‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Round 2 Nominations

Nominations on Big Brother

Nominations are in for Round 2 of Celebrity Big Brother with the spoilers from the Feeds as the Houseguests continue to stick to Thursday’s vote split and move ahead with the new target.

If you already saw the spoilers for who won Head of Household then there’s no surprise over who is being sent to the Block. There are ten HGs left and three of them weren’t clued in on the new voting plan. Ross has the power and Omarosa doesn’t.

Celebrity Big Brother Round 2 Nominations:

  • Ross nominated: Omarosa & Keshia

The only thing that ended up uncertain was whether or not Omarosa would be there to take her nomination. She ended up having a medical situation last night and left the Big Brother Celebrity house for less than a day, but still long enough for HGs to question her return. Well she’s back and now she’s on the Block.

Omarosa is the main target, per Ross, but he’s also mentioned being open to a possibly renom and change of plans to go after James or even Shannon. Oh yes, big moves here if Ross is willing to do that. A lot hinges on the Veto competition and we’re waiting to see if that’ll happen before Monday’s episode. But don’t forget Sunday’s show at 8/7c too.

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      • Hey Cyril, I agreed with all that but I’m getting worried for him. Read my post just a little earlier. I think he’s doing mistakes now that he is hoh that will bite him down the road.

      • I watched the ‘feeds last night, and I agree, he is playing hard. Busy planting seeds, forming alliance, conniving etc. We’ll see if he gets busted. This is a three week version of BB. You got to do a big move. I want Assaroma evicted for my satisfaction. but (she can’t win sh*t) From the outside looking in, Shannon is sticking out as a threat to win this game. Highly competitive. She’s also a likable person. Ross is a threat to win this game also. I can appreciate who ever takes any of those two out of the game.

      • Absolutely! He is playing a great social game and clearly a great mental/physical game also hence his HOH however, if he keeps flip-flopping then he’s going to lose everyone’s trust!
        Ross, I believe said he is a “huge BB fan” so, he should know “flip floppin” in the BB house quickly makes HGS no longer trust said flip-flopped!

      • I hear what you’re saying but remember that this is a 2.5 week game. We’re used to 3 months where things can bite you in the a$$ pretty hard. But with such a short time span moves need to be made pretty quickly and with less grace, no?

      • This game needs to be played a lot quicker clearly and I do agree with you however, Shannon unfortunately just played a little too quick. If that makes any sense? :-)

      • Completely fair statement. You’re right! She played like it was three days instead of three weeks. Which is funny because were I in that house, as a fan who watches things unfold in three MONTHS, I suspect I’d also come out swinging thinking, “Three weeks? THREE WEEKS?! I better Tasmanian Devil this!” which would bite me in the a$$ hard! Good call!

    • I absolutely agree, but if he keeps flip-flopping then he is going to paint a big fat target on his back!

  1. I really like the pace of the game. No downtime between noms, pov and eviction. I also like the older cast and no showmance. And again, it’s bringing the true colors of the people. For example I really liked Ross, but now that he’s hoh, it really got to his head. He will get burn by badtalking about Shannon to Marissa. He should be smarter, theirs 2 common enemies in the house, why do you have to bring Shannon up? She can get power next hoh and you will be in trouble.

    Some people need to learn to shut up!

    • I know Shannon is a good player and therefore a target, but I think it’s too early for Ross to backdoor her. If he does, he’ll be the next big target? He could both keep a target in the game and have her on his side in comps and strategy.

      • Yes. It’s how I think, you just express my thoughts in a better way.

        And don’t talk about backdoor if her until you do it. Stop trusting everyone with your gameplay. He was very good at not being in the spotlight. Why does he reveals his card now?

        It’s typical hoh power drunk moves.

    • I find the maturity and professionalism of the celebrity cast to be very refreshing too – excluding Omar’s diva antics of course.

