Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Highlights: Friday Night – Round 6

Ross Mathews on Celebrity Big Brother

After a long, late night Head of Household competition, the Celebrity Big Brother Feeds returned to reveal the results and set us up for the next round of nominations. Now we know who is in charge, who is going up on the Block, and what moves are being made in the final two days of the season.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Highlights – Friday, February 23, 2018:

12:27 AM BBT – Feeds return from the HOH competition. Ross won.

12:35 AM BBT – Omarosa encourages Ari to keep fighting hard to get to the end. She says there will be support in the Jury for her.

12:36 AM BBT – Ross tells Ari his nomination plans are Ari and Omarosa, but if either wins the Veto then she (M) will have to go up. Ross will protect her though as the tiebreaker.

12:38 AM BBT – Ross explains to Ari that Omarosa is his target. She wants to know why Mark isn’t going up then. Ross explains he made a deal with Mark during the competition so he can’t nom/renom him. Ross says they will all fight for the Veto to protect her.

12:45 AM BBT – Marissa says that everything she’s done so far is for the three of them. Ross again confirms that he’ll be putting Ari up and everyone but Omarosa is playing to keep Omarosa on the Block.

12:50 AM BBT – Ross says that Mark dropped to give Ross the win, but Ross is confident he would have won anyway.

1:05 AM BBT – Ross points out that he likes how Omarosa can be aggressive one moment then completely happy and fine with it the next.

1:30 AM BBT – Omarosa and Mark discuss how James didn’t want to make any deals and how that brought him down. They think he was confident it would be Mark going up and out instead of him.

1:40 AM BBT – Ross promises Mark he’ll be safe. They can’t believe they could get to the end together after being up against six well-organized women in an alliance. Ross says he can’t take Marissa to the end with so many women on the Jury. He’s sure the women would band together with their votes so he wants to get to the end against Mark.

1:50 AM BBT – Ross and Marissa talk about being so pleased with their duo and how strong they were this season.

2:00 AM BBT – Ross asks Ari who she’d take to the F2. She says she wants to get there with him. Ross promises he will make sure everyone fights to keep Ari safe this round.

2:30 AM BBT – HGs are heading off to bed.

Ross is playing this game full tilt, but can he keep the wheels on the road as he takes these turns? Just a few more moves to make and we’ll see who survives this round and makes it on to the season finale for a chance at the F2 and $250,000.

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  1. Ross has been making promises left and right and winning… good game play but i still want Ari to win

      • I hope Ross wins. He has played a great social game and won some competitions. Watching after dark, he is playing the game to win

      • I truly believe Ross is playing to win. I can’t say the same for the rest though. Ari is playing emotionally and really doesn’t understand completely how to play the game. Her being hard headed and stubborn isn’t helping her at all. Mark is basically floating and wouldn’t have been HOH if James would have just rung that damn bell. James was cocky and arrogant and Brandi had him pegged right. Marissa is just as Mark, floating and I believe won one VETO still can’t figure out how though. Omarosa is playing to win and she is actually the sneaky one who is playing. She is trying to hard to play the other people against one another so badly it will be her downfall in the game. Shannon knows the game but played somewhat badly and way too hard and that hurt her game. Both Keisha and Metta basically self evicted, that speaks volume for them and poor Chuck was blind sided plus he was there to play the game. Not sure if I completely covered it all but if not, I would say I am very close.

      • KIND OF A SPOILER******************

        I agree with most of what you said Willie. I just read an exit interview article with James and he said that after his eviction he was speaking to his dad and dad told him how cut throat of a game Ross was playing.
        Could James possibly tell the other evicted HG’s and will this lead to them voting for Ross or for someone else at the finale remains to be seen.

      • I feel kind of bad that Keisha and Metta even get a vote, given that they both basically self-evicted.

  2. So the 5 remaining HGs will get no chance to see any footage before they vote. That could be a game changer and because I think production had chosen the winner (Ross) before the games started, I think this helps to insure their desired outcome. I really hope I am wrong. I’d love to be wrong.

