Big Brother Winner Adam Jasinski Busted On Drug Dealing

Update 2: Adam is asking to be released from rehab ahead of his July 19th trial. He wants to get out so he can do charity work. Seriously. Maybe he’ll finally be setting up that hair salon he promised years ago for “the retards.”

If Julie Chen asked most Big Brother winners how they planned to spend their half-million dollar prize money I doubt many would admit any ideas of funding a large-scale drug ring. BB9 winner Adam Jasinski has broken the mold.

Jasinski was charged on October 19th with possession of oxycodone pills with the intent to distribute and could be going away for a long, long time:

Authorities say in court papers that Jasinski had nearly 2,000 oxycodone pills on him when he flew from his home in Delray Beach, Florida to Logan Airport.

Authorities say Jasinski, whose nickname is “Baller,” flew into Massachusetts with drugs hiding in his pants. Jasinski allegedly confessed that he had been selling thousands of oxycodone pills all along the East Cost over the past several months, and had been funding his enterprise with the $500,000 price he won from the “Big Brother Season 9” show.

If convicted, Jasinski faces up to 20 years imprisonment and a $1 million fine.

It’s hilarious that they even mention his nickname. Well, if any past winner was sketchy enough to use the prize money to start-up a drug business I guess it’d have to be Adam “so the retards can get together” Jasinski.

Hmm, looks like he’ll be needing a swing at the next All-Stars to help pay that fine. Either that or a cage match with Chima! Bets on who would win?

Update: Adam Jasinski’s hearing has been delayed until October 30th. Perhaps Adam will use this time to prepare for the next Power of Veto competition and by that I mean practicing “don’t drop the soap.”

Source: Fox Boston – Big thanks to NewsJunkie for the tip.


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  1. He can’t be stupid enough to rat himself out more and tell them how,when and where he was selling…..can he really be that stupid!!?……Guess he came up with the wrong game plan for a new job after loosing his last one after bb9…OH BALLER..

  2. I was rather shocked as well about the “allegedly confessed” part. They must have really broken the man fast to get him to start admitted things they didn’t know about.

    I wonder if there’s any way they could Julie Chen to announce the jury’s decision in court.

  3. Hi Matt!! I’m back from my trip!

    I don’t think that anyone thinks that Adam was ever the sharpest knife in the drawer, PLUs like Matt said, they probably scared the holy poop out of him. or offered him some deal?? Now that I think on it, didn’t he have some sort of sketchy background that came out after BB9 ended?

  4. Helloooo Janet. Welcome back.

    Perhaps Adam forgot the order of things: First – make a deal; Second – Reveal everything you know and have done…

  5. Is this guy an idiot or what?!? He didn’t deserve to win BB but he does deserve to be in the clinck for a while.

  6. Heheheheh!!! Lol! I couldn’t stand his ass after the taking the tards for haircuts remark. What a dumass…get your deal in writing then tell them what they want to hear. Stupid!

  7. Apparently he had some good drugs ON him, but about there being good IN him remains to be seen.. just kidding..

    What a waste.. he WONT get out of it, apparently he sold them to an undercover agent. They had been watching people buying large quanities of pills. Uh.. you must be in pretty bad pain to need 2,000 oxycodone.. Lordy..

  8. Gosh i always liked adam–mann i can’t believe he did that.
    Hey Janet glad you’re back–i missed you–i went to england last yr on vacation to visit family–we went all over the place from Doncaster,Yorkshire(where my mothers from) to Near London and down by the sea side at a place called bridlington–We have done all the site seeing places before. Where did you Go?? what Part?/ Matt also good to see you–i see you on your site survivor fandom but its become more then a survivor site–lots of people get together to talk also–i lost interest but still read what you guys have to say once in a while.. As always good job on your site.

  9. Susan! Hey buddy! How’s it going?? I went with my Mom, (hubby doesn’t do the castle/museum thing). We went ALL OVER! From London to Plymouth, Cardiff, Edinburgh, the Highlands (my VERY fave), Oxford, York.. You name it! AMAZING!

