‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Round 6 Nominations

Nominations on Big Brother

Nominations are in for Round 6 of Celebrity Big Brother with the spoilers from the Feeds as the Houseguests have finished the last regular nominations ceremony of the season. Next time we get noms will be part of Sunday’s live finale. We’re almost to the end of the season!

The new Head of Household didn’t have many options to go with, but there were enough to make the decision. Find out who is on the Block and who is the main target this round.

Nominations on the Memory Wall for Celebrity Big Brother Round 6

Celebrity Big Brother Round 6 Nominations:

  • Ross nominated: Omarosa & Ari

Ross warned Ari that she’d be going up but Omarosa remains his target. Ross assures her that four people are playing to her advantage because as long as Omarosa stays on the Block she is slated to be evicted. Maybe, maybe not, but for now that’s Ross’s plan.

What do you think of his nominations? Should he have mixed things up or was this the best option for his game?

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  1. Poor Ari. I hope she wins Veto.
    If BB still wants Oma to stay, then she will and Ari would have to go home. It is not a fun game to watch when someone keeps being saved just for viewership. It is the last couple of days and maybe they are fine getting rid of her. Oma should have gone home a long time ago along with Brandi and James.

    • They are keeping Omarosa around for viewership but you can tell production don’t plan on her winning. They are keeping Ross around because he is productions choice to win.

    • I read somewhere that CBS paid Oma $1 million to appear on CBB. If that’s true, then CBS would certainly want to get their money’s worth. But I do agree – I think Ross is production’s choice to win.

      • “I read somewhere” does certainly not make what you read true, as we all should have learned by now given the lies people tell and the media report.

    • Ross is really starting to get on my nerves – he’s workin’ it just a tad too desperately for my liking.

      At this point, I actually hope Omarosa makes it thru this eviction.

  2. I still say that unless Ross wins final HoH there is a strong possibility he won’t make F2 given that Marissa can’t seem to win anything.

    • If Ross makes F2 without winning HOH, something smells; because the others don’t want to win.

      • If they take Ross to F2, they’re blind, or they don’t want to win. I think Production like Ross. I also think they’ll make more money if Pondarosa is in F2. lol

      • Every time you say Ponderosa, the music from the show Bonanza plays in my head. It fits for some reason. lol You might not be old enough to know about that show.

      • First……. I’m not a guy. :D I can’t speak for Cyril. Second.. It would take a very intelligent person to pick a fight with Cyril… and win. So no.

      • Hey Nope. I used to laugh at your name, because I thought you’re always disagreeing with anyone. First thing I read is NOPE. lol..

      • At this point in the game ads are already sold. Prices don’t jump last minute. Who’s in the Final 2 (or 3) doesn’t matter at this point. They might benefit from her being around with more viewers earlier in/throughout the season but come the final, those ads are all pre-sold I think.

      • I think you’re right as far as sponsors, but I’ve read they generate more money selling the show/syndicating and are constantly updating their ‘revenue map’ on how much money they make at certain times on certain day. I just thought having Oma in F2 would arouse curiosity…don’t you think?

      • Oh, 100%! I’m not a ratings/ad sales expert but I know enough to think I know enough (which is often times pretty dangerous!) You might be right. If the season finale has 8m viewers vs one that has 7m, that might effectively affect ad rates for next year’s CBB if it happens. Not sure though. The Finale viewer number is powerful. But remember, this was more about trying to lure viewers away from NBC and the Winter games while keeping the Big Brother brand relevant for this Summer. And I think it’s been a great success that way. After BB19 I wasn’t sure I was going to be interested in BB20. But now (like a true crack addict) I am again. I think it was a great move on CBS’ part.

      • Were you here last year? I don’t remember you,..anyway, I like reading your posts Thoughts.

      • Thanks, sir! Yours as well! I’ve been here for many years! I was actually a finalist to appear on the show during a previous season. Thinking about maybe giving it one more shot for BB20.

      • In the final 3, it has been customary for all HGs including the outgoing HOH to participate in the final HOH. I’m not sure how production will play it this season.

  3. In terms of pure Big Brother gameplay, factoring in nothing else, Omarosa’s played the best game so far.

    The very fact that she has survived this long even though she has been isolated since day one is quite impressive.

    I have a strong feeling she’s going to win the veto.

    • I don’t think evicting james was smart at all if he’s so hated by everyone then there’s no way he’d win the end that who I’m taking

  4. This is such a great tactical question. Do you nominate Oma and hope she doesn’t win or do you nominate others and hope to backdoor her? With so few players left it gets really sticky. With Ross, Mark, Melissa, Ari and Omagrossa left that means each nom still gets a player picked to compete in veto, right? So even if Oma wasn’t put up on the block she’d still be chosen to compete in POV, right? (Sorry if I’m doing the math wrong.) So is it smarter to nom her and give her the chance to save herself or have her sitting on the side for the backdoor? Anyone?

    • At this point of the game, everyone plays for the veto. In big brother language, a real backdoor mean you don’t play in the veto and you get nominated after it. So you have no chance to save yourself. For example, James didn’t really get backdoor yesterday. This being said, some people consider James eviction as a backdoor.

      This late in the game I do not consider it a backdoor. With that few people, it’s hard to not nominate people that you have an alliance with. If Ross promised Mark safety and respect his promise, there’s not so many options.

  5. They could be playing the BB Comic Book covers comp. I don’t think prod. would want to mess the house up badly with 5 people left, plus, I’m not sure these HGs would want to straighten up the mess, so I’m guessing the Hide and Go Veto comp is out. What other comp could they be doing one at a time?

  6. Alright. Time to analyze final 4 predictions and potential winners. This assume the HG makes it through eviction.

    Ari- Essentially Ross’s right hand woman. Any way Ross goes, Ari will follow. Therefore it will be very unlikely for her to take anyone but Ross to final 2. In this scenario, provided that the jury isn’t bitter (exceptions with Shannon and Brandi) Ross will most likely win.

    Mark- The other guy… yeah, besides winning veto, I got nothing for him. If anything, he could be smart and take Marissa the Floater to final 2. In this scenario, Mark would win.

    Ross- Ross playing the entire house could take a toll on him. Only problem is that he doesn’t have any blood don’t his hands (exceptions with Shannon and Brandi) he would obviously take Marissa to the finale and win there. (Probably gonna win)

    Marissa: Yeah… umm… rubber ducky. Would obviously take Ross to Final 2

    Omarosa- The one that ALWAYS gets away. Geez, where do I start. By winning competitions she has prolonged her stay in the house. During her stay in the house, she has managed to slightly manipulate house guests thinking (we all know that anyone would win against Marissa). She wasn’t suppose to win HoH or even make it this far.

    That being said, anyone would win against Marissa. Ross has the highest chance of winning though Omarosa’s road to F2 is much more interesting and jury will respect her for that.

    • These are pretty great assumptions. I’m just not sure Ari’s dumb enough to take Ross. Melissa’s the most worthless competitor and has grated on some nerves. She might be the go-to F2 choice if Omarosa is gone. I don’t think anyone will respect Omarosa’s gameplay. Remember…They’ve gotten to see each ep at home on TV so they know what’s really going on.

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