Christine Brecht – Big Brother 16 Eviction Interview

Christine Brecht evicted from Big Brother 16
Christine Brecht evicted from Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Christine Brecht played an interesting game on Big Brother 16. She was part of the two biggest alliances of the season and noted both fell in to her lap, but at what cost did she stick with them? Well I guess it was at the cost of being evicted by the guys she supported while betraying her personal allies in the game all season.

It was tough to come up with questions for Christine that weren’t in the vein of “what were you thinking?” and “why in the world?”, but I’m sure those are questions she’ll be asking herself those for some time to come. So what lessons and experiences did she take away from her time on Big Brother? Let’s see what she had to say.

Matthew Boyer – Big Brother Network (BBN): Were you concerned at all during the Double Eviction? You didn’t seem to campaign or fret the situation too much.

Christine Brecht: I knew that if I was going up, I was going home. So there was no reason to campaign at that point. I said what I had to say during the week.

BBN: What did you think of the Big Brother Rewind twist that Julie revealed in front of you? Who might that help the most?

Christine: Ooooh! I thought that was very exciting and I think it might help Frankie the most.

BBN: When Nicole returned did you give serious consideration to reuniting with her or was that bridge too badly burned?

Christine: The bridge was burned, at that point I knew I couldn’t trust her enough to work with her again so I didn’t try.

BBN: As a superfan and knowing Big Brother history, why did you feel comfortable sticking with an alliance of all guys?

Christine: That’s a good question! You always assume you’ll be the different one.

BBN: After the Zingbot Veto you expressed great concern over public perception of your affection towards Cody only to immediately resume doing what brought on that Zing. If you were worried about it, why didn’t you stop?

Christine: It was all a part of my strategy, so I couldn’t have just cut it off, it might have been a detriment to my game.

BBN: If you had one do-over in the game, what would it be?

Christine: Not working so closely with Frankie from the beginning.

BBN: If you could send the entire house a message in a bottle from the Jury house, what would it be?

Christine: Get Frankie out now or he is winning.

BBN: Who do you hope to see make it far in the game?

Christine: I guess I’d like to see Caleb at the end.

BBN: What will be your favorite memory from your time on Big Brother?

Christine: Getting to play all the staple competitions.

BBN: Thank you, Christine. We’ll see you on finale night.

Watch my preseason interview with Christine Brecht & see what she had to say before she entered the house this summer:

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  1. Oh Christine….you don’t get to act “entitled to win” without having a strategy beyond leeching where the weather’s fair. Hopefully your husband will take those plates out of his ear lobes and throw them at you when you reunite.

  2. Christine’s “affection” towards Cody wasn’t much of a strategy. If you are going to have a strategy, you need to have it with all the members of your alliance, not just one, just ask Frankie, he goes from one person to another with his cuddling.

    • Right. It might have started out as strategy at first, but she lost all perspective and touch of reality.

    • I am old school what I saw was a not so attractive girl with an equally not so attractive husband come to this house and fall in love with a guy who would not have looked at her twice outside this house and she was swept away probably her first time being really in love

      • Christine may be the dumbest strategist ever in the history of this game. I agree the attention she got from these guys is probably what motivated her behavior so much so that she threw away half a million and cuckholded her husband. I couldn’t believe that she said ‘you always think you are going to be the different one’…based on what? like they are going to just give her the money for some strange reason. This is the problem that religious people have quite a lot…they are really out of touch with who they are and think they are better than other people based on nothing. Christine had less game than some people, like Victoria, who has has NO game, and that is really pathetic. I’ve been uncomfortable with her every time she’s on camera. And to think she calls herself a ‘superfan’ when really nothing she did made a lick of sense. Her only hope from day one was to make a women’s alliance, hell that was any of the female’s only hope with the amount of ‘bro’s in this particular cast, which I found insufferably boring. I am not any kind of ‘superfan’ like christine claims to be but her strategy was worse than even having no strategy.

      • She an idiot, but I’m sure her religion had nothing to do.with it. It’s more like her non-religion! She was blinded by lust and temptation!

      • Why would man get rid of all the hot girls,that cook,clean & don’t have a chance to win ,while keeping “tinkerbell”?

    • You have to blame Cody too. You also should blame Derrick he should have said something to Cody!