    Anyhoo.. I am watching the Survivor site, and it is really good, but I didn’t want to jump in on people who already have their own things going..
    I sure miss you guys, though! Hope you are having a nice fall! Doing anything interesting?
    This Adam thing is nuts, huh?

  10. I saw a ton of good in him on the show and having to deal with Sheila. I guess he makes bad choices.

  11. janet –wow you went to the highlands –so did we!!! WE went on a bus tour things called Monarch of the glenn–it took us out 5 days to Inverness and gosh i can’t remember where else but all over the highlands. We loved it its so beautiful– we saw the biggest mountain there and we epescaiily wanted to go there cuz we read the outlander series by Diana Gabaldon (by the way i am reading her lastest book out An echo in the Bone right now) Have you read them –They are great– its all about the highlands a must read if you liked scotland and the highlands. And i went with my mom also–She is from England –met my dad when he was in the airforce–anyhow we have lots of family there scattered everywhere there. Not doing much–i’ve had a bad cold i’am trying to get rid of. There is a group that visits survivor fandom but i quess i’am not really part of it–but comment once in a while–however they all seem nice. Yeah this adam thing is nuts–What an absolute waste and i really liked Adam– just can’t beleive it.

  12. Susan… O…M…G…

    I LOVE Diana Gabaldon almost as much as I do my husband. I dont even pay attention to my family when the new books come out. Those books are the number one reason we went to Scotland.. I LOVE me some JAmie!!! LOL. After our first trip to Scotland, I rented Monarch of the Glen from Netflix and we absolutly fell in love with the series. The most touching place i have ever seen is Glencoe. I literally had tears and my hair on my arms standing on end when they were telling us about the massacre.
    I can’t believe you love Diana! I have read thousands of books and hundreds and hundreds of historical fiction. NO ONE comes close to her do they? I KNEW I liked you, Susan! LOL!!

  13. krista- You are right! He did have a lot of patience with Sheila, she wuld have tried the patience of a saint. I always felt bad for him when she was ugly to him..

  14. I read yesterday that Adam was busted on drug charges – I wonder if he followed thru on his promise to donate money to special needs kids, any of you remember the outrage he caused by calling these kids a cruel name? he softened the outlash of comments by telling the jury he planned to donate some of his winning to special needs kids. Bad move baller, now you will be in a whole different kind of seclusion that will make big brother slop look like a luxury win.

  15. Janet –wow-that is the same reason we went to scotland also–what a small world and i knew i liked you too!!!! how funny is that–Have you read An echo in the bone??? it just came out sept 22 and i love me some jamie and claire also — Also love young Ian and rollo–well there are so many characters to like aren;t there–Bree, Roger, Young Jemmy and Amamda. Oh Janet –i could go on for days–My mom went to half price books and found the second book in the series and she just loved it and researched for the rest of the series and then she gave them to me and said i was gonna love them and holy smokes i sure did and you are right– her writing is fabulous. Even tho it is fiction the characters anyway the history is all factual– and we also stood on those grounds and had to wonder what it would of been like. In my moms early yrs she had a boyfriend from Inverness. Course we can.t talk to much about that to my dad–lol. But gosh the only problem is after you have read the last book –you have to wait 2 or 3 yrs to get another one from her.. She leaves you hanging and begging for more. any how so glad you enjoyed your trip. I slso put everything on ignore when her books come out..LOL

  16. Krista–i loved adam too for putting up with sheila–i was so glad when he won and i remember him telling the jury that he would give something to that organaization for those kids– Do you suppose its because they shoned him when he got out and he got fired??–but still to throw his money away on that–poor poor judgement– Still can.t believe that–but on a lighter note did ya’ll hear Jeff and Jordan are a real couple now.

  17. I am glad to hear that Jeff and Jordan are a couple….Jeff was definitely a great guy and if he couldn’t win, then I am glad Jordan did.

  18. Janet, you come on over to the Survivor site, cause we always love newcomers. All of the rest of you are welcome too. We have a real good time. It’s Come on over!!!!! Most of us are BB diehards. :)

  19. @Susan- R U KIDDING? I had “Echo” pre-ordered. I am TRYING not to devour it, since, like you said, once it is over you have to wait SOO long. Totally worth it, though!

