Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Highlights: Tuesday Daytime – Round 3

The new Celebrity Big Brother HOH has her targets set, and the other HGs spent the day making sure those targets couldn’t get to the HOH to change her mind. So nominations might be coming as a surprise to James and Shannon even though Shannon’s paranoia is already kicked in, but at least it’s right this time.

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Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, February 13, 2018:

8:20 AM BBT – Few of HGs are starting to get up for the day.

9:45 AM BBT – More HGs moving around and starting to gather in the kitchen for breakfast and chatting.

10:00 AM BBT – HGs discuss last night’s HoH comp. It was a golf theme and Ari beat James by just a nudge.

10:05 AM BBT – Ari and Brandi turned on the lights in the HoH room, but they roll back over for more sleep.

10:12 AM BBT – Marissa ask Ari what her plans are. She says she’s going to nominate James and Shannon. Ari says Ross is pushing for Metta and Omarosa but she’s sticking to the plan.

11:02 AM BBT – Ross tells Ari that whoever stays between Shannon and James is going to be their enemy. Marissa says that’s their only option. Ross says James is asking around if Ari is sticking to nominating Omarosa and Metta.

11:05 AM BBT – Ross points out to the others that Omarosa knows she’s not the target right now so she’s just laying low and coasting on.

11:56 AM BBT – Mark wonders if America saw Marissa nail him in the nuts last night (we did).

12:02 PM BBT – James and Mark talking about how unpredictable the game is. James and Mark agree they just want the house to stick to the plan of getting Omarosa and Metta out next then go from there.

12:30 PM BBT – Marissa says Shannon seems very calm. Brandi thinks it’s because she already knows she’s the target and knows she has to win veto. Marissa just thinks she feels safe.

12:35 PM BBT – Marissa asks Brandi if she believes Omarosa when she says Shannon told her Marissa was happy she sent Omarosa to the hospital. Brandi says she doesn’t believe anything that comes out of Omarosa’s mouth.

12:43 PM BBT – Brandi tells Shannon that Ari will not put Metta up no matter what everyone else wants. Shannon said she’s just worried that if he wins veto he will save Omarosa. Brandi says she doesn’t think he would do that.

12:46 PM BBT – Shannon tells James they need to get everyone together and talk to Ari because Brandi said Ari wouldn’t ever nominate Metta.

12:48 PM BBT – Shannon tells Mark and James what Omarosa was spreading about her saying Marissa was happy she sent Omarosa to the hospital. She says she absolutely never said that.

12:52 PM BBT – Omarosa tells Brandi that Shannon was never really on board with the women because she tried to work with every guy in the house.

12:55 PM BBT – Brandi and Marissa want Omarosa and Metta to stay with Ari all day so Shannon or James can’t talk to Ari about nominations.

12:56 PM BBT – Metta agrees with Omarosa when she says James and Shannon will  go all the way if both of them stay this week.

12:58 PM BBT – Omarosa gets called to the Diary Room so Shannon thinks they can go talk to Ari now. Meanwhile, the HOH room decides they’ll all hang out in there and make sure Metta doesn’t leave the room.

1:00 PM BBT – Shannon is annoyed because Metta is in the room with Ari. James says he will try to pull him away to work out or something.

1:43 PM BBT – Feeds come back after a long Be Right Back message.

1:44 PM BBT – Mark asks Brandi and Marissa what Ari is going to do but they won’t tell him. Mark says Ari can do whatever she wants because she is HOH and earned it.

1:50 PM BBT – Shannon tells Ross that she knows Omarosa is trying to get her on the block.

1:53 PM BBT – Looks like HGs got a camera while feeds were down and are taking photos.

2:01 PM BBT – Shannon tells James that she knows she jumped around in the beginning but she’s playing it straight and won’t be turning on her group anymore. She says if they want to turn on her they can. James says if they target her this week it’ll piss him off. Shannon says she knows Omarosa is trying to get her on the block. James still wants to talk to Ari. Shannon thinks it might be better to talk to people who can influence Ari instead, like Ross.