      • Even though Derrick is playing Cody’s step-dad, it is is not his job to babysit them. Derrick is there to win $500,000 and will only play the role that will help him win.

        Christine owns the burnt of this. She is the with the vows, she is the one who has to answer to her husband. Cody did not force her to do anything. Was he wrong flirtmancing with a Christine, yes BUT Christine owes the explanation to her husband (family and I guess, church).

      • You are right Cody is a big boy. I just thought Derrick would say something since he is married. I also think he should have said something to Frankie for the rape comment. But not his respondilty.

      • Who do you think Derrick is, Big Brother or something? Ha!!

        He did, earlier in the season, warn Zach, when he said that would like to punch Victoria in the face, and suggested that is was inappropriate … and Zach later apologized in DR by saying it was a joke …

      • I agree & Derrick has joked in the past that when Tim sees Cody he’s “gonna kick yo a$$”- that could have been his way of saying something without saying it…jmo

      • Derrick did say something a few weeks before zingbot. He said she’s married. Cody answer was I’m not.

      • Derrick is not Cody’s daddy. Cody is a man and could not stay away from all the free freaky sex this ugly girl was giving him.

      • Ok, I am agreeing that Derrick is not Cody daddy, so stop argue you with me! Let’s put to rest!

      • Derrick told Cody AFTER zinbot called them out on National TV…… after one of their cuddling and tickeling sessions “I HOPE CHRISTINES HUSBAND KICKS YOU IN THE BALLS AT THE FANALIE,” hE SAID i WILL LAUGH AND TELL YOU I TOLD YOU SO DUDE!!!

      • I just didn’t want to make a big deal about it. The reason I brought up Derrick is because he is a police officer and is married. I know this is a game but for me I would not align with someone who was flirting with a married woman. If it was me and I was married I talk to Cody? If Cody didn’t stop then I would stop aligning with him. To me I have to much respect for women and if two people act this way that are not worthy of aligning with

    • CHRISTINE was Boo’ ed more for How she Treated Sweet Nicole like Crap and Donny and Hayden like Crap. …2nd was her weird gross touching of Cody, everyone knows Cody would Never Touch her Ugly Skankie Ass with a Ten inch Pole….Yuky! She looks like her husband. …not even Cute….I just Puked! Also, Christine was also boo ‘ ed cause she actually thought she was finally part of the Popular Team ( that she has Never been apart of Ever in her Life)……..but Christine turned into the Ugly Mean Girl! Idiot Christine.

  3. I didn’t think I could like her even less but here we are now.

    Seriously, she should get new glasses and a marriage counselor. She desperately needs both.

    • I think you may be the only one.

      All I want to do with Christine is get her a nose job and tape her mouth shut…..

      • There many people that like Christine . She is brave to read her bible. She going the right way . I am proud of her. She likes to have fun.

      • going the right way….likes to have fun…. I guess that describes jerking cody off multiple times.

      • brave to read her bible? Um, what? maybe if her head wasn’t so full of primitive goat-herder mumbo jumbo she’d have been a decent player. Is the bible where she learned about how a married woman is supposed to behave? um, sure.

      • She is hypercritic – she pets, rubs and sleeps with another man and then reads her bible. Christians need to improve their behavior for forgiveness, not continue the behavior over and over again and ask God for his forgiveness.

      • Reading her Bible does not make her a Christian; like reading a flight manual doesn’t make you pilot. You must be able to put into practice what you learn and read or you are wasting time. Christians do not have fun in ungodly ways- She needs to study the Ten Commandments thoroughly. I hope her testament of being a Christian is real and not something for the cameras. God will not be mocked

      • I am a Christian as well. I’m not going to sit here and say I’m perfect when I’m not. I know I can be overly critical and harsh and that’s something in my personality I’m working on.

        But reading a Bible does not make her brave. That’s not how it works.

    • I think she left her broom behind when she ran off of the stage. If you hurry, you might be able to find it and fly to her.

    • It’s sarcasm everyone. Cyril don’t make me have to clear things up for you anymore. The fact that you are a deacon in the nudist church and a producer in the music industry, you need to be a little more careful about the impression you leave . That could ruin your image.

