‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Round 4 Nominations

Nominations on Big Brother

Nominations are in for Round 4 of Celebrity Big Brother with the spoilers from the Feeds as the Houseguests anxiously awaited the decision of their wild-card leader for the round. Who would she target and what is she really up to with these nominations?

After waiting through Omarosa’s internal deliberations last night over the chess board we finally heard her talking things through with the other women. She spoke with Marissa, Ari, and Brandi, telling them she wanted to bring back the ladies’ alliance. Her target would be Ross and she’d need their help to get him out. To keep their votes available Omarosa said she’d send Mark to join Ross, but that plan didn’t last too long.

Celebrity Big Brother Round 4 Nominations:

  • Omarosa nominated: Ross & Brandi

Later after the original plan was announced we saw Omarosa talking with Mark. They agreed to a F4 deal with him, her, James, and Metta. That deal included her not nominating him and he would return the favor of safety next. That opened up a spot for Brandi on the Block with Marissa waiting in the wings.

When the Feeds return (Flashback to 6:30 PM BBT 2/17 all cams) and you’ll get Ross defending himself saying he doesn’t have a F4 with the whole house. Brandi says she wants to know who exposed her F4. Omarosa says she just had to say something dramatic instead of something plain like breaking up the pairs. Ross says that would have at least made sense.

Who would you rather see go this week? The next eviction is coming up on Monday night (8/7c) but don’t miss Sunday’s (8/7c) episode too!

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  1. Just as I figured she would put Ross up. Tit for tat and all that!!!! :-) Go Ross and Brandi! :-)

    • James and Mark are my 2 favorites now. But I have to admit that I like ross’ DRs. He can be very funny.

      I really cannot stand Marissa anymore. Neither Ariadna. Can someone break her ugly sunglasses??

      I’m pleasantly surprised of Omarsoa. Not that I like her, but she’s less crazy then expected. After her asthma *cough* hospital, she came back much more grounded.

      • Oh yes. He’s to young for me, but who said we cannot dream. ;). He’s quit gorgeous to me. But it’s not the only reason why he’s one of my favorite. I like the way he plays. He’s not as full of himself like many people say. In fact, he’s quit honest.

      • I agree with you on James, there’s a lot more to him than just good looks, he seems to have a lot of character as well.
        We’ll just have to dream on about James, sure do hope he manages to survive the next eviction with all the POV options coming into play.

      • Nope, you must not be a gay guy. Rose said every gay guy would want a pair of those glasses. lol
        James and Mark are my favs to win, also. I like it when all of the nuts are causing chaos and the good ole’ guys, like James and Mark are watching, mostly lying low while plotting in the background.

    • HOw could Ross forget he had an alliance with everyone in the house lol.
      Ross is a lot easier on the nerves than Marissa so that’s another reason I’d rather see Marissa go instead. Besides, who would vote for Ross to win this season after he had an alliance with everyone in the house anyway.

      • Ross walked into that house all cock-sure that being the superfan that he is, he knew how to play the game best. However, seeing that he’s finally being put into his place is a pleasure to see. No one wants the know-it-all to win, especially when they treat others like a-holes. Everyone wants the underdog to win. And if you look at the polls James is that underdog. He was easily dismissed from the beginning because these 40-somethings had no idea who he was and he started out low in the polls. Day by day, more and more viewers have seen that he actually has been the one playing a clean game and they have been ranking him higher and higher in the polls. Meanwhile Ross and Marissa are ranking lower than Omarossa. Ross thinks that it’s a badge of honor to be opposite Omarosa, yet he’s oblivious to the fact that he’s really no better than her and is losing his fans’ support.

      • Ross certainly needs to be brought down a notch or two and I will enjoy watching him scramble. Just think, if Ross and Marissa hadn’t gotten rid of Shannon so quickly they might not be in their present predicament.

        Karma, meet Ross and Marissa!

        Can’t say I enjoyed Ross’s self-righteous behavior last night either, constantly puffing himself up as being a better person than Omarosa and saying he wouldn’t sink to her level.

        Sorry Ross, but you’ve played a much dirtier game than Omarosa – even I can see that and I’m not one of her fans by any means.
        Petty, gossipy Ross has not won over a lot of fans.
        In fact, rating below Omarosa in the polls can only mean the fans don’t like him either.

        I’m enjoying getting to know James better and he is such a nice guy. He has morals and says he’s a spiritual person and has played the game with integrity. Shannon and James working together would’ve been so much fun too.

      • Omarosa: Ross you had an alliance with half of the house!

        Ross: No I didn’t!

        Math: Let’s see. After Chuck was voted out :

        So Ross had alliances with (5) people in the household.

        Ross didn’t have an alliance with (4) people in the household.

        Out of (9) people, Ross had an alliance with (5).

        Math: Ross is right! He had alliances with over half of the household!

    • i turn the volume up on tv while the whispering is going on. Then in walks Marissa and nearly burst my ear drums. Not to mention she starts singing every 5 minutes and we r watching the fish again….ugh

      • Her and raven from last season need to have some how to classes for makeup. Or maybe their both a lost cause.

      • Did you hear? Marissa was complaining that Brandi shamed her into brushing her teeth.

        Lesson #1 Marissa: If someone shames you into brushing your teeth, you must have foul smelling breath. And at the rate you babble on and on non-stop you must have made that air in the house toxic.

        Lesson #2 Marissa: Actually this is more important than #1. Wash your damned hands before leaving the bathroom.

      • Are you sure that’s blush or is that from when she touched her face after leaving the bathroom without washing her hands?

