Celebrity Big Brother: The Best And Worst Moments Of Rounds 3 And 4

Celebrity Big Brother is moving fast, despite how many houseguests are still in the game. That means we have had a lot of notable moments — both good and bad — since Keshia was evicted, so this should be a fun edition of the best and worst moments of Celebrity Big Brother. Let’s get to it.

The Best Moments of Rounds 3 and 4

Omarosa. Lat time Omarosa made the worst moments list because I thought she was playing too nice. That has since changed. She’s since been playing the game by planting seeds of doubts and stirring drama and giving us what we wanted from her. If you missed one of the best days in the season, when it was basically Omarosa vs. everyone, then check out recap on that. I’m ready for more drama, though.

Metta and Orwell. Who would’ve known a big famous athlete like Metta World Peace would have such a soft spot for a stuffed owl. I definitely don’t think this was the game for Metta, but he was sure entertaining in his own way.

James’ Gameplay. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of James, but I’ve grown to respect his game. He’s a fighter and he shifts where he needs to shift, despite no one actually truly taking him into their alliance. A lot can be said of how he’s handled being a target from Day 1, and the fact that he’s still in the game at this late stage.

The Black Box Veto. I’m always a fan of the black box competition and it was awesome to see the celebrities get their shot at it. By far, watching Brandi and Omarosa play it, was one of the highlights of the season. It should also be noted that James killed that competition, securing his safety for the week.

Omarosa Wins An Endurance HOH. Who would have thought that would ever be an actual sentence? “Omarosa wins an endurance HOH.” Not me. But it happened. Granted, they were literally sitting, but hey, a win is a win. I loved seeing the worst case scenario for the HGs happen. That’s always fun for a watcher like me who might have favorite players here and there but enjoys being entertained more than anything.

Ross Wins Veto. Fans are mixed on Ross as a Big Brother player. Our readers like him, as proven in our Popularity Poll. And I like him. I think he’s playing a good game. So I think him winning veto Monday night is definitely one of the best moments of the week. It’s fun for me to see someone backed against a wall win something when it really matters. I doubt Ross was really going home had he not won, but he was definitely Omarosa’s target.

The Veto Twist Fails. I’m saving most of this info for the worst moments below, but I always laugh when the producers’ meddling twists don’t play out.

Metta Goes Home. I love Metta. I think he is a great man and was very entertaining to watch. But he has never had his head in the game and has been trying to go home this whole time. He even tried to literally escape the house on multiple occasions. I’ve always been a person who wants people who really want to play in the game over those who don’t. So it was best that he just go. I won’t hold that against him, either, like I would a player who might quit a regular season of Big Brother.

The Worst Moments of Rounds 3 and 4

Shannon Goes Home. It was pretty sad to see such a super fan go. This was likely a once in a lifetime shot for her, as I doubt we will ever see returning Celebrity Big Brother players in an upcoming season. We don’t know if they’ll even ever do this again. And yes, she played too hard, too fast, but it was still sad to see her go.

Ari, Ross and Marissa Freak Out Over Brandi’s Vote. I still have no idea why those three made such a huge deal over Brandi giving Shannon a sympathy vote. I understand they think it was Brandi playing for a jury vote, (and if that’s what it was then go Brandi!) but geez, calm down! They nearly pushed a very loyal ally away. In fact, I think Brandi should have just jumped ship at that moment. I would have.

More White House Talk. Do we really need an Omarosa discusses the White House segment in every episode? I’m so over it.

The HOH competition. Why was the wall competition this season a sitting competition? I know they’re celebrities, but give me a break! If they thought it might last longer than it has in recent seasons, they were wrong. The celebrities couldn’t even sit on the wall for longer than an hour and a half. That was just an embarrassing competition.

The Veto twist. Like I said above, I was so happy this failed, but the fact that it was ever an option was stupid. We don’t need any twists in a season of celebrities. That is the twist! Stop trying to give us too much in a season, Big Brother producers! And besides, your twists never work. Must I again remind you of the Tree of Temptation?

Once again, there are more good moments than bad. That’s an indication that the season is still going well, in my opinion. It has definitely been more fun that recent seasons of the regular version. Do you agree or disagree with me on that?


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  1. InterplanetJanet • 16 minutes ago

    How did I miss this about Marissa? Several days ago Jokers reported that when all the HGs were sequestered in the HOH with a humidifier in the room, Marissa said “This is how they gassed all the Jews.”

