Celebrity Big Brother: Nomination Anticipation Round 5

Ross and Mark on Celebrity Big Brother

A new Head of Household means a new round of nominations and spoiler results for Celebrity Big Brother. We’re expecting those results later this evening, but in the meantime, we’ve got plenty of insight into who will be next in the eviction hot seats.

Right after the eviction show ended and Ross had dodged the end of his game we saw Marissa promising Brandi and Ari that Ross would stay on their side of the F4 instead of jumping to Mark and James. Ari and Brandi are right to be nervous because this week it looks like the guys will be sticking together.

Mark picked up the reins as the new Head of Household and he wasted no time talking with James about the plans for the week. He’s going for Brandi and Ari to split up that pair. Between the two Mark wants to get Brandi out.

Ross is actually holding up at least part of his deal with those ladies though as he’s been pushing Mark on getting Omarosa on the Block. Mark feels good about his picks though because he knows Brandi is a big threat and Ari renom’d him to the Block so that’s an easy justification for him to make. But, if either of his anticipated Noms escapes the Big Brother Block then we would most likely see Omarosa on the Block.

Mark is aligning with James, Ross, and Marissa, likely in that order, so we can expect that group to be safe from his noms. There are only 7 HGs left which means the other three are his moving pieces for this round and that’s really all he needs without a wacky Veto twist in the mix.

When the results are revealed we can expect Mark to have nominated Ari and Brandi with Omarosa waiting in the wings as a backup renom. What do you think of his nom plans? Is he missing a bigger opportunity or is this his best course of action?

Don’t forget there is a Double Eviction ahead of Friday night’s 2-hour show starting at 8/7c and that could mean a lot of craziness after a week-long session of careful planning.

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  1. I see both Brandi and Ari on the block. With Brandi being the main target. If Omarosa could get into Mark’s head, then if one comes down, maybe Ross will go right back up. Hard to say at this point but it is looking like it will come down to both Omarosa and Ross as to which one will be the winner.

    • I like Mark on the show, as well as James, which surprises me. Personally I would get Omarosa out, but there’s a double eviction coming up Friday, so that should be good

      • Omarosa right now would be the best one to go. She can’t play for HOH and on Friday’s show she could be the one in charge of who goes home. Brandi is a non threat to their game as long as Omarosa is on the block, they would have both Marissa and Ross in their corner.

      • I don’t know if Oma has any fans, but I think most viewers want her to go. She is costing BB a lot of money so she’ll stay as long as they want.

    • If Brandi doesn’t win veto, I’d say she is toast. She’s no longer a Real Housewife, she has competed on 2 seasons of BB, Dancing with the Stars, Apprentice, and probably other reality shows I haven’t seen. What’s next for Brandi? I don’t think it will be Jeopardy or Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader.

      • She was on Dancing with the Stars? I missed that. She was on a celebrity cooking show & a relationship therapy show with her dad. I saw the cooking show. She’s a great cook! Girl is a hustler, that’s for sure. I’ve wondered if some of the drinking thing is partly a persona that she cultivates for tv casting purposes. Otherwise, how does she stay so skinny after two children & being middle-aged? No alcohol bloat, that I can see.

      • I saw on Jokers the other day where they were talking about the show? Was it Omarosa or Mark maybe that was on DWTS? One of the cast was on it. Yes, now if Brandi could share her secret how she stays in shape….as long as it doesn’t require not eating meat and buttered popcorn and sweet tea is allowed.

      • I could never give up potatoes, meat, bread. I watched Brandi on Real housewives. She was a real mess at the end. I remember she was going on a cooking show, but I didn’t see it

      • Someone commented earlier that she was on a cooking show with her father but I don’t know the name of it. Everyone should be good at something. Maybe that is her thing. Does she cook in the BB house?

      • I don’t know if she cooks in the house. When she was on Real Housewives, before she wasn’t invited back, she said some pretty salacious things about Joanna Krupa (I think that’s her name). Joanna took her to court

      • Half the cast has been on DWTS. Metta as Ron Artest, Mark, Marissa, Shannon, James, Chuck, and Brandi

      • Is called Plastic Surgery. I think her hustling has more to do with keeping up the surgeries. it is very expensive to look that horrible.

      • She’s way too skinny to the point of looking wasted. She needs to keep the make up, she looks horrible with makeup help. What’s wrong with her mouth??

      • Why is she a housewife? Did she remarry?
        I know she was married to the hot actor Eddie Cibrian, but he hasn’t done much since Third Watch, just a lot of guest starring roles on TV shows. He also remarried. She must rather do reality TV shows, than get a real job.