      • Lavendar, shhh,Can I ask a question just between us girls? What is Cyril like after a few patrons? Moody, Quiet,Sweet, Obnoxious, Mean,Wild,Out cold or None of the Above. I need to know if I should capitalize on it( and not what you think, shame) or AVOID.

  4. The funny thing was how the remaining houseguests reacted to the booing Christine received. They decided she must have done “something terrible” that they didn’t know about. Apparently, they don’t realize how her behavior, which they witnessed, was perceived by the viewers. Crazy. I wonder if Cody will receive boos if/when he gets voted out and if he’ll be totally shocked at the reaction to his and Christine’s ‘coziness’?

    • I don’t temember where I read it (sorry) but after Christine went out Cody mentioned that America probably hates him too ,it was on the feeds

      • He did say that and then Derrick and Frankie said oh it had nothing to do with you and her! I bet she was blowing people up in the DR! They both told him it was probably because of the way she treated Nicole and probably talked sh*t about her in the DR’s!!! They wanted to keep his head in the game!

    • Odd, Cody hasn’t received anything close to the beating Christine has gotten on this and other BB sites. It DOES take two to tango.

      • I agree Cody should get boo, he could have stopped. However, he seem to enjoy there relationship. Both are sweet person. No boo from me.

      • CODY wasn’t MARRIED! AND he said many many times I am not treating you ANY DIFFERENT than I do ANY of my friends on the outside! I am a hugger and I like to be touched and massaged! (Neck rubs, shoulder massage, scalp massages) His father said “we are Italians, we like to hug and touch people when we speak to them, this is the way Cody was raised!” Right or wrong he was up front with her. All Christine had to say was I am MARRIED please respect my husband! It was Christine that was doing 90% of the touching, hugging, massaging, head rubbing, scratching his arms ECT……………………………Just Saying!!!

    • On BBAD, Frankie said she got the boos cause she probably said bad things about him and his family in the diary room. Talk about self involved!!!

    • I agree but I would say I think they are all oblivious to how their behaviours are being perceived. Derrick has less to be worried about but he has made some unsavoury comments of his own and well Victoria what can you say about her she comes across dumb and shallow but that doesn’t deserve a bad reaction. The others have all done things to warrant the same kind of reaction Derrick is walking the line in the middle though. Just my opinion

  5. That’s probably one of the nicest photo of her taken all season … Ha!!!

    Wait til she finds out in the Jury House that Donny will have a gig on the Bold and Beautiful … Ha!!

    And, if/when Donny is announced as AFP by Julie at the Finale Show ….

      • Caleb doesn’t think that… He thought he heard people yelling they didn’t like him over the wall. He does appear to be a Jury favorite from the exit interviews though.

      • Yep, that is why Frankie offered Caleb the $25K in lieu of AFP if Donny got it and Caleb did not win F1 or F2 .. Ha!!!

      • He’s said numerous times that if Frankie isn’t in F2, then Frankie gets AFP. If Frankie’s in F2, then he gets AFP, unless he’s in F2.

      • say it isn’t so. I will feel even stupider than I already do watching this trashy season if B-grade cowboy wins this year. As it stands now I think Derrick or Cody will win. I wouldn’t mind Frankie winning because he has kicked ass in competitions. He deserves it. Caleb makes my skin crawl.

      • Caleb thinks he is about to get a record deal. Ha! Wait until he finds out Frankie can’t even get his own show.

        Frankie is going to be crushed; America rather see Donny rather than a FrankArse.

      • On another site someone is trying to guess how long it will be until Frankie blocks Caleb’s calls, emails, etc. after the show is over.

      • LOL! That should be a poll. I say in .5 seconds. His sister is probably setting it up now.

        Amber already has her restraining order and hired bodyguards for the finale.

      • I’m assuming that’s sarcasm unless you know something I don’t but she should give it serious thought

      • Caleb is delusional on so many levels. First, the whole Amanda stalking thing. His uncalled for attention really messed up her game. Then his belief that he is truly the best player in that house and that he controls things. Finally, he thinks the Golden Button is going to give him $10K or send him on a luxury vacation. I’m sure you guys could add a lot to this list. He’s one of those people who believes that if he wants something badly enough, it will come to pass, reality be damned.

      • I find it interesting that each player left in the game don’t seem to see how Derrick is running things. Each of them seem to think that they are the top dog! Even as each player is voted out, they never mention Derrick when asked who is running the game. I’m not a big Derrick fan, but I have to admit’ he’s no dummy!