  2. Vote Omarosa out now and it will be a more watchable show. I will agree I do like “pace” of this BB show.

  3. What!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!! Come on Ross!!!
    Do NOT give that biatch the satisfaction & the feeling of being powerful/important in the BB house by slapping Shannon & Co. with a “backatcha” blind side/flip of the house! No no no no no!😠😡 SEND HER PACKING!!!!!!!! OR at the very least, keep noms the same!
    Freaking production!!!! 😡😠 let me guess, Omarosa was promised safety by production if she came back! 😠😡

    I am NOT HAPPY to read this new news!!!😠😡

    • LOL. We can relax, he didn’t did anything yet. But I do agree it would be a bad move. He needs to shut the f up. I think Marissa would be truthful to Shannon and can repeat all of what he said. He wasn’t a target but will become one.

  4. Good. I hope Omabi*** goes home and away from TV. Unfortunately people are on her sh** and will invite her everywhere. They actually think she has something important to say. BB may try to save her because of it. I think Ross may be mentioning other names just in case one of them wins the veto, but he hates Oma.

  5. Is Ross really this wishy-washy.? I’m not sure at this point if Ross knows about the Marissa/Shannon friendship but Marissa has been pretty gung-ho over backdooring Shannon along with Ari and Brandi. I hope I’m wrong.

    Fear not BB fans! Since Shannon is on top of the polls I have faith that the DR can somehow, some way, alert her to her possible plight.

    If Shannon is put on the block to replace Omarosa, Shannon’s only chance might be to align with Omarosa and the guys. I know, I strongly dislike Omar too, but since jealousy seems to be rearing its ugly head (per usual) with Marissa, Brandi and Ari, Shannon doesn’t have much of a choice.

  6. Ross overplayed his hand. Having multiple alliances in this house will come back to haunt each HG as we have learned from Shannon exposing hers with Little Apprentice Girl. That agreement was just to have an all girl alliance and when revealed all the women then considered Shannon to be a liar and not to be trusted. Backstabbers in this competition will not be forgotten. Once evicted, HGs get to watch everything from home even past feeds, James and Shannon if evicted would see that Ross had multiple alliances. Ross loses their final votes. Keisha wants a woman to win so he loses her vote too. At different times, Chuck said he wanted Metta, Mark, or James to win. I doubt that he would vote for Ross as winner. Anyone voted off will see that Ross was trying to play way harder than Shannon. When you look at it Superfan Ross is not a strong player at all. He is weak. He wants to make big moves but can’t commit to actually making them. He couldn’t even go and face LAG after Chuck’s eviction because as he said he was too scared of her! Seriously?! Sorry Ross fans he won’t win. Another backstabber who won’t be forgotten is Marissa. She had an all girl alliance, an alliance with Shannon, James, and Ross and also an alliance with Ross, Brandi, and Ari. Being a part of too many alliances just gets you enemies in this game. Marissa you’ll lose too for that reason. If she puts up James and Shannon for eviction, Ari will end up winning because she will be the only one to have the conviction and commit to such a powerplay. She gets props for that and will most likely earn respect from the other HGs for actually playing the game.

  7. I concur Dick. Ross won’t win – too flippery – floppery, wishery – washery, backstabbery -wabbery.

    Yeah that Marissa won’t win either. With friends like that who needs enemies. She comes off as someone who would drop your happy ass as a friend for someone else at the drop of a hat. Not only does she come of that way, she actually did that to Shannon. I hope her kid is proud of her. Yeah follow your mom’s example kid we need more of that kind of behavior in this world. She should be called Omarissa. Bye Becky!

    When I heard that Keisha was on, I was all pmf “Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!” You know like that movie Sean Astin was in. What was it called? Anyway when I saw her team up with Scamarosa and saw how unnecessarily hard she was playing and how she wanted to show Mark who was boss by putting him on the block for no real good reason. I was then smh, “rudy, rudy, rudy.” You know because it was like that Interjection song from Schoolhouse Rock when the feeling’s not as strong. Nope not a Keisha fan anymore. Bye Felecia!

    These people will need to hire Olivia Pope for damage control when they’re done with this show.

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