CBS Says Big Brother 12 In Summer 2010

It’s official, Big Brother fans! CBS has renewed its commitment to the best reality series with Big Brother 12 scheduled to air in the summer of 2010!

CBS is already making plans for Big Brother 12. The network announced today it has ordered another edition of the hit reality series for broadcast in the summer 2010.

The three-times-a-week series has once again turned into a summer sensation, growing its audience both on-air and online for the CBS Television Network and CBS Interactive platforms.

After incredible ratings pushed Big Brother above and beyond previous years it should come as no surprise that CBS wants to see Big Brother 12 next summer. Now if they could just move it up to this winter! Apply now for Big Brother 12!

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Source: CBS press release


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    • I totally agree! I loved it when the writers were on strike and we got an extra Big Brother. lol

  1. I absolutely LOVE watching Big Brother…but I REALLY wish that CBS would consider a Winter edition….after all, it would be fun to look forward to when we are all basically stuck indoors during the long Winter months…in fact, it almost makes more sense than in the summer, if you really think about it…what with more people staying in to watch TV…so, CBS, if you are seeing this, how about considering airing BB TWICE a year??? I know a TON of people that would be watching!!!

  2. I find it much harder to watch in the winter. I am busy watching shows like NSI. Summer there is nothing on TV in the dinner hour so why change a good thing.

  3. please bb give us bb fans a winter of bb you did it once why not again it’s such a long time in between bb come on if survivor can why can’t you.

  4. Thats thing, itsa little odd to me, were gonna have to wait a full year.

    Ususally we get 2. Maybe CBS or sum other network is going to have a “good” show preimere, or just be in its timeslot.

    I cant belive it all ends tomaro. Im so sad.

    This season has been great.


    the reason there moving it to summer is because companies are prolly more prowne to let their workers take off 3 months in summer than winter.

    Anyway like i said i cant belive it all ends tomaro, this has been one of the best seasons, and my mouth is waterting thinking of the next.

    DOES ANYONE know were i can find dvd’s of past seasons?


  5. I bet it takes that much time to recuperate from one season to the next. I know it takes me time to decompress from all the emotional stress of just watching. I think survivor can show their season at anytime of the year since it’s not a live situation. Love BB, hate for it to come to an end.

  6. @Marcus: Unfortunately we don’t usually get 2 per year. That’s only happened once with BB9 last spring and BB10 later that summer. The other nine seasons have been once a year.

    I think what keeps us back from getting the 2x/year option is BB9’s ratings which weren’t very good and didn’t encourage CBS to repeat the event. Maybe they’ll try again before too long.

  7. Hey Marcus. Just read all of the bashing you took on the boards last night. Don’t let the BS get you down. They bash me all of the time, and I just ignore. Don’t have anything mean to say about “Squirrel Girl” today, cause BBAD was so boring last night that I feel asleep. Will be going on a business trip tonight, so it’s been fun you guys. I know that ya’ll will miss my informative information about “Squirrel Girl”.Marcus, you need to pick up the slack.
    Go Natalie and Kevin. See you guys on the other side.

  8. I awoke last night to watch a little bit on BBAD and I saw Kevin talking to Jordon in a dilema about tell Nat he is going to take Jordan strictly for game reasons….Is he crazy? Why would he tell her, she would probably give him a Judo chop. Was I mistaken?

  9. Sparkle

    don;t kow if you are going for J/K, but it would be a good idea to tell jordon so that she can know about the lies that Nata-LIE started and just to make sure that they are on the same page..

    I watched BBAD last night from the begining and they were given a 3pc craft set and Kevin did a plate, Nas-t-lie had a cup & Jordo had the bowl…Nas-t-lie didn’t even do her own dam* drawing. She asked Jordon to make a design for her w/BB 11, engagement date and her & the B/F name on the cup…she sat in the hot tub the whole time looking pathetic!!!REALLY does she do ANYTHING. Dead weight!!..she doesn;t deserve to breathe the air we are breathing…hate her

  10. I heard them say something like “you saw her blow up earlier, how do you think she will react to that?” Something about her getting mad at Kevin earlier, and when I saw Natalie she did not look to happy.

  11. I enjoy BB in the summer because the normal shows are all on hiatus and it gives me something to watch. Remember, there were 2 BBs in one year only due to the writers strike – CBS needed something to fill time slots. But normally, BB is a summer show and I doubt CBS would switch it or add another winter version. They are the #1 network and a big portion of their shows are hits so they wouldn’t move anything. Survivor and The Amazing Race have their time slots and that’s it. I would love to see another All-Stars though. Don’t know how high the probability of that is in the near future. I’d also like to see more diverse HGs next year (a better mix of backgrounds, ages and races).

  12. Oh how i wish it were on twice a year. The Amazing Race is on how many times? It is hard to think of not seeing this show again for a year. : (
    gimme more big brother!!!!

  13. I have way too many shows to watch in the winter for BB! I’m sure CBS knows if we had to choose between BB and other shows they would lose!

  14. CBS is missing out on a great opportunity to take advantage of the jury house contestants. They should have cameras there and live feeds as well and include them in the show like on Sundays. Couldn’t America vote a jury house member back in as a final 3 member to go to the finale. Then it is strategic on both ends of the game both inside the Big Brother house and the Jury House.

  15. After reading some postings, I think this page could use a spell checker. I cannot stand another minute of Ratalie; let us have Jordan win this thing already, so we can put an end to it.


  16. I think showing big brother in the winter would increase it’s over all ratings, because it keeps the show fresh and on everybody’s minds.

  17. @ Blackgirl… WUZ UP? This is the worst ending in reality tv history…. BB / CBS Should plan to have the final eviction the Sunday night prior to the 2 hour finale, so we the viewers can see the reactions on the other JH members as the last Jury member enters followed by the JH interviewing the Final 2. I hope they will fix the mental error with the crap of a show they had viewers watch yesterday.

  18. Haven’t watch BB/BBAD since Michelle left. Won’t lie and say I won’t watch BB12, cuz unfortunately I do like this show. However sure hope CBS/AG/BB producers do a better job in choosing the HG’s. Chking the websites for updates, Hope Kevin/Jordan final 2, and Kevin wins $500K. Jordan really didn’t do anything. But as long as Gnat doesn’t win any monies, I shud be happy.

  19. P.S. Someone pls tell me if Kevin/Jordan made a deal for final 2..if so does Gnat know? Does it look like Kevin/Jordan will keep it, or does Jordan still think Gnat is her friend?

  20. nah, what makes BB so great and fun is that it is ONCE a year. We have something to look forward to and cannot get burnt out on it. Just look at how horrible season 9 was with their rush casting for the winter season due to the writers strike. it was the worst cast and season ever. BB needs to keep it only once a year in the summer, with plenty of time to cast. They do need to stop recruiting people who dont know the show IMO.

  21. I do agree….winter time BB would be awesome, just like the Amazing Race does. Yes, there are new shows on in the winter but only for a few months. There is a 3 month winter break when we’re all watching reruns of the winter shows until new shows start up again in Feb. Would be strange to see the house guest in sweats and coats and not shorts and bikini’s.

    I sincerly hope that Jordan wins BB11. It would be nice for a change to see someone of good will towards people win and not liars and back stabbers win. CBS can count on the ratings shooting through the roof come Tuesday night!!! I’ll be curious to see the view count come Wednesday.

  22. @ Jackie M- Kevin and Jordo do have an agreement but are a little untrusting of each other. It makes sense because they don’t know the jury house hates Nat too now. It insures that win or lose in the final comp., they will get fifty thousand. They both think Nat has too many friends in the jury house and it would be stupid to take her to the final 2. They say they will tell her Tuesday.

  23. Taking Jordan to the final 2 is a better choice for Kevin now since Natalie only has minutes instead of days to turn the jury against him. Had she been evicted early like they thought, she had threatened to get the jury to vote for Jordan.

  24. @ Jckie M….. Kevin indirectly gave nat clues about taking Jordan due to the votes for natalie which left nat pissed off…. I think jordan / Kevin would do better taking nat, but they don’t know what we do. I think Kevin will beat Jordan or nat, but i am not confident Jordan will take kevin… Kevin needs to win to ensure his spot in the Final 2 tommorow!!!

  25. @Budman & Leo, thanks for the update. I hope Kevin tells Jordan abt not taking Gnat, so that Jordan will know that Gnat is lying when she tries to throw Kevin under the bus. I don’t like any of the 3 HG’s, however voting for Kevin, since Jordan is not the sweet innocent person she pretends to be, and thanks to her, stupid Jeff evicted Russell. Hope my girl Michelle wins America’s Fav, bottom line, I sure hope Gnat doesn’t win any monies.

  26. I’m glad it’s over. I am a BB fan through and through bt ready for these 3 to take a hike. Hopefully Jordo will win out of the three left. I am ready for Survivor and the Amazing Race to start.

  27. @Leo- Whats up! Missed you lately! I think Jordan will beat Kevin if they are in the final 2. We know she has Jeff, Michelle, America (due to the overwhelming poll numbers) and I think Russell will vote for her. He propably feels bad for calling her fat and the chest bump has likely been the source of several wet dreams. She might get Jessie’s vote also because he hated Kevin. They are likely all friends in the jury house now and Michelle and Jeff will be in there ears. I’ll be glad when it is all over.

  28. @ Jackie M…. Check out ok

    @ Budman…. No way… here is why…

    Jordan played a bigger role in Russell being backdoored and she admites it. natalie / Jeff / Michelle will comfirm this. I have no doubt Jeff will tell Russell about his convo with Kevin and how Michelle / Jordan confirmed they didn’t trust Russell either which made it that much easier for Jeff to BD Russ… Russ knows that jordan had the most influence over Jeff.

    Vote will gowith J/K Final 2

    *** Jordan

    – Jeff

    – America

    – Michelle

    *** Kevin

    – Jesse (Best game play)

    – Russell (he said he wanted kevin hense Lydia said Russ is his favorite – best game play vote)

    – Lydia – BFF

    – Natalie – If Jordan screws her

    *** Remember this is the same reason jesse / Russell would have voted for jeff which left Lydia in shock (Best game play)

  29. @ Everyone… Have a good day… BB is lame since it screwed up the schedule… I will be back tommorow for comments on the Finale… Check out all you Sruvivor Fans!!!

  30. Hope Kevin wins the $500k, but will be happy as long as Gnat doesn’t win any monies. Tired to vote, but website says vote done. Is that correct? As I said b4, this was the worst season of BB, the only thing I will miss is our “talking” to each other. God bless and keep all of you in his loving care.

  31. BB 12…woot woot!! I would love to be a HG in the BB house. I would cook breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday for all the houseguest. I would keep them fat and full. They would love my Mexican food dishes so much they’d keep me like they did Renny in BB 10….at least until I could make it in to the Jury House so I could cook some more for all of them. In the jury house I would give them all cooking lessons for fun. A gramma can dream can’t she…LOL!!

  32. Everyone is lying to each other about who they will take to the final 2, so it’s hard to tell the truth when you hear it. I agree that Jordan’s best choice for final 2 would be Nat. Jordan said that she convinced Jeff to back-door Russell, but if you watch the feeds and Showtime, then you know that Jeff fell for Kevin and Natalie’s “LML”… that ended up being the truth, because Michelle couldn’t told Jeff she thought it was true, but couldn’t remember everything they had talked about. I think the Jeff decided to back-door Russell because #1 – He voted to keep Jesse and #2 – Russell made a final 2 deal with Michelle. Jordan may have agreed, but she did not have that much control over what Jeff did. I loved Jeff, but he didn’t seem to understand that everyone has final 2 deals, which has nothing to do with a final 4 deal. But even if Jeff had stuck to the final 4 deal with Russell & Michelle, he would have had a hard time getting to the final 2, because everyone knew that America loved Jeff. I hope Jordan wins, because I definitely prefer her over the other two.

