Big Brother 15 Eviction Predictions: Week 11.5

Big Brother 15 on CBS

Tonight on Big Brother 15 another houseguest will be evicted as part of the last regular eviction meeting with one sole vote. We’ve already discussed in-depth what’s going to happen with that vote, but here’s a quick rundown of what other sites are expecting to happen tonight as well.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

Big Brother 15 Week 11.5 Eviction Predictions – GinaMarie, McCrae, or Spencer?:

McCrae Olson
Big Brother Access McCrae Olson
Big Brother Source McCrae Olson
Big Brother Junkies McCrae Olson
Big Brother Live McCrae Olson
McCrae Olson
Zap2It McCrae Olson
McCrae Olson
Big Brother Fix McCrae Olson

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.



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    • It’s about time. I hope they make him cry for real on finale night by calling him the two-faced weasel that he is.

      • Yea the exterminators called a meeting with McCrae to tell him he was going and they were a team. A dumb move, game not over. They were trying to praise him for his game but theirs was better. Hope he gets to GM to keep him. But with her brain cells doubt it.

      • Unfortunately, all of the floaters and irrelevant people are left. I can’t believe the jury and the other hgs let this group of idiots out smart and out play them.

      • What does that make of the rest of them? That makes those in the jury house double dumb! Most especially, Judd, Helen, Amanda, Aaryn and now, McCrae! For Andy to have outsmarted them all just shows how super dumb they all are! I will not include Jessie who figured out the alliances as well as Elissa—-they lacked a good social game which cost them.

      • Did Andy use the veto already? Because if he didn’t GM has to be careful or else she may wind up on the block next to McCrae. McCrae is right, of course. Andy and Spencer will work together for the next HOH and they will get rid of GM for sure. But Spencer is equally dumb. If he keeps Andy around he is just asking for 2nd place.

      • It’s a little late, though. Andy and his minions are the type that like to rub things in your face. Is there a reason why Andy and his group of misfits found it necessary to even tell McCrea about the Exterminators. And I don’t know why Andy found it necessary to tell McCrea that he was the one who voted to evict Amanda. In my opinion, they were just gloating and this will come back and bite crazy lips (Andy) in his ahole.

      • That’s why I do not like these people. With every eviction there had to be an element of meanness to it. It wasn’t just about evicting someone as part of the game. It was rubbing it in their faces. I do think Spencer has a mean streak. Andy is just a childish wimp who wishes he could be a man instead of a crybaby.

      • I hope GM does something smart for once. At least McDumb now knows how stupid he was to vote out Elissa – who wanted to work with him. They are all such low life’s. I hate to see any of them win one cent. Andy’s speech next Wed is going to make me sick. I think I will put him on mute.

      • Well, McCrae has only himself to blame at this point. His decision to go against 4 people in the house alone instead of keeping Elissa and maybe even getting Judd on his side was just plain dumb. Andy and Spencer are not great players. Everyone around them has just been really stupid.

    • Too late for that! McCrae went bonkers with Amanda’s eviction, forgetting he was playing for $500,000! He should have calmed himself and used his head. Instead, he evicts Elissa without thought or good reason and kept those who evicted Amanda safe! If McCrae has just figured out Andy—-it is too late for him and his chance at that $500,000 gone, just like Judd! Both of them are big dumbasses! They cannot figure simple things out when it is staring them in the face!

  1. Thought there was something in the rules that the HOH or POV could not tell the person going out about it. Did they break the rules? Hope so and they get penalized for it by taking MC off the block and put GM up with Spenser?

    • What rules? Does this game actually have rules? They haven’t followed the rules all season long, so I don’t see a need to enforce the so called rules now.

    • Plus, what you are not going to do is rub anything in my face. If I were McCrea I would have told GM that Spencer and Andy think she is an idiot and that they have said so on several occasions. Now is the time to tell everything that you know and even some of the things you don’t know (hell just make up some stuff). I would tell Andy that Spencer called him a fag or faggot or what the hell ever. I would tell Spencer that Andy said that he floated all season long and does not deserve to win. I, also, would tell Spencer that Andy said that he does not want to be in the final two with him.

      • Andy and Spenser are watching McCrae lake a hawk to make she he does not talk to GM alone right now.

      • Them following me around would work out nicely for me. I would want all of them in one room when I decide to spill the beans.

      • This has been missing from the game since the beginning. No one was willing to lie like that. Aaryn did it a little and Jessie did it too but for the most part they have all decided not to lie even though it is Big Brother.

        What it comes down to is people more willing to save their alliance than to win the $500k for themselves. If GM votes to save Spencer she is giving he and Andy the F2.

