CBS Says Big Brother 13 In Summer 2011

It’s official, Big Brother fans! CBS has renewed its commitment to the best reality series with Big Brother 13 scheduled to air in the summer of 2011!

Big Brother to sizzle again in Summer 2011.

Big Brother, the perennial summer reality hit, will return for its 13th edition next summer on the CBS Television Network.

“Big Brother is our summer hero,” said Jennifer Bresnan, executive vice president, alternative programming, CBS Entertainment. “Every year, our producers deliver innovative twists and turns, consistently evolving this proven franchise and engaging one of the most loyal and interactive fan bases on television and online.”

After excellent ratings pushed Big Brother above and beyond previous seasons it should come as no surprise that CBS wants to see Big Brother 13 next summer. Now if they could just move it up to this winter we’d be all set!

Keep checking back for the any-day-now Big Brother 13 application details.

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Source: CBS press release


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  1. and now the wait starts. i cant wait to see it. like as soon as tomaro hits when there is no more BB, ima be sad. yes i have NFL, but damn i love BB. not more than NFL though.

    iam really pumped. and i hope they let jessie continue his streak. i cant wait for the twist. they have to do something with the theme of unlucky or something u knoe. season 13.

    maybe a new house? who knows.


    • i wish they would do it during winter, but u cant get alot of cast members because nobody can take off work in the winter for 3 months usually.

      • I am sure they can get people do go one in the winter. Most people don’t take 3 months off in the summer either lol.

  2. Yay!!!!! I’m guessing Allison and the rest of production are gonna come up with a great BB13 full of new things after this seasons let downs.

  3. Matt from BBN: are you going to post something about THAT CRAZY BRITNEY’S HOUSE STORY that came out today? It’s getting to be more and more legitimate – there’s even a picture now…

      • Were there new developments or something? It sucks for Nick and Brit, but a house having $50K of fire damage some 1.5K miles away from BB isn’t terribly relevant to the game.

        Now, if a red-head arsonist was spotted earlier in the evening threatening the house not to come between her and her man, well then, that’d be a crazy BB story.

      • LOL Matt (BBN) now that would be a hoot if Big Red was somehow involved. Now watch the story will take a life of its own and THAT will be told and told…..

      • OMGosh Trish… Rach with her Vegas connections put out a hit on Brit’s house. Damn… can this get any stranger.

        She was probably just trying to burn up all of Brit’s mean-girl clothes & shoes, fishing/hunting gear.

  4. If they had a winter season it would run from janurary – march i mean who would want to be gone in november and december?

    • Big Brother 9 was the first (and so far only) winter season for BBUS. It ran from Feb to April in 2008. That would fit well for a mid-season pick-up/replacement.

      • I really wish they would have a Winter version of the show. I live in Los Angeles. I’ve attempted 6 auditions with no results and now I’m a 45 year old woman. I’d love my shot to be on the show BIG TIME before they consider me too old to play.

      • Kristy-Jean. My Name is Nora Humphrey I live in Marana AZ And I’m 34 and going to try out for the show I’m A Big big big fan

  5. Thank you, Enzo, for a wonderful summer. Your formation of the Brigade ensured that the Regan/Matt/Brit’s of the cast would not be able to float to the finals this year. Thus, the big prizes went to good people. Can’t wait to see you again on All-Stars.
    Personally, to me, it’s greatness :)

  6. So glad that they are airing another season!!!:) I do agree they should have a winter show so the wait would not be as long.. But on the other hand it starts in july and we are in september, with the seasons length the wait isn’t so long!!!!Go Big Brother 13

  7. Looking forward to the new season! Thank you, cast and crew for an adventurous summer, despite the fact that it was my first time watching a full season.

  8. “Every year, our producers deliver innovative twists and turns, consistently evolving this proven franchise and engaging one of the most loyal and interactive fan bases on television and online.”
    Hahahahahahaha, oh wow.

    I don’t think “innovative” is the right word. Neither is “evolving”. Or “engaging”.

    I’m sure they’ll be able to create a season better than BB12, but that’s not saying a lot.
    Or, somehow, they could end up creating something worse.

    We’ll see.

  9. “Every year, our producers deliver innovative twists and turns, consistently evolving this proven franchise and engaging one of the most loyal and interactive fan bases on television and online.”
    Hahahahahahaha, oh wow.

    I don’t think “innovative” is the right word. Neither is “evolving”. Or “engaging”.

    I’m sure they’ll be able to create a season better than BB12, but that’s not saying a lot.
    Or, somehow, they could end up creating something worse- wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

    We shall see.

  10. I thought this show was live but a couple weeks ago, someone said they seen the finale and told her won…I’m hoping it was a lie?

  11. I am so happy that Big Brother will be back next summer. I think it will be 10 more month til Big Brother will be back on again. Guess i will watch the new fall tv show that will be on next week. This is my first season on this forum, thank you so much Matt for this Big Brother forum, I will be back next summer.