2:03 PM BBT – Shannon says she woke up with the feeling that they were going to turn on them. James asks why they’d do that though. Shannon says because she sees Omarosa hanging out with them. Shannon says she can’t deal with it if that’s the case because she lost her fight. She starts to cry and James tells her they can’t give up.

2:05 PM BBT – Marissa is telling Omarosa that she absolutely did not celebrate over sending her to the hospital.

2:25 PM BBT – Everyone is still hanging out in the HOH room chit-chatting (and making sure Shannon and James can’t get a conversation with Ari).

2:50 PM BBT – Shannon leaves the HOH room and Omarosa points out that she stormed out. Ari says Shannon knows what’s going down. They think she was upset because Omarosa will not leave Ari’s side.

3:05 PM BBT – Shannon thinks Brandi is influences Ari to put her and James up. Shannon says she was so excited for Ari to win HOH because she thought it would be an easy week but Omarosa and Brandi are in Ari’s ear.

3:10 PM BBT – James comforts Shannon after she gets upset again. She says she hasn’t had any friends in the house and it’s feeling really lonely. James tells her she’s intelligent and strong and people see that as a threat. She says she’s tired of being attacked. He tells her he has her back.

3:25 PM BBT – Mark tells James and Shannon that he could’t get Brandi to tell him what Ari’s plans were. James decides to go talk to Metta.

3:27 PM BBT – James talks to Metta about what’s going down this week. James tells him that if he wants to go home he’s going to have to tell Ari that she needs to nominate him because he thinks they’re up to something else. James says there’s no one else that has an excuse to go home over Metta. He tells Metta to go remind her that he wants to go. James tells him he better do it soon because nominations will be coming sometime soon.

3:33 PM BBT – Shannon joins the others in the kitchen and when no one talks to her says she has her answer now. She knows that everyone has turned on her. She can tell how they’re acting and won’t look her in the eyes.

3:43 PM BBT – James tells Ross he knows he is going up. Ross tells him that if he and Shannon are on the block eviction night, he has his vote to stay. James says he knows he also has Mark’s and asks Ross to help him get Marissa’s. Ross says he will.

4:00 PM BBT – James lets Ross know he won’t try to help Shannon anymore after he couldn’t persuade her to get up and rejoin the game and be social. Ross tells James he doesn’t like these noms and wouldn’t have made the same ones.

4:10 PM BBT – Feeds have cut for the nominations.

Keeping reading what happened next with Tuesday night’s overnight Feed Highlights Report.

So it took all day, but Shannon and James got their answer about what is going on. They didn’t get a direct answer from anyone, but the houseguests have all made it very clear with their actions. So expect Shannon and James to be Ari’s nominations after the ceremony.

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  1. I feel bad for Shannon the way everyone is treating her and the lies people are saying about her. I hope she wins veto and puts flip flopper Ross and backstabber Marissa up. They say she’s strong and needs to go. WTH? She won the first HOH and a veto. Did she win the next HOH? No. Did she win the next veto? No. Did she win this last HOH? No.

    • Ross and that frizzy haired horror are getting on my last nerve too.
      The vitriol against Shannon is way too personal for my liking.

      • Oh, I love Marissa. I saw her in Hairspray on Broadway and she was amazing. You will also notice that she is very cautious in her words and it makes her seem like she doean’t get what everyone is talking about, but she is a smart cookie.

      • Yeah I agree! Marissa is playing a very good game, she is laying low enough not to be a target but at the same time, making moves so if she’s there in the end she has a fighting chance to win.
        I also think Ross is playing a great game. His personality and quirkiness is keeping him under the radar, and he’s building one on one relationships with most of the HG‘s & at the same time, he is planting seeds everywhere! I think he’s making it hard for most of them to even think about nominating him because they would feel bad! LOL 😆
        Shannon was playing a great game but she took on the “leadership” role within her alliance(s) which always backfire, she should’ve laid more lower and planted seeds like Ross. It’s always a difficult position to be when you are the first HOH, especially in this quick game!