      • Also, I am so frustrated and angry at Caleb. His behavior toward Nicole was just mean, for no other reason than just because he could!

      • Sorry just pointing out error you said the whole Amanda stalking thing when I am assuming you meant to type the whole amber stalking thing

  6. What a phony she is. She is the type that gives “Christians” a bad name. You should have practiced what you supposedly preached … Reading the bible, only to put it down & rub all over Cody was totally disgusting!
    Goodbye To Bad Rubbish!

    • That’s a really unChristian thing to say. She may not have passed the almighty “Kim Christianity Test” but who are you to judge her relationship with her god?

      • I never claimed to be a Christian. I am more a Golden Rule kind girl. And as such I will be happy to allow her to judge me & my actions when I put myself on television in front of millions of people.

      • So it would be ok for you to say whatever you like just because “only” a few hundred or perhaps thousand people instead of millions will read your words? Very interesting attitude.

      • We can tell a lot about her relationship with God by the way she interacts with others. Clearly, she’s got some repenting to do.

      • which one, Allah? Jehovah? Zoroaster? Vishnu? Buddha? Which flavor of the week…wait, who cares, and Christine is a perfect example of WHY no one cares…people like her & probably you adopt these representative myths and then act like utter assholes with no morals. LOL.

      • I love that she did that because it is so typical of christians to think that believing a certain way makes them better than other people when nine times out of ten they are worse. Christine is just a typical full of bs religionist. And joe no one cares about ‘her relationship with her god’ and newsflash when you put it out there like it’s a big deal people will judge it…and all I can say to that is roflmao.

    • At least she is trying to read The Bible. Everyone knows that it takes time to be a Christian . We makes mistakes all the time.

      • the hell it does, it takes asking jesus to come into your life & be your personal lord and savior, about ten seconds. You people making excuses for this girl’s religionist malarkey are cracking me up…you don’t even know your own loopy doctrine. But “she’s a christian so everything she does is okay”. Kind of explains why the divorce rate in this country is 50 percent, if that is what christians really believe about marriage.

  7. QUESTION: I notice all the people I like keep getting cut out of the game. I was not a big Christine fan at all, but I would have much rather she stayed and Frankie left. For the most part it would be so much better if for once these people woke up week 1 and immediately sniff out the social players and target the big threats. This final four crew of guys should have gotten cut down to size IMMEDIATELY, consequences be damned. How interesting it would be to have had Devin, Brittany, Paola and Joey make it to final four instead of first out, kind of like Frankie’s “play” house-swap. I’d rather have seen Joey win than possibly her house-swap counterpart!

    • yep, I have to agree with this, I’ve been saying it all along, these so-called ‘alpha males’ need to be canned in the first few weeks or they will be unstoppable, I am calling it “Game of Clones” because they are all so interchangeable and boring. What happens in the first few weeks with a cast like this is those guys are all ‘bros before hos’ and instead of banding together the women are all trying to figure out what bro to be a ho with, like Christine did. It NEVER works. Has it EVER worked in the history of this game. yet they do it over and over and over, including ones like Christine that call themselves super fans. I don’t know if I will watch this ever again, for the same reason I quit watching survivor, because no one ever learns anything and they always make the same mistakes.

    • Hope not or should I say I hope it doesn’t matter I live over 2000 miles from the bb house but I hope I can mute my tv and still hear the booing when Frankie walks out that door. Obviously it is physically impossible but I think you follow what I am getting at.

  8. Here’s a question off topic …. Could Ictoria’s dress have been any tighter, shorter, or lower? LOL
    Every time she moved, she was tugging the top up & the bottom down.
    “Hey Victoria nice dress, but you should be bought it in your size!”

    • Omg, Right Vic almost lost the top of her dress. Derrick walked up to her and she had to pull that dress up a good 4 inches. It almost fell off. Yes, way to small. For being the virgin innocent or whatever, she sure likes exposing herself.

      • V was being a little optimistic there. She’s a bit stockier than Nicole. Still, she looked a lot better in that dress than I would have! LOL

    • Are there any statistics out there on what the average weight loss / gain for Big Brother contestants who make it to the Top 4-5?