  12. i hope BB does something next year for the last 3 weeks or so because it was so boring i stopped watching it
    who wants to pay money for showtime to watch them sleep? they even said we are on ST but wanted to go to bed they sleep all day and nite
    and you pay them

  13. I wish they would do another All-Star BB! As long as RACHEL is NOT in the house. That would ruin the whole season!!!!!!!!!

  14. Does anyone else besides me feel they should bring back the food and luxory competitions? I loved when they went into the house with nothing and they had to compete to win excercise equipment of use of the pool. They really need to do something…

  15. This goes out to MATT BBN!

    Matt, I just want to take this moment to say thank you for all ur hard work, devotion, and time spent doing The Big Brother Network for all us die hard fans at here. Its a nice thing to come home from a long day of teaching preschoolers and get ur update emails. Don’t get me wrong I love all ur blogs but BB holds a special place in my heart, for it was my first blog I ever signed up for. I love all the characters that give feed back. Some I love and some I love to hate. No names tonight. So again, Matt, a BIG thank you for a job well done.

    Ps. If I don’t win Captain koshers signed t shirt I hunt u down a rip one right off ur back. Hey u did say threats were welcomed. JK but really I haven’t won anything yet and I Andrew was my fav. He was so corny and strange just being himself. Kudos to him for not changing who he really was.
    Can’t wait to get my teeth into Survivor.

  16. I heard this show is the most profitable reality show on TV – if it’s so profitable, why wouldn’t you air another season?


  17. I posted a forum about bb in the winter. I thought it was a great idea several weeks ago and still think it’s a great idea. It’s official season 13 is set for summer 2011. So now I think I want bb 12.5 winter edition. Just the name alone should give the producers a few ideas. Hint hint, you did get the best raitings ever :)

  18. Hey CBS, since you just answered question 22 Ross P. about BB being profitable could you please answer me about age factor on BB. Survivor has 60 and above year olds what about Big Brother?

    • Patty I don’t think there is an age reqirement other than you have to be over the age of 21. If I’m not mistaken. You do have to be able to pass a physical. So if you can do that no matter the age, don’t let it stop you. Even if you don’t think you could pass the physical, try anyways:) you might just surprise yourself :)

      • Hey CBS, since you just answered question Nora Humphrey about BB being profitable could you please answer me about age factor on BB. Survivor has 60 and above year olds what about Big Brother? When will I get to see if i get pick for BB 13? Please let me know. Thank you for your time. Nora Humphrey

      • Big brother had 75 year old one time
        I trying out again this year but I waiting a little while to send in tape to yearly.

    • Hey Kristi, Thanks for the response. I am sure I can pass the physical but you never see any 50 year olds on BB. Ud old folk can be just as backstabbing and funny as the young ‘uns. I would love to have a chance. I have been looking for the application since Wednesday but I can’t find it. I’m fro Indiana and was wondering if anyone knows if open casting sessions are better than just sending in an application?
      How do I find out about open casting and/or find the application?

      • Kristi, I just found the application and printed it off. I am going to apply but like I said I am 56. Don’t know if I even have a chance to be looked at but I am going to take it. I love Big Brother like everyone else on this site.

      • I am going to try out I am 53 and they had a 75 year old so I dont think it does not matteras long you can do the physial.Plus all comps are not physial some are mental. Also they had a Renny she is 53 years old. I sent in my application and tape last year. I also went to the casting call. The application is on

  19. Hi Matt, Nice to meet you. My first contact with anyone at BB. Being a huge fan I agree that a winter showing would be great. Has anyone thought of doing a segment with an older crowd of HGs? Retired persons are off all year long and it might justs be a real hoot to see that seniors can be just as manipulative, gossipy(a word?), back-stabbing, and creative at the younger set. Who knows … I bet a showmanse might even be a bigger hoot than Brenchal!! I can hear the younger ones laughing their little arses off now at this suggestion, but who do they think taught them everything that they know? LOL They might still learn a thing or two after a season of BB Seniors going at it! Many thanks and keep up the good work.

  20. Please do a winter BB, I miss it already, glued to shows, after dark and live feeds……
    Ready to start another season, ready for BB13, come on now, it would rock CBS over the top in ratings.

  21. I think an older person showmance (sp) would be a hoot. I wonder how the older ones would act. I am an older one and I would die laughing watching an older showmance. I am losing weight, getting in shape, and doing everything possible to even get looked at by CBS. I am hoping they are able to whip up a bb12.5 the winter season like Kristie recommended.

    • PattiD good luck, I’ll be rooting for you I’m going to be 60 the day after Xmas and I been told I look like I’m only 38. I think you can do what every you feel is in your heart. I’m sure this has been a thought in CBS mind. Let’s hope they give it a try! We need a good show and I think if you put Senior’s in there everyone would tune in just for the laugh’s and the showmance. I hope they pick you Lot’s of Luck.