    @Krista- Thanks! I will probably come hang with you guys soon. I miss ya’ll!
    I didn’t know that Jeff/Jordan were a real couple! I am actually kind of surprised, but glad for them!

  20. Never liked Adam after his nasty comments about autistic kids. Who is the azz now. BB9 worst season ever.

  21. Janet –i know i am half way thru it now and don’t know what i’am going do after that–probably just watch alot of tv-LOL–I do have one more series that i kinda like –noting like Diana”s writing but it about vampires –in a different twist by J.R. Ward. Don’t know if you’d like something like that but there is romance involved the ist one is called Dark Lover. Maybe check it out if you like that sort of thing. I use to read Ann Rices books but since her husband died she changed her style of writing to relegion–which is alright but i was use to her old style. So i found Dark Lover by Jr. Ward and kinda like it.

  22. @Susan- I have read the Sookie STackhouse Vamp books, and they are pretty good, but no where in the same hemisphere as Diana’s writing. I also LOVE Elizabeth Chadwick. That is the closest to Diana that I have come. That being said- knowing that you appreciate the “Outlander series” as much as I do, i will follow your recommendation and check out these books by Ward. THANKS!
    BTW- I know we are talking books on a BB website, but since BB is long over, I don’t see the harm? OK with everyone? Anyone else want to jump in with what they are doing to pass the time now that our obsession is over for 9 whole months??? Good books? Can’t miss shows??
    I am really digging “Modern Family” “Community” and I also like “Sanctuary” and last season of “Nip/Tuck”. Of course totally psyched about “The Office” and I am kind of looking forward to the new show “V” coming out. I wish I had started “Flash Forward” when it began, but will try to catch re-runs. I am a BIG “Lost” fan and they say this compares. Hubby and I both love “Ghost Hunters” but not “GH International”.
    Anyone else got anything good??/

  23. Oh Oh OH!! Totally forgot to mention-PAY TV “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Which I am nuts about especially since it is hosting the only Seinfeld Reunion Show we will likely ever see..
    “The Tudors” (my fave) “United States of Tara” and “Nurse Jackie” and “Weeds” are over for the season but I recommend all of them if you want a good DVD for a Christmas gift,,

  24. janet have you watched glee–its pretty good it comes on right after–so you think you can dance–And J.r.Ward is not near as good as diana but its a change. i am a big fan of lost to and am gonna watch V also.

  25. Susan- Hey girl! Did you win any money in Vegas? I was sorry about the Longhorns dropping in the polls but I hope we still have a date in Jan. for the National championship between Texas and Bama. We miss you at Fandom. Don’t be a stranger. I love Glee but can’t get anybody to watch it. It is my favorite show in years outside of reality shows.
    Janet- We miss you too! Thought you had gone ahead and taken up residence in England. Welcome home!
    About Adam: Sheila didn’t like him to start with so maybe she had that insight that only a mother could have about him.I remember on BBAD that he made references to doing Cocaine but never expected anything like this.If this is his first offense he will only get a few years, a big fine and a long probation. I hate to see anyone mess up their life so bad

  26. Hey Jeff–WEll I am a gleek just like you–just love that show. And i know about texas dropping in the polls–course–i quess you know–whos right above them –you got it the crimsom Tide–But texas and bama maybe both have to get thru flordia — But Texas had a close one with Oaklahoma at the red river shootout–one poll has bama number 1 and i poll has florida number 1–but i still like the longhorns chances at getting there. Thanks for asking about Vegas and the answer is YES i won (I won 800.00 dollars) not to shabby cuz i came home with 550.00. .You guys all seem so close knit over on survivor famdom –but i keep an eye on ya’ll being the oldest it looks like(lol). Any how i’am so glad janets back also. Are you keeping the girls in order over there?? And Jeff i to hope we have a date in Jan also!!!!!

  27. OK.. This is just getting spooky.. I LOVE GLEE!

    Did you guys SEE us almost, ALMOST beat Florida last weekend??? Two missed KICKS and we would have!! And those Refs TICKED me off!