      I recall on Survivors, many have lost up to 30-50+ plus pounds, if I recall??

  9. From all the exit interviews has anyone said they would like to see Derrik get to the end? It sounds like he’s too under cover to win anyone’s vote at the end. He’s far and away the best in there but maybe too good for these people.

    • I said the same thing to my husband last night while we were watching. He needs to openly own some things soon, win a bunch of comps or something so he can proclaim to them why he deserves it. Otherwise, especially considering how oblivious most of them appear to be, no one is going to realize that he masterminded it ALL. Almost literally, he had a hand in everything.

      • Absolutely agree, it’s late in the game he needs to start owning some of the things he’s done. I feel that his jury speech may be too late. By that time most of the jury have discussed things and have their minds made up. I could be wrong but I think he needs to step up to the plate now.

      • I think people are forgetting that evicted houseguests take a dvd of that weeks action with them to the jury house. They will see everything that Derrick has done and how well he’s played the game.

      • I didn’t realize that they see what happened the entire week. That could change things but I think that some of the HGs in the jury house (Hayden, Donny and Nicole) had already caught on to his game, so his game play will only come as a surprise to his alliance members who have not been the most astute people. Not sure how it will play out.

    • His speech when putting up Chris and Vic was terrible. Basically said to everyone I don’t have guts to make a move, don’t vote for me to win.

      • That was actually brilliant for his game, as it was the Will of the House, that wanted those two on the Block … continuing his strategy as appearing to be a weak and non-threatening player, imo …

      • Well, maybe this season where nobody has made a move it looks brilliant to you. But when the jury doesn’t know you’re actually running things, you don’t win the game. Strategy flawed, gotta own it at some point.

      • Oh, I absolutely agree with you, just pointing out that Derrick has been, at least consistent with his stealthy strategy…

        He has the ability and have proven on many occasions in using is Jedi Mind Tricks on theae HGs this season, and would likely convince the Jury if he makes it to F2 … he has, afterall, likely have a lot of expperience a judge and jury as a police officer in a criminal court environment and able to articulate and provide evidence to that fact …

        The question is, will the Jury accept that they were played and betrayed and outwitted almost flawlessly and give him the $$?

        I posted this question a while back on another thread if everyone thinks that Derrick will out himself as a cop before or after the jury votes? And, if I recall, most indicated that he would wait until after the jury has voted …

      • There’s NO way he’ll do it before the jury votes. He must have thought it would hurt him, or he’d have been honest from the start.

      • On finale night he wil walk the jury through what he did and how he was behind the scenes orchestrating things for most of the votes and big moves.

      • Been wondering how she really felt about that because with everything I had seen and read, she hadn’t really made it obvious while she was in the house.

  10. I felt sorry for her. I don’t think she deserves to be so hated for harmless flirting that might have just been part of her game plan. None of these HGs deserve hate imo. Compared to last seasons cast they’re angels

    • Eh. Aaryn was a racist but atleast she never actually flipped over a table because she heard Arab people speaking in Arabic.
      There is definitely someone on this season who deserves to be hated, he just isn’t because he picked a better target to discriminate against.

    • if flirting is part of ones game plan why not flirt with everyone, not just one particular hg.

      • Frankie apparently is … Ha!!

        though, he says “I luv ya…” as he is groping someone, while Christine only said “I love you ..” to Cody on numerous occasions, if I recall hearing and reading about on various threads….

      • People don’t just Hate Christine because she flirted with Cody, it is cause she was so Nasty and Mean to Nicole, Hayden, and Donny! She horrible Nasty Human Being!

      • P.s. what I meant is that she is also hated for being Nasty to Nicole, Hayden, and Donny. ….and yes she is also hated for Flirting with Cody, it is a Combination of everything she did in the house…..that is why she got boo ‘ d and that is why a lot of people dislike her!

    • Which do you think is worse: talk about wanting other HGs to die, joking about raping a HG, threatening bodily harm, stalking, spewing hate and bullying OR racists comments, spewing hate and bullying?

      I’d say both are horrible. First list is from this season and 2nd list is from last season. None of those spewing detriment to others are angels.

      • You would think after last year, that this year these HGs would have learned something, especially if they consider themselves Supern Fans??