      • Gee whiz- no has ever told me I only looked 38 – even when I was 38!!! I’ll be 57 soon and I look 57-Although, I feel younger sometimes. I am just an old country girl- I don’t dress in fancy dresses- I just wear jeans and t-shirts -no low cut booby shirts and my other things are all covered also – Although, I think I am pretty witty – I know I can be just as funny as those kids have been on the last few BB’s– If CBS took a look at me, I wouldn’t be too much of a terminal disappointment.

      • Patti D: your as young as you feel, always remember that. I am a jean girl myself from the city. I like to dress young and I do not wear a lot of make-up. I’m Italian and I have a nice complexion. But I just think I could not do BB. I wish you all the luck in the world and like I said I hope they pick you and I will be rooting for you.

  22. Yea Patti D, I wish I could go in the BB house too, I’m a YOUNG 58yr old, LOL Good Luck To You, I hope you get picked !!! :)

    • Thanks Clare Ann!! I am going to apply – I’ll be 57 when they finally come around to do the picking- Let’s see what CBS decides to do this year – Us ole’ folk need some fun also. I agree with Philly Princess Jo-You are only as young as you feel- of course some days I feel like I am 90- hahaha

  23. This was by far one of the best shows I had seen in a will. If there was a way I could get on this show I would be there in a min……. My family and I watch this every week together and were able to use as family night 3 days out of the week now that was the beast my house so if anyone know a way to get on this show let me know I would be doing for my kids ………………

    • tony moser: at the top of the page they announced they will be taking application’s soon. Just keep checking on line and good luck buddy. Do it!!!!

  24. If you all would take a moment and think back, there won’t really any physical competitions that people are age couldn’t have handled. So keep on trying and hope to see on BB

    • Hey Chris I’m thinking you and Rico, Clare and Trish should all try out. Then we would get to see you. And cheer you on in front of our t.v.’s and computer’s next season. lol

  25. I have not missed any season of BB , so having to wait til summer really seems like forever! I am going to try out this season and who knows maybe they will give me an interview at least. I am southern with that humor they love! My age is not an issue, not young but not old either and every comp this past season I could have participated in. So CBS if u read this I will be sending in my app. and tape, and please give a nice, but unpredictable lady a chance! u will be glad u did and please have a winter season!!!!

  26. Hi,Does anyone know when Big Brother typicaly calls for second and third round interviews?? I am a student and classes end at the begining of June. Thanks :)

  27. I think it would be incredible and very funny if you had a BBB (Black Big Brother) house. Maybe have a dance contest. Have funny people – comedians. Young and goodlooking. I think you should go back to PB&J. I can’t imagine how slop taste – but it looks gross. I hope you copnsider this. I am very serious. Thank you.

  28. Hi,Does anyone know when Big Brother typicaly calls for second and third round interviews?? I am a student and classes end at the begining of June. Thanks :)

  29. i luv big brother and i hope it comes soon i love jefff and joirdan and britney and reagen but i hate litttle miss aint no one gonna steal my man ya hearr i hate get her offf the air and wuts with the brigade sending britney home and lane not winnnning i hate rachel on this season umm……….. yeah i hate rachel and my mom wants 2 b on buig brother but i dont know how to get her on it that sucks lovr big brother me 2 lol biey

    • LOVE JEFF AND JORDAN! I soooo hope they bring them back on the show. But (BB) if you bring Red Head and her man back i will NOT watch that eppisode. Good luck to your mom to getting a spot on the show.

  30. Why dont they do a winter BB with 50 and older. It would be a wonderful season to watch. *-*

    • Me too! Cant wait until July. So Anxious. Com’n Big Brother lets get the ball rolling. lol he he

  31. I love Big Brother and was told many many times I would be perfact for the show. Why I think and many others think I’m perfaCT FOR BB , well let me tell you I have a natural high about life and everytning in life. I all so know how to keep things going. Like a party or just haven things to do around a house. EVERYONE has a kid inside of them ,but lost it deep inside of them as they aged. Well the kid is alive in me .I show it acked it and I’m like a big kid sometimes. I do know when it is the wroung times to act up. I’m naturally nutty. There is times I can be two much like a mother hen. Also I have i big mouth. My mouth goes on on on on . It is very loud too. Bad words come out of it alot. Big Brother 12 mI was in chat room 1and they all said in the chat room I be great in the house. I speack my mined allthe time. Sometimes I can hold back from saying things , but not all the time. My grandkids love me so so so much ,because they say I’m fun to be with.

    • Yes, i remember you now. My screen name is EagleHeart. I roamed in Chat1,3 and 9. Did you try out for BB?

  32. I want to know he EXACT date. I am a BB BIG FAN <3 


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