Celebrity Big Brother: Nomination Anticipation Round 2

Ross Mathews on Celebrity Big Brother

This round’s nominations on Celebrity Big Brother are going to be pretty easy to anticipate thanks to the latest HoH spoilers and a near immediate confirmation of the plans ahead. We’re still waiting to find out when the nominations will take place in this fast-paced schedule but the “who” seems settled.

When Live Feeds (get your Free Trial now & watch along) finally returned around 3AM BBT the Houseguests were already off to bed leaving Ross, the new HoH, and his close ally Marissa awake and chatting in the HoH room. Ross told Marissa he didn’t want to Backdoor either of his targets, so he was planning to put them up on the Block as part of his initial nominees.

Obviously, those nominees are going to be Omarosa and Keshia. Shannon flipped on her all-girls alliance and left it in the dust which left Omarosa out in the cold as a result. She was none too happy when the eviction show was over and we watched them argue on the Feeds. Well if you thought she was upset you should have seen Keshia get worked up.

In the end I don’t think the targets could have avoided this fate even if they had lied and told all the flippers that they were happy for Chuck to go. The flippers were going to end up paranoid and fearful either way. Ross will go with the easy choice at this point and since he knows what a huge threat Omarosa would be in this game it’s a good chance for him to make the move he probably really wanted all along. Getting Omarosa out of the game would be quite the feather in his cap.

When the results are revealed I’m fully expecting Ross to nominate Keshia and Omarosa.

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  1. Of course putting up Oma and Rudy would be the best move for Ross but I don’t think CBS will allow him to make such a ‘racist’ move. I have this horrible, nagging feeling that Omarosa will be around for a long, long time.

    • Unfortunately, I think you may be right. I’m not a Ross fan, but I will give him credit for always standing up for his convictions, so maybe—just MAYBE—he won’t play along with CBS’ pleas to keep the vile Amarosa. Interesting that the racially motivated “Black Girl Magic” nonsense hasn’t been addressed by BB or CBS.

      • I was catching up on the updates and it seems Omarosa got hit in the head with a bowling ball during the HOH comp. I’m not sure if it was a REAL bowling ball or not but anyway, Omarosa wanted to go to the hospital.

        If you watched the Apprentice you’ll remember Om pulled this same stunt on that show when a piece of light plywood material barely fell on her head. She immediately became ill and had to be taken to the hospital.
        Her position at that point in the game wasn’t looking good at all and Trump went ahead and fired her even though she complained of excruciating headaches.

        Omarosa is probably threatening to sue CBS about now so she might be kicked off the show very soon, although I’m immensely enjoying her downfall in the BB house.

      • I’m way behind L. so thanks for the info. I’m kinda glad Omar is back :D Now I need to find out what’s going on with the backdoor Shannon gossip I heard last night on BBAD. Say it ain’t so!

      • Yes Ross wants to get rid of Shannon. This HOH power has gone to his head. And Marissa is agreeing with him which shocks me. I thought her and Shannon were friends. I had hopes for the three of them to go to the end because they’re all super fans of the game. He’s starting to remind me of Andy. He’s flip flopping all over the place. He made a F2 with Brandi last night too. Yep he needs to go.

      • GAH!!!! I don’t think I can take Andy redux! So disappointed that Ross is showing himself to be a 2 faced, fake. I suppose they can’t have Shannon getting all the TV time though.

        There’s one thing I despise and that’s a fake friend – I mean you Marissa!

        I’ve noticed that Ross knows many of the cast members already so that does give him an advantage.

        I’m hoping Omarosa alerts Shannon to Ross’s duplicity, along with the jealous female trio that surround him.

      • Talk about racist moves: Omarosa bringing up the idea of doing the”Black Girl Magic” thing with Kesha. In my opinion, if a couple of white BB celebrities suggested this it would be all over the headlines! What are these women thinking?This is SO wrong on SO many levels! Omarosa is nothing but a sad imitation of a boring woman with nothing going for her.

      • Keisha said she missed her child and wouldn’t mind going home so she doesn’t seem to mind.

        I won’t be disappointed if Omarosa has to leave due to her health problems but I’d love to see her being put on the block and descend into madness as she fights to survive.

    • How is it a racial move? It just so happens that Keisha and Omarosa are in an alliance together therefore they are the biggest targets for Ross, I don’t see that being racist!
      I can’t believe it’s even being called out! Pathetic! (Not you) :-)

      • As much as putting 2 guys on the block because their male? The racist and sexist one is oma. And in some updates I read, she try to pull the racist card to Shannon. It’s wrong to think black people cant be racists or woman can’t be sexist. It’s the same thing.

