Celebrity Big Brother Popularity Poll After Round 2

Memory Wall on Celebrity Big Brother Round 2

Celebrity Big Brother might be Big Brother at the speed of light, but we know you’ve picked your favorite and least favorite houseguests. Actually, since this is Celebrity Big Brother, you probably already had some favorites coming into the game. And that’s OK, because this is a popularity poll, after all.

So whether your favorite celebrity entering the Big Brother house introduced you to the show, or if you’re an old hat figuring out who you think is playing the best game this time around, we want to hear from you.

Who is your favorite houseguest? Is it the goofy Ross “The Intern” Mathews now appearing as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, or the drunken real Housewife Brandi Glanville? Or maybe you love super fan Shannon Elizabeth from “American Pie” and “Scary Movie”  or love to hate “The Apprentice” super villain Omarosa.

I personally find it hard to pick a favorite this season. I honestly like all of the cast members for one reason or another. Ross and Brandi are funny. Shannon and Marissa are fans of the game. Omarosa, also a fan, is intense and tells it like it is. Metta World Peace is just an enigma. James is laughably arrogant but dedicated to playing the game. Mark and Ariadna are even fun to watch, despite playing a low-key game. And even our evictees are in the running. Chuck seemed like a great guy and Keshia, who is obviously a great mother, was playing a fierce game before she walked out of the house as the second evictee Monday night.

OK, I’ve rambled on enough, now it’s your turn. Vote for your favorite houseguest in our poll below and be sure to check back for updates and the final results. We’ll only be doing a couple of these polls this season since the season is so short, but we hope to still get a good feel of what our readers think about the cast. Also, feel free to talk about your favorite players in our comments section below. Let us know why they’re your favorite!


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  1. Big huge Ross fan here! As you mention, he’s funny. He also seems natural at presenting short usable soundbites that have a great effect. And he (seems to) know how to play. But truth be told, it’s all about the soundbites and physical reactions they cut to. #TeamRoss

    • Seriously?! The dude is all talk and no action. He makes snide comments about what he would say to Little Fired Apprentice Girl in the DR but dude said he wouldn’t go talk to her after the Chuck eviction because he was too afraid of her. Go to the Wizard for some courage man! He lets the women do the dirty work and make the big plays because again he’s too afraid of what people might think of him and that he won’t get their jury votes. He says he’s a superfan that he knows how to play the game and yet doesn’t realize that all the people he’s screwed will see that when they look at all the feeds when they go home after being evicted. They’ll all find out what a complete weasel this guy is. Also they’ll see that Omarissa (yeah that’s right I called that so-called friend of Shannon’s – Omarissa. With friends like that who needs enemies?), his partner in crime, is also completely backstabbery. These two are soooo offended when someone else makes a deal but it’s ok for these two to make several alliances. Yeah they’re in two alliances. What do you think they’ll do when Ari and Brandi find them out? You saw how they treated Shannon and she was just being honest with them about a simple deal she had with Little Fired Apprentice Girl about having an all girl alliance. That Ross dude and Omarissa will just start crying, “Oh we’ve been wronged!” Let’s just call the Wahhhmbulance and have the two of them taken away now. #TeamAnyoneNotRossMarissaNorOmarosa

      • So you’re upset about him talking smack in the DR while doing nothing in the field and having others make big moves instead? One word: Derrick. I know he’s not as smart as Derrick but that’s exactly what he did too.

      • Not a clue who Derrick is and I don’t care who Derrick is. Just because he does something the same that someone else who played the game did, doesn’t mean the results will be the same. Different people playing the game means different variables. So your point is moot.

        I’m not upset. I’ve got no skin in this game. I’m telling it like it is. This Ross dude has the backbone of a jellyfish. I’m tired of him talking through his scenarios ad nauseum. He should just shut up already and make a move himself.