  33. Why does everyone think Kevin has the votes against Jordon?

    Michele = Jordon
    Jeff = Jordon
    Natalie if Kevin evicts her = Jordon
    America = Jordon

    Kevin does not need to know what we know to figure out those votes.
    Kevin better take Natalie to win and Jordon can’t take Natalie

    Kevin, Jessie, Russell and, yes, Lydia = Natalie. America’s vote will not count.

  34. Wish we didn’t have to wait a whole year for another BB show. Though I still watched this season, I thought this years was more of a dud, compaired to the past seasons. Now we have to wait till next summer???

  35. Kevin is practicing his jury speach and it sounds like he plans to take Jordan. Here is a summary. Kevin had three phases of the game – phase 1 – letting the stronger personalities like Jessie take themselves out. Phase 2 – lying to Jeff, back-stabbing Jeff, felt he had to because if he didn’t he would be going home next week. Phase 3 – winning comps to stay in the game – HOH POV and final HOH. Kevin points out that in the 14 comps Jordon and he have competed against each other in he has placed higher in 11 of them. Kevin is definitely basing his arguments against Jordan to the Jury. He also said… “I think I played a stronger and a more statigic game than Jordon has” … Kevin would like to have the honor of being the first LBGT (gay) winner. Said every competition he won he earned no one gave it to him (like Jeff did for Jordan). From this speach, he diffently appears to be making his plans to be against Jordon and is trying use the LBGT movement to get Michelle’s vote. Hopefully, Jordan will pick Nat for the final 2 if she wins part 3. Otherwise, Kevin could win!

  36. @ Donald #46…. You are right… If jordan takes natalie, she loses…. If Kevin takes natalie he loses…

    @ Donald… Email me, so I can get you set up as a moderator on ok?

  37. please everybody vote for Kevin he is the best player out of the three that are left.
    Jordan is a nice girl but she have not played the BB game she was carried by Jeff. please lets be fair. plus jordan does not need the money because she had enough money that in times were the economy is this hard she afford for a boobies job.

  38. @ 1is1me #50…. You are right, but these people would vote for a rock if they liked the rock enough… There is no reason for there votes for jordan other than she is the typical blode who liked their favorite HG Jeff!!!

  39. I think if we all vote by gameplay and be honest about it we would vote for kelvin and natatlie they did turn the game around in their favor. if jeff and jordan had’nt been so stupid to believe them and stuck with their f4 I do believe jeff would have still been there. Jordan does not deserve to even be in the f3. she has done nothing as for as gameplay if it were’nt for Jeff she would not even be there. I don’t like any of the f3 and don’t believe any of these 3 deserve the money. But as far as gameplay I would have to give my vote to kelvin and natatlie. Because that is part of the game, and everyone of the hg have had to lie. I just can’t give my vote to Jordan because america thinks she’s sweet or maybe they are just voting for her because they think she and jeff will continue a relationship outside of the house. I really don’t think Jeff would want america to vote for someone who had no gameplay. Even if it was a lie they turn the game in their favor. Even Jeff told russell that he would vote for machele if she made it to the end, because she actually had to play the game to stay. machele is no longer there. I do believe the jury house will vote kelvin if he goes to f2, with either one of them.

  40. leo you are right. they got sold for what CBS offered them. honestly Jeff and Jordan will never be together as a couple because Jeff is not interested in Jordan. he had no other option. if he was really interested in Jordan, he would promise her the trip. but he did not because he want a different girl. he is already in love with another girl ( upsss, I was not suppost to say this)

  41. m you are so right, Kevin and natalie changed the game by doing action things.while jordan and jeff changed the game because America gave them the power but not because they were good en enough to change the game. and look as soon as the cout power was gone they could not make it any further.

  42. @ 1is1me #54 & 55…. You are absolutely right… have you checked out my Survivor blog? If not, you should by going to ok? Have a good day!!!

  43. @1is1me…you are right about Kevin and Natalie changing the game, however, Jeff remained in the game for three more weeks after the coup d’etat. Michelle won the next HOH, followed by Jordan, and then Jeff. When Kevin won the following week, he got rid of Jeff. The actual control of the game for Kevin and Natalie came during Jeff’s HOH week…

  44. I think Kevin should tell Natalie. Their both really good friends, and close, so it would be so WRONG fro him to tell her.

    Plus for the most part he has been completly honest with her so yea.

    I mean she wont be able to do anything like change jury votes, so just tell her. She will get pissed, AS SHE SHOULD and throw bombs at u.

    I mean u did swear on ur man, and everything. But he should tell her. Anyone else dont but thats ur friend. and she saved u once and voted the way u wanted.

    If it was reversed u would want her to tell u.

    Anyway i am not so sure now that Natalie will go even if Jordan wins.

    Kevin is a guranteed locked against Natalie because he got Jef out.

    Natalie needs to make that point, to Jordan.

    Im still a fan even in these tough times. Its 4th quater and its 4th & 22 with no timeouts.


  45. @ Dan #57…. Jeff himself said to Jordan the week he was evicted and during interviews after he was evicted that he wouldn’t have been in the game that long without America’s gift (CDT)…. 1is1me is absolutely right whether you like it or not bro!!!

  46. @Leo…that wasn’t my point…I was reacting to the comment that after the coup d’etat power, they couldn’t go any further…which they did for about three more weeks. The Coup d’etat definitely changed the game for them…then Kevin and Natalie changed it back, against Jeff and Jordan. Check #55 again…

  47. @Leo…in fact Jeff and Jordan’s heavy-handed approach to power during that time, pretty much sealed Jeff’s fate in the game…

  48. I absolutely love this program. I am going to miss watching it this winter, but will be watching full force in the summer. I wish the live 3 hr show wasn’t on at midnight. If it started at 9pm to 12am that would be awesome!!

  49. Kevin did in fact tell PigPen that if he was to win the last HoH, he indeed would not be taking her. He told her yesterday around 4:30 pm BBT. She in turn put on a smile and seemed none the wiser. Truth be told, i believe she thinks Jordan will take her. I highly doubt that, considering some of the very lengthy conversations she’s had with Kevin. She’s also talked more with him than she has with Nasty. Besides, Nat’s comments have gotta be waring thin on Jordo, about all her friends in the house.

  50. A winter Big Brother would be a dream come true. So many people want it and are talking about it. Give the fans what they want ♥

  51. @ Mikey…. I hope Jordan is dumb enough to take Kevin…. keving will win with votes from

    Jesse (gameplay)
    Russel (gameplay)
    Lydia (BFF)
    Natalie (out of spite for Jordan screwing her)

    Who cares what Jeff / Michelle / America does

  52. I hope she takes Kevin, even if it doesn’t win her 500k. As long as Nat doesn’t make it. She SHOULD NOT be rewarded for being an awful human being. It’s one thing to lie and backstab, it’s part of the game. But, to do it in the manner she did, is down right wrong. She did it with this holier than thou attitude. Chima esque if you will. Very tasteless speeches and comments that were totally unacceptable. JUST UNACCEPTABLE. Truly horrible words from a just as horrible person. Michelle never bashed Nat once. Yet here’s Nat running POOP from the mouth, and talking out her ass. No money for Nat, not even the money she’s given just to be there.

  53. @Leo…I honestly think that, of the three people left, Kevin has played the best game, while keeping some semblance of sportsmanship. I can’t stand the way Natalie has played this game…the underhanded behind-the-back stuff. Taking others belongings, scheming with Lydia and Kevin regarding food and clothing. I can’t consider her as a better game player, when so much of her game is based on cheating. I understand the lies…they all do it…but to lie, just for the sake of lying is not ok with me.

    As for Jordan, she has floated, has definitely not been perfect, but has not been as destructive, IMHO than Natalie…so, I place her second.

    I also realize that everybody has their favorites, and are entitled to root for whoever they want. The back and forth here, for the most part, is fun and somewhat enlightening. I look forward to hanging out at your other site when Survivor starts.

  54. @ Dan….. You can’t list me valid reasons for jordan deserving to win more than natalie… Opinions aren’t fact… Here are some facts

    *** Natalie

    Is in the game because of her actions with the LML

    because of her alliances with Jesse / Kevin

    because she won the HOH when she needed it

    She has played the game because she needed to after the consecutive evictions of NBK members Ronnie / Jesse / Chima / Lydia

    *** Jordan

    Was given her HOH no matter how you spin it

    Had an alliance with Jeff

    hasn’t had to play the game because she was safe even after Jeff left because of michelle and K/n wanted Michelle out.

    *** Give me facts… not opinions ***

  55. It would be cool if they could get all of the past seasons WINNERS to play again in one show. The winners all know how to play the game so that would be an interesting show for sure.

  56. @Leo…where do your “facts” differ from my “opinions”? You have a bias for Natalie and I have one against her…I admit it…the girl irritates the heck out of me. Since we are not given all the “facts”, I can only go by what I see and hear. I cannot condone her type of play, and “fact” or “opinion” don’t want her to win.

  57. Im hoping for a Jordan win.
    Heavy handed approach to power went against her but she seems to have floated right through it.
    Floating IS a strategy..

  58. Are you all forgetting that Jordan did beat Natalie by a landslide in the second round of the finals!! Did you also forget that her trusting and sincere personality is a great and honest way to play the game. Why does it have to be won by people that make up lies, not just about the game, but about peoples personalities. Jeff and Jordan both deserved to get as far as they did, especially due to the fact that this season was so personal and crazy…not game crazy, just head case crazy. Give Jordan the praise due her for winning on her own and if you noticed she had many times figured people out and was clued in to their lies…she just chose not to go there. It is also possible that her innocence keeps her from thinking like cheats and liars. You have to have that “special quality” to get your head around Natalie’s thinking. Kevin chose to be Natalie’s voice, so there would be “no blood on her hands” yet, as uncomfortable as he was…he chose blood, and she let him…what a friend!!! Jordan chose to play the game without being hateful…big difference between using lies to get you further in the game and just BEING a liar to discredit a person even after they are evicted.

  59. @Leo…fact: Jordan is still there. Fact: she just beat Natalie head-to-head, when she needed to. Hope that helps…

  60. @ Dan… See the facts I laid out… My opinion or yours won’t change those facts to opinions… Lists facts for why Jordan deserves to win… or don’t reply… Facts!!!

  61. As JL pointed out….Kevin was Nats mouthpiece.
    He took on the role willingly…and got all the blood on HIS hands therefore keeping her “clean” . If anyone could ever call Nat clesn.!

  62. @ Dan… natalie irritating you doesn’t mean she deserves to win less than jordan… Fact…. kevin / nat have done more to be in the game and their LML is the only reason they are here on top of winning when they needed to… Kev HOH get rid on Jeff… nat won HOH – Kevin won pov get rid of Michelle….

  63. Just because most of the focus was on Nat and Kevin doesnt mean they should win!
    Jordan played a behind the scenes game and it worked…not everyone has to be front and center to win the game!


  64. @ JL…. One challenge makes Jordan more deserving? let’s not forget that with 4-5 people left, Jordan was in last by a mile… Hmmmmm…. Did you forget that? L-O-L!!!

  65. @Leo…keep reading…I did give you two “facts”…also, no matter how you slice it, Jeff/Jordan were responsible for getting rid of Jessie and Lydia, and pulling Russell over to their side…all members of the other alliance. Again, fact, Jordan is still in the house…

  66. @ Dan…. get your facts right bro

    Jordan wanted Russell out…

    Jeff is the reason why Jesse was booted and also why Russell was back doored… let’s not bs around here… Jeff get’s props for those moves… not jordan… Bring facts and not lies….