    So was she equating the near extinction of an entire group of people that were torn apart from their families, starved, and where many were killed and buried in a mass grave – to a bunch of whining rich people, who got paid a lot of money to volunteer to be part of a game?

    People get fired from their jobs for saying things like that!

    Why is she still on?

    This woman is more insensitive than Omarossa! Everyone should boycott Big Brother until an apology is made and Marissa is forced out of the house!!!

    I am done with this show until this happens. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR!!!


    • The next episode should start with an apology from Julie Chen and that production determined that that kind of behavior is not tolerated and when watching tonight’s episode you will notice the absence of Marissa J Winokur. She has been removed from the household.

      • She hasn’t been removed. And I can’t stand her but that’s why there’s a disclaimer at the beginning before the feeds come on.

      • So Nope! you are making a joke regarding an inappropriate comment Marissa made comparing being sequestered in a roomful of rich people being paid a boatload of money to play a game – to that of the murders of innocent men, women, and children in the Holocaust?

        Watch the footage of the incident before you make another uninformed comment.

        Remind me again why you had to remove all your comments? Oh yeah – your own words made you look bad! They’re still making you look bad.

    • Well, I would have to see how it went down. But from what you say, she acknowledges the bad traitement to the Jews. Maybe it’s not politically correct to make jokes, but it’s nothing as bad as you seem to judge it.

      Isn’t she Jew herself?

      • So let me get this straight. What you’ve stated is that it is ok to make a joke about the Holocaust and gassing innocent people if you are Jewish?

        And that not all jokes about exterminating a group of people are bad?

        Any Jewish people out there want to comment?

      • Don’t twist my words. I never said it was on. I said it wasn’t politically correct. And I’m Jew, so that’s why I was surprised of the over reaction.

        Again, it’s not ok, but not a huge offense.

      • I would never twist your words. I am using them to reiterate what you said.

        As a matter of fact, You stated, “But from what you say, she acknowledges the bad traitement (sic) to the Jews.”

        But I never said that. AT. ALL. I have no idea what she acknowledges!

        You said, “Maybe it’s not politically correct to make jokes, but it’s nothing as bad as you seem to judge it.”

        Followed by “Isn’t she Jewish herself?”

        You will find that very definition of something NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT is in fact something that is offensive.

        The definition of offensive is wounding, hurtful, abusive.

        What you’re saying is that when you make a joke that is wounding, hurtful and abusive, that the joke isn’t as bad as it seems.

        When you added, “Isn’t she Jewish herself?” Are you trying to qualify her joke as to being unoffensive because she is Jewish? Why would you add that statement?

        If ONE Jewish person has found this joke offensive, then it is offensive.

        Go google what happened. You’ll learn that the HGs all turned on her and told her to stop.

      • The fact that she’s Jewish matters a lot, in truth. It could easily be that being confined like that triggered her because of having seen the images of the holocaust so many times, and her way to handle stress is joking.
        Regardless, the holocaust is a terrible part of her heritage, and it is her choice to deal with the stress caused by it. Or are you going to dictate how a Jewish person should be allowed to handle the stress of knowing that at one point the world was willing to exterminate their people?

        And it’s not even inappropriate humor. Inappropriate humor is punching down, and what she was doing was punching herself.

      • You know the story of this guy that is on the highway with the radio on. At the radio they say that someone is driving on the wrong direction of the highway. The the guy said, their is not only one car that goes in the wrong direction.

        The moral of that story is that if you are alone on a direct and everyone goes the other way, you might be the problem!!!!

      • Excuse me, she’s playing a silly game for a boatload of money with a bunch of her rich friends. WE should be so lucky to have that much STRESS in our lives!

        I’d hate to see what kind of jokes she crack in a highly stressful environment like as a 911 operator!

        You also might want to do some research because I’m pretty certain The World did not want to exterminate Jewish people. Just one madman.

        I also agree with you that jokes are a good way to handle stress. Inappropriate jokes not at all.

        Go google the incident. Read up on it. See how offended the other HGs were. See how inappropriate they thought the joke was. Then form an opinion.

        Be better. Be informed.

        Also if you are on TV or the internet and broadcast such a joke you are no longer just “punching yourself.”

