Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Round 1 – Sneak Peak Friday Highlights

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds - 20180202

CBS did something awesome today when they surprised Big Brother fans with a sneak peek look inside the Celebrity Big Brother house. Our trusty Live Feeds flashed to life at 2PM BBT (PT) and gave us 15 solid minutes of exciting insight to the newly started game.

Okay, so the action itself wasn’t exciting but just the opportunity for this unusual early access was a cause for commotion. And while the Feeds weren’t necessarily wild we did get some important details on what could be the first alliance of the season.

So first up, if you don’t have your Live Feeds ready to go just yet then now is the time to make that happen. All Access from CBS is what you’ll need and that is available in a monthly subscription which works great since in less than a month this series will be over. The cost is $5.99/mo, or about 20 cents a day. Once you’re signed up with the 1-week free trial you’re ready to proceed.

Download BB Viewer (free), a superior way to watch your Feeds, and login (subscription to All Access still required). Go to Tools -> Bookmarks and then pick “Live Feeds Sneak Peek!” to begin watching which takes you to 2PM BBT (PT). Here’s what we’ve seen so far.

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Highlights – Friday, February 2, 2018:

2:00 PM BBT – Mark, Metta, & Chuck are talking about Chuck’s fighting glory days. We get to see there’s no real kitchen island anymore and it’s been replaced by a seating bench with a bar top on it. Weird.

2:01 PM BBT – Aria and Brandi are getting ready in the Tiffany’s bedroom. They agree that they’re getting along with everyone but do wonder how long before the fighting starts and who will be involved. Brandi expects it’ll be her. Brandi asks Big Brother for her meds and the Feeds jump to the bathroom.

2:02 PM BBT – Shannon and Omarosa are in the bathroom chatting about memory tricks. General chatter. Marissa soon joins them.

2:06 PM BBT – Marissa explains to the ladies that when they’re in the DR they aren’t live on the Feeds.

2:08 PM BBT – Marissa starts discussing with Omarosa and Shannon that there’s power in the women sticking together. She thinks that for 2.5 weeks these grown adults should be able to work together. Omarosa says she won’t participate in any of the catty behavior. They all three agree that the audience would like to see strong women together here.

2:09 PM BBT – Back in the kitchen Chuck and Mark are still sharing stories. Keshia and James are working in the kitchen when Ross arrives.

2:10 PM BBT – Marissa says she was very nervous heading into the house and fearing high school style cliques (don’t worry, that was another BB season), but instead she’s been happily surprised by everyone being so warm and friendly. Omarosa made sure everyone had been nice to Marissa and offered to punch them in the face if they weren’t. Well, I guess that isn’t catty. Kinda.

2:12 PM BBT – Shannon asks if they think any of the women would flip. No one has heard anything. They want to all stick together. Marissa quickly jumps to that if someone does flip then they’ll “cut off that limb and still be okay.” Omarosa offers a pinky swear to Marissa then Shannon. “I’m solid,” promises each of them. That’s our first observed alliance of the season!

2:13 PM BBT – Omarosa is trying to come up with an alliance name. They’re trying to remember Rosie The Riveter and “We Can Do It” but only get to “Rodie” and “You Can Do It.” Close enough. They want to use some acronym for their all-woman alliance.

2:14 PM BBT – Feeds cut!

So we got about 15 mins of Feeds and that was awesome fun even if it was mild. CBS tweeted that they’d probably do more of it so we’ll have to keep watching to see when it happens again. No matter what, the Celebrity BB Feeds are set to go live around 9PM PT (12AM ET) on Wednesday night after the season premiere so make sure you’re ready!

You can watch all of these Big Brother events using the archives Flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial to watch it all. Reminder: using our links gives us a greatly appreciated referral credit. Thank you!

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  1. Did people get BBViewer to work during the “leak”? It kept erroring out on me, so i had to go to roku…

    • I think he was actively working on it but now it works and should be ready for the next “leak.” You can also use it to rewind and see the brief event.

      I was able to use the standard CBS viewer when it happened, but that wasn’t so great either. They really need to modernize that viewer of theirs.

      • Wow Matthew and Alison thanks for the sneek peek, duhrool, duhrool, a little early insight into the players, Brandi is taking her meds, but Omarosa is practicing punch you in the face diplomacy, not a big fan of that myself, though granted I have thought it, all in all -1 for Omarosa, love girls that protect their girlfriends, especially from having fun ! plus one for Marissa , like her already

      • Nope. It’s been around for years. It’s free & provided by a coder who made it for fans. You still have to have a subscription to All Access, but it lets you watch in a much better way.

    • Well yes and no. The houseguests always enter the house a week before the show starts so they can get some footage for the first night. The feeders usually don’t get to see anything before the premiere. For some reason, CBS decided to give us a preview and the feeds came on for a brief time. My theory about it is it was to get those people who were waffling about getting the feeds to subscribe. It worked on me! I was in such a hurry to see what was going on I forgot to subscribe through the BBN link. Sorry about that guys, I’ll get you next time!

  2. So, who wants to bet that this alliance is history before the feeds officially go live?

    Seriously, we’ve only had 1 successful all-women alliance on Big Brother so far (Ball Smashers). That’s hardly a great track record.

    • Think Marissa hinted that she is not really on board with an alliance.
      This group of house guests is six women and five men so slight advantage there.
      Still laughing about your BB19 comic page, where do you get this stuff ?

  3. Tips please, long time viewer but all I get is music with announcement to start on 7th….not able to click chat, flashback, etc……just a tweet…..suggestions….thanks

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