  67. LOL @ Leo. Talk about not knowing the difference between a fact and opinion. No need to spin here.

    Is in the game because of her actions with the LML -OPINION
    Not necessarily. If she had pulled that LML the other way, Russel and Michelle would have seen right through it and taken action against Nat. And that is opinion (I won’t pretend it’s Fact)

    because of her alliances with Jesse / Kevin -OPINION
    Subjective. People are also saying that being so close to Jesse has hindered her standing with the others in the house.

    because she won the HOH when she needed it -OPINION
    Please. Every HOH “she needed” to win. She should have won the countless POVs to make sure she stayed in the house. But she didn’t. Cause she sucks. Again, my own personal opinion and take on it.

    She has played the game because she needed to after the consecutive evictions of NBK members Ronnie / Jesse / Chima / Lydia -OPINION
    What BS. She always needs to win and play smart. Riding coattails, I guess is a strategy. A seriously sucky one, but still.

    However, you expose your sever case of hypocrisy when you utter these “arguments”:

    “Was given her HOH no matter how you spin it”
    Whatever that means. So when a house guest bargains for HOH (Like when Russ and Jeff were hanging and made a deal) that wasn’t game? This is no different. “You throw this comp and I’ll get your back.” Deal.

    “Had an alliance with Jeff”
    I have no idea what you are smoking (well i do have an idea but I won’t mention it) but this is the only “fact” here, albeit a little subjective (she could have been playing him and kept it to herself).

    “hasn’t had to play the game because she was safe even after Jeff left because of michelle and K/n wanted Michelle out.”

    * Yawn * So you have no idea of what deflection means. Gotcha.

    Leo, you have a sever case of “trying too hard”.

  68. @ Cat… So natalie is deserving because she is still in the house? Let’s not be a hypocrite… I guess everyone is just as deserving right Cat?

  69. @Cat…How are you, my dear? I feel like I did when I used to referee soccer…vicious fans!

    @JL…keep it up…I need some support!

  70. @ HardyHarHar…. If kevin never approached jeff with the LML would jeff have ever apporached michelle / Russell about that issue? No…

    get your facts and mind right ok?

  71. Does ANYONE not realize that the one with the blood on their hands win. Will, Boogie, Maggie, Jun, ED. Seriously folks who are we kidding here. The Jurors WILL SEE that having someone else do your dirty work is an act of cowardice, i.e. Season 3 with Danielle, 4 with Allison, 8 with Danielle. The list goes on. It shows that, yeah you concocted schemes, but didn’t have the BALLS to do the work yourself. And if you think you can get away with it you’re sadly mistaken.

  72. @Leo
    Yes Nat is still in the house and therefore deserving to be there…i never said she wasnt.
    I just think Jordan whipping Nats butt on the last comp proves she was paying attention all along…floatin IS a strategy and one that Jordan used well!

  73. @Leo…your veins are popping out of your neck, I think…my “opinions” do equate to your “facts”…we just disagree. Let’s move forward, please?

  74. @ hardy har har…. Jeff and jordan with the HOH was no were near the deal he made with russ because he knew 100% he was safe with jordan… take your head out your ass and bring facts bro!!! If you bring that non sense to my site, I will ban you…. Bring facts or don’t bring sh**

  75. @HadyHarHar…well said…I guess my “opinions” don’t carry as much weight as other “facts”…

    @Cat…I think I’m done now…came here for fun, but it’s looking like doing my real job is more fun than putting up with rabid fanaticism!

  76. @ Cat… that was for the poeple saying neither K/N deserve to win…. You made my point and made them look like hypocrites… keep bringing facts Cat and maybe these airheads will learn to do the same becuase I will backdoor people who don’t bring substance from my site with no second thought to it…

  77. @Leo Given that Jesse would not hug or even shake kevins hand when he left the house, do you think its possible that this may be the one time he wouldn’t vote game if Kevin was in f/2?

  78. @Cat

    Floating is a quiet strategy and no one wants to give it any creedence because it is boring and uniteresting…but genious.

  79. @sservie
    I perfer quiet strategy to over the top backstabbing!!! Nats strategy turns me off to rooting for her.

  80. Leo, still doesn’t know what facts are. Highly opinionated statements do not equal facts.

    From websters:

    fact (fākt)
    1. Knowledge or information based on real occurrences: an account based on fact; a blur of fact and fancy.

    2. Something demonstrated to exist or known to have existed: Genetic engineering is now a fact. That Chaucer was a real person is an undisputed fact.

    3. A real occurrence; an event: had to prove the facts of the case.

    4. Something believed to be true or real: a document laced with mistaken facts.

    5. A thing that has been done, especially a crime: an accessory before the fact.
    Law The aspect of a case at law comprising events determined by evidence: The jury made a finding of fact.

    None of those fit your “facts”.

  81. @Cat #105

    Me too. And Nat’s lies weren’t to advance her game, as someone else posted, she lied just for the sake of it.

  82. I don’t think I have ever seen a houseguest with such a negative following as Natalie. Even Evel Dick. Natalie almost brags about the fact that her being alligned with Jessie makes people not like her. I don’t like her for tons of reasons. But, the fact that she was like a leech hanging on to Jessie, letting him do all the work of winning and bloodying his hands. Even though she proclaimed to love her boyfriend, she sure cuddled up with Jessie a little too much for a committed girl. She runs her mouth like she knows everything. The rules of chess, the rules of Big Brother, how previous seasons of big brother have went… Natalie knows it all! Blah Blah Blah. Her joy in the lie. She lies when there is no reason to lie, just because she likes to. I think some of houseguests, (Jordan most of all), have put up with alot from her, thinking she is 18. When Jordan finds out that she is 2 years older than her, she will feel much differently. I truly hope, if Jordan wins HOH, she takes Natalie. I think Kevin will win otherwise. I am just hoping that the jury grilling of Natalie is as juicy as I hope it will be.

  83. Floatting is a Legit strategy because it HAS produced winners. Jun,Dan,Lisa,and Adam were “floaters” and they are now 500k richer. If Jordan wins while being a floater than oh well, it’s not like it’s never occured before.

  84. @ Dingo…. Jesse probably would’nt have voted for Jeff at that moment, but he was willing to vote for Jeff when Russell came because of game reasons…

    *** Questions ***

    Natalie / Kevin would not still be in the game without the LML?

    Kevin would have been out before the Final 4 is Michelle / Jordan won the HOh instead of Kevin?

    Michelle / Jeff were always going to be targeted by K/N because they were bigger threats than jrodan?

    jeff / jordan were even going to get rid of Michelle before natalie because Michelle was a better competitor?

    these are questions of fact… not my opinion… See the difference hardyharhar? My opinion won’t change the answers… neither will yours…

  85. @Cat…had to do some real work…I’m back…didn’t know you were Irish! Are you going to ban me from Survivor site, too?

  86. Jordon won 2 other comp and the golf. She could still win pt 3. She helped Jeff make the decisions,she had to vote to help take these people out. Only thing Nat won was a comp tie breaker. J/J took out Jessie and Russell- big players. They believed Nat/Kev because Michelle confirmed Russell said he wanted Jeff out. They tried getting J/J out early in the game- well Jordon is still here! K/n didn’t do stuff until most of the big players were out. Wish BB was on again before next summer. How could anyone say it was boring? Nat can blame Michelle for Chima but Chima started not obeying rules at least day 6. If she had stayed things could have been way different!

  87. @Cat #108 Trying being both German and Irish! Well one thing we can all agree on is FACT: Natalie, Jordan, and Kevin are in the final three. Try and refute that!

  88. @ Dan… Don’t visit it then… No loss for me… bring facts or go to another site…. it is up to you Dan!!!!

    @ Cat…. I told Dan the deal… he can either play by my rules or kick rocks!!!

  89. @ Mikey… When harddharhar and Dan lost site of what a fact / opinions is… A fact is the same even when people disagree..

  90. Jordan is to dumb to have a strategy. she just made it to f2 because the others new just how dumb she was . she is nothing without jeff. people would not even care for jordan if it was’nt for jeff.

  91. @Dan – hey man, for what it’s worth. It will only get worse if you respond to Leo. He will only get worse. My advice is to just ignore him and not let this become a pissing contest.

  92. LEO what is your facts strategy is part of the game a fact can be done any way so does it matter.

  93. @Leo…I get the feeling you are one step from taking your ball and going home…good luck with that…

  94. @Leo – Facts are in the Eye of The Beholder my friend. And there are truly no unbiased opinions, because there are truly no unbiased people.

  95. @ Jeanette…. I have been pulling out opinions and scenarios from day one on this site… I may not agree with other Hg’s fans, but i respect there opinions as long as it is based on fact… Like Cat saying all three are still in the house, so they all deserve to win… That is a fact… Jordan fans should remember that before crying neither K/N deserve to win ok?

  96. @ Mikey… Cat loves Jordan… but she made a great point about all 3 deserving to win because they are still in the game…. That is a fact that i can’t dispute even though my opinion is jordan doesn’t deserve to win… See the difference between my opin ion and a fact presented by cat? that is why i always say bring facts becuase i am glad to admit her fact outweighs my opin ions about jordan!!!

  97. @Leo
    Are you going to ban me too?
    I love to kick rocks..just ask Dan!
    I will kick rocks with the best of them and i love a good debate but this pissing contest is a sorry excuse for adult conversation.
    Man, take a chill pill and lets have a good laugh at what these three call gameplay :)

  98. Jordan is a good player just because she did it different it does not matter she better then Natalie. Facts Natalie gave up her comps. Fact Jordan tried on all comps. Natalie stayed with more HOH people so I do not understand why people think she did not Little Miss. Coat Tail

  99. @ Jeannette… That is a fact what you posted in #140… See people… There are facts i don’t agree with, but i can’t dispute… thanks you jeannete for the facts… You are right!!!

  100. @ cat… P.S. i assume you will be saying Kevin / natalie both deserve to win if Jordan is evicted right?

  101. @Kelli…Cat and I are now a couple…can’t tell you what we are a couple of…but…she has my key if she wants it…

  102. I see that Leo is at it again. Leo why are you so nasty to other bloggers? I can’t believe Matt would condone such behavior from you toward Dan.


  103. @Dan – sounds like Leo is trying to get your girl……”hey cat…email me”…..hmmmmm you gonna stand by and let that happen???

  104. Hey Leo, since yuo are so much into FACTS: What is the FACT about Kevin seeing a banner on a plane today at 2:10 BBT? Any FACTS on that yet? I’ll give you a hint, the trivia screen has been on ever since…


  105. ***Fact vs Oppinion***

    Fact: Natalie has come up short numerous times in crucial POV tournaments either for her or her allies.

    Fact: Natalie and Kevin were never distinct allies until they were forced to team up after the evictions of Lydia and Chima.

    Fact: No matter how you spin it, the ‘LML’ lie worked. Jeff took Kevin off the block to replace him with Russell.

    Fact: Natalie put alot of pressure on Kevin when she took herself out of what was arguably considered the most important POV of the season. This after she put him on the block as part of her “plan” to manipulate the other houseguests.

    Fact: Natalie has thrown competitions knowing that her allies were on the verge of winning (e.g. Smore’s competition)

    Fact: Probably one of the dumbest moves in BB History by throwing the one competition she ‘most likely’ would have won. She’ll be thinking about that one for a LONG time.

  106. @Cat…I guess I’ll have to wait until next BB season to chat with you after tomorrow…it’s been a lot of fun! I’m going to a hockey game tomorrow night, so will miss most of the craziness after the final decision…

  107. @ Amos… I have stated multiple time that I stiopped watching the feeds because i don’t like the finale set ups… Please reffer to my posts throughout on here today ok?

