‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Round 3 Nominations

Nominations on Big Brother

Nominations are in for Round 3 of Celebrity Big Brother with the spoilers from the Feeds as the Houseguests look ready to finish the job they started last round, but this time with a more willing Head of Household in charge.

The meeting took a long time and it looks like that was in part to nerves by Ari, but everyone afterward promised her she did a great job. Of course not everyone was happy with how it went! One of the noms went back to hiding while the other was more optimistic about his chances this week.

Celebrity Big Brother Round 3 Nominations:

  • Ari nominated: James & Shannon

Shannon and James both figured out what was going on with the nom plans and this wasn’t a shock. Shannon was pretty bummed and is discouraged. Don’t forget though that she’s a great competitor and knows this game well so Shannon definitely still has a shot at surviving this round of Celebrity Big Brother.

Her former allies gathered around here and talked for quite awhile after the nominations as Shannon cried and pouted over the situation. It wasn’t a high point for her game and the reaction surprised her Houseguests who thought she’d see this is a game move instead of taking it so personally.

Who would you rather see go this week? James or Shannon? The next eviction is coming up on Friday night (8/7c) but don’t miss Wednesday’s (8/7c) episode too!

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    • There is no way—NO WAY—that CBS will allow Assaroma to go home before the end of the game. From what I understand, she was paid beaucoup $$$ to be a participant and CBS wants its money’s worth.

      • If that’s true, CBS needs to have a talk with the biatch and have her “be herself” more hence providing a lot more drama!
        Her and Brandi are not living up to my expectations of them, and that is some “massive cat fights!” LOL 😆

      • They are being pretty catty so far, imo but I too am waiting for some fireworks 🎉🎆🎇🎊🎇🎆🎉 James may be the catiest , after me of course 😸😸😸😸

      • Unfortunately I cannot get access to the live feeds because I am Canadian! 😡 So, I only know what I see on the episodes and read in here. They don’t show much drama on the episodes……. lame! & I don’t know why they don’t! Perhaps it’s in their contract that they can’t actually air some of the stuff that makes these “celebrities” look like idiots or assholes!?
        I read about some of the cattiness etc. but then they don’t show it. 😠

      • They said Omarosa went to Hospital with an asthma attack, but first they said Marissa hit O with a bowling ball ??? heck Metta was out on the street !! All right that is funny . Brandi was posting guards around Arianda !
        Que es mas como gato ???
        Brandi es mas como gato !!!
        Arinda sta linda !
        Did you know they don’t cull chicken by gender ???
        I am such a weirdo but wait their is a Dutch saying ” Just be normal that is crazy enough ! “

      • I digress, sometimes I just let my brain freewheel for a while to see where it goes, if you are referring to the chicken reference, I have worked in chicken houses, it is nasty, though not as nasty as being on a submarine, anyway, when you buy chicken it may be a hen or a rooster, you do not know . Most people think chicken is sorted by gender and that you only eat the hen , does that help ?
        Please continue rambling on, I for one will read your thoughts in their entirety TinaLee, TinaLee, TinaLee
        No Sharona, she had brain surgery for a benign tumor then at least two strokes, I fear for the worst, so much for ” do no harm ”
        Sharona had some magic way of reaching into my brain and sorting me out, cannot figure out for the life of me how she did it.
        I like magic when it is used for good
        That old black magics got me in its spell
        That old black magic that you know so well 😸

      • I believe that this show is scripted like all the other “reality” shows. They are going to keep Omarosa around just because she makes good tv. Not thinking about how most rational people think about her.

      • Not necessarily good attention, but any attention is good for ratings. I’ve lost any respect I may have at one time had for Ms Chen, she’s as much a Trump hater as any other I’ve seen or heard. CBS trains their puppets well.

      • Most people in entertainment are either Liberals or Democrats. Even Republicans can’t stand Trump, but Oma has nothing interesting to say about him other than what we all already know.

    • As much as I absolutely despise her, I am hoping for some massive cat fights between her and Brandi so for that reason and that reason only, is why I would want her to stay!
      Sooooooo they better step to it! If it’s true and the biatch is getting paid more and production is keeping her there longer, she better start acting like herself hence providing us entertainment LOL

      • I don’t like either Brandi or Oma and wanted them gone first, but that’s what they want for the show. Keisha was devastated she was forced to quit.