    • Remember this is only 3 of the jury of 9 will not see any footage. I am sure that there is a Q & A where some gameplay will be exposed. I honestly think no one is taking Ross to the finals. So the only way Ross can win get there is if he wins the final HOH.

      • All 5 will still be in the house at the beginning of the live finale Sunday night. I’m not sure when any of them would have an opportunity to view footage. If they did, it definitely wouldn’t be enough to have an informed opinion. I also think there is a strong potential that one or more HGs would take Ross to finale if they won the last HOH.

      • Five will start on the show Sunday night and one of them will leave. That then will be leaving four to fight for the final HOH. The winner of that one will evict two HG’s. Can’t wait to see how that playes out.

    • If Ross doesn’t win final HoH and Marissa can’t pull it off, I wouldn’t be so sure about Ross making it to F2.

      If Mark or Ari are serious about winning after making final HoH, the do-nothing Marissa or the disliked Omarosa would be the safe choices for F2.

  3. Of the remaining houseguests, I’d love to see Ross win. He’s played an excellent game, brought a lot of humor and entertainment to the viewers and he seems like a genuinely nice person. I’d be ok with Ari winning, too, but prefer Ross. Ari is smart & played a good game. She already won the genetics lottery in life, so she’ll be just fine.

    James sort-of did himself in, pushing for Brandi’s eviction over bigger threats to win the game. I don’t blame him for not wanting to spend another minute in the house with her. He handled her bullying very admirably. But he and Mark should have gone after Omorosa when they had the chance.

    • Basically. But I think it would be a bit of a toss up between Ari and Ross. Those who went home and were able to watch the tapes would probably no doubt vote for Ari if it is an Ari and Ross final two

      • I agree. I hope Ari wins the Veto, that will add to her resume. I like her. Ross started strategizing since week one. Assembling his alliance. Win comps. when he needed to. He probably has an edge when it comes to explaining to the Jury what he did in this game.

    • Whomever wins that final HOH will determine who will be in the F2. Ari wins means she will take Marissa or Omarosa. Ross wins I haven’t clue who he would take unless it is Ari or Marissa. Mark wins I see him taking Ross. Marissa wins either Ross, Ari or Omarosa. Omarosa wins again not really sure who she will take but I doubt she will take Marissa. Her best chances are against Ross and Mark.

      All of this will depend on who wins VETO, who is ReNommed, and who goes home first.

      • Right..To me the contenders are Ross/Ari/Oma. I would take Marissa and Mark out of the equation, but the winner of final HOH could take any of the two to win the game. I don’t think they did anything extraordinary in the game.

  4. Marissa:”Everything I’ve done has been for my team”

    Refresh my memory, what have you done exactly?

  5. With Ross as the new HOH, he is putting up Omarosa & Ari.
    Ross & Mark currently have a deal.
    Ross says he will put up Marissa up if Ari comes down.
    Can we really trust Ross to keep his word & protect Ari?
    Will Ross try his hardest to win the Veto?
    I want Ari to win on Sunday, buy my second choice is Ross!

    • I wonder about the other options in this game and what will he do if Omarosa wins? Who will he put up in her place? Who will he vote to evict if she does come down? Will he consider a F2 with her at the end?

  6. As a Shannon fan I would love to see a finale 2 of Mark and Omarosa.
    Is Omarosa playing the villain part or is this her real personality showing idk but I have to admit she’s played a great game and deserves to win.

    I’m not a Omarosa fan by any means but I have to admit she’s played a good game.

  7. Too much CBS biased agenda to Trump bash in every episode. Omarosa is a proven liar, as her scheming in this show demonstrates!

      • But CBS paid Omarosa a lot more than the other contestants so she could do her Trump bashing each episode. I don’t think she’ll win the final, but she’s served her purpose of bashing Trump, which promotes her upcoming book.

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