      • I picked up a few things at Jokers Updates and when the girls alliance split up the white contestants were fearful of being perceived as racist if they put both members of BGM on the block and didn’t think CBS wanted a black vs. white divide.

        Personally, I don’t think it’s racist at all, since as you said the BGM were the first to use race as the reason for their new final 2 deal. It’s just plain common sense but of course some people wouldn’t see it that way.

      • Look at it this way: would you think it was racist if Marissa and Shannon called themselves “White Girl Magic?” Or is that somehow…different?

      • Are you kidding :D Which contestant would ever make a WGM alliance…remember Aryan?

        Personally, when watching BB if 2 people seem to trust each other enough to form an alliance I don’t care what sex or race they are.

        The whole racist nonsense Omar was spouting after the live eviction is nothing more than her usual passive/very aggressive behavior.
        She thinks it’s ok for the black women to form an alliance but if the white women don’t go along with it then it’s not fair or possibly racist.

        Keshia was complaining earlier about none of the girls helping her move back downstairs. The guys were helping her but she felt slighted that not one of the women did so.

        I got the impression that Keshia honestly thought that as HOH everyone had to do what she said, such as the POV saving Chuck and putting up Mark. She was highly offended that Shannon didn’t follow Keshia’s orders about the POV.

      • How is it that Keshia could go against the alliance decision for the nominations by not doing what Shannon wanted is ok. But Shannon not using the POV is a selfish thing?? Like Ross would say, can someone explain me what’s going on!!

      • I don’t know what to think! Either Keshia doesn’t understand how BB is played or she’s playing dumb. The word entitled comes to mind as well. If everyone doesn’t let a black female win this season then everybody is racist for crying out loud.

        Next time K. needs help from the other ladies why not just ask them instead of pouting and complaining?
        I can see a future for K. in the house yet, but only if Omarosa returns and is nominated.

      • Who helped Shannon to move out of the hoh room? Keisha act like a spoiled kid. Wait, she was a spoiled kid!!

      • I didn’t even watch last season of BB after learning that Paul would be returning. Watching him is worse than Chinese water torture. I’m glad I took a break. I haven’t seem Joni yet either but I’m hoping she has time to watch and chat.

      • I think the power of being HOH went to her head a little bit perhaps?
        She conspires with Omar to make a secret alliance with Chuck (just in case) and didn’t do a very good job of hiding the fact.

      • Yeah, I read that also. It was actually on here, the big brother network. They were fearful it would be assumed it was a racial move! Of course it wasn’t!

      • I was watching the feeds when they were talking about the Black Girl Magic. They brought it on themselves by forming that alliance based on the color of their skin. In my opinion, it shouldn’t be about race at all. I think most people think that it is those who are Caucasian that are racists, but it goes both ways. I personally feel this game should be about their game play, not color of the skin.

      • African American people identify themselves as black. I doubt they would have said the African American Magic. I do get that they excluded themselves from the others and Oma made it a black vs white thing, but Metta wasn’t included.

      • I was thinking the same thing the only ones that devided them was them selves and everyone was getting along fine treated themselves equally and they were the ones putting themselves and everyone else into groups and making assumsions of how people are and they are the only ones that are making it about race and now everyone is scared about making a move on them so they don’t get called racist.. when they are not but some people love to put on the quilt and make it about something it isn’t.. bottom line I don’t care who you are if you act like a decent person I will treat ya like one and if not I’ll typically ignore ya or at least state my peace with and educated response. But don’t have time for drama in my life had enough that was out of my control.. but it is sure fun to watch others stupidity lol.. but lets just play big brother and not be afraid of hurting someone’s feelings by playing maybe that’s why the black women tend to leave early because most of them blame everyone and not own their actions and think they can be rude to who ever and then blame them and call them racist it’s get old listening to such negativity instead of just getting along and play the game! Don’t separate yourself and then expect to be apart of the group!

      • Great comments Sandie. IIRC, the making of the BGM alliance between those 2 was shown on an episode of BB, not sure which day.

        Thinking about it a little more, I can see CBS wanting to make sure the stigma of racism was not cast upon the white celebrities – sort of CYA precautions which I’m glad they took.

        If the 2 black celebs wanted to make an alliance that’s fine but Omar casting aspersions of racism was beyond contempt imo and I see a lot of other people here feel the same way.

