Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Highlights: Sunday – Round 4

Ari on Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother is starting to wind down, but the houseguests still have a lot of fight in them and Omarosa’s main target could end up staying this week. It’s starting to look like Mark and James are getting bored with their Omarosa deal already and could be looking for ways to save Ross this week. If that’s the case, Brandi could be in danger. Unless, there’s another houseguest ready to pull a Keshia and ask to be sent home. Anything is possible with this crazy season. Read on to see if you can figure out what might happen next.

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Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, February 18, 2018:

11:00 AM BBT – Very late start to the morning for HGs. Ari was up for awhile alone earlier.

11:20 AM BBT – James says he has spent more time on the Block than off it.

11:25 AM BBT – HGs discuss the Black Box veto comp and reveal everyone was held outside for 45 mins regardless of how long they took so no one could guess times.

12:00 PM BBT – Mark jokes that fans watch the show. Super fans watch BBAD. Psycho fans watch the Feeds.

12:25 PM BBT – Mark mentions he had a chance at a big role in Sharknado but turned it down because there was too much acting involved. He says Ian Ziering is much better in the role than he could have done.

12:55 PM BBT – Marissa doesn’t think she can beat anyone but Mark.

1:00 PM BBT – Marissa thinks she’d take Mark then says she’d take Ross but be upset about losing to him. She doesn’t want them to turn on Ari either and Ross agrees they won’t. They wonder when Metta will get voted out. Ross thinks at F5.

1:05 PM BBT – Ross promises if they get to Brandi and Marissa on the Block for the final noms then she (M) will be safe. Ross notes that gameplay wise, Ross really should be the next big target, and Marissa agrees.

2:00 PM BBT – Mark and James agree they should vote out Brandi instead of Ross since they trust Ross more. They wonder if they should tell Omarosa or not. The debate continues and the guys know they can decide if Ross stays or goes, but they think it’s best for their games if he stays.

2:30 PM BBT – James and Mark continue to discuss what to do. They want to go have a talk with Ross and Marissa to lock down a F4, but then they wonder if keeping Ross with Marissa will make it tough for him to take them over her past F4.

5:00 PM BBT – Ross and Mark talk game. If they keep Ross then it’d be the four of them against Ari, Omarosa, and Metta. Ross agrees to the F4 with them and Marissa. James pitches they need to ditch Marissa at F4 so all three guys have a fair chance to win.

5:24 PM BBT – Ross goes to Marissa to see if she’d be willing to do the F4. He tells her to think about it and if she doesn’t want to then just let Mark and James know. Marissa says she’s worried about ditching Ari and thinks that’s a bad move.

5:25 PM BBT – James offers Marissa the deal to join them and says they three can save Ross this week. Marissa says she needs to save Ross. James says Omarosa has to be their top target and Ari is a bigger threat than Metta.

5:30 PM BBT – Marissa says she needs to think about the deal. James says that makes him nervous that she’s going to go tell Ari about the situation. Marissa promises she won’t and instead just needs to consider the implications of his offer.

5:33 PM BBT – Marissa talks to herself that she’ll say she agrees to the deal to abandon Ari, but she’s not really going to go through with it.

5:40 PM BBT – Marissa talks with Mark. He tells her to be smart and come with them. Mark blames Ari’s situation on her (Ari’s) decision to align so tightly with Brandi.

5:40 PM BBT – Ross tells Marissa not to do anything she doesn’t want to do.

6:00 PM BBT – Mark and James think Marissa is lucky to be getting this offer to join their F4. They’re nervous though about her not wanting to commit to the deal. They ask Ross and he says she just needs time to think it through.

6:15 PM BBT – Ross promises that if he can stick around then he won’t come after either of them.

6:17 PM BBT – James wonders if they should go to Ari should Marissa not agree to the deal. Mark is sure Ross can get her to join them.

6:35 PM BBT – Ross tells Marissa that he doesn’t want her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, but he’ll go home if she doesn’t agree to it. Marissa assures him she doesn’t want him to go. They hug. Ross says this F4 will be better because they can compete against those two guys while it would have been a more emotional situation against Brandi and Ari.

7:00 PM BBT – Ari reveals that Metta tried to escape the house again last night and production had to lock something. Feeds cut off her story.

7:08 PM BBT – Omarosa bangs some pots and pans to announce slop is over. She talks about the “pots and pans guy” from last season and says they would’ve killed him. She can’t remember his (Josh) name, though.

7:47 PM BBT – Marissa says they can win veto and get Metta on the block and send him home since he’s done anyway. Ross says Omarosa won’t do that.

7:56 PM BBT – HGs are discussing how jury votes will fall. Omarosa agrees that if America is voting they won’t get that vote.

8:50 PM BBT – Ross tells Marissa they have no choice but to go along with Mark and James. She says she won’t mind betraying those two later.

9:07 PM BBT – Mark and Ross talk about Omarosa saying she could put Metta up if he wants to go home. They don’t believe her. Mark says they need to make sure he’s (Ross) safe this week.

9:12 PM BBT – Marissa tells Ari that getting Metta out this round might be their only hope. Ross says Omarosa just said that if Metta wants to go and everyone agrees on it, she could put him up.