    • Frankie is no angel he is a self obsessed ( except for his obsession with his sister being famous ) deranged hate spewing green eyed monster who can’t accept responsibility for his own words and actions. Constantly degrades women with his comments. Thinks rape and murder are something funny and to laugh about. I know I am forgeting stuff from the list here but that is just off the top of my head. Frankie has earned everybody’s hatred this season more than those from last season IMO.

    • I don’t feel sorry for her but she doesn’t deserve to be hated. The way people talk about her you’d think she had sex with Cody in the middle of the living room. Nothing she did was all that serious.

      • She is also Hated for the mean Nasty things she said and did to Nicole, Hayden, and Donny!

    • She wasn’t just boo ‘d for flirting, she was also boo ‘ d for awful things she said and did to Nicole, Hayden, and Donny. ….. many people cannot stand her for that! She is a Nasty Human Being!

  11. So, she stabbed Nicole how many times in the game, and she says that she could not trust her enough to work with her in the game again, once Nicole returned??

    eta: will be interested to know if she will be employed or not when she returns home??

    • That is really unbelievable. Christine lied to betrayed Nicole numerous times and she has the nerve to say that Nicole cannot be trusted? That is why she got her ass evicted because she had no clue on the game. Even when her alliance were putting her repeatedly on the block, she still thought they were good? lol

  12. Here is another supposed super fan who never used her head! It amazes me that they say that they are super fans yet, have no game play nor strategy on how they hope to win the game. Ian was a super fan who used his knowledge of the game and won it. Christine was more interested in the showmance that she forgot she was playing the game! Duh!

    • But she was a super fan who only watched the network show, she never watched live feeds or read blogs. Ian read everything he could find about BB

      • sorry, if that is true, my bad. I guess i just started tuning her out when she started professing her hatred of everything and everybody

  13. Christine had no game play, she was too excited about being part of the popular group. She did not trust Nicole after she, Christine mutilated the bridge before burning it down? Yeah okay. Your behavior with Cody was strategy to do what? Couldn’t be to win the game, maybe to secure a spot on Couples Therapy, Divorce Court? What?

    If Cody was to profess his undying love for you (after the game), what would you do?
    My question is why do you hate everything and everyone?

  14. Oh Christine, petting, rubbing and humping Cody IS NOT a strategy. If you thought this boy cared about you, you are so wrong. You really made a fool out of yourself, your husband and your family. You were vile and ugly in this game and should have been kicked out even before Donny. Now you know how much America hates you. Christine was not the liar and sneak in the house, you were.

  15. CBS is invested in the Grande kid winning, and that is a shame. As for last nights positive, the annoying voice (Nic) and the annoying cackler (Chris) both left the house within 30 minutes of each other. Now hope for the actor to get the boot.

    • Ummm… have you been watching the same TV show we have? Frankie’s been getting absolutely trashed in his edit lately, and the recent twist is about to screw him over as well. If anything, production. want him out.

      • Watch both the feeds and the TV version. They set this reset before they knew he was going to be hoh. They told simpleton Caleb in DR that if he and Frank go to the end that that would be a first for a duo that made it to F2 who set the deal on day 2. They told Caleb this as he was contemplating back dooring Frank.
        Don’t discount this connection to the pop star sister. CBS is looking at her as an intermediate term $’s maker with football halftime shows and possibly her own reality gig.
        Of course little Frankie would be by her side.
        The honchos at CBS don’t think like fans, they think like Hollywood. They can rehab his skanky pervie rep.

      • You know a lot. You sound like an insider. I’m impressed. So is Frankie going to be the winner?..please share.

      • Frankie is always gonna be a loser…no matter what he does.. Winning BB would only make him more vile and unbearable.

      • They tried. Offering Derrick and Frank another $50k if one of them wins in the finals. That was an incentive to get Frank, (the anti-hero) and Derrick, (the All American good guy) as a final 2 set.
        What they failed to appreciate is Frank is almost universally disliked.

  16. I will not rag Christine about her looks or her husbands appearance: her looks nor her husbands have anything to do with game play. She went on the show a married woman and hooked up with single (fairly) good looking single guy. Could a been that in the beginning it was part of her strategy to find a close ally male or female that she believed would have her back. But it turned out to be something other than strategy (as we saw it) on her part. She can deny it but we saw what we saw. And after all is said and done when she gets put out of the house she blames others for her screw ups and won’t admit her mistakes. But most of her anger is directed at herself for being sooo stupid…and after the way she treated Nicole only to be evicted right behind her had to be humiliating . Christine still has to be there on finale nite and get grilled by Julie about the Cody connection with her husband and may be family in the audience. I am not her but it appears shes got a lot mending fences to do.