  2. I’m scared that future BB seasons will be this predictable. Maybe even the next all stars. Take out the strong competitors in the beginning and then everyone who didn’t play the first few weeks, is in the final 6. This type of game play this season made most of the votes unanimous instead of there being different sides. Probably why they had to make returning HG’s coaches before they could join the game last season. This season only got the most ratings compared to others in the past because of the bullying and racism.

    • The stupid America’s MVP started this anonymous nominations was a really bad idea. Production claimed it would be anti floater but it was really strongly anti power player

      • Wouldn’t have been as bad if they didn’t freaking bring Elissa in the game! She doesn’t deserve to be in the game

      • Why doesn’t she deserve to be in the game but someone like Amanda or Jeremy does? What makes a person deserving? It seems to me they scrape the bottom of the barrel this year so it is odd that you think Elissa is the only one who didn’t deserve to be there.

      • You can’t blame America’s MVP on Ellisa it was a horrible idea. I am not a fan of Ellisa or much of anyone this season. Even the three that were not mean racist or misogynistic (Howard Candice and Jessie) were horrible players but Ellisa had as much “right” as any one to be in the house

      • It wasn’t anonymous because Elissa immediately told everyone she was MVP. And I suppose the house expected whoever it was to fess up. It would have worked better had the MVP been forced to keep it secret from everyone else. It wasn’t a bad idea it just needed better execution. I thought giving the vote to America was dumb. That ruined the MVP. They should have the MVP but make it so that one person can not win it two weeks in a row, like the HOH. Also, the MVP loses the power if he/she tells anyone about it. If that happens, the person with the second most votes gets it.

      • The only thing I would add is that there should be a secret competition that picks the MVP. Something like closest guess wins, all HGs make their guess in the diary room so we can see. I don’t like fan voting as it is too easy for production to pick whatever winner they want.

      • It was anonymous when she made the nominations she just couldn’t keep it secret afterwards. The reason why I think anonymous noms are bad is that it lets people nom the strongest players with out the fear of backlash. How long would Rachel have survived if the MVP twist had been in her season? One of the best players would have been out early.

  3. Hope I do not wake to harsh “reality”. Here is what I’m dreaming of: Spencer goes for a new record on the block, smug as a bug. GM has an Elissa moment and realizes that, in spite of what S says, neither he nor A will take her to F2..Flips the script on those bad boys and evicts SPENCER (saving McCrae to team up for F2). Oh, the utter disbelief on Spencer’s face would be priceless! And Andy’s, too! Now that’s a blindside – might even win her the game! Ha ha. A week left – whasshe care what S tells the Jury full of wimmen?? GM didn’t vote out Judd – he’s pulling for her, remember? Good times! – Dream BIG! At least until the alarm. ha ha

    • I am in total agreement with you that after such a disappointing season this is the best outcome for us now. But after such a disappointing season I expect GM to evict McCrae then Andy and Spencer will make final 2. GM will think she is being loyal instead of thinking how she can win the game.

      • GM getting rid of Spencer may be satisfying to you and many more but is not her route to winning. Spencer is her best final two choice I think she beats him 7 to 2 maybe 6 to 3 but a win. Against either McCrae or Andy I think she loses due to her divisive talk in the house. McCrae didn’t piss anyone off really and Andy backstabed the jury but except for Amanda he didn’t lord it over them the way GM did. GM’s chance to win is vote out McCrae then win final hoh and get rid of Andy or Spencer wins dial hoh and realizes he has a better shot against her than against Andy and takes her F2. I not positive she beats Spencer though she should have the votes but she makes such horrible speechs she might lose it there

      • I agree with you, if she makes it to the Final 2. My point is if Spencer or Andy win the last HOH, she won;t make it to the final 2. The odds are against her. On th eother hand, if she teams up with McCrae and evicts Spencer, then it is McCrae and GM against Andy for the final HOH. At least she wins $50k if she loses the jury vote. She gets nothing if Andy or Spencer wins HOH.

  4. Here’s the question I hope is asked of GM during her DR:

    Which F3 do you think gives you a better chance of making F2:

    a) GM, Mc, An
    b) GM, Sp, An

    And I hope she gives this question some heavy thought.

    • There are two ways to answer that. She can think she can beat Andy and Spencer in comps or she can think of who will keep her for the F2.

      Of course she won;t think if either and she will just yell “Go Exterminators” as if this is a team game.

  5. I think Mcree played a great game he let everyone else do the dirty work and slid himself to forth, his original alliance after the moving company took out a lot of strong players. I think Mcree was given a bad wrap, He tried to keep the peace in the house and for the most part did. good on him but the way GM Spencer are trashing him now hes gone is awful I don’t think anyone should win. What would be cool is to expect the unexpected and have the last three evicted actually be maid the final three and tell the other three that for all the crap they have been slinging america has voted you out. Replacing you with the past three evicted. so get a stepen you three make room for the new final 3 lol that would be so awesome.

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