CBS Announces Big Brother Renewed Through 2018 – 3 Seasons On Their Way

Exciting Big Brother news coming from CBS this morning as the series has been renewed through 2018 with seasons Big Brother 19 and 20 confirmed for the next two summers. Wait, what about BB19 this Fall on All Access? Oh it’s still there, but CBS appears to be separating the two.

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the BB18 house

This is the second consecutive double season renewal for Big Brother with CBS after the 2014 news that took us through this season. Ratings have continued to hold strong this summer for the series as it frequently wins the top demographics with its three nights a week broadcasts.

With this news of a double renewal (via THR) we’re now stacking two more summer seasons of Big Brother on top of the upcoming Fall 2016 online-only season as well. Yes, that’s three awesome seasons of Big Brother on their way for fans. That’s pretty incredible.

CBS isn’t currently revealing how they’re going to handle the Fall season, which we expected to be Big Brother 19, other than saying it will be a digital exclusive for their All Access subscribers where we’ll get both Live Feeds and all the episodes delivered through online streaming. And yes, you will be able to watch those episodes on your TV without much effort.

So if Big Brother 19 is now going to be next summer but they’re still doing this Fall 2016 season of Big Brother then what is it going to be called? We don’t know and CBS isn’t saying. However just last week Julie Chen tweeted, “There’s no Big Brother without the #Chenbot !! #BB19 I’ll see you this fall.” Obviously that’s not official PR messaging anymore, but seems like she’d be in the know.

I’m wondering if CBS decided to reel things back in and come up with a spin off approach for the digital edition of Big Brother so they didn’t have to skip around for its summer to summer season sequences. I think that’s going to make things incredibly confusing as fans are likely still to call the next season as BB19. Considering it will be the 19th season and all.

However it works out I am thrilled to hear that CBS has as much confidence in Big Brother as we have love for it. It’s my favorite reality show and summer fun so this is really exciting for us here on the site. We have years more of Big Brother fun to share together and can’t wait to see what happens next!

Are you excited for two more years of Big Brother? If this online only version goes well then we might see a repeat of that next year too which means we’d get FOUR seasons in two years. Someone catch me, I think I’m going to pass out from exhaustion.

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  1. Only good news if they improve the game A LOT! After the last 2 seasons I really wouldn’t be upset at all if it didn’t return.

  2. If they got renewed for holding the desired demographic three nights a week, don’t expect casting to change one bit.

  3. HURRAY! ! Now they just totally fix that recurring casting problem and if production becomes more transparent to the viewer them this would be an even better announcement.

  4. Let’s hope for some good seasons!! If Paulie goes in the DE or next week… I will consider BB18 a good season LOL

    • You’ll consider a house full of floaters as a good season? LOL. Paulie is the best player in the house by far. He deserves to win and he will.

    • I think maybe Season 20. It’s a milestone for the show, I would be surprised if it isn’t All Stars or some type of all returnee season.

  5. Glad to have that cleared up…so there will be a Season 19 this fall and a Season 19 next summer. Got it! Thanks Matt for verifying this!

  6. Big Brother in summer is great, but in the fall when all of my fave shows return, I am not sure I will be following it as closely as now.
    Super glad tho that it’s renewed for two more summers. Congrats!

      • Haha. But I bet we don’t watch the same shows.
        Hint: I love the CW, I watch all of their 10 scripted shows!

      • No, I don’t watch anything on CW except Whose Line is it Anyway. But I watch a lot of HGTV shows, Forensic Files, Snapped, DWTS, The Bachelor and Bachelorette (haven’t those last two for 3 seasons a piece now, though), Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Night Shift, Code Black, etc. There’s more I know, just can’t think of them right now.

      • See we watch different shows. Superheroes and supernatural shows for me mostly. I used to watch cops/crime shows like CSI etc but not now.

      • I also watch Grey’s Anatomy. My daughter and son told me I need to tune into Supernatural since they think I’m nuts that I’ve claimed to feel spirits around me. But really, I like to freak them out as well, keep them guessing to make it interesting!

      • I started watching Supernatural since Season 4 I think, when Lucifer came out to play. Now Lucy has moved to Fox tho and he has a scary Mother!

      • I don’t watch CW. CBS has a lot of good shows on lately. I watch a lot of Bravo, HBO, and Showtime shows

      • Because I drive for Uber and have a granddaughter I help out with. LOL But there are no children at my home for the most part!

      • I watch The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends, Lucifer, Gotham, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, iZombie, Supernatural and Empire. Plus the NBA and NHL season. Plus work, lmao. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with Big Brother in the fall

      • I watch all of those shoes and more! But not those sports, more soccer and tennis for me haha.

    • I pretty much stopped watching TV altogether. I haven’t wathed a new show in almost 6 years. There are still a handful of shows I do watch. BB being one of them. But I have no fave shows in the fall. Not one.

  7. More Big Brother!!! I’m so excited. I think the fall season should just be called Big Brother 19. That way the 2017 season can be Big Brother 20 and we can finally have our all stars season that we deserve.

    • The way I read it, there will be two BB19s in the Fall and the next one in the summer. One online and the other on t.v.

      • I think the fall one will be called Big Brother: All Access and the season next summer is called Big Brother 19. But I wish the fall season is BB19 and next summer is BB20 (with an All Stars season).

      • I agree! They want more money flowing in too by subscribers to the live feeds. I wished I’d waited til the fall season to sign up for feeds again the way this season has turned out for the past 57 or so days and more fish than ever on the feeds either during some HoH comps or whenever someone talks about their DR sessions or Production like the vets do.

      • Yeh, but there was more fish this season that last season, and it was ticking the feeders off even more than they were last season.

  8. Awesome 3 more seasons of “Beauty Queens” and “Useless Tools.” Hell at this point I’m thinking Victoria could make All-Stars… Only kidding these people are the best!

  9. Big Brother is like a summer guest you’re always thrilled to have back but aren’t sad to see go back home at the end of the season.
    Don’t think I’ll be signing up for the All Access version this Fall.

  10. Too confusing. Make up your mind CBS. Don’t announce things so haphazardly. All it’s going to do is turn people off.

  11. Not thrilled about an online only season. If they are doing a fall season why not just air it on CBS like usual? I don’t do well with change. ? Other than that I am happy we have plenty of more BB to look forward to. ?

  12. One of those seasons should be an all superfans season, Allstar season, and back to basics

  13. Get a new casting director. No recruits, returning players or people whose only attribute is they look good in a swimsuit.

  14. To make this a true social behavior show; there needs to be a broader age variation with HG. Survivor has shown acceptance to participants over the age of 60. One survivor was 72 years young.

  15. Jokers updates makes it sound like James is already feeling guilty. Hanging his head and being quiet. Poor Jamesy

  16. How about a real celebrity cast (not former BB players) and adding more older players for future seasons.

  17. Well, knowing there’s two free tv seasons coming, I’m even less inclined to pay for the privilege of watching the fall season. Sorry CBS. Maybe if you’d cast the last few seasons better, I might have, but considering the decline in quality in casting the last several years, I’m not motivated to pay extra just to watch BB

  18. It does matter if they call the fall season 19 or the all access season, it just matters they have a good cast. I have no problem paying for the $24 for 3 months to see the fall season. $24 is what it costs for a fast casual dinner and movie and hopefully 3 months of big brother would be a better value.

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