CBS Says Big Brother 15 In Summer 2013

It’s official, Big Brother viewers! CBS has put out the confirmation that yes, our favorite reality series will return in the summer of 2013 for Big Brother 15.

Despite competing with the Olympics and early arriving fall seasons Big Brother was able to pull in impressive ratings and earn CBS’ interest in another run next year.

BIG BROTHER, the summer reality hit, has been renewed for its 15th edition, to be broadcast next summer on the CBS Television Network.

Since premiering on CBS in the summer of 2000, BIG BROTHER has consistently finished among the summer’s top-rated series in young demographics. This summer’s edition is averaging 6.79 million viewers, 2.5/08 in adults 18-49, 3.0/08 in adults 25-54 and 1.7/06 in adults 18-34.

We’ll have Big Brother 15 application details posted shortly so get ready to apply if you’re daring enough and think you can keep us entertained next summer.

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Source: CBS press release


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    • Give her a break already, shows over. She wasn’t my favorite, but she doesn’t deserve all the cruel remarks. This is a hard game, we have NO idea how we would play. She does have beautiful hair.

      • guest am at LAX heading back to home in st louis last night was so much fun went to big brother after party danielle for a 100% fact was not the same women in the house what such a sweetheart never meet such a nice beauitful women inside and out maybe thats why she got played by dan he saw she was too nice and used that to his advantage game wise bb and cbs made danielle out too be a bitch which she truley is not now on the other hand bb and cbs made janelle out to be a nice person but what a total bitch janelle is a bitch in real life dan is also cool its a game people shane cool also and danielle and shane are actually dating they said that even if it did not work out they will still be great friends he is a house flipper and she is a nurshe. nurshes work long hard hours and are on call sometimes so she could get ready for a date and get a call we need you in today so danielle would have to leave shane i think they are good together but it wont work out because of her job it wont be because of anything but that i have pictures of me with them also i meet kara what a hotty and also very much a sweetheart

      • thx for letting us all know how your experience was. Good for u that’s awesome you got to go and experience that…

      • Danielle is and always will be a B*****, her nasty evil heart definitely came through during this season. NO MORE Dumbass again, she was CLUELESS, couldn’t think for herself at all! Wonder if Dan ever sold her that beach front property in AZ…….LMAO

  1. If any BB producers reading this, these are the things NOT to do next season: no returning HGs, no Jessie, nobody with the last name Hantz, no Pandora’s Box (was a bust this year, although if you put something really good in it then you will be accused of favortism), no looking for HGs on the internet (plenty will come to you with knowledge of the game), come up with some different comps (tired of seeing same old comps and HGs know they are coming). These are only a few. Any other suggestions. Of course, you MUST bring back Julie Chen. Love, love, love her!

    • I loved Willie. I wish they would let him come back; how awesome would that be? He was my favorite coming into the house and I was actually rooting for the guy, for those 2 and a half weeks he was there lol.

      BUT YESSSSSS. It’s beyond pathetic that HGs are able to identify which competitions are coming up. We all know its endurance & mental every other week, with a competition based on pure luck somewhere in the beginning. Like what the hell LOL. They definitely do need to switch things up. They should spend 5 hrs on HoH Lockdown, to trick them into thinking its an endurance when its not, or have an Endurance back to back or something. It’s annoying having the HGs practice for a competition they absolutely know is next, because it’s been that way for the past 13 seasons. Switch it up BB!

      • While I thought Willie was interesting, they MUST enforce the no violence policy, anyone guilty of violence can never come back. If they let someone guilty of violence in the past come back and it happened again they would have their rear ends sued off.

      • ED did way worse things than a head butt. He practically harassed the entire house (pouring tea on Jen’s head, etc.) and they not only let him stay, but gave him the win. BB chooses to do what they feel will be right in terms of the direction that they want the game to go..

    • If any BB producers are reading this, then I ask….ONE? One All-Star season in 14 years?? Have a back to basics next year and All-Stars for the 16th.

