‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night In Double Eviction?

Julie Chen hosts Celebrity Big Brother

Last night the Celebrity Big Brother Houseguests faced the season’s Double Eviction with just a few days until the season ends as two sides compete to keep their F4 together. Which HGs survived the night and moved on to the season finale and who was eliminated in back to back votes? The results are ahead with our coverage of Friday’s show.

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Before we get to the first vote of the night we need to play catch up with events from the last few days. The Veto comp and ceremony will set us up with the final nominees of the round.

Power of Veto Competition – Round 5:

  • Mark (HoH), Ari (Nom), & Brandi (Nom)
  • Players picked: Marissa, Omarosa, James; Host: Ross
  • Veto winner: Ari

Gallery: Morph-O-Matic Veto Comp

Power of Veto Ceremony – Round 5:

  • Veto power is used by Ari to save Ari
  • Mark renoms Marissa
  • Final nominations are Brandi & Marissa

Now that we’ve got the final noms of the round it’s time to get to the vote.

Celebrity Big Brother Results – Round 5 Votes:

  • James Maslow votes to evict: Brandi
  • Ariadna Guiterrez votes to evict: Marissa
  • Ross Mathews votes to evict: Brandi
  • Omarosa votes to evict: Brandi

3-1, Brandi Glanville has been evicted from Big Brother.

We’re down to six HGs on Big Brother and now it’s time for a new Head of Household. Mark will have to watch from the sidelines as he hopes for his ally James or semi-allies Ross and Marissa to score this victory. Meanwhile, Omarosa and Ari will be battle to keep their duo together as well.

Head of Household Competition – Round 5.5:

  • Round 1: All but Ari get a point
  • Round 2: All but Ari get a point
  • Round 3: James, Ari, & Ross get a point.
  • Round 4: Omarosa gets a point
  • Round 5: All but Ross get a point
  • Round 6: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 7: All but Marissa gets a point
  • Tie-breaker Round: James & Omarosa face off…

Omarosa wins HOH!

HGs will have to dash to the living room where Omarosa will have just a few mins to pick two HGs to head to the Block.

Nominations Ceremony – Round 5.5:

  • Omarosa nominates: Ross & Marissa

Time for a chance at safety for the nominees and the rest of the HGs.

Power of Veto Competition – Round 5.5:

  • All HGs can play this round
  • Veto winner: Ross!

Gallery: Round 2 Veto Comp

Power of Veto Ceremony – Round 5.5:

  • Veto power is used by Ross on Ross
  • Omarosa renoms James
  • Final nominations are James & Marissa

Now that we’ve got the final noms of the second round it’s time to get to the vote. Only three votes this round so there is not chance of a tiebreaker situation.

Celebrity Big Brother Results – Round 5.5 Votes:

  • Ari votes to evict: James
  • Mark votes to evict: Marissa
  • Ross votes to evict: James

By a vote of 2-1, James Maslow has been evicted from Big Brother.

Our Final 5: Ari, Marissa, Mark, Omarosa, & Ross

Update: HOH Spoilers are here. Find out who won HoH last night!

After the show, we’ll be heading back to the Live Feeds for the HoH comp spoilers and fallout from the double evictions. We’ve got just two more days in the game after this and we’re not sure when the Feeds will end, but we could be nearing the end of our spoilers this season.

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    • I agree. As much as I dislike Awfulessa she is also a nice looking person. She’s what in her forties? Her attitude makes her ugly but Air is definitely a beautiful woman.

  1. I think if Are wins HOH she will put up James and Ross. Or she might try to backdoor James.

  2. Okay, so for those watching the feeds – has James ever done anything to Brani purposefully to aggravate her? Why is she picking on him all the time? From what I’ve read and seen on the show, James never did anything to her. She just started in on him Night 1. Is it just one of those ‘hate at first sight’ kind of deals?

    • Or jealous? Or like a kid, you treat the one you have a crush on mean, just for any kind of attention from that person. She is strange.

    • I can’t stand Brandie. I was hope Brandi and Omarosa would have been the first ones to go. I haven’t seen anything that James did her. I think she is being her awful self. I have never heard of her and she is nasty. When I watch the feeds, I haven’t seen anything that he said or done. It’s like she had an issue from minute one.

      • Ya a crush if u know her u know she loves them young and hot so pretty obvious a crush she knew she’d never get

  3. When your alliance gives up on you, you know you’re screwed. And based on what my mother has told me about her, the same thing pretty much happened on Beverly Hill Housewives – Brandi’s attitude pushed everyone away, I mean.