      • It’s not like I hate her guts or anything, It’s just that Marissa talks ALL the time. She was talking tonight about being a cancer survivor so I do respect her more since I learned this. She seems awfully young to be a cancer survivor. She’s playing much harder than Shannon and will probably win :D

      • Oh no! Bad news Deena, Marissa is now at the bottom of the Jokers poll and Omarosa is rated higher than Ari, Ross or Brandi. A lot of people feeling bad for Shannon it seems.

  2. Shannon has been pouting and has given up. I can see why she might feel a little bitter about the way things have gone down, but I understand why the other gals feel she is a threat. She’s intelligent, knows the game, and is likable. I’d want her out also in such a short season. She didn’t need to win that first veto and she has made herself a target by just being a strong woman. The girls aren’t afraid of Morosea because no one would vote for her to win…unless production made them. We all know that would never happen. haha…If these so called celebrities are real fans of the game, they know how production interferes. Another scenario….Shannon might just be doing a little acting for us. That would not surprise me. She is an actress. I expect a lot of that this short season.

    • I agree with your assessment why they want to take out Shannon, but your name cracks me up in this thread.

    • & Shannon is also a huge gamer (pro poker player) so, yes this could all be an act! But even if it’s not, I can understand how it’s hard for her. Nine times out of 10 the first HOH of the season is automatically assumed to be a comp threat. Automatically they are who everyone starts to align with therefore they become somewhat of a leader within their alliance(s) & it just pains a huge target on them! Don’t get me wrong, she is a really good player but, I think she was also pushed into leading everyone and it’s backfiring just like it does most seasons with the first HOH winner!

      Shannon didn’t do herself any favours by using the word “responsibilities” (that was a little over-the-top/arrogant!” & being a huge BB fan, she should’ve known better than to come out fighting so quickly!
      That said, I am a huge fan of hers and I did think she was playing an incredible game but as quick as it came, it just as quickly backfired!

  3. Since when can the house guests keep others from talking to the HOH before noms by guarding the HOH room?

    • I agree its stupid to keep James/Shannon away from Ari; she wouldn’t change her mind anyway so why guard the room all day?

    • Shannon and/or James should’ve just went in the HOH room and asked everyone to leave so one or both of them could talk to Ari, previous HG’s do it all the time!
      I like them both, but they should’ve tried harder! Even if people didn’t leave the room/refused to leave, they would have a clear answer that they were the targets.

    • James isn’t as bad as he is being portrayed. He was the only one to go and comfort Shannon and I honestly feel like he’s the only one who wants Shannon to stay. I think he just told Ross that he would no longer help Shannon just to make Ross think that their duo is presumably falling apart. He probably hopes Ross go and tell the rest of the house that they are no longer a duo, that way if Shannon wins the veto and stays then Metta would go up and James would have an opportunity to stay against Metta since Metta so badly wants to go home and since it would appear that James and Shannon are no longer working together.

      • I agree! I did not know the kid prior to this game, and he does come across as being a little arrogant but, I don’t think he’s a bad person. 🤷‍♀️

  4. Ari accidentally hit him in the “sack” during the HOH comp I am assuming?
    I REALLY hope the HOH comp wasn’t a “chance” competition, I hate those!
    Crazy how close this HOH comp was so close to being 180° different… James lost by an inch!? Had he won, him and Shannon would’ve been safe & 2 others would be on the block! One little bounce…… changes the whole game!

    What’s this about the biatch Omarosa saying Shannon told her Marissa was happy to send her to the hospital!?!? God she’s such a horrible human being! That alone would piss me (the HOH) off enough to want her gone! OM is EVIL!!!!!!

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