        Think about it. If you were a celeb playing the game and got evicted, as a jury member who would you rather win, someone who talks about making moves or someone who actually has the balls to make a move?
        If Ari puts up Shannon and James for eviction, in the end she gets my respect and vote to win for actually doing something. It’s the risk takers that get rewarded.

      • Derrick was the winner of BB16, and a huge fan favorite. Not knowing who he is kinda shows how long you’ve been following Big Brother USA (we’re about to enter BB20 for the summer seasons).

      • Yeah, I only watched part of the twins season. What of it? Doesn’t mean I’m not right about this season.

      • I’m gonna have to agree with Dick here. This guy seems to know more about how to play the game and to go the distance to winning it all even though he may be a casual viewer.

        He brought up some very valid points yet you countered with “Well you don’t follow Big Brother. Are you shaming him for that? Because you’re reasoning is lame!

      • Hated Derrick. But he came on this season on episode 2 or 3. Cody should have won that season. Not a fan favorite to me.

      • You’re in the minority, then. Derrick is one of the top three players of this game (next to Dr. Will and Dan).

      • I understand your feelings, Dick, and applaud them. You’re coming at it from a thinking person’s perspective. I respect the heck out of that and used to believe/think the same way! But unfortunately after being a fan and watching many seasons I find myself often being disappointed when it goes to decisions made from the heart instead of the head.

        Sometimes they reward the best player, many times they don’t.

        It’s a crapshoot.

        Derrick was a guy who won his season by manipulating people (kindly) and being a puppetmaster. I could be wrong but I don’t think he was ever nominated. (Someone will correct me if I’m wrong.)

        He told everyone what they wanted to hear and never got blood on his hands.

        As I stated, Ross is no Derrick. (He’s not 1/10th as calm.) I was just using him as an illustration to humorously point out that everything you dislike about him won someone else a championship.

        I respect your thoughts. You’ve obviously given them a lot of thought and illustrate them well.

        You may very well be right!

        All’s good!

        (Three weeks is a COMPLETELY different game than three months. I’m just talking out of my a$$ like Omarossa.)

        Thanks for taking the time to reply and share your thoughts!

      • Derrick didn’t win the F3 HOH comp, which automatically put him on the block, technically. However, that was strategy. He knew Cody would take him over Victoria, and Derrick didn’t want to break his own promise to Victoria so that he could get her vote.

      • Yeah, Derrick was charming and very in the background. Ross is putting himself out there too much and it’s going to backfire eventually.

      • It’s starting to backfire now. Things are coming out and they need to wake up and see Marissa & Ross are controlling everything.

      • Uh, Ross and his lack of spine. The dude said that he knew how to take care of when the evil Omarosa persona comes out by just telling her to go away until good Omarosa comes back. But when he wanted to go talk to her after Chuck’s eviction, he said he was too scared of her.

        Throughout his stay he’s demonstrated that he’s too scared to actually make moves that would further his game. Yeah he’s got two alliances.
        But the alliance that would have taken him further he wants to break that up. He would have a greater chance of winning in an alliance with Shannon, James, and Marissa. Nobody else wants Shannon nor James to win. Yet in an alliance with Brandi, Marissa, and Ari he doesn’t stand a chance. In that alliance a woman will win hands down.

      • Ok..so Ross is ‘spineless, he’s scared, he’s also a bitch. Got that! and you also think he has a better chance aligning with Shannon/James/Marissa….ok, we’ll see if you’re right.

      • Didn’t say he has a better chance aligning with James/Shannon/Marissa. He’s already made an alliance with them. I said he stands a better chance of winning in that alliance.

        This is strictly based on the precedent that most of the women, Metta, and Chuck are unforgiving when they are betrayed. I haven’t seen Mark nor James nor Shannon’s reactions to being betrayed yet so I cannot really base their moves based on that.

        Let’s say there is a final four like Ross said he was told by the producers when he signed up for the show.