      • HAHA! I didn’t realize her hygiene was so lacking but it has to be bad if Brandi is shaming her into brushing her teeth. Someone needs to put on a hazmat suit, put M. in the shower and scrub her down.

    • I watched BBAD for a little while last night and I think the DR has finally heard the fans complaints about Marissa ruining the show with her non-stop talking.

      At the beginning of the Daiquiri party Marissa was called into the DR and they kept her for a long, long time. The other HG’s were actually able to have an intelligent conversations with each other which was quite a welcome change for me.

      I’m hoping the DR keeps up the good work.

  2. Wish it would of been Ross and Marissa but this is second best as long as Ross goes. Hope production doesn’t mess this up. They didn’t help Shannon so stay out of it.

    • I wonder if there’s any chance that we can vote someone back into the game once they’ve left. I’m still hoping she’ll return lol.

      • I doubt it. With that many houseguests left and only one week left, I don’t see how this can happen. Plus the fact that theirs no sequestration… but I agree, if BB is as rigged as everyone seems to beleive, I don’t get why Shannon was let go. In all polls she was the favorite one.

        So when Omarsoa stays it’s rigged, but Shannon leaving it’s because the show is real. I’m soooo confuse!!!

      • I’ve heard that CBS spent over 1 million on Omarosa, so yes they’d want to keep their investment in as long as possible. Not only that but there are reports that they also offered Omarosa a pilot for a talk show.

        Who would want to be a guest on THAT? Maybe Marissa for more airtime. No thank you!

      • Watching her on a season of BB is very different than watching her host a show, which I would never do. I would be willing to bet money that if she was the host, if the show even made it through the first season, it wouldn’t be renewed for a second one. She just seems like a nasty, vile woman.

      • Thanks for mentioning that because I’m still confused as to why BB didn’t
        ‘help’ Shannon stay longer. She was the fan fave and brought in the ratings so I felt sure they were use a twist of some sort to save her.

        If this POV twist saves Ross and Marissa this week I’ll be livid!

      • I think she pi**ed off TPTB when she flipped the house. She was supposed to have let BGM bully her into sabatoging her own game. Since that didn’t happen, they allowed other HG to accomplish that.

      • Yeah, we’ll never know, but the thing that got me was the nasty, over the top bullying towards Shannon after Keisha quit. In other seasons, HG would have been approaching a player like Shannon to align with (especially so early in the game), but in this version, the house trolls labeled her ‘crazy’ and ‘over-aggressive.’ It’s like these sketch celebrities all just fell in line. Even if production had no involvement at all with that whole deal, I have no respect for their behavior.
        Interestingly, I read today that Shannon kept it 100 about her experience. She said her biggest disappointments were Ross and
        Marissa, and that she wants Metta to win. I can’t go that far, but totally understand why she would feel that way.
        Ok rant over.

      • This really bothers me. The whole thing with the Shannon eviction was so weird. I couldn’t understand why BB wouldn’t want to maintain viewers and make more money by keeping Shannon.

        So the story line was going to be Evil Omarosa and Sweet Rudy were going to make a final 2 and make fools out of the other girls. Without any fear of being found out they wanted to make a deal with Chuck as a side alliance. Everything was looking good and BB must have thought none of the women would want to look racist by turning on BGM. Their arrogance made them insufferable.
        Curious if they mentioned optics to Shannon the same way they did Ross. The shock of it all apparently made Rudy stop lactating :D

        Where did you read that article about Shannon?

      • The article is on cbs. I tried to link it in my original post, which got pended because of that. You’re right though, the whole thing came off as weird and ridiculous, like mean, aggressive Shannon made poor Rudy stop lactating. That 16 letter word must have pushed her over the edge Lol.
        On a similar note, when I tuned into BBAD just last night, Marissa and Omar were discussing Shannon yet again in very negative way. I will say that the focus from Omar was at least on BB game play. (Shannon was too aggressive too soon AND she spelled a 16 letter word!! The horrors!!) However, Marissa got more personal. She took it upon herself to describe Shannon’s time on DWTS 10 years ago, and what a negative experience that was for Shannon. Who even knows if that’s true, but why is it her place to do that?? What I remember is that Shannon was a much better dancer and lasted a lot longer than Marissa, who I barely remember at all, thank goodness. BB cameras were rolling for this the whole time, with no cut aways like they do to hide Metta’s numerous attempts/requests to leave. Bad optics again probably.

      • The whole house was able to come together and bond in the beginning with their mutual dislike (jealousy) of Shannon with Marissa leading the charge.

        Do you remember what Marissa said about Shannon’s experience on DWTS? I wasn’t able to keep from muting Marissa to find out everything she was saying about Shannon.

        Such a disappointing episode tonight but it seems production is really fond of the alliance of 4; how lucky they are too!

      • Agree about tonight being a waste, but glad another HG (Brandi) didn’t have to leave just to keep Metta there. So stupid.
        Marissa basically said that Shannon was dating her partner (Derrick H.), there were intense competition pressures, and that this was a negative experience for her (Shannon) overall. More petty jealousy.

      • I was just thinking that instead of letting Keisha be voted out they should have let her quit and brought back Chuck. And if Metta wanted to quit they should have let him and brought back Shannon.
        Maybe it had something to do with the contracts though…

        Too bad things didn’t work out between Shannon and Derek.

        The HOH competition must be going on right now since BBAD is showing a repeat of tonight’s show.

      • I forget to say that during the first week or 2 Marissa was complaining to Ross that Shannon talked too much – I kid you not! lol

  3. Marissa talks to much and her hygiene is terrible she did not was her hands after she used the bathroom.

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