  28. Janet –you’re a gleek also!!!–Well howdy dodie—Jeff you’ve got two more gleeks on your side–Janet –i didn’t catch that game–but almost beating flordia — way to go!!

  29. Janet- The referees gave Florida that game!!! Those referees were suspended until the middle of November so it wasn’t just you and I that saw it that way. I gave out a sooeey hogs on Fandom. Florida might have have gone on to win if they had gone on to overtime but I liked Arkansas chances. We’ll never know now.
    I got one of my friends to watch Glee and he was confused. I guess you have to watch all the previous episodes. I love the music. Leah Michelle is a great singer.
    Susan- Texas is right where they need to be at this point because Alabama and Florida will have to play each other in the SEC championship. Texas will play the winner. Alabama was undefeated last year until that game. Then we went on to lose our bowl game. We haven’t lost a regular season game since 07 though.

  30. @ Jeff! THANK YOU!! That game was just a travesty! Suspending the refs is something, but it is still an “L” on our name, and now we have another after the Ole Miss game. We are conflicted about Ole Miss, however, because we love Houston Nutt so much!

    @ Susan- Do you watch True Blood, since you like the vampire books?? Good stuff!

  31. Janet –Yes i do watch True Blood and Anne Rice has gone somewhat back to her original writing. She has a new book out i am gonna try –called Angel Time–I’am almost done with An echo in the bone–How about you??

  32. Susan- yes I am almost done, and i am trying to hold back so I am not finished with it. Do you think Roger and BRianna are gonna go back???

  33. I”am beginning to wonder if they will and i want to know if William will ever know that Jamie is his dad–I don’t know why but i love young Ian and his dog rollo–Hope Arch Bug doesn’t do anything to him. My Mom has finished it and she said alot of things are left to wonder in this book– I am almost at the chapter called Coming Home– Right now tho they are still in war time. I would love it if Jamie could travel forward wouldn’t that be neat!!

  34. janet–my Friend–i finished An echo in the bone and as usaul i am left wanting more. Have you finished it –as i know you wanted to savor it and tell me what you thought if you have….

  35. Susan- I am hanging on by my toenails to the last few pages. I just don’t want it to end, I kind of wish I had not gobbled up the first 9/10 of the book! I am right at the point where Jamie comes back and takes John as a hostage.. You know, these characters are the most real characters that I have EVER, EVER, EVER read.. They are so real, that i was just SICK for Claire, even knowing that Jamie was still alive. I have read HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of books, but I have NEVER read an author that comes close to Diana Gabaldon. I don’t understand why she isn’t winning Pulitzer prizes? She is amazing.. The closest author, in writing characters who you get so invested in, and care about, and the complexity of the story, to me, has to be JK Rowling..
    I had heard that the story was very wide open, and you know she plans on writing 2-3 more books about Jamie and Claire, then start a series about Jamie’s parents..

  36. Janet- ah well then you’re almost there– i know i love these characters to so much — and i too felt for clarie–How about Ian the oldest Ian dieing that was so sad too– Anyhow –well now we have to wait for maybe 2 more yrs before we’ll know what happens with so much going on in this book left unfinished– Yep i love the Harry Potter books also and you are right– Diana is just AMAZING–never read any books close to her writing– Did you see the Lord of the rings Movies those were great also. Anyhow –hang on to your hat my friend– we’ve got a ways to go to find out about our beloved characters and what happens to them untill then we will have to just hold them in our hearts.

  37. ha matt. i can see it now…

    “Adam. By a uninimous vote, you have been convicted to 20 years in prison.”

  38. really…are any of you truly that surprised?! it does shock me a bit that some are…it was obvious how shady he was…ive met adam on countless occassions and he is not the good shiny nice guy he tried to portray himself to be..only on a reality tv show can someone like him get one,win a ton of money by lying to get it and turning around to continue his bad just glad he was sure some people may not like to hear what i have to say but remember tv is filled with editing and adam had no intention of ever donating money he just wanted to least it all caught up with him and the world unfortunately got to see who he really was…sad.

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