  108. @Cat don’t email a bully. If Leo is a bully on this site, he’ll be a bully on HIS site.



  109. @ Kelli… I am on my cell phone… In class… dammit… I just got caught.. Fact… I am an idiot for blogging in class… L~O~L!!!

  110. I certainly hope people wont be banned from the Survivor site due to voicing their opinion!

    @Dan…you are welcome where ever i am or else i guess im not welcome too :)


  111. Dan, no need to apologize for getting bullied by Leo. His attacks on you were terrible.

    He has his opinions and we have ours. Jordan has done much more in this game than Natalie. We’ll see tomorrow night how many Jury House members agree with US.

  112. Fact – Natalie lucked into the HoH. If Jordo would’ve kept her first answer, PigPen would’ve been S.O.L.!

    Fact – Nat got her rear end served to her on a silver platter in part 2 of the Final HoH comp. By Jordo might I add.

    Fact – Nat may have concocted the LML. But she refused to be the one to implement it. AN ACT OF COWARDICE. NO RISK, NO REWARD.

    Fact – Nat calling Michelle a liar and the devil, WHEN SHE HERSELF IS A LIAR!

    Fact – Nat did exactly what Jessie did when he nominated Casey. Dress up like a DOUCHE BAG and wear sunglasses so you can’t look someone in the eye while you talk S###.

    Fact – PigPen bad mouthed everyone after they’ve been evicted. Why? And to what purpose? To look like an ASS!

    Fact – Nat did in fact go make Jessie a sandwich when CAsey told her to.

    Fact – She lied about PB because it was for the sake of LYING. There was nothing strategic about it. She talked to the houseguests afterwards and the reasoning of seeing a loved one in exchange for not competing in the Veto would have been understood.

    Fact – She knew she would not be able to compete in Veto and STILL put Kevin on the Block. Thus selling her supposed “partner” down the river.

  113. I didn’t want to post anything because of Leo’s tactics. I’m afraid to voice my opinions because of people like him. I am glad that people stand up to these type of people.

    Leo are you a moderator on this site? If so, I’d like to report you to Matt.

  114. @Amos…to feel bullied, I would have to be beaten in some way…restating with anger and refusing to see the other side might be stubbornness, but I see both sides, and I obviously am sticking to my side. Banning me from a site because I don’t agree is something I think I can live with, although there are an awful lot of nice people I’ve met here. My favorites in this game have been gone for awhile. I see that my feelings are mirrored by the vast majority of people on here…I’m ok with that. But, thanks for having my back!

  115. “Natalie / Kevin would not still be in the game without the LML?”

    That is speculation..There is no way of knowing what MIGHT have happened if they hadn’t used the LML.

  116. The reason BB does well is the fact that it is on in the summertime. Summer is the pits for tv nothing is on so out of desperation I watch it, but if it was on the regular season when there are other good programs on I would not waste my time. Although , I am grateful to have something to watch in the summer.

  117. Fact – her getting served in part 2 just means that even if she would’ve “tried” in past comps, she would’ve still SUCKED!

    Fact – PigPen IS a bully! Look at what she and Jessie were doing to people outside of the Nerd Herd 2. They would pull people in to the HoH and basically threaten them if they didn’t play ball.

    Fact – Nat is in fact greedy. When she found out that Kev was locked in the PB room, she DID NOT go find the key. She instead left him there and went and grabbed more money! What a true TEAM PLAYER!(Hint of sarcasm)

    Fact – She is also selfish. She REFUSED to share beds. Which is something everyone in the house did. She was the only one he DID NOT DO IT! And she lashed out at Lydia for calling her out on it.

    Fact – She wasn’t even that enthused to get engaged to her boyfriend. Matter a fact she didn’t even kiss him or say goodbye when the time was up. She didn’t even give that fool a Hug. Aren’t you supposed to show affection to those you love. ESPECIALLY YOUR FIANCE!

  118. These facts have just seemed to come to me for some reason. OHHHHHHHHH, that’s right…BECAUSE IT HAPPENED!

  119. BTW, since Michelle is officially at the JH, doesn’t that mean that Natalie has officially stolen her glovse? Or perhaps we just don’t know that BB made her return the gloves prior to her leaving.

    Natalie is a thief and a cheat. That is my opinion and it is also a FACT.

    :-) Yay for facts!

  120. Fact – Nat said “Chima just dropped her mic next to the platform” when clearly she chucked the damn thing INTO THE JACUZZI ON PURPOSE! This is NOW lying for the sake of LYING! This proves that SHE TRULY BELIEVES ANYTHING COMING OUT OF HER MOUTH! WOW!

    Fact – She lied about her age. Really? Even Casey knew better. There was nothing strategic to that lie. None what so ever. Why? Because her age still wouldn’t have effected her game. She still would’ve done the things she did, and spoken the same lies to the same people. All she did was ruin a Margarita party that Casey sacrificed his veto chances for. He also did it for the house.

    Fact – She was aligned with Ronnie the Rat. Her aligning with him says something about her. She showed what her character was by siding with him, probably the most hated HG in the history of the game. He was also one who believed everything coming out of his mouth. Hmmmmmmm…i sense a trend here.

  121. Dan #201
    NO, teh creators of these sites are usually NOT bad. Usually they do not allow such behavior as Betsy stated. Matt is the BBN creator and host. Matt’s name is in Blue and he has a gray area around his comments when he posts.

    Stick around Dan my man, don’t let bullies like Leo upset you.

    I’ll give you some advice, when someone starts antagonizing you, just igmore them. Others will see how rude and nasty they are.

    Have a good night. I’m on my way to see the football game on ESPN.

    Go Pats!!

    GO JORDAN :-)

  122. @Amos…thanks! I’m not upset, really, just surprised. See, I thought these sites were full of opinions…a place that people could agree to disagree. I do react to venom poorly, though…good luck in the game!

  123. @Cat…it’s the old tree in the forest question…maybe we should start an “agree with me or else!” blog…

  124. Fact – She was willing to sell out her own alliance at the time by possibly getting rid of Russell. She eventually backed off the notion, but to bring it up in the first place, well that would just set off alarms in my mind. If your name doesn’t start with Je and end with ssie than you need to be worried.

    Fact – Her “This was for you Chima” speech means she condoned everything, that hateful person did in the house. Wow.

    Fact – Nat cheats at EVERYTHING! She can’t even play a fair game of anything against her “friends”. She cheats at chess. She cheats at pool(There is clear video evidence of this). She even cheats in comps. Case in point, during the first part of the Final HoH they were instructed to hold THE KEY at all times. She did not do that at certain points. She was holding the rope and not the key at certain points of the comp. Boo BB for not calling it.

  125. They get to confront Natalie about her age, lies, agenda and motive before any voting, right? How much time will they allow her to babble on and on about her reasons and convictions…justifications in the game? I am so sick of watching and listening to her unrelentless stream of b.s. and messed up logic. It would be horrifying to see your daughter on national television proving you to be the most irresponsible, twisted evil doctor who created and nurtured this monster who has been turned loose in society and wreaking havoc to anyone or anything in her path. And to top it all off …she thinks that she, Chima, Ronnie and Jessie are the GOOD GUYS? That is a scary and very dangerous person…her dad is a used-car salesman? She acts and thinks like a criminal and everything about her screams..”DON’T TRUST ME”. And you know she never takes responsibility for herself unless it is for something positive or gainful. She thinks she has everyone in the jury house on her side, what do you think they are going to say to her? And does she really think that lying about her age to everbody is going to work to her advantage? Dumb! Don’t you think she’ll be shocked? Think she’ll fall off that pedestal she’s built for herself? I want to see her SPLAT! Is Kevin really going to get rid of Natalie? Tell me you think so, please!!!Go Jordan…all the way to the bank baby.I CAN NOT WAIT TIL TUESDAY!

  126. @Dan – iknow man, and i feel for ya’. But there is just so many “facts” regarding PigPen. There are facts for Jordo or Kev, but there are just not as many. And nowhere near as negative. :)

  127. @Dan
    I may be a moderator on Leo’s new Survivor site but you can equate that to Nat looking at the spy screen in the HOH….sounds good but doesnt mean sh*t! I want ALL my friends here to feel like we can discuss BB or Survivor without feeling like someone like Natalie is coming down on ya! :)

  128. @Mikey–Unless I missed it in one of your many blogs, you forgot to mention the FACT that she rarely took showers and chewed with her mouth open and full of food. Just thought I’d add fuel to the fire. I like your FACTs.

  129. @Dan – true dat’. She gets what she deserves, and neither one of them will take her to F2. Not mention after Kevin telling Nat he will not take her, he just needs to drop the hammer on the LML to Jordo before Nasty does. If Nasty gets to it, she’ll blame evrything on Kev. And we cannot have that happen, can we folks?

  130. *I meant to say and talked with it full of food. Going back and forth from my computer work to the BB blog is proving to be a challenge at this point in the day.

  131. #138 Leo

    Sorry, but I don’t want Natalie to win a penny.
    Kevin, Yes!
    Hopefully the $500K

    BTW – A plane with a banner was noticed. According to
    Kevin the banner read, “Trust Natalie!”
    According to Natalie, the banner stated, “Kevin is a Liar.”

    More Michele bashing…………….

    Jordan doesn’t think she and Jeff had a “Showmance.”
    Duh! Huh?
    Crickets ………………………

  132. @seannie – thank you for that fact. I was just about to post it. so thanks for saving me some time. But i have more and they’ll get posted like the others.

  133. @Cat…honestly, this has been a great diversion for me…I have had a few battles, but it’s all been good, and fun. It’s hard to sense tone with chatting on line, so sometimes humor is seen as tactlessness, and becomes “fightin’ words”. There has to be a way to keep this fun, or it isn’t worth it. I do have a very good life away from the computer, though…

  134. M and Leo are the only logical, sane people on this site. Hey, did anybody see the conversation between Jeff and Jordan last night? What a riot! Shows what a nitwit that woman is. Jeff and Jordan were like the blind, leading the blind. If Jordan wins, it will show that being dumb pays. Kevin is a loser for not taking Natalie to the Final 2. He promised her and she carried him throughout the game. He IS AS MUCH A LIAR AS THE OTHER TWO. This is the worst Big Brother Season ever. None of them deserve a nickel.

  135. @Dan
    It has to be fun or not worth it…im going to make sure no one ruins the fun for everyone else….i have my ways!!!! (said with an evil laugh)

  136. From Jokers:

    “Natalie says if Kevin betrays her and sends him out he will lose her vote and Jessie’s vote and he cant win and she wont allow him to win if he votes her out.”

  137. Fact – Nat believes that Jessie was nothing but awesome towards her. WOW! Really? Seeing as you turned and pointed out everything he did that was so wrong to Lydia. YOU ANALYZED THE FACT THAT HE TREATED YOU 2 LIKE CRAP, AND YOU STILL LOVE HIM. Not to mention you sleeping in the same bed as another dude when you’ve got a boyfriend back home. SKANK! Once again setting women back like 20 years with her behavior. Or do the women out there still claim her as female.

  138. @Dan
    Ive been accused of worse :)

    Nat thinks she rules the universe. I cant wait to see her jaw drop when Jordon wins :)

  139. Dan

    This site and all of the back and forth “FUN” yammerings
    has been the only thing keeping my interest in BB11.

    My favorite, Michele is gone.
    I don’t care for any of the F3.

    And like you and everyone else, this is fun or not worth taking
    up my time. And kitchen space ………. my laptop is surrounded
    by fresh fruits and veggies.