    • I’m not a fan of hers, but Mouth wasn’t saying anything against the Jews. She was just being typical Mouth, flapping her jaws trying to get some face time any way she can. I didn’t find it offensive, just not in good taste. She probably has no idea she offended anyone. She’s oblivious to how insufferable her mouth is at times. Her husband must be a saint.

      • Exactly my point. Some Poeple this year bring everything to religion or skin color. At the start of the season many people said that Keisha. Metta and Omarsoa were targeted because their skin color. Now 2 of them beg to be evicted. And before someone came back telling me this is racist, NO!!!! Nothing to do with skin color. But it just proves that they weren’t targeted for that!!! That’s not the reason they are out!!

      • Some people everywhere bring everything to religion and skin color all of the time. Anyone that wishes to can deem anything they want to as being politically incorrect. I can and do ignore the nonsense. Just be you. I enjoy your comments.

      • I love you!!!

        I’m out of this topic and block this person as we as deleted all my respond that make me look bad!!! I grow up in intercultural family with 3 religions and 4 langages. I know what it is to be a minority. Thanks god i do not get offended that easily!!! According to Janet just pronouncing the word “Jew” is a persecution.

      • You are far from the one who looks bad, Nope. InterplanetJanet is the alien here. Love you, too!

      • Then why did Nope! have to delete comments that made them look bad if they are not the one who looks bad?

      • Because your a bit too crazy for me to get into this. You take everything out of context and attack my integrity. Again, I come from a Jew family and many of my elders died of the bad traitements that have been made.

        But saying the humidifier reminded of the gaz traitement made to the Jew, it’s nothing offensive to me or my family. I didn’t saw how it happen, but the way you reported it is not as bad a you say.

      • Asking you for clarity regarding your statements isn’t attacking your integrity. It’s offering you the chance to qualify what you said. If you dig yourself into a hole that’s on you.

      • Explain to me what these pink pills will do exactly. Do you know all about them from experience?

      • I’m not the one who had to remove all their comments because it made them look bad. Nope! did that with their own comments.

        Let me get this clear Lavendarstinks, you are telling me that my opinion based on what I saw and read regarding a joke referring to the mass murders of innocent men, women, and children, regardless of their race or creed, as to being inappropriate makes ME look bad?

        Can you even come up with a reasonable argument here? Because I would love to have a civil discussion with you on why this joke was inappropriate.

      • I’m still here honey. You didn’t block me and you still persist with the conversation. And yet you still did not clarify any of your comments. You only took them down because as you said they made you look bad.
        Not once did you defend what you said civilly nor intelligently.

      • So again let me get this straight. What you’ve stated is that you didn’t find her joke about gassing the Jews offensive. Not in good taste, but definitely not offensive.

        If you had a relative or a friend die in the holocaust wouldn’t the joke be offensive? If you knew someone who died in 9/11 and someone joked about how they died, wouldn’t you be offended? If someone you knew died in the recent Florida school shooting and someone joked about it, wouldn’t you be offended?

        These are all horrible pieces of history that should be learned from not joked about – not even a little.

        If you are on TV, or on the internet and you are making these kinds of jokes, then you are using your platform to promote evil and intolerance instead of using the platform for good.

        Does this woman want children who see this to repeat it? Because they will!

        I guess the difference between me and you is that if someone made a joke regarding they way someone’s mother or father or brother or sister or son or daughter was killed, I would be offended.

        Treat others as you would want to be treated!

        The question is why are you treating this with such apathy, such dispassion.?

      • If you are personally offended, then shout it out. I admit that I didn’t read what she said nor did I see it on TV. But just reading what you said, in no way do I think her intention was to offend Jewish people.

      • It doesn’t matter what her intention was. It matters that she said it at all.

        She had the choice to actually joke about something offensive on a public platform or not. She chose to do so without thinking.

        Why make the joke at all? What good would it bring to the world by doing so?

      • Do you have an answer to my questions above or are you just avoiding them?

        Go google what happened. See how horrified the contestants were and then offer your opinion.

        Be informed. Be better.

      • Ok, you win, Mouthrissa deserves to be gassed. Sounds like James might be the perfect person to do it. lol

      • So Judoon, no matter how annoying I may seem to you, you are stating for the record that making jokes in reference to the mass murders of innocent men, women, and children in the Holocaust is not offensive.