    • Hantz was not even given a chance because of his brothers rep so bring him back I want to see what he could actually do Just because his brother was a jerk in survivor dose not mean he would be even if he was it would bring more intrest to the table Hantz was cheated and set up After the first week or two I had lost intrest because all the strong interesting competiters were out I’m only18 but I want to compete next year so bad
      I wish the age limit was 18 instead of 21

    • DON’T bring back Julie Chen, she is SOOOOO annoying…. and adds nothing to the show…. she is useless. Listen up CBS, select someone to host the show who isn’t so much of a “wooden” teleprompt reader.

  2. I think Big Brother should do a season where they bring back house guests who were voted out in the first couple of weeks.

    • The sad part is they don’t know BB history. When Danielle asked if “Dr. Will was good at comps or something”…I almost broke the t.v.

  3. Ideas for next season)

    a) either bring back NO former houseguests OR have a redemption season where houseguests that were voted out early come back for another try (better in a few seasons, too many returning houseguests the last seasons)

    b) NO JESSIE

    c) All Big Brother fans

    d) britney is in the house, not to play, but just to give her thoughts on the houseguests in the dr

    • NO BRITNEY. She’s the most hypocritical person I’ve ever seen. Sick of seeing and hearing that girl. She pissed me of as a coach and it’s been downhill ever since then. Her attitude is disgusting. No more past house guests for a while, unless it’s redemption (Would absolutely love to see Cassie and Dominic back) I agree with No Jessie.

    • I think a redemption season would be fine for next season, so long as it’s kept to people who were out within the first two weeks (or even the first week). To be honest we probably wouldn’t even remember most of them anyway, so it would still feel like a season of new HGs.

  4. Next year i would like to see all new people. But for a future season, they can do a twist where promising players who were sent home before jury, return; like jodi, dominic (season 13), alex ( big brother 9), etc.


  6. 15th season. Amazing run. Oh, and to all the whiners each year saying “this is rigged and I’m done watching”…There will be a 16th year too.

  7. If its returning HGs then all the HGs should be from past seasons. No newbie mixed with vet nonsense. All-stars with all 14 winners or redemption if you’re gonna bring people back

  8. Just watched Ian, Dan and Danielle on “THE TALK” Cheryl one of the hosts and a rather large woman, hugged Ian for an uncomfortably long amount of time. Ian who looked very tired, probably hasn’t slept all night, was looking like will someone please get this woman off me.

  9. For next season…. for the love of god…… keep the Sexy Model girl in the house for longer than the first week.

    Anytime there is some bikini model or playboy model …etc they always get voted out the first week……. Would like to see them stay in longer just for the eye candy.

  10. I read above where the jury got a “F” for their votes. I totally disagree with that. I believe they voted perfect!!! Had Dan left the BIBLE out of his antics then maybe we could have had a different outcome!!! The fact that he SWORE on his WIFE and BELOVED GRANDFATHER ( I believe he has passed on) AND MARRIAGE that was BLESSED by GOD was bad enough and he will have to deal with his FAMILY when he gets home, but to swear on the HOLY BIBLE game or not is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!. Dan has the capabilites of swaying votes and peoples opinions without bringing the Bible into it! Just look at what he did to Danielle. She believed in him from day one! She was in his ‘mist’ as they say, under his SPELL! When she sees the feeds she will be horrified how he took her and USED her the ENTIRE game. I think Dan had MOST of us Believing that he truely cared about her until half way through the game. Then when he came out in the DR I think it was after his Mock Funeral and started talking about “whats good for me and my family” we knew he was only out for DAN. AGAIN he could have persuaded ANYONE to follow what he wanted and needed them to do. He did not NEED to commit BLASPHEME! HE JUST DIDN’T TRUST HIS OWN ABILITIES!!!

    • Look the jury voted on personal if you want personal go watch the next bachelor because big brother is a bout competitive play and how you play the game not whose feelings get hurt along the way that can be amended later and the whole swearing on the bible should not count him out of a vote if you did not like it then i’m srry but he probably meant every word of it

  11. No more has been’s. Dan played a game just like Russel in Survivor. His lies cost him in the end when it really counted. Sure he played the best game but in the wrong way. I agree with the no Jesse crowd. The dude makes the Miz seem tolerable.