        In an Ari/Brandi/Marissa/Ross alliance:
        Chuck votes for Brandi, Ari, or Marissa (Ross not part of Bro code)
        Metta votes for Brandi, Ari, or Marissa (Seems closer to the women)
        Keisha wants a woman to win votes for Brandi, Ari, or Marissa
        Omarosa wants a woman to win votes Brandi, Ari, or Marissa
        Shannon burned by Ross and Marissa votes Brandi or Ari
        James burned by Ross and Marissa votes Ari or Brandi
        Mark is a wild card here can vote either four.

        Ross does not get enough votes to win. Doesn’t even come close.

        Now let’s look at a James/Shannon/Marissa/Ross alliance:
        Chuck votes James if he gets over himself, Marissa if he doesn’t.
        Metta votes Marissa
        Omarosa votes Marissa or Shannon
        Mark votes James (bro code)

        Here’s where it gets interesting:
        Brandi finds out she was actually burned by Ross and Marissa and not by Shannon. Votes for Shannon

        Ari finds out she was also burned by Ross an Marissa and not by Shannon. Votes for Shannon.

        Here’s where it gets complicated:

        Keisha finds out that Shannon was really influenced by Ross in making her decision to flip the house and vote out Chuck, votes for Shannon or Marissa.

        Or Keisha just still insists Shannon betrayed her votes Marissa as she still wants a woman to win.

        I stand corrected. Ross does not get any votes in a Shannon/James Marissa alliance.

        He maybe gets one in a Brandi, Ari, Marissa alliance.

        Either way he loses.

        And this is also based on the assumption that the evicted HGs all take a good rational look at what really what went down in the household when they were there. I say that because these “Celebrities” all have a reputation that they need to keep and may want to look closely to facts before allowing emotions to influence their final decisions. They get their jobs based not only on their talents but also on their reputations. They don’t want to come across as unreasonable.

        You seem dubious about my prediction on how it should go down. So let’s here your rationale.

      • I agree with everything you said. Ross reminds me of Andy. Running around making a deal with everyone. And Marissa backstabbing her so called friend when Shannon did nothing to her. I hope Shannon finds out before it’s too late. Would love to see Marissa and Ross sitting on the block together.

      • Thank you! And I have the perfect way for them to get on the block. If I were James or Shannon and evicted, I would damn sure tell all the houseguests that Marissa and Ross had a side alliance with me. I would then take my mic off and drop it, then walk out. It may not be classy but it’d get the job done.

    • Chuck and Ross might work as well . Think all the players are good sports for wearing the silly costumes , so thank you house guests for that . Laugh that everyone seems to get upset when James gets sensitive and catty, but it is OK for the girls ! Equal rights is a two way street babies !

  2. I’ve been a fan of Ross for years. He is getting on my nerves a little bit, but I still voted for him.

  3. Hard one between Ross and Shannon. Ross always makes me feel good with his humor and charm. Shannon is only a few years older than me and cute. I went with Ross, but it could go back and forth.

  4. James. He’s the best. He should have won both the first two hohs he slipped on the first and let Ross win the second. He is going to win.

  5. ••Like most, I really like Ross. He’s funny and genuine! I hope being on the show opens a lot more doors for him! ••I had never heard of MWP before, but he’s hilarious! ••I have been a fan of Shannon sense she started playing professional poker. She was playing a great game but she is too much/was too much of a “leader” in her alliance(s) which as we see has backfired & she got a little too arrogant, especially spelling “responsibilities” LOL but I still like her and hoped she’d go far (although I think her days are numbered!) ••I had no idea who James was but he’s a Great gamer, although a little arrogant he is entertaining. ••By far the person I knew the most is Brandi from watching the Real Housewives. I have always “loved to hate her!” She has always been a villain, but pure entertainment! A hot mess! I don’t like her and that I like her, I don’t like her and then I don’t like her…… ••Omarosa is the exact same biatch she has always been! No more comment on her. ••It’s nice to see Mark! Boy he has aged! ••Keisha…… Made no difference either way if she stayed or went! But, she wasn’t very entertaining so kind of glad she’s gone! ••I would’ve like to see Chuck stay longer to get to know his “personality” more! I kind of felt bad for him when he was blindsided! It was no fault of his own, unfortunately he was caught in the crossfire cuter…… ••Marrisa I knew of but that’s it! I like her although, I am surprised she flipped on Shannon so quickly but, she is a huge BB fan so I get it. And I really liked seeing her son so excited his mom was going to be on big brother! Did I miss anyone? LOL ••OH, Ari!! I haven’t seen much from her so I really don’t have an opinion aside from she seems really sweet! I guess now that she is HOH, we should see more of her personality.