9:45 PM BBT – Omarosa advises Ari to start making deals to keep herself safe. She tells Ari that she’s too close with Brandi and needs to start looking out for herself so she’s not pulled down with Brandi too. Omarosa lets Ari know that Marissa will be going up if the Veto is used. She wants Ari to tell her Brandi’s target for eviction between Ross and Marissa. Ari says Brandi would keep Ross.

10:35 PM BBT – Ross and Marissa wonder if James is America’s Player. She thinks James got nervous when she questioned him on that. Marissa thinks that’s why he would have wanted to align with the two of them. Ross thinks James would have to be doing weirder things if he was AP.

11:00 PM BBT – Ross promises Ari he’s always been true to her, but warns her at a certain point they will have to start playing against each other, but he always wants to be her friend.

11:35 PM BBT – Omarosa tells Marissa and then Ari that the house wants Brandi out. She warns Ari that Ross has a deal with the guys so Ari is about to be stranded when they vote out Brandi. She offers Ari to join her and Metta for a group of three.

11:50 PM BBT – Metta and Omarosa agree that they need to get Ross out. She lets Metta know that no matter who comes down, Marissa goes up. Omarosa warns Metta they would be outnumbered if Brandi goes instead of Ross. She wants to make sure Metta doesn’t quit the game like he keeps trying since she needs his number. Omarosa promises Metta that she doesn’t have a F2 with Ari.

12:00 AM BBT – Metta says that he just needs to get into game mode and then he’ll be ready for the comp. Omarosa says she’ll throw the comp to him if she can.

12:10 AM BBT – Ari talks to Marissa and Ross about the votes between him and Brandi. Marissa says she can’t vote against Ross. Ross promises Ari he wouldn’t ask for her vote.

12:15 AM BBT – Ari asks Marissa if she has a deal with Mark and James. Marissa denies it.

12:20 AM BBT – Marissa panics and goes to Ross wondering how Ari knows. (Omarosa told Ari.) Ross tells Marissa to just say that she’ll have Ari’s back for as long as she can.

12:25 AM BBT – Ross lets Ari know that yes, he did ask for votes from James and Mark. He promises Ari that she wouldn’t be his target if he gets power next week.

12:50 AM BBT – Marissa promises Omarosa that Ross wouldn’t come after her. Omarosa thinks Ross would put her up if the twist allowed it, but Marissa says Ross would go after James instead.

1:00 AM BBT – Marissa says it would be a big achievement and help a HG win if they were the one to get James out.

1:10 AM BBT – Marissa asks who Omarosa would renom if Brandi came down. Omarosa lies and says it’d be Mark then they could vote out Mark. Marissa says then it’s 5 against 2 in the Veto comp.

1:30 AM BBT – Metta stays up while the other HGs go on to bed. A few minutes later he heads to sleep too.

Omarosa has set up a good game of back and forth here with her nominations and plans to renom, but with this Veto twist in the mix it’ll make things a lot more complicated. Hopefully, they’ll be scrambling to win in tonight’s live Veto comp and then we’ll see if there’s an unexpected turn by the end of the show.

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  1. I am so surprised I have actually enjoyed this in spite of Awfulessa being on there. I stand behind though if Frankie ever comes back I’m not watching. Hope they do a short season again.

  2. Seems strange that Metta keeps trying to “escape” the house. Do they REALLY not let them out if they really want to go? They lock them in? I assume if he really said, “let me out of here” they would do it, right?!? They might try to talk him out of leaving, but they can’t force him to stay. It must be that he’s just having fun trying to break out of there on his own, without asking production to let him leave. What a kook.

    • Don’t think he gets a cheque if he goes over the hill, or as BB puts it ” breaks the bubble ” . Rumor has it MWP made it out on the street, wonder how big that bubble is . Think BB house may be more like torture than the HGs expect

  3. Tonight’s the big night and I’m hoping that either Ross or Marissa goes home, especially after watching BBAD last night.

    Marissa suddenly developed a bad case of paranoia while they were all sitting outside and decided that James was America’s Player. James turned a deep shade of red when accused which apparently pushed Marissa over the deep end as she went screaming through the house that James was America’s Player.

    I muted the TV until she finished going berzerk but it took a full 5 minutes it seemed before she stopped screeching. Then she corners Ross in the bedroom trying to convince him that James is AP. It was obvious that Ross disagreed but only humored Merissa until sanity returned.

    So tonight I’m hoping Marissa leaves.

    I don’t understand why James and Mark think it’s a good idea to make a final 4 with Ross and Marissa either. They probably don’t think they can trust Omarosa and I can see their POV.
    If I were James I wouldn’t have appreciated Marissa baying at the moon accusing him of being AP.

    • I don’t understand how no one in the house sees the 4 as a threat they keep talking about Ross and Marissa and Brandi and ari as pairs but they are really a group that is way more powerful and dangerous than Shannon and james, no idea why they keep saying james is second biggest threat after shannon

      • I’ve wondered about their ‘fear’ of James too since he seems to be fairly quiet and not constantly making deals and alliances all over the house like Ross. James is young and muscular so maybe they consider him a threat in comps is the only reason I can think of.

        Don’t understand this alliance with Ross and Marissa at all but after tonight’s episode we’ll probably see yet another realignment. Sure hope we don’t lose James though.

    • Her behavior is so petty and seems to be escalating. BBAD is awful too because she never shuts up, and the other night she just had to get more digs in about Shannon.

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