    • Dan only dose what he has to to stay in the game so and if he screws someone over he repays them big time

  12. Did they have any REAL LUXURY comps. this year? Usually when they get down to a few people they 6 or less they give away some nice clothes and stuff and this years players really could have used a new wardrobe!!! MOST ALL could have….lol!!!

  13. Think Season 15 time for new blood and just all new people and 16 bring back the players like Kara.who left 2 soon. Or have a season of Vets for revenge. Jmo

    • Go to youtube and search there for the term Big Brother – Backyard Interview: and type in the name of the person you want to see like Backyard interview: Ian

      • Cool glad that worked for you, for some reason they don’t come up with just backyard interview. Matt posted a link earlier but if I had given the link you would have had to wait for my post to be approved. Who knows how long that might have taken.

  14. Loved Ian’s “Strategy Plan” note that was taken away from him during his kidnapping. I gained even more respect for the kid. He had his plan and executed it well.

  15. The only house-guest I want to see returning is Jodi. That twist was unnecessary and mean.

    Imagine if the twist never happen. The coaches might not of entered the game!

  16. season 15 should be a second chance bigbrother meaning they get every body who was voted out first and let them back in to see if they can redeem thereselves what do you think?

  17. For those that say Ian didn’t deserve to win, here are a few of the records that Ian set.
    Ian was the first person in Big Brother history to open Pandora’s Box twice Ian is the youngest person ever to win Big Brother.
    Ian is tied with for most HOH wins in a season with four
    He is also the first person to win four HOH’s in a row.

    Ian is the second new player (and first male) to win in a season where there are returning House Guests.Dan was the most entertaining person on the show, but winning votes is what counts and Ian did that six to one.

  18. just want to say its been great chatting with all of you this year look forward to this again next year.I hope its all new players and no return players getting old. I hope the next group learned from this group that its a game and the jury should vote on who played the best game.This year they all voted on personal events against them.I was really surprise that brit didnt see that after all her talk about dan being the best.I really believe dan should of won.I think ian acted like a spoiled brat when dan was making his speach and way to go jeanelle for outing daniell about her lieing.That girl is in for a root of wakening when she reads all these comments.Well till next year take care

  19. They should bring all the houseguests from Season 1. They haven’t played the REAL game of Big Brother before except for Chicken George (He was on All-Stars).

  20. The only former houseguests I don’t mind returning are the ones from season 1 except for Chicken George. They never had the chance to play the NEW game of Big Brother. The only one that had the chance was Chicken George. That’s why I don’t want him to return, but they should give the rest of the BB1 cast shot.

  21. how bout a teen big brother only a few old house huest can come back n drop of surprizes not to play so they want be in the way of newbies that way if one of newbie wins people on the polls cant be like he or she dont need to win they won before

  22. Kinda echoing everyone’s comments here but would love to see a season of people voted out early. Jodi must come back! Can’t wait to apply for big brother in 4 years!

    A)another all star season but in teams- team 1- pre first all stars season – team 2 – post all stars season
    B)have house pets kitten or puppy
    C)have a jukebox in the house for the house guest can listen to music when ever they want
    D)have some one who can talk in the Dr but will not speak directly to the other houseguests

  24. New HG’s only or max 4 old school the rest new. I didn’t mind the coach format but I knew it would go free for all because the game cannot be coached as we seen Danielle follow Dan’s lead all the way to her removal which was sad to watch because she thought her poo didn’t stink and she got the surprise lol but no play on her part, strictly puppet style. Difference between coaching and puppeteering which Janelle tried but they went mutiny on her rear. Should make it the way it sbould be where you learn to play as you go along, learn from mistakes and hope you have a chance to do that. I just don’t want to see people who went 50 days or so on a past show. Early evicts could work but you still need new blood and personalities to purify the spirit of the show. The hope of being a cast member being taken away will lose a lot of people. That’s part of the thrill of the show.

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