  2. and since he knows what a huge threat Omarosa would be in this game it’s a good chance for him to make the move he probably really wanted all along.

    I don’t know, Matt. I can’t believe I’m actually going to type this but wouldn’t she be worth taking to the end? She’s useless physically (in challenges) and is hated by about 95% of people with ears that work.

    Who in this group would vote for her to win?

    I’m not saying she SHOULD stay I’m just debating the argument to keep her. I wanted her gone on day one and would have loved that, but if we’re discussing her being a threat, is she? Isn’t she the most easily dismissed of them all when she tries to share personal info and play on emotions?

    It feels like she’s the BEST one to take out of the ones there.

    • Yes and no. I’ve heard some past winners have said, they still have to like the person they’ll be sitting with during the finale, and at the same time, they can beat. That’s if they have a choice. I can bet no one in the house want to take her just because she’s Omarosa, and not because what she’s been spouting about ‘race.

    • She’s like rat poison, you don’t want to keep it around in case the babies or puppies get into it. Not evicting her is a very bad idea, she’s downright evil in the way she accuses people of bad behavior (selfish, racist, sexist, liar) when they are innocent.

    • I had similar thoughts. I would still put to the BMG duo, but push for Rudy to go. Oma is toxic & will be an easy out or easy to beat in the F2.

  3. I’m really thinking oma won’t come back to the house after the bowling injury. I’m pretty sure she was doing bb just to get exposure with more poeple because she’s planning to write a book on how she’s a powerful woman. Now that she realizes she’s not in control, that could damage her reputation.

    How was it fair that she could ask chuck to send a message for her?

      • Ron Artest was an NBA player who changed his name to Metta World Peace. He did this to rehab his image due to “anger issues.” Ross and Marissa have talked a few times on feeds about how Metta has “broken out of the house” twice (that they know of.) Each time this is brought up, feeds go to fish.

      • Ok, I get it now :D As you can probably tell I’m not an NBA fan.

        I said in another thread about Mette’s breaking out of the house that production had no choice but to let him have a conjugal visit since that was the only way to stop him from non-stop masturbation in the toilet. He seems to be in a much better mood afterwards :D

      • Yeah, unfortunately you’re probably spot on! I’m not a big fan either, but he was a fairly big name during his playing days. I know most of these celebrities are fairly wealthy, but $250,000 is probably pocket change for this dude.

    • Yeah, she’s definitely not there just for fun and to play the game.

      Send a message for her? What message? To whom? That’s BS!

      I don’t care if they are celebrities are not, they shouldn’t be allowed to break the rules but of course production will give them anything they want!

  4. Seriously, if some of the HG‘s (Omarosa! Keisha? Metta?) are going to make this game about black vs white (the reason she (they?) think the house flipped on them) then I have absolutely no interest in watching BB anymore!

    Them flipping had absolutely nothing to do with colour! This has to do with the fact that:
    A- it’s Omarosa & she is a terrible human being
    B – Omarosa and Keisha are in an alliance together making them a big threat to others in the house! &
    C- ITS A GAME!!!!

    If Omarosa (& others?) are going to play the race card, then it can be thrown back in their face that they teamed up because of “race!” Just Sayin!!!

    This is simply my observation of complete BS….!!!!!
    Omarosa, as I said, is a terrible human being!.! And the fact that she’s implying that Shannon flipped on them because she is racist, just proves the fact that Omarosa is still the crazy, horrible, vindictive, vile person she was before!
    Ironically this is all coming from someone that up until recently worked with Tromp!! 🤔
    Race, Politics and Religion has no place in the Big Brother game! PERIOD!!!!!!!

  5. I hope he puts them both up and then Omarosa is sent packing. Some may say it is racists. I don’t see it that way. I think Omarosa and Keisha has made it a point to go into an alliance because of both of them being black. She and Keisha bonded over Black Girl Magic. I’m not sure why that is. I guess in my mind, each person should play based on their own merit and not based on the color of their skin. I’m all for smart playing and people playing to win. I like Kiesha, but it’s frustrating to be in an alliance because of the color of the skin and not game play. Maybe I see things differently.

  6. I hope Ross puts up Omarosa and Keisha and I don’t care which one goes. Omarosa hasn’t changed at all. From her entrance on the first night to her dismissing Shannon when Shannon was trying to talk to her to her making it a race thing. Like she said to Shannon “Bye Girl”. And the sooner the better. Keisha just acted like a spoiled little girl when Shannon tried to discuss not using the veto.

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