  17. Good…she’s for Caleb. Caleb has many issues, including Grande-fame-fever (and, no, he’s not a stalker….silly), but he’s an honest, loyal dude.

  18. So I am assuming, the air time on Sunday will be engagement happenings….Frankie is gonna be double p’o’d….first his HOH means nothing, and then no prancing or fake facial expression time….maybe he’ll just quit!

    • Engagement happenings? Boooooooooring. Still, I wish them well, although I must admit I thought they were married a hundred years ago. Be worth watching to see Frankie’s reaction though.

      • Ok the former HGs returning that Julie announced so I am assuming then that they are engaged I don’t even know who they are as I have said before this is first full season I have watched plus is caught last half maybe a little more of last season. So Jeff & Jordan are both former HGs and I am guessing recently engaged. Am I getting that right

      • Yes, they got engaged today in the backyard (I think the houseguests were locked inside but got to go out afterwards)….Frankie said he wished he had worn glitter, and that he cried buckets.

      • If you ever get a chance to back-track, BB11 is worth watching. The Jeff & Jordan romance has been the darling of the fans, CBS and social media since then. Cute couple and they are both sweet as apple pie. Jordan won BB11 to avenge Jeff’s eviction more than for herself.

      • Thanks I might try and find season 11 to check it out can you still buy past seasons on DVD do you know think I might try amazon or a few sites like that

      • OK. I was going to give you the link to season 11. Glad you found it! It’s the site I’m using to watch BB in other countries. I’m currently watching last season’s BB Australia. Super hilarious!

      • So I have gathered and heard I think I am going to try checking out past seasons if I can get them redroses told me about season 11 Jeff & Jordan season I am open to any other recommendations for must watch seasons

      • Dough, I was surprised to hear this was your first BB season. Ok, Dan Gheesling is my favorite BB player of all time…Please watch BB 10 The Renegades

      • I have watched every season of survivor since season 2 except I missed the season of Russell Hantz’s second appearance against Boston rob. I didn’t have cable then

      • Season 2 with Dr. Will and of course, Cyril, BB10 with Dan. They are purported to be the best US BB players ever. And just for the heck of it BB 12 where you get to meet Rachael and Brendon.

      • Definitely BB12. Rachel was one of the most entertaining players ever and not always in a good way. Worth watching.

  19. So glad Christine is gone. She was a really stupid player, made
    herself look a fool on national TV and let the guys use her as a spy.
    Think she’s going to be really messed up when this is over. Kind of

    On the other hand, equally happy Frankie will lose HOH. He’s a
    Class A predator. He turns practically any conversation into
    something sexual and uses the fact that no one is going to openly
    challenge him into an opportunity to grope and molest them. He’s beyond self-entitled and creepy. He makes my skin crawl and, no, it has nothing to do with being gay, he’s just horrific. His behavior would be just as
    inappropriate if he were 100% straight. If any of those guys had
    balls, which none of them do, they would have told him to keep his
    hands, comments, and every part of his disgusting, squat body to
    himself, and let the chips fall where they may.

    • Actually, if he had been straight and groped the girls as he has the guys, I am sure he would have been removed for harassment….and you are right, each of those “men” should have at the very least told him to knock it off.

  20. Thinking you will be “the different one” is a terrible strategy. Personally I would rather something be a detriment to my game instead of a detriment to my marriage and how friends and family see me. Great questions Matt. It would have been hard for me to come across as nice as you did while asking questions that need asking.

    • A lot of people don’t approve of his relationship with Victoria. Who is Derrick to judge Cody and Christine??? Derrick told Cody to hang with Christine and keep her under their control so again:
      Why would It be Derricks business??? Derrick is using Victoria in a much more hurtful way than Cody used Christine.

      • You haven’t been watching much of this season, have you? Derrick’s been calling the shots all season…ask pretty much anybody here

      • ur the one that’s not been watching….I never heard of “u” till today . So don’t come here telling me about the show and whats been happening..

