‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night In Round 2?

Julie Chen on Celebrity Big Brother

Ready for the next eviction on Celebrity Big Brother? It’s time for another live show where the Houseguests must decide who will be evicted and sent home next. These celebs are playing the game hard making this surprising for it to only be the second round of the season. Hopefully Big Brother 20 HGs are taking some notes, whoever they are!

Before we get to all the excitement of the live vote we still need find out who will win the Power of Veto and which HGs will be the final noms of the week. Tonight’s show is only one hour so there’s a lot to do but that won’t include the next HoH competition. HGs confirmed yesterday that we won’t see those on the live comps, but hopefully the next one doesn’t take 6.5 hours of down Feeds to get the results.

Don’t miss this week’s eviction episode! You can stream it live on CBS’s All Access in most markets across the US so you don’t have to miss any of the fun even if you’re out tonight.

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Power of Veto Competition:

  • Ross(HoH), Keshia (Nom), & Omarosa (Nom)
  • Players picked: Ari, Marissa, & Shannon
  • Round 1: Keisha correct, Ross eliminated
  • Round 2: Shannon wrong & eliminated, Omarosa moves on
  • Round 3: Marissa correct, Aria eliminated
  • Round 4: Keshia wrong & eliminated, Omarosa moves on
  • Round 5: Marissa correct, Omaroa eliminated
  • Veto winner: Marissa

At the end of the competition Keshia was crying to Marissa, Ari, Brandi, and Omarosa. Sounded like she was discussing missing her daughter. This was her same talk this morning when she asked to be evicted so she could go home to her baby.

Power of Veto Ceremony:

  • Veto power is NOT used.
  • Final nominations are Keshia & Omarosa

Now that we’ve got the final noms of the week it’s time to get to the vote.

Celebrity Big Brother Results – Round 2 Votes:

  • Shannon Elizabeth votes to evict: Keshia
  • Ariadna Guiterrez votes to evict: Keshia
  • Brandi Glanville votes to evict: Keshia
  • James Maslow: votes to evict: Keshia
  • That’s enough votes. Keshia is evicted.
  • Mark McGrath votes to evict: Keshia
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur votes to evict: Keshia
  • Metta World Peace votes to evict: Keshia

By a vote of 7-0, Keshia has been evicted from Celebrity Big Brother.

Head of Household comp will decide who is in control next but we’ll have to wait a little longer for those results. We’ll keep an eye out for those spoilers from the Feeds so be sure to keep checking back in.

Update: HoH spoilers are in! Find out who won the comp.

After the show, we’ll be racing back to the Live Feeds for the eviction fallout and the next rounds of planning for this round’s target. Grab the Free Trial and join us there!

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  1. Allright, here’s our show thread. Let’s get this show on the road.

    BTW I kind of like that fast pace.

  2. Ross, you’re ALL playing this game hard. It’s a 3 week game – you kinda don’t have much of a choice here.

    • I really just wanna see Ross squirm when he realizes that his entire plan is out the window, lol!

      • I can see him going home next if he sends out Shannon, he’s just making his target bigger and bigger too.

  3. Okay, who the heck wrote the Narrator’s script tonight? It’s been off on half of this stuff during the recap.

  4. “They’re getting too much power.”

    Really, Brandi? One (recasted) HOH and 1 Veto between James and Shannon. It’s Round 2, for crying out loud!

  5. I don’t think I realized up until now how thick Ari’s accent actually is. I’m having some trouble understanding her when she whispers.

  6. Marissa’s clearly never seen BB16. She could be the Cody to Shannon’s Derrick – only do the game winning move at the end and cut her at F3.

  7. Off current record here ladies. Have you seen Jeff’s talk about the new survivor ghost island. I mean my kids are older. These are some BUILT baby bodies. Ok back to CBB

  8. Oh, look, more politics. SKIP!

    EDIT: Okay, un-skip just to say – I’m surprised they aired that Mark segment, as it doesn’t tend to fit the CBS narrative.

    And… RE-SKIP!

  9. If Shannon was a threat, she would have had her ear on every conversation and any talk about her she will have to shut it down como Paul.

  10. Good, but they may vote Keisha out. Oma is not doing anything there but just being her annoying self.

  11. Wow shocker. I was convinced they were going through with the whole backdoor thing. Guess Ross realized the impacy it may have on his game long term wise

  12. Guys keshia has a baby that she cant feed what is more important her staying or the baby she cant feed?

  13. Her best move is whatever production told her to do. Keisha is full of Sh**. If she was so worried about breast milk, she wouldn’t have signed up for the show.

  14. You know, I just realized, Metta never let Julie finish saying her “cast your vote to evict” speech last round. He might have changed his vote if he heard her say it.

  15. Omorosa is not exciting or entertaining. She is not saying anything of importance because she doesn’t know squat about the presidency, White House or anything Trump.
    It is more fun watching the rest of the HGs trying to beat Shannon and James.

    • SO in other words what your saying is your one of those low IQ Trump voters who thinks the moron is doing a good job, and your vision doesn’t work becuase you never noticed that she was sitting at the table or in the room EVERY TIME Supreme Moron had one of his Lie sessions with the camera on…..

  16. Hold on. Can we talk about the fact that Keshia may have thrown Shannon under the bus to James about her wanting to evict james

  17. Such lies. I’m sure she’ll get plenty of money for her charity. Celebrities don’t have anything to lose if is for charity, they can just say live. Production told me to vote this way.

  18. A year?! I’ve never known a child a year old to have not at least transitioned to other food (not that it doesn’t happen, I guess, just that I’ve never heard of it).