        How very sad.

        It’s also very sad that not one of you offered an explanation as to why what Marissa said would be considered inoffensive. NOT. ONE. OF. YOU.

      • I never stated that Marissa said anything against Jewish people. If you inferred that. That is on you. I said that she made a joke about the way Jewish people were brutally murdered in the Holocaust. There’s a big difference.

    • You copy and paste this in two threads, What are you a Bot? You’re fueling ‘discourse. That’s what you’re doing. This a game..Boycott yourself.

      • Yes I did present this in two threads in the hopes that maybe a producer would see one of them and take action.

        It stops being a game when it starts being hurtful.

      • Here, you can address your crap:

        CBS Corporation
        CBS Headquarters
        51 W. 52nd Street
        New York, NY 10019-6188

      • So you’re ok with jokes referring to innocent men, women, and children getting murdered and thrown into mass graves? You think negatively towards people who have an opinion that that kind of joke, no matter who tells it, is insensitive and inappropriate? And you think their opinion is crap?

        You’ve probably not seen the video, nor read any of the news articles written about the incident because you want jump on the bandwagon.

        Do you even think you’re informed enough to actually have an opinion based on fact?

        Be informed. Be better.

      • Fine then intelligently state why you think that joke referring to the mass murder of innocent men, women and children was inoffensive.

      • It’s getting too crazy. AGAIN, my words are twisted by someone angry at everything and everyone. I’m deleting my responses since it’s going way to far in the personal attack. And I’m blocking this craziness. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to watch this show!! Lol.

      • I always think it’s their first time to watch BB when I see a comment like that. BB is a controversial show since the inception, and it’s not changing anytime soon. This is not their show…stick to TBN.

      • You are forgetting one little tiny difference between a regular BB show and this “Celebrity” edition. These people are celebrities with a major platform. EVERYTHING they say can come back to haunt them after the show. Their reputations are on the line. Shannon knew that. She understood that. Marissa not so much.

        Also YOU are not very good for BB business. TV shows do their best to bring in more viewers, for you to tell them to go elsewhere because “You know more about the game than any new person could,” then you are being counterproductive to attaining a bigger audience.

        A true fan embraces new fans. I welcome all new fans.

      • Mail your crap to:

        CBS Corporation
        CBS Headquarters
        51 W. 52nd Street
        New York, NY 10019-6188

      • So you’re ok with jokes referring to innocent men, women, and children getting murdered and thrown into mass graves? You think negatively towards people who have an opinion that that kind of joke, no matter who tells it, is insensitive and inappropriate? And you think their opinion is crap?

        You’ve probably not seen the video, nor read any of the news articles written about the incident because you want jump on the bandwagon.

        Do you even think you’re informed enough to actually have an opinion based on fact?

        Be informed. Be better.

      • Fine Cyril Axel then intelligently state why you think that joke referring to the mass murder of innocent men, women and children was inoffensive.

      • Why so defensive towards me? Clarify what you say and what you mean so that there’s no confusion. It’s quite apparent that you want to as you keep saying you are “blocking this craziness” and yet still here we are.

        YOU made those statements. Repeating what you said is not twisting your words. If you mean something different then say what you mean.

        If you can’t handle a civil discussion like this I’d hate to see how you would last in a discussion with Omarossa. She would chew you up and spit you out.

      • Are you stating that having alcohol will make an inappropriate joke referring to the murders of innocent men, women, and children acceptable?

      • OMG you need to chill the eff out and quit attacking people for an innocent comment. My comment had nothing to do with that. You want to argue go someplace else because that’s all you seem to be doing here.

      • Honey, your words not mine! Don’t say something you don’t mean!
        I asked you a question and you deflected it instead of answering it.

      • Honey I was joking with someone else about relaxing and having a drink watching the show. See you would know that if you were one of the regulars here. We joke around. You butted into my comment that wasn’t even addressed to you. Like I said go fight somewhere else. You’re not welcomed here. At least not from me. Reread all your comments but put your glasses on. Every comment you make you’re just trying to look for a fight. You sound like a miserable person. I’m done with you. Have a nice miserable life. Oh an added note I didn’t deflect. Learn how to read. I said “My comment had nothing to do with that”. What don’t you get?

      • Oh Lavendargirl, let’s examine what you said. Let’s start with the comment Nope! made that was addressed to me that they had to remove because it made them look bad, shall we?