  140. @sservie – It strikes me as funny that Nat has no clue that the JH has completely turned on her. And i can’t wait to see her get evicted and fall flat on her face with the JH. Right now she’s the most hated person still in the house, with the Jurors. LMAO is what will happen when it goes down.

  141. I think they tried a winter event once. It was a miserable show. I like BB in the summer. It has to be on three times a week or it is not interesting. And three times a week is just too much in the winter when there are “better” things to watch.

    I can’t help but wonder who would be left if the “people” were the evictors – like on Idol.

  142. I’m pretty sure if Nat plays Scrabble, it’ll be just like Shaq in that commercial. Just makin’ up the damned words.

  143. Nat was told STRAIGHT TO HER FACE by Kevin he would not take her to final 2. She is so much in her own world, that she is not taking it seriously. Kevin WAS NOT just playing nice for the DR. He meant what he said.

  144. There is no chance in H E L L but if by some rare
    freakish chance Natalie should win the $500K,
    this site is going to go “POOF.”

    Redhead will be thrilled and a few others but
    overall it will be a “Shock Heard Round the Reality TV World.”

    However, I think the continuing J/J Show, $500K & Fan Favorite
    will be on the air tomorrow night.

  145. @Midwest Fan…this site is filled with fruits and vegetables…ok…that was just a little joke…no yelling please…

  146. Hey, people. I’ve been without sanity since i reached the age of reason. I’m doing just fine…or is that something i just tell myself from…myself?

  147. YAH… YAH…etc I agree with Dan, Cat, Mikey, Masiquoto…I agree with every FACT they have brought up in the past 2 hrs==we will prevail!!! FYI: meaning of prevail: To be greater in strength or influence; triumph!!! yah yah yah!

  148. Tonight, everyone should say their prayers or whatever
    spiritual or elevating source of inner strength and comfort
    they enjoy to prepare themselves for the Finale.

    * I’m going shopping for several bottles of wine.

  149. @Midwest Fan
    I like how you think :)

    Being the bad boy that you are…i doubt if you ever do what your told!!! :)

  150. I might as well jump in the shark tank:
    The famous LML had nothing to do with anything except to make Nat and her lapdog Kevin be proud of telling a lie. It was not a lie.They claim it was the most important part of their game. Jordan explained the other night that they were going to backdoor Russell the week before but decided to get crazy Lydia out instead. Otherwise Russell would have gone home BEFORE the LML, and it was already decided that when they got the chance again he was gone.
    For those who say Jordan did nothing: She joined in a an alliance with Jeff which served her quite well. If Jeff had one that last POV that Michelle won, He and Jordan would be final two.
    Big Brother was formed as a social experiment and thank God the good guys can get ahead in society w/o being a lying ,stinking, cheating a$$.hole
    @ Mikey- The camera caught Natalie cheating at solitaire last week of all things!

  151. SEE, she can’t even play a game by herself without cheating. JESUS, MAN! What the hell is wrong with this chick/little boy?

  152. @Budman…it’s only cheating if you get caught, and then it’s ok if you lie your way out of it…or throw somebody else under the bus…

  153. Leo and Cat go to CBS Big Brother .com ot other sights were the BIOs. are kept read Natatlie Bio tell me what you think?

  154. Dan/Cat

    So, what your saying is that if Leo is on I better just read.
    I do not have facts but Dan express all my OPINIONS
    thank you Dan

  155. I’m trying to finish up work here and I can’t stop laughing. My boss just walked in and asked what was so funny–oh well.

  156. @la…I can’t answer that right now (…psst…you can say whatever you want on this site, as long as it’s clean and not abusive…unless you know the host…)…but, thanks!

  157. #269 Jeanette

    I know your post wasn’t directed at me but I read her bio and it’s all right there in black and white.

    She has no problem lying, cheating and stealing to win this game….Wow

  158. @Mikey(#233)- Sorry just getting caught up! As Kevin pointed out to her at Jessie’s “wake”, Jessie put her on the block the very first week. If it hadn’t been for Ronnie-Rat, Natalie would have been the first person evicted.

  159. @Jeannette
    sservie has said it all….Nat is exactly as she describes herself…someone that has no conscience and a lie rolls off her tongue like honey (that last part was for you Dan)

  160. I truly dislike Natalie, but in another part of my heart I feel sorry for her. She cannot receive loyalty if she cannot give it.
    That most be a sad life

  161. @ seannie- Yes you are absolutely right! Please forgive me everybody I got my facts twisted. I hope I don’t get banished!

  162. Yes. Chima and Lydia were the first ones on the block, but Lydia wente to talk to Jessie and got replaced by Brendan

    I think but don’t hold me 100% to it

  163. @Chrgergrl…Last Minute Lie, made up by Kevin and Natalie, to save their behinds and put the eviction spotlight on Russell and Michelle…turned out to be pretty true…that Russell and Michelle were going to try to get rid of Jeff if they got the chance…

    Shouldn’t you be getting ready for the football game?

  164. The Fact Song

    Fact number One,
    Natalie is Done.

    Fact number Two,
    She’s hated by the Crew.

    Then you have fact number Three,
    She thought vagina holes pee.

    I present fact number Four,
    Lydia was a whore.

    Fact number Five,
    Finale show is Live.

    No denying fact number Six,
    This season was full of Dicks.

    And fact number Seven,
    Runner-up will be Kevin!

  165. The Charges better beat the Raiders! I dislike the Raiders as I’m from KC and a Chiefs fan but now living in the SF Bay Area. Sorry, off BB topic.

  166. HardyHarHar

    Kudos! Well done ………… except I MUST change two of the verses.

    : )

    Fact Number Two,
    Jordan’s Out too.

    And Fact Seven,
    Kevin is Winner of BB11!

  167. ok…I am all for another BB…but if its being pushed because of the ratings caused by this years drama…then my fear is that BB12 will be fake…and the next thing you know it will become another “Real world”…where everything is drama and sex….and to me thats not entertianment….

  168. @Budman #295 This is like Ross Matthews little fact or fiction game he does with the evicted houseguests. I love it.

  169. Has anyone seen the segment where question’s are asked of the houseguests on It’s called “You ask, They tell”
    Someone asked Natalie what her legacy will be or how she wants to be remembered as a BB11 player? She sz that “what you see, is what you get”. She is just going to be herself.. omg.. So… she is really a big fat liar in the real world!! She was also asked something about twists. She sd she would like one of the twists to be that you can compete for HOH every week, because then she is “golden”!! OMG… she makes me ill just listening to her go on and on and on….she ended up being a nothing, if you ask me! Nothin’ but stinky! She is so full of herself…

  170. @Nastalie
    Nat is a dud…not a milk dud…but a complete waste of air. She lies everyday and twice on Sunday. Yes she is what you see…

  171. ok…Dan you’ll get your wish….soon there will be a BB driven by media ratings…Jeff/Jordan and Chima have laid the foundation of a plastic Game and the DR will be making the game moves…soon you’ll yern for days of real game play…the days of ED,Boogie and Dan…..

  172. And I heard if you smell something funkee, she has or is around….per Kevin!!!

  173. shoot ruined that one… i meant if you smell somethin’ funkee, Nastalie has been, or is around…per kevin!!

  174. @329 she said all this crap early in the game or before she went in the house…it’s not dated..but she was so full of herself..does she not listen to herself when she is talking??

  175. @Nastalie
    No one listens to her when she talks…not even her! Her voice is like the sound of some kind of insect…oh yeah, a Gnat! :)

  176. Nastalie thought she would actually win every HOH because she is “golden” strong… and so smart…ugh please??? that’s what i assume she meant with the comment she made about “competing in HOH every week”…..she won one right?? ohhh….. she is my Idol BB Player…..NOT !!!!!!

  177. @Cat I’d love to be a “GNAT” on the wall when Nastalie goes home…a LOSER!!

  178. It funny how the application says to be honest with answers and I guess someone lied guess who LOL

  179. Hellooo…is there ANYBODY in here? Just answer if you can hear me…is there anyone at home?

  180. They all went beddie bye early to rest up so they can watch Nastalie lose…..!

  181. ANHITH-Your name is too long to respond to. Hope your parents didn’t give you that name-LOL
    I agree but I swore last week not to Natalie bash any more otherwise I would be right there with you.

  182. Clarification needed…… Jordan fans say she deserves to win because she is still in the house right? Sounds good to me….. Will you say that about N/K if J is evicted?

  183. P.S. I have yet to have one peraon show me one statement i said wasn,t correct…… Did NFK make the biggest move this season with the LML? ED, Janelle, Danielle and Mike Boogie think so…. I guess like me they are wrong too right?

  184. Last but not least…… Cat & Dan and anyone else who thinks i am a bully can always show me how it is done by starting a new blog post….. I love competition…. Have a good night everyone!!!

  185. @Cat-@Midwest fan- Congrats. on the great posts on Survivor Fandom. It will be nice starting into a fresh new game. There will be lots of stuff to talk about after Thursday night. Looking forward to it! BB has got kind of boring w/ little left to say that hasn’t been said.
    Haven’t heard from X-rev tonight. They may not have let him out.

  186. Hardy-Har-Har. Excuse me, but the only person who is allowed to talk about body holes is Jordan. Hey, who determines who takes who to the final 2? Is it the winner of comp. 3? I keep hearing different stories. Thanx

  187. @Summer…yes, the winner of Comp #3 chooses who he/she wants to go up against, and the 3rd person is evicted…

  188. @347 yes. whoever wins comp 3 picks who they want to face the jury with…

  189. Thw bully is going to sleep… LOL!!! Have a good nifght Jeff Fans I mean Michelle Fans…. Whoever you are a fan of now!!!

  190. Leo, I don’t care what people say about you, I think that your points are right on target. I also like your Survivor Site.

  191. Isnt it great to have a place where we all can post our opinions…it is for me..nobody around here ever listens to me :)

    Not your day to keep up with him huh?

  192. Cat, being dismayed, takes off the bikini and dons a Wonder Woman costume….maybe they’ll listen now!!!!

  193. Ok…is it true that Kevin told Natalie he is not going to take her to the F2 if he wins? I don’t have the live feeds…

  194. @Dan
    Oh yeah the lady whos says if ur monitor starts shooting out flames… its me? I feel like the nat… i mean the devil. :P

  195. @Leo

    OK, I have just come on to this site for the first time today and I have to say you are being way too aggressive, especially since you are championing your Survivor Samoa site. You are supposed to be objective and you are also supposed to respect others opinions, even if you don’t agree with them.

    The fact is, (and I want you to answer this honestly). If you were in Jordan’s shoes, you would probably believe that you were entitled to be in the F3 because you managed fly under the radar. Also, you cannot honestly tell me that you wouldn’t do what is necessary to try to win the $500k.

    It really doesn’t matter how you get there, the fact is that all F3 whether you like them or not, got there!

    So please, try not to come across so offensive and try to be a little more respectful and objective to people who don’t share the same opinion as yours, otherwise you will alienate yourself and you will find that people just will not want to go to your Survivor Samoa site.

    And before you try to attack me (as I know you will), just remember that sometimes you have to rise above all the negativity and try to be positive.

    You know being polited to people (even if you don’t like them), doesn’t hurt, in fact, it can make you feel good about yourself.

    Have a nice evening and try to smile and relax!

  196. @Diana
    Yeah, I too was catching up on what went on earlier, and was a little dissapointed. I hope things remain civil in the next blog, or I will probably look for something a little lighter and were ppl can still smile after a good/or bad opinion is given.

