big Brother spoilers for this week’s Battle of the Block competition where the latest nominees faced off for a chance to escape eviction.

Battle of the Block
Battle of the Block – Source: CBS

Once again the house was up to its scheming ways as a plan was in the works, but in the spirit of “twistie twist twists” this season, one of the HGs we thought was calling some shots was in danger of getting shot at!

The Nominations Ceremony was held earlier today, get those spoilers here or just keep reading on for all the details, and now we’ve got the results of which HoH stays in power and who escaped the Block.

I’ve got your Big Brother spoilers below so read on for more.

Big Brother Week 5 Battle of the Block Spoilers:

  • Christine & Nicole won the Battle of the Block!
  • Jocasta & Victoria remain on the block.
  • Frankie is still the HoH

So the BotB went to plan, but Zach better watch out. He’s vulnerable and Frankie has been tossing around the idea of backdooring him. I’m not convinced Frankie would try, but I don’t want to risk finding out!

The Power of Veto competition will be held on Saturday and the Veto Ceremony arrives on Monday. Keep with us for your latest spoilers all week as this game keeps going crazy!

Want to watch the Live Feeds yourself? Grab the Free Trial right now and see what’s going on inside the BB16 house through the HD cameras and uncensored views of all the action. There’s already been plenty of conflict and drama brewing so you don’t want to miss this fun.


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  1. I hope Frankie does consider the plan to backdoor Zach. His game is affecting The Detonators right now. It would be better to replace him with Caleb.

      • Seriously,didn’t Caleb show his loyalty by choosing the 5k instead of the veto.

      • I do agree with that, but even if they get rid of Zach, at least that number will be restored with Caleb’s vote.

      • That was the point to not use the veto so Cody wouldn’t have to put someone else up.

      • Basically, Caleb choosed by himself. Everyone knew that the target was Britanny. Victoria was just a pawn.
        Zach didn´t want to place another person on the block… because he was afraid that would hurt his game.

    • I’m just trying to catch up. Had my beautiful grandchildren today so I’m a lot behind. I don’t think Frankie would put Zach up for a renom. He isn’t man enough to deal with Zach in the interim. Frankie would be so scared of the looming and imminent Quacky Zach Attack that he would be waking Derrick up constantly to protect Frankie.

      • Yes. I don’t like the leader Derrick, and I’d like to see Donny in a strong alliance.

      • Agreed ! It’s getting so boring with this group controlling the house and picking off the girls one by one. I’m so ready to have someone shake things up.

    • Caleb needs to go. He’s so loyal he took money instead of the veto forcing Cody to nominate another person making another enemy.

      • And on top of that, he’s still obsessed with Amber! Why can’t he just take a hint & leave her alone? I agree, Lavendargirl! He needs to go this week! And Jocasta or Victoria needs to win the POV so that can happen!

      • I hope one of them wins POV. I’m afraid if someone else wins Frankie the snake he is will tell them don’t use it.

      • Jocasta? Only if nobody wants to play.
        She was bragging about the other win… when she was kicked out on the 2 play. Amber won that competition. On this BOB, probably, was Victoria that got the win (vick is a good player but she stays well behind because she gets so arrogant thinking that she is “beautiful”). And Christine and Nicole… they can´t even play to save themselfs. Well, Nicole is getting on a showmance thinking that she can be safe because of Hayden.
        If Jocasta-Nicole-Christine win the POV, they will do whatever Frankie and Derrick asks.

    • But Zach is such a lightning rod. He admitted he wants everyone to hate him which means no jury votes. Much better strat to keep him around.

  2. I know Team America can’t be involved in the argument, but you know dang well if Zach gets put up as a replacement nominee that he will be raising hell with just about everyone in the house, mainly Frankie though.

    I wonder where Team America goes from here. Do they try to backdoor Amber in hopes of Caleb starting beef with someone (Zach)? Or do they just throw in the towel and wait for the next mission?

    • I think the best chance for an argument would be to put up Amber and insult her. Frankie could get Zach to say something awful which Zach does so well. Zach could do something like laugh and call her a few trashy names. It doesn’t matter what Caleb says about Amber now, he would lose it right then and there. Of course Zach better be prepared to run and Caleb might get thrown from the house. And those of us watching would be jeering.