      • I stopped watching the HWs a few years back. Last I heard, she wasn’t one, but it is odd that they have single and divorced women starring on “Housewives” shows. Cibrian supposedly cheated on Brandi with country(I think that is her genre) singer LeeAnn Rimes while Rimes and he were starring in a movie together. Lots of drama between them all since but things seemed to have calmed down somewhat.

      • No rules on being a Housewife show. You can be divorced, dating someone and “going to marry.” I think they have run out of storylines. Times to pull the plug. Real Housewives of NY is the best! Very entertaining

      • I watched Atl for years, and liked it. I quit the year after Phaedra’s husband went to prison. Not because he left, but it was just too much for a housewives show. Her taking those kids to see Apollo broke my heart. I still read the recaps to see what’s going on

      • Did you ever hear of David and Jackie Siegel? He seemed so tired and unhappy in the shows about their life. He’s 82 and might be ready for a trade-in, although I’m not sure it’s a trade up. Brandi is 7 years younger, but Jackie has huge fake boobs. I don’t know why I thought of poor old Dave.

    • If Ari wins POV and comes down, Mark could tell Ross that he wants to ensure Brandy bc it IS HIS HoH – not Ross’ and Oma is not after Mark like she is Ross so… Then Mark could insist on putting up Marissa to ensure Brandy goes. But Mark has to insist that he is playing HIS OWN game and not Ross’. He can assure Ross that he will support him when he wins HoH and puts up Oma (vote wise) but he needs Ross to support him during his HOH to get out Brandy.

      • I just said the same thing before I read your comment. I hope the DR will support Mark’s noms even if Ross doesn’t.

        Would it be in either Brandi’s or Ari’s interest to alert Mark to the get rid of Omarosa next plan? I don’t want to see Ross and Marissa to continue controlling the game.

        Hoping Mark and James will continue to win all the comps up to the finale night.

      • I understand James wanting Brandi out, but for game purposes, I’m surprised they would be gunning for her instead of Ross or Ari, both of whom have played much stronger games, IMO.

  2. I actually vaguely trust Mark to make sensible choices for his nominations or back door. And if he doesn’t have to backdoor anyone, he keeps that illusion of a Mark/James/Omarosa thing around in case she wins next HOH. Plus, I think Omarosa would actually stick with Mark and James anyway because she think that is a clearer path for her own victory (as this seems to be Ross’s reasoning too). In fact, it might be reasonable that Mark could be convinced to truly make Ross committed to them, he has to risk Marissa as a renom because they need Brandi out.

    • The good news is that production probably wants to keep Omarosa in the game as long as possible but I’m afraid Ross and Marissa will get what they want instead.

      I hope Mark is able to see what those 2 are up to.

      • I think he is able to, James mentioned to him when discussing the replacement nom options and Mark said Omarosa would be too much of a risk of not getting Brandi out and that someone would have to be pawns. James replied that Ross and Marissa wouldn’t like that, and Mark said it wouldn’t be their choice.

      • Thanks so much for the info kate and I feel much better now :D
        I wish somebody would rat out both Ross and Marissa to Mark.

      • Mark & Omarosa made a deal when she was HoH … She wouldn’t put him up if he doesn’t put her up. Therefore I think Ross will go up as a pawn if Ari comes off the block. Ari would vote Ross, Marissa & James would vote Brandi, James would vote Brandi since that was her target but even if Omarosa would voted Ross, Mark would be the tie breaker.

      • I could see him reasoning that Ross is a better pawn (less risk of Marissa turning on him than him turning on her and Omarosa vote would be cancelled out by Marissa and would leave James as decider).

  3. Right now I am extremely shocked.
    I purposely missed the shows after Omabit** was gifted the HOH and now I am seeing that Metta was voted out.
    Didn’t think for a second that oma would nominate him.
    I’m glad Mark won the HOH. Will go back to watching. He may not be allowed to nominate Oma, but if he does it will be thrilling.

    • Metta asked to be voted out. She didn’t want to put him up. It was a mercy kill, if you will.

    • Metta asked O to nominate him – and for the rest of the HGs to vote to evict him – because he missed his wife and kids. It was actually very nicely done. Makes you wonder, though, why he (and Keshia) agreed to be on the show in the first place if they weren’t willing to see it through.

      • Pro Basketball players are on the road away from wives and children over 100 days a year, so the excuse of missing my family doesn’t really pass the smell test. He is just using that as an excuse to go back to his crib and the show check will be passed out to his numerous baby mama’s for child support.

  4. Didn’t Mark and Omarosa make a deal when she was HOH that if she didn’t put him up, he wouldn’t put her up, even as a backdoor option? Maybe I’m remembering that wrong?

    • That’s what I thought. Another reason for him to put up Ariandy with Marissa as a replacement nom, if needed.