      • Before u comment on a posters viewing habits maybe u should get to know the names of the frequent posters.

      • Is that why u keep trying to start crap???
        Because I gave an opinion that u did not like?? Just get out of my face and off my back. I’m sure that the other “frequent posters” appreciate ur low opinion of them and that they (according to u) evidently have nothing of importance to say. It would seem ur calling the frequent posters blow hards and big mouths. Not a good way to enter/post in a forum of diehard BB fans.

      • Haha you’re the one who commented on my post and reacted to an opinion YOU didn’t like. So it’s you who’s trying to start crap…if you don’t like someone’s post, just keep scrolling. also, I was referring specifically to you in those comments. I find others entertaining…you, meh. goodnight.

      • and I quote “Its the people who say the most that really have the least to say”. G’nite to u as well…

  21. I’ve been going for Derrick since day 1. But something tells me, if he makes it to final 2, he’s not going to win, solely based on the fact that the current house guests are too stupid to realize he’s been controlling everything. (Based on eviction interviews.)

    But, he could also manipulate them to vote for him, just like he’s manipulated them to do everything else, so who knows?! :P

      • true, but some of the jury thinks that Frankie is running the house, so it is hard to say, especially if Fr is in final two. But then again most of them really dislike him, so who knows how this jury is going to vote

    • just a little over an hour ago, Caleb said (again) that Derrick is sitting the prettiest of all of them, but he can’t win against any of them (guys) so no matter what, one of them will take him to the end. They are so clueless it isn’t even funny anymore. this was in response to Cody whining that he is going up again, but Derrick has never been up.

  22. She is so stupid….She burned the bridge not Nicole… She according to Parrot head has been cheating. I can’t watch this show with parrot head cause he is just gross. I am so sick of the cameras always being on him. I am so sick of watching him act like a girl…i am just sick of him. No one has ever answered the question as to why his pic is being shown with Julie, Rachel, Ian and a few more. If he is picked to be a returning cast member good luck with the ratings next year. He is using his sister to be bigger more popular than he ever will be. Can’t wait to see his stupid face when he comes out to boooooooooooooossssssssssss

  23. So obvious that the White males in the house were going to control things and use who would be used.Christine was going to be disposed of right before the end.I said it weeks ago.

  24. Let this be a lesson to all future Female Big Brother Players: When the boys get together and make a run for that money, they leave the girls in the dust. It happens EVERY time. Don’t be Britney, don’t be Christine, and for DAMN sure don’t be that other girl….what was her name? Vaseline? Don’t be her neither! I want to see some strong females put in work next season.

  25. CHRISTINE is an Idiot! The Real reason the Public Hates her is because she was Nasty and Vile to Nicole, Donny, and Hayden! The Cody thing and her husband comes in second! She, for the first time, got to play with the Cool Kids and she became VILE/EVIL on every level! So she better Not think it is cause of the weird Crap she did with Cody first…..that is Second… was her Horrible way she did dirty to many houseguests….screw you Christine, you are a Horrible Human Being and WE ALL Saw it! And yes second is how Nasty you were with Cody..Christine Cody used yiu, someone like him would Never Touch You…..

  26. Oh! How convenient that this silly button comes out before Frankie wins HOH…..Lol….CBS didn’t expect Frankie to win HOH! Lol! So now what can you do, CBS, to save Frankie???? If when Frankie ever gets evicted, and if No One Boo ‘ s Frankie rhea we Know for a Fact that CBS Network Fixed it for Frankie…..cause No One Likes Frankie!!! P.s. Also as a Lesbian and a member of the LGBT community….I am Furious at Frankie ‘ s comments about Lesbians Not being Born that way!! What the Hell, why isn’t anyone else freaking out…..or about Frankie saying Victoria being Raped in All of her Holes ( pretty much what Frankie Said)! I don’t give a Crap who his Sister was/ is! No one Cares!

  27. Trust Nicole??? Every time Nicole confided in Christine she would run and tell the Boys Club not to mention Christine lied about Hayden and Victoria kissing.

  28. I stopped watching this season because of Christine.

    She ruined this entire game for me. If it wasn’t for her, that stupid group could have been broken up.

  29. she meant to say Cody not Caleb she is full of it. She knows that her game play was horrible and that she wants Cody.

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