Celebrity Big Brother: Omarosa Remains Missing From House – Update: She’s Back!

Omarosa flexes her strength on Celebrity Big Brother

Update: Omarosa has returned to the house! She’s settling in her room as nominations are still expected tonight. Looks like she’s doing okay now.

Omarosa is managing to make headlines and drama without even being in the Celebrity Big Brother house after departing for medical attention overnight following a failed attempt to win the latest Head of Household competition.

Big Brother Feeds were down for more than six hours last night for the dizzy bowling style HoH comp where Omarosa lost out to Marissa. The comp didn’t take that long, but an unexpected medical situation extended that downtime. It sounds like Omarosa picked Marissa as her challenger for the knock-out round where Marissa pulled off the win.

At some point after Omarosa lost she began to have trouble with her breathing and, according to the Houseguests, she went for her inhaler. They didn’t think she appeared to be in bad condition when she went inside, but that was the last time they saw her. After entering the Big Brother house Omarosa appears to have left to receive medical care for her situation.

It’s now probably a little over twelve hours since she left the house (I’d guess it happened sometime around midnight) and neither Feedsters nor Houseguests have heard any updates from CBS/production on what has happened. Houseguests are starting to suspect she won’t come back, but fans last season will remember Christmas Abbott was gone for days at a time repeatedly after breaking her foot and was able to keep coming back.

It’s not impossible for Omarosa to return though considering she’s about to go on the Block and be the top target she may be hoping to save face by not returning and instead exiting by a technicality. Then again, I’d wager CBS has a pretty good contract with her for performance here and her payday could be in jeopardy if she doesn’t return and play it out.

My expectation: Omarosa will return later for a dramatic entrance and deliver on the reality TV villain we deserve from her TV personality. What do you think will happen with Omarosa’s vanishing act on Celebrity Big Brother? Follow us on Facebook & Twitter to get updates on the situation.


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  1. Since I don’t watch the feeds and the article says it was down anyway I think she may be faking.
    This is typical of Oma to fake it so she won’t be embarrassed on TV. She doesn’t realize that she is already an embarrassment.

    • An Embarrassment to? Certainly not to the Country, as rather late than never; She finally appears to own her Mistake of doing any job tied to the Cheeto-in-Chief!

      • How about her behavior on the Apprentice? The way she talked to others was appalling. I also think the fact that she lied about being fired.

      • I’ve never seen a single episode of The Apprentice. I’m NOT a Fan of Her’s in ANY way!! I do not even *LIKE* Her. That being said, I can only judge Her from what I am seeing her do now.
        I absolutely Despise her former boss! However She left that job is irrelevant to Me, Personally. I’m just glad She IS Out! She is NO role model for any Women, Black, Brown, Green, or White!
        I find it rather amusing that my simple response has created such vitriol….

      • Do you know why she was fired? I mean, I have a good idea why, but I’m curious to know more about Trump firing her in real life.

      • An embarrassment in general. She is hated by black people and many others. It has mostly to do with the person she is, not because she worked in the white house.

  2. If it happens and she comes back dramatically it’ll feel, “Same ‘ol, same ‘ol.” There’s nothing new from her. She’s a joke. It’s kind of like if the real Darth Vader showed up to a children’s party, stands next to the hobbyhorse, points his finger and says, “Prepare to die, young Padowan!” and all the kids laugh and keep playing. Who takes her seriously?

  3. You’d best believe Morosea would still be in da house if things were going her way. What is it she wanted….BGM? Maybe that’s why she’s out….no BGM(black girl movement) normally referred to as constipation.

  4. Maybe the Cheeto In Chief didn’t like what she told Ross about his behavior and had her dealt with swiftly and surely. We may NEVER see her again. I mean, not that there’s anything WRONG with that…

  5. yeah… I don’t watch the feeds so don’t know what really happened to her… that and just learning about this a few minutes ago…. I will say this. I do hope she is ok. I would hate to hear that she is in serious trouble over it…. Though she keeps saying she will do anything to win…. blah blah blah… She found out when Chuck went out the door that she wasn’t in charge like she thought she was…. so I think it could be more of an exaggeration for her to save face. Depends on if she comes back in or not. so we will have to wait and see. either way…. hope she goes soon!

  6. Does anyone remember her first time on the apprentice? The contestants were at a construction site and Omarosa claimed a piece of plaster fell on her head? She complained that day and didnt do much to help on the task. the next day she was sitting outside the task site not helping while the others worked and started to play basketball with some kids. Then the next day she demanded a CTSCAN. Nothing was found wrong but she used it as an excuse up until her firing. Others were annoyed since another person had found her mom had stage 4 cancer at the same time and she was not asking for sympathy or time off and Omarosa was. When Omarosa got fired Trump didn’t believe her “medical” issues. While I take asthma seriously since my son has it, I hope she is ok if she had an attack but after her Apprentice “accident” I have some doubts.

  7. Awfulessa will be back with dramatic entrance thinking she has all week to raise cane. She only has 2 days as they already said (CBS) that Mon is eviction night. We also have veto to go don’t we?

    • I just scanned the feeds from Joker’s, and it sounds like Ross is putting up Keisha and Metta, with the plan to backdoor Shannon.

      • I was thinking the same thing. Why would he backdoor a bigger target and then have to worry about a target on his back sooner than later.

      • I thought so too, but at 11:36 today, it says “Ross, Marissa, Ari and Brandi shake on F4. Ross assures them his deal with Shannon is not for real.” Guess we’ll see.

  8. According to a link posted on Joker’s:

    When you were saying goodbye to the housemates, Omarosa slipped you a piece of paper. What was that?
    Chuck Liddell: Oh, she gave me a phone number to call her mom.

    So they get pens and paper to record stuff? That seems a bit weak. They only have to play the game for 2.5 weeks. Are they also allowed their phones? Does anyone know?

    • Maybe she had wrote that number down on several pieces of paper to pass out as a person left beforehand. Is that a stretch, yeah maybe but it would make a little bit of sense.

      • I don’t think it’s a stretch at all, any more than staging a ‘strategic’ exit, probably a bit earlier than she may have had planned. We’ll never know what kind of info she had access to while out of the house.

    • That’s bs. I heard her say « please give that to… ». That doesn’t work with that statement. They are not allowed pen and paper, otherwise it would be so easy to write all dates and events to study for competition. I remember Kevin from bb Canada with color code candies board techniques. Why is oma allowed to writing and send out messages that’s really not fair. As much as her get out for a day (I also disagree with Christmas and it plays against her at the end).

      But at the end, I love to hate oma, so I’m happy she’s back.

      • Normally players aren’t allowed pens and paper, yes, but she actually gave him a piece of paper which is why I asked if they get special allowances because they’re so-called, “Celebrities.” If she had a pre-printed note brought in ahead of time that wouldn’t be of much use. Therefore it seems possible that it was a pre-printed phone number if she brought it in with her. Either way, it wasn’t addressed at all by production so that’s a bit odd.

  9. Didn’t she do the same thing on celebrity apprentice? Made a big deal about a ceiling tile falling on her head. Looks like that bag of tricks is running empty.

  10. I agree with you Matt; if not for the no doubt, iron-clad, contract Omarosa signed with CBS and being the bad sport that we know her to be, I’m almost positive she would have stalked out of the BB house forever.

    However, with a little diva treatment and ego stroking Omarosa should be good as new – unless she loses the Veto comp, which I’m 99% sure would cause an relapse of her asthma problems.

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