    I had to reread that, but yeah, i get the point lol

  197. @Budman…LOL…aren’t we supposed to be watching football? Didn’t expect this little, added attraction to keep me here…but, it’s working…

  198. @xrev- #390

    I too was very disappointed, especially when Leo threatened to ban Dan from his site and said something about backdooring people for whatever reason.

    You know one could interpret those comments, that if you don’t agree with Leo then he will backdoor you and throw you off his site.

    That is very off putting to me, and although I was really looking forward to becoming involved on the Survivor Samoa site (because I love Survivor), I am now having second thoughts.

    Who wants to be verbally attacked because you have opinion. All it does is surround you with negative energy and I don’t need that, I want to be happy and to feel like I’m in a fun light hearted blog site, sharing my opinions (whether I agree or not), with people who are respectful and fun loving.

    Enough said on that matter!

    OK, now to ask you. I think I have already, are you on Facebook and if so, would love to add you as a friend. Sservie and I are now friends on facebook and it is nice to put a face behind the name. Think about it and get back to me!

  199. @Budman…I’m in moderation for I don’t know what…just asking why we’re here instead of watching the game…I kinda know why…

  200. @Diana
    Better watch out, Budman is having mental images of you :)

    Its my sixth sense…all us Cats have it :)

  201. @Diana…that was nice to read. My initial comment was innocuous enough, or so I thought. Oh well…what’s up in the BB house?

  202. @Budman
    Diana has always been the voice of reason here.
    The rest of us just look like puppies looking for milk.

    Which reminds me…


  203. @Diana
    All my family, including my kids, say I should get on face book, but i remind them that most people use my picture as a dart board. Can’t be responsible for all those busted monitors. :P

  204. @Budman #396

    I know I came in late, but after reading some of this stuff, I just had to say something because I felt Leo was coming across like a spoilt brat and yes, he will probably ban me from his site as well, but as an outsider reading this stuff, that is my perception, as I am sure others have the same.

    I know one blogger Betsey #169 wanted to report Leo to Matt because she thought he was a moderator.

    The shame of it all is that he just didn’t attack Dan, he also attacked Amos, Kelli and probably a few others.

    I was disturbed, so I started to scroll down and skip all his comments.

    Wonderwoman suit, is actually hidden in the closet and I bring it out when I need it, so you had better watch out!!

  205. @Diana
    I know that some people, myself included had tried warning Leo, that if his blog is to be successful, then he needs to learn what being a moderator is. Moderation in all things is always a good motto to live by.

    I don’t mind being questioned about an opinion, but to be flat out called stupid is another thing. (Even though stupid sometime appears beside my name.)

    The internet is a powerful tool and unfortunatly some ppl misuse it. Guess it makes them feel powerful. But those ppl need to realize that just because you create something, it doesn’t mean ppl have to use it.

    nuff said (Steps off his bully pulpit and looks for some floaters to stare at.)

  206. @fedup @Cat

    Just read the post written by fedup – excellent post.

    It does confirm to me that Russell H is a douche bag! My new person to dislike right from the get go!

  207. @Diana(#407) Yeah,I got in late too and was afraid to get involved. I didn’t agree (imagine that) but didn’t want to add fuel to the fire. I was so mad @ Redhead last night I just turned my computer off. I’ve defended her messed up views several times but she is like a stuck record talking trash about Jordan. I love to debate but don’t like to fight. In Leo’s defense he is usually not like that. He must have had a bad day.

  208. If bb wants Jordan to go to f2 instead of natatlie I don’t think it matters how many times we vote We will never know how many votes were given to either one of them. The only thing we can hope for is BB will be honest and give it to whom ever played the game or attempted to play the game. That would have to be kelvin and natatlie. I think most people will have to agree the lie they told changed the game. To be honest with you I don’t think anyone of the 3 derserve to win. The best game players were evicted. The ones that are in the finals are not always the best gameplayers. well, you see the 3 that’s left that should be proof enough. This has not been a good season of big brother for me. Hope bb 12 has more excitement in the cast than bb11. They should be voted the most boring. I don’t know how these people were chosing. The only ones that should have been in this game was Jeff,Russell, Machele, kelvin,casey even chima without the racial slurs. at least they brought a little excitement to the show. Don’t really know about the first evicted did’nt get to know them. But I sure they had to better than Jordan,natatlie, lydia and jessie.

  209. @m
    Obviously you are not a fan of floaters. I for one am very happy with 1/3 of the final 3, and have not found myself bored at all. :P

  210. @Budman #420

    Agree with you, that is why I was so surprised, but water under the bridge now, so back to bantering with you guys!

    Budman (Jeff) what did you think of fedup’s blog on Survivor and who do you think will take the $500k tomorrow night?

  211. Let me correct my comment way on back (#344)
    I congratulated Midwest fan for Fedups post. I don’t remember details of conversations and things very well so I guess I am a genius like Dr. Michelle.

  212. @Diana
    Thanks for the email…totally agree!
    You are an excellent human being Diana :)

    Jordon all the way :)

  213. @x-rev
    You are an intelligent, distinguished gentleman that likes to correct others mistakes….or so im told! :)

  214. @x-rev #433

    You know that Cat’s love chopped liver, so I guess that’s what you are! ~ lol :P (only kidding!)

  215. I just seem to think it’s more exciting to see the strong players compete in the endurance comps. I like to see someone win that has had to win comps in order to make it to the end. I quess it’s a good thing we don’t all like the same thing or there would be a lot of realty shows flop. Got to watch survior next and hope a strong player makes it to the end.

  216. @Diana
    Hey, good point, cats do like devouring chopped liver, which explains why “she” is always attacking me.

  217. @Diana- I commented over there. I am using my real name-Jeff on Survivor Fandom. I didn’t use it here because HG Jeff. Budman was my CB handle a long time ago. (Whoops, just hinted about my age) I am eighteen years old! Yeah thats the ticket!

  218. @x-rev #439

    Yep and smelly fish too ~ hey is Nat. around?

    Now I am being mean!!

    Who do you think with take the $500k and who will be runner up with the $50k?

    I want Jordan and Kevin to win, Nat – $0000000000000000!

  219. @ Diana #386….. The backdooring was a BB Jab at people who mix opinions with fact. What is funny is the new Jordan fans have been fussing that Kevin / Natalie don,t deserve to win but a Jordan fan (Cat) says Jordan deserves to win just because she made the final 3 and they agree….. I think their reasoning is ironic being that they can,t even see clear enough to see that is what K/; have done but they claim they don@t deserve to win…. Last but not least, i said bring facts… Like Jeannette and Cat who i used as examples…. Instead the same people avoid bringing facts by hiding behind other people agreeing with them which led to my if you can,t bring facts to support your theory kick rocks to another site….

  220. @Budman
    Hey, dude that does make you old lol, I remember when I got my license the dilema I had if figureing out how to get a CB in my care and still have room for my 8 track player. btw, I am 17. :P

  221. @Budman #449

    I thought that Budman was you know what! That funny stuff that people are known to smoke from time to time! (haaa!)

  222. @Cat & @x-rev…care to explain what the heck you two have been doing while I’ve been trying to earn enough to buy Cat’s jewelry??

  223. @Leo #444

    Nevertheless you did offend a few people on this site (me included), because I abhor personal attacks on anyone.

    I know you better than that and in fact when #169 Betsy asked whether you were a moderator and wanted to report you to Matt, that said it all.

    You have to be mindful when you are addressing other bloggers, that they will not always agree with your theories and you have to be respectful in that they have the same rights as you do with their opinions.

    As I said, as an outsider looking in for the first time tonight, reading this stuff was just terrible, so I felt compelled to point it out to you!

    I am done with this issue now and I hope that you can do the right thing and somehow come back into good graces with the people you attacked and offended.

  224. @Leo
    I remember growing up that it was a “fact” there were 9 planets. Can you tell me how many there are now?

    I remember that it was a “Fact” that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Can you tell me where they are?

    Whats my point? What you claim as a fact, may not be a fact to others… what others bring as a fact to you, you may choose to reject.

    It should suffice to say that if you want ppl to respect your opinion, then you should respenct theirs…. don’t roll over and play dead, but be respectful.

    I will kick rocks before I let someone claim to be creator and chief in a blog, meant to be about opinions.

  225. @Dan
    I knew you were a quality man (let me put on my x-ray vision and i will tell you about the quantity :) )

  226. For the record….. I hVe been the same the entire seaon…. If you don@t like it, I wish you luck and hope you find another Survivor site…. I am a alpha male who is outspoken and doesn’t play gamrs…. I come with meat and potatoes… Save yopur dsalad (bs answers) for another aite…. Love me or hate me, I am Leo….. Get at me or ignore me, but you will respect & remember me because I am genuine!!! Good night!!!

  227. @Dan #462

    You know my daughter had cancer when she was 22 years old and she used to use it for medicinal purposes to ease her pain when she went for chemo, and she often referred to it as her buds. I thought I was being funny, but not so, and now that I think about it, I shouldn’t have said it ~ sorry!

  228. @Dan
    You never disappoint…:)
    Did you realize while we were playing that x-rev and Diana were taking care of business?
    Those two are all work and no play…i love em though

  229. @Diana…don’t apologize to me…that must have been a terrible time…I just have a tendency to try to be funny…rarely works, I’m finding out…just having fun here with all of you…

  230. @461 Leo
    I certainly hope that was someone disquising themself as you, because if that was really you, it was not funny or appreciated.

    Sorry ppl, I am outta here.

  231. @Dan #467

    Yes, it was a very terrible time, however by the age of 27 she was given the all clear (5 years after chemo. they say that you are cured). She is now 36 and absolutely gorgeous and living her life to the fullest, so our family was one of the lucky ones.

    I do think you are really funny and I get your humor for the most part. I think that after I posted that to Budman, I felt guilty and thought I shouldn’t have done it, but couldn’t retract it, so I apologized!

  232. @m- That is one difference in Big Brother and say American Gladiators. It is not just the comps. but also social interaction. That has been my argument for Jordan because she got to where she is by being honest and considerate to others. The other two got to the same place by being liars and sneaks. They all floated on others coattails but they are the final three. I respect Jordan’s clean game any day to Kevin and Natalies game of deception. Kevin has won one more contest and has put out a bigger player; Jeff as opposed to Lydia. I hope Jordan wins the last comp. to silence all of the doubters. She would actually be better off for Kevin to win and take her to the final 2. That way Natalie would vote for Jordan because Kevin stabbed her in the back by not taking her. That would be the fourth and winning vote for Jordan.

  233. @Diana #471…I’m glad your family got through that…have had similar experiences, but not with my children…thank God! And, you didn’t post anything that I found the least bit offensive…other than you only get my humor most of the time…

  234. @Budman
    Good post…agree
    Jordans social game helped her trememdously…not bad at comps either.
    I really think her “clean” game strategy endeared her to fans but not so much to the jury. Hopefully they can see past Nats lies and and focus on Jordans good strategy.

  235. @Leo #461

    Are you for real?

    You are behaving like an infant, spitting the dummy and carrying on like a lollypop has been taken away from you.


    Don’t let this bully make you leave! It’s best if he leaves, his views are abhorrent and asinine!

  236. bbad is about to come on and i cant believe sunday show where nasty cried all those tears for jessie[who she knew for 2 months] but nothing for you jumpin up n down, no hugs n kisses, no tears]. bb made a big deal about pb. so HOPE should still be in the bottom and still in the house[unless it ran away with the 3 guests]guess winning $5oo,ooo.oo can change a bf mind,as well as his family.jury house punch was..what? bb12 will be a ‘free for all’ as bb11 let all the rules be broken and failed to rein in some of this bb11 hgs. bb12 hgs can point to this season and tell cbs to shove it. they can use bb11 as a presentad.Diana,Cat,Joey Lee,Matt andBBMother, thanks for your time in helping me my 1st yr. I tried to go to yahoo/gmail and cant get you all. Please send me a email so i can get on your blogs…THANK YOU

  237. Hey we went over 40000 comments! What a milestone!
    @Diana- I choose at this time to invoke my fifth ammendment rights!

