CBS Renews Big Brother 16 For 2014 Season

Julie Chen Big Brother 15

It’s official, Big Brother fans. CBS has formally renewed our favorite summer reality TV series for the 2014 summer with Big Brother 16.

This summer’s series overcame sometimes disastrous HGs and terrible commentary to build great ratings, deliver on the drama viewers love, and kept us waiting for more which is exactly what gets CBS interested in giving us another round of fun.

CBS announced today that BIG BROTHER, the summer reality hit, has been renewed for its 16th edition, to be broadcast next summer.

BIG BROTHER, which recently celebrated its 500th episode, premiered on CBS in 2000 and has since established itself as a summer staple with one of television’s most socially engaged fan bases. This summer, BIG BROTHER is averaging 7.29 million viewers, 2.6 in adults 18-49 and 3.1 in adults 25-54. Compared to last year, BIG BROTHER is up +11% in viewers, +8% in adults 18-49 and +7% in adults 25-54.

Wow! Viewership was up 11% over last year! Along with the return of Big Brother on CBS, BBAD will also be back on TVGN. Sorry fans who were hoping for a return to SHO2 for a truly uncensored experience as we get with the Live Feed footage.

As soon as details are released for the casting and application process for BB16 we’ll post details, links, and everything you need for your shot at the half-million dollar prize.

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Source: CBS press release


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  1. I hope they find HG with more class. This year was a disaster, but I will give next year a shot. If it looks like it will be the same, I will jst turn it off.

  2. I hope it’s an All-Stars Edition
    2 HGs from each season between 8-15
    That’s about 16 All Star houseguests :)
    That would make for a pretty good season, if I do say so myself lol

  3. This year there was ‘nothing’ to keep us watching….no diamond veto, Coup d’etat, etc…At least at the beginning the fan got to vote a houseguest out and they stopped that!! Boring year…..

  4. With ratings up I fear CBS execs are high fiving each other over their decision to fill the house with immature, unstable cretins. That means we can expect to see more of the same next year. Only next year they will make sure there are no Helens or Elissas. Just a bunch of 20 year old low IQ types with raging hormones.

  5. I think if they don’t do a better job of diverse HG next year they will see ratings DROP thru the floor. As much as I love it I won’t watch another season like this.

    • Diversity isn’t the problem. The problem is they were so young. Only 2 in their 30s. There was no one mature in the house except for Helen, who was annoying to listen to.

  6. The sad thing is when those racist, bigots and homophobes are cast they don’t put this on their video submissions or will they admit to it during their video interview. Their true horrible personalities come out when they feel threatened

  7. If they would do a crew of 40’s and 50’s, my fiance’ and myself, would apply, for sure! We could really use a vacation, and the money!! I pray they do get a better crew for BB16!!

  8. BB 16 I cant wait! But better be much better than this year :) We want pandoras box and Coup d’etat, etc back … and I dont just want to see skinny girls on there either I want to see normal people going in not one that has to look gorgeous all the time …

    • I agree, Where were all of the twists this season? The MVP was a waste of time, if you ask me. Diamond POV, Coup d’etat, Pandora’s Box, those are what make the game fun to watch, Bring them back for next season!

  9. CBS better do a much better job of screening their HG’s from now on, if it is anything like this year’s cast, I ain’t watchin! The constant personal attacks and everything else that happened this season, this long time viewer was just about at the breaking point of being a non-watcher.

    • The main problem actually wasn’t casting, it was productions lack of rule enforcement on bad and unacceptable behavior and cheating during competitions. If these two issues were controlled fully with immediate “report to the DR” and subsequent threats of expulsion, then the whole racist, bullying and generally nasty and rude behavior would have ended before it got started. Isn’t that the whole premise of Big Brother anyway , total control !

      • I agree totally. And I have a feeling that they will next year, because HGs will be forewarn.
        BTW you can’t be Aldous, he’s dead.

      • I agree, the behavior should have been nipped in the bud from the very beginning. I know there is cussing every five seconds, lying, backstabbing, but, not the persistant personal attacks that went on this season. That behavior was totally unacceptable, HG’s can play the game and not attack a person’s character 24/7, and talk about their children. The vile remarks that came from Spencer should have been stopped also.

  10. I will try to play and tell you all about my day next summer. I will be 48 by then and can almost guarantee that not only will I play at some point, but I will be HOH and there will be an Amy on the show with me.

  11. Not having BBAD back on SHO2 is a HUGE letdown!! It was so hard to follow conversations! I really hope the powers that be change their minds!
    I know I can’t stand another season of l____ve if f____ and that is so t__e.


  12. I’m so excited to see who the winner will be! Will it be the moronic racist? Or the pedophile pig? Or the whiny, sniveling rat? So much excitement…really don’t know who to root for! How about none of them?

    • Yeah I love Big Brother, I got 3 more years before I can apply. If Suvivor & The Amazing Race can do 55 seasons than Big Brother can do 55 seasons.

  13. Cracks me up people are always complaining on this site,but they keep on watching, and making their comments.

    • they would never do that unless the writers strike, too much competition with football, winter olympics and american idol

  14. i liked it when had twist like the twins that came and went to the diary room and when they had brother and sister that didn’t know that they were brother and sister things like that. The twins coming and going as if they were one person for a few weeks that was the best though . That’s what they need to bring back to the show

  15. Casting secret BFF would be Awesome! Making them think they are the only ones with the advantage. And making a no disclose rule:)

  16. Let the HOH nominate, and America do the evicting!! POV still be the same, but with America voting, ppl like Amanda wouldn’t be able to bully her way into staying in the house!!

  17. they need to bring in a pet for the house guests.. I was watching Australia’s Big Brother 2013 and that’s what they did . I think it would be a great moral for the house guests… just saying..

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