    • I still think the most potential (but sadly mean spirited) drama would come from Caleb being put up as a renom and while he’s campaigning to stay, Amber starts heavy flirting with Cody. How in the world would Caleb cope with trying to get their votes while going ballistic with jealousy inside?

  3. This week should be a Backdoor Zach week, for one it’d be the first dethrowned HOH on the block and also we’ll get another guy out. Then next week 2 girls can win HOH and get Caleb out. Then it’d be perfectly even 5 vs 5 guys vs girls and we won’t have another sausage fest again… buuut we’re most likely getting another sausage fest.

    • Yeah even though Zach might be a popular pick to backdoor this week, I’ve never seen anyone screw over their closest ally and have it be a good move for their game. Zach has Frankie’s back 100% and Frankie knows it. Why would he want his closest ally out?

      • I agree. But Frankie keeps throwing Zack UTB. He was telling Christine that if Zack gets power he would put them up again. Talk about putting the knife in your back.

      • Zach doesn´t have anyone back… he is just jumping around trying to stay out of the spotlights.
        Frankie saw that on the first day… and he knows that Zach can destroy his game.
        Frankie is smart. He already knows that he needs to take out Zach, reducing the possible trash talk that can find out what frankie is doing… and Derrick “the end of the snake”.
        Derrick too knows that he will need to take Frankie out on a blindsight, probably on the Double eviction day.

  4. i still say that Derrick is houseguest of the week award for allowing frankie to win hoh so he can get a pic of his late grandfather.

      • He is a pro. The government spent thousands of dollars training him to be be an undercover cop. In those 10 years how many people did he get to believe he was their friend and had their backs just so he could set them up and then send them to jail?

      • So back-stabbing even his closest allies in this game shouldn’t be a problem for him lol

      • I agree. Kind of an advantage. But Donny doesn’t trust him and I want Donny to win HOH so bad because I think he would put up Derrick and either Caleb or Frankie.

      • Of course Donny doesn’t trust him. Derprick came in saying he was a groundskeeper. Donny IS a groundskeeper. So if you went into the house and there was someone with your same profession wouldn’t you talk about it, share stories, methods, etc. But Derprick hasn’t said anything to Donny about the “job” he has outside the house. That was Donny’s first clue that something wasn’t adding up.

      • Has donny actually questioned derricks cover story ? or are you just giving donny credit due where none is deserved ?

      • Early in the game Donny said he thinks some people aren’t who they say they are. Maybe I’m giving him too much credit but he has never trusted Derrick and watches him like a hawk.

      • Yup…as a groundskeeper. Then Donny told everyone he was a groundskeeper and you never hear Derrick mention it again except to plant the seeds that Donny is really something else.

      • Agreed, now that his face is known nation wide, perhaps some of his “friends” he sent to jail can rally together enough for a hit. (permanent eviction).

      • Donny knows that Derrick is something else and that he made a lie about what he does right from the start. Donny found out that right after the competition that got the 2 hoh. He asked something about a bush and made a wrong remark. Derrick didn´t corrected him… so he knew that Derrick lying.
        Frankie too knows that Derrick is hidding something about his life.

        Even that Donny is, probably, nearby the reality on what Derrick does for his life than Frankie.

      • Hmmm… for some reason, I don’t believe you. Derrick explained in the first episode that his fake job was actually something he’s done part time before so he should have the knowledge to hold a conversation about it

      • I completely agree he was trying to look like a super nice guy, earn points with the other hugs especially Frankie AND avoid getting blood on his hands. He knows he can control the noms without being HOH. Otherwise he could’ve thrown it without making it completely obvious to the whole house, totally a game move!

  5. I really wanted the holy bowtie Jocasta to win something and take her and Victoria off the block. I can’t see them backdooring Zach. He is irractic but loyal.

  6. The purpose of this twist is to see a player win HOH and get evicted the very same week… Frankie make it happen please, make BB history and send Zach packing.