      • Yeah just sucks because I don’t/can’t get the feeds, so I don’t know exactly what’s going on. I didn’t know Keisha was devastated she had to quit. 😔

        I wanted Brandi and the other biatch gone right away just slap it in both of their faces but, at the same time I do want the drama they can provide. But they better start providing it! Although I have to admit, I am surprised watching and reading about Brandi, she seems pretty levelheaded in this game at least! She drives me crazy though, constantly whining about needing to provide for her boys! It’s not like she’s broke! She just wants to have more money than LeeAnn Rimes is my guess LOL

  1. I’d rather see Shannon stay in the game! Although, I think James would be more dramatic LOL
    I think Shannon is a good person and great at the game (and gaming in general!)
    Unfortunately she showed her cards to quickly & played too hard, too soon! She was the clear leader of her alliances therefore painting a big target on her back when, she could’ve sat back a little more and let her alliance members make moves that she planted, more discreetly in their heads!
    I would like her to stay, I mean she definitely deserves the win the thus far!

    • Shannon needs to win POV to survive, she knows the game but became overconfident, and the biggest threat . Unless of course Arianda is planning a backdoor ! I hope .

      • I would like also like to see Shannon win POV and then hoh. Just cause it’s fun to watch them all scrambling. I would bet ross and Marissa would swap alliances again…lol. I really like all the houseguests. I just want the most entertaining to last the longest

      • funny when she was HOH she had NO problem voting people out why is she now upset if she could be voted out? Chuck was not bad guy was he now but she got him out so now if it’s her turn she cry’s and complains? seriously people

      • Yep…she was starting to remind me of big meech with all the crying and staying in bed…lol. Although I loved big meech. I was disappointed with shannon’s Behavior. She just has to put on her big girl pants cuz she’s going home tonight

    • She should have sat back and let the house get rid of James… she KNEW she already had a big target, she led the charge and as a super fan she knew
      She needed to lay low. She has no one to cry to but herself right now.

      • Yeah, I agree.
        I think the problem is, Shannon is such a huge fan that she is playing a regular big brother game instead of this 2 week big brother game.

      • Yeah I agree, once she was aware she was a target, she should’ve sat back but I guess the gameer in her made that difficult.
        Her crying is bizarre, but I guess the game affects everyone differently.

  2. I was reading Jokers and was laughing hysterically about Shannon boohooing. Don’t ask me why, I just found it funny.

  3. What’s up with BB After Dark on POP? They are showing repeats of the show rather than feeds.

  4. So Omarosa escapes again, well, well imagine that, and CBS is going to get their money’s worth from her. I’m beginning to believe she was hired for that reported 1.2 million, Just another example of “reality” TV.
    What a joke CBS has become, they are as bad as Hillary when it comes to President Trump, they just can’t accept that he won. So consequently they will allow belittling of him by another narcissistic sore loser, Omarosa.
    I’m sure this comment won’t get past the monitors / censors.

    • They have turned practically, all shows and movies now to a political vehicle in efforts to demonize President Trump at all costs! For that reason, I am boycotting those movies and shows! If we all did that, they can feel the effect economically. Why reward bad behavior. I come to watch game play on Big Brother. Not to listen to political rants. Omarosa should go work for CNN! That is where she belongs!

  5. So on feeds, Metta is in bed alone cam talking and bragging about being suspended in “every single grade.” He then says that he would have been suspended on BB, but they chose not to suspend him. Feeds then cut before he could say anything else on camera. He was probably referring to the 2 times or more that he’s left the house without penalty. Wonder how HG evicted before Metta are going to feel about that once they find out?

      • I think you mean Matt. (The one who hooked up with Raven the girl who always had a story that was hard to believe.)

      • I loved loved loved Raven. Always a new disease and so delusions.

        She had a GPA in danse. And was running a marathon better than Olympic athletes with an inverted spine.

      • DING! DING! DING! We have a winnah! What did you mean by: “Anyway, it does work”? (I’m lost.)

      • I know it is wrong but I miss Raven, she makes perfect sense if you live in a world of moonbeams and gumdrops and go fund me pages, Had such high hopes for her
        High Apple pie in the sky hopes
        Not missing Matthew so much, especially after the nightstand nonsense, oh ick a million times !

    • WHAT? Do tell! He’s left the house a few times? How are you hearing about this with the feeds? They don’t cut to fish (or whatever it is now) when people start revealing things you (we/the general public) shouldn’t hear?

      • This has been discussed on feeds. Omarosa and Keisha seemed to know the most about it, but production talk is cut pretty quickly, just like last night. Not sure all HG know about it, or if they’re just resigned to different rules for different players. They all seem to like him so may not want to rock the boat.
        Shortly after this happened last night, Marissa was explaining to Metta what he could talk about to the camera (Jokers 10:04).

      • I think he’s legit as they come. My only question is, why is he there? Surely there 1or 2 other B-listers in LA who actually know the game and wanted to be there. Like Shannon. Oh wait..

      • Thanks! I don’t spend any time on Joker’s this season for some reason. Thanks for the heads up. Mind blown!

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