    • To quote the immortal Mike Boogie, “This is Big Brother, you can bounce checks in the Big Brother House.”

  5. From Mark’s perspective:
    Mark should also consider who he wants to sit with at the end (as well as compete with):
    Oma won’t get any votes, whereas people like Mark. He hasn’t got a beef with anyone except whom he evicts this week.
    Mark should run his own HOH and tell Ross/Marissa that Oma is not after him (Mark) so why make an enemy out of her (a vote against him in Jury) but he will support Ross/Marissa voting out Oma on their HOHs as long as they support him getting out his target, Brandy.
    Then, if Ari saves herself with POV, up goes Marissa/Ross to “ensure” Brandy goes home bc James or Oma would get evicted if they go up.
    Mark & James are blind to Ross’ and Marissa’s duplicity. For their sake, they should consider that Oma has no other allies so she will be loyal only to them (final 3), whereas Ross & Marissa have each other (final 4)…not to mention their fierce loyalty to Ariandy.
    At the end of the show last night, after Metta left, the foursome were flocked together in a tight, impenetrable circle around the island, while the other 3 were along the perimeter. Did James and Mark not notice that? I bet Oma did. Love her or hate her, she don’t miss much.

    • I never thought I’d be saying this but SAVE OMAROSA!

      As a James fan I want to see Brandi go next.

    • If Mark/James wanted to screw over the 4some after putting up Marissa & Brandy (if Ari saves herself or whatever), they would have the votes to evict Marissa (they probably only would with Oma spinning her logic on them):
      Ross/Ari vs James/Oma with Mark breaking the tie.
      Yes, we need a tie-breaker in CBB!

    • I’ve given up logic in this game. Any time it feels like a logical move is intended to be made something happens to protect more exciting personalities who cause drama. I think you’re 100% right about Ross being a smart move to evict but would that be allowed to happen? It feels very “written” this season for entertainment’s sake. Or is it just me who feels that way?

      • There are two of us. Some of it seems genuine, because I don’t think these people are that good at acting, but I am of the opinion that some know what is going to happen before it does. I can’t prove I’m right but no one can prove I’m wrong. Not that I care about being right. The integrity of the game was lost long ago, imo. But it still entertains me in ways.

      • It entertains me very much. I’m normally someone who always hates conspiracies. I think they’re silly. But with useless players quitting keeping a high-profile villain around it just feels a bit too neat. But maybe it IS all coincidence! It’s been fun to watch. We’ll have regular BB back in June. This has been a nice distraction!

  6. Hoping Mark and James will soon realize how duplicitous Ross is being about getting out Brandi or Ari before it’s too late. Mark should put up Marissa if one of the noms are taken off the block just to be on the safe side. Don’t know why Mark is so trusting of Ross or Marissa either.

  7. Mark is not so bright is he. His biggest threat is not Brandi OR OMAROSA. They are not well liked in the house. His biggest threat is Ross. Ross is a house favorite. He is really liked by all, so House voters on the panel in the finale are most likely to vote for him in the majority of final 2 scenarios. If he could see beyond his personal dislike for Brandi and Omarosa and see THE GAME, Ross is threat number 1 and most likely Ari, Miss Universe Runner Up is next next number 2 becayse she is well liked by all the females in the house and any females on the finale panel with be on her side not Mark’s.

    • I agree, but I do believe Ari is also a huge threat and under estimated! She has everything to win…… She’s likable, smart and good at comps! She knows what’s going on, but she lays low and appears to be a floater!

      • I can see a Mark and Ari final 2 even. Ari is underestimated by everyone it seems but I can see her winning a few comps yet.

      • Since Mark is not a strategic enough of a game player (he fails to see all the levels of game play and the popularity factors), with him putting up hus desired picks of Brandi and Ari, Ross will eat him alive. There is no way he could beat Ross. Ross has an army behind him on the inside and outside, all except for Omarosa. Omarosa’s game play is just as good as Ross’ except for her lack of popularity with the house voters on the finale panel.

      • Let’s hope Ross gets evicted then.
        It’s puzzling that nobody in the BB house seems to be aware of that fact either.

  8. I don’t see how Brandi is a bigger threat than Ari!? Ari is likable, smart and can win comps.
    My guess is because she’s too nice so, they aren’t looking past that! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. Respect should go out to the game play of Omarosa and Ari. They are both playing 3D chess.

  10. Mark would be so idiotic to get Omarosa out. Does he really think Marissa, Ross, or James would take him to top 3 / top 2? No. Omarosa would definitely bring him to top 2, because she thinks she’ll beat him with jruy votes./

    • I can see Omarosa thinking that, but I don’t know if she would beat Mark. She has an inflated notion of herself

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