    • I disagree, the purpose of double HOH is to force the HOH’s to put up weak players or lose their HOH crown. Giving the two HOH’s a chance to agree beforehand on the nominees almost guarantees an agreement between them to keep each other safe. This setup keeps the floaters in the spotlite and the strong players know backdoor is the way they will be targeted.

      • I know but I want to see a BB first of a HG winning HOH and being evicted the same week.

  7. Good that Nicole and Christine won the Battle of the Block. Hopefully, being nominated this week, Christine and Nicole goes after Zach, Cody,
    Derrick and Frankie if they manage to win HOH next time out. Someone has to take the Detonators alliance. If they put these guys on the block, I think there are going to be enough votes to take at least, one of them out if they remain on the block! The floaters just have to unite and vote that guy out whoever he is!

    • I thought Christine was part of the detonators ? Push comes to shove and Zach can say he had to say mean things to her to make it look like she was not part of the alliance . If Caleb or Amber does not play in the veto then backdoor them if they can’t do a ” real ” backdoor then just puts us out of our misery and send the princess home.

      • Christine is part of the Detonators but, she also has an alliance with Nicole and Hayden. If she was smart, she would go after the Detonators if she and Nicole were to win the next HOH! Do that and you weaken the alliance a great deal. If you evict one of the Detonators and Christine goes against them, they would have lost 2 votes outright. And if the others perceive them as now weak, even Caleb and Amber I think can be persuaded to go after them too!

      • She could care less about them. She was telling Zack to put Nicole up last night. She needs to go b

      • Well, maybe, Christine would realize she is expendable to the alliance and she is at the bottom.
        If she does not wake up, she will be evicted just the same! Now, if she uses her head, maybe, they can shake up the house and get some of Detonator guys out.

      • I sure hope someone shakes up the house. It’s too predictable right now. Feeds are boring. The only time they’re fun to watch is after HOH and after POV.

      • I thought last season was pretty bad in that there is a huge lack of game play. This season is even worst so far! How do they screen these house guests? They should have Dan and Mike Boogie at least, screen the house guests! Better still, ask Dr. Will to help out to screen prospective house guests. A lot of these guys probably will not make it if they did get screened!

      • I’d like to see her go too but after Caleb. I don’t want the girls getting picked off one by one.

    • Christine won’t go after them. She doesn’t do anything except take up space. And she wants Zack and Donny gone. She knows Donny don’t like her.

  8. Heh. Here’s something interesting.

    Around 5:30 PM, Zach asks Caleb if he’s spoken with Amber today. Caleb responds that he’s not talking to Amber anymore, “She doesn’t deserve to hear my voice. I’m not going to look like an idiot on TV.”

    Uh… yeah, too late, Caleb.

  9. Even though Frankie is HOH he won’t have blood on his hands but that will be fine. Honestly I want Vic GONE!

  10. The HG’s just came down from HOH and Derrick got a letter that his grandfather died. Damn!

  11. Why are they all sitting in the living room not saying a word to each other? Are they all mad about something? This is around 8:23 BBT.

    • Wow..Derrick’s grandfather too? This is sad. I was wondering why they were all sitting and not saying a word to each other. I didn’t see the other comments on here when I posted my first comment. Dang.

      • its a sad thing to have that happen while in the BB house… that being said, whatever happened to the houseguests being “LOCKED” into the house with absolutely NO news or info from the outside world… the game is getting washed down and soft… being trapped in the house with no outside world news is supposed to be part of the hardship of the game.

      • Thank you. I have been so mad about this death card being played. Ugh…now Derrick will be thrown HOH…yes this is washed down and doesn’t mean a thing to be locked down in a house. There are more secrets in prison than on BB. Seriously…

  12. The worst BB since the show started…Extremely boring. Most of them have the IQ of a shoe Box…Donny is the only one with any brains…Ratings are an all time low….Bummer

      • It’s not because things are not going their way, it’s simply because whatever is going to happen is easily predictable from these bunch of HGs and last seasons, they are all followers, nobody is willing to make any great move that make any sense except for Donny, they know he is a big threat that is why they have tried to get rid of him. As for me, I don’t even watch it live anymore I DVR the show and then watch it later as soon as I realize where the show is heading, I delete it and focus my time on something else.

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