    • Brandi was a hot mess on Housewives. She picked fights with everybody, nothing was ever her fault, and drank way too much

      • That hasn’t changed. They talked about hiding the booze from her because she drank too much.

      • No they got booze daily and if she saw it first she would have a drink before she told the others.

      • And flip out if james wanted any and the other night ross took a short nap and was like oh is there wine and she’s like I drank it u snooze u lose like really your 45! U have a serious problem, that night she started talking about Julie was hard to watch

  4. Did we really need another political joke, CBS? You’ve had your one segment that we barely put up with – let it go!

  5. Is that a pimple on Mark’s chin? Or did he forget to put make-up on that part of his face (been wondering…).

      • Oh, yeah. She better start watching her back. She’s becoming unbeatable if she makes it to the end of the game. Not only do they like her, but she’ll have the comp wins to boot.

      • You honestly think Omarosa will want to keep her around? Knowing that she can’t beat her in the end?

      • I could see her wanting to get rid of Ross, for sure. Not fully convinced she’d get rid of James, especially knowing that HGs like Brandi would never vote for him in the end.

      • If Omarosa still wants girl power till the end, she’d do well to want to target any of the guys.
        I want Mark out. He’s boring and not giving me anything.
        I want James out because he’s cocky and he’s a big threat.
        I want Ross out because he’s too wishy-washy and I’ve gone off of him real quick.

      • All good points (well, except for the James is cocky one, but I’m not watching the feeds, so I don’t know if he’s coming off differently there – but he is a comp threat for sure).

  6. So, now to confirm, James did absolutely nothing to Brandi, she just started in on him Night 1 because she didn’t like what she preceived to be his attitude after knowing him for less than 12 hours. Gotcha.

    • Correct. She did not like how he answered her questions night one so she pinned him as a douche

      • I agree, he is very cocky and arrogant. His tone of voice when he speaks just makes it more so.

      • Remember the kid is 27. Hes very young. Have you watched him on dwts and were he payed for a girl with Down syndrome to come to la to see tha show because he could not make it to her prom.

      • No were near. Like i said hes young and yeah does come off cocky sometimes but dont most young males?

      • Yep, but I’m curious what Jasmine thinks, seeing as Paulie’s one of the biggest jerks in BB history.

      • I stopped watching BB18 after Tiffany Rousso was evicted, so I didn’t see the dark side of Paulie.

      • I don’t think it’s a question of age. He’s very smart and he build a confidence in himself. It can be raw if you don’t know him. But once you get his humor and listen to his background you know why he’s like that and you can appreciate it. Sadly Brandi missed the opportunity to make a good friend.

      • You can’t discount how she feels though. Apparently, she feels something strongly when it comes to James. Some people just have that negative vibe. For her to not like him right off the bat, there’s gotta be something about him that rubs her the wrong way.
        Brandi wouldn’t harass me for three weeks. And I don’t think she harassed him, really.
        But whatever, agree to disagree.

      • I have been bullied all my life and so has he. You do realize that he was not mr tall and skinny all his life. He was a cubby kid. To me that is bulling. She hated the kid because he looks like her ex and is that a reason to hate some one? He hated her because she was a bully that is a reason to hate someone. I dont condon bullies if you want to fine but what she did was not okay

      • In no way James deserves any of what she said. And he react with all of it with class. He’s the bigger person. He won my respect for that.

      • Yea that’s how I see it. I didn’t really care for him in the beginning but to see how he reacted to her behavior kinda won me over. He’s more mature than she is

      • She put too much energy into someone she doesn’t like. State it once, keep clear of him, and just be cordial. After the game, she never has to deal with him.

      • She did relentlessly every night on after dark she was always taking shots or saying nasty things about him and I’m going with she only hates him cuz she can’t have him, he is exactly like the guys she goes for except older

      • Wouldn’t she? Brandy? Really? She judge people right of the bat. You can’t harrass someone. Never. Especially not on tv. And not for three weeks. I hope Brandi or anyone would never do that to you.

        If he did something we didn’t saw, it wasn’t a big deal no one never talk about it. It certainly did not deserve the way she threats him.

      • Negative vibe is one thing but she can be way too harsh. He didn’t actually do anything to her and she’s a 45 year old grown woman

      • Yeah, I don’t get that vibe from him, either (again, not watching the feeds, so I’m going based on what I’m reading on here and what I see on the show).