    • I knew of all of them except Metta since I hate basketball and he didn’t date a Kardashian so was not that famous.
      Ross was great on Chelsea Lately and he also works in a morning Hollywood show as well as the red carpet on E! He is my favorite but I want him to call BB out on keeping Oma.

      • Yeah, I really like Ross. He seems like a super funny person to be around as well is genuine. I think once Shannon is gone though, Ross will become the next big target. I hope not!
        That’s so funny, he didn’t date a Kardashian so he was not that famous! LMAO 🤣

      • Maybe he has called out big brother!? I don’t know, unfortunately I cannot subscribe to the feeds! And that really sucks because they don’t show any good stuff I read about on the episodes! 😡

    • Metta sure is clueless about Big Brother. “What’s a backdoor?”. “We can make deals in HOH comps?”. Not knowing how to evict someone. Hilarious. When he was Ron Artest he received the second longest suspension in NBA history for The Malice at the Palace. He went into the stands and assaulted fans in arguably the worst brawl in sports history. In his defense, the fans were absolutely out of control and were provoking him. But it’s still hard to reconcile that guy with the laid back Metta on CBB. Even though he is pretty oblivious over how to play the game, I wasn’t prepared for him to be so likable and fun to watch.

      On paper, Shannon should be my favorite. She’s the biggest fan of the show, knows BB history inside and out. And she’s great at comps. But she’s overplayed and now is seen by almost everyone as the biggest threat. Also she doesn’t seem to handle confrontation very well.

      James reminds me of Cody on BB16. Great at comps. But he still needs a loyal partner who is good at strategy like Shannon to get far. He better hope they somehow both make it thru this week or he’s going to need a new running mate.

      Ross seems like a good player. He’s been apart of all three alliances this year. Seven Strong, and the two four player final four deals. But he has been instrumental in breaking up both alliances, so eventually I think everyone outside of Marissa is going to stop trusting him. And I don’t see Marissa or him winning many comps, so they are going to need to team up with players who can. They probably shouldn’t have turned on Shannon and James so quickly. That would have been a great alliance.

      Marissa has a great chance of winning since she is flying way below the radar. No one sees her as a threat and yet she is involved in just about every nomination conversation no matter who the HOH is.

      Brandi and Omarosa are great for drama, but don’t have great chances at winning IMO.

      Mark is a floater who could make it far, but floaters rarely get voted the winner even when they make the final two. Exception would be Jun.

      Ari is a wild card. She is likable and might win a comp when needed. But I don’t see Brandi lasting very much longer, so she’ll need to find a new alliance to take her to the end.

  6. I have to give thumbs up to the two expected villains in the game….Omarosa and Brandi. They are playing for themselves and not playing up for production who hired them for their reputation. One has to be dumb not to see they are BB fans and their reputation would not work in that house at an expedited pace. So they were smart to change course a bit but oblige by throwing out there what ppl expect, which isn’t always the same as who they are.

    Shannon – there is always a weak link Ina girls alliance and Shannon is it. Despite Omarosa reputation she has always stood by her alliance and that says a lot. I think Shannon is very fickle.

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