    • She didn’t know how to lie properly. Her face said it all. She was very sad to leave. Many mothers breast feed after 1 year old and she could have continue to supply the milk for another week.

    • It varies for every child.

      My niece has yet to learn how to walk and she’s already about to hit her preschool years. Apparently, she may be suffering from a condition that could be hindering her physical development.

    • Her baby is a year but doesn’t eat anything but breast milk which is atypical.
      WHO reccomends introducing food to baby at six months

      If her child is exclusively breast fed, then why would she leave the child?!

  19. What about your heart goes to remaining players in the house for enduring 3 weeks? Jullie: How was the experience?..Keis: “I was suicidal’ lol

  20. Well, 2 HGs down. It’s already the Final 9 (and how crazy is that!).

    See y’all later! Have a good night.

  21. Well that’s one negative for the casting (having 2 who want to leave), but could be great feeds tonight. Glad Shannon stayed even if the circumstances were odd.

  22. lets be realistic- this is great PR for CBS. Three days now there has been an article on yahoo homepage about Omarosa. So if you think for a second this is not a bunch of actresses- and production – you seriously are not paying attention.

    • The regular show is rigged and the celeb one is even more. Why would not one of those idiots say something live. I wonder what’s in their contract, but if they tell them they may have to tell the HGs to vote them out why sign up.

      • Hi – to what degree do you think it is rigged? Yes, likely they set out for Omarosa to be safe the first week, and maybe manipulated it so Shannon stayed. Also, last season Paul was safe for weeks. But it just seems unlikely they would force that final 3 last season or force Paul to lose.

      • This is about viewers and money. They clearly need Oma to continue in the show to get as much attention as possible. She has fake juicy story to tell.

  23. Clearly not enough vetting of players was done. Kinda ruins the intent and spirit of the show when some players ask to go home.

    • At least Keisha had the decency to go through an eviction. Most other quitters (save for a few) simply walked out in the middle of the week without ever getting nom’ed.

      • I’m sure she needed that money real bad. I don’t believe for one second she quit. They just prefer for Oma to stay.

      • All celebrities are given what is equivalent to a good month’s payday so they won’t be coming home empty handed, especially for a short season such as CBB.

        Loving the live TV drama though. hehe

  24. I came inn here to see if omarosa got voted out so I could watch big brother .. cannot stand her.. so I’m not watching it anymore..

  25. Wow… Omarosa dodged another bullet with Keisha requesting to go home…. What gets me about Keisha is that I think that’s her baby is just the excuse she is giving…. Her game got blown up by Shannon getting the flip going… Don’t get me wrong… it’s a damn good excuse, but as she put it so elegantly, 250k isn’t worth it over her baby girl… so Why was she doing it in the first place. I’ve always heard about breast milk and when a woman stops pumping or breast feeding their child…. the well will start to dry up, as they said back in my day… I just don’t get it with her knowing that her baby is partial to breast milk and if she didn’t pump regularly… Why do CBB and take the chance on it hurting her chances with continuing with breast milk.

  26. This show is as American as all the white people being so scared of the black people they have to try and crush them. Oh wait that’s exactly what’s happening.

  27. I’m not normally a big conspiracy fan. I think it’s an easy way to throw shade when something happens you don’t like. But after watching tonight’s episode I’m left saying, “Um…Whatjusthappened?”

    I could be wrong but I’m imagining you don’t run out of breast milk in a week. I don’t get why if that was such a big deal, why didn’t she just walk out of the house? She needed to be voted out first? So her baby’s health was prioritized behind getting vote approval?

    Why didn’t Melissa use the veto? They could’ve backdoored Shannon and made a huge move.

    Instead, a worthless floater who has little to no personality in the house was voted out while Ohmygodshessucharoyalpainintheassa is protected yet again?

    I don’t know. If this wasn’t a Production Manipulation Scenario I don’t know what else it could be.

    I’m kind of floored.

  28. I FINALLY just finished 3 episodes/4 hours of big brother :-) and I have a ton of questions! I will get caught up/ask them tomorrow. It’s way past my bedtime! 😉
    Hopefully some of my questions will be answered in the comments but just in case……….Can someone please tell me what Marissa and Keisha were talking about after the veto comp – right before the commercial break?- I know Keisha wanted to go home, but was there any talk of her maybe staying? Was Keisha thinking about staying if Marissa used the veto on her?
    & is Shannon suspecting anything or she clueless? Didn’t she wonder why Marissa was still outside talking to Keisha etc.?
    James and Shannon are likely going up, correct? But who knows, these people change their minds by the minute! Love it!
    Thanks so much! 😚

    • Hey Tina Lee, no CBB on Tuesdays or Thursdays so maybe Wednesday ??? Last episode was a bust, the over the top emotion from Keisha just before the eviction vote was heart wrenching, but was it staged ??? They are all pretty strong players in my view, even Metta seems to have chilled some 😸 Got to get me some more floaty flamingos and wind up bath toys, ( don’t be gross ! ) The next show needs to be better Alison ! Just saying, you go girl !

      • Sorry hon, just reading your reply now. And sadly, the episodes have not gotten any better! Even a lot of the drama etc. I read about on here doesn’t end up on the episodes. Stupid!

      • True, this show was alright, some clips from home, they are doing an endurance comp for HOH now, I can’t follow all their strategies but it seems the pairs are Ross / Marisa, Mark / James and Brandi / Arianda , just a bit of stuff and nonsense to keep me distracted . You can always watch Season two, evil Dr Will !

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