      • Right lol. She asked him a question and he had the audacity to answer her and give completely civil conversation 😂

    • And Rose wins veto and then HOH. I saw that coming when I was watching the rest of the show this AM. ha

    • Hopefully James…if not him, get Mark out! Mark is just taking up space, IMO. He’s clearly not winning this game.

      • She’s been gunning for Ross for a while, too. Her initial noms might be James and Ross with Mark as the renom.

      • LMBO!! Just finished watching the rest of the show. I got a phone call and had to leave for a while.

  7. Endurance, physical, and mental – James still a comp beast, regardless of this loss. He forced it to a tie breaker!

  8. Oh, God, I just realized this means we’ll be getting political segments from CBS literally right up until finale night. Kill me!

    • Or at least come super close to. But, yeah, James, Ari, Ross, and Omarosa have the strong comp skills under their belts.

    • James she was in a final four with Ross and Marissa no doubt she’d evict James in a heart beat

      • Right and Ari is aware that they are working together. Plus, she suspected that Marissa knew she and Brandi were going up and didn’t warn them.

      • That also leaves James and mark as a possible pair I’m guess Ari will most likely go with the former since she was never in any alliance with james

  9. If the house has any common sense they will get out James; as much as I don’t like Marissa, James is better competitor

    • What’s her unreleased goodbye message?? I guess I have to wait to watch tonight‘s episode… T -1 hour and 10 minutes but I’m just about to watch a movie with my teenage daughter. 😲 I will take it (her) while I have it (her actually wanting to spend time with her mommy! AND actually being home on a Saturday night! Grounding your children is sometimes FUN!! LMAO 🤣) and just wait for spoilers. So technically T minus over 24 hours until I watch tonight‘s episode and then tomorrow nights episode!
      I’ll just read the spoilers and be patient. 😘
      OK sorry I will shut up! I’m just thinking out loud 😉

      • James left a kind of nasty goodbye message to Brandi. Then Brandi let us in on the fact she left a nastier message to James, earlier in the season, but it was never use.

      • She is very funny. She’s fast and very sarcastic. Her interview with Julie was one of the best. I loved that Julie dare her. Haha.

      • Ih ha ha! That’s funny. She always has to get the last word in, that last dig! She was not nice to him from the very beginning.
        I have never been a big fan of her drunken behaviour and a lot of things she has said over the years etc. etc. but, I did grow to like Brandi a little more watching her on CBB. she’s not as bitchy, rude, crazy etc. as she has pretrade herself.
        She needs to be a little more filtered. I mean I get that’s “who she is” but, some of the things she says on Twitter are just ignorant and untrue.
        She really just needs to lay off the alcohol! Not a good look for her.
        Anyways, going off topic as per usual 😉

      • Eeeek 😬
        I’m putting off my teenage daughter who actually wants to spend time with me and watch a movie (grounding is FUN LOL) to wait and see who is voted out!
        Thanks hon
        (By the time I just Google typed this, I’m sure we have an evictee) 😄 😁

  10. James sent Brandi home..then he follows.. I think that’s awesome.. lol but man..Marissa is so desperate..she can go home too.

    • Yeah, I kinda feel bad for the folks on Twitter. They wanted Marissa out so badly tonight.

      • I haven’t watched any of the live feeds or big brother after dark (because I don’t get either) 😡 so, I don’t see what mostly everyone else sees & that is, Marissa being super annoying!
        But I feel bad for her son.
        Marissa and her son are huge big brother fans so it’s gotta suck to be excited for your mom to go on big brother and then everyone ends up disliking her!
        Feel kind of bad for them! 😞

      • I agree with you. But in her profile she mentions she knows she talk too much and can be loud. Her strategy was to not annoyed anyone. Duh! It did not work… they should had sent her home to her son an keep James. ;)

      • yeah, I would’ve liked to see her gone instead.
        as for her not wanting to annoy the house but, ended up doing just that…… I guess she’s not a good actor LOL 😆

  11. Should’ve left yourself up on the block, then, Ross. You wouldn’t have been put in this position twice, lol!

    Just kidding – he would have been a major idiot if he’d done that.

      • Rachel and Regan became friends after BB12, despite all their antagonism towards each other. Literally anything is possible.

      • If she’s up against Mark, they BETTER VOTE HER AS THE WINNER!
        Anyone against Mark would win.
        If they don’t, then you know it’s personal.