  238. @Budman

    I also want Jordan to win the final HOH to put all her skeptics to rest.

    I have to be honest though, I think that if Kevin wins, he just may take Jordan.

    I think it is fair to say that we have all thought a lot about how the votes will go and the more I thought about it and tried to put myself in Kevin’s shoes, this is how I thought the votes would go, providing he takes Jordan with him.

    Kevin – Jessie
    Kevin – Russell
    Kevin – Lydia
    Kevin – Nat. (purely because I think that Nat. will stay with her alliance and not want to give the vote to Jordan based on Jeff getting rid of her so called BFF – Jessie)
    Jordan – Jeff
    Jordan – Michele
    Jordan – America’s Vote

    If Kevin takes Nat. then I think his believes Nat. will get the majority of votes:

    Nat – Jessie
    Nat – Russell
    Kevin – Lydia
    Nat – Jeff
    Nat – Jordan
    Kevin – Michele
    America’s Vote in Kevin’s mind could go either way!

    Now let’s not speculate Nat. making the F2 – yuck!

  239. @DAN- CONGRATULATIONS! You were indeed #40,000 with comment #379 so go get your lap dance you deserve it!

  240. @Leo #486

    I would expect you to throw stones at me. You were out of line tonight and the Leo that I know would be honest enough to admit that and take the necessary steps to mend the fences that he broke down.

    If you want to insult me, then go ahead, but keep in mind that I will not consider you a friend, and although I made some disparaging comments about you tonight, they were warranted by your behavior to other bloggers on this site.

    So Leo, by all means, insult me and you have lost another Survivor blogger and your reputation will be tarnished again!

    Good night because I’m out of here too!

    Bravo, you have managed to make 2 people leave tonight, so you should feel very proud of yourself!

  241. @Cat @Budman @x-rev @Dan

    Good night to you all, I am going to watch the tennis, far more entertaining than all this negative b.s.

    Hope Jordan takes it all!

  242. @Cat…you read my mind…astonishing!

    @Diana…have a better finish to the evening…thanks for the company…

  243. @ Everyone… I apoligize for losing my cool and not being as patient as I ahould have been…… Have a good night…..

  244. Goodnight all- my computer is getting really slow. I think Cat and Dan overheated it. Need to defragment I think. This time tomorrow night it will all be history. Bring on Big Brother 12.

  245. @ Dan….. I hate to say it bro… I think Jordan will win and yes I was wrong for being an a”” hole with you…. I hope you will prove me wrong some more on my site… Have a good night bro!!!

  246. BB has been pretty good not letting us know who’s taking who.jordon has me confused totally.kevin i cant trust even with him holding a bible.gnat thinks both are taking hope is kev and jordon either order is fine with me.i’m a little biased for jordon,but she didn’t do a lot to win.absolutely nothing for gnat.see yall next year.

  247. After a great deal of thought and deliberation, my neighbors and I vote to evict Kevin, Jordan and Natalie. The winners are — The fish in the HOH room. As they say on survivor, they
    HAVE outplayed; outwitted and should outlast these three losers.

  248. I hope during BB12 there are more of the “expect the unexpected” twists in it.

    An All Star show would be great or even 2 times a year.

  249. OMG love it. Kevin and Natalie going at it he calling her out on all her lies, (((denies)) LOL All Enjoy tonights show. Survivor here we come!

  250. Is there a website where BB 8 can be watched? My daughter is dying to see it and I can’t get the CBS site to work?

  251. I agree with sparkle, diana & maria about a winter bb, but since I’m Canadian and CBS doesn’t allow us Canadians to enter, why not have a winter one in upper New York(Buffalo)and have some Canadians in as well. We love BB up here as well.

  252. @All: The comments here are a great venue for wonderful discussions, but recently have become an issue with disrespectful attitudes and off-topic rhetoric.

    As a reminder, for those who continue to ignore and disobey the Commenting Rules face a potential ban from the site. Please take a moment to refresh yourself with these rules:

    Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban. Any comments with links or flagged words will go into moderation before approval. Anything we deem as spam will not be approved.

  253. @Rick #520 Great idea and since I am originally from upstate NY, they can have the “Have Not” room in a tent outside. Instead of blankets, they can have sleeping bags and thermal underwear.

  254. Hi all, been a great summer. Im still hoping Jordan pulls out a win, if not then Kevin. Im thinking Gnat has layed out too many lies and it comes down to the jury votes each is counting on. Im excited to see the finale, enjoy all!

  255. I was hoping the live feeds would stay on until airtime, there is music and the old fish tank with a ‘see ya next summer’ say it isnt so!

  256. Go Jordan! Well the “showmance” between Jordan and Jeff paid off! I am happy Jeff want the $25,000 as America’s favorite houseguest. Did anyone else think that Jordan kind of snubbed Jeff at the end after she won? I hope she finds out that he really fought for her to win with the jury! The biggest shock was that Jesse voted for Jordan! I am going to miss Big Brother – sure wish they would do a “winter” All-Star show.

  257. There is a large Canadian fan base. I hope there will be a Canadian Edition or Big Brother opens up the cast to a couple Canadians. Way to go Jordan!

  258. Congrats to Jordan, $500k, & to Jeff w/ $25k. Team J/J WINNERS OF bb11. Sorry Leo, team NBK did not do as well. Do you have a song for Jordan? Will check out the new Survivor site.

  259. i will never watch a big brother show never never ever again…this is so phoney they set the show up so jordan could win..making it final 3 when jordan should have went home…
    shame shame shame on wonder their rating are low

  260. i love BB but i think it’s more exciting to wait to hear the announcement of the beginning season. i think having it on 2 times a season would burn the series. people will grow tried of it.
    i would like to see maybe a winter show using more older people. we have seen how the younger ages are now how about 50 and up.
    no matter the age group everyone has their way of thinking and playing the game

  261. I would love to see a REAL contest. With Real sized people! You never see fat women on there (a few guys were) I would love to see that one. (oooh and fat versus thin would be fun) I would do it. I’ve never been small a day in my life! :o)

  262. I wrote the samething on one of the web sites I want to try out and wonder if they have to have a certain look I try last year so I going to try again 6 fat people VS. 6 Skinny

  263. I LOVE big brother, it’s a show that i always look forward to watching and i think it should be shown in the winter to because i hate waiting a whole year to watch it again!!!

  264. ok since we are going big and small people / thin and fat etc – how about i am a dwarf little person and i think they should do a little people big brother – we can do the same things as normal size people but with small adjustments – ex the key holding on log in finals would have to be lower – marshallow hoh comp would have to be lower – come on big brother – lets have a little people big brother

  265. all kind of people in this world so make fun for Big Brother 12 That would be fun with all kinds of different people

  266. I would like to see the cast expand more to disabled people who have a good sense of themselves. Seniors would make for a fun group and Id like to see another winter version of the show, id watch them all!

  267. Maybe i will watch Big Brother 12 Next summer I just found out that Survivor is coming in Feb 2010 that will hold me over untill summer Thanks Cbs andthat will be good

  268. I was just wanting to now if there was a way to find out about Jordan and Jeff. How they are doing?

  269. oh men! Another year- that we have to wait to the summer to watch our favorite show BB! – that really sux! C’mon CBS – u can do better than that!

  270. Love the show, just one thing would love to see a 1 hour reunion show like survivor does, to hear what people have to say to each other after all the back stabbing.

  271. Hi all.. good luck to everyone trying for big brother. I have sent my application of and got an audition date, of course I’m in the UK so I can’t wait for the UK version he he… and I will be watching CBB Uk he he xxxxxx

  272. I Will Do Anything To Be A Houseguest On BB12!! Please Go To My “Dawn For Big Brother 12 Support Page” On Facebook! I Am Just A Small Town Girl Tryin To Make It In This Great Big World! I Need All The Help I Can Get!! Thank You For Your Support! (at least check it out! It’s more fun to see us ‘little people’ on TV than the ones who have it all already, isnt it?!)
    Here’s the site!!

  273. Why does BB not entertain the thought of having a winter edition. It is too long of a wait between shows.
    Also, why don’t you get some Canadians on there too.

  274. im only like 11 but me and my mom watched big brother 11 and we loved it. and now the winner of big brother 11,jorden , she and jeff are going on the amazing race on feb.11. please watch it.

  275. What they pay for the show is not really worth all the exposure.Most Big Brother around the wold pay more then 500k and because is a TV price they don’t have to pay taxes.

    In the US you get 500k and then give 200k to uncle Sam and keep only 300k.That probable the state is going to take some and at the end you may keep only 250k.For all the aggravation and national exposure, is just not worth to be part of that show.To watch in the other hand is pretty funny.

  276. After 3 months of hard work I am almost ready to send in my entry. For my video, I made about 12 signs very creative, by myself, I talked to just about everyone in my town including the mayor trying to get them involved in my project. I shot my video in front of the big “Peach Water Tower” which is known very well representing my hometown, Gaffney S.C. I even got a reporter from our newspaper, “The Gaffney Ledger” to print an article about me and my endeavors. It had a great picture and everybody was talking about what I was doing. I spent 3 whole months carefully planning everything down to the detail. Even how to spend the money “when”, I win!!Ha!Ha! I would like to open up a cafe for all the kids to go to so they could hang out ,I would have computers with free internet for them, because hey, that’s what all kids like these days! Gaffney is a very small town & doesn’t have a lot to offer teens so this would be my chance to do something good for my community. Anyway, I am going to talk to Jack Roper from cbs7 news this Thursday he is coming to town for a food drive, I am going to tell him my story and try my best to get him to do a story about me in his show hoping that BB producers will see it & pick me! I guarantee you this if you see me in the house you might as well just walk out by yourself because I will be the last one left they will have to drag me out by chains!Ha!Ha! Seriously though, I am a very friendly people-person, a housewife with 2 kids.Not trying to sound conceited, the facts are that I came up with an airtight way to get noticed by all!I love life, I love people & I really love BB!!!!So, if you happen to be in the house beside me, Join my side because I am brinnging “CHILL TOWN” back only now, the evil” Nurse Angela” is Boss! So Good Luck to everybody I hope I get a chance to meet you in the BB house!I promise it will be a great season!Love to all! P.S. Leave me a comment about my strategy tell me honestly do you think I have what it takes???? “AngelWings”

  277. I just wanted to say how very proud I am of my daughter Angie Robinson.She is trying out for Big Brother this time and she has been working very hard for months getting everything together. We helped her shoot her video yesterday & it was great. Now all she’s got to do is get it in the mail.She has watched Big Brother every season from the very beginning. It would absolutely tickle me to death if she were to be picked.

  278. Thanks Mrs.Martin you’re daughter{me!!!}Ha!Ha! Had you fooled did’nt ,thinks you sound like a very smart person and your daughter sounds phenomenal! Oh, you forgot to tell them that tonight I went on a crusade to get can goods to take to Jack Roper tomorrow, I alreadt have 2 big grocery bags filled slap full! If I can get some gas in the morning, I’m gonna try to leave about 6:00 a.m. and get as many cans as I can, My Goal is to atleast fill my trunk!!! As soon as I am pleased with what I have I’m heading straight to Blacksburg to see Jack, Iv’e got my camera ready so I can get pictures to send to my reporter Scott along with an article to put in the paper! It’s amazing, I start with one story and end up with 2 or 3 more, like I said it’s all about entertainment and publicity. I truly believe If I can get those goods to him and tell him my story I honestly believe he will put me on his show, he has a great heart tooo!! Anyway, as a housewife I still have 2 loads of clothes to fold, dishes to wash, etc. Then I’m gonna call it a night get a good nights sleep and pray that if it’s God’s will tomorrow will turn out to be a great day!! Love to all!! Please comment if you have questions or suggestion’s, fACT’s or anything you got on your mind. I’m always here to lend an ear!!!Peace Out for now I’ll check back in about 5 minutes! “ANGELWINGS!” “CHILLTOWN!”