        So after Nope!’s comment, which again was deleted because it made them look bad, you decided that you would jump on the bandwagon and state, “LOL either that or have a few drinks while watching.”

        So “LOL” you’re laughing out loud to a comment that Nope! made about me, that unfortunately was removed because it made Nope! look bad.

        Fine. But then you followed it up with “either that or have a few drinks when they’re watching.”

        Now explain to me how having a few drinks will make any joke in reference to the mass killing of innocent men, women, and children – any less offensive. Because that’s what we’re talking about here. That is the only thing I’ve been talking about here.

        You’re saying to just have a drink and it’ll make it ok?

        And you made your comment after Nope! made theirs in which they told me to have a drink and take some pink pills?!

        Now I asked Nope! what exactly do these pink pills do? And Nope! responded by taking down their comment because they knew it made them look bad. Nope!’s comment implied the advocation of suicide.

        And you, you advocate the consumption of alcohol to make everything OK! Which in fact is not OK! You really ought to apologize for your thoughtless comments to every person with a drinking problem out there.

        Now at the beginning of this discussion, Nope! stated while what Marissa said was not politically correct, it was not offensive.

        I offered Nope! to elaborate on this logic. Because I wanted to hear them explain how something could be NOT. POLITICALLY. CORRECT. yet still be UNOFFENSIVE.

        Because again, the very definition of something that is not politically correct is in fact something that is offensive. Google it. Learn something.

        And Honey, when you talk about someone in a comment, you are indeed addressing them whether or not YOU think so.

        When you add your comment to an ongoing discussion, then IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO with that discussion whether YOU choose to believe that or not. So your comment had everything to do with that.
        By stating, “my comment had nothing to do with that,” is in fact the very definition of deflection.

        Oh Lavendargirl, I feel so sad for you.

        Let me leave you with this Lavendargirl, do you think Marissa’s joke equating being sequestered in a room full of rich people playing a game on TV for money with that of the mass murder of innocent men, women, and children during the Holocaust, was politically incorrect?

        There are only two ways to answer this question:

        1. YES, the joke was politically incorrect.

        2. NO, jokes referring to the mass murder of innocent men, women, and children are not offensive at all.

        No answer indicates that you do not have a valid argument.

        P.S. What kind of person are you that you have the need to wish someone any kind of miserable life? I feel so very sad for you. :(

      • Lavendargirl!! Bad girl. Are you stating you like to drink alcohol as well as supporting humidifier jokes??? Bad bad girl. Innocent people can die because of you.

      • Why Nope! you are the one that is displaying inappropriate behavior by stating that I’m angry at everything and everyone.

        I stated my opinion on one matter. Your statement above directly attacked my integrity. If you had any real argument you would provide facts and clarify YOUR statements. YOU got all defensive when you couldn’t come up a response and sad that I twisted your words around.

        They were your words as you presented them. No twisting needed.

        Be informed. Be better.

  2. Oh, I think this producer twist had potential, the most in quite awhile. If Metta hadn’t made it his point to leave and the house agreeing to do it, then it might have been exciting because, unlike what Ross and his initial final 4 thought, Mark wouldn’t have been Omarosa’s choice for replacement and then when Marissa was up, Ross would use the other half and Ari would be up. So both sides would be playing, this time, nope because they had a quitter.

    • Yes, thank you, and Brandy would have gone home. Then the fearsome foursome would be a terrible threesome. You’d think if that happened, that lines would be drawn down the middle of the house but hope. I don’t think so. I still think the 3some would be intact & that Oma would still want to keep James/Mark in their 3some alliance. But I think Ross/Marissa could still mist James/Mark into thinking they were a 4some.

      • They might be able to mist James, but I actually think Mark is ready to use one of them as pawns because he, like James, wants Brandi out, and just thinks they don’t have enough sway if Omarosa is an option. You know, all if Ari wins or even if Ross or Marissa wins veto, they’d save Ari over Brandi, he already told James that he’d put the other one (R or M) as a pawn up. So, as long as Omarosa doesn’t get wind of Mark’s reasoning, which she’d probably agree with, she might think the boys are sticking with her.

  3. I truly believe the Diamond VETO should have been the one that was chosen. That way, Ross could have picked the renom and then the game would have been interesting last night.

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