      • She may have a hard time sitting with Ross, but the others?..She can beat them. She’s got several wins, and they know it…plus she’s been very strategic.

      • I’m not sure she can beat Ari. Ari also got several wins. Plus she’s really love and for the good reason. Also she was able to do big moves over her HOH. I think Ari would win with almost anyone except maybe Ross.

      • She can be vicious when she wants to, but the season wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining without her. I’m just not sure these HG’s will give her the credit she deserves with her game play. She made a few mistakes, though. Her worst, imo, being to agree to putting Metta OTB. She should have used her HOH for a big fish. If Metta wanted to go home, he should have simply left. I read that he has an estimated net worth of $35 mil, so I don’t think he needed the money.

      • Hey! It wasn’t what I wanted to happen, but I just had a feeling it was coming. I downvoted me, too. lol

      • She’s played a solid game though. Whether they award her for it, I don’t know. But she hasn’t played badly. If she’s in the end and they decide to not give it to her, it’s more personal than anything. They don’t want to award someone like her simply because of ‘who’ she is.

      • Oh yeah, I totally agree but simply because she is the villain and so disliked by ALL, the HG’s would not vote for her to win and represent their season. Make sense?

      • I don’t think they dislike her though. They seem to be warming to her.
        But yeah, I get what you’re saying. That doesn’t make it right though… because they would tarnish the show’s reputation if Omarosa and Mark are sitting at the end and they vote for Mark to win. He would be the worst winner of the lot of them.

      • Lol exactly. Anyone sitting next to mark deserves to win. You know with the exception of Marissa since she pretty much coasted through while catching a ride on Ross’ back

      • I actually think Marissa could beat Mark. But either of them winning would be awful. Out of the five, they are the two weakest players.

      • yeah, I agree it wouldn’t be fair but to be honest with you, I do like marks personality so I would be OK with him winning over Omarosa.
        I know they have warmed up to her, but they still know that she is fake most of the time, even when she’s being genuine, it’s hard to believe her. I just personally don’t like her and don’t believe she is a changed person so I would be super unhappy if she did win, but I just don’t see that happening :-)

      • I feel the same. Not one person in the house liked her more than anybody else. She has played well but she doesn’t have the votes in the end. Just my opinion

  12. I’m fine with Ross or Ari winning, though Shannon would have been my choice had she stayed. I am worried for Ross if Ari wins the next HoH, which could be physical. Hopefully she’d get Omorosa out.

  13. 1. How does Marissa think it’s ok to put her feet in the coach while wearing shoes!

    2. James is a beautiful gentleman. Respect!

    • This is how it was posted on Jokers based on what Julie said:
      Julie goes back to the LR and congratulates the Final 5 and tells them they have all made it to finale night. -NoleJP Less…
      Julie also tells them that all HG’s, except Omarosa, will play for the next HOH. The new HOH will nominate 2 HG’s for eviction and everyone will play for the final veto. The veto meeting will follow, and then live Sunday evening one HG will be evicted and join the jury leaving the final 4. Those 4 will compete LIVE to become the last and most powerful HOH — because that HOH will immediately evict 2 HG’s which will determine who that HOH sits next to for a chance to win Celebrity Big Brother.

  14. I am very happy that arrogant James is out. He could have sworn he was winning this game. I can’t stand Brandi, but she was on point when it came to James.
    Marissa and Oma should be the next to go. I want to tape both of their mouths shut. Ross and Ari should win the next two and keep each other safe until the end.

    • Yes, Ross/Mouth would target her for sure, but I’m not sure Ari (or Mark) would. They seem to be playing much more strategically than personally.

  15. So, how is Sunday suppose to go? I was a bit confused by how they are doing it. The way I think is that Omarosa can’t play in the HOH competition and whoever wins this HOH will be able to put up 2 people to be evicted. Since he/she is deciding on who is evicted, will there be a POV round or are they automatically evicted since Julie said that whoever wins HOH is really choosing the final three. Did I get that right?

    • Not quite, believe there will be a POV and one eviction Saturday and four HGs competing for HOH Sunday, then double eviction and jury vote at F2 . whew, going to put together some IKEA furniture to unwind

  16. Ah, Mrs Lush of the Drunken Housewives of Beverly Hills is finally gone… along with Mr. Arrogant himself…. glad those 2 are gone. Now, just need for them to get rid of Omarosa, and I’ll be fine with who ever wins….. Though I’m leaning towards Ari or Mark right now.

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