  279. Oh I relly wanted to give a shout out to my homegirl Dawn, I totally give you 2 kudo points for what you’re trying to accomplish.(explanation of my kudo point system later can’t give all my secrets just yet!) Anyway to Dawn, You half way got a plan for yourself, but just a piece of advice from one small-town gal to another . First, you don’t have to beg people to get them to like you . AS a matter of fact it doesn’t take much to achieve things if you want them bad enough and I truly believe in yourself. Like me, I am a simple middle-agged housewife, I’ve wanted to do this ever scince the first episode. So after a lot of thought, and careful planning, a lot of hard work & dedication, you really can achieve your goals. So Dawn, get yourself one good plan, be sure and think of every detail, have faith, be nice to people, give it everything you’ve got. Campaign to people, not just on the internet, personal contact with people goes a long way. Always trust your instinct’s, have a back up plan and simoly just have fun with it. I truly wish you the best. It would be great to be in the house with you. That would be awesome if they put 2 home-town country gals in there together, we could run that house!! You seem lke a very nice girl, so keep up the good work, who knows, miracles still happen! Well gotta go fold some clothes check back shortly! Send me a comment it would be nice to chat! Thank’s, “ANGELWINGS!” “CHILLTOWN!”

  280. why is nobody commenting on here is this old or something what do I need to do to get comments

  281. Can’t wait 4 BIG Bro 12, been watching since the 3rd season. Hope you get chosen Angela Robinson. Would love 2 see someone with my same last name join on the show. Good Luck.

  282. Thank’s for your comment and support! I’ve worked very hard to make this happen, but if it doesn’t I can atleast say I tried!And you are right the name “ROBINSON” is a good name. That alone should make them pick me.HA! HA! Hope you comment back would like to chat with you!Thanks, “ANGELWINGS!!!”

  283. Hi guys, How is everyone? I’m glad to see people commenting again. Lowell, what did you think about my comments? I can’t wait for BB12 also, it would be even better if I get on the show. I guarantee it would be a great season for viewers!!! I really am a caring, funny, outgoing gal who just lives life day by day,making each moment count. So if anyone wants to get to know me better, please give me a comment would love to hear from you!!! Thanks, “ANGELWINGS”

  284. Thanks Jeanette, yes I sent everything in by express mail. I am also gonna go to a casting call that I found out about thanks to Jack Roper. It was a last minute one they decided to have next month. I’m gonna go the night before and camp out so I will be the first one in the door. I’m glad people are starting to comment on here again, seeing how the season will be starting soon.I hope & pray I get in.Please comment back when you have time. Will be glad to hear from anyone. Love Ya, “ANGELWINGS”

  285. Where did everyone go? Please comment about something , it makes me feel good to hear from people who love the show as much as I.LOL,

  286. I going to the casting March 27,2010. Matt do you know how many go to casting and what time do they start line up the people?? I like to find out what time to leave my house. If anyone has been to casting please feel free to give any information

  287. Camping out? I got a casting call invitation from the original application that I sent out too. Does EVERYONE get one of those? Is this invite only – or can anyone just show up?

  288. @Jeannette: I haven’t heard how many people usually attend the events. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to get there early, but the events are pretty long and should have enough time to get to everyone.

    @Jason: Anyone can show up for the casting events. I’m not sure who all gets casting event invites, but that sounds very encouraging for your chances.

  289. Hi again, good to hear from people again. I was getting kinda lonely on here by myself. The casting call that Jack Roper told me about is going to be April 16th, 8am-around2pm.However, I have worked too hard on this to chance it, so I am gonna go the night before and yes, camp out if I have too!!! It will defenitely be a unique experience for me. As I have told before, I’m just a 37 yr. old housewife with 2 kids. Anything different than my usual routine would be a great distraction for me, and something to remember with my family, the rest of our lives!Anyway, gotta go cut up with my kids for a while. I’ll check back in a few! LOL!! “ANGELWINGS”

  290. Hi Jeannette,

    No, was I supposed to? :)

    I got an invite for the middle of April in Atlanta..

  291. There was an Jason talking to her on a radio show today. I from California so I do not know how it works I think there will be more people because you have people who want to to have fame

  292. Hi Jeannette and Jason. It sounds like you guys are making progress!!!Good Luck to you both! Meanwhile, I had to go buy more ink for my printer so I can print out 2 more long applications to take to the casting calls I’m going too! I am sooooo tired, I have worked non-stop on this project for 3 months now, I don’t know how much longer I can wait. I wish they would just send me a key, already!HA!!HA!! After this, I have to babysit a few hours, then I’m going to donate blood. It never ends for me!Anyway, somebody chat with me I could use some friendly conversation about now.LOL! “ANGELWINGS”

  293. I am so happy that Big Brother will be on again, I just love watching it.
    Great idea if they had it on in the winter time and then another season during the summer time.

    thank you CBS for bringing it back on in 2010

  294. Hi Maureen, are you trying out to be a contestant? If not, you should, you could have just as much chance as anyone else. Where are you from? I’m from a small town named Gaffney SC. I’m just a 37 yr. old housewife with 2 kids and a husband of 18 yrs. I just want to show the world that ther’s more to me than an ordinary housewife! I may be getting old, but I can still hang with the best of them.Comment back when you get a chance, it’s always nice to hear from new people! LOL!!!

  295. Hi, I heard Jeannette went her casting call yesterday. She said she had a great time and thinks she did well. I hope she hears from them. Meanwhile, I’m getting prepared for my casting call on April 16th. I can’t wait. I hope everyone is doing well, comment back when you get a chance! LOL! “ANGELWINGS”

  296. some people say there was 500 I say less I had fun at the casting You dont have to get there to early I a say a couple of hours early is good some Citys are smaller then LA Most of the people come late. We have the problem of parking meters only last a couple of hours.
    I was there for three hours that waiting in line. You gt 2 mins. for your interview


  298. Thanks Mikee!!! I really have worked night&day
    for 3 months preparing for all this. And your right about being yourself. What you see is what you get from me.I wish you all the luck too, it would be nice to meet you in the “BB” house, or anywhere else for that fact. Because you sound likme a great guy! If you have any more interesting info. let me know.LOL! “ANGELWINGS”

  299. Hello, does anyone know what to bring on the casting call, also the ap asks about physical and mental health does that work against you

  300. Lisa, For the casting call, you need a filled out application, a couple of photos(1-body shot&2-head shot) a couple of copies of identification(license&birth certificate or social security card)! As far as the health question I don’t know, I hope not because I’m bi-polar, but very intelligent, creative, freindly, out-going and I lead a normal productive life thanks to a great psychiatrist & mecications I have to take reguarly. I hope they don’t count it against me just because I have bi-polar disease. If I can help anymore let me Know! LOL! “ANGELWINGS”

  301. OMG… Big Brother is coming up real soon! I can’t wait! Although the winter is officially over I do wish that CBS would consider another edition of BB during the upcoming winter!!!! It would be FABULOUS!!!!!

  302. Hi Jenniffer, It’s true winter is officially over & summer is just around the corner. I have gotten used to watching “BB” is the summer and American Idol & survivor in the winter. It would be great if they put it on twice a yr. But I remember that 1yr. they did, it kinda sucked, the theme wasn’t that good as well as the players.Are you trying out to be on this season? I am and can’t wait to find out if I get picked.God still performs miracles, so who know’s?!? Please comment back, I’m always glad to hear from my “BB” BUDDIES! LOL! “ANGELWINGS”

  303. Lisa, Haven’t heard anything back from you, how are things going? As for me, I’m just waiting anxiously to go to my casting call on the 16th. Comment back and let me know how you are.LOL! “ANGELWINGS”

  304. Jenniffer, how are you doing, I hope good.Comment back when you get a chance. I’m always glad to hear from my “BB” BUDDIES! LOL!!! “ANGELWINGS”

  305. well 10: 30 sunday night guess i didnt make the cut, corey did you hear anything ????

  306. they told about three weeks I would think after all casting but I guess each State does it different.I did not get called but I sending one more tape.

  307. For those that care. Natalie just got married 04/02/2010. It was an awesome wedding. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Kevin attended. Once it was all over, the limo took her and Jason to their brand new house that she bought.

  308. @Jeannette- Don’t give up, it probably takes a couple of weeks before they select the ones they want to come back. They go through hundreds of people. Usually, just when you least expect it, God allows something great to happen for those deserving!! I wish you lot’s of luck!!! I still have one more week before my casting call, I’m getting nervous.
    @the truth- Thanks for the scoop, that’s interesting to hear! Are you trying out for “BB” this season? If so, good luck! If you have anymore info. please send it our way. I’m always glad to hear from my “BB” BUDDIES!!!

  309. Angela, I not given up just want to make sure they remember my name Number 17 I went over my Video and I know I can do a better job . Just want to make it better since we have more time. This is my second year. God allows something great to happen for those deserving!! Thats me I deserve this the waiting is hard sitting by the phone LOL maybe we both be onh the show or someone from this site. well back to the phone

  310. they are casting until May 1,2010 and then pick 40 people first to be in a house for a week. I think this how they do it? Good Luck everybody and thank you guys for resonding it is cool

  311. miss spell words sorry hit submit I got my nails done for my first time for big brother and hit the wrong keys

  312. @jeanette- Yes, it would be very cool if atleast a couple of us make it! It sounds like we have all worked very hard. I just want everyone to know that I wish them all the best! Has any of you gals ever had a spray on tan? I was thinking about getting one before my audition because I look like a ghost, but kinda of scared too cause it might turn out awful. If anyone has any advice on this please let me know! Thanks! LOL!!!! “ANGELWINGS”

  313. Hi guys and gals!!! How is everyone?? I hope all is well with everyone!!! Has anybody heard any interesting news lately? Please send me some comments it helps pass the time by. I still have to wait 1 more week before my casting call.I’m anxiuos to get it over with. If anybody has any suggestions or tips for me please send them!!! Always glad to hear from my “BB” BUDDIES!!! “ANGELWINGS”

  314. Where is everyone? I’ve just been working on a couple of things I’m gonna take with me to the casting call on Friday. I bought me a nice outfit to wear to it today. Now I need to get a quick tan somehow.Oh well, anyway, hope everyone is fine. Please comment back when you get a chance!!! “ANGELWINGS”

  315. @Jeannette– Only if If I have to, but don’t worry I never answer myself!HA!HA! I’m not crazy, just really bored! “ANGELWINGS”

  316. @Jeannette– Glad you understand! So you still haven’t heard anything yet? Well, I’m still wishing you luck. “ANGELWINGS”

  317. Thanks only one week left and I wonder if they wait until all casting is done or tapes come in because they change the dates for tapes which I do not understand.

  318. @Jeannette– They probably don’t do the final casting until after the due date which, they did extend because of last minute casting call dates.I think it was April 23rd. However, they probably start picking out ones that stand out from different casting calls and apps. sent in well before the due date so they can start weeding them out until they get the final ones.We need to go on that radio station that Robyn Kass is on, that way we could ask her. I will talk to some people I know, and see if I can find out anything more.Keep in touch! Hope your have a good day! “ANGELWINGS”

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